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Sunday, May 09, 1999

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“Soft, Intermediate, and Common”

“Thought and Emotional Focuses”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Lynda (Ruther).

Elias arrives at 11:37 AM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LYNDA: Hi Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We meet again!

LYNDA: Yes, we meet again. It’s nice to hear your voice audibly. I’ve appreciated the many blue dots and blue color connections with you. They’re really special, and I am quite aware of them. Thank you. It’s very sweet.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LYNDA: I wanted to make this session private. I wanted it to be recorded, but I didn’t want it transcribed, because I felt that I had questions and impressions that I want to address with you that are of a personal nature to me, and I would feel more comfortable. So, may I proceed?

Vic’s note: Obviously, Lynda changed her mind about not having the session transcribed, and has also decided to share the transcript.

ELIAS: You may.

LYNDA: First of all, I want to send you greetings from my Dad. We had a very fun interaction about you a couple of days ago, and he was quite open to my friend Elias and the Elias information, and I think this is validation to me that I am moving in an acceptance of myself, because my Dad is sort of a rebuke to mass beliefs, because he’s been considered lazy and unsuccessful his whole life, and I have always been afraid and repelled by him because I assumed – I knew – that I had the same kind of aspects in myself, and as I have been working on accepting those things in me, my relationship with my father has expanded, and isn’t that a surprise, Elias! (Elias chuckles)

Anyway, my father sends his greetings, and it’s very special, and I asked him if he would like me to ask a question to you or address some things, and I wanted to be very mindful of his beliefs. He’s very fond of his Jewishness, although he’s not a religious man, and so I am going to ask you what his essence family is.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Dermot; D-E-R-M-O-T. (der’met) Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Milumet.

LYNDA: Oh gosh, that’s great! I sensed there was Milumet in there somewhere. That’s very exciting. Thank you for telling me that.

He had a question. He wanted to know what his father and the Catholic Irish Priest were discussing when they were discussing the Torah all those years ago in Medway. He can’t get it out of his mind. He thinks his father, my grandfather, was very liberal on his take of his Jewishness, and he was always very intrigued that my grandfather had these recurring discussions about the Torah with this Irish Priest. Would you like to comment on that, on his behalf?

ELIAS: This has been an area of interest and discussion, in what you may term to be friendly debate, with these individuals more than in one occurrence. In this, they have engaged different discussions in different aspects of philosophy that are pertaining to religious beliefs. In these religious beliefs, there are many similarities, but there are also some differences, which have been discussed and have been pondered by both individuals.

In this, certain aspects of the philosophies shared were aspects of biblical accounts, in a manner of speaking, that have not been incorporated into the Christian beliefs, and other aspects that have not been incorporated into the Hebrew beliefs.

In this, as they have shared these different aspects of information which have been chosen in each belief system not to be incorporated in the mass beliefs, they have offered each other information as to be individually incorporating more ideas, so to speak, and a wider awareness within each individual.

One of the areas of discussion which held interest was that of the possibility of reincarnation in religious beliefs as in difference to the philosophy of the incarnation merely once.

In this, the individuals, in actuality, within their discussions, have moved into an area of closer acceptance of the actual occurrence within consciousness, which does not necessarily incorporate reincarnation in the manner that your belief systems incorporate this idea, but it also does not incorporate one manifestation only.

Therefore, there is a combination, in a manner of speaking, of both ideas and both philosophies, and in this, as the individuals have incorporated a compromise, so to speak, in their attempt to be understanding these diverse concepts, they have offered themselves more of an understanding of the movement of essence and its focuses within physical dimensions.

In this, they have also offered themselves more of an understanding of the similarities and the openness in both of these respective religious beliefs, which moves contrary to the ideas of the masses regarding either of these particular religious affiliations, for the mass belief system holds judgment upon both of these particular religious establishments as being quite narrow and restrictive within their beliefs.

In actuality, each of these religious affiliations holds more openness to much of the movement of reality, and holds more of an openness in certain areas than some other religious affiliations.

