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Friday, April 09, 1999

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“Sexual Orientation: What is Sexuality?”

“Soft/Intermediate/Common, continued”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Betsy (Mary), Joanne (Hariett), Kaan (Ian), and three new participants: John, Arif (Pater), and Aysequl (Bartholomew). (Aysequl and Arif are Kaan’s wife and son.)

Elias arrives at 7:40 PM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening.

GROUP: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: Welcome to new essences this evening, (smiling) and welcome once again! (Grinning at Kaan)


ELIAS: This evening, we shall be continuing our subject matter of your sexual orientation as it relates to this wave in consciousness which is occurring and has been occurring for a time framework. In this, we shall be approaching the subject matter this evening in like manner to our most recent engagement of group session. In this, I shall pose to you an interaction of discussion. We shall deviate slightly from my dissertation, and I shall engage you each in discussion with me concerning this subject matter.

First of all, I wish to pose to you the inquiry of your concept, your definition, and your ideas as to this subject of sexuality and sexual orientation. This is purposeful. I have inquired within our most recent group session this same question, and I pose this question to you now, that you may each view your own beliefs in this area. For as I have stated previously, sexuality and emotion are foundational elements of your reality in this particular dimension. Therefore, in one respect they are not belief systems, but you have created very large belief systems concerning these elements of your reality.

In this, you have distorted your thinking and your perceptions as to your identification of these elements of your reality. You have narrowed your identification of these elements of your reality to the point that you encompass a definition of sexuality solely in relation to physical elements. Therefore, in these discussions, we shall be expanding your awareness of the reality that you create within this dimension: what and who you are. In this, as you allow yourselves to become more familiar and acquainted with yourselves, you also open much more fully to your own creativities and your own potentialities. This is one of the points of this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, I pose to you this evening, what is your definition presently concerning sexuality in your reality? (15-second pause) (To Kaan, grinning) Define!

KAAN: I think sexuality holds a collection of emotions and orientations and directions. It’s like a package within this reality. I guess our belief systems also center around what sexual orientation needs to have, what emotions or qualities. I don’t know in essence, outside of belief systems, what those really are, but there’s a lot of conflict I’ve experienced in my own life in understanding various religions or thinking, social systems; looking at what a woman’s role is, what a man’s role is, what the role of the homosexual is, and what kind of qualities they hold.

ELIAS: Quite. (To Joanne) Respond!

JOANNE: I’m in agreement that it’s a very large package, in the way I see it. It’s not just man and woman, but there’s emotions, there’s expectations, there’s a certain way that I perceive everyone’s role, although I feel that for myself lately, I’m much more open-minded and it’s changed a lot, much more open-minded about what’s acceptable or not acceptable, like more starting to shed a lot of the belief system and kind of see that, you know, ah! What does it matter? Whatever.

ELIAS: (To Betsy) Define!

BETSY: Define what?

ELIAS: Sexuality.

BETSY: Sexuality? Whew! If I knew that ... (laughing). Oh god, Elias! Sexuality. (Pause) Sexuality is more than the physical being or the physical reality, in my mind. Sexuality permeates life on all different levels, not just for human beings but for everybody, for all species and plants and animals. It’s interesting that even the moon is referred to as female. In different religions, the Sun God is male. Because of the physical choice of manifestation of essence in this reality, it seems to ... because of the belief system, I feel like it directs a lot of my life, and what I choose and what I choose not in this role.

ELIAS: Now I shall define to you. You are correct that sexuality influences all areas of your focus. You identify all areas of your reality in terms of sexuality. One element of sexuality is gender. We shall be specific in this, this evening.

You hold two genders within this physical dimension. You create your vegetation with genders, you create your creatures with genders, you create yourselves with genders. These genders are male and female.

(Firmly) Gender is a physical function and body type. Period. It extends no farther.

Now; view the extent of your belief system involving sexuality, in that you identify much of your reality with relation to gender: male elements, female elements; left male, right female; moon female, sun male; certain constellations female, certain other constellations male; gods and goddesses. You attribute male and female to qualities that you hold: intellectual, rational, masculine, male; intuitional, emotional, female. You identify very much of your reality within the context of gender.

Gender is one element of sexuality. As I have stated, it is merely a body type and function. It refers to no other element of your sexual orientation or your sexuality in general, so to speak.

Beyond gender, the other element of your sexuality is orientation.

