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Tuesday, November 10, 1998

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“Creatures/Shrines/Medical Belief Systems”

Margot’s note: This was a very enjoyable session to work on, with a lot of good information!

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Sue (Catherine).

Elias arrives at 2:23 PM. (Arrival time is 26 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day! (Smiling)

SUE: Good day, Elias! How have you been?

ELIAS: As always.

SUE: Good! Do you like being in Vermont, or does it make any difference to you?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I am not located within your physical dimension. I merely exchange energy through this layer of consciousness. Therefore, it matters not which location physically Michael chooses to be residing within.

SUE: Yeah, I guess that makes sense! I have some questions to ask.

ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed.

SUE: First of all, I’d like some information about the death of my cat, Gray, who died back in August. I was wondering if you could tell me why he chose to leave when he did. (Pause)

ELIAS: This creature has chosen to be disengaging and reconstructing energy, and also in agreement partially with yourself in opening a new avenue for yourself.

Now; let me explain. Creatures are not responsible, so to speak, or enacting probabilities which may be occurring. You are designing of the probabilities, but within their choices, they may also be lending energy within agreement with you to certain lines of probabilities that you are moving in the direction of. In this disengagement, this serves as what you may term to be symbolic energy and imagery to you that the creature chooses to be moving through consciousness in expression of reconstructing energy, which opens certain directions of energy to be moving into new probabilities.

In this, there has been an awareness held, within that energy and consciousness of that particular creature, that you are choosing to be moving into a new direction, and one of your elements of imagery which is probable is that you may be moving in the direction of acquiring another feline, which shall also be lending energy to you within your new choices and directions.

You have been moving in a certain direction of probability pool for a time period, but within your choices of probabilities and information that you offer to yourself, you approach a time framework of change, that you may be moving into new probabilities. This movement is not merely subjective, but also shall be presenting itself within objective imagery, that you shall mirror elements of your subjective movement by creating actual movements within objective terms, so to speak, altering elements of your present reality that you have placed yourself within for some time framework.

In this, you move in the direction of creating changes within your objective choices and creations to be more beneficial to your own individual value fulfillment. In this, the creature has lent energy to this movement and has mirrored this movement in agreement with you by altering its reality and reconstructing the energy of its reality.

In other terms, it would be as a mirror image, that the creature creates the situation of altering the entirety of its attention within its energy, and in like manner, you are beginning to move in this type of direction also. Are you understanding?

SUE: Yes, I think so. Before he died, for a month or two before he got sick, I had been thinking that life would be easier if I only had one cat. I’d been sort of ignoring him, and I felt bad about that when he suddenly became sick, almost as if he read that and decided to disengage. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: This would be an element which is quite common in expression with individuals within physical focus. This is an expression that you automatically move into and is a direct expression of duplicity, for as you move in the direction of guilt – which you do – and assuming personal responsibility for choices that are not your choices, these are influenced by mass belief systems which you all hold underlyingly individually, within your own alignment to mass belief systems. This is quite influencing, and in this you automatically move in the direction of expressing, “Oh, I have created a thought, and as resulting of this thought, I have also created the reality for this creature,” or for another individual.

You may find that this expression is quite common within individuals as they create a thought process in regard to another individual, and subsequently another individual chooses to be disengaging. The first individual holding the thought in this direction automatically moves into the expression of guilt, and holding to the energy that they have created this situation and this choice.

I am expressing to you that although you are quite influencing of the reality within your creatures, they also hold the ability to be creating their own choices. Every element within consciousness creates its own choices. Therefore, I express to you that no individual is entirely creating of the reality of a creature that may be domesticated and in agreement of shared relationship with them.

I have expressed previously that creatures are not holding essence, for they are creations of you, and YOU are essence. Therefore, you are influencing of many of their choices in their creations, but they also hold the choice to be creating whatever action they may be choosing. Their disengagement is entirely their choice. You may view that you are creating the choice for them at certain times, for you assume responsibility in this area, expressing that collectively you are responsible for extinctions, or individually you may be responsible for a creature’s disengagement as you are initiating of that action physically. But in actuality, even within those actions that you may move into of physically choosing – in your thought process – to disengage an animal, a creature, this is merely within agreement. If the creature was not within agreement and choosing not to be disengaging, your effort to disengage that creature would be thwarted, and they would continue within physical focus.