LYNDA: Yes. Having experienced being a Jew and having experienced for so many years being a Christian and now coming into the Elias information, I am very appreciative of what you’re saying and hold a fondness and a dearness for both religions or both beliefs. Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Quite.

I shall also express to you that these conversations have extended into very many different areas, but the point or the base line of this interaction was an offering to each individual of more of an acceptance of each other and of different philosophies within physical focus – a recognition that there may not be such absolutes as they had previously thought.

LYNDA: Wonderful. I appreciate that. I will very much convey what you said. He has patterned his life along the lines of his father in terms of more acceptance, which sounds like that would certainly resonate with his Tumold family. Am I correct in that?


LYNDA: I’m very glad to be talking to my dad now, and I will convey this information to him. I thank you for that, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LYNDA: I’m going to move along to a couple of small things that I never did address with you, but I would like to. I feel like this is my final focus. Am I correct in that?

ELIAS: Correct.

LYNDA: I also feel that the energy of my alignment has incorporated, in addition to Vold – this may sound odd – but a feeling of Tumold as well as Zuli, as I am choosing to actualize more of my intent right now. Am I correct in this?

ELIAS: Let me express that each individual incorporates qualities of all of these essence families, but you align with one in particular.

As I have stated previously, although it is not impossible to be altering your alignment within one focus, and it does occur at times, it is not common, for – for the most part – it is unnecessary, in that you allow yourselves to be experiencing alignments with all of the different families within different focuses, and different combinations of alignments within different focuses.

Now; in what you are identifying with presently, you are drawing certain qualities of these other families to yourself presently, as this may incorporate more efficiency for you temporarily, in your movement within your intent.

Therefore, you are not altering your alignment in this focus and you are also not incorporating a double or triple alignment within this focus, but you are allowing yourself to be drawing energy in helpfulness to yourself from these other essence families in certain tones only, not in the entirety of their intents or the qualities of the intents that are held by those particular families, but in certain aspects of their qualities, you are allowing yourself to draw from these energies, incorporating them into your alignment and your movement presently, that you may be offering yourself more beneficial action within your movement presently.

LYNDA: Yeah. That certainly clarifies that because I was feeling ... actually, with regard to the Tumold, I was feeling the energy of Tumold more ... actually, now that I hear what you’re saying, in a more vast way than just me specifically; not meaning “just,” but I feel the Tumold energy as part of something that is happening in the shift, or the beginning of the feeling of it, if that makes sense.

As far as the Zuli, I live in Los Angeles, and Zuli seems to be very much of a strong image here, and I am liking working with my physical body and my physical image because it’s fun for me, and at the same time, it is affording me the opportunity to look at all the aspects of the birds of appearance and looking beautiful and vanity, and I’m addressing a lot of birds at the same time, but also recognizing that it gives me, quite simply, pleasure to work with my physical form and image. Does this all make sense?

ELIAS: Quite. This also is quite strongly influenced by this wave within consciousness which is occurring presently, addressing to the belief system of sexuality and all of the aspects of that particular belief system. This incorporates all types of elements of your physical form and performance, so to speak; what you term in physical terminology to be your physical image or persona that you project. This lends energy to your attention in this area.

As to the aspects of these other families that you draw to yourself presently, you shall also notice that you may temporarily find more of an ease in interaction with individuals belonging to and aligning with those particular families, holding a greater understanding of their intents and their experiences, for this lends to your opening to yourself in certain areas in like manner, so to speak.

LYNDA: Yes, that was going to be my next subject with you, which ties in. One of the last times we spoke, on the 17th of January, I believe, you confirmed my focus of Beatrice Kaufman, and you began to address this issue of sexual orientation. At the time I was confused about what you were talking about, and since then I believe I have a better understanding or I have widened or whatever, and I think that the way I interpreted it was very singular at the time, which is fine and I understand why I did that. I thought you were saying something you were not saying with regard to my ... I thought you were saying I was “other,” and I became afraid because I doubted my own choice to explore not being “other,” and I don’t want to address that with you. I just want to note that as the confusing point.

