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Friday, June 11, 1999

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Participants: Mary (Michael) and Gail (William).

Elias arrives at 3:46 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

GAIL: Good afternoon, Elias. Itís nice to hear your voice!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And we meet again, William!

GAIL: Oh yes! Itís been a long time though, for me anyway, in my time frame.

ELIAS: Quite! (Chuckling)

GAIL: Letís see. Itís very nice to finally put a face to the man in the funny pants! (Elias chuckles) Any comment?

ELIAS: And you are continuing with your investigations and your movement in your connecting?

GAIL: Yes, Iím constantly thinking about it!


GAIL: Well, you know me! I donít rest too long. It seems like Iím constantly thinking about one thing or another! (Elias chuckles)

I have a question, or a couple of questions here. The first one is, Iíd like to know Dannyís essence name and Kevinís essence name, and families and alignments. (Pause)

ELIAS: First individual, essence name, Legra; L-E-G-R-A. (layígra) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Ilda.

GAIL: Hmm! Okay, and Kevinís? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Klein; K-L-E-I-N. (kline) Essence family, Vold; alignment, Tumold.

GAIL: Well, thatís a surprise to me in both areas! I have another question. Iíve created an infection, a yeast infection, and I feel Iíve connected with part of the issue, which is my gender, female, and the idea of strength and femininity connecting, but Iím not sure that Iím on the right track, and I need helpfulness in this area.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, William, what you have created presently is an affectingness physically in conjunction partially with this wave in consciousness which is occurring presently, and also in conjunction with a responsiveness to the belief system of relationships.

Now; in this, I express to you that you have created an irritation in this particular manner as you are holding presently to an element of energy which holds in the area of fear concerning an engagement of relationship and involving that which YOU term to be sexuality....

GAIL: Involving what?

ELIAS: Also involving sexuality.

Now; in this area, as you have engaged in relationships in intimacy pastly, you have created certain types of patterns within these types of relationships, and in this, you have created a certain element which has become a shrine in this area.

Now; as to this situation, as you begin moving within your focus into fuller areas of your own individuality in your expression, you also look to involvements within relationships in intimate matters.

In this, there becomes a creation of an element of fear, for this leans in the direction, within your aspects of belief systems that YOU hold, that may be threatening to your individual identity and your individual creativity within your expression.

In this, as this begins to surface, so to speak, and you become more aware of your movement within this belief system of sexuality, you have also created a response in physical manner.

In this, what you are attempting to be creating outwardly is a blocking or a barrier between yourself and other individuals, offering yourself the situation that provides you with an objective reason not to be engaging other individuals in intimacy.

Now; this, as I am stating to you, is what you may term to be a symbolic representation, for this is not meant as an absolute within you, that you have created this particular affectingness and therefore you may not be engaging within physical relations with another individual. This is not what I am expressing to you.

It is more of a symbolic movement that you have created for yourself, that you may be noticing that there are certain areas in which you hold to certain aspects of belief systems, and in these aspects of belief systems, they create elements of fearfulness with respect to your individuality and identity.

In this, your symbolic action is to be holding other individuals at bay until Ė in a manner of speaking Ė a time framework that you feel within your emotional state more steady, so to speak.

GAIL: I was talking on the phone last night to Danny about this subject. Is the belief system fear of expressing my own intimate feelings in sexuality?

ELIAS: I express to you that it is a fear, not merely of your own expression but of the acceptance of another individual within your expression ... AND the expression of another individual, and the expectation that you perceive may be expressed by another individual. In this, it triggers YOUR expectations of the other individual in Ė let us say Ė what you expect NOT to be expressed.

GAIL: Hmm. Well, thatís exactly what I was creating with Tom. Is that right?

ELIAS: In part, yes, you are correct.

GAIL: Hmm. Okay. Well, Iíll have to think about that issue.

I have another question. When Danny and I get together and connect within our energy centers, first we were experiencing the feeling of sexual pleasure, and now it seems to be going off into another space that seems familiar to me. It seems like I used to go there as a child, into that space. Could you give me any information on what this is about?

ELIAS: I express to you that what you are allowing yourself is also an element which is involved in this issue that you hold. In this, you allow yourself to be experiencing in conjunction with another individual in relationship, but you also move in certain directions.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that you will allow yourself, as you are moving within this issue, to move in certain directions merely to a point, and once you have approached this point, so to speak, you have created a barrier in this area and refuse to allow yourself to be moving beyond this barrier. THIS is the element of openness and vulnerability.

