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Wednesday, October 18, 1995

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Cathy (Shynla), Guin (Sophia), Jim Yarr), and arriving late, Ron (Olivia).

Elias arrives at 8:30 PM.

ELIAS: Bon jour! (Looking at Vicki) Aspect, seer, intent. (Pause)

VICKI: (Very confused) Knowledge?

ELIAS: A.S.I. (Smiling)

GUIN: On that equation! On the equation! (Pause, and laughter)

ELIAS: The eyes being the symbol of the seers.

JIM: Oh! (Softly, in amazement)

VICKI: Okay. I kind of got that. What about the rest of it?

ELIAS: This being a construct equation of Seer doorways.

VICKI: Oh! (Softly, in amazement)

ELIAS: This fits into a larger equation, to which now you have a puzzle piece that you may fit this to another. This is part of your city construction, which will also go alongside of Michael’s tile. So, you have begun! Also incorporated within this is a connection with Sophia, in seeing or viewing the same essence seer as Michael has incorporated. Your hallway is also a part of your construction. Therefore, your city has begun! (Silent pause, with Elias grinning)

You will notice, within the equation, two doorways; one representing what you term future, one representing what you term past, both being linked with your archeological focus, as your clues within your book; one future focus, one past; both aspects of the same, each part of the twins. This is your equation. (Another silent pause)

(To Cathy) Your gift is not presented to you from me. Your gift is presented to you from Rose. (Another silent pause. We’re all amazed)

CATHY: Does the gift have a name?

ELIAS: The name will be of your choosing.

CATHY: Speechless!

ELIAS: Much activity has been incorporated this evening! (Smiling)

Elizabeth’s dream viewing is a viewing of consciousness. These “pieces” are areas of consciousness to which each individual identifies with, therefore standing upon. As her awareness increases and her focus widens, each piece falls away into a wider awareness, not a limited piece, therefore the viewing of falling from the last piece into vacancy; this being a wider consciousness not incorporating physical elements.

Lawrence’s viewing; this being translated into physical focuses. In actuality, this is aspects of psychological awareness of physical focus, but you have directed your awareness, partially, in a correct direction. The part that you discerned was correct. It incorporates more, but the element that you were aware of was correct.

The Seer speaking with Michael was explaining the elements of the exercise; being that within connection of essence and awareness, you will not incorporate anger or frustration at viewing other individuals experiencing conflict. You will incorporate a detachment, not in the terms that you have an understanding of with this word of detachment, but with a loving understanding, as you recognize the separation within your own focus. (To Vicki) This is the identification that you were looking for. It does not necessarily incorporate an actual experience. It is an inner knowing of the reality of connection, and the true expression of essence within this connection.

The connection being separated or broken creates a reaction or response within the individual; for regardless of whether you have actually physically experienced a similar event within your focus, which you all have, but it is not necessary, your consciousness will immediately identify that this is contrary to essence expression. Therefore you will focus, in what you term subconsciously, instantaneously, on areas or aspects of your individual selves which have responded disconnectedly to other individuals, lacking toleration, or lovingness, or the connected understanding of essence.

Within this, you identify with your own acts, be they large or small, in your terms; but knowing this as a separated act or feeling instantaneously creates an identification within the individuals you are viewing. Therefore, you respond with a frustration, or short temperedness, or simply irritation. If you are incorporating connection, this feeling will not be aroused, for you give your individual self no reason to respond in this manner. (Pause)

Do you understand? (Pause) No! (Grinning, as we all laugh) Then I will express an example.

You, as an individual, view two other individuals engaging hostilely towards each other. You view one of these individuals as being responsible, and identify this individual, in your terms, as being wrong. They are expressing incorrectly, within your opinion. Within yourself, without actually consciously running a scenario through your brain, your consciousness instantaneously identifies with this scene and brings to your focus, within your consciousness, albeit not waking consciousness, that you, at some earlier point within your focus, were short-tempered with another individual when it was not necessary, and when, to your way of thinking, it was not provoked. Therefore, you view yourself to have no valid reason for being “snapping,” but you followed through with the action anyway. Be it even a very small incident, the principle remains the same. Within your view you were unjustified, and treating another individual unjustly. Therefore, in viewing another situation of an injustice being done, you instantly identify.

