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Sunday, May 16, 1999

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“Conflict Within the Now”

“Expressing from Essence”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Katie (Muriel).

Vic’s note: I found this session to be very interesting and helpful to me personally. I mean, it’s one thing to realize that much of our conflict comes from projecting into the past and the future, but it’s quite another matter when our conflict is in the present now.

Elias arrives at 11:25 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

KATIE: Good morning!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We meet again!

KATIE: Yes, sooner than I expected, too.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you have inquiries this day?

KATIE: Yes, I do. It’s something that seems to be very pertinent right now – again, my situation with my roommate. It isn’t so much her but her boyfriend that there seems to be a lot of conflict around, and his presence here is producing a lot of conflict, even so far as violence in the household, and I’m pretty concerned about that, especially right this minute. I’m wondering if you can offer any insight on them, or anything I could do.

ELIAS: I am aware of your energy projection presently. This provides a good example for yourself and also for other individuals in the area of addressing to conflict and addressing to self within the situations of conflict within the now, for as I have stated previously, although you may eliminate much of your conflict by attending to the now, you do not eliminate ALL of your conflict as you hold your attention within the now, for at certain time periods, you are experiencing conflict within the now, as in this situation.

Now; in this, let me express to you, quite commonly what individuals within physical focus experience within this type of conflict is a restriction within themselves. There is a frustration which is created, and this frustration is born out of not recognizing your choices, and this lack of recognition of your own choices is born from a lack of acceptance of self, which is projected into a fearfulness in the area of how other individuals may perceive you and subsequently may respond or react to you.

In this, I shall be reminding you that the key to these situations that involve conflict between one individual and another individual is to be turning your attention away from the other individual and their behavior and moving your attention to self and what offers you no conflict regardless of the reaction or response of the other individual, for in not trusting and accepting of yourself and playing the game with another individual, you offer them their payoff, and in that payoff, they continue to display the same behavior.

Therefore, in this situation, you may clearly view the actions and the behaviors that are being exhibited by the other individuals – both – and by yourself. You may also clearly view your direction of no conflict in this situation, may you not?


ELIAS: And in this situation, your scenario of no conflict is to not be interactive with this individual, is it not?

KATIE: (Hesitantly) Yes....

ELIAS: But! You find difficulty in that expression, for you view that there are also consequences, in your terms, that accompany that type of expression, correct?

KATIE: Um-hmm.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, this is the element of projection.

In this, what I have been expressing to you and to many, many other individuals is not to be concerning yourself with other individuals’ choices. It is the choice of the other individual to be reacting or responding to your choices, but this is not your responsibility. Your responsibility lies with self, and in this, you may turn your attention to self and be identifying within self what shall be creating of your no conflict or least conflict scenario.

Now; let me also express to you that in these types of situations, there is an element which involves the communication with the other individual, and you, in widening your awareness, move into the position of learning objectively, in a manner of speaking, to be expressing from essence.

In this, I am not expressing to you that it is inconsequential, the response of another individual, or that their reality does not matter. I express to you many times the statement that “it matters not,” but this is offered purposefully, that you may allow yourself permission to turn your attention to self and not be assuming personal responsibility for another individual.

Beyond this is the recognition that you may be expressing from essence in this type of interaction.

Therefore, recognizing that the other individual is expressing their reality from their perception, which is real, you may be accepting of their reality as being real, but this is not to say that you must be participating in their creation of their reality, and if the participation in their reality is creating conflict within you, you may be choosing to be eliminating that conflict in the direction that is the most efficient for you.

In this, you may be expressing that you wish not to be participating in interaction and relationship with this particular individual. It is the choice of the other individual – which holds relationship with that individual – to be continuing or not continuing within that particular relationship. This is the element that matters not with concern to yourself. Your concern is to be attending to self and to be offering yourself the no conflict scenario.

Therefore, your choice, as you have already designated to yourself, is to not be participating in the creations and behaviors of this other individual. This is not to say that your response may only be to remove yourself. You may express that your choice is that the other individual remove themself!

