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Wednesday, October 11, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Jim (Yarr).

Elias arrives at 8:46 PM.

ELIAS: We meet again! You may use your time this evening as your forum for discussion, for subject matter which you choose. (Pause)

JIM: I would like to get some information on my essence name of Yarr, and some of the perhaps meaning that might be connected with that.

ELIAS: As I have stated, each essence chooses a word which you designate as a name, which vibrates a certain quality and tone; this being identified with the tone that you incorporate as the whole of your essence. (Pause) I will explain we are experiencing technical difficulties this evening, for Michael is fading in and out and attempting to speak, but not forming thoughts. Therefore, if my attention becomes distracted, or seemingly so, this will be your explanation, as I am not receiving complete thought patterns, for he is not forming them completely! (Laughter)

As to the subject of your tone quality, this emanates a sound which you identify with, as do each of these other essences. All of the sounds within each name or word create a vibrational quality that identifies with an aspect of yourself. If you are to slowly say your essence name to yourself within a meditation and listen to the quality of this name, you may also bring to focus identifying elements of your individual essences. You may incorporate images that you identify with within your consciousness, for this word, which you have chosen as your essence name will vibrate qualities that will bring to memory, so to speak, aspects of yourself and of your focuses; this being the reason you choose these particular tone qualities to identify yourself with. This is not necessarily an identification as far as other essences are concerned for recognizing you. It is an identification of yourself, in connection with all of your aspects of yourself. An essence name does not necessarily reflect any particular physical focus. It may be incorporated into a physical focus, but it is not identified with a physical focus. In most accounts, those who choose to incorporate the essence name into their physical manifestation do so as a connection within their final manifestation within physical focus.

JIM: In a meditation, think of it? Or audibly vocalize it? I guess either way.

ELIAS: Vocalization creates the sound. This will create a vibration within sound waves that you may physically hear which will connect with your consciousness. Your physical senses are not useless. They have been created for reasons. The fact that you incorporate inner senses does not discount or eliminate your physical senses as being any less valuable.

JIM: Okay, good. I’ll do that! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I’m curious to hear more about RA 3. We haven’t heard a lot about RA 3 yet.

ELIAS: Regional Area 3 would be your area incorporating transition. This may be physically incorporated, or you may choose to incorporate this after you end a physical focus. This is depending on your individual desire.

It is quite possible for you to incorporate your transition area of consciousness within physical focus, and also within your normal waking consciousness. This may be incorporated in several different ways. You may choose to experience this towards the end of your physical focus, incorporating what you now view as senility. This has been incorporated within your reality throughout your time, this being the most common way of incorporating transition within your physical consciousness; but you may also experience this in other ways.

You may choose to incorporate this consciously, intentionally, this being much more difficult than allowing yourself the luxury of senility; for within this probability, within older age you are not expected to be responsible, for you are looked on as having something incorrect about you. Therefore, you may allow your consciousness to drift back and forth and not think of the physical responsibility involved within your “normal” consciousness. You would not view this as being a very responsible act. Therefore, normally you do not incorporate this, and if you are choosing to consciously attempt this it becomes more difficult, for you must incorporate tremendous control; for unless you are choosing for your peers to be viewing you as insane, you must enable your consciousness to drift, but you must also incorporate enough control within your consciousness to rein it in intentionally. This can be accomplished, but this takes practice.

You all possess this ability. You have, to a very small extent, begun to experience this already within your consciousness. You do not incorporate an understanding of your physical control, but you have allowed your consciousness to begin to explore other aspects of its reality. (Pause)

Within the area of Regional Area 3, you may experience a more connected knowing of yourself and of other essences, for other essences connect collectively within this area also. In actuality, all essences connect within this area; this having a different focus than Regional Area 2, where essences connect with the intention of creating. Within regional area two, your focus is completely centered within creation of all things. Within Regional Area 3, you are not concerned with creating. You are concerned with knowing; this being the focus of your consciousness to where you incorporate a greater understanding of yourself and of other essences.

I must explain to you that these regional areas are not to be viewed as stepping stones. It is not necessary to go through one before another, for they all overlap and they all intertwine. Therefore, you may incorporate areas of consciousness that may be in what you would view as another number, but this will have nothing to do with the area aspect of two or three or whatever number. They are only areas of consciousness. You may experience all of them simultaneously. Of course, if you are attempting this, you will be confusing yourself quite nicely!

VICKI: Sounds like something I might like, huh?

ELIAS: Absolutely! (Laughter) It would definitely be a tremendous project to untangle!