Now; I have expressed to you previously – within our last meeting – that you may view your sexuality as holding five elements: two genders, three orientations. This is five elements, in like manner to five outer senses, and I shall repeat once again, they may NOT be interchanged. You may not place a triangular peg into a round hole. It shall not fit. You may not interchange gender with orientation. You may not substitute taste with hearing. You may not identify orientation with gender. They are very different elements.

This being said, I shall move into the position with you this evening of expressing to you temporarily to be creating a separation within your thought process from gender and to be NOT associating the explanations that shall be offered with gender AT ALL, for I shall be offering information as to orientation, and this holds no bearing upon gender.

As you enter physical focus and physically manifest within this dimension, you choose a physical body type and function, a gender. You also choose an orientation. The orientation may fit to either gender. All three of the orientations may fit with either gender. Therefore, they cross over each other, and one does not dictate the other. This is another element of your belief system that creates great confusion within you, for as you DO identify so very strongly with genders, you confuse yourselves with orientations, for the orientations do not fit with one particular gender. They are not associated directly with each other.

Orientation is your perception. It is what is creating your perception. Your beliefs are influencing of your perception and therefore create your perception also, but your orientation is an ingredient of your perception.

Your perception is how you view yourself, how you view your world, how you interact with your world, how you interact with yourself, with each other, and HOW YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY. You create your reality through your perception. Perception is not visual seeing. Perception is not limited to your thought process. It is not limited to emotion. It is all-encompassing, and that element of yourself that you do not identify as a thing, for it is not your body and it is not your brain. It is that element of yourself that creates your reality, that places you in the awareness of reality within this physical dimension. It is your awareness, your objective awareness.

Now; the elements that create this physical objective awareness are your sexuality and emotion. Your sexuality creates what you may term to be the solidness of your reality, the physical elements, the energy movement within your physical reality. Your emotions color your perception. Your emotion adds the hues. You may view your sexuality to be – in a manner of speaking – the color blue, and your emotions are all of the variations, all of the hues of that color. There are countless colors of blue within the color of blue. All of the shades are the emotion. The color itself is your sexuality. It is what you have created to be you in this physical dimension.

This be the reason that this particular subject matter holds great importance for you, for how shall you be addressing to you and understanding you and addressing to your beliefs and all of the aspects of your beliefs if you do not know who you are or what you are? You may identify that you are the species of Homo sapiens – you are human – but this does not offer you much of an identification of what you are or who you are.

In this, I have identified the three orientations of the element of your sexuality with new terminology, for you do not hold terminology to be identifying. I shall explain.

You have offered yourselves, in conjunction with gender, an identification of orientation. I have expressed to you that gender is separate from orientation. Therefore, your identification of orientations shall not fit.

I have identified these three orientations as common, intermediate, and soft. In this, you may be choosing either gender, and you may be any of these three orientations.

As you manifest within this dimension, as we have expressed previously, you agree to manifest three times, that you may experience three different orientations – not three genders, but three different orientations – three different manners of perception, three different means to perceive yourself and your world and interact with them.

In the orientation of common, individuals express their perception in what you may term to be an outward manner. Their perception – how they are interactive with their world and themselves and each other – is seen through the view of physical reality in producing things, so to speak: objects, matter, any element of your physical reality that you may visually see.

Now; this also is how these individuals process, in your terminology, information. In speaking with individuals that hold the orientation of common, you shall notice – if you are paying attention – that they shall discuss with you any subject matter and shall lean in the direction of expressing comparisons. This offers a means of communication that is, in physical terms, an example of one action or one creation which may be compared to another action or creation. This sets what you term in physical focus to be a mental image, and this allows you an understanding in your communication. You shall identify and understand the communication with another individual in this manner, for they offer you an outward projection.

Common is the most common of these orientations, thus my choice for terminology. More individuals within physical focus manifest in this dimension with the orientation of common – within any given time framework – than any other orientation.

Intermediate is an inward expression. Individuals holding the orientation of intermediate focus their attention – within their perception – upon inward creations. Now; these may expressed outwardly, but they are not creating of things. They are creating of actions. They are creating of interconnectedness. They focus their attention upon those elements of your reality that you do not see: understanding, compassion, nurturing, supportiveness, child-rearing, offerings to other individuals in helpfulness, but not necessarily in the helpfulness of an object. They are the individuals that offer themselves as the creation.

