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Friday, June 04, 1999

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“Is Avoiding Trauma A Good Thing?”

“Productivity and Self Worth”

“You Shall Not Betray You”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Deane (Leland).

Elias arrives at 1:31 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

DEANE: Elias! It’s so nice to be with you this day, my ale-drinking friend! I send you my very best! (Elias chuckles) When I said that in our last session, you said, “Received,” and I have a question in that regard. When I send you my good will, and when I drank that beer in your honor that day and did my best to send that pleasure to you, is there something that you actually receive, like my emotion of good will or the sense of pleasure that I experienced in your behalf?

ELIAS: I receive the energy projected in the intent that it is sent within. Therefore, there is an actual receiving of movement in energy which is recognized. It is not received in the physical sense or pleasure that you experience, but it is received in what you may interpret as a pleasurable experience, for it is a projection of energy which is directed through that particular intent, and within the purity of that expression, it is accessed and assimilated by this essence.

DEANE: That is good to know! That will cause me to drink one more in your honor, and perhaps even more after that!


DEANE: Elias, you have sent me much energy to assist me in accomplishing my goals, and I thank you for that. Now, can I not direct that same energy to myself as you direct it to me, with the same force and quality? Would it be as effective?

ELIAS: Quite. You may be directing energy in whichever manner you are so choosing.

DEANE: That is so interesting! It just dawned on me – I could send it to you or to anyone else, and why not myself? I thank you. That is most informative.

ELIAS: This would be the point, and I am quite acknowledging of you within this present now, of your recognition of this REALITY and not merely the concept.

For in actuality, this IS the point, to be recognizing and realizing and remembering that you hold the ability to be directing of this energy. In the same manner that you direct outwardly, you may be directing this energy inwardly, and you may be quite affecting of your reality in that movement.

DEANE: Thank you, sir. I have a question regarding the trauma associated with this shift in consciousness. As all of us are aware, there is a concerted effort on your part, as well as many other essences, including Rose, to reduce the trauma associated with this shift. Now, if there is no right or wrong, if no thing is a good or bad thing to do, why the concerted effort? It appears to me that the effort is there because this is the right thing or good thing to do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be doing it! (1)

ELIAS: Ah, incorrect! I express to you, it is not a question of right or wrong. This is your translation and your interpretation, for you view trauma and conflict as bad and as negative.

In this, I express to you that the objective, in a manner of speaking, in this action, in which essences are participating in lessening the trauma associated with this shift in consciousness, is that this provides you with less thickness.

Now; be understanding that the engagement of energy lent and [the] participation in offering information by essences such as myself engaging with individuals within physical focus such as yourself is a direct responsiveness to your request for information. Knowing subjectively that conflict and trauma and any movement that you create outside of pleasure creates more of a thickness within your expression of energy, you choose to be moving in the direction of lessening that thickness, allowing yourselves greater mobility and more of a free flow in your accomplishment of this shift in consciousness. It may be accomplished in either manner, but you collectively understand and recognize subjectively that you may be facilitating this shift more efficiently, more easily, if you are addressing to conflict and trauma and eliminating these elements from your movement.

In this, collectively you have projected a request within consciousness, that essences nonphysically focused may be helpful in offering to you within this time framework information that you hold but that you have objectively forgotten, knowing within you subjectively that as you are reminded objectively of your abilities and your capabilities, you may be eliminating much of your conflict within your movement through the action of this shift, which shall also eliminate much of the trauma which is associated with this shift in consciousness, which shall provide you more of an ease within your movement and your creations within your reality.

It is not an expression of right or wrong, but more an expression of responsiveness to your request, in the knowing that energy within thickness creates more hindrances in your movement. It is not that you may not continue moving within those hindrances or within the slowing, so to speak, in your linear time framework of your energy and your movement, but that you choose to be remembering essence and your own abilities within your creativity, and therefore allowing yourselves more freedom of movement and less thickness within the energy that you move within [in] your physical focus.