KATIE: Oh, I think I’ve tried that one already!

ELIAS: In this, I am understanding of your sense of helplessness in this situation, but I express to you that you are not helpless in this situation! Many times individuals within their reality and their creations may not be quite so accepting of your expression and may not be agreeable to your expression and may be seemingly forcing their expression upon you, but be remembering, no individual may be projecting any element to you that you do not accept.

Therefore, if the situation is presented in which another individual is exerting behavior which appears forceful, I express to you to be examining your participation in that behavior in allowing the forcefulness, for you hold equal strength in energy as any other individual within physical focus. It is not the situation that some individuals hold great strength and others do not. You all hold the same energy. You merely project your energy differently. At times, individuals may be projecting their energy quite strongly. In this, you may match their energy in many different types of expressions.

Now; I am not necessarily expressing to you that if an individual is projecting energy strongly in the manner of conflict ... and let us express that they may be shouting at you. This is not to say that you may match the energy that they project by shouting in like manner in response to them, but you may project a matched energy merely in being and within your energy field, which the other individual shall hold an immediate awareness of.

Energy is transmitted quite efficiently. It needs no communication in verbal terms; it needs no action in motions physically. It shall be expressed and it shall be noted. Merely your presence, holding in your knowing and trust of self that you are not participating with this individual and you also are not accepting of their energy projection, shall be transmitted to the individual immediately, instantaneously.

Be remembering of the example that I have offered previously of the energy projection and the allowance and the buffer.

In this, as you in actuality implement this type of action, it may be much more efficient than the methods that you automatically employ within physical focus. You are very accustomed to automatic responses. As another individual approaches and projects to you, you automatically, without thought, retreat within your energy field and hold very tightly to your energy, and you view this as protection.

In this, I may not emphasize enough that that action of retreat and holding tightly to your energy, which also creates reaction, is creating of what you term to be the opposite effect of that which you desire to be creating.

KATIE: Okay, let me ask you this. So if I am not participating in all of this stuff that’s going on around me and I am not holding to fear of what may happen or caught up in fear of what may happen, it will just stop happening around me? Or, they might move? (Hopefully)

ELIAS: Correct.

If the other individual is not receiving the payoff that they seek, they shall discontinue the action that they are creating. They shall discontinue the behavior, for it is not receiving the payoff.

You ALL create behaviors with each other to be receiving a payoff. You all create behaviors within YOURSELVES to be receiving a payoff, and if you are not receiving the payoff, you shall discontinue the behavior and the expression that you are creating.

ALL individuals within physical focus create in this manner. Your most enlightened individuals that you view upon your planet are motivated to move in the directions that they choose, for they perceive that they receive a payoff.

KATIE: Okay, so what is my payoff in this?

ELIAS: There are more than one reason in this situation that you participate. One of your reasons is that you offer yourself the opportunity to be viewing these types of situations, participating in them and noticing your own participation, which allows you to address to your own fears and your own restrictions within your expression. This draws your attention, and as you continue in these types of situations, you become fatigued with the repetitiveness of this situation, which within the process that you have chosen to this point within your focus, as you continue within any given action that becomes tedious to you, you choose eventually to be discontinuing within those types of actions. This is one aspect of how you benefit within your participation.

Another payoff that you receive in your participation in this type of conflict is that subsequent to the conflict, you may be interactive with the other individual; not the perpetrator of the behavior that you are unaccepting of, but the partner of that individual. You may be interactive with that individual subsequently and you may be offering your perception of helpfulness, and in this action, you receive your expression to yourself of acceptance, that you are offering an acceptable expression.

Let me explain this to you clearly, for this is a very common expression that individuals create within physical focus. This is also a very delicate area within physical focus, for individuals are not quite accepting of drawing their attention to this type of situation and expression.

Your belief systems are so very strong that you delude yourselves in the expression of helpfulness, that you may then view yourselves as acceptable and as good. This is a camouflage. This also is a payoff. If you may be receiving your expression of acceptance by another individual as you offer them helpfulness, this creates a feeling of goodness within you. It also creates a feeling and a sense of nobleness within you. THIS is how you divert yourself from addressing to the underlying elements, which are to be looking to self and accepting of self, providing self with those expressions.