In this, there is an element of fearfulness in which you hold, for you hold an expectation of other individuals in the manner that they may be moving into connection with your energy field, and if you are allowing them to be penetrating your energy field, you may be experiencing hurtfulness. Therefore, you hold to your energy within your energy field, and shall allow an openness with other individuals but not a penetration of your energy field, for there is a lack of trust of what may be created in that action by another individual.

Now; hear this!

I express to you in this situation that it is not in actuality what another individual may be creating or projecting to you. But in actuality, the fear is projected from within yourself in the area of a lack of acceptability with concern to yourself, that were you to be offering the expression of vulnerability and openness entirely to another individual, you shall also expose to another individual that area of yourself which you guard very carefully, for this is the area of yourself that you view to be unacceptable, and as you view this to be unacceptable, you hold an expectation that other individuals shall view you as unacceptable also. Therefore, you hold tightly to this area of your energy.

What you are creating in this action is, you shall allow yourself a time framework and certain situations and circumstances in which you will allow an openness, in part, and a vulnerability, in part, which draws to you the expressions of other individuals in intimate manner, but once the approach has been accomplished, there is a trigger which occurs within you ...

GAIL: Um-hmm.

ELIAS: ... sounding....

GAIL: I was trying to go back within myself to a point when I didnít feel that way, and I couldnít find that point. I mean, usually I can go back to an issue and look at it, and know before that point that I felt okay. But I tried to go back, and I canít find a point where I feel open.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, William, this is the point.

You have moved in the direction for much time framework to this point in similar manner, in which your individual method to be allowing yourself information with self has been to turn your attention pastly. I express to you that in this, you may be moving much more efficiently to not be turning your attention pastly, but to hold your attention within the now Ė present Ė and view your expression NOW and address to your expression and your issue within the now.

It matters not what you have created pastly, for each creation is the experience within the moment. It is merely aspects of your belief systems that lead you into a direction of a thought process in which you THINK that each action that you create is dependent upon another action, or that one action stems from another action. I express to you that this is an element of your officially accepted reality within your linear time framework. Therefore, it is quite familiar to you.

But in this, I am expressing to you that you may be offering yourself a much more efficient manner of addressing to this issue if you are holding within the now, examining and noticing what you are creating within the moment; not necessarily moving your attention into evaluating all that surrounds the action within the moment, but to merely notice and inquire of yourself why you are feeling what you are feeling. OR, be noticing your behavior, and in that, notice the moments in which you have ďput outĒ your feeling, in which you are ďswitching offĒ your feeling, and you are not allowing the expression of emotional feeling at all.

In this, you have created quite an efficient protection system, so to speak. But I express to you that any system of protection is merely a limitation and a barrier that individuals create, and a method to be preventing themselves from their own expression of openness and vulnerability, and as you do not allow in any moment that movement of openness and vulnerability, you also constrict your movement in your widening of awareness. Are you understanding?

GAIL: Yes ... yes. So basically, no cause and effect, and stay in the moment, and pay attention to how Iím feeling, right?

ELIAS: Correct. I express to you quite literally: although your belief systems move in the direction of expressing to you that all within your reality is an element of cause and effect, I express to you once again, this is an aspect of belief systems and is not in actuality an absolute, for there is no cause and effect.

GAIL: Hmm. Okay. More to think about!

I have a question, actually I have two questions, for Danny. He would like to know what the most probable probability is for his parole in the year 2000. (18-second pause)

ELIAS: Within probabilities, I express to you, movement is occurring, but this may be inserted in either direction at this point presently. Within this present moment, I shall express to you that the event may appear less probable, but this is not to say that this may not be altered, as you are aware.

Therefore, I express to you that as you are widening your awarenesses, you also hold an awareness and a knowing that you may be inserting whatever probability you are so choosing into your officially accepted reality, as you move within your individual value fulfillment and as you allow yourselves to be moving into a position of manipulating energy efficiently and within your intent.

GAIL: Okay. The other question he had was, he would like to know if thereís any purpose for us being together other than being in love?

ELIAS: This terminology of ďpurposeĒ is quite interesting, for individuals within physical focus move in this direction quite often, in inquiring the purpose for many different actions that are created.

In this, I express to you that you have allowed yourselves to be objectively interactive and connecting for the purpose, so to speak, not merely of experience in the manner that you think of, but also that you may be lending energy to each other and offering each other information in conjunction with widening your awarenesses, individually and together.

In this, you offer each other challenges that may be beneficial to you. You spark each other within your concepts and your ideas, and in this, you provide each other with a type of openness which allows you the opportunity to be noticing of more of your reality and to be widening your awareness, which allows you to be manipulating energy more efficiently, as you are aware.

GAIL: Well, I can agree with that. He also suggested last night that I stay in the present with this issue of sexuality as well, so he did spark something in there.