Are you understanding?

DEANE: Pretty much so. I’m looking forward to reading that transcript! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

Speaking of Rose, when you and I met last, you said that I had an out-of-body experience with Rose. Could you enlighten me with some details as to what it was we did? (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: This was an engagement of exchange of energy to be helpful to you in situations that you are creating within your focus in relation to this shift in consciousness – your outward expression in offering information to other individuals – and an offering of that essence to you to be infusing you, in a manner of speaking, with a type of energy that shall be helpful to you in allowing you to hold within your own energy, that you may be participating objectively.

Now; figuratively speaking – underline figuratively – I express to you, in your terms, this may be translated as you have been offered a boost, so to speak, of energy in a strengthening manner, that you may be allowing yourself the ability to be viewing and addressing to issues within your individual experiences which may be challenging but are beneficial to you, and therefore you are creating them purposefully. This shall couple your expression outwardly.

Many times as individuals move into the position of outwardly expressing in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, they may be facing themselves, in a manner of speaking, with opposition, and in this, it may not appear to be the opposition in terms that are in conjunction with your expectations.

Your expectation of the word “opposition” is that individuals may be vehemently in disagreement with you. We do not express this as the force of opposition, but the force of opposition may appear, in your terms, to be much more subtly introduced to you, requiring of you an element of strength within your hold of your energy, not allowing yourself to be moving yourself into greater expressions of duplicity within your own expressions, for this would be defeating of the point of offering helpfulness to other individuals.

What many individuals have not quite grasped in their understanding yet is that in offering helpfulness to other individuals, your greatest expression is to first be accomplishing within self, for if you are not accomplishing within self and if you are expressing yourself in convolution, how shall you be helpful to other individuals as they may be experiencing being convoluted also?

DEANE: What a wonderful truth that is, my friend! Absolutely! I understand exactly what it is you’re saying, and I have been having some difficulty in that regard, which we will get into shortly.

If I remember correctly, you have also said that a wave that is presently manifesting itself within this present shift in consciousness is creating blood pressure problems like mine for many people. You told me I should not be concerned about this. Is this “pressure manifestation” associated with the opening up of new areas in the brain as you have mentioned before, and would the taking of blood pressure medicine hinder that?

ELIAS: This is not the same type of expression as the opening of neurological pathways within your physical brain, but this IS associated with this present wave in consciousness and is what you may express to be an objective, physical, outward expression in mirroring inward attention.

As your attention moves subjectively to the addressment of this belief system within this wave in consciousness, you manifest outwardly many paralleling expressions. One of these expressions is the identification, in objective terms, of what you view as your life force. This would be involving your physical organ of your heart, and it would also be involving your circulatory system and all that is related to that system of functioning within your physical body.

The reason that you direct attention in conjunction with this particular system physically is that you DO identify this as your life force, and this mirrors the movement subjectively – and also partially objectively – which is being created in conjunction with this wave in consciousness, for it addresses to a base element of your reality which you have created a belief system around, in a manner of speaking.

But the element of sexuality, as in like manner to the element of emotion within this physical dimension ... [these] are the base elements of your reality. They are the ingredients that form your reality, and in this, they may also be considered – in figurative terms – your life force, for all of your reality within this dimension is created in conjunction with these two base elements. Therefore, you mirror outwardly in these types of physical expressions.

Now; I express to you that there are also many other physical expressions that are being created within individuals presently in conjunction with this wave in consciousness. This is merely one type of expression which is being engaged, but individuals that engage this action engage it quite easily in their creation, for much energy is being lent to the accomplishment of these types of expressions.

DEANE: Okay. Regarding my novel, which I have now completed, you last mentioned a portion in chapter one and in the middle of the book that could stand some further adjusting. I feel sure I’ve found those parts and adjusted them. Would you comment on that, please?

ELIAS: And I express to you that you have accomplished, and you have addressed to the areas that I have referred to in offering you that information.

