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Thursday, August 19, 1999

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“What is An Expression of Essence?”

“People-izing Consciousness”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Joe (Holden).

Elias arrives at 9:36 AM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JOE: Good morning!

ELIAS: And we meet again!

JOE: Yes, sir! (Elias chuckles)

Elias, I’ve been going through these transcripts and things, and I have a question for you that I haven’t been able to find the answer for. I would like you to comment on charity in this session. Now, since there are no victims and no accidents and no random acts, are acts of kindness helpful, or can they in some ways be an intrusion, say, into someone else’s reality?

ELIAS: Both. Let me express to you that it is quite dependent upon your motivation, your intention, and your expectations.

Now; in this, we may speak of what I have termed as an expression of essence. In this, an expression of essence holds no expectation.

Within physical focus, in relation to your belief systems – which as you are aware, are held very strongly – this type of expression may be difficult many times to execute, for you within your objective awareness do not always allow yourselves to view the influence of your belief systems.

Therefore, you may be expressing from an expression of essence, which would be deemed, in your terms, as a charitable expression, but the key in these situations is that you offer an expression of energy in whichever manner you choose WITHOUT expectations.

You may be choosing to be helpful to another individual, and if your desire moves in this direction – if you are allowing yourself to be empathically connecting with another individual or creature or any aspect of consciousness within your dimension – you shall allow yourself the information as to what the other individual or aspect of consciousness is requesting. Are you following thus far?

JOE: Yes, somewhat I am.

ELIAS: You hold inner senses. One of your inner senses is what we have designated as your empathic sense. This empathic sense allows you, in quietness of yourself, to merge with any other element of consciousness.

Now; let us limit our discussion to other individuals. Therefore, within that context, engaging your empathic sense allows you the ability to merge your consciousness with the consciousness of another individual, and in this mergence, you allow yourself the experience – not merely information within thoughts, but you allow yourself the actual experience – of the other individual.

Now; in incorporating the experience of another individual, you also offer yourself information in relation to their perception.

Be remembering that your perception is what creates your reality. Therefore, the direction of your perception IS your reality. This allows....

JOE: Elias, let me ask you, is it alright if I use a specific event, and we go over the different aspects of the specific event so that I can try and understand this a little bit better?


JOE: Okay. The other day, we had a call come into the office, and there was this lady. She lived in a trailer park and she had no hot water, had not had hot water for several days, and I felt, just from the phone conversation, that the girl did not have any money. So, we went out and put in a new hot water heater for her. I had asked her about payment arrangements, and the girl came out and she had ... the total bill was like about six hundred dollars. I’m not sure anymore, but it doesn’t really matter. She had like fifty dollars that she wanted to put down, and maybe pay ten or twenty dollars a month.

Now, it may have been obvious ... and maybe I’m missing the point. Maybe I was using my empathic sense, or not. Maybe you can tell me here. But I felt that she was really sincere, that she really had no money and she was making a sincere effort to pay, and I also kind of felt her anguish at being in the situation that she was in. So, we didn’t charge her anything. We just told her, “It’s free. We’re not gonna charge you anything for this.” We do that on occasion, and I’m not saying this to try to make myself look charitable or anything, but it’s just the way we work sometimes.

Now, my question to you along these lines that you’ve been speaking is, was it my empathic sense telling me ... and I also felt her – how do I put it? – her relief, and also the fact that she really was thankful for what we had done.

Now, my own belief system, the belief system that I hold to, is that if you give something in a charitable way, it’s without expectation; that when you give something, there’s absolutely nothing to be received in return. There’s no debt or anything like that involved.

So, in that very specific incident, is this the empathic sense, and the other aspects of what you’re telling me happens in a charitable situation, as far as her reality and my reality merging?


Now; let me also pose to you: Shall you have responded in the same manner if you had engaged your empathic sense in this direction and you had been connecting and sensing or experiencing these same feelings, but include also the connection with another sensing, so to speak, that perhaps the individual did have the ability to be offering you more of a financial expression, but was withholding of that. This throws into the pot, so to speak, a slight twist.

You are continuing to be assessing through your empathic sense that the individual holds what you perceive as a physical need. You continue to assess through your inner senses that the individual is expressing genuinely to you. But there is a slight conflicting element, for you also simultaneously are connecting with some element that appears to you to not be genuine in your beliefs, and what shall you be offering in that scenario?