Lately I have been involved in some very interesting and exciting interactions in my business that have raised up a lot of dust with regard to sexual orientation or my choice of sexual orientation. I have interacted with some very strong men in business and have been aware of a dual sort of experience; the one experience being that I was able to empathically go in and discern them in a way that allowed me to interact freely with them and have fun with them because I have a natural way of relating that is very easy for me, and I saw myself bringing these three very strong businessmen together, and then I watched myself perceive their perception of me as a woman. I became very intimidated by them and went into a whole self-unworthiness flow, which I very much allowed myself to do because I realized that if I was going to choose to do business in this manner ... I want to be free and have fun and play and accomplish my Sumafi intent too, which is to be an example of self-acceptance in a fun way that would automatically draw people to me, and it has begun to do that.

So anyway, I had a very effortless experience with this guy Bill from Canada, and he came out here and I introduced him to these three men, and they are going to do business together.

And then I went into this “valley” experience of like a backlash of my own insecurity about how they were perceiving me, which was my perception. I don’t even know if it was theirs. I’m saying it was mine, and then I dropped it and I got back into my moment point and I allowed for an effortless flow, and it surfaced again just a couple of days ago, and I had a little bit of that backlash but not as much ... and I’m saying all that to you so I can describe why I think my orientation choice is soft.

I know you have been addressing common, intermediate, and soft, and although I have not read the transcripts, I’ve talked to a couple of people, and it was right in the middle of this exact experience I’m having, and my first take on it was that I was soft because of my ability to relate to a lot of people. I have a strong sensitivity to mass beliefs, and coupled with my Vold empathic sense, I am learning how to not take it so personally. Do you understand what I’m saying?

ELIAS: I am quite aware of what you are expressing. You may continue if you are choosing.

LYNDA: Well, I want to bottom-line this. I know I have been very interactive with essence through my writing, through all of this – well, for a long time, through all of this time – and I am feeling like the essence writing I am doing is very edifying to me, to keep me stable and balanced in my acceptance of self, and I feel, Elias, that I am resonating with this shift. I am experiencing this wave in consciousness and it’s kind of scary, but it’s also kind of fun because I feel like I’m accomplishing, so I’d like you to comment.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well. Let us address initially to the subject matter of orientation, and I shall clarify for you.

In this, as you avail yourself of the information that I have offered recently as to explanations of these three different orientations, you may hold a greater understanding of what I shall be offering to you within this present now.

LYNDA: Okay.

ELIAS: I express to you that you hold the orientation of common.

Now; were you to be of the orientation of soft in the gender of female, you may not necessarily hold as much of an ease in interaction with individuals within the gender of male.

Now; be understanding, for I wish not to be confusing you or any other individual. In this, I am not expressing that preference is the same as orientation. Be clear that they are very different.

Also, gender is quite different from orientation, but just as your outer senses hold very different functions, they also complement each other to be creating a whole in perception, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, in this, I express to you that you hold an ease in creating much of your reality in both types of manners, in individual expression and in expression with other individuals. You allow yourself an ease in individual expression. You also allow yourself an element of ease in your expression with other individuals.

Let me also express to you, there is a difference in the expression of an individual that may be experiencing feelings or thought processes in concern to mass expressions and beliefs, and that expression of an individual that holds the orientation of soft.

An individual that holds the orientation of soft shall hold very strong responses, or what you may term to be reactions, to mass events, in the manner that they express the same were they to be experiencing these mass events themselves.


ELIAS: There is very distinct difference between each of these three orientations, in your experience and perception.

Now; the area of responsiveness to mass events is a very efficient example to be offering the differences in expression ... of which, within our most recent group forum, I have offered much information in this area to be explaining to individuals the differences in these three orientations and how this is affecting of your perception and of your experiences.

Transcripts: find out more about session 387, April 24, 1999.

