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Sunday, October 08, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Jim (Yarr), Cathy (Shynla), Guin (Sophia), and Ron 2, (Kali).

Elias arrives at 7:00 PM.

ELIAS: (Grinning) The message for you all from your friend Paul is ďHi!Ē (We all crack up, as we had been playing with the Ouija board earlier and had gotten some confusing answers from Paul)

VICKI: Which he spelled very well! (Meaning the word ďhiĒ)

ELIAS: I see you were not appreciating our game! (Here, our suspicions are confirmed that Elias had been ďhelpingĒ with the confusion) We do play, also! Speaking of our games, you may incorporate your game, if you are wishing. (Pause) Such silence!

VICKI: (To Jim) You want to go first?

JIM: Sure! Would the elements, ... I am connected with fire?

ELIAS: Incorrect. (Pause)

RON: Michael would like to connect himself with wind.

ELIAS: This is correct. One point!

RON: Actually, that was my question! Iíll take the point.

VICKI: That was your question. I have Michaelís question, being to connect Oliver with green.

ELIAS: Oliver with Marshuka. One point!

CATHY: I would like to know if Mobowah is connected with a wolf.

ELIAS: Very good, Shynla! One point!

CATHY: I got a ďvery good!Ē (Sheís excited!)

VICKI: I would like to connect dolphin with Marshuka.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Very close!

VICKI: Whale.

ELIAS: Correct. One point!

GUIN: Oh my God! Oh, thatís so neat!

VICKI: Interesting! (This was a very validating experience, involving the Ouija board, that you may ask Guin or Vicki about)

JIM: In connecting Vicki, Lawrence, with elephant.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

JIM: Oh, that was you, oh, that was, oh, okay, thatís right. You are Marshuka. Okay.

GUIN: Is there more than one animal connected with us?


GUIN: I would like to connect sapphire with Minerva.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

RON 2: Is Mobowahís gemstone diamond?

ELIAS: (Pause) I have given the clues for the gemstone for Mobowah, which you may ask Lawrence.

GUIN: Elias, is there only four elements?

ELIAS: For our game, no.

GUIN: I would like to try and connect a bear with indigo.

ELIAS: Correct. One point!

JIM: That was my, thatís where I was going with that.

GUIN: Oh, Iím sorry!

JIM: No, thatís good! No, whoever, but that was my impression of it, too. No, thatís good. It doesnít matter who gets it. We each had the same impressions! (Pause) What are some of the other elements that would be involved, not just earth, wind, fire, and water?

ELIAS: Now, (laughter) if I were to express to you what the other elements are, then you would not need to find them with your impression, would you? (More laughing)

JIM: Thatís true.

ELIAS: Very tricky!

JIM: Not tricky enough! (Laughter)

GUIN: I have another question thatís kind of connected with our game, but kind of not. It has to do with the nickname of Ty. Is that connected with an essence name of Kava?

ELIAS: This name of Ty, which I have expressed to you, is connected with our game as a physical focus name.

GUIN: Would the essence name thatís connected with it be Kava?

ELIAS: Incorrect.

GUIN: Is there another physical focus name that is connected with the name Ty? (Guinís note: Thanks, Shynla)

ELIAS: This is the nickname for this one particular physical focus. There are many physical focuses connected with this essence. (Pause)

JIM: Is Twylah mostly a healing energy, more focused in healing than... Twylah channels healing, so to speak?

ELIAS: This would be a correct interpretation. Not all essences focus as do I. Each essence focuses their energy and directs this through an individual, or many individuals, in response to their individual intent. This essence, being focused within this area, has an attraction.

JIM: An attraction thatís attracted to here, or for my attraction?

ELIAS: The essence itself entertains a fascination with this element. Therefore, this would be the expression that this essence will incorporate.

JIM: Thank you.

RON 2: Question on element: Would Elias be water, or fluid?

ELIAS: (Pause) This question has been asked and answered. This element is connected with another essence.

GUIN: Elias, can you tell me who Makata is?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Ah, we are going to incorporate games!

GUIN: No, I donít know! (Laughing)

ELIAS: This being the name of an essence, and also physical focus. You may find your information connected with this essence through your meditation.

