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Tuesday, May 18, 1999

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ďObjective Imagery of Subjective MovementĒ

ďThe Judgment of Good/The Reality of FearĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Lynda (Ruther).

Elias arrives at 11:37 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning.

LYNDA: Hello Elias. Iím so happy to talk to you today. (Elias chuckles) I have some inquiries. May I proceed?

ELIAS: You may.

LYNDA: I just had a wonderful conversation with Michael, and a lot of what she is experiencing is very helpful to me because I am experiencing ... of course not the same circumstances, but similar experiences. Michael takes chances that resonate with me because, Elias, I take chances. I want to talk to you about my heart, for lack of a better word, and my desires versus expectations, and I really would like your help. I donít want to delude myself, but I also want to honor my own communication from essence. You are understanding what Iím saying?

ELIAS: Quite.

LYNDA: Okay. May I just read you a small piece of communication I have received from essence, and then I would like to ask you about this communication because I donít know if itís significant at this point, or if it would be helpful for me to know Ė of the essence information I get in my writing Ė who it is, and so Iíll just read a little bit of this to you to see if you concur, and I will go on.

So, Iíll start with: ďYou, like your Ruth of old, are a woman of excellence, and have not followed after anything less than your desires, and this action is your true expression of your essence family and alignment intent. You will not and have not betrayed it. Help comes from many quarters today. Your essence has sounded the trumpet call, so to speak, and it has been heard and received, our beloved blonde from Gilead. Donít confuse your excitement with expectation. Enjoy the feeling of what financial security feels like. This is part of your intent Ė the creation of extreme lack, and then the choice of extreme abundance, in your terms. You have created this, and it is yours to imagine freely. Expectation breeds disappointment. Anticipation acknowledges desire and fosters its manifestation. Dare you now, and with no doubt, anticipate success, and simply trust your desire for it?Ē

Iíd like to lean into that, and I feel like I can. Can you tell me something about that?

ELIAS: What you are presenting yourself with is your own communication to self in validation to yourself. You allow yourself within certain moments to be open to the expression of acceptance within self. This offers you a temporary validation that you may draw upon within future experiences and be reminding yourself that you are acceptable and that all of your choices are acceptable, that they are not right or wrong, they merely are choices. In this, you allow yourself the freedom of experience.

Let me express to you that you are now beginning in the direction of allowing yourself to be experiencing within your focus, and you are moving in the direction within these experiences of not attaching judgments to them.

In this time period, you shall and are temporarily placing the judgment of good upon certain aspects of your experiences, and this also is acceptable temporarily, for this reinforces the validation and the acceptance within self.

Subsequent to this temporary time framework in which you allow yourself the acknowledgment of good, you shall move into an area of knowing objectively that your choices for experiences within your physical focus are neither good or bad; they merely are.

But I express to you, as I express to other individuals also, that for a time period, it matters not that you attach a positive in affirming to yourself that your choices and your experiences are good, for this is your method for beginning in the direction of acceptance.

As you continue to allow these types of communications to filter through into your objective awareness, you also continue to lend energy to your own reinforcement of your acceptance of self, and I am encouraging of this action.

LYNDA: Oh, thank you for telling me that. I donít want to delude myself, yet I want to stop the train of being harsh on myself because that has always been such a tendency, for all of us, I know, but....

ELIAS: Let me be clear with you in this one point.

I offer information generally to groups of individuals, knowing that I am interacting subjectively with each of the individuals that shall draw themselves to the information, and that they shall apply this information to the areas in which their attention holds within each moment.

In this, in general terms, I express repeatedly to you all in literal terms that there is no good or bad or right or wrong. These are influences of your belief systems. I offer this information for the express purpose that you all recognize IN CONCEPT that the reality of essence and consciousness outside of belief systems that you hold within physical focus is that experience is experience. Choice is choice. They are not attached to judgments in the direction of right or wrong.

Now; understand that individually, as I speak to you each, I also hold the awareness that your reality IS real Ė it is NOT an illusion Ė and your belief systems are an intricate part of your reality.

Therefore, although I offer you the knowledge of the CONCEPT that you hold a belief system which we term to be duplicity and the CONCEPT that there is in actuality no right or wrong, I also acknowledge simultaneously that within your physical reality, you create a reality which DOES hold right and wrong judgments, and you have moved in the direction of lending very much energy to these judgments for so very long that these actions and behaviors are automatic to you and they are very much a part of your reality.

