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Monday, July 19, 1999

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“A Very Large Hamster Wheel”

“To Be Or Not To Be?”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anony (Mous).

Vic’s note: The individual involved in this session wasn’t going to share this transcript, but then decided that it might be beneficial to other folks. Hence, the anonymity.

Elias arrives at 11:32 AM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ANONY: Hi, Elias. I am not in a good place. I created a situation for myself – I started creating it three years ago – and I don’t know how I’m going to get through it emotionally.

ELIAS: And what shall be your direction in your inquiry this morning in relation to this situation?

ANONY: Well, I have felt so sad lately. I get these periods of feeling just really, really sad. It’s like, I’m fifty years old, I’m not married, I’ve been divorced twice, I’ve had hundreds of ... well, not hundreds, probably a hundred lovers, and it just seems like everything is over. It feels like ... I don’t know. It just feels like it’s over, and it feels like it’s not worth struggling any more.

ELIAS: Ah, and you view physical focus to be a tremendous burden and struggle.

ANONY: At this point.

ELIAS: And therefore, your direction of concentration moves into the area of discontinuing.


ELIAS: And what shall your questioning be in this area?

ANONY: That’s a good question!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

ANONY: I’m a total chicken when it comes to any kind of physical pain, so I’m not going to do something to myself physically. I don’t know. I’d just like to find a way to get through the situation and not struggle.

Basically, three years ago I had a relationship that broke up, and I went into this depression for about six months. I thought I was depressed because of the relationship, but I realized that the depression was much greater than the relationship, because as I was sitting on my couch crying five days a week, other things came up, you know, like everything in my life that hadn’t gone the way I wanted it to go all came up for review. I was just so depressed.

It wasn’t the man; it was what the man stood for. He was handsome, charming, everything. He was the Prince Charming that when I was eighteen years old I knew I would marry, and so it was like the end of a fantasy or something.

I had some money that wasn’t mine, quite a bit of money, and I wasn’t working. I’d go into work like two days a week or something and stay home the rest of the time, and I started spending that money for living expenses because I wasn’t making any money because I wasn’t working. And basically, what’s happened now is, it’s time to give the money back, and I don’t have all of it. I mean, I am going to end up getting involved with the criminal justice system, and it’s humiliating. I’m going to lose my job, but I hate my job anyway, so I can see why I created the situation. But having created it, the thought of having to walk into court with a lawyer, having to plead guilty to a criminal offense ... I’m just really, really depressed. I mean, my father was a policeman for twenty years! What I’ve created puts me in an area that I can barely comprehend being in.

ELIAS: And in this situation, you find yourself balancing upon the fence, contemplating continuing within physical focus and not continuing within physical focus, and not moving into directions of certain choices, for certain choices involve fearfulness, but other choices of continuation involve fearfulness also.

And you express the desire to be interactive with myself, that I may be expressing to you to be continuing within physical focus and to be encouraging of you in this area and to be offering you the solution to this situation, in which you have created – quite efficiently! – your reality.

Let me express to you that other individuals also create these types of situations within their focus, and – being influenced by mass belief systems and their alignment to these mass belief systems and the overwhelming belief system of duplicity, which at times may be quite gripping – look to their focus and view it as within a state of hopelessness, and in this hopelessness, they seek out another individual or another expression that may offer them some sort of reinforcement and validation that shall offer them a valid reason, so to speak, to be continuing, for this also is in compliance with your mass belief systems.

Now; in this, recognize within yourself that I hold an awareness of the discomfort and the distress that you are experiencing, and in this, I may express to you that we may be engaging discussion in this area from different types of angles, dependent upon which direction you are choosing to be moving into. Let me express to you one direction initially.

Within this situation, you view that you are caught, and in this element of being caught, you view the situation, you view the circumstances, you view the consequences of certain actions, which are ALL expressions of belief systems, for in actuality there is no cause and effect, but you do create this throughout much of your expressions within physical focus, for it is a very strong belief system.

Now; in this, in the expression of hopelessness and distress and anguish, your attention moves into areas that are also influenced by physically focused belief systems, in movement into the thought process of disengagement, allowing yourself to move outside of troublesome areas, uncomfortableness, and anguish, and moving into a drifting motion, into an abyss that holds no emotion and is not involved with physical belief systems and situations, and therefore appears within your thought process to be calmer and better. Regardless of what you view to be as an action once you have disengaged, you ALL view a time framework of stopping, resting, not engaging physically focused problems, so to speak.