Just as you may move in the direction of what you term to be assaulting another individual, and you may in actuality engage a weapon in such extreme, as a firearm, and you may in actuality use this weapon and engage a bullet to another individual’s head, and if that individual is not choosing to be disengaging, they may be creating of your local news in miraculous recovery of unexplained nature, that they have survived your assault! Creatures hold this same ability. Therefore, it is their choice as to their disengagement, but it is not a result of your actions. This is merely your perception, but in actuality, it is an agreement.

SUE: Okay. I did have to put him to sleep, but that part of it did not really bother me, because for a couple of days before, as he kept getting weaker, I told him that if he continued to get more sick, I would take that as a sign that wanted to be put to sleep. So when I took him to the vet, I did feel that it was the right thing to do because of the way he’d been behaving. He just kept getting worse, and I thought that meant that he was ready to go, so I didn’t feel any guilt about actually doing that. My only problem was with the fact that he’d gotten sick in the first place, and the timing of it, after I’d been feeling that he was a little in the way.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is the element of duplicity, as I have expressed. These elements of this particular belief system of duplicity hold great strength, and although many individuals within your time framework now move in the direction of their thought processes that they do not align with mass belief systems and that they are not affected and that they may be moving outside of mass belief systems, I express to you that underlyingly, these mass belief systems – most especially this belief system of duplicity – are very strong and hold much energy, and you ALL are quite affected by the aspects of that particular belief system regardless of your identification with any objective expressions of religious belief systems. It matters not. You are affected regardless, with these aspects of duplicity.

SUE: I was also a little surprised because I had some idea in my head that Gray was ... I don’t know, sort of providing masculine energy in my life, and affection, and I kind of thought he would stay around until I got involved with a man, (Elias grins) and so it was something of a shock to me when he left before that happened. I guess I was just wrong about thinking that.

ELIAS: Ah, but not entirely, for this also is an element of the agreement. As I have expressed to you, this creature has chosen to be disengaging in agreement with you, in recognition that you are choosing to move into a new line of probabilities and that this is affecting of many different directions within your physical focus.

In this, you HAVE created an element of an agreement with this creature to be providing that type of energy within your space arrangement, and in compliance to this, the expression of energy has been satisfactory, in a respect. It has provided an element of safety and it has provided an element that creates a comfort – in a manner of speaking – with you, and therefore you need not be moving in directions addressing to your own belief systems and aspects of fearfulness – or what you term to be “risking,” which is an aspect of belief systems – and in this there has been a recognition within this creature’s consciousness that as this agreement continued, you would continue to be blocking your own movement in certain directions of your desire.

In this, this is not the only element that this creature has lent energy to in altering your probabilities and changing your direction of movement, but it is one aspect of the choice to be lending energy to you; a recognition that you are choosing a line of probabilities to be addressing to your own held belief systems and fears and allowing yourself to move in new directions, that you may open your awareness, and this shall allow you to move in the direction of fulfilling your desires objectively, and not holding to your “comfort zones” and therefore providing yourself with blocked areas, that you may not allow yourself to move into your risk areas.

Be remembering, this terminology of risk is directly an aspect of belief systems, for in actuality there is no risk of any element within consciousness, for this terminology implies a loss, and you may not lose consciousness!

SUE: Yes, I understand, and it does seem risky to me, and I realize that this is a belief that I hold. So, his leaving sort of opened up a space, possibly, for possibilities I haven’t been open to before?

ELIAS: Correct. You have provided yourself with an enclosure of your own energy within your own space arrangement. You carry this enclosure with you within every physical location that you may move within as an expression, so to speak, of your own design of your own little box of consciousness that you surround yourself with, and you create comfortable elements that you perceive to be supplying all of your needs, so to speak, and therefore you are not motivated to move beyond the walls of this little box.

But within your own offering to yourself of more information and drawing yourself to this information, you also begin to widen your awareness in recognition that these aspects of belief systems may be quite blocking of your own movement.

Therefore, you have engaged this information for a time framework now, and in this you now move in the direction of allowing yourself new freedom, and in this you have opened your own window to be moving outside of this box of consciousness, and this creature has lent energy to that expression of creating the window and also lending energy to your opening of that window, that you may begin to be exploring your own movement, your own abilities, your own freedoms, and that you may explore aspects of the belief systems that you hold, and in this offer yourself more of a liberation within your movement and lessening the constraints that you have placed upon yourself previously.