There are fewer individuals that manifest with the orientation of intermediate than any other orientation. This particular orientation holds the least amount of physical manifestations in any given time framework.

These individuals do not look outside of themselves physically for their own curiosities, fulfillments, or contributions, in a manner of speaking. You may look to individuals that you view within your existence presently that you identify as monks. These individuals do not focus their attention upon physical outward expressions. It matters not to them. Their attention focuses within. It may be expressed outwardly, but it holds little importance to these individuals to be creating of any actual product ... even children, for children also is a participation in production outwardly.

Now you may begin to view the complexity of your sexuality – and the extensiveness, in a very small expression – in that your sexuality expands far beyond your physical gender and what you identify as actions concerning sexuality, for it is all of your reality, all of your perception.

Intermediate may be involved with other individuals and may be interactive with other individuals, but may also choose to be quite singular in their focus, and may function quite well singularly without interaction of other individuals.

Common may be interactive with other individuals and may also create their reality singularly, although in the orientation of common, individuals may choose time frameworks to be experiencing singularity or what you term to be “alone” ... although you are not alone, even when you are alone! (Chuckling) But in this orientation of common, individuals may choose temporarily to be singular and exploring their own creativity not within interaction of other individuals. But generally speaking, they shall not be creating their focus to be entirely singular. They may move back and forth, or they may choose to be interactive throughout their focus. Intermediate may choose quite comfortably to be singular throughout an entire focus.

Soft are the interactors. The individuals that manifest within the orientation of soft, you shall generally not view them to be singular, and if they are creating singularity in their focus, they shall be experiencing much conflict, for this is an expression outside of their orientation and shall also be outside of their intent in alignment with their orientation ... although I may also express to you that your intent is different from your orientation.

In this, individuals that we classify as soft view their perception outwardly and inwardly. They are creating outwardly, and they are also focusing inwardly. Their focus inwardly is slightly different from intermediate. Intermediate focuses its attention through its perception inwardly objectively. Soft holds an element of its attention in creating its reality quite subjectively. Its inward focus is not entirely objective, but is subsequently translated into a type of objective awareness ... not entirely.

These individuals shall experience quite commonly elements of their reality that are quite surprising to them, for they are creating subjectively – focusing an element of their attention subjectively – and they are allowing a translation objectively, without necessarily creating a communication objectively between the objective and the subjective. Therefore, in their creations, they seem to be creating elements in their reality that “pop into” their reality. They appear before them. They surprise themselves!

These individuals are very interactive. Now; let me clarify in this area. Individuals that hold the orientation of soft shall be interactive throughout their focus with other individuals. They shall also experience a draw to nature, as you term this to be, and all other elements of your reality, your universe, for they ARE so very interactive.

In this, you may not necessarily identify them by the relationships that they choose. Some individuals that choose the orientation of soft may not choose to be within a romantic relationship.

Therefore, you may confuse yourselves in your thought process as you are identifying these three orientations to yourselves, and you may express to yourself, “Ah! This individual is obviously intermediate, for this individual has not held a romantic relationship with another individual throughout their focus. Therefore, they are singular.” But that same individual may hold many relationships that you term to be friendships, and may also hold a relationship in the area of family that is continued throughout the focus.

I am not expressing that these individuals are creating of merely one type of interaction, but that they shall be interactive continuously with other individuals throughout their focus. They shall not be the individuals that you identify as hermits.

They are quite playful. They also are quite expressive. They may be emotionally expressive; they may be creatively expressive. But as they are so very interactive, it holds importance to them that their expressiveness is appreciated and noticed by other individuals. They shall not be your wallflowers! (Grinning)

Intermediate may be quite to themselves, in your terms, and shall hold no conflict in not being interactive with other individuals or creatures. They may move through their focus with ease in their singularity, and focus their attention upon themselves to the point of exclusion of much else within your world.

Now; be remembering, all three of these orientations may be associated with either gender.

Now I shall express to you your identifications of heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual. These are choices. These are objective choices of expression and experience. They are not associated with gender; they are not associated with orientation. They are merely choices that you create objectively, and may apply to either gender. These are gender definitions that you have attached to your belief systems in identifying different mannerisms, associating those choices and those mannerisms – or preferences – with gender and defining them as orientation, and they are not.

In this, we shall break, and we shall continue, and you may engage your questioning, and we shall discuss this subject matter further.