DEANE: Okay. Even though my book is finished, I still experience minor tingling feelings in my hands, and occasionally see a blue spot. Are these leftover remnants from our energy exchange during my project, (Elias grins) or are these markers of a continuing contact with you, or do these tinglings indicate something else, such as my own tapping into consciousness?

ELIAS: I express to you, why shall you be surprised? Was your anticipation and expectation that I shall be discontinuing my interaction with you once your task is completed? (Chuckling)

DEANE: Well, I assumed it would be your decision as to whether we would continue with this or not. I don’t think I really need help at this point, at least not in the construction of text, so the fact that these things were here, I wondered about them.

ELIAS: I am not referring to the construction of text, but merely a lending of energy and a continuation of interaction with yourself, not necessarily in conjunction with your production of your creative endeavor.

DEANE: Well, if I was without the tinglings, my friend, let me assure you that I would miss them very greatly, I certainly would!

ELIAS: It is an offering in continuation of energy, that you may objectively recognize the continuation of interaction and that I have not withdrawn my interaction or energy simply for the reason that you have completed your project! (Chuckling)

DEANE: I imagine you’re doing that so I continue to drink an ale every evening in your behalf, huh? (Laughing)


DEANE: I see! Well, one more question regarding this book. How would you assess the probabilities of this book being made into a movie, or would that be of significant assistance regarding the intent of this book?

ELIAS: This is merely a choice of probabilities that you presently within consciousness are toying with, and I express to you that you may be creating of that movement if you are so choosing, and you may be not creating of that particular direction. It matters not. This is an objective choice, and it may be created simply for your acknowledgment of yourself, your accomplishment, and your pleasure.

But I express to you that it may be helpful to some individuals if you are moving into this type of creation of probability, for it shall be addressing to a different element of individuals within consciousness than may be drawn to be accessing the information within written form. But I express to you in this manner, that you may not be assuming pressure within yourself, that you may [not] be creating expectations upon yourself that you must be moving in this type of direction. It is merely a choice. It may be helpful if you are choosing to be engaging in that manner, but you have accomplished within your expression of this particular production if you are not choosing to be moving in that direction. Are you understanding?

DEANE: Most enlightening, my friend, most enlightening, and I do appreciate that particularly. Yes. Just a couple more questions.

I have further complications with my left eye. I think, not long ago, you said at least part of that was symbolic. The pressures in both of my eyes have returned to normal – that’s as of a test here just the other day – but now I find out that I will have to have additional retinal surgery.

Now, I recall you telling Lynda ... and I have this quote here. You said, “... YOU are creating all of your reality as to be beneficial to yourself, and also that you shall not be betraying yourself. Therefore, you warrant your own trustfulness.” End quote. (2)

Elias, making eye problems for myself, the writer who needs to see, seems like a betrayal to me, and I would appreciate your comment.

ELIAS: I express to you that this statement is truth. You shall not betray yourself, and this may be extended to every individual within your physical focus.

You may be creating of certain elements within your physical reality that you perceive to be uncomfortable, or elements that may be creating conflict within your reality. You may be creating of many types of expressions that within your beliefs, you deem to be bad.

I express to you that each of you, yourself also, is creating of every element within your reality, and regardless of your perception of right or wrong or good or bad associated with your creations, all of your creations are beneficial and they are all lending to your individual value fulfillment. They also are all purposefully created, and in this purposefulness, within your exploration of experience, you offer yourselves much information.

Now; within the action of this shift, I express to you that your experiences that you create presently hold a different type of purposefulness, for you move within a particular, specific direction within the action of this shift in consciousness, and that is to be addressing to self and belief systems, and to be neutralizing the affectingness of belief systems by the acceptance of these belief systems, and to be accepting and trusting of self, moving your attention out of the expression of looking to all other individuals or essences or gods or any other expression of guiding forces, so to speak, and turning your attention to the trust and acceptance of self that shall provide you with all and more of what you have provided yourselves with previously in looking to outside of yourselves.