VICKI: I do have a question. I kind of get the sense that possibly to deal with this transition before one “ends” is something that would be favorable to do.

ELIAS: This is absolutely correct.


ELIAS: Let me offer you a scenario. (Pause) You are functioning within physical focus. You experience a rational thinking mind with an extensive consciousness. Within your awareness and physical focus, where you are alive, so to speak ... for when you are dead you are not not alive! (Laughter) But while you are within physical manifestation and alive, you also incorporate connection with many other essences. You allow yourself this connection, and you allow information and input from other individuals.

Therefore, let us say that you, within your beliefs, believe in nothing beyond your physical focus. You incorporate no after-life, you incorporate no past existences, no future. You believe, within yourself, that when you end a physical focus, you deteriorate into your earth; that you are done.

Within your time of physical focus, you may encounter individuals which you will allow to influence your thinking; who may present to you information that you may discover makes you wonder. Therefore, you begin to question. You allow influences of other individuals to place doubt into your belief systems, just as I have placed doubt into your belief systems.

Once you have ended a physical focus, you isolate your consciousness. You have created whatever it is that you have incorporated with belief systems. If you believe that all existence ceases when you end physical focus, you will incorporate a period disconnected from other essences and you will focus on nothing. You will experience nothing. You do not understand the word nothing, for none of you have ever experienced nothing. Within your physical focus, even blackness is something! Therefore, you do not know what nothingness is; but if you believe that you vanish into nothingness when you die, you will vanish to nothingness temporarily. Within nothingness, other essences do not exist. Therefore, they may not be incorporated to help. Within physical focus, you are not disconnected and you are not experiencing nothing. Therefore, you may incorporate help.

If you are believing that you will be experiencing heaven or hell, you will experience these aspects of consciousness. Within physical focus, if you are allowing your consciousness to widen, then you are opening your probabilities, and then you do not incorporate a time period, so to speak, in which you must experience belief systems to that extent. You may continue, without widening, to experience these belief systems for quite a time, in your terms. You may choose to disconnect outside of physical focus and continue only within these belief systems, allowing yourself no openness to realities. Let me explain that your manifestation of belief systems, while these may be within non-physical focus what you would term hallucinations, they are quite real. They incorporate a reality equal to what you experience now. Therefore, they are quite believable.

This is not to say that other essences do not wish to be helpful. This is to say that other essences are not intrusive and you will not allow them to be helpful, for you choose to experience these transitions. If you are knowing of these concepts beforehand, in your terms physically, then you may prepare for this, opening your consciousness wider and allowing yourself to experience reality as it comes to you, with no expectation of how it “should” be. You do not predestine yourself to a particular focus. You allow the reality to be incorporated naturally. (Pause) Is this understood a little?

VICKI: A little ...

ELIAS: It is definitely more desirable to be widening within physical focus.

VICKI: And if one is accomplishing some widening within physical focus, one would more than likely not choose to undergo transition after one’s end, so to speak?

ELIAS: Absolutely. It would be not necessary, for it would not incorporate belief systems that will bind you to a certain hallucination temporarily, that you must move through or break free from. You will “slide into” the reality which awaits you with no effort.

VICKI: And if one undergoes this transition period, this temporary transition period, and then does break through or move through, is one pretty surprised at that point in time?

ELIAS: Within physical focus, yes. You will experience aspects of your consciousness that you were not realizing existed. You will experience many aspects of reality that will surprise you. You will feel “weird!”

VICKI: And what about in non-physical focus, when one experiences this transition and one finally moves through?

ELIAS: This is different, for the reality of the focus becomes instantaneous and is not a gradual moving through. It is an experiencing of belief systems and an awakening of conscious reality. Therefore, there are not “slight glimpses.” You incorporate slight glimpses, for you are learning how to control your physical consciousness and move into a wider awareness at the same time without allowing or incorporating your situation of insanity or senility; which both, we know, are not what your focus portrays them to be, but they also choose to not incorporate any physical responsibility for themselves.

Within this, you choose to continue within your “normal” focus, as you term this, within your “accepted official focus,” and you also choose to widen your awareness and experience more. You are beginning with this process, and now that you are not incorporating irritation and so much confusion and rebellion, now you may move through with amazement, which we are aware that you are! And is it not amazing and wondrous, what you may accomplish within this new-found area of consciousness? You possess abilities that you did not realize that you had! And then to think, this is only the beginning!

VICKI: Yeah, it’s pretty exciting!

ELIAS: This is what I have been speaking to you of for all this time, and now you begin, and this is fun!