I shall also express briefly, prior to our disengagement of break, that your intent – as associated with families and alignment with families – is also not your orientation. Therefore, do not confuse these qualities either, for individuals are already confusing intent and qualities of their essence families and alignments with essence families to the qualities of orientations, and they are not related.

Very well. We shall break, and we shall continue.

BREAK: 8:29 PM
RESUME: 8:52 PM. (Arrival time is 11 seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing. Now you may present your inquiries this evening. (12-second pause) Ah! You have assimilated all of this information and have no questioning! (Grinning, and laughter)

JOANNE: No questions, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling, and then to John) Yes?

JOHN: The intermediate sexuality – do you consider that unhealthy?

ELIAS: No. I shall express to you that this also would be another aspect of the belief system that encompasses this element of your reality.

This belief system, as I have stated, is very expansive. This particular bird cage holds very many birds! You place many judgments upon the ideas, concepts, thoughts, emotions, identifications of all aspects of this particular element of your reality. There are many elements that you view to be unacceptable.

THIS is the area that I have expressed to you in opening with this session, that we present the information to you that you may assimilate and allow yourselves to move from this narrowness of perception into a wider awareness, which lends to your acceptance of yourselves and your acceptance of all other individuals. This also lends to the acceptance of the creation of your reality, your world in general, for as you become more aware objectively, you also loosen your hold upon your judgments of any element that does not fit into your own beliefs.

You have created your perceptions in this particular area to be very narrow, and there are many, many influencing factors. This is what I have expressed to you, that there are many aspects of this particular belief system.

Your religious beliefs enter into an influence. These, in many areas, are aspects of this belief system. Your scientific beliefs are influencing in this particular belief system. Your social interaction, your psychology ... all of these different elements of your reality that you accept are also quite influencing in perpetuating the narrowness of your perception in this particular subject matter.

You may speak to other individuals, and you may question their perception, and you may inquire of them what they identify to be acceptable and unacceptable. They may incorporate different words: healthy and not healthy, good and bad, right and wrong, acceptable and not acceptable. These are all terminologies that you use to be allowing yourselves to place judgments upon different expressions of individuals.

In this particular area, you place many, many judgments, for you have narrowed your perception to be equating your reality with gender – male and female – and in this equation of male and female and the lack of association and identification with orientation, you attempt to fit qualities of different individuals into what you identify as male and female. What I am expressing to you is that male and female do not hold qualities of perception. They merely hold the quality of physical form and function.

You have created your reality quite specifically and purposefully, and it encompasses much more than you allow yourselves to view. You hold tremendous qualities and abilities within this manifestation in this dimension, but you limit yourselves tremendously, for you identify and define to yourselves quite expansive areas of your reality in very narrow terms. You attempt to fit behaviors and perceptions and choices into the identification of a physical form and function.

You hold machines within your present time framework. These machines may hold a specific form and perform a specific function. The color of the machine is not relevant to its function. Within this time framework, many, many, many individuals within your world own, so to speak – although you do not own any element, you merely create them – televisions. Generally speaking, this machine or this technological instrument holds a specific shape. Generally speaking, it is square. It also performs a specific function. It projects audio and visual qualities to you. Generally speaking, this particular devise shall hold a certain color. Generally, you create these devises within a narrow range of color spectrum, but you may be creating a purple television or a multicolored television, and its function shall remain the same, for the color is not influencing of the function.

Vic’s note: Great analogy, Elias ... generally speaking!

In this, you hold a creation that you identify as gender: male or female. This is a body type. Each of these body types holds a specific function. The functions of each are different from each other.

Now; in this, you also create different shapes of these body types and different colors of these body types, which would be likened to the shape of your television. It may be shaped differently, but you choose to shape this instrument commonly. You also choose to shape your physical forms commonly.

Your perception – unlike the television, which is programmed by you, by your perception – your perception is that element which IS you. It is the method, so to speak, to be incorporating your terminology, in which you create your reality.

Perception is not the you of you. Your orientation and your emotion, in this physical manifestation – not in all of essence, but in this particular physical dimension – your perception is created by your emotion and your sexuality. Those are the elements that are the you of you, the ingredients that are what comprises you, as you know yourself physically. Your perception is created by these elements, and is that aspect of you that therefore creates your reality.