In this, I express to you, we have already within this particular session moved partially into this area of this discussion – in your inquiry of your interaction and exchange with the essence of Rose and the offering of energy which was lent within that time framework – and I have expressed to you that the purposefulness of that action was to be lending energy to you, that you may hold and not be allowing yourself to be moving more into the expression of duplicity.

You offer yourself a very beneficial challenge within this creation!

Let me express to you that within physical focus, many, many individuals choose to be moving into the direction of creating certain types of challenges that you view to be uncomfortable or conflicting or confusing, for this offers you your process and your method, that you may step by step view each of your creations, you may assess all of your actions, [and] you may evaluate all of your movements.

In this, you offer yourselves more of an objective understanding of how you are creating your reality and how your belief systems are influencing of that reality and how you may be limiting or restricting your own creativity in these types of movements.

Now; I express to you that you have offered yourself the opportunity to be engaging a grave challenge, for you have chosen the expression of a physical sense that you hold in high regard. You hold this particular sense as being very good and essential to your function, for this allows you your vision outward.

I express to you that you have created in this great challenge the opportunity to view your own alignment in the area of duplicity – all of the areas that you view to be right and wrong within you, not necessarily merely outside of you but within you – and you also present yourself the opportunity to view how efficiently you are creating your reality, and how effortlessly. You have created this affectingness quite effortlessly, have you not?

DEANE: Absolutely! In fact, it came as a surprise. I was sailing along, a happy camper, and I get this pre-operative exam, and all of a sudden, boom! The other two surgeries are canceled, and now I got another surgery. I’m saying, “Whoa! What in the world is going on here?” Because whatever is happening is all happening subjectively, because consciously, I was not aware of any of this. It just came up and hit me in the face.

ELIAS: This was requiring of no thought process objectively from yourself. This is an example of how very effortlessly you may be creating of any element of your reality.

Know this: You may be uncreating of this expression IN THE VERY SAME MANNER.

DEANE: I have noticed this black spot in the field of lightness that I can see with this bad eye, and in just the last 24 to 48 hours, it has been reduced by half. I feel that there’s some movement in my uncreating this, and this ties in with the question I have written down that you have answered most of, except for the last part. The question is, I am still having difficulty accessing the information I ask you about for myself. What is the problem here, or am I trying too hard or expecting too much too fast? So, this would probably be an appropriate time to ask, am I trying too hard or expecting too much too fast?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, in continuation of explanation of what you have presented to yourself, I acknowledge to you that you ARE affecting of this objective physical situation and you ARE moving in the direction of lending energy to be uncreating of this.

But there is an element that continues to be manifest for the reason that you are presenting yourself with objective imagery in the direction of recognizing that your physical sight allows you to be accessing information outwardly, and the lack of your physical sight and the interruption of your physical sight is your creation for information to yourself to be turning your attention inwardly and viewing – SEEING – inwardly what you offer to yourself, SEEING the affectingness within yourself [of] your alignment and reinforcement of expression of your belief systems [and] how that is affecting of you in limiting many of your own expressions. (3)

Now; look to your creation and look to the efficiency of this creation. You have created a situation which has physically affected you. It has limited your objective outward movement. It has also placed you – for you have placed yourself – in the situation of receiving from other individuals, therefore creating an interconnectedness with other individuals, but also offering you the opportunity to view your own responses to this interconnectedness and your assessment of this situation, for you place certain judgments upon your situation as placing you in the position of dependency, which creates a very large judgment within you and is greatly reinforcing of your own duplicity.

In this, you ARE looking to self more efficiently and you ARE beginning to examine your belief systems, for you are distressing yourself in your creation.

DEANE: That is certainly true!

ELIAS: Therefore, you are gaining your attention quite efficiently, and in response to that objectively, you ARE turning your attention and this IS affecting of the physical expression, but it is not eliminating of the physical expression YET, for you have not viewed all that you allow to be affecting of yourself in this area of duplicity and you have not allowed yourself, YET, to be moving into more of a fullness of expression of trusting and accepting of self, and in this, accepting of the expression of other individuals also.