You also identify within a frustration; for within your consciousness you are also aware that the reason that these things occur is a result of separation, and not incorporating essence. There is an element of your consciousness that is aware of this. Therefore, you become frustrated and impatient with yourself for not connecting, and choosing separation. Mind you, these thoughts are not formed within your waking consciousness, but they are felt. Therefore, this creates a response within yourself. Naturally, you do not identify anything with yourself, for you are viewing other individuals interacting, and you are only an onlooker, and not involved. One of the aspects that you have forgotten is that there is no thing as being only an onlooker. (Smiling)

You are all connected, therefore all occurrences may be related personally also; for although you may not view yourself to be the perpetrator within a given situation, you are connected, and you may have been the perpetrator within another situation. No situation is more severe than another. Whether you are physically being harmful or abusive, or whether you are shrieking within someone’s face, so to speak, or whether you are incorporating a short temper that moment, all are the same. They are all acts against another essence. They are all acts of separation. No one carries more severity than another. (Pause, smiling) Is that more clear?

CATHY: Yes. (Hesitantly)


CATHY: It’s just gonna take some getting used to.

ELIAS: This is quite true! Your greatest hurdle, within widening, is to allow your concepts of right and wrong, or good and bad, to fall away. (Pause, smiling) Good evening, Lawrence!

VICKI: Good evening, Elias! (Chuckling)

ELIAS: Are you feeling well this evening? (Grinning)

VICKI: I certainly am. Thank you. And yourself?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Are you incorporating a wider vision recently?

VICKI: I’m not sure. Maybe. I don’t really know.

ELIAS: I would say that you are. Are you enjoying yourself?

VICKI: I really am enjoying myself, yes.

ELIAS: And you are experiencing fun, with no conflict? (Grinning)

VICKI: (Grinning back) This is correct!

ELIAS: Very good! (Pause, and then to Guin) As to the OOB; in actuality, this is what you are incorporating. You are only not allowing yourself to be aware yet. As you become more comfortable, you will also allow yourself less incorporation of physical restriction. Each individual incorporates physical expressions within their own way, as being partially a reflection of their belief systems; you feeling constricted until you learn to allow yourself your own freedom, Michael experiencing his “whacking” as an expression of something he viewed to be “not right” for him to be experiencing. Therefore, he incorporated a bumping on his head. Each individual experiences different things. I have explained before, though, that you will experience physical aspects, no matter who you are, as you are within physical focus. (Pause, listening)

Ah, so he has formulated a question! (Referring to Mary) Michael is confused as to this “blinking in and out,” and its relation to what you are identifying as an “oversoul.” (Chuckling) Alright, we shall incorporate this word oversoul. This would be what I would choose to express as essence, which is the same as your oversoul. The reason this has been presented as an oversoul, not just a soul, is that the concept is that the soul is your consciousness. Within that concept, each focus possesses its own consciousness, although this consciousness is incorporated and inseparable from the greater consciousness, which incorporates all focuses. Therefore the term oversoul, which views all of the focuses, or some of the focuses. You each, as a Seer, are an oversoul. (Ron arrives)

Good evening, Ron! (Energetically)

RON: Sorry I’m late. Could you repeat everything?

ELIAS: Once again! (Grinning) I believe I was indulgent of this once before! (Laughter) We are discussing your oversoul, which is not an oversoul, it is your essence, but Lawrence and Michael are incorporating a book which uses a term of oversoul.

As to the concept of this; as I have said, each of you, being a Seer, is also an oversoul, so to speak. In this respect, you incorporate the consciousness of not all, but several focuses, that you may tap into. You view this focus as being very singular, and you may think to yourself now, “Well, I have never viewed another focus. I am very concentrated on this one. I must be stuck!” You are forgetting that one individual focus, from beginning to end, so to speak, is a mere blinking. Therefore, you may view one focus, without distracting your attention, for ninety years, within physical terms, and this holds no significance to the essence, for there is no time. Therefore, you may be incorporating a very concentrated viewing of this individual focus temporarily, but you will also notice that you are beginning to move wider than this individual focus. You are beginning to remember the larger you. You are also taking less of your focus for granted, so to speak, and noticing more within this particular focus, such as your gift; (referring to Tweety) which, in your terms, years ago, if this had been presented, I assure you, you would not be viewing it as a gift. There would be no recognition. There would be no recognition of other essence’s energies, or your own essence energy.