GUIN: Okay. I just thought that that name was important, for some reason.

ELIAS: You may find your answer through meditation. You are correct in it possessing a significance. It is not connected with our game.

VICKI: Speaking of meditations, how did we all do in our little meditation today?

ELIAS: I would say that your attempt at connecting might be viewed as going rather well. You, Lawrence, are connecting differently, as per your experience this week, therefore incorporating a wider viewing. Your other individuals were similarly focused on the same developmental focus, incorporating fragments of remembering and awareness of this focus; this focus not being in actuality in the areas that you imagined, as being in your English or Scottish areas, but in actuality being in the location of Turkey. You may express this to Michael, as this was his initial impression. Therefore, he will be kicking himself for discounting this, as he was believing this was too obvious. Does this ring a bell? And believing that he had previous information of developmental focus within the area of Turkey, as do several of you. Also, the obvious discounted information was correct with Lawrence, also. (Referring to connecting the name Twylah with Jim) Therefore, I say to you, good connecting!

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: (To Jim) Your confusion lies in different developmental focuses, but you were actually connecting anyway, for you were the father, and you (Guin) were the daughter, in more than one developmental focus.

JIM: Can you elaborate on Maryís dream last night, that we were talking about this afternoon? Itís very, it seemed very deep. The Gates of Horn, does that have anything ...

GUIN: Yeah, what are seers?

ELIAS: Were you appreciating my incorporation of your pointer? (Laughter) I may not answer, but I am capable of pushing! (We had asked about seers while playing with the Ouija board) This answer was true and correct. Yes, there are seers. This was viewed interaction, and connection was made. Yes, you were out of body. We will incorporate our term OOB, (laughter) for each of you, (Elias starts coughing) each (coughing) excuse, for each of you that is experimenting with this element of consciousness. You may incorporate this work for yourselves. You may tell each other, I have had an OOB this evening, this being, (coughing) excuse me!

CATHY: Is Mary playing?

ELIAS: This actually is not a poking at chakras, which Michael has discontinued. This should prove slightly interesting to you each, that you will experience physical incorporation and reaction within certain chakra areas, or energy centers, if the individual who is acting as the channel, as you term this, is pushing closer to incorporate conscious involvement, without deciding before. Michael is close, wishing to ask questions himself, this pushing energy fields, to become aware of this consciousness. You may experience, within this forum, slight interruptions temporarily, as an interruption of radio station. (Grinning)

Back to the explanation of last evenings adventures, for there was much busyness going on, and much incorporation of connecting essences! (Coughing) I will become tired of excusing myself! Seers are essences within your tribe. They are non-physical. They were, at one point, within physical focus. They were only within physical focus once, they being what you would view as your teachers. They are your connecting elements. They also help you to connect with your own consciousness, and essence, and impulses. You have all known them. They know you. As I have stated to you, be conscious and aware of strangers in your dreams, for you are beginning to widen and incorporate these essences now. They have much to offer to you. They are connected intimately with you. You are the same in intent as them. You share a common focus.

As to your question, Yarr, you have asked for a wider awareness. You have asked to incorporate a wider consciousness. You have all asked to know. Now, you are receiving your answers. This essence was correct, in that tellers are of another essence group. Speakers are of another essence group. Their intent is different. Speakers are not necessarily essences that speak to you audibly. Their connection originally was through vibration. They developed your symbols and attached vibrational qualities to them, which developed language within physical focus, this being connected with connecting. This is not your intent. This is the intent of another group of essences.

The words that you incorporate to identify these different groups and intents are not necessarily what you interpret them, within physical focus, to be, as tellers do not tell you anything. Their connection is to see into other focuses and connect you with them, and therefore express this knowledge to you, this being their name of tellers.

Seers do not see. They know. They possess the knowledge and information for direction. They are directing and knowing, this being their connection. You incorporate this knowing. You are beginning to become aware, within your own individual spheres, of this knowing. You are beginning to know yourselves, and to know others also. You are incorporating new information that you already know.