Therefore, in working within the framework of your belief systems, there is also expressed an understanding and an acceptance of these beliefs and their affectingness within your daily creations of your reality.

In this, I encourage individuals to be allowing more freedom within their expressions, challenging those aspects of their creations and experiences that they deem as bad or wrong and allowing themselves the expression of acceptance in turning that judgment into a right and good judgment temporarily, for as you are aware, within your reality, you all lean in the direction of creating in the manner of the pendulum. You shall swing far in one direction and you shall swing far in the other direction, but eventually you shall swing to the middle and you shall balance.

But prior to your balance, you also are engaged in your method of readjusting your thought process, and in this, you are incorporating new messages and information, swinging now to the other direction with your pendulum, allowing and accepting ALL of your expressions and experiences and deeming them all as good, holding the underlying knowing subjectively that this action shall facilitate the eventual balance and the genuine acceptance which shall swing the pendulum to the middle, and in that expression, you shall let fly free the expression of right and wrong and good and bad, and it shall matter not, for you shall recognize that in actuality, genuinely, your expressions, your choices, your experiences are merely that, and that they are not right or wrong.

I am expressing this to you to be clarifying that within this present now, your pendulum begins to swing to one direction and is not yet in the manner of settling within balance in the middle, for you are addressing to the expressions of duplicity which have gripped you for much of your focus in negativity and judgment, in the direction of bad and wrong and unacceptable behaviors, choices and experiences.

Therefore, you counter that information and those aspects of beliefs with different aspects of beliefs, and lean in the direction of expressing to yourselves the other judgment of good and right and acceptable. This is beneficial temporarily, as you allow yourself to be more accepting of self and more trusting of self. Once you have accomplished the acceptance of self and trust of self, this action shall no longer be necessary.

LYNDA: I know that. Itís interesting. I have drawn challenging business situations to myself most recently, and I think when we first talked I mentioned to you that I was pursuing these businesses of what they call multi-level marketing. Itís like a church. Itís the church of corporate America, even though they say they donít align with corporate America.

I am very aware of its affectingness on me, and I donít really want to make it as difficult as I have made it in the past, and I want to challenge myself and draw effortlessness. I did draw some definitely validating experiences, especially with Canada, this guy from Canada and others, and we have discussed that also in relation to my choice of common sexual orientation, and it very much mirrors that in my life right now.

And as you say, I have swung the pendulum Ė I am choosing to swing the pendulum Ė in another direction and actualizing that, and itís scary because I quit my job consciously and I allowed a geyser, and where Iím saying ďI am badĒ is that obviously I was not accepting of other ... youíll have to help me with this, Elias. My underscoring reason for wanting to leave my job was really quite simply that I chose not to be in the atmosphere I was in anymore, and not knowing exactly what I wanted to do except knowing that I wanted to have more money and not work hard for it. I donít think multi-level marketing is necessarily a choice for me either, because that world insists you work hard, but what Iím going for is a way to be effortless. Are you understanding this particular moment that Iím addressing?


LYNDA: So what I want to say in all of this Ė and this is what always causes me to swing and change jobs or change this or change that Ė as simply as I can state it right now, I have drawn to myself a living situation that Iím not happy with.

The people that own my apartment are aligned with my old job, and I just left this job and I feel trapped, which is, as you say, quite a familiar focus with me or quite a familiar situation with me, so what I am allowing for is the possibility of a more abundant choice. Itís difficult because I translate, when you say thereís no good or bad, just like you say, through my belief systems.

I wanted to address desire again and tell you that Iím gonna chance trusting and seemingly do the impossible, and ... I donít know. I guess Iím just repeating what you said. But anyway, can I ask you a question with regard to the strong San Francisco imagery I got?

ELIAS: You may.

LYNDA: Iím very fond of San Francisco; I was raised there. I got a lot of imagery in the last few days about several focuses I have in San Francisco. One of them I think is an architect, and another one is the wife of a fisherman or the wife of a lighthouse owner on the Farallon Islands, and an Indian, I think male, a fisherman around those little islands near the city of San Francisco.

So the feeling of that whole area has always held fondness to me, but when I go back and visit it, itís always sad for me because I have to go back to Los Angeles, and I donít have enough money to live in San Francisco, and itís a back and forth thing. So I really thought wow, it would be so fun to just create the money that I need to go to San Francisco and live like I want to.

