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Sunday, July 11, 1999

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“Turning Your Attention”

“Life-Altering Choices”

“Creating The Shift”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Sue (Catherine).

Elias arrives at 12:52 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day! (Smiling)

SUE: Good day, Elias!

ELIAS: And we meet again!

SUE: Yes! (Elias chuckles) How have you been?

ELIAS: As always!

SUE: Good. I mostly wanted to ask you questions about some plans that I’ve been making.

ELIAS: Very well.

SUE: I got an idea a couple of months ago. I decided that I wanted to go back to school – quit my job and go back to school and get a degree and become a librarian – and I’m curious about why I suddenly started making these plans and started making these big changes at this point, and wondered if you could comment on it a little bit.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that in actuality, within this time framework, many, many, many individuals are experiencing similar draws to be creating tremendous alterations within their focus. This in itself is directly related to this time framework and the energy which has been lent to this time framework, and also in relation to this shift in consciousness.

Much energy has been lent to this particular time framework, as I have stated previously, and in this, individuals are tapping into this tremendous movement of energy presently, and are allowing themselves to be incorporating this movement of energy to be creating objective imagery in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

Now; as the shift in consciousness accelerates and the implications of this shift become more accentuated – in that it is and shall be altering dramatically of your reality in this dimension – many, many individuals also mirror this action within themselves and their individual imagery that is with concern to themselves.

In this, they are outwardly expressing, in objective imagery, their own individual widening of their awareness, and as a byproduct of this movement within themselves – yourself also – you are creating the type of imagery that turns your direction of attention. This is the outward expression of what you are creating subjectively and inwardly, so to speak.

You are turning your attention. You are allowing yourself the accessing of and the assimilation of more and more information. You are beginning to move in the direction of individually implementing this information into your reality upon what you may term to be a daily basis, therefore incorporating it not merely conceptually, but in actual terms of reality.

In this, you are in actuality creating a turn in your attention, and this becomes mirrored in your objective actions and creations also.

Therefore, you turn your attention not merely inwardly, but now you mirror this outwardly and begin creating objective expressions within your focus that appear to you to be dramatically different from the direction that you have moved in for much of your focus to this time framework.

Now; let me explain further, in offering an example that may present a validation to you in this drastic, so to speak, turn that you are presently creating, and offer you more of an understanding in the connection to this shift in consciousness, and that this is a natural element that is exhibiting itself within this shift in consciousness as objective imagery.

I have expressed many times previously that within this forum and in conjunction to this information, Michael moves in directions of initiating certain movements in certain areas, to which lends an energy to many other individuals in conjunction with this information and in paralleling the action of this shift in consciousness.

In this, within your time framework in linear time of little more than one year previous, he has created objective imagery and choices within his focus to be altering of his focus in its direction of probabilities and its direction of choices in what you would term to be dramatically, affecting very much all of his focus.

In this, this has presented itself as an objective example that other individuals may look to as a validation to themselves, as they begin now to enter into the same types of creations – not necessarily in the same type of imagery or the same choices that Michael has created, for they may not involve the same types of subject matter objectively, but you now present yourself with the same movement in different objective choices.

You choose now to be altering your direction in your focus; not concerning relationships and your interaction with other individuals in intimate manner, but in the direction of what you term to be, in physical focus, career.

This also is, in very physical terminology, a life-altering choice. It is a choice that moves you into a different line of probabilities and turns your attention from one angle of your focus into a different angle of your focus, which points you into a new direction.

This is the objective expression of imagery that you project in mirroring the subjective movement that you ARE assimilating this information. You ARE moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and as this shift in consciousness shall produce dramatic alterations in your reality en masse and individually, you individually shall be also producing your imagery in conjunction with this shift that expresses objectively, outwardly your own individual turns and alterations in dramatic manners of YOUR focuses. (1)

This shift is accomplished in the action of each individual accomplishing it. Therefore, you each lend to the energy of the shift actualizing itself in this dimension by your actualization individually, which becomes the expression en masse of your individual alteration of your reality in dramatic manners.

SUE: So the shift is not just a matter of things happening to us. It’s a matter of us making our own changes.

ELIAS: Absolutely!

This once again is a very large misunderstanding and misconception that many, many individuals hold in conjunction with this information. They misunderstand, and have created a thought process in conjunction with this shift in consciousness IN THE REVERSE.

As you have just stated, it is not that this shift in consciousness shall happen TO you, and that you are waiting for it to materialize and appear within your reality as an object. It is that YOU are creating it, and by your actions and your alterations of YOUR focuses individually and en masse, THIS is what creates the movement of inserting this shift into your physical dimension and creates it – more and more with each piece, figuratively speaking – as a reality.