JOE: That’s a good question. I think in my own individual case, I would simply evaluate all of the information that I received, either empathically or objectively. Or more objectively, I would make my decision and go with it. I really don’t know what else I could do. If I was being deceived objectively in that sense, well, then so be it. At least my intent at the time, based on all the information that I had acquired either subjectively or objectively, was valid, and I’d base my decision on that. I don’t really know what else I could do.

ELIAS: Very good. The reason that I express this to you in comparison, so to speak, is that many times, this may occur within individuals.

The example that you offer to me in this particular scenario appears to be quite obvious to yourself and to many other individuals, and other individuals may be responsive to you in expressing in a positive and reinforcing direction as to your choice of action, and shall recognize also, within the context of their belief systems, that what you have offered shall be affecting in what you deem to be a positive manner. But this is not necessarily the point, and this is what I am addressing to in answering your question.

You have expressed the questioning to me as to the subject matter of charity and as to whether it be valid or not, whether it be helpful or whether it be intrusive. I have expressed to you that if you are offering an expression of essence, that this may be deemed as what you term to be a charitable act. But I may also express to you that you are always affecting within consciousness. It is merely your perception of HOW you shall be affecting.

In this, your belief systems drive you in the direction of attempting to be affecting in what you term to be a positive manner, and the reason that you move in this direction is that it offers you a gauge, so to speak, of your own value, for if you may view yourself and express to yourself that you have offered to another individual a charitable act, you may also look to self and measure your value.

In this, many times individuals move in the direction of objective expressions that they deem to be good simply for the reason that they ARE deemed to be good, and this is not necessarily an expression of essence, and this is to be considered in interaction with other individuals, for in your questioning, you have also inquired as to what may be intrusive.

In this, you may be offering what YOU perceive to be helpful with another individual and you may offer an expression that you deem to be charitable, for it offers you the measurement of your value and it creates a pleasurable feeling within you, but it may not necessarily be as helpful to another individual as YOU perceive it to be.

This is not to say that it shall not be affecting, for all that you create is affecting, but it may not be expressed in the reception of the other individual as helpful in the manner that you wish it to be received.

Therefore, this be the reason that I express to you, as you are engaging these types of interactions with other individuals, you may be looking to self and examining your interaction with the other individual and examining your motivation within your action and your behavior, and this shall express to you the genuine direction that you are moving into.

This expression objectively that you have engaged with this particular individual in this scenario IS an expression of what you term to be charitable, and is received by the individual in the manner that you are expressing it. But I express to you also, this at times may be a tricky business, so to speak, (grinning) for you may hold a genuine want to be helpful to another individual, but it may not necessarily be received by the individual in the manner that you want it to be received, and THIS is the expectation.

JOE: I’m a little confused here as to your terminology, as to “an expression of essence.” Wouldn’t everything, in some way or another, be an expression of essence?

And on the second part ... yeah, part of my question has to do with and goes to a misdirection, say, in charitable acts, where my intent and the other person’s intent may not be the same, and our outlook about the actions or our viewpoint on the actions may be a little bit different. This is what part of my questioning is, to be able to try to avoid that type of thing.

ELIAS: Quite. I am understanding what you are expressing, and we may engage your same scenario as an example.

First of all, in addressing to the expression of essence, yes, you are correct. In one manner of speaking, all that you create, all that you engage is an expression of essence, for you ARE essence.

What I am expressing in this particular type of terminology is a distinction of a creation of an action which moves outside of your belief systems within its motivation.

Now; I am quite understanding that this may be a difficult concept, for all that you create within this dimension is filtered through your belief systems. But I shall also express to you, as I have expressed previously, that there are directions that you offer to yourself – information, directions, and expressions, so to speak – communications that you offer to yourself through impressions, through impulses, and through your inner senses that initiate the communication outside of the context of your belief systems.

Now; you do filter your translation through your belief systems, but the initial motivation and desire may be offered to you by yourself outside of the influence of belief systems.

This is what I am expressing as a distinguishing element of an expression of essence, for outside of this particular physical dimension, your belief systems hold no relevance. They are merely relevant to this particular physical dimension.