Now; I express to you that within this direction of thought process, this is merely a choice. What you believe to be the action which occurs subsequent to disengagement may materialize, but merely temporarily, for it IS a projection of your belief systems. Therefore, you may offer yourself a temporary respite in disengagement, but it shall be temporary, for there is an entirely different action which occurs as you choose to be disengaging physical focus.

In this, you shall be encountering different situations, but they shall not necessarily be any less distressing or disturbing to you than what you are experiencing presently, for you shall continue to hold, temporarily, an aspect of objective awareness – you shall continue to hold your belief systems temporarily – and although you do not “face your maker,” so to speak, and although you are not held accountable for all that you have created within your physical focuses and there is no judgment and there is no karma, this is not to say that you shall not create imagery and very real experiences in this direction regardless, for your belief systems move in this type of direction, and until you have shed the belief systems associated with any physical focuses, the manifestation of the imagery, which is quite real, continues to be created, for you shall create it!

As to the choices themselves, of continuing within physical focus or discontinuing physical focus, it matters not. These are merely choices. You may discontinue and disengage if you are so choosing, and this is not a right/wrong good/bad choice. It merely is a choice of probabilities. You may continue in physical focus, and this also is merely a choice.

The point is that you are you, and your belief systems are your belief systems, and your creations as influenced by your belief systems are what they are, and they are the same regardless of your continuation within physical focus or your disengagement into nonphysical areas of transition. It matters not. You are creating what you are creating within this present now, and that creation may alter slightly as you alter your situation or location, but what you are creating within you shall remain regardless of what you are creating outside of yourself.

Disengagement, as I have spoken of with other individuals, holds no difference from movement into another country. Within your situation that you have created in your focus, this analogy shall apply quite well, for you have created a situation in which your physical circumstances may be relative to the location in which you place yourself physically. Were you to be engaging movement to a different country, your situation would alter.

ANONY: That’s right!

ELIAS: But YOU would not alter.

ANONY: I can’t run away from me.

ELIAS: Quite.

In this, you would accompany yourself to another country. You may change your physical situation and the circumstances in which you involve yourself, but yourself shall accompany you in whichever direction you choose to move. In like manner, if you are choosing disengagement, you are merely choosing to be moving to a different country, and you shall be with you within that different country also. Therefore, the experience that you are creating presently shall not automatically and magically disappear.

Therefore, we view the choice of non-disengagement, and in this, we may look to that situation and view the choices which are available to you, and also view the situation that you are creating.

Now; let me express to you, previously within the forum of these sessions, I have engaged interaction with groups of individuals that I have designated as what we term to be “secret sessions.”

Vic’s note: I would like to dispel any possible misunderstanding here, as there has been some in the past. The “secrets sessions” that Elias initiated were not kept secret from other folks. They were sessions in which we were encouraged to discuss our deepest, darkest secrets, which was helpful, albeit difficult!

Transcripts: find out more about a secrets session 171, May 04, 1997.

ELIAS: I have engaged this activity with individuals quite purposefully, for this allows individuals to be viewing objectively many areas of their creations that they view very intensely through the lens of duplicity, which is extremely coloring.

In this particular session and discussion that you and I engage presently, you may view this to be quite similar as a secret session, for you move into the area of allowing yourself a trustfulness, to a point, to be offering information that you view to be very bad, which invokes tremendous guilt, shame, disappointment, and judgment within yourself.

Now; in addressing to these core issues, we may more efficiently move into areas of altering the creations that you have already set into motion. But be remembering, no probability is absolute. No choice, no action, is set in stone. Therefore, although within objective terms it may APPEAR that choices and probabilities are absolute, they are not, and you may be altering of ANY choices and ANY probabilities within ANY moment.

Now your question to myself is, “Ah, I am understanding of this, but HOW shall I alter my creation?”

ANONY: Exactly!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! In this, how you are altering of your creation is to be altering of your perception!

ANONY: I knew you were going to say that!

ELIAS: This may seem elusive to you, and it may seem within your rational thought process to be quite inefficient, but I express to you that within terms of actual reality, the most efficient and the most affecting direction of movement IS to be altering of your perception, for your perception IN ACTUALITY creates your reality! Therefore, what you perceive is what you shall create, and it shall be quite real!

You have already demonstrated to yourself your own power of creation. You have already demonstrated to yourself that through your perception, which is influenced by your beliefs, you have quite efficiently created an actual reality. Within the situation, let us examine.

Through your perception, which creates your reality, influenced by your beliefs, you engage a relationship that you view to be hurtful, and therefore you create a direction of probabilities that allows you to move into certain types of expressions of non-movement, immobilizing yourself.

