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Saturday, September 12, 1998

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ďAt Play in the Battlefield of the ShiftĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Marcos (Marta), and Marissa (Isabel). (Marissa is 13 years old, and quite a lovely young lady!)

Vicís note: During the first 2 minutes of this tape, I could barely hear Marcos. So, Iíve just done the best I can with the first part of his first question. Then, something very interesting happened. Elias turned up the volume on the speaker phone! This is a first, as far as I know. The dead guy gets technological!

Elias arrives at 10:40 AM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARCOS: Good morning, Captain! How are you? (Elias chuckles) Itís great to hear you, Elias!

ELIAS: And you have inquiries this day?

MARCOS: Yes. Thereís been a lot of things happening everywhere, but here, it seems that in our little world here in Mexico ... I want to share some things with you that Iím sure youíre aware of as well, but that I would like your thoughts about.

Just over the last couple of weeks or so, there has been a tremendous amount of energy within and without myself, and itís different from other types of energy that I have known or felt before. For example, the kind of energy where youíre ďfull of itĒ when you get up in the morning and you just want to go out and do all kinds of things, or the kind of energy that Iíve felt with your ďblanket.Ē Thereís a very different kind of energy that is swirling around me, and Iíve never felt it before. I believe that itís part of all the change, part of everything thatís happening that we are creating, yet itís very different. In a way itís exciting to me, and I wanted to share that with you and ask you a little bit more about that energy, because you probably know a little bit more about it. The shift is helping with whatís going on. We can ... (here, Elias turns up the speaker phone) ... literally feel it and we see it, and as youíve said before, itís happening very, very quickly, and itís almost like itís enveloping us. (Pause)

ELIAS: You are correct in your assessment of this energy and its escalation within this time period. I have been offering information to individuals recently in this direction, expressing to them that this shift in consciousness is presently gaining momentum within energy and the expressions of it.

In this, let me express to you that you also are allowing yourselves to notice more of this increase in energy. This be the reason that you feel more receptive to this energy and hold more of an awareness in this area. As this shift gains momentum and intensity, you also are allowing yourself to become more aware and experience more of the movement in subjective areas. You are allowing yourself to be connecting to the movement of energy along with the objective movements in events that are occurring around you.

MARCOS: Elias, I have been asked in connection with this, by Castille, by Cindel, by Paul, about what should we do, about where will we be or where can we be. Letís say that there may be some traumatic events going forward, and Iím not sure what the answer is, but the easy answer that I can think of, for myself anyway and what Iíve basically tried to convey to them, is just trust yourself and youíll find yourself in the place where you need to be. Thatís kind of an easy answer, but Iíd like your thoughts on that as well in terms of movement, because I have another question I want to ask you regarding physical movement.

ELIAS: And the little soldiers are ready for battle and wish to be finding themselves in the thick of the fight, to be crusading for this shift in consciousness! (Chuckling)

Let me express to you that you are correct in this statement, and that although it seems to be a quite simple response to other individuals, it is not quite so simple within your objective awareness to be accomplishing, for this be one of your most difficult areas to be accomplishing: the trusting of self and the listening to self to be moving you into the directions that follow your intent, and not attempting to be controlling the situations in an objective manner.

Let me express to you that as you concern yourselves with self and your own intent, you will automatically draw yourselves to the situations and locations that shall be the most beneficial for yourselves and for others with regard to this shift in consciousness, for you shall automatically follow your intent, and if trusting and accepting and listening to self, you shall not be blocking of your own movement in these areas.

Let me explain to you that in following yourself and concentrating upon self, you move in the direction of accomplishing your own intent, which creates much less conflict for you, and in this you automatically begin to create lines of probabilities that shall move you in the directions of the most efficient actions. And also in this, you shall offer yourself the answers to your questions in this area by finding yourselves in the very situations that you desire.

In this, in your desire to be helpful within the action of this shift, it is not quite so obvious as an actual battlefield in which you face your so-called enemy and charge into the battle! (Grinning)

In this shift in consciousness, your events and situations for helpfulness become more subtle. Although they may be obvious to you if you are allowing yourselves more of an awareness to energy and to yourself and to other individuals, they are not quite so overtly presented in objective situations.