SUE: Okay. I do feel that this is something different for me. I feel that most of my life I’ve kind of drifted into things and gone along with the flow, and this feels like the first time that I’ve really made a decision and followed through on it, and made a conscious decision to change my life and felt that I could actually accomplish this.

ELIAS: You may view now the actual workings of consciousness and what I have been expressing to all of you from the onset of this forum in the direction of effortlessness, which is not the designation of no action, but the designation of turning your attention into areas that flow easily and effortlessly without conflict within your focus.

This is not to say that you do not engage activity or action! It merely is to say that your participation in that action, your employment of that action, appears to you to be effortless, for it holds no conflict. It offers you fun, it offers you pleasure, it offers you enjoyment, and it offers you joyfulness, which creates less of a thickness in energy, which is the designation of effortlessness.

SUE: Yes, that makes sense, because as I’ve been making these plans, I find that instead of procrastinating as I’ve tended to do in the past, I just sort of figure out what I need to do next and then go ahead and do it, and things have been falling into place very nicely. I have not been coming up against obstacles. It’s like everything seems to be going in the right direction.

ELIAS: This is the validation to you, and the imagery objectively, that you ARE moving in directions that offer you no conflict, that are effortlessly executed ... although I shall express to you that effortlessness moves quite efficiently in manners that you view as negative also.

But in this, you offer yourselves the opportunity to view that as you turn your attention – which is the key! As you turn your attention, you allow yourselves to move effortlessly into your desire and your want and what is creating fun and pleasure within your focus as easily as you effortlessly create elements within your focus that you disdain.

You are ALREADY creating effortlessly within your focus, but you hold certain wants and you hold certain desires within your focus that you wish to be exploring and accomplishing.

In this, as you incorporate your intent and you begin to move into areas in which you turn your attention and are not aligning so very strongly with these mass belief systems and you begin to be more accepting of different aspects of belief systems, you also view the payoff of the acceptance of the aspects of belief systems by viewing your own turning of your attention, in which you may allow yourself to be accomplishing your desire, offering yourself less thickness within your creations objectively, moving into the accomplishment of your desire objectively in effortless manner, with joyfulness as opposed to conflict.

SUE: I was wondering ... well, I have a lot of questions! I don’t know what to ask. One area where I do see possible conflict is in explaining this decision to my parents. I’ve talked to all my friends and a lot of different people about this, and everybody thinks it’s a good idea, but I have not spoken to either of my parents about it. On the one hand, I’m over forty and I can certainly make my own decisions, so it’s not that I’m afraid that they can stop me. But I wondered if you had any advice about the best way to present something to them that they may not understand or that they may not like.

ELIAS: This also is an element of your presentment to yourself – with another situation – of an obstacle that you offer yourself the opportunity to view and to attend to.

In this, you are correct. You objectively hold the awareness that another individual may not prevent you from creating any choice that you are so choosing, but you are also recognizing that the responses of other individuals may be influencing of you in the area of reinforcing certain aspects of duplicity.

In this, it holds importance of other individuals’ opinions and HOW THEY VIEW YOU, for you hold the measurement of self in comparison to how other individuals perceive you and your alignment with that perception. This you use as a gauge within physical focus as to the measurement of your worth, the measurement of your rightness or your wrongness, the measurement of your efficiency or your lack of efficiency, the measurement of your goodness and badness. It is gauged by outside and how other individuals perceive you. Therefore, great importance is placed in this area.

Now; I express to you that this is an aspect of belief systems and it is quite strong! This be the reason that I redirect your attention continuously to be reinforcing that you turn your attention to self, knowing within you that each individual holds their individual beliefs, that they hold their individual opinions, that they hold their individual perceptions, which create their individual reality.

In this, their perception is their reality and this is acceptable, and there is no judgment that needs be place upon their perception. But in like manner, there is no judgment that needs be placed upon YOUR perception either, and your choices that you create within your reality. Your choices are your choices, and they are merely choices within probabilities to be creating of experiences, and in this, it matters not what you are choosing within your focus.

I express to you also that your choices do not dictate the measure of you either, and they do not dictate the evaluation of your worthiness or your acceptability or not.

Your choices are merely choices for experience. They matter not, and they are not the measure of yourself. You are yourself. Your choices are merely designations of probabilities that you choose to be actualizing within physical focus, and this offers you experiences and the opportunity for exploration within this particular area of consciousness.

In this, be recognizing that the perception of your parents – that they hold individually and in cooperation to each other – is their reality. It is quite real! But it is THEIR reality, and their judgment in ANY area is not the gauge or the indication to you to be assessing the worth of yourself or your choices or the value of your choices within your focus, for all of your choices are valuable to you, in that they provide you your value fulfillment.