VICKI: This is fun! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CATHY: Who did I see in my peripheral vision the other day, running through my living room?

ELIAS: (Grinning) And who were you thinking that you saw running through your living area?

CATHY: Oh, one of those “M” guys, I’m sure! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And were you noticing anything in particular about one of these “M” guys?

CATHY: Just that I caught him out of the corner of my eye, just going by. It was like a shadow, real fast. And I went, “Did I see that?”

ELIAS: Yes, you did.

CATHY: I did, huh! (Pause)

ELIAS: I am disappointed. (Laughter)

CATHY: Geez, am I supposed to know who it was? (Laughter)

ELIAS: I have lost my electricity, and I am so sad.

JIM: It wasn’t wearing armor. Maybe that’s what it was.

ELIAS: That is correct. Maybe I should be clanking the next time, incorporating chains! (Laughter)

CATHY: Well, at least I noticed.

ELIAS: Ah, yes, and you will be noticing much more very soon!

CATHY: Oh goody! I’m ‘cited!

ELIAS: As to your question for Sophia, you may extend my invitation, and I will respectfully be thanking to Lawrence in the consideration of wishing my invitation first. (Long pause, and then, whispering) We are so quiet!

VICKI: I have another question, if nobody else does.

JIM: Go ahead!

VICKI: You can go ahead, too!

JIM: You go ahead. I’m ... my questions are being explained.

VICKI: Well, my other question has to do with, was brought up by a conversation with Michael the other day, regarding your “blanket statement.” (If it isn’t fun, don’t do it!)


VICKI: It makes perfect sense to me, but he did have some good points. So, if a teenage child decides that going to school just isn’t fun anymore, then he should just stop going to school?


VICKI: And wouldn’t that be incorporating of not fun, possibly for say his parents?

ELIAS: Each individual incorporates, within their own focus, their own choices. Therefore, you do not base yourself upon the actions of others; and if you are not incorporating fun, you have choices also, to eliminate what is causing you conflict. I believe you will find that if a child is not experiencing fun within their learning years, that there will be reasons for this that may be eliminated to allow the incorporation of fun. Also, this same individual may choose not to incorporate with school, so to speak, but this does not mean that they will be experiencing fun not in school.

Each individual incorporates an identity; which within physical focus, this aspect of consciousness rebels against all others temporarily, therefore attempting to establish its identity. Within this, you will find that individuals who are not allowed their expression of their identity push harder against any individual who will be threatening this by posing as authority. Authority symbolizes, to you, another individual who will tell you what to do or how to do this, or what to think or how to be. Within this, if you have established your own solidity within your identity, you will encounter many individuals who will assert this on you, but you will not care for it will not affect you, for that part or that aspect of your consciousness will be connected and not threatened within its identity.

This brings us to my expression to you, that if you are incorporating essence consistently, you will be eliminating many conflicts and you will be incorporating fun much more, if not continuously. You may say, “What if an individual does not wish to be tilling the fields? How will we eat, for they will not grow the food!” Incorrect! There are always other individuals who do find pleasure and fun within this work. There are always individuals that do incorporate fun within the learning process. Individuals who do not incorporate fun within the learning process are also not learning! Therefore, you defeat your purpose! (Laughter and agreement from the group)

You incorporate into your reality that which you find to be pleasurable and positive. You decide to incorporate what you believe to be negative or not pleasurable when you have convinced yourself that you are not capable of accomplishing the other. Therefore, you accomplish and create quite efficiently, within what you term negative aspects. Either way, you are creating quite efficiently. You are effective in both aspects. There are always essences which will incorporate themselves, in all areas of physical focus, to accomplish your necessities.

Within the area of education, this is completely limited to a physical focus issue; for within essence, every essence manifesting physically incorporates a natural desire and passion for learning. This illustrates itself within the very first moments of breathing life. Even before breathing life, the essence, within growing within the womb, incorporates learning and a desire and growing. Therefore, the issue of an individual physically focused not incorporating fun within the area of learning is a direct effect of physical focus, and the rules that you have incorporated within your societies and within your communities. You have stifled yourselves and your small ones, and you encourage separation. Within separating, you also encourage conflict and a lack of fun. Within the focus of connecting, you will notice that there are individuals who are not encouraged as much to separate, and their essence expresses itself with a thirst for physical knowledge; this being where you differentiate.