Is this what I am doing as far as projecting an extreme of the other end of the pendulum? If I am doing that, it would mean a lot to me to know. I donít want to, like I say, delude myself, but I also want to allow myself the experience of this San Francisco experience, but if itís more of a metaphor than it is a reality ... is this something you want to address to?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you are presenting yourself this imagery for the reason that you are peeking through a door. You have not entirely opened the door wide that you may step through, but you are opening the door to a crack, that you may peek behind this door, not quite allowing yourself the assurance that you may in actuality thrust it open wide and step through fearlessly.

What I am expressing in this is that you have presented yourself with imagery concerning this physical location as objective imagery in the area of your desire.

Now; let me explain, your desire is projected by subjective action. This is translated objectively into what you term to be desires and wants; draws.

In this, you stand, so to speak, upon the threshold of engaging subjective movement into more of an acceptance and more of a creative expression of self, and this begins to be translated objectively in objective imagery.

Now; the objective imagery of physical movement is your choice of validation to yourself of subjective movement engaged.

Let me express to you, other individuals create this type of imagery also Ė and this type of objective creation in mirroring subjective movement Ė and this at times may be quite expressive to the individuals as to validating their movement that they are creating subjectively. It is an obvious expression of validating movement.

You presently are exploring this type of presentment of imagery and creation to yourself. You have not in actuality actively engaged this action yet, for you hold reservation in this area, and uncertainly. Therefore, you are continuing to be playing with this movement and testing your waters, so to speak, not quite allowing yourself the trust of self to actually engage the thrust of the movement, but merely considering the possibility, so to speak.

In this, as to the direction of your imagery, I express to you that you stand upon the threshold of the choice Ė whether to be engaging this movement or not to be engaging this movement Ė and in engaging this type of movement, allowing yourself to be trusting of self.

But you vacillate, for you allow objective rationale to be influencing in this situation. Within your very expression presently to myself you express, ďBut I may not be allowing movement to this physical location for I cannot physically afford myself the financial ability to be occupying this particular physical location.Ē

Now; this is your vacillation point. This is the area in itself of where you stand, peering into the crack of the door, not flinging this door open, but merely peering into a partial opening of this door. The door is the trust of self.

The action of physical movement to another physical location is the objective imagery which mirrors the subjective.

The objective movement is the movement, the transportation of your physical self to a new physical location, one that is familiar but also holds newness. The subjective accomplishment and movement in this subject is the movement into trust of self, which holds familiarity but is a new area.

LYNDA: God, youíre deep. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: In this, I express to you that this is, as you are aware, entirely your choice to be engaging this type of movement or not.

Now; I express to you in this, if you are choosing not to be engaging this physical movement, this is not to say that you shall not be engaging subjective movement and accomplishment in this area. The reason that you present yourself with this type of objective imagery presently is that you hold a desire to be moving quickly into this area of trust, and that your design of this direction is to PROVE to yourself Ė to offer yourself objective proof Ė that you may be moving into what YOU term to be a conscious lucid choice. Of course, all of your choices are conscious and lucid, but not necessarily objective.

In this, in engaging your terminology, you wish to be offering yourself conscious lucid proof that you may be engaging what you view within your beliefs as a large movement and choice that shall express to you that you are engaging trust of self, and that you may be accomplishing and that you shall succeed, and that you hold the ability to be creating in whichever direction you so choose.

Therefore, you present yourself with what you view as a very large example which holds obstacles and barriers, but if you may be overcoming these obstacles and barriers, you shall be offering yourself the proof, in like manner to Daniel and the lions.

LYNDA: Daniel in the Lionís Den Ė I know that story. (Crying)

ELIAS: Quite, and in this, you shall offer yourself this objective proof that no obstacle is great enough that you may not overcome.

Now; as I have stated, if you are choosing not to be engaging this objective movement in physical location, this shall not express to you that you have failed or that you shall not be engaging this subjective movement into trust of self. But in that choice, within the probabilities that you are creating presently, you shall choose a different direction to be engaging this trust of self, in smaller increments and more slowly.

(Firmly) One is not better than the other. They are merely different choices.