You may liken yourselves to very highly technological, highly efficient machines, in a manner of speaking – perfect machines – for you are a physical manifestation of a non-physical essence, a projection into a physical dimension which you have created purposefully to be experiencing physical creations, physical experiences. And in this particular dimension – for there are many – you choose to be creating your reality through the building blocks or the base elements of sexuality and emotion.

We are not addressing to the element or the belief system of emotion presently, for presently this is not the belief system which is being addressed within the wave in consciousness which is occurring now. Previously, you have been experiencing another wave in consciousness which focused upon the belief system of relationships, and as that wave was occurring, I also addressed to all of you, in offering you information that shall be helpful to you, that you may understand what you are participating in and what you are creating, therefore also offering you some answers to your “whys.”

Now you engage in a wave within consciousness addressing to the belief system of sexuality, but this is not merely a belief system. This is in actuality also a foundational element of your reality in its entirety. Therefore, addressing to this particular belief system shall be more difficult, more extensive. It shall continue for more of a time framework, and there are more aspects of it to identify.

Much of what you believe presently, you do not even identify as beliefs. You have accepted the participation and the perpetuation of the belief so very strongly – and you have covered your vision in this area so very strongly – that you identify the belief and the aspects of the belief as not a belief.

I express to you, gender is not a belief. You are male or you are female. You do not believe yourselves to be male or female; you are. Your function within each gender is not a belief. It is a function. It is outside of beliefs, although you influence your function of your gender quite strongly through your beliefs.

Females function – within body type in that particular gender – in cycles and have created extensive beliefs in conjunction to these cycles, much of which is very unnecessary but is quite real, for you have created it to be your reality, and you have created this reality through your perception.

Males hold a specific function within the male gender and body type. The function of male may be quite affected in many different areas of performance, so to speak, entirely influenced by beliefs. Your function is affected by your beliefs of what you consume. If you believe you are consuming the wrong foods, you shall affect your physical functioning. If you believe you are consuming substances that shall enhance physical performance in any area, you shall create an enhancement of your physical performance. This is not necessarily your natural body function. It is quite influenced through your beliefs, and it is created by your perception.

As to any of these three orientations being an expression of healthy or not healthy, right or wrong, good or bad, no. They are all merely orientations. They are not good or bad, they are not right or wrong, they are not healthy or unhealthy. They merely are. They are a choice, a choice of a particular type of perception that shall be the lens in a particular focus in which you view yourself and your world and how you shall create your reality in that particular focus.

Now; I shall also repeat within this session that with all elements of your reality, as I have stated many times, you may alter any element of your reality. THIS is reality! (Grinning) You may choose to be altering any expression, action, element of your reality. This is not to say that you will! You hold the ability, but you do not exercise that ability. Therefore, I may express to you that you may physically alter or change your gender in one focus, and you may also as easily or as difficultly change your orientation. Now; you may as easily or difficultly change your orientation and your gender within one focus as you may physically jettison yourselves to another planet without a spaceship, or as easily or as difficultly as you may walk on the bottom of your ocean and breathe water! (Grinning)

Now you may view that this may not be quite as easily accomplished within your physical focus as you think! This matters not, for you shall not be choosing to be altering your orientation or your gender. It is unnecessary. You create as many or as few focuses within this dimension as you choose for your experience. It is unnecessary to be altering gender or orientation in any one focus, for you may experience the difference in another focus, but I do not express to you that it is impossible.

Now; I shall also reiterate one more element that I have offered recently concerning these three orientations, with respect to relationships. You may identify more easily if we are returning to our example of the egg-layers, marsupials, and live-bearers.

In this, if you are engaging a relationship with another individual in what you term to be closeness in a particular focus and you are holding different orientations, you shall be experiencing conflict and much difficulty. This is not to say that it is impossible for you to be engaging an intimate relationship with another individual that holds a different orientation from yourself, but it shall be intensely difficult, and in this difficulty, the likelihood of your continuation of that particular relationship is very small.

This also is purposeful. You are manifesting, as I have stated, three times at the very least within this dimension. Therefore, you are experiencing each of these orientations. It is unnecessary – with the influence and lending of energy of counterpart action, other focuses, and your creations – for you to be engaging an intimate relationship with another individual holding a different orientation. There are other avenues that you have provided yourselves to be experiencing all of the angles of your sexuality. Therefore, you shall draw yourselves and magnate to individuals that hold the same orientation.