As to your question of, “Then what do you do after this has already been accomplished?” This is all fine and good if you were all raised perfectly, and you all have not been. “And if a child is wishing to not continue within school, then what?” That is that individual’s choice, and that individual will deal with that choice within the accepted official reality that all of you have created; and you, as a parent, incorporate choices also. If you are not in agreement, then do not be in agreement! If you are not experiencing pleasantness with this child that has not continued, then you have your own choices to make, one of which obviously may be to disconnect from this situation; this being much easier for me to express to you than you will find this to implement! But if you are truly trusting within essence and you are truly understanding that each individual creates their own reality, then you will experience no conflict with this.

The most difficult sentence I have ever expressed to you is that you create your own reality, for this not only incorporates you, but every other individual separate and apart from you, as they do all create their own reality; and in your reality, you have each created belief systems of right and wrong, and within that, you create your reality accordingly. (Pause) And Elias is being frustrating again!

VICKI: No, I was more thinking of Michael, my conversation with Michael the other night.

ELIAS: Oh, Michael is already frustrated!

VICKI: One of his examples in our conversation was, well, so if a woman has a child and decides ... (Vicki hands Elias the cup)

ELIAS: Thank you. (He takes a drink)

VICKI: And decides that it just isn’t fun anymore after a month or two. “This isn’t any fun, so I’ll just take this child and put it on a doorstep or throw it in the garbage and go on with my fun life.” I can hear Michael saying these things to me last night. I guess you would have to assume that at that point, the infant is also creating its own reality?

ELIAS: In this, this is very over-simplifying; but essentially, this would be correct.

VICKI: These things happen in our reality!

ELIAS: I would say! It is not as if you have never heard of these issues occurring within your physical reality. They have been happening from your dawn of time. This is not a new thing! You attach a right or wrong to this, in what you view as morality. Essentially, they are choices. Essentially, they are experiences. This is not to say that this individual abandoning a small one is having fun! The problem that you experience is that many individuals do not even understand what fun is, that being the basis in itself. They are not incorporating connection. They are not making choices on the basis of what is fun. They are making choices based on separation and belief systems. Therefore, you may incorporate your question of “What if,” but I may also extend back to you or to Michael that for all of his “What if’s,” these individuals are not creating choices for fun. They do not even understand its reality. You do. There is a difference.

VICKI: And hence, the blanket statement.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

VICKI: That’s kind of what I figured, but ...

ELIAS: Just as I blanketly say to you, there is no right or wrong; or just as I say, you create your reality. There is no argument. Michael may wish to dispute for much time, and it changes nothing. These are realities. These are truths. He may find himself within the experience of viewing these truths from a new perspective--with a new slate, so to speak--with the incorporation of Rose; and the difference, if Elizabeth is incorporating connection and not separation, of how an individual may naturally express impulses and creativity and fun and a desire for all of these aspects of essence, which are natural if they are not blocked. (Grinning, and a pause)

Maybe your children should not be attending your schools. Maybe they should be learning connection, and then maybe they would be wishing to learn concepts of their universe, such as their anatomy or their astronomy or their mathematics. Or reading, as they would surely wish to incorporate many books! They have wealths of knowledge at their fingertips and they reject this, for your focus has created such separation, and they are not interested in what they are physically anymore. Just as you are bored with your physical focus, they are not interested! Maybe he should think of this and concern himself with having fun for himself, and not be worrying about what if another individual is having fun!

VICKI: I think it’s a great concept, myself.

ELIAS: Thank you! (Laughter) Therefore, this week we will incorporate agitation from Michael instead of Lawrence! Would Yarr or Shynla wish to volunteer for next week’s encounter with Elias? (Laughter) You must take a number! I will express to you, once again, are they not so alike? Express to Michael, this is fun, creating these conflicts! He will laugh! (Grinning)

CATHY: Got one for you, Vicki. You ready for this? (Vicki agrees) Would the gift from Rose to Lawrence and Ron be moving through a belief system of either good or bad or right or wrong, if they accept her decision, because it is an agreement that she made?

ELIAS: This is absolutely a partial incorporation of this gift. Very good connecting, Shynla!

CATHY: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are welcome! This essence, you will each find, has special qualities to offer, if you are choosing to be recognizing of them and connecting with her. This is your choice. You may choose to do so or you may choose not, but if you are choosing to incorporate this connection with this small one, you may be surprised at the perceptions that she brings with her, for this also is a connected essence; this being the new essence of one being fragmented, which you are already familiar with; this being that of Mattie.

VICKI: I never really ... That used to twist me up all the time, Mattie! It was a really hard one to understand.

ELIAS: And now being incorporated within physical focus, within your time.