Individuals that hold the orientation of common may be responsive in a less extreme manner to mass events. They are noticing – they may avail themselves of information and they may develop opinions and even emotional response to an extent – but as I have stated, these individuals also shall be much more affected by the individuals that they physically surround themselves with and draw themselves to than they shall be to the event itself.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that if you are interactive with other individuals, those individuals that you term to be close to you in relationship shall be much more affecting of you in THEIR response – and your response to their response – than you shall be to the actual event itself. Your concern shall extend to an individual that may be reacting in what you may term to be extreme if they are holding the orientation of soft. You may also, if interacting with an individual of intermediate, notice their lack of responsiveness, and this may be triggering much wondering within you as to why they are not responding to these mass events.

You, in your expression of common, may be placed in what you term to be the middle. You do not hold an extreme reaction to the point that you view yourself to be personally experiencing these mass events – to the point that they are affecting of your entire reality – but you also are not entirely removed from mass events and the expressions within them as would be an individual, in a manner of speaking, of intermediate.

Also, let me express to you that within this orientation of common, individuals find more of an ease interacting with all individuals, regardless of gender. It matters not that they be interactive with male or female. They may be easily interactive with either gender, holding little difficulty in understanding of each of these genders, for this orientation of common incorporates an understanding and a willingness to be accepting of the expressions of both genders and holds less of a movement in the direction of separation, so to speak, in this particular area.

As to the orientations of intermediate and soft, they may be many times more inclined to be drawing to themselves interaction which affords them less thickness, less difficulty, less effort, and less conflict by magnating to common genders – not common orientations, common genders – that they shall magnate themselves to like gender, that they may be incorporating similar experiences physically, which offers them what you may term to be similar ground, in a manner of speaking. They incorporate much identification with either self or with all interaction of all other individuals, and this incorporates much of their attention and their energy. Therefore, they magnate to the ease of not concerning themselves with differences in gender.

Now; be remembering, what I am expressing to you is quite different from the idea or the choice of preference. Preference magnates to the subject matter of your choice in sexual activity. This is an entirely different subject matter, and this is an objective choice.

We are speaking of orientation, which is the ingredient of your perception which creates your reality, and this is very influencing of your responsiveness to certain experiences, and how you perceive yourself and your world, and how you interact with all of it. Therefore, I express to you, as we continue to be examining this subject matter of these orientations, it shall become clearer to you each, yourself also, how you have chosen a particular orientation within this focus.

Be remembering also, I have been engaged in reminding individuals throughout this discussion concerning orientation that you hold each orientation within physical focus. Therefore, do not concern yourself with the thought process that one may be better than another orientation, for you are experiencing them all. It matters not. We are merely concerning ourselves presently with this one particular orientation that you are experiencing and have chosen for this one particular focus in which your attention resides and speaks to me.

Therefore, there is no necessity for creating MORE influences of aspects of belief systems in incorporating judgments as to the orientation that you hold presently. It is merely a choice for experience.

Within your choice presently, this offers you more of an efficiency in the area of your alignment with your family of Vold in this focus. Were you to be holding the orientation of soft, you may be overwhelming yourself with emotional incorporation within this one particular focus.

This is not to say that there are not some individuals that do choose this type of creation, but I express to you that you have already incorporated much of the expression emotionally of the Vold family and have allowed yourself to be freely experiencing the exploration of all of the different expressions of emotion within this particular focus. Were you to be incorporating the choice of orientation of soft coupled with the choice that you have incorporated within family alignment and your intent, you may be overwhelming yourself with emotional stimulation within this particular focus.

LYNDA: And exploding!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Quite!

LYNDA: I appreciate that. Thank you so much for the clarification.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

Let me express to you that you offer yourself more of an ability to balance yourself holding the orientation of common.

LYNDA: Yes, I feel that. I appreciate that. That’s validation to me. I think I was confusing my Vold expression and the experiences I’ve had throughout my life. I have consciously allowed myself to experience spontaneous emotional reactions, good and bad – well, what I call good and bad, hurtful to me and nonhurtful to me – and it’s interesting to me that I have ... how do I say this?