SUE: I see. I think I’ll be okay with it. It’s not that I need them to approve. I just sort of don’t want to have to argue with them a lot! But I think I’ll be okay, even if they hate the idea. What I keep coming back to is that it’s my life and I can make my decisions and they can’t stop me and I’ll do whatever I think best.

ELIAS: Let me offer to you beyond this.

This is not a question of competition and “at odds” with each other. The situation may be perceived differently, not necessarily in the direction of, “It is your life and you may direct it in the manner that you so choose.” You are aware of this. They each hold the awareness of this. This is not in question. It is the creation of the expression – in THAT direction – of justification of yourself, which is unnecessary.

They may hold their opinions. They may move in the direction of their perception and their reality, and they may project outwardly to you their thoughts, their emotions in their response to you as to your choices, and you may move yourself into the realization that this is acceptable and – not but; AND – you shall continue within your choice of probability, for you do not hold responsibility for their responses. Your choices are what you choose, and any other individual may agree or disagree with your choices, but as this does not determine or dictate your worth, it matters not!

In like manner, in what you may view as the reverse, another individual – or either of your parents – may be creating a choice within their focus that YOU do not agree with, but this does not determine their value, and you hold the awareness that regardless of your agreement with their choice, they continue to hold the free will to be creating the choice and to be moving into actualizing their reality in whichever direction they so choose, with or without your agreement or approval or understanding.

It matters not, and this does not dictate their worth or your worth!

SUE: Yes, I’ve been thinking about that. My mother recently was talking about having some plastic surgery that I thought was ... I just thought it was a really stupid idea! (Elias grins) I did kind of let her know that I didn’t really understand why she wanted to do it, but on the other hand, I was careful not to try to talk her out of it because I felt that if I want them ... I don’t want her to try to talk me out of things, and I felt that I should give her the same consideration.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is ... this IS a good area to be practicing within. Eventually you shall move yourself into the recognition that in actuality, genuinely, it matters not. And therefore, in that moment, you shall also recognize that you shall not necessarily hold the responsiveness that you automatically hold in response to other individuals’ choices and their creations.

But presently, you may incorporate the practicing, in noticing that you may be affording other individuals what you physically term to be the consideration that you wish to be afforded. But be remembering not to be holding the expectation of the return of this action, for this shall be creating of a trap, for other individuals may not necessarily within their perception notice your expression of what you term to be consideration, and they may not necessarily afford you this in return.

Therefore, if you are offering this to another individual for the reason that it is helpful to you in your process of movement and noticing, this may be temporarily efficient in your individual movement. But if you are moving in this type of direction with the expectation that they shall also be responsive and afford you this same expression in return, you are moving yourself into the area of trapping yourself in these expectations, and this is merely a reinforcement and perpetuation of the expressions of duplicity.

SUE: Okay, I see. I don’t think I did that expecting her to respond the same way. I just felt that it was better for me to respond to her that way ... I don’t know ... because it was the way I would want her to act, and if she doesn’t, that’s okay.

ELIAS: Correct, and in this motivation temporarily, this may be facilitating of your movement into your own noticing of your own responses, your own reactions, and your own behaviors, which may offer you more of an efficient movement into new areas of unfamiliar behaviors and actions and choices without judgment.

SUE: I see. Okay, I think that will be helpful.

I’m not even sure whether I will end up becoming an actual librarian or not. I think that that’s the direction I want to head into. It does seem to me that that would fit in with being a member of the Sumafi family. Also, I think that that’s part of a transmission of information that seems like it fits.

But I find it interesting that even though I’m not sure exactly where I’m going to end up with this, I feel that it’s the right direction to go into.

ELIAS: It IS the line of probabilities that you are creating presently. Therefore, as you continue within this particular line of probabilities and continue to be turning your attention in this direction of these probabilities, this is the most probable probability that you shall be creating.

SUE: Okay. One thing I found interesting is that even though it’s frightening to me in a way to be making these changes, I think I’m more afraid of NOT doing it. (Elias grins) I feel this is like a big opportunity for me, and I think I’ll regret it if I don’t do it.

ELIAS: This IS an opportunity for you in your present movement and it may be very validating to you in your own creations, allowing you to view your own abilities, and that you may be moving into very unfamiliar areas and you may be accomplishing, and that there is no obstacle that may be placed before you – or that you may create to be placing before you – that you may not maneuver around.

SUE: Back when my cat died last summer, I talked to you after that, and you said that one of the reasons he had died at that point was because he was lending energy to some new probabilities that I was heading towards. Is this change the new probabilities, or was that something different, I wonder?

ELIAS: In these new probabilities, what your creature has lent energy to – in the actualization of – is your recognition of individuality, of uniqueness, and the importance of self.

In this, you have been offered the noticing of the behavior of your other creature, in the reveling in self individually, and the focus upon self that this creature exhibits, and the lack of competition, which holds importance within your focus.