This, once again, is moving within your trip around your country to be crossing your street. You shall project outwardly to another individual in helpfulness, which in turn shall be creating of an acceptable expression from another individual, which in turn you shall then accept your own expression and be partially accepting of self. I express to you that it is much more efficient to be merely accepting of self, and not projecting outwardly to be receiving inwardly.

KATIE: Yep! I imagine it is!

ELIAS: And in this, we move full circle back to the initial statement that I have offered you, in creating your no conflict scenario.

KATIE: Yes, and you explained that very well to me. I really appreciate it.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

KATIE: I have some other questions.

ELIAS: Very well. You may proceed.

KATIE: Okay. Also, my daughter has a question that she wanted to ask you.

First of all, there’s just been a whole lot of imagery – not just outward, world-scale imagery, but individual imagery – around disengagement and also around transition. I’m wondering if this is what the current wave is within the shift.

ELIAS: The present wave in consciousness within this shift addresses to the belief system involving sexuality, which is a very large belief system, a very powerful belief system, and involves much more than merely your identification of physical sexuality, but involves all of your perception. Therefore, it is affecting of every area of your focus.

This belief system intertwines itself with all other belief systems. It is quite entangled with all of your belief systems, and it addresses to how you view yourself, how you view other individuals, and how you view your world ... and how you interact with all of these elements of your reality. The belief system of sexuality involves all of your reality, not merely that one very small aspect of physical, sexual interactions.

KATIE: Okay. I’ve also ... I’m at a loss for words. This is unusual! (Elias chuckles) I can usually talk a mile a minute! But this imagery I’ve had lately of transition ... I’m wondering, have I engaged the action of transition myself? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. You have engaged this action of transition, being lent energy within this present physical year.

Let me also express to you, as I have expressed previously with other individuals: there is importance, within this particular physical time framework of this year, that you be allowing yourself an awareness of the tremendous energy which has been lent within this time framework.

This is the final year of your century and your millennium. Much energy has been lent to this time framework. Therefore, you each draw upon this energy to facilitate an ease in all of your expressions.

It matters not that you label your expressions good or bad. All of your expressions, all of your choices, all of your creations are lent energy by all of the projections of energy which are placed within this time framework. Therefore, there also shall appear within your perception to be an acceleration of all of your actions.

As you choose to be initiating the action of transition, you shall thrust yourself into experiences of transition more intensely, more quickly than you may within other time frameworks, for you draw upon the energy which is lent within this time framework, and it shall facilitate much more movement than would be within other time frameworks.

This also is in movement with this shift in consciousness. As you move into your new millennium, the acceleration of this shift in consciousness becomes more evident objectively and you begin to move much more rapidly.

KATIE: Okay. Let me ask you ... I have ton of questions here! I know I’m not going to be able to get to all of them, and I have one from Malhai as well.

Why have I been manifesting so much physical illness lately?

ELIAS: This also moves in conjunction with this wave in consciousness.

Now; let me express to you that an element of this particular belief system involves physical manifestation. It involves your perception of your physical manifestation, all of your creations within physical manifestations, your perception of body consciousness, your perception of body function, and all of the energy manipulations that may be created in relation to your physical body.

Therefore, within this time framework, as this particular wave in consciousness is within movement, you, as in like manner to many other individuals, may be creating much more easily many physical effects. In this, each time you are creating of a physical responsiveness, you may identify each physical aspect and be recognizing that this is in conjunction with addressing to this particular belief system of sexuality.

KATIE: Okay. Okay, I had a dream a while back that Tom was in, and in it, I was shown what I think may be a tile. There was an image on it of a black background with a yellowish triangle or pyramid on the right-hand side, and on the left-hand side a red ball, and then there was a light blue arc over the two, not touching them but kind of around them. What was this about?

ELIAS: And are you wishing to be entering this into your game?

KATIE: Sure!

ELIAS: Then I extend to you one point!