Now; as I am speaking to you, I hold the awareness of your energy, that you are ALREADY moving into areas of judgments. STOP. Merely listen to what I am expressing to you.

I express no judgments of any of your actions or choices. They are merely choices, and within my expression, they are not attached to belief systems. It matters not, in my expression, what you have chosen or what your motivation is. You have merely created certain directions and the implementation of certain probabilities which have actualized and created a reality, and this is what I address to you, not to be influencing you in the area of continuing to be creating judgments upon yourself. Therefore, I express to you once again, merely listen without moving yourself into the area of judgments.

In this, as you created a situation of immobilization in being consumed, so to speak, in emotional expressions, you also created choices to be involving yourself in actions, which within that time framework, you offered yourself justification in expressing to yourself that although you recognized that you should not be engaging this type of activity and creating the consumption, in a manner of speaking, of another individual’s funds, you also within your thought process created a justification for this action, for as influenced by your belief system, you needed, so to speak, a justification. You also created another type of justification, expressing to yourself, “It matters not, for I shall replace what I take.”

ANONY: That’s what I thought, but I didn’t do it.

ELIAS: And this is a genuine thought process also. In this, the intention is to be moving into that particular type of direction and expression, but the action continues to the point that you view that you hold an inability to be creating that very action. Now, in very physical terminology, you have created “digging yourself into your very large hole,” and you have forgotten your ladder to be climbing out of your hole, and express the helplessness of the ability to be moving outside.

Now; in this, as you begin to examine how you have created this situation and the perception which is held in creating these types of probabilities and actualities in your focus, you may also turn your attention. If you do not view what you are creating and how you are creating your reality, how may you turn your attention into a different direction? What shall you turn it to?

This be the reason that we examine the actions that you have already created and examine the situation in which you are creating now, for if you are not altering your perception, you shall continue to be creating in the same line of probabilities, which is quite influenced by the belief systems of cause and effect, and that if you are creating of a certain type of action which moves within mass belief systems as wrong, you also incur certain consequences and must be expressing restitution. These are cause and effect issues.

Now; you may also turn your attention within the now, recognizing that the influence of those belief systems has created quite an efficient expression of reality within your focus, but this does not diminish the reality that you may be creating in other directions.

In looking to this present situation, you project much energy into future probabilities, future possibilities, in anticipation – the anticipation of humiliation, the anticipation of anguish, of restitution, of how other individuals shall view you, how you shall view yourself – and how may you continue within the shadow of this enormous cloud? And all the while you are expressing to yourself, “Bad, bad, bad. Very, very bad. I am bad. The situation is bad. The consequences are bad. I am creating bad. All is lost, for I am hopelessly efficient at creating garbage!” (Chuckling)

Now; I express to you that you have efficiently allowed this belief system of duplicity to be quite gripping, but all hope is not lost!

In this, recognize that the concept of “there are no absolutes” is not in actuality merely a concept. It IS reality.

In this, also look to your concentration. You are projecting pastly, you are projecting futurely, and in these projections outside of the now, you are quite intensely chastising yourself, creating judgments upon yourself, and what you have created is a very large hamster wheel in which you continue to run and run and run and run, and you are running yourself so very intensely that you have run to exhaustion.

ANONY: That’s right!

ELIAS: Therefore, you may choose to discontinue running.

In this, you may allow yourself to step away from your hamster wheel, recognizing that it merely perpetuates all that you wish not to be perpetuating, and we begin in the area of the expression that YOU ARE WORTHY. You – intrinsically you – as the individual that you are is not bad, has not created badly. You are not unworthy. You are not expressing your reality in bad or evil or wrong manners, regardless of your laws, regardless of the expression of mass belief systems.

Now; I am not expressing to you an excuse to be moving into areas of hurtfulness to other individuals, but this is not the direction that you have expressed. You have not created a situation of hurtfulness to other individuals.

ANONY: I bet the guy whose money I spent thinks I did!

ELIAS: Ah! Now, this may be this individual’s perception, but in actuality, how have you been hurtful to this individual? Now, within his perception, which is his reality, he may be expressing this very direction, and that may be reality with himself, but this is not your concern, for this is not your responsibility.

ANONY: I actually gave him something. I allowed him a situation in which he can express all of his anger and hate. (Elias chuckles) I mean, he didn’t have to report me to the police department. It would have been much easier to pay him back sooner if he hadn’t done that. He decided that he wanted revenge more than he wanted his money back.

ELIAS: And this be his choice.

ANONY: That WAS his choice.

