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Tuesday, August 17, 1999

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“The Possibility of the Impossible”

“Experience is the Key”

“Energy Exchanges”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Joanne (Gildae), Marj (Grady), and Ted (Cara).

Elias arrives at 11:28 AM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

GROUP: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And we meet again!

MARJ: Yes, we do! I think Ted’s gonna talk to you first and ask you some questions, alright, Elias?

ELIAS: Very well!

TED: Elias, we’ve talked before about this entity of C9 who is now speaking through me. She did that for the second time this weekend. This is somewhat frightening to me, to answer questions about things that I know nothing about or cannot recall after the session. I am trusting myself and I trust this entity of C9, but I need some acknowledgment and confirmation as to the acceptability of the information she is giving me through this window that you have spoken about. I keep getting dates and numbers of focuses that people have. It never seems to say, “I don’t know.” It always has an answer. Can you comment on this entity of C9?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that presently, what is occurring is an actual energy exchange, but I may also express to you that within these early throes, so to speak, of this exchange, there may be at times incorporated elements of distortion, which you may express to yourself is quite natural, for the unnatural element, in your terms, is the action itself. (Chuckling)

In this, it is quite common for individuals within physical focus to be responding to this type of interaction in the manner that you are responding. You hold strong belief systems within physical focus.

In this particular time framework, as I have expressed to you, you are also engaging this particular wave in consciousness which addresses to a specific belief system, and in that, it lends energy to the increased responsiveness in any area that you choose to be moving into.

What I am expressing is, throughout your history, many individuals have engaged energy exchanges, and in this action, all of these individuals experience very similar actions in responsiveness to yourself. They feel uncertain, uncomfortable, and they question the action itself, the information which is being presented, and they also experience inner conflicts, for this action taps into certain aspects of belief systems that are very strongly held.

But within this time framework, as I have stated previously, you are experiencing also a wave in consciousness, and you are being lent energy by all of the energy which has been expressed in the direction of this time framework. Therefore, it creates a heightened sense of these types of actions. It may facilitate more of an ease in the accomplishment of these actions, as it may with all actions that you choose presently, but it also intensifies the elements that are naturally expressed in certain aspects of belief systems. One of these aspects is that which expresses the viewing of perception and the questioning of perception of other individuals.

Now; let me also express to you that within this time framework presently, in this very now, this particular aspect of the belief system is quite surfacely being examined by many individuals, for what this taps into is your evaluation, your measurement of your worth within your physical focus. Although you may not necessarily in those terms question yourself, it is an underlying aspect of uncomfortableness and fearfulness that is experienced regardless of your thoughts in that direction, for you assess your measurement of your worth and your validity, in part, by how you view other individuals perceive you. If you view that other individuals are perceiving you to be a fool, this shall be quite impacting in the direction of your measurement of your value and your worth and your expressions.

Therefore, if you are participating in an energy exchange – which as I have stated, in physical focus is an unnatural action – you are incorporating an action that is unfamiliar to yourself and also unfamiliar to other individuals. Unfamiliar actions and behaviors and events are viewed many times through the perception of peculiarity and are questioned. Therefore, as you hold an awareness objectively of this, you automatically are also responsive within yourself and become apprehensive in the engagement of this type of exchange.

It also taps into another aspect, and that aspect is the bird of control. All of you hold a very strong inclination in the direction of favoring what you believe to be control within yourselves. Many of you extend this outwardly also, but you also view that this is an element that is vital within yourselves, that you must be in control of your expressions.

In this, you view an energy exchange to be a lack of control, for your physical form is engaging in an action that you view to be beyond your control. This be the reason that many, many individuals choose to hold an objective awareness of the energy exchange.

Now; let me also express to you another element of this type of action, for within an energy exchange or within the action of channeling energy of one’s own essence into objective communication of information, for the most part individuals choose to be engaging this type of action holding an element of objective awareness.

Now, this is not to say that you may objectively hold an entire memory of what has occurred within the actual time framework of this action, but that you do hold some element of objective awareness throughout the engagement of the action, or you may express this to be “the phenomenon.” This offers you slightly more energy directed in the aspect of control. It also offers you what you may term to be as a safety net, for if you are experiencing uncomfortableness, you may disengage objectively within any moment. I may express to you also that even within the type of exchange that Michael engages, what you term to be control still may be exercised, but it is exercised in a different manner. But there is no forcefulness or intrusiveness with any essences in this type of phenomenon.