For in other areas, as you move into expressions of employment, in conjunction with other individuals previously and in YOUR individual expression of which areas you SHOULD be moving into, you also employ elements of competition: that you “should” be productive in this area or in that area and accomplishing in this expression or that expression, for other individuals do also.

In this, you have been offered the opportunity to view the lending of energy in this direction, which directly is affecting in its lending of energy to the choices that you are employing presently – turning your attention to self, to lessening the thickness within your energy, offering yourself a direction of pleasure, offering yourself the reinforcement of your own validation of your abilities, TRUSTING yourself and appreciating the value of your choices within your focus and yourself and your individuality.

In this, your creature has also displayed this in behavior to you as objective imagery in reinforcement to the choices that you are creating now and the probabilities that you move into now, and that creature’s disengagement lent much energy to the movement of all of these probabilities becoming actualized.

SUE: Okay, I see. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

SUE: I also have questions about ... I have a friend named Britt, and I was wondering if I could find out her essence name, and also her boyfriend Steve’s. I‘d like to know Britt’s essence name and what family she belongs to and what family she’s aligned with.

ELIAS: Essence name, Cerci; C-E-R-C-I. (ser’see) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Tumold.

SUE: Tumold?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Okay, thank you. And can you tell me Steve’s name and family and alignment?

ELIAS: Essence name, Teo; T-E-O. (tae’oe) Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari.

SUE: Okay, that’s interesting.

I wanted to ask also, she found out this week that ... she’s a very good friend of mine from when I went to school years ago – she was my roommate – and she found out this week that she’s pregnant, and she found out while I was actually visiting them. I think she probably got pregnant around the same time that I started thinking about going back to school, and we were both struck by the timing of it, the fact that both of us ... this is her first child and she’s been trying to get pregnant for a couple of years, and we thought it was interesting that both of us are going through very large changes simultaneously. I wondered if you could comment on that at all.

ELIAS: Quite, and I have expressed to you within this session that many, many, many individuals in this time framework are creating what you term to be life-altering choices, and are creating this movement into mirror actions of creating choices objectively in new areas of probabilities.

Now; I am understanding that individuals are engaging choices continuously within physical focus to be in agreement with an entering focus of essence, creating new births, so to speak, and that this may not appear to be an unusual type of creation. But within the focus of THIS individual, it holds a different significance and is viewed not in mundane terms, but in life-altering terms.

SUE: Yes, that makes sense, because she has for many years thought about having children and likes children, but she kept putting it off. She and her boyfriend both put it off. It’s interesting to me that they’ve finally, over the last couple of years, decided to try to have children, and that now, I suppose, they’re actually allowing this to occur. It is, I think, a big change for them.

ELIAS: Correct. Many individuals afford little thought process to the agreement to be engaging an entering focus within your physical dimension. Therefore, it may be a dramatic change or alteration in their focus in some areas and in some manners, but it shall not hold the same significance as it shall hold in other individuals that place great emphasis upon these types of choices.

SUE: Yes, that makes sense, because I think that some people just take it for granted to have children, and that was not the case for her, so....

ELIAS: Quite.

SUE: This will be interesting! She also told me of a name or word that she came up with when she was meditating and that she thinks about, and I told her that I would ask you about it, what it meant. The word is Shishiki. Should I spell that?

ELIAS: Unnecessary.

SUE: Okay.

ELIAS: This be the essence tone of the entering focus.

SUE: Oh! So that will be ... okay, so that’s the essence name of the baby she’s going to have then.

ELIAS: Quite; not necessarily the focus naming, but the essence which is entering into that focus.

SUE: Okay, I will tell her that. Well, I think that pretty much covers all the questions I had. Thank you very much. This has been very helpful, and I really enjoyed talking to you again!

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I anticipate our next encounter.

And in this, I offer to you much encouraging energy in the direction that you are choosing in probabilities presently, and I am quite acknowledging of you in your accomplishment in turning your attention presently and allowing yourself the trust of self in that expression, for these types of choices in altering probabilities within one’s focus may be quite difficult at times, for they ARE quite challenging of an individual’s trust of self, and you are accomplishing quite well in this area. Therefore, I continue in my offering of encouragement to you in this area.

To you this day I extend great affection, and I express to you very lovingly, au revoir.

SUE: Affection to you too! Thank you. Good-bye.

Elias departs at 1:45 PM.


(1) I noticed here that Elias used the word “focuses” rather than “focus,” which initially didn’t make sense to me, but then I began to think about how we often have more than one focus in any particular time frame. And then I remembered that Sue is the one person I know that has another focus of essence that I’ve met. Both live in this area and both have attended group sessions here at my house, although they have never met each other. I guess we just don’t usually create it that way, eh?

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