Now; this is not to say that you do not engage relationships of all types with individuals of other orientations. I am specifically addressing to intimate relationships. In this, you may look to your relationships within your focuses and you may view that there are certain individuals that seem to be, in your estimation, continuously speaking a different language from yourself, and you hold much difficulty in your interaction with that individual.

Now; I am not expressing to you that this is blanketly always the situation that you shall hold different orientations, but many times you may be holding different orientations, for your perception is quite different in each of these orientations. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, you ARE speaking different languages, for you are perceiving your worlds differently.

Individuals approach this essence many, many times and inquire how to be creating of what you term to be (humorously) lasting relationships romantically. “How may I find my soul mate?” (Laughter) “How may I be creating of a relationship with another individual intimately that shall be to my favor and shall be creating happiness?” (Grinning) I shall express to you that this shall not be a likely creation if you are drawing yourself to an individual of a different orientation, for you shall be incorporating much conflict!

Your differences within a base layer of your reality are strong. Surfacely, you may view yourselves to be quite the same, but as you engage these intimate relationships, you also allow yourselves to share more of your opennesses with each other, and as you open to each other, you view more of your differences within your perceptions ... or more of your samenesses.

This is the comparison of the marsupials and the egg-layers and the live-bearers. They may inhabit the same area, but they shall be creating much difficulty in engaging relationship with each other, and you in like manner also.

Now; in conclusion, I wish to be expressing quite definitely to you each, and to all individuals that shall be connecting with this information: no one orientation is better than any other orientation! They are merely different, and you each experience them all.

Therefore, you may relieve yourselves of your automatic action of moving into areas of expression that one orientation is more desirable than another orientation, for you all experience them all in different focuses. One is merely different.

Therefore, if you are identified as common, you are not “less than” intermediate. You are no less spiritual or enlightened! If you are soft, you are no less connected to essence or your manifestation than be you intermediate. They are merely different. They are not better or worse. I have merely chosen this word common, for it IS common. Therefore, it is efficient, and it is descriptive in the manner that it is intended to be descriptive.

Soft is descriptive in the manner of its intention also. These individuals, in your identification of the word soft, may be identified as this. Soft is not necessarily a negative term. It is merely pliable, and these individuals of soft are very flexible.

Intermediate is what you would term to be in-between. They function within your physical universe – they interact within your physical world – but they create not physically. Therefore, you may express that they are here and they are there, wherever “there” may be! (Chuckling)

Are you wishing of questions?

JOANNE: I have a question. I can’t help but ask you, Elias, what orientation am I currently?

ELIAS: Within this focus, I express to you that you are soft.

JOANNE: That’s what I thought, maybe, from your explanation, that maybe that’s what it was, but I really have to say that you really have me thinking, like you opened up a whole....

JOHN: Can of worms!

JOANNE: Yeah, a whole can of worms, as we say, and my mind is very busy processing all of this. You really have me thinking!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And this would be the point!

JOANNE: So I don’t know what else to ask you, because I’m just so busy processing!

ELIAS: Ha ha!

JOHN: Well if it’s acceptable to you, be happy! It’s healthy.

JOANNE: It’s actually kind of fun, when you start thinking about it.

BETSY: Elias, is it just this dimension that we’re experiencing sexuality, or do we experience other things? Is that why we’re here?

ELIAS: There are other dimensions that do create an element of sexuality as quite influencing of their reality, but this particular dimension has chosen these two elements of sexuality and emotion to be the base line elements of your creation within this dimension. All of your reality is involved with these two elements.

BETSY: Do we interact with other elements within this physical focus besides the sexuality and emotion?

ELIAS: There are many elements of your reality in this dimension, but they are all influenced by these two elements.

This is an exceedingly complex dimension and there are many facets of this physical reality – more than many other physical realities – but all of your reality is influenced by these two base elements.

BETSY: Well, when you talk about family and alignment with intent, then how is this colored? Which is more prominent, the sexuality and emotion, or your family and alignment with intent?

JOHN: It goes hand in hand.

ELIAS: Your orientation is a base line, underlying constant. Therefore, it is quite influencing and may be very affecting, even as you may be following your intent. Individuals experience conflict if they are creating their reality in conflict to their intent, which we have discussed previously. Many individuals move temporarily in directions of their creations to be contrary to their intent, and in this, they are also stifling their individual value fulfillment and shall not continue in that particular direction for an extended time framework. But an individual may be moving in the direction of expressing their intent and may be in alignment with their intent and NOT be acknowledging their orientation, and this shall be creating of much conflict, regardless of your alignment with your intent.