As to the information, as I have expressed, in this initial engagement, there are elements of distortion which enter into the communication, so to speak, that are introduced by yourself automatically. This is not bad and it is not wrong. It is merely an automatic action which occurs, for the translation of energy is unfamiliar and you are participating in the translation of energy. Therefore, there is area in that movement of translation in which you may be interjecting your translation of the energy which is projected into language that you understand. Thus far, are you following?

TED: Yes, I follow very closely. I understand everything you’ve said so far.

ELIAS: Very well. Now; in this, be understanding, this is not an action that you hold a thought process within. It is an automatic action, for all of you automatically translate all that you encounter into physical terms that you understand, but not all energy which is projected to you holds an adequate translation. As I have stated previously to many individuals, there are certain areas of certain subject matters that I do not engage discussion with you within for this reason, for I may offer the energy through these layers of consciousness, but it shall automatically be translated into your language and what you know, and there are certain elements of consciousness that do not translate into your physical dimension accurately.

As to the action of always holding an answer (chuckling) to your questioning, why shall this be of great surprise to you? I have been expressing to you all from the onset of these sessions that you all hold all of this information. You may inquire any question to yourself, and you hold the answer to this question. Why shall any other essence not hold the answer also?

TED: Okay, I understand that. Thank you. I kind of figured you were going to answer that way.


TED: I have one more question. Yesterday, Luanne and I were in another city. We spent the night, and when she came out of the shower, she did not recall where she was or why we were there or what we were going to do while we were there. We worked through that yesterday and returned to our home area, to Grady’s home, and talked to C9, who identified that Inez had been exchanging places with another aspect of herself, and that aspect had not been communicating with her normal conscious self, and she was kind of at a loss as to where she was. Is this correct information that C9 has given us?

ELIAS: Now; this provides you with an example of the element of distortion, for I shall express to you, yes, in one respect the information is correct, but it also may be confusing to you, for it implies that one aspect of self holds no knowledge of what another aspect of self is creating, and this is not the case.

In this, what I shall express to you is, this is an action of blinking in and out, which I have expressed previously, you create this action continuously throughout your focus as you are physically manifest. You are constantly blinking in and out, but your objective awareness appears uninterrupted.

Now; at times you may be blinking in and out, and you may exchange primary positions with another aspect of self. As I have stated previously, you hold countless you’s of you. You are not one singular individual as you think of yourselves as being.

In this, you do hold one primary aspect of self, which is the aspect of self that is primarily functioning objectively. This is the aspect of self that you identify as you. At times you may choose to be exchanging positions with another aspect of self, and another aspect of self shall move into the primary position. Depending upon the tonal quality, the direction of attention, and the interest, so to speak – and the qualities expressed by that aspect – it may be different enough from the aspect that has been the primary aspect that it shall appear to create a temporary interruption of objective memory.

Now; this memory is not lost. It is held quite objectively by the other aspect in the same manner that the primary aspect holds its memory. But as it moves out of that position once again, and the previous primary aspect moves back into the primary position – which does occur frequently within many individuals – the primary aspect that has returned to its position is not objectively holding the memory of the other aspect.

Now; I am quite understanding that these are confusing areas!

In this, the memory may be easily accessed through other methods, so to speak, but they are not necessarily readily available within the objective memory of the primary aspect that is in position now.

This be the reason that individuals experience what they term to be missing moments, missing time, or they hold what you term to be gaps within their memory, certain time frameworks that they hold what they perceive to be no memory of objectively. This may occur for quite noticeable time frameworks or it may be quite momentary, but it does occur quite regularly throughout physical focus.

As individuals within physical focus choose to be moving into more relaxed areas, widening their awareness or moving into actions of transition while they are continuing to be engaging physical focus, this type of action may be chosen much more frequently, for many times individuals may not be engaging this type of action within certain time frameworks of their focus, for their fearfulness may be overriding of that type of action. Their element of comfortableness within self, their element of trust of self, and their element of safety within self may not be enough, so to speak, in which they shall allow themselves this type of action.

You may recognize that many, many times this type of action may occur frequently within those time frameworks or those years that you view to be held within childhood. It also occurs much more frequently in individuals as they move into what you express as older years.

This type of action is created infrequently within the physical time framework of the middle years of an individual’s focus, for at times it may be more threatening to their identity and threatening to their very tight grip upon the aspect of control, but within children or within individuals experiencing more advanced years within their focus, this is not of such great concern. Therefore, they allow more of a relaxation of their focus, and this type of blinking in and out for more extended time frameworks becomes much more common. Are you understanding?

TED: Yes, I understand, Elias. Thank you very much. I appreciate the information.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARJ: Now it’s Gilda’s turn!