SUE: I see. Okay. My other cat, China, seems quite happy without him. I was afraid she might miss him, but she doesn’t appear to miss him much at all. Is that correct?

ELIAS: You are correct, and this you may view as an objective validation to you, as it is being expressed quite naturally the understanding within THIS creature that there has been an agreement and that this agreement has been accomplished. Therefore, there is no longing, so to speak, of this remaining creature within physical focus.

Also, let me express to you quite clearly that within YOUR understanding of this agreement subjectively also, you yourself have not lent energy to the expression of the belief system – or the aspect of the belief system – that the other creature shall be pining for that creature which has disengaged. Creatures may be expressing that type of action at times, and that particular expression is directly influenced by the beliefs of the individual that resides with the creature. They hold an expectation that the creature shall be emotionally expressing at the disengagement of its companion, and therefore, in compliance with the belief system of the individual, the creature may incline in this direction and be expressing what appears to be a grieving for the disengagement of another creature, but you have not lent energy to that creation of that particular expression. Therefore, it is not being expressed.

SUE: I see. Actually, I always felt that the two cats tolerated each other as roommates but were not very close emotionally, and so I think I didn’t expect China to be upset. If anything, she seems more affectionate and she seems quite content without him, which is interesting to me because when I first got the second cat, the male cat, I thought that it was for her sake, (Elias grins) and I realize now that it was actually for my own sake, even though at the time I thought it was for her. So I think she’s quite happy enough to be with just me again.

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Okay. I have a question about ... can you tell me, what is my intent in this life?

ELIAS: Within this particular focus, you hold the intent twofold.

One area of your intent very strongly moves in the direction of lending energy to the expression of this shift in consciousness. This is not necessarily to say that you move in the direction of expressing this particular information to many other individuals and are drawing them to this information, but that within your own addressing to your own expressions and your own noticing and your own movements and allowing yourself to move in the direction of expressing actions of this shift in consciousness to yourself, you are automatically lending energy within consciousness to the action of this shift in its entirety.

Your direction within your particular intent in this focus is to be experiencing elements of this shift, for those elements of consciousness hold a fascination to you, and your fascination moves in the direction of offering yourself an awareness to be recognizing your own abilities and your own movement and your own playfulness within many of the actions of this shift.

Now; let me express to you that I may have chosen very different terminology for you that may have been much easier for your understanding, but I am offering you different terminology intentionally. I am aware that I have expressed that individuals focus within this particular dimension and within all physical dimensions merely for the experience. There is a slight difference in what I am expressing to you.

You have chosen, yes, to be manifesting within this dimension for the experience of this dimension, but within this particular focus, you focus your attention upon the experiences of accomplishing playful actions that are in relation to this shift in consciousness. This would be all of the actions that may be performed with ease within your physical focus that many other individuals seek to be experiencing so very intensely! You hold an ability to move easily in this direction if allowing yourself to open to your own awareness, and in this, how you may be also accomplishing within YOUR individual intent is to be offering the information of the ease of this type of movement.

Individuals inquire continuously of how they may be creating out-of-body experiences, remembering their dream imagery, meditations, visualizations, actions that you view to be or term to be psychic ... all of these mystical qualities and experiences that individuals find so very elusive! In this, you hold the ability within this focus to be accomplishing these types of experiences, and your attention moves in this direction for reasons of playfulness. Not that you within your individual intent view these activities or experiences as so very spiritual, but that they are entertaining and playful, and within your particular intent within THIS focus, you seek to be experiencing the playfulness of these types of creations of events.

Subsequently, you also may offer instruction to other individuals in their request for “methods” to be accomplishing of these same types of experiences, but in your expression that you offer to individuals, you shall not be moving in the direction of seriousness and expressing solemn methods for the furthering of their spirituality, but rather that these are playful aspects and elements of this shift in consciousness that are fun, and this shall be your expression to yourself and to other individuals. This would be the direction of your intent within this focus, and in this you address to elements within yourself of fearfulness and belief systems that have served as constraints upon your movements.