Also, your dream state is real. Imagination is also real. This activity that you, (Vicki) and Michael also, incorporated last evening was not dream consciousness. This was another consciousness, which you may mistake for a dream consciousness; this being, in actuality, your OOB, which incorporates a different area of consciousness than dream state. By using the term ďarea,Ē I am not referring to regional areas of consciousness. This is not incorporated. You are incorporating an aspect of your consciousness which is physically focused, but also connected with essence, which allows that aspect of consciousness to disconnect from your physical body and travel.

(To Vicki) You may not fly within physical focus! In actuality, if you believed that you could, you would, but you do not. Therefore, until you are within your transition for ending this physical focus, you will not fly in this body. You may fly whenever and wherever you choose and as often as you choose within your consciousness body, which is equally as real; this being why you may actually physically see this body, for it exists also just as this body exists. (Touching and pushing Vickiís leg and arm) You may even touch that body and feel it! (Feeling Vickiís knee) You might try it!

VICKI: Is that how I incorporated a physical symptom when I woke up?

ELIAS: This is correct. This is deserving of acknowledgment, for you are showing yourself and proving to your waking consciousness that your awareness is true, and that your experience exists within reality, equal to waking reality. Yarrís suggestion is quite insightful! (His suggestion was to not cut my arm off in my dream) I would not be proving this consciousness to yourself too extremely for you may cause bodily damage, and not that you may not incorporate healing this, but you may not believe that you may heal this, and you would look quite funny with a missing limb! (Pause) I see Lawrence incorporates not so much frustration with Elias this evening!

VICKI: No, or with myself. (Smiling and laughing)

ELIAS: Very good! I was expecting this response. You may each also be informed, as per our demonstration at our last session, that you may challenge Elias, if you are wishing. It does not bother me. You will incorporate your answer, and you will hear me, eventually.

Also, as to our different essences of speakers, and seers, and tellers, and there are more which you will discover; these being the original essences physically focused here on your planet within this dimension, this being that which you sprung from, this being the beginning of your physical focus. This was not eating apples, Garden of Eden! This was not trees, and snakes, and naked individuals running around waiting for lightening bolts! This was also not monkeys, or apes, or chimps, evolving into you! (Much group laughter)

This was essences, physically manifesting, to teach you, who are already physically manifest; you being newly separated within physical focus, but enough to be separated from essence, and not incorporating your unfocused focus any longer. You were what you might term wanderers, experiencing physical focus within the elements that you have created. You may think of it as beginning with new slates, as children with no education or learning; yet with this you encountered essences from your individual groups or tribes, and you were taught. You were given the knowledge for connection and existence within physical focus Remember: this was before your religious incorporation. Therefore, you were not clouded yet by a great many belief systems. You were separated, therefore you may say that you were floundering, not quite knowing which direction to choose. In this, some individuals, not all, connected with the essences physically manifest from your groups. Those individuals were sent out to be teaching the others. You each are connected with those. (Elias appears to be listening) There! We have a question of Michael!

MARY: (Elias translating) If Lawrence and Michael, being newer essences, are such, how then may they be manifest so anciently as to experience connection with these seers, to be incorporating this teaching?

ELIAS: Michael is forgetting, there is no beginning. Your individual personality that you know has fragmented. Therefore, in this aspect you may be thinking within physical terms of a partial beginning, but as I have stated, each fragment possesses all experience and knowledge of the essence it is fragmented from. Then you were present, although your individual personality was not yet fragmented, but was quite present within consciousness; this also being a connection between those of you who are incorporated within this group. Not many individuals were connected and involved with the essences that were instructive in your physical beginning of this dimensional planet.