KATIE: (Laughing) My first point!

ELIAS: And which family shall you align this tile with?

KATIE: I would think Sumafi.

ELIAS: You are correct. (Chuckling)

KATIE: Cool!

ELIAS: Now; now I express to you that as you have entered this Sumafi tile into our game, you may also be investigating as to its function, for be remembering that each of these tiles is an element within your city. You may be engaging the interaction of Malhai and you may be accessing this information together, if you are so choosing.

KATIE: Okay, which brings me to another dream I had with Malhai recently. He’s been in a lot of them lately ... in fact, just about every night! But there was one in which we were in this house, and I had poured him a glass of water, and I gave him the cobalt blue glass – that seemed appropriate – and then I tried to pour one for myself, but the glasses kept melting and all the water spilled out. And then a little bit later, he got up to go – and I couldn’t get him to tell me about this – but there was almost this energy swirling around us, and it seemed like this was some kind of a doorway, and it was the means by which he exited. I’m wondering what this doorway-thing was, or what this energy swirling around us was.

And then after that, I went out of the house. This house sat on a bluff over an ocean, at the edge of an ocean, and there was railroad tracks, and we walked along beside the railroad tracks for a while, and this train went by. It was a rather unique-looking train, and I’m even more curious about the train now, as Tom says that he’s had a lot of imagery around trains lately as well.

ELIAS: I express to you that this imagery that you have created of the train is an expression that you are offering to yourself in conjunction with transition. This is imagery that is symbolizing to you movement and a transport element from one area to another area. In this, you image the action of transition as a traveling through different areas of experience within consciousness.

As to your imagery that you have provided yourself of the cup which may not hold the liquid, I express to you that the reason that you have created this imagery also is that you are holding a recognition that you wish not to be containing your energy presently.

KATIE: Oh, cool!

ELIAS: In this, let me also express to you that this swirling of energy that you have imaged is a type of window that you may access to be moving through certain areas of consciousness that may facilitate more ease in your movement into different experiences, accessing information within consciousness in your dream state.

KATIE: Oh, great!

ELIAS: Therefore, if you are allowing yourself to be moving into that energy swirl, so to speak, you may also be moving through a dream portal into an awareness of other areas of consciousness.

KATIE: Well, Tom seemed to use it quite easily, (Elias chuckles) but he wouldn’t let me follow him.

ELIAS: Ah, but be noticing of this, and your acceptance in the allowance of other individuals to be dictating to you your behavior!

KATIE: Ah, good point. Good point! (Elias chuckles)

I had another dream recently, and maybe this is just something about the belief systems around the end of the millennium. But I had a dream that I was in a house, and it was a house that I lived in as a child, and my brother was there with me and part of his family and some other people, and it was “the end of the world.” There was supposed to be some big asteroid or something that was going to hit the earth and destroy everything in the dream, and we sat there and decided, “Well, there’s nothing we can really do about it, so we’re just going to hang out here,” and then nothing really happened. There was like a meteor shower and the meteors hit around, and there were little poofs of flame here and there, and then that was it, and everybody came back out afterwards. (Elias is chuckling)

ELIAS: And you provide yourself with this imagery in recognition of the energy lent within this time framework in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and in this, that there has been much energy lent in the area of prophecy.

This is not to say that you need be inserting these probabilities of prophecies into your reality, but as you already begin to notice, you all move quite easily in the direction of lending MORE energy to these prophecies, for this is familiar to you.

KATIE: Okay ... okay. Real quick now, I wanted to ask the essence families and alignments of my two sons, Aldo and Anthony. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence family, first son....

KATIE: Anthony or Aldo?

ELIAS: Aldo.

KATIE: Okay.

ELIAS: Sumafi; alignment, Sumari. Essence family, second son, Milumet; alignment, Vold.

KATIE: Okay. Okay, cool! Tom has a question for you too. It is: “Effortlessness facilitates a manipulation of linear time in a fashion that one may express any physical materialization that is held within or while in this energy of effortlessness.”