One presents you with the opportunity to be thrusting yourself into temporary extreme in drama, in fear, in uncertainty and in confusion, but also in the extreme of satisfaction of accomplishment and the knowing that you have moved into that trust and the overcoming of the fear. This, in this physical move, shall present great drama and it shall hold great intensity, but it shall accomplish what you desire to be accomplishing.

In the other choice which you have designed within your probabilities presently, you shall not choose the intensity or the drama, but to be moving into the same expression of trust in increments, more slowly and without the flamboyant expression.

Either of these choices that you present yourself with presently shall accomplish the same action. They shall merely accomplish this action in different directions, in different choices of experiences. One shall be more dramatic and shall be more rapid, the other less dramatic and incorporating more time framework, but they shall both create the same product, so to speak.

In this, you are vacillating in knowing that you present yourself with both of these choices and not quite moving into the area of choosing one of these choices, but merely viewing the choices and considering and contemplating these choices.

In this, as to directly responding to your question, I express to you, as to the movement to this physical location of the city of San Francisco, it is within the probabilities that you are pondering presently. It also is not. It is directly before you, and as I have stated, you stand upon the threshold, not engaging either choice yet, but merely considering both choices.

These are not the only choices available to you, but these are the choices that you present yourself with presently, that you have chosen already to be presenting to yourself. In either choice, I am encouraging of you, for either choice shall be lending energy to you in the direction of acceptance and trust of self.

Now; let me also be offering to you that I hold an awareness of the strength of the element of fearfulness that you hold. This be the reason that you stand upon the threshold and are not plunging yourself into a direction yet, for you restrict yourself presently in recognition of your own fear, and the manifestation of that fear is to be offering yourself objective reasons and rationale as to why you may not be moving in certain directions, that the obstacles are too great. I express to you, this is merely your procrastination, (Lynda laughs) but I am also not discounting of the reality of the element of fear, for it is real and it does create a situation in which you become temporarily immobilized.

In this, you may offer yourself examples in viewing movements such as those that Michael creates in these types of situations, for he is allowing himself of these types of physical movements in reflection and mirror image of the subjective movement that he creates, which I have been expressive of many times previously in explanation to other individuals, using this type of movement as an example that other individuals may view.

Michael is quite accomplished in this area and shall be also in his creation of his reality ... that he chooses to be creating physical movement in conjunction with subjective movement that he creates.

This also provides an example for other individuals to view a movement into the lack of fear and an expression of trust of self, for there is a knowing held that it matters not. It is merely an experience, an objective expression mirroring subjective movement, and as you have stated yourself, you shall not betray you.

LYNDA: Right. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LYNDA: Iím also going to be talking to you tomorrow, which I have arranged, and in light of that, I donít want to take up too much of Michaelís time. May I ask you a couple more questions that Iíve never addressed with you, with regard to other focus activity?

ELIAS: You may.

LYNDA: Okay, with regard to ... oh, I know what it was. I just remembered. I am reminded to ask you about the names Marie Flange, F-L-A-N-G-E, and Etienne. I was constructing a bridge, and itís yellow, and the woman on the bridge, I think, is Marie Flange, and she has a blue dress ... my god, Iíve had this conversation with you so many times, Elias, and now weíre actually having the conversation objectively. Who are Marie Flange and Etienne on that beautiful yellow bridge?

ELIAS: This is a presentment to yourself of other focuses that you hold within this particular dimension.

LYNDA: So Marie Flange is my focus, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

LYNDA: And Etienne??


LYNDA: No, Etienne is, I think, you!


LYNDA: No? Itís me?


LYNDA: Oh! Iím talking to myself on a bridge! (Elias chuckles) I see. Alright, I will look at those. Thatís interesting. Was the information I got on San Francisco about other focuses correct?


LYNDA: Wow. When I was a little girl, I used to draw houses, or floor plans of houses, and thatís when I connected the dots with the architect. Itís really quite fun to do this, Elias, and itís quite automatic, and itís not a big deal. (Elias chuckles) I do want to ... I am going to write, and Iíve also restrained myself in that too, in saying I donít have a computer and all this and all that, but with regard to my writing, I want to write of simple, fun experiences of discovering these other focuses, and make it accessible and relatable for people. Are you understanding?

ELIAS: Quite.