This also incorporates our issues of simultaneousness, for those same seers, those essences are presently instructing you then, which is now. You are also experiencing physical focuses connected to you, who are also connecting with these seers within the future, but the seers were only within your past. They do not happen linearly within time or space. (Huh?) As Shynla sits within this same space, right at this moment another counterpart sits within this same space, within a different time and viewing a different scene. You sit now on your cushions within this structure, and you interact and listen to me. Your counterpart sits presently, within this identical space, on tile, and speaks to a seer. This aspect of you, being Joba, is manifest male and of dark skin, and sits this way, listening to one speaking. (Elias demonstrates by leaning back on this arms and stretching out his legs)

Also, within the physical area of what you view within this physical focus time period of one city block, resides another aspect of you within two and one half hundred years future, all functioning presently within this same space. You are unaware of these others. You may intersect within altered consciousness, dream or otherwise, with each of them. They are so close to you that you may feel their thoughts and their feelings as your own, sometimes. If your consciousness be altered but a slight degree, you physically could touch them; just as you incorporate now within your focus new artwork, that you must look deep into and focus, to view a picture within what appears to be a scribbled mess. (Grinning)

CATHY: I was just trying to do that this weekend, actually!

ELIAS: This is the same principle. Do you find this not interesting that you have created these new forms of artwork now? (Pause)

VICKI: Are you a seer?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause) But you are also. (Pause)

VICKI: Even though speakers and tellers are, say, of another group, we also connect with them?

ELIAS: Yes. You do not identify within the same intent, but you do connect, and you do all overlap. There is no division.

VICKI: Does Ronís counterpart sleep in his space also? (Laughing)

ELIAS: I will express to you that within this space, he is not sleeping, but he is drifting with a wandering mind! (Laughter) Although I will express to you that these incorporations may seem to be disconnected, but within reality, they do connect within consciousness. I will try harder to acquire information that will be more interesting and stimulating for our friend! We may incorporate more discussion of counterparts, or God-channeling; (laughter) and shall I say, but I love you very much! (Looking at Ron, and grinning)

VICKI: So there are different states of consciousness that we enter into, during our sleep time, that are different?

ELIAS: This is correct.

VICKI: Was this the case with my dream three nights ago?

ELIAS: This is also correct, and you are doing a fine job of incorporating consciousness within your dream state. As I remember, (pause) I think, (pause) it may not have been Lawrence saying, I cannot remember, I cannot remember, I cannot remember, and Lawrence is connecting very good! (Humorously, grinning widely)

VICKI: Was I viewing myself in that woman, in that dream three nights ago?

ELIAS: You have been viewing yourself within many elements of these dreams; or, I will express, aspects of yourself. You have viewed aspects of different parts of yourself; in this, separating the conflict, and incorporating for no conflict. Now you are understanding more clearly where there may be conflict that you may not be consciously feeling, but you have moved through, and incorporated the aspects back together. Is this clearer now?


ELIAS: (Smiling) I will express to you that although it may seem to you sometimes that I may be evasive, I am in actuality not being. You are only not hearing, but your consciousness is listening, and then you incorporate the answer. This is how it should be. You find your answers. You experience your consciousness and truth. If I am delivering all of your answers to you, in this way that you are wishing me to answer you, then what difference is Elias from your preachers, or your priests, or your politicians. Your answers are within you. Do not look to me for your truths. Look to yourselves, for you possess them already. You need only trust. I am no leader developing a sect. You are not my followers. You are your own individuals and essences. You have not created this tremendously marvelous, beautiful instrument of experiencing physical focus to be mindless, and to be expecting Elias to be your television, broadcasting your entertainment of court trials! If you are bored, look to yourselves. You are quite interesting, and possess the capability of shifting to be unbored! (Pause) Little one is restless this evening. (Referring to Cathyís dog, Caleigh)

CATHY: Yes, she is. Tell her that the break is coming soon.

ELIAS: I shall break now. You may ask questions afterwards.

BREAK 8:05 PM.


ELIAS: Continuing ... you have questions? (Pause)

CATHY: I do. I want to know why Caleigh is so afraid of the clicking sound a notebook makes, or any clicking sound. Why is she so afraid of it?

ELIAS: This is an interesting question. This creature, as do all creatures, has manifest within another focus and has incorporated the consciousness of another animal, one not within this geographical location of region. This animal incorporates a partial memory of poaching sounds. This, you will excuse my pun, (grinning) triggers a response within the consciousness of the animal, to which it does not presently understand, but incorporates an existing fear. (Pause)

CATHY: Is there anything I can do to fix it?

RON: Donít click things! (Laughing)

CATHY: Shut up, Ron!