I have allowed myself to feel things deeply, and my sense of my now in this regard is that I am choosing a different probability, and I feel that I am in the beginning stages of actualizing it in allowing effortlessness with regard to many areas in my life: business, my physical body, my interaction with people, my desires that I think are in alignment with my intent.

And I have offended a lot of people ... not offended. I have been repelling because the emotional expression of Vold is not exactly acceptable in many circles for whatever reasons, and I have found that in allowing myself the freedom of this expression, I have a deeper understanding and compassion to automatically be helpful during this particular time in the shift. Am I on track with that?

ELIAS: Correct.

LYNDA: Well, that would lead me to my next subject, sir, (Elias chuckles) and that is – and this is the only reason I wanted our session to be private – as you know, I have been interacting with this forum since the end of November, and I have come up against a repelling. Let me see – how do I say this?

I have noticed between me and Lawrence a sort of repelling, and I think my interactions with Lawrence that are sparring back and forth is because she has a more objective take and I have a more emotional take on just life, period. I also feel that my interaction with Tyl is very spontaneous and fun and creative and could produce a lot of material, but my dilemma, Elias, and I may be digressing into another area, but I have given myself permission to not go to Castaic if it doesn’t feel right to me.

I feel that Tyl and Caroll have a perception about my erratic Vold expression because I am chancing trusting myself in areas of finance, and they hold different beliefs about their own finances than I do, and we have different ideas about the speed at which we’re widening than I do. There’s no question – it pisses me off! (Elias laughs)

It hurt me actually, in the early throes of this, even Lawrence’s perception of my Vold expression. I have allowed hurtfulness to myself and have opened the door, I feel, to other focuses and my own past to support my hurt, and I am taking a more balanced step, I feel, in saying, okay, I want to be able to interact freely, but I’m also mindful of, if it doesn’t feel good not doing it.

ELIAS: Very good. Now ...

LYNDA: Yeah, please!

ELIAS: ... let me offer you an element of information in this area.

First of all, I express to you that you experience certain elements of difficulty in interaction with Lawrence, for you hold an emotional focus in this particular focus and Lawrence holds a thought focus in this particular manifestation.

In this, many times individuals holding these differences in thought and emotional focus may be experiencing elements of conflict and difficulty, for in another area – in similar manner to orientation, although not quite as strongly – you are also speaking different languages.

In this, you may allow yourselves to be assimilating each other’s languages, but this also is requiring of an element of effort with each individual, not merely one or the other. Therefore, this is partially an element of your difficulty with this one individual.

In this, I express to you, there is no judgment of yourself or of the other individual. You are merely expressing differently, and at times, this may be creating of difficulties within you each in your allowance to yourselves [of] an understanding of each other.

This is also entirely your choice as to your engagement in wishing to be translating of these different languages and incorporating a type of movement into objective relationship. It matters not.

I express to you that you are correct. You are affecting within consciousness regardless of your interaction objectively with any group of individuals.

Your most efficient expression is to be turning your attention to self and addressing to self within your own issues, and as you become more accepting in this area, you are also automatically affecting throughout consciousness and of all other individuals.

As to your interaction with Caroll and Tyl, I express to you, this is a different situation, for both of these individuals hold emotional focus also.

Now; do not delude yourself into the thought process that merely for the reason that you hold the same type of focus, in emotional or thought focus within this particular manifestation, that you shall automatically resonate and understand each other within your expressions, for you each hold to your own alignments with your own belief systems and issues, neither of which are wrong. They are merely different.

It matters not that you each hold differences in these beliefs and within your thought processes and your creations of your individual realities. What I shall draw your attention to is to be looking to self and to be moving in the direction of acceptance of self and your own creations and your own direction, recognizing that other individuals may hold differences and it matters not. This is not a reflection upon your worth or your choices.