LYNDA: And Iím going to do that. I am absolutely, definitely going to do that, and one of the books Iím going to write is a book about color, because I had a swolleness over my tooth, and I thought about the color orange, and I thought about adding a little green and red, and once in a while I applied these colors and sort of spun them in a clockwise direction, as instructed by the information I got from you, not really understanding what I was doing, but not caring. I just thought about the colors and addressed them to this area simply, and it went away! And I thought, wow! That was validation to me about using color, so I thought I would address that, in even a childrenís book, about ways to use color in a less religious but more accessible way, and I thought that would be fun. So, Iím going to do that.

ELIAS: Very well.

LYNDA: And the way I used the colors seemed to work. I didnít know what I was doing in one sense, but it worked. So, you donít really have to do anything very elaborate, it feels like. Is that correct?

ELIAS: You are correct, and I express to you that you shall automatically magnate to the particular color vibrations of the particular energy centers that shall be affecting of certain elements within your physical expression.

It matters not that you hold objective information to be describing to you the interaction of each of your energy centers. You hold subjective knowing, for you are subjectively directing of all of your energy centers within your physical form. Therefore, you shall automatically magnate to the particular color vibrations of the particular energy centers which shall be the most beneficial and affecting of any type of expression.

LYNDA: Well, thatís really helpful for the book, because thatís a piece of information for me about automatically magnating to the color you need to magnate to. Thank you for that. That confirms what I did.

So, bodily ... oh, Elias, Iím embarrassed to ask you this question because itís about body fat. (Elias starts to chuckle) And although I think I have beautiful legs ... I mean beautiful feet and hands, so I do, and I accept certain parts of my body and think they are quite beautiful, so they are, the area between my ankles and my waist, Iím not necessarily ... Iím working with in accepting. I want to have fun with this part of the conversation because I want to address the area of body fat, and I think that is related to bodily fluids. Is that correct?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual and what they are choosing to be creating.

LYNDA: I want to eliminate body fat and build lean muscle mass in my legs, and I wasnít sure which colors I could apply to be affecting in this area.

ELIAS: And I shall express an inquiry to you!

LYNDA: Oooh ... go ahead. (Laughing nervously)


LYNDA: I wanted to firm up my legs and eliminate body fat so they would look prettier...

ELIAS: Ah! (Smiling)

LYNDA: Oooh ... Iím confessing to Uncle Elias the truth!

ELIAS: For they are unacceptable in the manner that you have created them presently!

LYNDA: Well, theyíre getting pretty good ... actually, theyíre not perfect, but theyíre better than theyíve ever been. (Elias chuckles, and Lynda cracks up) (Lyndaís note: I was in Lynda hell here!)

Canít we just have this conversation like two friends talking about ... thatís how I want to approach this, because thereís so many damn beliefs about it! I mean, one of my businesses is vitamins to lose weight, and Iím conflicted over that because I just healed my own damn tooth with the color orange! So what the fuck am I ... excuse me. What the hell am I selling vitamins for? (Elias chuckles) You wanna address that little spurt? (Laughing)

ELIAS: I express to you that you are expressing to me that you are accepting of your expression and your creation, but I express to you, you are NOT accepting of your creation! You are expressing that you are viewing your creation and your physical form as unacceptable, as NEEDING alteration, and as less than perfect.

LYNDA: Yeah, that would be about it!

ELIAS: Quite, and this equates to the expression of acceptance.

LYNDA: Right. (Elias cracks up) Oh, stop it! Okay, I got one for ya. Here! Letís see how I do with this! How about not aligning with, but accepting? (Cracking up)


LYNDA: Oh, come on! How about if I donít align with it? Isnít that manipulating? Well, you know, Elias, in all ďseriosityĒ here, (Elias chuckles) I put myself down for this, and the woman of the world for eons of time have wanted their bodies to be either fat or skinny or whatever to please a man, to be acceptable in the eyes of a man.

ELIAS: You are drawing your attention in this area as you also are addressing to the present belief system Ė which is within this wave of consciousness in the area of sexuality Ė and the presentment of your physical form in conjunction with this belief system, addressing to the acceptable element of physical form in what you term within this belief system as a pleasing manner to another individual.

And I redirect your attention Ė ONCE AGAIN Ė in the area of turning your attention to self, for you shall not draw another individual in relationship to you in an acceptable manner merely by the presentment of your physical form, for you shall find fault with your physical form in one area or another area in a continual manner UNTIL you move into the area of acceptance of self. You shall merely redirect.