VICKI: So, Mattie wouldn’t be an essence name then?

ELIAS: No. (Pause) Until this fragmentation, the essence name was Elizabeth.

VICKI: Right, got that much. There’s that piece! (Laughing)

ELIAS: She incorporates her own essence.

VICKI: Yeah ... (Pause, during which Vicki’s confusion is apparent)

ELIAS: This essence has been in preparation for a time already, just as each of these essences within our game have incorporated themselves and been in preparation with each of you, and I with Michael, for much time, in your terms; not just within your past few months. We have been incorporated for an amount of time, in waiting.

VICKI: So would Mattie be like a splinter name?


VICKI: Okay. I am going to understand this one day!

ELIAS: This is another focus name, this being what you term to be a previous focus of Elizabeth. Now I will throw to you a slight curve ball ...

VICKI: Great!

ELIAS: ... for you to incorporate; in that you, if you were choosing to remanifest, which we are aware that you are not, but hypothetically, if you were, you may find yourself within non-physical focus viewing your new parents before your conception, which may be within your fourteenth century.

VICKI: Yeah ... (Rubbing her face)

ELIAS: You do not always move in what you believe to be “forward!” (Pause) I am loving playing with Lawrence this way, for he becomes so confused! (Laughter)

VICKI: (Sarcastically) It’s fun!

ELIAS: (Laughing) Mattie has been Elizabeth’s other focus within physical focus. She also is a splinter of Elizabeth. She also has become, and is fragmented of, Elizabeth. She also incorporates her own essence of Rose, although not in this order, for there is no order successively. Knowing the essence of Elizabeth, which you are each connected with, and that this essence incorporates all of Elizabeth’s experience, but brings to this also a new personality, this being also part of the gift; new information, not necessarily that you may find in books; although Lawrence may be irritated also by this essence, for this essence will prove to be quite balanced also; not displaying a complete thought focus, but not being overly emotional either.

VICKI: Well, this has never been a source of irritation with Ron. Actually, it’s quite wonderful to view. (Pause)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Are you wishing of more questions?

CATHY: I think I’m done.

ELIAS: (Looking at Jim) Does he not look like a chief? (Laughter)

JIM: How!

VICKI: I have just a quick question regarding this book that Michael and I are both reading. Any comment on that book? (Oversoul 7)

ELIAS: Ah, and Michael is finally connecting the idea that his consciousness is drawing him to be reading these individual books, simultaneously with our information within sessions! We do not incorporate a game for this yet, but I may keep in reserve one point for this connection!

This, interestingly enough, you are both beginning to experience. This information within this book, although being presented as a story, is essentially reality; not with these particular characters, but within the concepts. Therefore, this may be helpful to you both in understanding your experiences that you are presently beginning. This may be quite helpful within your dream state. Express to Michael to take notice; for his dream experience recently, which is in actuality not dreaming experience but altered conscious experience, is quite paralleled to the information within this new book of yours. This is not a coincidence! You are drawn to these to be helpful to yourselves in understanding your experiences. Quite inventive, I may add! (Pause) You may also be excited and spurred more by incorporating the information within this book. You may find this interesting to be sharing, much more so than your angels book that you were trying to experience together and were losing interest. This incorporates reality!

VICKI: Thank you.

CATHY: Speaking of excitement, I was pretty excited with my Ouija board experience this week, and I was wondering if perhaps you could tell me if my friend Sue got to talk to Amos tonight?

ELIAS: (Laughing) But if I were expressing this to you, then where would be your surprise? I will express to you to be not discounting Tomkin’s spelling, for it is not incorrect.

CATHY: Okay.

ELIAS: Or, names do not necessarily need to sound correct to you within your language.

CATHY: Thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: And I’ve been spelling his name wrong all along!

ELIAS: This is correct, but you were not asking me!


ELIAS: So, I was not offering corrections!

VICKI: I do have a question on a name spelling though, that I will ask, for the essence of Kali.


VICKI: Oh, I have been spelling that one correctly.

ELIAS: Yes, you have.

VICKI: Cool. Okay.

CATHY: How about the physical focus name Aaron? How do you spell that one?

ELIAS: Aaron. This would be spelled with one A ... R-E-N.


ELIAS: Well then, I will be departing for this evening and allow you your connecting time, or non-time, (laughter) and I will be speaking with you soon, and I will be expressing to you to be having fun adventures within your consciousness! Au revoir!

GROUP: Au Revoir, and thank you.

Elias departs at 10:19 PM.

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