DEANE: Well, see, therein lies the problem. I have the eye problem. I say, “Okay, I’m trusting myself,” and I see I have to change the perspective here in ... well, you understand where I am.

ELIAS: Quite. I am understanding of your perception and your position, and I express to you that your accomplishment in your production of your creativity with your book has been helpful in your movement into more of an acceptance and trust of self.

Now you move into deeper areas, so to speak, of examining self and your expressions and your assessment of self AND your association of worth, for look to your own expression in what you have expressed to me, not merely within this session, but within other time frameworks in which we are not engaged objectively.

But I am quite aware of the energy in which you project outwardly in your call, so to speak, to me in response to your creation of this affectingness with your vision and the frustration that you create in this area, for you place great value upon this particular outer sense and its function and you associate your worth with your productivity, and your productivity is associated with your ability to be engaging your physical senses.

DEANE: Well, you’re ringing some bells for me there. I just got me an understanding, as you probably already know!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I have been listening quite carefully, and have been aware of the emotional quality of energy that you have projected to myself recently.

DEANE: Well, my friend, I appreciate it, and I know you have said that thanks are not necessary, but nevertheless, that does not take away from the appreciation I feel for what you have given me in your marvelous, wonderful assistance. That is everything I have today.

I was going to ask, in closing, if there would be anything additional that you think would be helpful ...

ELIAS: I express....

DEANE: ... please comment, but I think you’ve already covered just about everything there is, my friend.

ELIAS: I express to you acknowledgment and I also express to you encouragement, for although you may be perceiving objectively that you are not accomplishing quite as well as you wish to be, I express to you that you are accomplishing perfectly within your movement and you are offering yourself great benefit in the information that you offer to yourself presently.

In this, I continue to offer my energy expression to you and shall not withdraw my expression in conjunction with you simply for the reason that you have objectively completed your project, for this is merely one element of your movement that you address to presently. And therefore, I continue to offer energy to your accomplishment and also to offer an element of comfort energy, that you may hold less fearfulness in your movement within your creation, for fear merely perpetuates the duplicity and perpetuates the creation that you have already begun. Therefore, in your beginning in movement into a different expression and your uncreating of this objective physical affectingness, as you begin to view that it is unnecessary to be continuing in that expression, I offer comforting energy to you in the recognition that your expression is beneficial and that you are not betraying yourself, and in this, you shall be accomplishing in your endeavor. Therefore, fear not, my friend!

DEANE: And I thank you again most heartily, my friend. There shall be a special cognac for you tonight! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) Thank you, Elias, and I wish you the very, very best. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I offer to you this day much lovingness and affection, and anticipate our next meeting.

To you this day, I bid a very fond adieu.

Elias departs at 2:23 PM.


(1) This reminds me of a question I asked early on in the sessions. Here is the excerpt, from session 09, May 24, 1995:

VICKI: Does everyone who is completing their circle get this kind of help?


VICKI: Then how did we get so lucky?

ELIAS: You asked. (Here, there is a long pause while Vicki waits, pen in hand, for Elias to finish the sentence. Finally, she looks up to find Elias staring at her) You do not understand! You have, in your essence, become very aware. You have pierced through with your essence into your physical focus. In doing this, your essence has asked.

(2) Here is the entire quote, from session #357, January 31, 1999:

“The key to all of this movement in addressing to belief systems or participating within this shift in consciousness is the movement into the acceptance of self – acceptance and trusting of self – and the knowing that there is no element outside of yourself which is creating of your reality, but that YOU are creating all of your reality as to be beneficial to yourself, and also that you shall not be betraying yourself. Therefore, you warrant your own trustfulness.”

(3) This is how this phrase was originally stated:

..”. SEEING the affectingness within yourself that your alignment and reinforcement of expression of your belief systems, how that is affecting of you in limiting many of your own expressions.”

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