JIM: That’s what I’m recognizing now, is my own essence energy?

ELIAS: Intertwining. (Jim sighs, and says “I knew that”) (To Guin) There would be no recognition of other developmental focuses within meditations. (To Ron) There would be no viewing of other essences. (To Vicki) There would be no connection of twins. (To group) You are all incorporating a wider awareness. Therefore, you are understanding more. (To Ron) You would have no dream of an equation, (To Vicki) and no recognition of the equation. (Pause)

JIM: In a short blinking out a few days ago, I saw myself in front of a lot of people talking what I felt was about healing, and as soon as I realized it, it was very clear. It was during the middle of the day, and when I realized what I was seeing, I blinked back. Is that what you’ve been speaking of?

ELIAS: This is an incorporation of a recognition and connection of your own essence.

JIM: Cool. Thank you.

ELIAS: You may focus on your trusting of yourself, and in this, you may also trust in your outward expression physically, which has been chosen to be in the area of healing.

JIM: (Sighing) I will. (Long pause)

ELIAS: (Whispering) Such quietness! I was expecting questions this evening! (Grinning)

RON: I have one, but it might have already been talked about, because I missed a lot of this. So, has my equation already been talked about?

ELIAS: Ah, yes! Very good viewing! This, I am quite sure, shall be shared with you; but I will express to you that you have interjected an equation, to begin construction of your city.

RON: I knew that. (Humorously, followed by much laughter)

ELIAS: (Smiling, and to Vicki) He will understand. You may write for him “Aspects, Seer, Intents.” (To group) Remember, you are all Seers, therefore this being significant to you. (Pause)

CATHY: Well, I have a question. I would like to know if Vicki’s interpretation of my dreams was accurate.

ELIAS: I will say that Lawrence is doing well with interpretations, and sometimes incorporating slight distortions; but I have delegated! Therefore, if you are feeling a conflicting idea, you may express this, and I will offer further interpretation, but this is good practice. Therefore, I will allow this to stand, as it has been delegated. (Pause)

CATHY: You’re getting pretty wide, Vic! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Way! (We all crack up) And our little rose is not asking questions this evening! (Looking at Guin, followed by a silent pause) This is because she has figured this out now! (Humorously)

GUIN: Hardly! (Pause)

VICKI: I would be interested in Sophia’s splinter questions that she expressed after the session last Sunday.

ELIAS: You are wishing more information of splinters within the idea of essence. I will allow Sophia, for the benefit of others, as other individuals were not present within my “pop-in,” to express her wondering, and I will respond.

GUIN: I still think they’re silly! (Elias grins widely) Okay, my first question was, “How do you distinguish between an essence that’s just very separated, and a splinter?”

ELIAS: First, I will express to Sophia to not be personally invalidating herself! (Guin says “Okay”) Thank you!

You are wishing to know the difference between an individual who is what you would call extremely separated, or a splinter of yourself, in the context of which I was speaking to you, as physically focused, at our last meeting; this being that I expressed that some individuals are physically focused splinters of yourself. They incorporate, partially, a conscious focus that you have projected to them, for them, but they are not their own essence. They are not fragmented of you, or separate from you. There is a difference.

You will recall, initially, that I was expressing to you one great difference of individuals who possess their own essence, and those which are splinters of another essence, or yourself; that being that those individuals who are splinters do not incorporate the questioning, as do you. This is, for some individuals, difficult to imagine; that any individual may serve out an entire physical focus without questioning why they are here, or who they are, but there are individuals who do exactly, precisely this. There are individuals who do not wonder, for they have no reason to wonder, for they are not aware of the separation of essence, for their connection is to you.

An individual who is extremely separated, but is its own essence, will incorporate questioning. This does not necessarily mean that they will question whether or not a god exists, but they will question their own existence. They will incorporate wonder. Individuals who are extremely separated are not necessarily mundane. Individuals who incorporate great separation, many times experience tremendous excitement, or initiate tremendous excitement within other individuals, for they are not incorporating essence, and are incorporating many aspects of physical existence, to which you view as deplorable. Individuals who incorporate a focus of mass murder, or mass brutality, or severe abusiveness are very separated, but they are not boring!