Be remembering, your intent is not expressed merely within this particular now. It is not new. It has been in order, so to speak, from the onset of your manifestation within this focus, and although you may not have moved in the direction of objectively identifying entirely in this direction throughout your focus, within this particular focus you HAVE moved within expressions in yourself of looking to many elements and expressions of other individuals’ creations and other organizations of thoughts that you view to be quite unnecessary and quite silly! (Grinning)

In this, you have been expressing elements of your intent throughout your focus, recognizing that many expressions matter not, and in this, although you may not have expressed these thoughts and feelings to many other individuals, it is regardless, for you have held throughout your focus an opinion, so to speak, that many of the creations of other individuals, within their conflicts and their seriousness, are quite unnecessary. This is the expression of your own playfulness.

SUE: Hmm! I see. That makes a lot of sense in a couple of ways. I have been fascinated, I guess, by things related to this stuff since I was a small child, reading anything I could get my hands on about ghosts and clairvoyance and all kinds of things, and even though at times in my life I tried to turn away from that, it’s always interested me, and yet I don’t feel a great need to make progress in some spiritual sense. I do enjoy sort of flirting around with it, and what you said reminds me of how at times, when I’ve done exercises to try to feel my own feeling tones of myself, my essence or whatever, what I came up with was a desire to laugh, just a lot of humor! Does that fit in with what you’re saying?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Yes, quite, for this is the element of your own playfulness. You hold fascinations in these areas of expressions and abilities, but the fascination moves in the direction of playfulness and experimentation, not seriousness in the direction of the mass belief systems surrounding spirituality. Therefore, you also create these types of expressions.

SUE: I see. Yes, and at times I have felt that I should be more serious about it and I should be studying these things and trying very hard, and it sounds like that’s the wrong way to go about it.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Do not delude yourself by aligning with the mass belief systems of spirituality and what you SHOULD be expressing, for you are expressing quite perfectly within your playfulness!

SUE: Oh, okay! That’s very helpful. Thank you. That’s good!

I wanted to ask about shrines. Do I have one, and if so, what should I do about it?

ELIAS: Shrines are energy that you hold that may be presentments of fearfulness. They are issues that you hold energy to yourself within the expression of. In this, yes, you do hold shrines, as many, many, many, many individuals also hold shrines. The expression objectively of shrines is that of issues that individuals hold in any given area. We have expressed the example many times of individuals holding issues in the area of personal responsibility. This creates quite an ornate shrine for many individuals!

Within your expressions within physical focus, you may be identifying the areas that you hold shrines by identifying certain issues that you hold, and a byproduct of issues that you hold is that you also shall be creating patterns repeatedly, and in the areas that you are repeatedly creating certain patterns in a certain direction, you may assure yourself that this is an area that you hold an issue and you have created a shrine, for the patterns are your objective expression of pulling forward, so to speak, your shrine, that you may place an additional gem or ornament upon it, and as you continue to hold energy in this issue, you also continue to perpetuate adorning your shrines and you perpetuate your patterns.

Individuals think of shrines as being very elusive and underlying, that they may not hold an awareness of, expressing to themselves that these are elements within their subconscious or unconscious self that are affecting of their focus without their permission. I express to you that I have stated previously many times, you do not hold an unconscious, and you also do not hold a subconscious. This implies a consciousness that is inaccessible to you or “less than” any other element of consciousness that you hold, which is quite incorrect!

In this, your shrines are quite obvious to you, for you express your patterns quite objectively. In these expressions of patterns and issues, you also objectively create language to be identifying of these shrines. You create language that identifies your responses to your shrines. You express words as “triggers,” “buttons,” “pushing.” These are your expressions of your own identification of your own issues, and each time you are identifying of these issues, you are also synonymously identifying a shrine.

Addressing to shrines is addressing to the patterns that you have created in relation to them, recognizing the issue that is the shrine itself, which is not so very difficult to be identifying. You need merely be recognizing those very elements that YOU classify as your own buttons and triggers, and once identifying those expressions, you may also identify the patterns that you set within your behavior throughout your focus, and as you address to these patterns, you begin to dismantle the shrines, for you present yourselves with viewings of your individual issues, your individual shrines, repeatedly. You do not build a shrine and place it far away from yourself and never view it. You hold it quite closely, and you are continuously pulling it outward to view and worship it!

SUE: I see. So I should not be looking for some kind of mysterious, underlying causes. (Elias grins and nods) Rather, I should be looking directly at the patterns that I see.

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Okay.