JOE: Then let me ask you something. In that context, let me see if I’m understanding this.

The girl calls me, calls our office. Now, that’s an objective action. But subjectively, whether the individual focus or whatever subjectively knew that my belief systems would – how in the heck do I put this? – that she subjectively knew that by calling me, that with the belief systems that I hold, the physical action that was needed at the time would be invoked. Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. What you have expressed is a translation in objective terms, but in a manner of speaking, you are correct, for you all draw to yourselves experiences that shall be beneficial to you and shall offer you the information and the types of experiences that shall fit into the lines of probabilities that you each individually are creating within that moment.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, yes. Subjectively, the individual magnates to you particularly in the knowing that drawing herself to you within an expression of energy and an exchange, that the interaction shall be beneficial.

Now, the individual is not objectively creating a thought process in this manner, but energy is in motion in conjunction with the line of probabilities that each of you are creating, and you each draw yourselves to each other to be creating beneficial experiences for yourselves, both. It is not merely one individual, but both individuals.

Now; you may also look to this same scenario, and you may hypothetically express a different outcome, so to speak.

You may have been drawn to this individual and she may have drawn herself to you, and you may have engaged the same interaction. You may have engaged the same empathic sense, in part, and have offered the same solution, so to speak, but it may have been received quite differently.

In this, as you approached the individual and offered objectively to be giving, in a manner of speaking, this object and this work to her at no expense, she may have responded quite differently and may have expressed to you insult.

JOE: But wouldn’t that go back to what we had talked about, about the overall objective impression that I got from the whole scenario, and then multiplexing everything that I received, both subjectively and empathically, into an action, in this particular case, saying, “You really don’t have to pay anything.”?

Probably, would I have not felt that, then I could have engaged in an action of giving her an invoice or whatever. But it was actually the empathic sense being used here, maybe both on my part and her part, to bring this to the conclusion that it was brought to.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and I have expressed this to you, that you ARE correct and you HAVE engaged your empathic sense, and this be the reason that you have created the outcome, so to speak, in this engagement.

I am merely offering you an example of a different outcome which provides you with an example in which you may not have been engaging your empathic sense. Were the individual to be expressing insult, you may subsequently look to self and recognize that you were NOT engaging the entirety of your empathic sense and that you were allowing the influence of your belief systems to override your empathic sense. Are you understanding?

JOE: Yeah, I think so. I really think I am, and this is absolutely fascinating! Now I want to take it a step further, okay?

Now, since we create our own reality through our belief systems, and in doing this, naturally my business sustained a substantial loss ... not a substantial loss. My business sustained a loss of X amount of dollars. But with the reality that’s created through the business, that money is always made up in one way or another.

Is this an example of the way the belief systems, or my interaction within the belief systems, create reality? Because whenever I do anything like this, the money is ALWAYS made up, almost sometimes magically, like in a job or in an extra or in any of a hundred other ways that it can be done when you’re in a mechanical contracting business. But is this an example of the way we create our reality basically based on our belief systems?


In this, the manner that you have chosen to be creating your reality is to be offering yourself freedoms in certain areas, in allowing yourself to be trusting of what you have created and that it shall continue to perpetuate itself through your energy effortlessly.

What you create within your reality IS effortless. Be it what you deem to be good or bad, it is ALL effortless.

Individuals confuse and misunderstand my expression that I offer to you all in explanations of creating your reality in an effortless manner, for there are certain elements of your reality that you wish to be creating that you block yourselves from creating, and in this, I express information in the manner of instruction to be effortlessly creating what you want, so to speak, that you may not necessarily be creating.

But this is key in what you are expressing presently, what you are discussing presently, for you offer an example in this creation of this type of probabilities, that you have created a trust in self that you shall be creating your reality in a certain manner, and you do not question that reality. You merely accept that it is, and therefore it is!

JOE: So this is a good example of working within the belief systems and how the belief systems ... in this case, the belief system of charity and that whatever is given in a charitable manner will be replaced physically, objectively, and it always is, sometimes ten times over. That’s an example of creating reality within a belief system, a concrete example that can be looked at and examined in a very objective way.