You may be moving in the direction of concentrating upon self and creating within your own reality, addressing to your own situations individually and your own belief systems, and within these actions you are automatically also creating situations that are helpful to other individuals, not only subjectively but also objectively. You may not always view the objective affectingness that you are influencing upon other individuals with regard to this shift, but nonetheless, it IS occurring and you ARE being affecting.

Therefore, I express to you that your most efficient direction is to be continuing to be concentrating upon self and your own situations and belief systems and addressing to these, and you shall be accomplishing your helpfulness within this shift in consciousness also. Let me also express to you that as this momentum gains intensity futurely, you shall objectively view more and more of your own affectingness within your interactions.

Be remembering that I have expressed previously, before you may be more helpful and affecting within the action of this shift, you must be affecting within your own acceptance and trust of self. In this action, you lend energy to the action of the shift. In not addressing your attention to your own acceptance and trust of self and to your own belief systems, you lend energy to the perpetuation of the established belief systems and therefore lend energy to the trauma within the action of the shift. Are you understanding?

MARCOS: Yes. Yes, I am. Thank you very much. One question related to this, and then Iíll let Isabel ask a couple of questions.

There is a possibility, perhaps itís a probability, that has been created about my physical movement to a different job. I was approached with what is now just a possibility of moving to another company, and itís certainly not coincidental that it happened within the context that I just talked about and that you have so eloquently answered. Is this a probability that I should pursue? There are some elements of it that are of great interest, and there are some that Iím not quite sure of. But I guess to me the bottom line is, it represents the movement that is happening within my surroundings and in my life, no?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that within these types of situations, and this particular situation with yourself, this is an opportunity for you to be listening to your own inner voice and to be paying attention to your own imagery and your own probabilities that you are creating, recognizing that there are no accidents and there are no coincidences. In these types of situations, you draw yourself to these offerings, so to speak, that you may view for yourself and validate yourself in the direction of listening to self.

It is quite easy to be presenting inquiries to an essence as myself and expressing your questioning as to the probabilities that you yourself are creating. I express to you that within certain situations of individuals that newly draw themselves to this information, at times I may lean in the direction of offering more concrete, so to speak, information to them, for they have not learned to be noticing and validating of themselves. In the situation with yourself and many other individuals, you have drawn yourself to this information for a time period now, and in this you have practiced greatly in the areas of noticing and paying attention to imagery and to your own impressions.

In this particular situation, I am encouraging this action with you individually, for I am aware that you hold the awareness enough now of self to be evaluating the situation that you have drawn before you. I am encouraging of your movement and I shall express, as you already are aware of, that you have created drawing yourself to this particular situation to be moving within your own intent and to also be validating of yourself. You already hold an awareness of the probabilities that you are creating, and that this is ONE of the probabilities within your present line of probabilities. As always, I express to you that what direction you move into is ultimately your choice, but as I have expressed, this is an opportunity for you to reflect upon what you have created and how you have created events which have brought you to the point that you now view and to the crossroads, so to speak, that you now involve yourself with, in offering to yourself a new choice for a new direction.

In certain situations, as you offer yourselves these types of choices, you also offer yourselves the opportunity to view that in many of your movements into unfamiliar areas, you are creating what YOU term to be risks, although they are not in actuality risks, but within your terms and your belief systems, this would be what you classify these actions to be. But many times, without creating these risks or moving in this type of direction, you also block your own opportunities and your own energy and your own movement into more efficient and effortless areas, for you continue to contain yourselves in the areas of familiarity, for you believe within your belief systems that the familiar is ďsafe.Ē

Interesting words that you create in these situations within physical focus, of ďriskĒ and ďsafety,Ē which hold no meaning within essence, although I am quite understanding that within physical focus, they hold great meaning within your belief systems! In this also, you offer yourself the opportunity to view your very language and the meanings of the words that you attach to certain movements and events and actions, thought processes and feelings, and in this widen your awareness to recognize that these words stem from your own belief systems, and in actuality have no hold upon you if you are allowing yourself to move freely into unfamiliar areas.

MARCOS: Okay, thank you. That is very, very useful information and it does confirm many, many things that I have been thinking about lately and struggling with. I think Iíll shut up for a couple of minutes now (Elias grins) and let Isabel ask a couple of questions.