ELIAS: I would be suggesting that you do not incorporate clapping your notebook for fun. Animals do not incorporate reasoning, therefore they do not understand reactions and responses that they experience to other focuses. It only realizes that it experiences an element of fear, and responds to this; therefore eliminating to the best of your ability this element which creates this response would be helpful.

CATHY: Is this why desesisi..., I canít say that word, desensisi..., do you get that word? Say it for me, Vicki!

VICKI: Desensiti ... Now I canít say it!

CATHY: Sorry! You know what word Iím talking about. Is that why that doesnít work on a lot of dogs that do have a fear of that?

ELIAS: This is correct. You are trying to physically alter a consciousness that may not be altered. You are dealing with physical elements, and a limited understanding of the consciousness of the creature itself. Therefore, you are not incorporating an understanding of its complete consciousness. You look to an animal, and you do not incorporate other focuses connected with this animal. Just as I have expressed to you that a lion, as the hunter, may choose to refocus as an antelope, being the hunted, for this experience of consciousness, so also do all of these creatures remanifest for different experiences. This animal incorporates presently a softer existence within its focus, as a balancing of a violent existence within another focus.

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

GUIN: Elias, since she brought up the animals, I just have a quick question about the consciousness that was my animal, my rabbit Kilo before, has it remanifested in one of my new cats now?

ELIAS: This consciousness is divided, but this is partially correct. It incorporates partially within this present animal, and incorporates partially within a new animal; this being a common expression of refocusing for these particular animals. Many animals will refocus within other animal focuses which are close to their previous consciousness. This incorporates no transition. Some, not all, but some of your larger or more family-oriented or more intelligent, as you view them, animals do incorporate other focuses to experience a wider range of consciousness. Smaller animals do not normally, in your terms, incorporate such vast differences within consciousness. These two animals share a very close connection of focus, therefore it is easily transferred back and forth. Your dogs may choose to refocus as another species within a similar family, such as a fox, or a wolf, or even a dingo. Larger animals, being more of predatory types but family-oriented, such as a lion, may choose to incorporate a wider variety of refocusing for experience. Animals such as a whale may choose many different focuses of consciousness to remanifest within, for its consciousness is wide enough to incorporate almost any existing animal within your planet.

JIM: Are whales and dolphins of a higher consciousness, so to speak, or is that a belief system that weíve incorporated? Do they have other senses that we, I know weíre aware of them, but do they possess other senses that they possess that ...

ELIAS: Whales possess a higher vibrational quality, this allowing them a higher element, so to speak, for there is no higher of consciousness. We will rephrase that to be wider element of consciousness. They also possess inner senses partially comparable to your own. They possess an awareness of inner senses. These animals have evolved within their consciousness to almost incorporate essence. (Pause)

CATHY: Is that why they snuff their trainers, because they know thereís no right or wrong? (Laughing)

JIM: That makes a lot of sense, doesnít it?

ELIAS: You would be amazed at the thinking process of these animals, and how they view your species!

CATHY: Iíll bet!

JIM: (Almost in unison) Iíll bet!

VICKI: I have a question about the animals that weíre incorporating into our game. I find it interesting that weíre doing that, and I canít quite get a grasp on the connection there.

ELIAS: Each aspect of our game offers you the opportunity to make connections of essence and physical focus. Many of our aspects of our game are physically focused, but incorporate consciousness. All, as there is no division of energy, are part of you just as you each are incorporated within non-physical essences but are also your own essences and personalities, which element also possesses a vibrational quality which you identify with. Therefore, these afford you each the opportunity to connect with each of these aspects. Some individuals incorporate belief systems around some elements, such as Dimin associates with stones. Partially, she is correct that there exists a connection beyond this. She incorporates a belief system that carries this connection far beyond its true connection, but each element is connected, for you are not separate.