ELIAS: Yes. Many times individuals are moving in the direction of thought processes that they must be eliminating their belief systems to be accomplishing creating their reality efficiently, effortlessly, and without conflict, and this is not the point.

I have been expressing this from the onset of these sessions, that you are not moving outside of belief systems. You are not creating this shift in consciousness to be eliminating belief systems, but to be offering yourselves the opportunity to be creating your reality WITHIN the context of your belief systems WITHOUT conflict, neutralizing aspects of the belief systems – not the belief systems themselves, but neutralizing aspects of the belief systems – which shall provide you with the opportunity to move much more expansively [and] much less limitedly through your belief systems effortlessly and without conflict, allowing you to be creating without limits, in your physical dimension, all that you desire to be creating. (1)

JOE: Okay, Elias, let me take this another step further. Now, in this particular instance that we’re talking about here today, if another contractor in this particular instance was not charitable ... which would be perfectly fine. In this exchange here, I’m not trying to say good or bad. It’s just kind of hard verbally to get the point across without saying good or bad. But if another contractor in this particular instance had not responded or didn’t respond if she had called him or whatever, and still worked within his belief system, then this whole thing wouldn’t have happened.

But here again, nothing bad would have come out of it, you see, and in that particular instance, that contractor was working within his belief system. But the fact that I don’t believe in that type of belief system, then in effect, I have neutralized that belief system, which I don’t agree with, in my own rendition of reality-making here.

ELIAS: You have neutralized an ASPECT of a belief system.

Now; in this, you are correct. There is no right or wrong in the actions, and the individual may have drawn herself to another individual, and the other individual may have created quite a different type of expression in exchange with her. But she shall have drawn herself to that situation to be beneficial to herself in the line of probabilities that she was creating in the moment.

This may have involved conflicts, and this may be to be addressing to certain issues that are held within herself and her belief systems. The other individual engaged may also have drawn themselves into the scenario to be presenting a situation to themself, that they may view their own limitations in certain areas.

Now; in this, what I am expressing is, the individual that may not have expressed in the same manner that you chose to be expressing may have been choosing a different outcome as a response to a lack of trust that they hold the ability to be creating WITHOUT CONTROL.

In this, it is not a situation, as you have stated, of good or bad or right or wrong, but merely a situation of limitations or less limitations, obstacles or less obstacles, conflict or no conflict.

In this, as each of you turns your attention to self and allows yourselves to view that you may be trusting of self and you shall create effortlessly, without conflict, all that you view that you need and beyond, in this, you eliminate the fear, which is VERY influencing in directing you through your belief systems and reinforcing the power of these belief systems.

In this, you do not hold this element of fearfulness and you are allowing yourself to trust in what you have already set into motion. You have already created a line of probabilities, you continue to be creating within the moment, and you allow yourself the acceptance and trust of self that what you have created is efficient and beneficial and that you need not question all that you have created. Therefore, you do not question your ability.

In this, it magically seems to appear to you and is continuously reinforcing in you that you may continue to be trusting of self, and as you continue to reinforce this trust and acceptance of self, it becomes stronger, and it is very influencing in eliminating these conflicts and neutralizing the aspects of the belief systems that create barriers and obstacles within your focus.

JOE: I think that’s great! I’m starting to get a handle on this!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOE: I’m STARTING to get a handle! But man, I know there’s a long, long, long way to go here. But anyway....

Now let me ask you another question here. Before, in a previous session, you and I had talked about or you had told me about just believing that I could manifest an apple, and I’ve been thinking about that since we had that session.

See, in this scenario that we just talked about, I know about the water heater. I know how it works. I know about the solder joints, the ball valves, the mechanics of it. I know that part in and out. So in going down and getting a hot water put in and the whole nine yards, it’s easy. It’s been done before; it’s completely understood.

But in this issue of manifesting an apple, I don’t know the chemical properties of an apple, you know? I know an apple is a term for something that, at least within my belief systems, it’s something that falls from a tree. So how exactly does that work? If I see an apple objectively, I know it’s an apple, but I have no idea of the chemical composition of this thing, like how it’s put together, it’s molecular structure, anything like that. Whereas with the equipment that I work with every day, I really do kind of have a handle on that sort of thing. So, how is it possible without that understanding to just be able to manifest an apple? Or do we have that understanding subjectively, and it’s just that we’re not aware of it objectively?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! (Joe laughs) I shall express to you, yes, you hold this information subjectively. You hold this ability. You block your awareness objectively, but it is not removed from you in inaccessibility. You may access this information, and this all is involved in the area of trust and acceptance also.