ELIAS: But this is not your responsibility. It also is not your concern. Your concern is your creation and your participation in the creation conjointly with him. Your attention needs be focused in the area of YOUR creations, for he may create any action that he chooses to be creating, and this does not necessarily express that within physical terms, the movement shall appear in the manner that you objectively expect, but you shall create in the manner that you hold expectations. If you expect to be humiliated, you shall be. If you expect to be “degradated,” you shall be. If you expect to be hurt, you shall be, for YOU shall create this!

Another individual does not create your reality! They may create any expression that they are so choosing, but they are not creating your reality! Therefore, they may only be affecting of you to the extent that you are allowing their expression to BE affecting, and if your attention is not focused so intensely upon THEIR creation, they shall not hold the intensity of power in affecting of your reality.

In this, as you begin to move into expressions of acceptance and trust of self, recognizing genuinely that you are not a bad individual, that you are a worthy individual and that you are a joyful individual, the entirety of your reality alters, in like manner to a picture. You may color your picture in all hues of browns and grays and it shall hold a tone about it, or you may color a picture in many different hues of reds and yellows and blues, and it shall hold a very different tone.

How you view yourself – and what you expect and what you concentrate upon – is very influencing of how you create your reality. If you are continuing to be viewing yourself and perceiving yourself as bad, you shall also draw to yourself these types of continuing situations.

Now; let me also express to you that beyond this – which we are not quite beyond this yet, but you shall be moving in this direction as viewed by the probabilities that you are creating now and the direction that you are turning into now – there are situations and expressions that may occur within physical focus in dynamics between individuals, that other individuals may be creating expressions that you view to be quite distasteful and offensive, so to speak.

But in this, we return to self, and in this, as you are examining your expressions of acceptance and trust of self, you may also examine to yourself how other individuals’ expressions are affecting of you, for if you are truly moving into expressions of acceptance and trust of your creations, and that you ARE a worthy individual and that you are not bad and that you are not good either, you are merely an individual – you are you and this is entirely acceptable and it matters not – once you have genuinely moved into the expression within yourself that it matters not, it SHALL matter not, the expression of other individuals.

In this, you may not always, so to speak, diffuse a situation that another individual is creating, but this is not the point. The point is not to be moving yourself into the thought process or the delusion that you may be conversely creating another individual’s reality and changing their expression! No! This is not the point. The point is to be focusing upon your creations and upon self, and it shall matter not – in that expression genuinely – whether the other individual’s expression is altered or not, for you then empower yourself in the recognition of your own abilities.

Another individual may express and express and express in certain directions, and shall be quite confounded within themselves as to why they are not creating what they wish to be creating within their physical focus, and the reason that they may not be creating what they wish to be creating is that they may not be altering of YOUR reality! Regardless that they view it may be beneficial to themself, they do not create your reality! Therefore, if you are not compliant or in agreement with their choice of your reality, you are not compelled to be creating it!

Another individual may wish quite intensely for you to be occupying the physical location of jail, and this matters not, for this is YOUR choice!

ANONY: I know, and that’s not gonna happen!

ELIAS: What you concern yourself with is the opinion and the assessment of other individuals upon you, for within you, you continue to view that other individuals’ assessments of you dictates your worth.

ANONY: I think that’s a problem I’ve always had, and this is the big lesson here!

ELIAS: Quite!

In this, you create a very intense situation that shall present this to you. What you have efficiently created is backing yourself into your corner, in which you view no other alternative but to be examining this belief and this issue, and now moving yourself into position of dismantling this shrine, and this shrine within your focus is quite large and you have decorated it quite efficiently!

ANONY: I know when I walk out the other side of this one, I will not care what anybody thinks about me, other than what I think of me.

ELIAS: And you shall experience tremendous freedom and a tremendous elimination of weight, for in actuality, it matters not!

Your worth is not dictated by the expression or opinion or perception of any other individual. Your worth is not dictated by your actions or your experiences. Therefore, your worth is not dictated by what you create. Your worth is YOU, and this is not reflected by what you create or your experiences or the opinions or the perceptions of any other individual. It is not even dictated by your own perception!

ANONY: I was just thinking that same thing! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Your perception is filtered. It is influenced by your belief systems, and your worth is NOT influenced by your belief systems. It is entirely different.

ANONY: I feel like I just lost about a hundred pounds that was sitting on top of my head!

ELIAS: I express to you that you are a wondrous individual!

You hold great abilities, as I spoke to you at our last meeting and have been in that session quite encouraging to you, expressing to you that you hold great abilities of creativity. You also hold great abilities in interactiveness with other individuals to be helpful. You have much to be expressive of, and also in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, but more so presently with yourself individually, which shall automatically be influencing throughout consciousness.