JOANNE: Hi, Elias!

ELIAS: Good morning!

JOANNE: How are you today?

ELIAS: As always!

JOANNE: First, I wanted to confirm that my essence name is Gilda. (pronounced gil’da)

ELIAS: (Laughing) Once again, this would be a difficulty with translation. Let me offer to you the correct pronunciation, so to speak. This essence name, translated into your physical language, would be Gildae. (pronounced zha-day’) This would hold the spelling, in your physical terms, the same as what you have been offered, but you have neglected the “E” at the end of the word. (Chuckling)

JOANNE: Well, I like that a lot better! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! It is merely a difference in pronunciation, but I shall express to you, this also is an example of how you shall automatically translate into what is familiar and what you know and understand. The energy has been presented correctly and has been offered, but this, in like manner to a written word, shall automatically be translated into a type of pronunciation that you are familiar with, and you are not always objectively familiar with certain tonal qualities. (Chuckling)

JOANNE: Thank you. I do like that a lot better!

The last time we talked, we talked about my tile in the city, and I was so nervous that I cut you off when you were about to tell me something more about it, and I was wondering if you would continue.

Transcripts: find out more about the previous exchange in session 444, August 10, 1999

ELIAS: We were speaking of this tile and its insertion into this parallel reality and how you create probabilities within the now. We were also speaking of the imagery, and that which you have presented to yourself of the rock and the flower and the representation of this particular imagery.

Now; as you have translated this into a tile, the expression of the tile is the presentment of the actualization of events and actions within this physical dimension that appear to be impossible.

Therefore, as you allow yourself to become familiar with the functionings of these tiles, you shall avail yourself of information that as you encounter these tiles, they each express a particular action. They may be incorporated as what you may term to be a type of trigger for individuals that are encountering them, which as the individual creates an intersection or contact with these tiles, they also engage an experience.

This is the information that these tiles offer, not necessarily in the manner of delivering information in the direction that you are accustomed to. They shall not necessarily speak to you or offer to you verbal or written information, but allow you the opportunity to be experiencing the information.

I have expressed many times that you pay attention to experiences. You learn much more through experience than merely through the offering of information without the experience. This is how you have designed this particular physical dimension. Therefore, experience is key to this physical dimension.

In this, as you approach and engage each of these tiles, they offer any individual specific experiences to be offering information.

The information that this particular tile offers through experience is that which concerns the possibility of the impossible, the actualization of any element within your physical dimension that you view to be impossible, and this be the reason that you have created the imagery of the flower and the rock, for it appears objectively that it shall be quite impossible for a flower to be protruding from a rock. But this is the point of the energy which is projected within this particular tile, offering any individual that encounters it the opportunity to be experiencing the creation of any direction that they are so choosing that appears to be impossible and to be actualizing that impossibility, allowing you all the recognition that you do not hold limits or absolutes.

JOANNE: Wow! Thank you. I’m gonna have to think about that more!

I’ve been trying to merge with things. The other day I was trying to merge with a chair, and at first I just felt like I was spreading out, growing, and I felt really good about that, but I didn’t feel like a chair, so I didn’t think I’d done it. Then I was thinking, well, what would a chair feel like? What would it feel like to be a chair? And all of a sudden I had this really good feeling, and I just knew that the chair was really, really happy just being a chair, and I just started to laugh and laugh, and it took me quite a while to stop laughing about the whole thing, and the rest of the day I walked around grinning at everybody I met! I was wondering if that was even close to merging with the chair.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall....

JOANNE: I had to call my mom, I was laughing so hard! I was just waiting for the guys in white coats to show up because I had really happy furniture!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! Ah! Now; first of all, I shall express to you that this is also a translation, in people-izing your furniture! Ha ha ha ha ha! (The group cracks up)

TED: I like that word! People-izing! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Grinning) You have created an identification of “happy” with the consciousness of the chair. This is your translation.

Now; I shall not express to you that in a manner of speaking, you are not accurate, for in a manner of speaking, you may be accurate, for within the element of translation, it may be interpreted that your furniture IS happy, (laughter) for the consciousness that comprises any of the elements of objects that you view within physical matter that you have created is in physical terms content to be what it has designed itself to be in energy, and therefore, it holds no conflict and it holds satisfaction in being, merely.