You express to me that you understand all of the properties of this object that you term to be a water heater. Now; shall you produce, shall you manifest in this moment a water heater standing before you?

JOE: Well, in a manner of speaking, I could, by going down to the supply house and grabbing one!

ELIAS: No, no, no! Shall you manifest one of these objects, within this very now presently, before you without any objective movement?

JOE: Well, to tell you the truth, the answer to that would be a resounding no!

ELIAS: HA HA HA! Quite, and this is the point! It matters not that you hold the objective knowledge of all of the properties that comprise a particular object of matter. IT MATTERS NOT.

What is of importance in these types of situations is that you move your attention in a different direction, and that direction is inward to self and the KNOWING that you hold this ability in the same manner that you KNOW – for you trust and you accept that you may offer the type of expression that you have explained in your scenario in your engagement with this other individual – you KNOW within you that you hold the ability to be offering this type of expression and that you shall manifest compensation.

You do not doubt this action, and therefore you create it, for you KNOW within you.

In like manner, as you turn your attention to self and you trust within self and you KNOW what your abilities are and you are not questioning of those abilities – for it is unnecessary for you to question, for you KNOW – you shall allow yourself to remove the obstacles that are before you presently and you shall allow yourself the expression of manifesting ANY object in physical matter before you WITHOUT engaging physical action.

JOE: That’s a plateful, Elias, I’ll tell you that!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JOE: (Laughing) So basically, what you’re saying is.... There is this gentleman in the far east someplace named Sai Baba who literally can, from what I understand, manifest anything – a chair, whatever – and it just seems to appear out of the air, that the molecules are drawn. The thing forms itself directly into what we would expect it to be, say, as a chair. So all of us, every one of us – if we can eliminate this doubting of ourself or step outside of the belief system that we cannot do this – have that ability?


JOE: Okay! That answers that question pretty straightforward!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! This individual holds no special powers. This individual holds no difference in physical reality from yourself. This individual is not touched by God and possessing some element of ability that you do not possess. This individual merely recognizes that they hold the ability if they are choosing to manifest it. (Pause)

This individual recognizes that the God is self, and that this provides each of you with the ability to be manifesting ANY element that you choose within your physical reality that you desire.

You hold no limits except the limitations that you place upon yourselves through the confines of your belief systems, but without the confines of your belief systems, there is no element that you may not be accomplishing within your reality. You merely BELIEVE that you may not be accomplishing, and this is the point.

This be the reason that I am speaking with you, for you ARE creating this shift in consciousness and you ARE moving in the direction of actualizing all of these wonders that you NOW look to and express that they be “miracles” or “special gifts.”

They are not gifts, for no element in consciousness has given them to you. You possess them already! They are yours. They are what YOU are in your abilities, and you hold no limitations!

There are no absolutes! All that you view as physical matter is consciousness. Do you KNOW this objectively? No. You accept this as a concept objectively. You express to yourselves that you THINK this conceptually, but it is not a reality. You do not speak to your wall and KNOW that it possesses consciousness. You do not view your wall as energy in motion.

Theoretically, you express this to yourselves within thought process and within concept, but as your hand meets your wall and presses against it, you are not allowing yourself the physical experience and knowing that your wall is not solid. It appears to be solid and therefore you believe it to be solid, and your belief is stronger than your concept of your thoughts. Your sciences may express to you that your wall is comprised of particles that are continuously in motion, but you do not view your wall in motion. You view it to be solid and you view it to be static, and therefore it is!

JOE: So basically, in a manner of speaking, in order to be able to go through walls, we have to take walls down, and what I mean by that is that basically, we’ve been taught from birth. We’ve accepted the belief systems that we’ve been taught all through school that dense, massive material that’s more dense is basically that, when in fact, it’s not. So all of these things that we have learned from childhood to the present point and that we’ve accepted as belief systems basically make up the walls that we’ve surrounded ourselves with.