In this, I express to you great knowing of your individual worthiness. This individual focus of Mous, this focus of Anony, individually you, holds unique and wondrous qualities within this physical dimension and are quite worthy. You hold great worth, for each individual, each focus of essence, each essence, each element of consciousness holds precious worth, and you are no less than any other expression within consciousness, and I am quite acknowledging of that. Do not forget that even your own experiences and perception do not diminish the greatness of your worth.

In this, remind yourself of what a glorious, wondrous individual you are! And also remind yourself that regardless of which direction you choose or which country you choose to be lending your feet, so to speak, you shall accompany yourself there, and you shall bring with you all of the situations and issues that you create presently.

Therefore, once again, it matters not. Recognize that these are merely expressions of belief systems – not that they do not hold reality, for they do, quite solidly within your physical dimension!

But this matters not either, for YOU in your wondrousness hold the CONTINUOUS ability to be altering of ANY of these elements of reality! What a glorious creation you have exhibited within this physical dimension – the ability to be changing and altering ANY ELEMENT of your reality that you are so choosing!

ANONY: Thank you. I do feel a lot better.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

ANONY: I had to create something to get me out of my job ’cause I hate it so much. You know, in my job, people actually expect me to change their reality for them!

ELIAS: Quite!

ANONY: They pay me to change their reality, and it’s so frustrating because I can’t! I can’t do it. I’ve seen that!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you may be expressing this conversation with Michael, for he also objectively views this situation many times! Ha ha ha ha!

And I express to you that you are correct. You may not be altering of another individual’s reality, and another individual may not be altering of your reality. No other essence may be creating of your reality! You individually, uniquely hold this ability, and this also is one of the wondrous attributes and qualities that you hold – your individual uniqueness and free will.

ANONY: I just got done reading the latest transcript on orientation. I would guess, and this is a guess ... well, it’s an educated guess, I think. I would guess that my orientation is common.

ELIAS: You are correct. (Chuckling)

ANONY: That logical, rational, male-type thinking that I have!

ELIAS: And this at times is an expression that it manifests itself within, within your identifications in physical reality. I express to you that this also affords you the ability to be moving into your creations with less of a confusion, in interruptions of emotional terms, than you may be experiencing holding a different orientation. Therefore, be encouraged! (Chuckling)

ANONY: Yes. I do have the ability to focus on a project or something that I’m doing, and my emotions just sort of drift away when I do that.

ELIAS: But do not be discounting of that aspect of your physical reality, for within this time framework of your physical reality, there is much influence in the area of your sciences of psychology, and in that, I express to you that you may be allowing yourself to be led into certain discounts of elements of your reality as influenced by psychological belief systems.

I express to you that emotional aspects of your focus are quite real, and you may be acknowledging of the influence and the strength of this aspect of your reality, for it IS one of the base elements of this reality within this particular dimension. Therefore, do not discount your expression in this area.

There are many belief systems that you hold within physical focus that move in the direction of discounting the reality of emotional creations, and I express to you that this merely creates blocks within yourselves and creates more confusion and conflict than is necessary. Therefore, merely be examining what is motivating your expression in emotional areas.

Recognize that emotional expressions as motivated by the energy of guilt is essentially a waste of energy. It offers you no movement in efficiency or productivity, so to speak. Therefore, its ONLY purposefulness is to be reinforcing duplicity.

Therefore, each time you are experiencing emotional expressions in conjunction with this element of guilt, you may be addressing directly to that motivational factor and therefore discontinuing the expression emotionally, which merely allows you to be climbing upon your hamster wheel once again, perpetuating the circle.

You shall be emotional, and this shall reinforce the guilt, and the guilt shall reinforce the duplicity, and the duplicity shall reinforce the emotional expression, and on and on and on.

ANONY: Around and around I go!

ELIAS: And this continues to hold you in the same position, and you immobilize yourself.

ANONY: I feel a lot better after talking to you. I feel a sense of lightness and more hope, and I feel much more confident in myself.

ELIAS: Very good! I shall continue to be acknowledging of you and offering energy to you. As you aware, I have offered an expression already!

ANONY: Yes, you did! Last night, before I went to sleep, I saw a bunch of blue lights!

ELIAS: Which was to be encouraging to you in reinforcement; an acknowledgment of my recognition of what you are experiencing.

ANONY: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: And I shall continue to be reinforcing of you in the reminder that you are worthy.

ANONY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. To you this day, I offer great affection, and you may be anticipating our continued interaction.

ANONY: Thanks.

ELIAS: I bid you a very loving au revoir.

ANONY: Good-bye.

Elias departs at 12:37 PM.

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