MARISSA: First, I just wanted to say thank you, because the last time I called I told you about a friend I had that was anorexic, and you explained very well, and right now sheís gotten a lot better. (Reference session #276, 4/25/98)

ELIAS: Bon jour, my little Isabel! And I am quite acknowledging of you in your interaction with your little friend, for you yourself have been attentive to this information and have offered a lending of energy to be helpful to your small companion, and I am quite acknowledging of this.

MARISSA: Okay, and then I have a another question. I remember that one of my friends I have in school is (inaudible), and then I thought of another one with her cousin in Spain, like happening right now or not long ago.

ELIAS: You are correct in this, although within your physical linear time framework, this focus occurs within the early throes of this particular century. Therefore, it is not occurring within your linear time framework within this present now, but has been accomplished within the early years of this century.

MARISSA: Okay, and then this whole thing that Iím in the family alignment of Sumari, and Iím just asking what my intent is.

ELIAS: Within this focus, you have created a line of probabilities in following your particular intent, which is in alignment with the family of Sumari, to be offering new information in creative and innovative manners to other individuals. You also, within this intent, move in the direction of great creativity within yourself, which shall become more and more expressed. You express partially in this area already, but you also do not allow yourself quite the confidence, so to speak, in the areas of your own creativity.

You hold great artistic creativity in this particular focus, which you shall be expressing more and more, and within this expression you shall also be offering much energy to other individuals in encouragement to them to be expressing of themselves, and in this expression you shall be weaving into your creations of these situations your own creative expressions to other individuals in unusual manners that shall speak to them in being helpful to them.

Let me express to you, little Isabel, that you move in the direction of being what we may express as a child of this shift in consciousness. You have chosen to be manifest within a time framework of great movement of this shift in consciousness, and in this you lend much energy and your intent is quite intertwined with this shift.

Therefore, in differentiation to other linear time periods, this particular focus moves greatly in the direction of lending energy to the accomplishment of this shift. Your individual intent is merged with the mass intent, or the collective intent, in accomplishing this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, all that you are creating within this particular focus shall also have an underlying element of being helpful within this shift in consciousness. Many, many, many small ones such as yourself also move in this direction and are lending energy to the action of this shift, and have merged their individual intents within this focus with the collective intent of the shift in consciousness.

You have a unique ability to be influencing not only other small ones, but to be quite influencing of individuals that you view to be adults, which is also quite involved with your individual, personal intent within this particular focus. Your attention moves in the direction of creating certain situations and events creatively to be gaining the attention of individuals much older than yourself and offering them the awareness of their creations that you already hold, and in this you have the ability to be accomplishing this in a very unintrusive manner.

MARISSA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARCOS: Elias, on that same subject, could you address the intent that I have in aligning with Ilda? Sometimes I have a little bit of a struggle. There are times when I think I should be doing something completely different than what I do, yet most other times, I find myself quite happy with what I do. Is this because Iím not doing it completely, what my intent is?

ELIAS: No. The reason that you find yourself within this situation at times and are experiencing these feelings, so to speak, is that within those particular time periods, you are doubting of self and you are not listening to self and not accepting of your own directions, but you ARE moving in the direction quite efficiently of your intent in alignment with the Ilda family and your own personal intent. Look to your inquiry this day with myself, in your thought process and consideration of movement into new directions. Your intent very much moves in alignment with the Ilda family in being a communicator and an exchanger of ideas and other elements of your physical reality. You allow yourself much movement to be exchanging with many individuals.

Now; let me also express to you, do not confuse yourself in the area of believing that you are not accomplishing your intent in alignment with this family if you are not expressing of this particular information in every movement that you create! The movement that you accomplish in many different locations IS in alignment with your individual intent, and your mere action and interaction with other individuals is expressive of your intent. It matters not that you objectively continuously offer this particular information, for you shall be offering information in a more subtle manner merely by expressing yourself to be the straight little sapling. By example you shall offer information to other individuals, and they shall hold curiosity and draw themselves to you and inquire of you as to this information. Are you understanding?

MARCOS: Very, very much. Thank you. Yes, thatís very clear. Thank you for your observation. One more question, please, on the dream that I had a couple of nights ago, Elias. I dreamt that I was in Russia, and itís not the first time, so I know ... I believe that I have one, perhaps more focuses in Russia. This particular dream had me there on a business trip, and I found myself in a room with four large, dangerous clams. Itís funny! But I saw them and I couldnít get them out of the room, and I struggled because they would bite me and they would eat anything that was around them, and I finally put them in a box and carried them downstairs.