ELIAS: I express to you, as I have expressed previously, all is not hidden from you! These are ideas that are expressions of your belief systems. All is quite available to you, and you may view all of your creations quite easily. They lie before you! Your subjective and objective awarenesses are not in opposition to each other, and one is not creating any element that the other is not aware of and is also expressing in mirror action. Therefore, there is no element of your focus that is hidden from you. You are privy to it all! You merely need be viewing and paying attention and noticing what you are creating yourself.

SUE: I see. I have a question about why my asthma has gotten somewhat worse lately, to the point where I went to see a doctor. Can you tell me anything about that?

ELIAS: This also is directly an expression of the movement that you are choosing to be creating as you choose new lines of probabilities, for this moves you into an area – as we view your window once again – of directly confronting your own fearfulness, and also directly viewing those areas that you have created as restrictions or blockings with yourself previously.

In this, as you begin to move in this direction, you are stirring the sleeping beast of the fearfulness and the constrictions that you have placed upon yourself previously, and as it awakens, the energy moves in the direction of physically expressing in a mirror action. The fearfulness has been pushed into subjective areas, but is beginning to be shared objectively in the same understanding, and as the objective awareness opens and allows itself to begin to view in the same manner as the subjective awareness, its expression is to be creating a movement of energy in this manner.

Let me explain. The subjective awareness expresses areas of fearfulness and constriction. The objective awareness mirrors this in holding energy and physically constricting your physical expression. In this, think to yourself of the expression of fearfulness. How shall you respond if you are engaging the action of being startled? What shall be your action?

SUE: Probably become very tense.

ELIAS: And what else shall be your action?

SUE: Possibly hold your breath.

ELIAS: Correct, and you shall gasp!

SUE: Uh-huh!

ELIAS: And in this, I offer to you a very simple example of how the objective and subjective awarenesses parallel each other and move in harmony to each other. One may express what you may THINK of as a different action, but in actuality they are quite in harmony with each other, and your objective awareness shall express the mirror action of your subjective awareness.

In yourself, you choose to be creating of this type of physical energy movement. Not all individuals may be expressing fearfulness in this type of expression, but this be YOUR choice of imagery to yourself within YOUR physical expression. As you choose to be constricting yourself, you also choose to be expressing this objectively.

SUE: I see. Yes, it’s been frustrating, because on the one hand I felt that I really wanted to make some changes, and yet the asthma slowed me down and kept me from doing some of the things I wanted, so I suppose that was the fear coming up.

ELIAS: Ah, quite interesting, is it not? That as you allow yourself to view your window and you recognize that you hold the desire to be altering your probabilities and creating new choices, you also, within this window opening, allow for the expression of fearfulness to bleed through together with the desire, for this needs be addressed to, in your terms, in allowance of your movement.

SUE: Yes. I see. Also, the fact that I finally went to see the doctor about it again and got some advice. I tend to feel that I shouldn’t go to the doctor, that I should just somehow get over it on my own. But I actually feel that going to see the doctor was an attempt to break through it, even though it’s going by physical means. Does that make sense? (Elias is grinning and nodding)

ELIAS: Absolutely, and I am quite acknowledging of your expression in this area and your movement in this area, for in moving into the direction of denying yourself this action, you are merely lending energy to the perpetuation of aspects of belief systems that you desire to be moving away from. You are merely holding to birds that you wish to be allowing to fly free.

The expression of judgment upon actions in areas of aligning with your medical professions merely lends energy to the very aspects of belief systems that you choose to be NOT lending energy to.

Many individuals move in this direction, for they are misunderstanding, and although I express to you all that you hold the ability to be healing yourselves, so to speak, or altering your physical expressions, you also align with strongly held mass belief systems in which you align with your medical professions! Many of you continue in this expression, though it may be underlying, but subsequently there is a misunderstanding of the information that I offer to you, and individuals move into the opposite expression and express to themselves that they should not be aligning with this mass belief system. Therefore, they shall deny themselves participation in it, but what they are not recognizing is that they are accomplishing the same action, for they are continuing to be creating a judgment, good or bad, upon this situation, and in this they are accomplishing the same action.

SUE: I see. So either believing that medical science is all-powerful or believing that you shouldn’t use it at all, either way you’re putting too much belief ... or something.

ELIAS: You are lending energy to the perpetuation of the belief, for you are placing a judgment. The recognition that it matters not and that it is merely a choice and that you may choose to be engaging or not engaging your medical profession, and that either situation is not what is creating of your healing but not placing the judgment in either direction, is that expression which shall be allowing the bird to fly free.