BETSY: What was the conflict part about?

ELIAS: If you are not acknowledging and moving within the natural flow of your orientation – if you are opposing your individual orientation as influenced by your beliefs, attempting to place yourself as the triangle into the square or round hole – it matters not that you shall be following your desire and your intent and accomplishing within your intent. You shall continue to be creating conflict within your focus, for the underlying base element ingredient of all of your reality is in conflict and is being blocked.

And as you move into the identification of yourselves and as you begin to be accepting of yourselves within your orientations and discontinue your very narrow definitions of choice ... which is not at all expressive of orientation! But as you discontinue your identification of choice – in which gender you shall participate in sexual activity with and identifying this as your orientation – you shall also open yourselves to yourselves, and you shall begin to place this triangular peg in the triangular hole.

Let us express one small example. You may be aligned with the Sumari family, and within your focus you may express your intent within an element of creativity; let us express, artistically. You may choose to be a painter or a poet within your physical focus and shall be producing in this manner, and in this expression you may be outwardly producing within alignment to your intent.

You may also hold the gender of male. You may hold the orientation of soft. But you may, as this male individual – influenced by the narrowness and the strength in energy of your beliefs, regardless that you are following your intent – be continuously trying to place yourself in the expression of common.

As you continue to attempt to place yourself in the expression of common and to fit your perception to match the perception of an individual or of individuals that are of the orientation of common, you shall experience conflict, for you are continuously moving yourself in a direction that does not fit to your natural flow of energy within your design of your perception within your particular focus. You shall be accomplishing within your intent – you shall be accomplishing your value fulfillment – but you shall also be creating continuous conflict, for you are not allowing your natural flow.

BETSY: Can you tell me which orientation I am in this focus, please?

ELIAS: Within this focus, you hold the orientation of common.

BETSY: I wasn’t sure. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Chuckling, and a pause)

Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

AYSEQUL: Can I please ask about my – and my husband’s – orientation in this focus?

ELIAS: Within this focus presently, you each hold the orientation of common. (Pause)

In this, let me express to you that I hold an awareness of your quest in the area of your spirituality, so to speak. Do not confuse this with an expression being contrary to your orientation, for it is not.

As I have expressed, within the orientation of common, you are creating outwardly, but this is not to say that you do not identify with all of your reality or that you do not hold an awareness of self. This is merely your perception: how you view your world and how you view yourself.

Your creations are produced for yourselves to view, and for you to derive pleasure in and fulfillment in, and for other individuals to view and derive pleasure. As I have expressed, even the bearing of children may be an element of this type of expression, in a producing of a physical element that may be viewed.

Now; do not misunderstand, for each child which manifests within this dimension is also a manifestation of an essence which is choosing to be focused in this dimension, and it is their choice. But your participation is that of offering the manner of entry. Therefore, your participation within their manifestation is a production of another element. It is an offering outwardly.

I have expressed, within our recent group session previous to this session, that individuals that identify themselves as artists may also be of the orientation of common – although there are also individuals that identify themselves as artists which may be classified as soft – but they are producing an element to be shared that you may visually view, an element that you may connect with in conjunction with your outer senses.

Individuals that produce within the orientation of intermediate produce in conjunction with inner senses. This is not to say that you all do not engage inner senses, for you do, but individuals with the orientation of common shall produce outwardly in conjunction to be creating their reality for stimulation of outer senses, and your reality IS physical! Therefore, if you are not creating physically, why shall you manifest physically? Therefore, the individuals in this orientation are producing the physicalness of your physical reality.

We shall be discussing this subject matter much more, for there are many confusing elements of this subject matter, I am aware, and there are many areas that you shall begin to identify as crossing over each other, and these are many aspects of your beliefs that confuse you in this area. But as we continue our discussion, you also shall continue to become clearer in your vision and your understanding and your identification of yourselves, and in this, you offer yourselves more of an opportunity to widen your awareness.

And this, once again, is the point of this shift in consciousness. And how glorious you shall be becoming – as you ARE becoming – within this shift in consciousness!

I shall depart in offering you one final statement in conjunction with....

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