Your choices are yours, and they are your creation, and they are not right or wrong. They are your experiences, and not to be judged by self or by other individuals, but I am quite aware that you are not creating reality for other individuals. Therefore, you may not be expressive to other individuals to not be placing judgment upon your creations. This is their choice of their creation.

Your choice is to be turning your attention to self and recognizing that regardless of another individual’s expression or judgment through their beliefs, you continue to be not wrong, you continue to be worthy, and your choice is merely your choice.

In this, I express to you that it is unnecessary that you allow your feelings, as you express them to be, to be experiencing hurtfulness, for no other individual may be hurting of you without your acceptance of that action, your own incorporation of alignment with their belief. THIS is what is creating of hurtfulness – your agreement with their lack of acceptance.

In this, I express to you that you offer yourself the opportunity to be viewing your own creations and attending your attention in the area of your own acceptance. Other individual’s engagements with each other concern their beliefs, their creations, and their issues, and it matters not with respect to yourself.

This is not to say that each action and choice is not affecting by each individual throughout consciousness, but it is not your responsibility. Your responsibility lies within self, and [you] shall be offering energy and helpfulness to all other individuals by your attention to self and your discontinuation of incorporating the allowance of penetration of other individuals’ expressions and their alignment with their own issues and beliefs into your energy field.

Are you understanding?

LYNDA: I am, I am very much, and I love you very much, and I think I’m doing a great job.

ELIAS: And I shall be acknowledging of you also. In this, I shall accept one more questioning this day, and we shall be discontinuing.

LYNDA: Hmm, let me see. One more question. Okay, I will give you one more question, my dear friend. Okay ... I’ve got two questions. I’ve gotta pick one. Wait one second here.

I’ve been getting information from the name Jasper, and I’ve created a dialogue with this Jasper, and I think that Jasper may be a future focus from this present future focus of mine, and I think that he ... at first I thought he was a she, but I think this focus of Jasper ties into a dream, a very vivid dream I had. I saw a tall man with blondish long hair, and he embraced me, and it felt like he loved me, almost like I was his lover.

The atmosphere in this house was very wonderful to me, and the house was oddly shaped. It was slightly askew, is the only way I can say it. Publishing was going on there, and he was very much in charge of this publishing place. The house was wood-constructed with a view in like a canyon area, like they have here in Los Angeles, and I loved being in this dream because I felt so at home there, and I felt secure and I felt loved, and right before I ended the dream, I went to embrace this man, and I felt a separation between us.

Several weeks later, I remembered the dream very well, but I thought that maybe it was this future focus I had connected with, or it was my own essence connecting with me in terms of the feeling of security that I got, and I just thought maybe you would clarify it for me.

ELIAS: You are correct in both areas. You have allowed an expression of essence in the tone or the feeling of your dream imagery that shall be an underlying expression to you of what you term in physical focus to be security or safety and complete acceptance.

As to other imagery that you have presented yourself with, you are also correct in that you have allowed an opening to a future focus. This focus holds what you would term to be objectively a wider awareness, and this lends energy to you within this focus.

In this, you have also offered yourself the identification of name, that you may be connecting more interpersonally with this particular focus. It is lending you energy quite often, and you may be drawing upon this if you are so choosing. You may also reciprocate, if you are so choosing, in allowing yourself to be projecting futurely and allowing yourself to be connecting and interacting with that focus yourself, for to this point, the other focus has projected to you. If you are choosing, you may be projecting to it.

LYNDA: Oh wow! I’ll do it! (Elias chuckles) Is my imagery of this focus correct?


LYNDA: Wow! That’s great! Elias, I know you said this was my last question, and I will leave this up to your discretion, but Caroll asked me to ask you a question, so I will address it or not.

ELIAS: We shall be addressing to this at our next meeting, for I hold an awareness that Michael weakens within his hold presently.

LYNDA: That would be fine with me. Thank you very much. I love you very much, and I will see you ... all the time!

ELIAS: Very well, and I shall continue to be encouraging with you in movement. I offer to you this day, and continuing, much affection, and a very loving au revoir.

LYNDA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:46 PM.

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