Therefore, you may be translating this into happiness, and this is familiar to you. But I shall express to you quite amusingly that this would be very similar to what you project in the direction of your creatures and your plants also within physical focus. You are quite accomplished at people-izing all elements within your physical dimension. You identify what you understand and what you know, and obviously, you do not hold very sad furniture! Ha ha ha ha ha! Therefore, if it is content to be what it is, it may be translated into being happy. (Chuckling)

JOANNE: The chair was really happy just being a chair! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite! Ha ha ha ha! And in this, you hold an understanding of different elements of consciousness in physical objective terms.

Initially you experienced an element of confusion, for you were attempting to be understanding, what may a chair experience? What is the experience of a chair? But you also automatically translate this into, “What does the chair feel?” The chair does not hold emotion. YOU hold emotion. The chair holds experience in consciousness, but as YOU hold emotion, you translate the experience of the chair into your experience of feeling. (Chuckling)

JOANNE: Was I even close to merging with the chair?

ELIAS: Yes! I express to you validation in this experience. You have accomplished the mergence with the consciousness of the chair. You have merely translated the experience into feelings, which is acceptable. (Chuckling)

MARJ: That’s wonderful!

JOANNE: The other night I had a dream, or imagery. All of a sudden I was in a tree looking down at a swiftly moving river. I was really surprised to find myself in a tree, and then I looked up and there was someone above me in the branches, a couple of branches up, and I got the feeling that we were talking about perspectives, like trying to get a different perspective on things. Does that make any sense? I mean, I don’t know what the imagery was offering me.

ELIAS: Quite. This imagery you are presenting to yourself, in your symbology once again, in the subject matter of time. You have presented to yourself this water, this river, which moves quite rapidly. This is your symbology to yourself of the movement of time.

In this, you image yourself to be within a tree and discussing this movement with another element within the tree, offering each other different angles of viewing the same movement. In this, you allow yourself the information of different perspectives, as you express, which create differences in perception.

In this type of communication to yourself, what you are offering yourself is the recognition that one individual’s perspective or angle that they view elements from is what creates and influences their perception, and their perception is reality. It may be different from your reality, for you are viewing from a different perspective or a different angle. You may view the same movement, the same element, but it shall appear slightly different to you each, for you are viewing through two different perceptions.

In this, the subject matter that your dream imagery was addressing to was the element of time and the swiftness in which you view it to be moving presently. (Pause)

JOANNE: So, the man above me in the tree, that was just me creating like another perspective, another view?

ELIAS: Correct.

JOANNE: Sometimes when I’m trying to meditate or trying to merge, I start seeing different people. One time it was a little girl and a little boy, and they were playing in the snow, and the little girl started to throw snow at me. I didn’t feel the snow hit me, but I was curious, and then she ran away.

Then there was a teenage girl who was getting something out of a van, and we just sort of looked at each other, and then she decided she was going to get out of there, and she took off.

Then it switched to wolves – I think they were wolves; they could have been dogs – and then it switched to lions, and I think one of the lions was trying to lick my face but I didn’t feel it.

Then the imagery stopped at that point, if I remember correctly, and I’m just wondering what I’m trying to tell myself with this.

ELIAS: As we have discussed previously in our recent session, what you are creating is an allowance within yourself to be viewing, quickly, different elements of different focuses that you hold. You are merely allowing yourself to be tapping into brief viewings of many different focuses.

In this, what you have created in this action is a type of kaleidoscope movement. You continue to turn the lens and create rapid alterations or changes in the viewing of the picture, and as you are not necessarily directing of your attention in any particular area, you merely continue to be turning the lens and you continue to be viewing different particles of different focuses.

Now; in this also, you hold the ability to slow your movement in this type of experience and choose any of these directions, and you may direct your energy in that manner, and you may be viewing more fully each of these different focuses that you hold. (Pause)

JOANNE: I’d like to ask you about my intent in this focus and how I can go about connecting with it.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are already connecting with it! You are already accomplishing within it, and in this, were you not, you also would not be creating your value fulfillment very efficiently.

But I shall express to you that within this focus, you have chosen to be experiencing areas of consciousness that may be incorporated into your physical dimension that are classified by your mass belief systems as unconventional.

In this, what you are moving into is the creation of behaviors and events and actions within your focus to be expressive to other individuals in a type of example, that you need not be experiencing what is labeled as lunacy to also be opening your awareness to much more of your reality and how this may be applied into the focus of individuals that conventionally are deemed quite normal, and they may be yet still playful and experience the fullness of this reality.

In this, you throughout your focus have offered yourself many different types of experiences in exploration. You have offered yourself many different types of encounters through dream state and within waking state, in a manner of speaking, but to this point, many of your experiences have been held objectively in silence, for you have also held a fearfulness and a wondering of how other individuals shall perceive you if you are allowing them to be privy to this information.