ELIAS: Yes, in a manner of speaking. You have created your reality in this manner. It IS real. I am not expressing to you that your wall is an illusion. It is quite real!

JOE: Well, I know that if I walk into it, I’m gonna bloody my nose on it, at this point in time anyway!

ELIAS: Quite! Ha ha ha ha! But I am expressing to you that there are more possibilities than you allow yourselves to view!

Therefore, you may not merely create an object of physical matter before you or within your hand, but you also may place your hand through the denseness of a physical object!

It is merely a question of opening your awareness and turning your perception, for your perception, once again, is the element that creates your reality, and through your perception, if you are viewing a wall to be solid that your hand may not penetrate, this is what you shall create in reality, and it shall be real!

But if you are allowing yourself to relax your focus and [to be] turning your perception and viewing through your perception that this wall is a cooperation of energy in movement and that it also holds consciousness, which is the same element, in a manner of speaking, as yourself manifest into physical matter, you may quite easily merge with that consciousness physically, and your hand may penetrate the wall.

JOE: Now, would this be an agreement in consciousness, say, between my hand or myself and the consciousness of the wall? Or is it something even more than just an agreement, just some indefinable ... I don’t even know how to put it ... something that’s just natural within consciousness? Or would it be like an agreement between consciousness?

ELIAS: I shall express to you in amusement! The statement of “agreement within consciousness” is your translation of people-izing consciousness! Ha ha ha!

It is not the situation that you have created an agreement within consciousness between yourself and the consciousness of the wall. This is entirely unnecessary. It is a natural action. You are continuously moving in and out and through all other aspects of consciousness within energy. You merely allow yourselves limitations within the objective expression of this movement.

Therefore, in this type of creation, what you are expressing is a dropping of the veils and the allowance of your natural abilities and your natural movement without obstacles, without limitations. This requires no agreement. It is a natural movement of energy.

JOE: Would that be like consciousness manipulating matter? So, since I am consciousness, the manipulation of matter really is of secondary importance? It’s a natural byproduct?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, for the matter is consciousness also. It is energy moving through energy.

JOE: Okay, I’m not even gonna ... I’m not even gonna say that I even begin to understand that concept, but ...


JOE: ... I’m working on it!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

JOE: Elias, I have one more question. I don’t want to hold Mary too long here, but this is absolutely fascinating.

In our last session, you had told me about two focuses that basically hold the same tone that I do, and I’ve been ... actually, I got some self-hypnosis tapes and have been practicing the self-hypnosis ritual here, which within my belief system I need in order to be able to reach an altered state.

You had told me about two, which was the African girl in the 1800’s and the Canadian guy in the 1500’s. Are there any other ones that have similar tone that I should or am trying to merge with? I know this is an idea that I have in an area that I want to move into, to be able to merge with these other focuses.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, yes, you do hold other focuses of essence that hold similar tone that you may easily access, and you may be continuing in your practicing with your methods, so to speak, and you shall allow yourself to be interactive with these different focuses. I have offered you two merely to begin your sojourn in this direction, and this offers you a beginning point, so to speak. Once you have allowed yourself to open to your abilities and you have penetrated the veil that you hold between yourself and other focuses, you shall find that you hold the ability to move easily in this type of action in consciousness.

It is unnecessary for myself to offer you many different explanations of different focuses, for what holds importance is that you yourself access this information, for you shall assimilate much more efficiently and much more realistically if you are allowing yourself the experience and not merely the information. You pay attention to experience, and this holds, in very physical terms, much more weight within your perception than merely the offering of information.

Therefore, I continue to be encouraging of you to be engaging your exploration in whichever method you so choose, for it matters not. The point is to be accomplishing the action. It matters not how you are accomplishing the action. The equation holds little importance.

JOE: Okay. Then I’ll keep working on it the way I have been, and we’ll just see what happens here!

ELIAS: Very well!

JOE: Okay, that’s basically all I have for today. Again, I really want to thank you for the opportunity to be able to talk with you like this.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting and our discussions! (Chuckling)

JOE: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you this day, I offer great affection, and bid you a very fond au revoir.

JOE: Take care.

Elias departs at 10:47 AM.


(1) In the following phrase – “... which shall provide you with the opportunity ...” – the word “which” was originally stated as “that.”

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