Also, I have another question. I was sleeping one night, and I woke up feeling like someone was pressing on my stomach. Could you explain what that was?

ELIAS: This once again is a manifestation that you are offering to yourself in conjunction with emotional expressions.

What you have created is a type of objective physical imagery that shall be pressing weight upon the area of your yellow energy center, and in this, it is for your noticing in gaining your attention to be directed to your emotional expression, and at times, your blocking of your emotional expression.

GAIL: Hmm. Okay. Another question is, Iíve created difficulty while reading, mostly at night. Why have I created that? (Pause)

ELIAS: You create this action as a distraction, and partially for the element of relaxation. But you also are drawing your attention now to the movement of your energy centers, and in this, the reason that you block areas of distraction is that you may focus your attention upon these other areas, addressing to your energy centers, in which you may be allowing yourself more of a balanced relaxation time framework.

In this also, in balancing these energy centers, you may be allowing yourself more efficiently an expression of remembrance within your dream state. Therefore, your read time has been interrupted.

Vicís note: I found this question/answer most interesting, as Iíve been a voracious reader my entire life, but I have not been able to read a book for over a year. However, my dream memory is over the top! In the past, I rarely remembered my dream imagery.

GAIL: Well, I have been remembering more of my dream state than ever before, which is a good thing, and I do typically balance my energy centers in the evening. So just continue, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

Margotís note: I wonder how many people balance their energy centers every evening. I guess I think this is odd simply because I STILL canít figure out how to balance mine!

GAIL: Okay. I have a question for Drew. He is thinking about writing a book using a period of the Revolutionary War in which he was with a male friend and they were enjoying each otherís company. He would like to know if this was the two of you, and if so, which one was which? Also, any comments on his idea for this book?

ELIAS: You may express to Matthew, no, this is not an interaction between himself and myself. But I shall express also to him that I am quite encouraging of him to be expressing of himself within this creative endeavor, and you may also express to him my acknowledgment that he allows himself to move beyond certain elements of his fearfulness to be allowing himself the expression of his creativity.

GAIL: Okay. Iím sure heíll be happy to hear that!

I donít think I have any other questions. I guess Iíll start paying attention to myself, stay in the moment, and see what I come up with!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Let me express to you, William, that you have created many challenges within your focus and you have held very tightly to your energy for much time framework, although I hold an awareness of the intensity of your desire to not be holding so very tightly to your energy.

Therefore, let me express to you that there is no element outside of you or within you that may be hurtful to you if you are not allowing hurtfulness and are not in agreement with it.

I shall express to you that the acceptance that you offer to yourself shall also be mirrored to you by other individuals, and in this, you may begin to allow yourself more of an expression of trust.

You may also express my greetings to Lanyah, and you may express my acknowledgment to her in her....

GAIL: Iím sorry. I didnít hear part of that. Was that to Lanyah?

ELIAS: Correct.

GAIL: Okay, ícause Iím getting parts of this cut off. I really didnít hear that, but I had a feeling it belonged to Julie.

ELIAS: Correct.

GAIL: Okay. I did think of one other question. Iím going to be speaking to a class this next Tuesday about the issue of child abuse, and I would really appreciate your attention at that time frame. Do you have any comments on this?

ELIAS: I shall offer my supportiveness within energy and I shall offer encouragement to you within my presence as you address to this issue.

I shall also express to you that although you draw your attention to issues that you view to be unacceptable within the expressions of individuals, be mindful that you do not lend energy to the very expression of which you choose to be addressing.

GAIL: Yeah, thatís what Iím wishing helpfulness with. I donít want to dwell on that issue. I want to get across that they have a choice and that they create their own reality, and I donít want to get caught up in the belief system in itself.

ELIAS: I express to you, in helpfulness in this area, merely be reminding yourself not to be moving in the direction of blame and judgment, and in this, you shall offer yourself efficient energy and expression to be addressing within your lecture.

GAIL: Alright. Okay, Iíll try to focus ... I WILL focus on that. No trying! I want it to go in a least amount of distortion area.

ELIAS: Merely be reminding yourself of neutralizing belief systems, and therefore not lending energy by creating judgments upon any individual.

GAIL: Okay. Thatís helpful. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

GAIL: Okay, I think thatís all the questions I have. I think I have a lot to think about!

ELIAS: Very well.

GAIL: Thank you. I appreciate your help, and itís really nice to hear your voice.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, and I express to you much affection, and encouragement to you and also to your partner. You may offer my greetings to him also.

GAIL: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: To you this day, I extend much lovingness, and express to you quite affectionately, au revoir.

GAIL: Bye.

Elias departs at 4:27 PM.

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