Now you move into a new direction, that of turning your attention to self within an acceptance and trust of self, and the realization that you are not experiencing lunacy and that you may be offering the information of these experiences to other individuals, and it matters not that they may be temporarily viewing you as a little “off” – ha ha ha ha! – for you hold the awareness within you and the trust of self within you that this is reality.

This, in your continuation of trust and acceptance of yourself, shall also provide the example in the expression of the little sapling to other individuals, that it may diminish elements of fearfulness that they hold in their experiences of similar actions.

JOANNE: One night last week, I was sitting in my happy chair, and the backs of the other chairs were sort of wiggling and moving, and then I stopped by my mom’s house, and a portion of her house was doing it also, and I was wondering what that was!

ELIAS: This is merely your recognition that objects within your physical focus, that which you identify as solid physical matter, is not as solid as you believe it to be. It is all within motion continuously, and although even your scientists express this to you, you believe what you view much more than what you are told. Therefore, as you view an object and it appears to be quite solid, it reinforces your belief system that matter is solid and may not necessarily be penetrated by any other solid matter.

You are offering yourself the opportunity to objectively view that solid physical matter within this physical dimension is not in actuality solid. It does hold density in its concentration, which offers it the appearance of solidity, but as it is consciousness and it is energy, which is continuously in motion, it also is not the solidness that you perceive it to be objectively.

Now; you may also express to me, “Why shall I view this type of information? It matters not if the wall or the chair is solid or if it is not.” But I express to you, in your exploration of your abilities within consciousness, objectively expressed in this time framework, it DOES hold importance that you allow yourself to view realistically that your physical matter is not necessarily solid.

This reinforces the validity to you that you hold the ability to penetrate any element within your physical dimension, and that THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES. You may view a wall and you may express to yourself that this wall is solid matter and it may not be penetrated by your hand, but think to your tile! Within your intent, this is your expression, to be offering objectively the example and the expression of the impossible as being possible.

JOANNE: I’ll have to play with that one when I get home! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOANNE: I really want to remember everything right this minute. Have I created the probability that I will remember everything soon?

ELIAS: Instantaneously, no. Ha ha ha! There are other individuals that hold great excitement within physical focus also and express the same impatience, and I express to you that within the probabilities that you are creating, you ARE creating very rapid movement.

But as to the probabilities of your instantaneous remembrance, no, you shall not be creating in this direction, for this shall be, in extreme, overwhelming to you, and in that extreme may also threaten your individuality and your identity within this focus.

Therefore, as a natural movement, you may be creating rapid acceleration in your explorations within consciousness, but you shall not be creating to the point that you overwhelm yourself and incorporate elements of fearfulness to the point that you choose to be disengaging within physical focus.

Therefore, I express to you, be joyful in your exploration and your fun that you are creating and experiencing now, and worry not that you are not accomplishing or assimilating quickly enough. You are moving quite rapidly enough as you are presently. (Laughing)

I shall be accepting of one more question for this day.

JOANNE: One night, I was thinking about the blanket that you sent me, and I was trying to send one back, only I couldn’t quite picture a blanket, so it was more like a green ball, and I was wondering if you got it. (Laughing)

ELIAS: HA HA HA! Quite a different image, is it not? Ha ha!

JOANNE: Yes it is! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! But I shall express to you that the energy has been received regardless.

I shall also express to you that the reason that you hold difficulty in projecting an objective image such as a blanket is that there is no element to be wrapping the blanket around! (The group cracks up) Ha ha ha ha!

JOANNE: Well, I still have an image of you in my head, so I was just kind of shooting it that way!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And you have been successful with your ball!

MARJ: Oh Elias, this is wonderful!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And I shall be encouraging you to be continuing in your practicing of your projecting balls – ha ha ha! – and I shall volley them back to you! (The group cracks up)

JOANNE: Thank you! So if I get hit with a ball, I’ll know!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And we shall be creating of great fun! Ha ha ha!

MARJ: I can’t tell you, Elias, what a difference you’ve made in all our lives, just in the very short time we’ve been in touch with you.

ELIAS: Ah, and what a difference you have created within your wondrous selves! (Chuckling) I offer to you each and to you all this day the gloriousness of energy that surrounds you and the awareness of all of the wondrousness that you create, and may you revel in it!

MARJ: Thank you so much!

ELIAS: To you each, a very loving au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir, Elias!

Elias departs at 12:42 PM.

Vic’s note: I swear, this is the happiest group of folks, and so enthusiastic too! Very refreshing!

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