It was in that dream as well that as I was lying in bed, I saw myself on my bed but nothing else around me, as if my bed was floating up on top of the sky, and I thought if I tried to get out of bed and move, I would fall down to earth. Iím not sure if this is the second part of the dream; I think it is. But I oftentimes have dreams about flying, and I think Iím mixing two kinds of dreams, but the flying dreams are always very often. This one was in particular, and I canít quite figure out the imagery that I was creating.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you have created two different actions in this situation.

Within the first action, you are engaging within dream state and creating dream imagery, which I shall address to.

Within the second situation you are creating the beginnings of the out-of-body experience, and within your flying dreams, so to speak, you are not engaging the dream state. You are engaging an out-of-body state, and in this it is quite common for individuals to be experiencing this sensation and activity of flying. You create the situation of the bed lifting, for this is the beginnings of this out-of-body experience, but you are not allowing yourself to move fully into the experience, for you are allowing yourself in this experience to view your own fearfulness in areas of unfamiliarity. Therefore, you constrict yourself in the situation of merely allowing the bed, with yourself, to be elevating, but you confine yourself to this bed and do not allow yourself to move beyond this.

This is directly in conjunction with your dream imagery that you have presented to yourself, for you present to yourself the dream imagery of being confronted by large threatening creatures, clams, which may open and snap shut quite tightly, trapping within them any element that approaches too closely, and with their powerful hinges may overpower the victim, so to speak, not allowing the escape from their treacherous clutches! (Chuckling)

Within this imagery, what you are presenting to yourself is your own view of your belief systems and the situations that they may be influencing of within your own creations, and that the situations themselves become these powerful trapping clams, and you view yourself to be the victim of these creatures, helpless and powerless to be affecting of their clutches.

In this imagery, you express to yourself the opportunity to view two different elements, one being your view of your own belief systems and how you view them to be so very powerful and how you view yourself to be a victim of these belief systems and their power, and you also offer yourself the opportunity to view that in this viewing, in this perception of belief systems as so very powerful, you are attaching a negative to the belief systems themselves, and this in itself is quite limiting in your ability to be accepting belief systems.

I have expressed many times that belief systems in themselves are neutral. They are not good or bad. It is your perception of them and the direction that you move within their influence that may be limiting or not limiting to you. Some belief systems, as I have expressed, may be quite motivating to you, and in this you view them to be quite positive. It is not a situation of the belief systems being negative or positive, good or bad. They merely are, but these belief systems also are quite affecting of you.

You are not their victims, although as we have spoken many times previously, you within your belief systems find yourself within this role many times, and in this you continue to an extent and offer yourself imagery to be reminding yourself that you are creating of certain situations within your own actions as influenced by your belief systems, of being within this victim role. You attach this role to relationships and expressly to the area of family, which I am quite acknowledging of your movement in this area, but you create this dream imagery purposefully, that you may be reminding yourself that this is inefficient to be moving in this direction.

Subsequent to this dream imagery, you offer yourself the beginnings of an out-of-body experience, that you may allow yourself the viewing of your own ability to be moving in the direction of freedom, and this is validating to you that you are not the victim of these ominous creatures that haunt you, but that you have the ability to move beyond this, so to speak, and to allow yourself more of a lightness within energy, which shall be much more efficient within your individual creating of your reality.

MARCOS: Thatís great. Thatís a wonderful explanation of this. Thank you very much, captain!

ELIAS: (Laughing) And you are quite welcome, my fearless warrior!

MARISSA: My last question is for my mother, in her alignment with the families. I was wondering what she was.

ELIAS: Vold.

MARISSA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, Isabel. I offer much affection to you both, and I offer much encouragement to you, Isabel, the little crusader, which may be quite leading of the way, so to speak, for many individuals. I am much encouraging of your interaction and your continued investigation in the area of your other focuses, which are quite fun to be exploring, are they not? (Chuckling)

I offer much lovingness to you, and to you both I extend great energy in encouragement, and anticipate with much fondness our next meeting objectively. I also shall be continuing to be interactive and meeting with you within subjective areas within the ďmeantime,Ē so to speak. (Chuckling) To you this day, I express a very loving au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:31 PM.

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