Therefore you also, within our game as you add to your aspects of connections, experiment with each of the elements connected with yourselves, and experience their vibration and consciousness, for they each possess them, and they are connected with each of you in partial ways. Lawrence, being fascinated and connected with water, also is naturally connected with this whale and its consciousness. (To Vicki) You may project your consciousness into this form, as also you may project your consciousness into the form of this amethyst. (To group) You may afford yourselves the experience of lessening your separation, and realizing the connection and the experience of all consciousness. The point of our game is connection, not separation. Therefore, you are connected to all, and all is connected to you. (Pause) The less separation you experience and the more awareness you incorporate, the easier your shift will become. (Pause)

RON: I just have a question about something that Sophia got on the Ouija board the other day, about the possibility of my, of Paul coming through me in six to eight days. Iíd like to know how that could be possible, given the state of mind that Iíve been in the last couple weeks, which is totally involved in my work; and still, Iím still seeing nothing.

ELIAS: First of all, I will say to you, as you already are aware, all things are possible. Secondly, I will express to you that as your consciousness is diverted to such a degree, it is not worrying about your connection or blocking reception, for you are distracted, for this being a very opportune time for this incorporation. You are ready! As you have expressed to me, the inception is at hand. Paul is waiting, but this is your choice, and this is within your time of allowance. With your preoccupation with other focuses, you may not be so concentrated, or self-conscious, or pressured to be performing. Therefore, with this distraction, it may be easier for you to slide into this agreement. This is your choice, and one that is greatly respected. You will allow this agreement to proceed when you choose to allow this, and those waiting stand respectfully.

RON: Okay.

ELIAS: You may experiment with relaxation and your exercises, and you may try then, for your brain is occupied and not cluttered with pushing away. Sometimes with some individuals, it flows easier if you are not so concentrated, and you are distracted. You may be viewing your time to be too preoccupied, and that may be your most opportune time. (Pause)

RON: Well, I have another question then. This is going back to the game, the game thing. I think we may have come up with a couple more categories.

ELIAS: Yes???

RON: Would planets be one of the categories that will come up?

ELIAS: Correct!

RON: How about emotions?

ELIAS: Very good!

GUIN: Keep going, Ron!

RON: I forget. Those are the two main ones I remembered.

GUIN: The Seven Wonders of the World? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Incorrect!

RON: Yeah, the Seven Deadly Sins! (We all crack up)

ELIAS: We are reaching now!

GUIN: Stretching!

VICKI: Hmmm. Very interesting.

GUIN: Is seers going to be incorporated at all?

ELIAS: The seers are already incorporated, for all of these essences are seers. All of you also are seers. (Long pause)

CATHY: So, (pause) if Ron made an agreement with Paul to channel through, would he ever do it? Would we ever listen to Paul and yourself in the same session ?

ELIAS: This is possible. This may be unlikely. You may experience a brief overlapping, but I will express to you that if my good friend is allowed audience, I will depart and relinquish the floor. Essence does not incorporate confusion or competition. Therefore, as we have spoken of speaking in tongues, within your physical focus and your religious elements, this is a travesty to express that this is true essence language, for essences do not incorporate this type of confusion. We may play, but we are also respectful of one anotherís time incorporated with you; (pause, grinning) but we do discuss you amongst ourselves!

VICKI: You said you were going to expound on that.

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are quite an interesting group! Each essence incorporates different groups of individuals. Each essence that I am involved with within my focus, that is as teachers of other essences, some incorporate a connection with several groups, some only one. We do compare notes! (Humorously) Of course, you will be knowing that I express that my group is absolutely the most interesting and connected, far beyond others! (Laughter)

JIM: Wow! (Youíre being a little too serious here, Jim!)

ELIAS: (Jokingly) Of course, also other essences are not completely in agreement with me, and are bringing to my attention some of your questions, (laughter) or some are bringing to my attention, when I may be considered what you would view as boastful, the non-incorporation of light feather, stiff board! I expressed to them that you are not interested anyway, for this is below your consciousness. (Laughter) We do incorporate more OOBs than some of them! (Elias starts laughing now. He is really having fun with this!) I must say, some of them are not moving along very quickly at all, but there is no competition. You are just, in actuality, better! Iím quite sure I need not go into some of our questions, which have been repeatedly thrown back to me, which I am choosing to not remember. I may incorporate amnesia, too! (We all crack up)

VICKI: I have another question. We found out tonight that we may incorporate more than one state of consciousness, so to speak, when we are sleeping. Are there many areas of consciousness that one may enter into, in that state of sleeping?