ELIAS: It is in actuality dependent upon your expression of your beliefs and your trust of self. You may be creating effortlessly, and this is not to say that you are NOT creating within the framework of your belief systems. Within a trust of self, regardless, you may be, within your effortlessness of expression, creating physically any element that you are choosing.

I have expressed previously that you hold the ability within your physical focus to be creating of any element that you choose, as you are trusting and knowing that you hold this ability and you are not allowing the influence of your belief systems that express to you that you may NOT be creating of this type of action.

Therefore, I express to him that you may be creating of this type of action more efficiently if you are engaged within an effortlessness, but as I have stated, you may be creating within effortlessness and you may also simultaneously continue to hold the belief underlying that there are certain elements within your physical focus that are not possible. Are you understanding?

KATIE: Yes. Yeah, kind of like when I materialized a corsage out of a cooler one time. That was pretty wild! (1)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You may be creating of many surprising elements within your physical focus, and this offers you a validation that you hold the ability to be creating of any element physically within your reality. But you offer yourselves these momentary disconnections, so to speak, with your belief that it is not possible to be creating of this type of situation, that you may validate to yourself that you DO hold this ability. This offers you information that you may question, and therefore you may be allowing yourself to be widening your awareness and [to be] more accepting of your own creations and your own creativity.

KATIE: Well, also, Tom wanted to be sure that I sent along his greetings and affection.

ELIAS: Ah, and you may reciprocate this also.

KATIE: Okay, I certainly will! (Elias chuckles) There is one more question, and then I’m going to turn it over to Elizabeth. Is there a counterpart action going on between me and my friend Roger? And I also want to know his essence name and family alignment.

ELIAS: Essence name, Jillian. Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Sumafi.

KATIE: Huh! Just the reverse of mine!

ELIAS: Quite! And in this, shall you answer to me? Are you experiencing counterpart action? I have offered you a clue!

KATIE: I believe so!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! You offer yourselves a counterpart action in relation to your families and alignment, that you may be offering each other an element of challenge and balance.

KATIE: Ah, good! Okay, let me go grab Elizabeth. (Pause) I’m sorry, I thought she was right here. Well, I guess she won’t be participating today.

ELIAS: And we shall engage at our next meeting, and you may offer to this small one a question from Elias of, “How is her interaction with her little Greek friend?”

KATIE: Well, she says that she hasn’t really had any interaction (Elias chuckles) that she’s aware of. I’ve asked her a number of times if she’s been exploring that at all, and she says she doesn’t know how, so....

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I express to you, you may offer to her, in this final comment that I shall offer to you, that she may be engaging the activity of fun in daydreaming – or what YOU term to be daydreaming – and in this action, she may be allowing herself to be presenting her introduction with her little friend.

KATIE: You know, she told me just today – I caught her talking to herself – and she said she was talking with her imaginary friend. (Elias chuckles) Would this be her little Greek friend?


KATIE: (Laughing) Oh, great! So this is Angelica? Okay! Oh, that’s great! She’s going to be delighted to hear that!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) To you this day, I offer much encouragement, and be remembering of that which I have offered to you in the subject matter of your no conflict. I shall be lending energy to you within your situation, that you may be accomplishing with more of an ease.

I offer to you and also to your small ones much affection, and I anticipate our next meeting, which shall be soon!

KATIE: Very soon, just later this week! (Elias chuckles) And I’ll be joined by Hal and by Geri, who are excited about talking to you!

ELIAS: And I shall anticipate our interaction. To you this day, I bid you very loving au revoir.

KATIE: Au revoir, my friend.

Elias departs at 12:26 PM.


(1) The word “corsage” was inaudible on my tape, so I asked Katie about it. This is what she said:

“That was an easy one. The missing word is ‘corsage.’ (I’m a florist) That was the weirdest thing. I had manifested a completed corsage for this fellow out of thin air. Just reached in the cooler and pulled it out. Even had the ticket with his name on it. Later on, we found the corsage that had originally been made for this same fellow. It also had the ticket with his name on it. The one I pulled out of thin air was much prettier though ... LOL!!!”

Great story, eh?

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