SUE: Yes, I see. So whether I improve the asthma through medicine or through visualization doesn’t matter, as long as I don’t put judgments on it. (Elias grins and nods)

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: I see. Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

SUE: I did have a question about how my Vold alignment affects me. Is there anything you can say about that?

ELIAS: This is quite affecting of you within your intent in this focus, for this is quite purposefully executed in this particular focus, recognizing that this particular family, in conjunction with the Borledim family, is orchestrating of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, it is quite purposeful that you have created this alignment within this particular focus.

SUE: I see. So that’s related to the shift, and I’m involved with that.

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: I see. Okay. I’ve had dreams twice in the last few months, unpleasant dreams about finding a dead body and then not telling anyone about it. (Elias grins) The first one I kind of ignored, but when I had a second one that was similar, I thought it might mean something. Can you tell me anything?

ELIAS: Yes. This is your imagery to yourself in that which you are creating presently – moving into a new line of probabilities – but as you continue to hold certain aspects of fearfulness, you also are choosing not to be entirely expressing objectively of the direction that you desire to be moving into.

There is another aspect of belief system which is expressed in this, that you wish not to be jinxing yourself, for you shall not be expressing what you are desiring entirely, that it may be moving in the direction that you wish.

In this, the body that you visualize, that you create imagery of, is the representation of the desire that you hold. Your expression of creating secretiveness surrounding this body is the expression of your uncertainty in your movement into your desire and your ability to be accomplishing.

In this, you are aligning with the aspect of belief system that you shall not be expressing of certain elements. Therefore, if you are not accomplishing, you shall not be disappointing! (Sue laughs)

In this expression, your dream imagery parallels and is offering you the information that the body is your desire, and you are secretive of your desire, that you shall not be disappointing of yourself and that you shall not be disappointing of any other individual if you are not accomplishing what you seek to be accomplishing. This is an element of your fearfulness.

SUE: I see. That makes a lot of sense because I am uncomfortable with expressing desires and of deciding, “Yes, I definitely want this,” because I do have a great fear of disappointment, of not getting what I want ... or of getting it and finding out I don’t really want it! (Ain’t THAT the truth!)

ELIAS: Ah, and think to yourself of the expression of creating a wish and not expressing the wish to any other individual, for what shall occur? It shall not come true! (Grinning)

SUE: Yes! (They both laugh) Okay, I see. I’ll think about that! That’s very interesting.

I have just one other question, a brief one. I think you’ve said before that those of us who came to your sessions came to them because we had asked to be there in some way, and I was curious about that because about seven or eight months before I found out about the sessions and started coming to them, I had actually asked quite specifically to find other people that I could talk to about these subjects, and I wondered, is that the point where I asked, or was it a more general request?

ELIAS: This expression was your objective realization of your movement within energy. The request was offered within consciousness, within your linear time framework earlier than your recognition of that within objective awareness, but your recognition of your objective awareness of this expression of asking was expressed within that time framework. You each have requested this information, and you offer yourselves the opportunity to draw yourselves to the information that you have requested.

SUE: I see. Because I think up to that point I had been interested in these things, but I had not had anyone to talk to about them, and at that point, I said specifically or admitted to myself that I wanted to talk to other people about them. So finding the sessions was really wonderful, not only for your information, but just for having other friends who were interested in things that I’ve had no one to talk to about for years.

ELIAS: And I have been quite encouraging of individuals and their objective interaction with each other, for this holds importance in certain areas of your objective assimilation of this information and is quite helpful to your understanding of this information.

SUE: Yes, it’s been very helpful to me. Okay! Well, I guess that’s all I need to know today. Thank you very much. This has been very interesting. I have a lot to think about now!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I anticipate our next meeting, and I offer to you this day great affection and also acknowledgment to you and encouragement in your new movement, that you may be viewing your own aspects of fearfulness and allowing yourself to be opening your window more and climbing through your window, offering yourself wondrous new opportunities! Until our next meeting objectively, I bid you a very loving au revoir!

SUE: Au revoir! Thank you very much, Elias.

Elias departs at 3:38 PM.

Vic’s note: This was an interesting interaction to observe visually, as Elias grinned and nodded quite a few times during Sue’s questions and comments, which is unusual in phone sessions. He appeared to not only enjoy her questions and comments, but seemed quite pleased with her understanding of the information offered. This, of course, is my perception and interpretation.

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