ELIAS: (Holding up one finger) Wait! Do you hear, this was an intelligent question! One point for Elias! (We all crack up again, including Elias. Now youíre being a little too serious, Vicki!) Actually, yes. You do not incorporate countless states of consciousness within your sleep state, but you do incorporate more than one. There are different aspects of consciousness that you may tap into within your sleep state, just as there are different aspects of consciousness that you may tap during waking state.

You may also feel your body, or you may not feel your body, drift into a sleep state after you have incorporated an altered conscious state. Your body may drift into a sleeping state as a preservation state, while your consciousness explores other states. You do this automatically. This is not always the case, for, as you see, Michaelís consciousness is removed, but this body moves and is not sleeping; but there are other areas and aspects of consciousness that you may move into and leave your body to become involved within a sleep state, this being the most natural. While you venture on one of your OOBs, your body will naturally incorporate a sleep state, either before you venture out, or after. (Pause)

Out of body experiences also incorporate several different states of consciousness. In this, you may achieve this state in several different ways. You do not always need to extremely force your consciousness away from your physical body. You do not always incorporate extreme physical sensations and feeling. As you become more accomplished at initiating these OOBs, you will move more easily with your consciousness, and you will incorporate much more mobility, and you will find less extreme methods of going out and coming back. You will learn, as you are learning now, to differentiate between your different states of consciousness within your dream time.

Many times I have used the terms to you of your ďsleep state,Ē instead of using your word of ďdream,Ē for you automatically attach an identification to this word of ďdreamĒ as not real, whereas the term of ďsleep stateĒ incorporates no attachment. You view this as blank. Therefore, you may insert into this blank a new reality, which is an altered consciousness, or other consciousness. It is all reality, just the same. You are experiencing this differentiation already. You are also beginning to realize that you are not your dream. (To Vicki) When you are flying, the quality of your state of consciousness is different than when you are involved within a dream. There is the noticing. (Pause)

GUIN: I would like to ask a question. Iíve done, I donít think that it was connected to this, but Iíve done almost the opposite. Iíve gone into a meditation and then like fallen asleep, and then have woke up but not just woke up, gone straight back into the meditation, and then came out of the meditation. Whatís happening? Am I just falling asleep and then waking up?

ELIAS: These also are other states of consciousness, this being similar to the state of consciousness that you enter into within your sleep state, that you are quite aware of activity and information but cannot recall. When you are experiencing within your waking time this limited remembering, this is a similar experience to your blacked out time within your meditational state.

The reason for this is that you are not quite ready to view what you are experiencing within waking consciousness. You do not understand yet. Therefore, as a natural protection to your identity and your waking physical consciousness, you blank out certain aspects of this consciousness time. This is temporary, and you may move through this. This also is not accomplished immediately. You will realize that individuals strive and work with focusing their consciousness for much time, in your terms, before accomplishing these aspects. You need not worry of catching up, for these individuals within this audience present are quite still blacking out those parts of their consciousness that they are not ready to view, either. It may appear that they are accomplishing so much more, but you must also remember that they have been, within physical time, practicing more. As Michael has moved quickly, you also are moving very quickly within your awareness.

GUIN: (Softly) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Long pause, and then to Cathy, referring to Caleigh, and in a very calm voice) And she is calm now, for she has worn herself out. (Another pause) Are you wishing of more questions?

RON 2: Canít think tonight. Got lots of questions! (Pause)

ELIAS: (Smiling) Then I will be leaving you for this evening, to be interacting and connecting with each other, and you may be focusing on playing!

RON 2: I like playing!

ELIAS: It is quite fun, and fun is good!

CATHY: Iíve been doing good playing!

VICKI: Iíll tell you whatís fun, is flying! Thatís really fun!

CATHY: Iíd like to try that one!

ELIAS: Lawrence is enamored of flying without a plane (Laughter)

VICKI: Itís very fun!

ELIAS: I will bid you good evening.

RON 2: Well, thank you for sharing your evening with us.

ELIAS: (Smiling) You are welcome, and au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:06 PM.

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