Presently, you may view your physical legs and buttocks (Lynda laughs) as unacceptable in form and shape, and as you redirect that energy and create a more acceptable expression within your belief system, you shall redirect the energy to a different area of your physical form, and you shall express to yourself that your breasts are not adequate or that your physical arms do not hold firmness enough or that your face is not adequate or your neck is not adequate or your feet are beginning to be different and are unacceptable ... it matters not. You shall move your attention to any different area of your physical form to be continuing the expression of the lack of acceptance of self, (intently) in that you have created this physical form expressly as the physical expression mirrored outwardly, within this focus, of the tone and qualities of essence. (1)

What shall you present yourself within essence which is unacceptable? No thing. Therefore, how shall your physical form be unacceptable if it is the physical presentment in mirror image of essence? It is not a vessel!

LYNDA: (Quietly) Wow.

ELIAS: In this, I express to you that you draw to yourself other individuals of what you term to be like spirit, and in this, if you are projecting unacceptable elements of yourself, you shall draw to yourself the mirror image of this.

If you are unaccepting of your physical projection of yourself, you shall also draw to yourself individuals that are also unaccepting of your presentment of self. If you are projecting energy in acceptance of self, you shall also draw to you the presentment of individuals that shall be accepting of you. (2)

LYNDA: Oh, somewhere deep down inside, I knew you were going to say that, and Iím so happy you did, and Iím so happy I finally said those very words to you, so you could say these very words back to me.

ELIAS: I may express to you that you hold the ability to alter your physical form ... and you do! This is a reality! And I may be expressing to you that you may alter or change your beliefs and this shall be altering of your reality, but this is not the point. The point is to be accepting your beliefs and to be accepting of self.

Therefore, I express to you that it is unnecessary for me to be offering you methods as to how you may be altering your physical form. This is not the point. You hold the ability to be accomplishing this if you are so choosing, but this shall not move you, in conjunction with this shift, in the manner that you are creating individually. It shall merely divert your attention temporarily, but it is not accomplishing in actuality a validation of your ability. You already hold the knowing that you may be affecting of your physical form. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to be validating of this ability to yourself. You KNOW this ability. This is merely a distraction.

LYNDA: Right. Gosh, not only that, Iíll tell you a little secret that I think ties into that. When I realized objectively that I could heal my tooth area, I thought, ďWell, thatís boring.Ē I mean, Iím in the vitamin business, and I actually said it was boring to be able to heal my tooth! Can you imagine? (Elias chuckles) I think what I was doing there was saying, ďWell shit, I gotta sell vitamins, so maybe I can do both because it matters not how I manipulate my energy, or elements,Ē and that may be true. But the bottom line is the acceptance of my own wonderment, my own acceptance of self.

ELIAS: Quite.

LYNDA: Yes. Amen, brother! Thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are quite welcome.

LYNDA: (Laughing) Okay, Iím gonna pick your brains tomorrow ... oh, you donít have any! Gosh, for someone who doesnít have any physical brains, Elias, you are quite a piece of work! I am crazy about you! Thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Once again, you are welcome.

LYNDA: Thank you. I think I wonít tax Mary anymore, and I will stand on my brink and observe the day, and who knows if I havenít called myself forth for such a time as now, Elias. (Emotionally)

ELIAS: Quite. I offer to you much encouragement to be continuing upon your quest in discovering your trust of self, and I express to you that I anticipate our next meeting on the morrow, and offer to you this day, affectionately, au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:44 PM.


(1) Lyndaís note: As Elias was about to say ďarms,Ē I was flashing on a dream I had the night before about my elbow falling to the floor because the fat on my arms was so droopy that my elbow would not stay up, and I guess Elias was observing my energy patterns (or whatever he does) and he emphasized the word ďarmsĒ rather loudly at that exact moment, and just proved to me quite strongly that there really are no secrets in consciousness!

(2) Lyndaís note: I would just like to take this opportunity to personally thank Maryís barking bird for providing the background music throughout much of my session. I wanted to strangle the thing as I tried to type while it squawked at the most important-to-me parts. Then it dawned on me that the sound of barking birdcalls was confirmation of my opportunity to address to the beliefs that Elias and I discussed, and I had a good laugh with myself, which is a lucky break for that damn buzzard!!

Vicís note: At this point in the session, the bird was squawking so loud that some words were almost obliterated. Also, the television began fluttering so much that it was difficult to even read lips. I think itís high time to allow this bird to fly away!

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