You will find that the splinters incorporate a quite mundane existence, never experiencing too much excitement. Their existence travels on what seems to be a very level plain. They do not experience joy, but they also do not experience great pain. They just exist, although they do not view this as something to be pitied! They are quite at ease and pleased with their existence, for they know no other. Even those to which you may project aspects of your own personality that you view as undesirable within your focus, or as negative, they will not view in a negative context, for they are not aware of the negativity that you attach to it. If you are feeling sorry for them at all, it should only be that they are, within your focus, quite boring!

This is not to say that these individuals do not incorporate choices, for they do. This is also not to say that these individuals do not incorporate free will, for they do; and they may choose, at any given moment, to move into a new direction, of choices of their own.(Pause)

GUIN: Okay. How do you choose, or do you choose, to splinter in other dimensions, or in this one? What’s the purpose?

ELIAS: Experience! (Grinning) As we have discussed previously, you would need to incorporate many, many, many, many focuses to experience all of the aspects, of all of the subjects or feelings, that are possible. Therefore, you choose counterparts and splinters to experience with you simultaneously. This particular focus is not the only dimension, although I will express to you also that there are times, so to speak, in which you choose not to experience within other dimensional focuses, just as there are essences who choose to experience other dimensional focuses, and not this one. Therefore, there are times when you may experience bleed-throughs of dimensions, and you may not be viewing another aspect of your essence. Little gray squashy guys are another aspect of your own essences. (Grinning)

VICKI: Well, (whispering) it’s a stupid question. What happens when a splinter dies?

ELIAS: What happens when a splinter dies? A splinter does not die. A splinter ends physical focus when you choose to end the experience of that splinter, unless it has incorporated its own choice of timing, so to speak. Are you wishing to know if it is absorbed back into this essence “thing?” (Humorously)

VICKI: I think you already kind of talked about that the other night. I don’t think that’s what happens.

ELIAS: No, this is not, for you are not splitting off and absorbing back. It is intertwined consciousness; just as you create a thought, which then is its own energy form, but is still possessed by you. You still retain this and incorporate this as part of you, but in forming into a thought, it becomes its own energy “thing,” so to speak, for it has formed energy into a thought. It may project outward, but it is also still within you. It is not absorbed back to your brain as this thought, for it never left your brain, although the energy of the thought did. (Long pause)

VICKI: I get it now. (She is rubbing her face, and her laughter contains a touch of insanity)

JIM: Aren’t you glad you asked that stupid question? (Humorously)

ELIAS: Face rubbing! (Grinning, obviously pleased with himself)

This will be difficult for your understanding. It is most difficult while you are continuing to be thinking in terms of “things.” While you are thinking in terms of singularity, it is difficult for you to cross the line, or drop the veil, to view the wider picture. You are beginning with your blinking out. Each time you experience this blinking out and being your larger self, you are allowing yourself, through experience, to reconnect and remember, and you are dropping your veil a little more, to glimpse a little more. (Pause)

CATHY: (Laughing) Would re-reading the transcripts help somebody get a “blink out?”

ELIAS: (Smiling) If you are believing that this will be helpful, then it most probably will be helpful! In actuality, you are quite close. It is not an activity that you need strive for.

CATHY: I’d just like to experience one! (Laughing)

ELIAS: It will occur effortlessly, this being the reason why I have spoken to you recently about this subject; for the fact that it is so effortless, it is also confusing, for you do not incorporate any effort in attempting to create this situation. Therefore, you instantly find yourself within this situation and you become confused, for you have no explanation; this being why I am speaking with you, to explain and eliminate some of your confusion. Therefore, you have a “jump-start” on the situation, for you are understanding before you are experiencing, and you will not be unnerved when the experience occurs, (pause) for it will occur.

CATHY: I am confused about the energy that seems to go through my body. I mean, I can’t figure out whose energy it is. Is it my essence? Is it Mobowah? Is it you? I’m so confused! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Let me attempt to un-confuse you! (Grinning)

CATHY: Would you, please? (Nice beg-up, Cath)

ELIAS: You will be recognizing my energy at different time periods. The energy that you are experiencing presently is very close to my own, this being incorporated by the essence that you are connected with, this being the energy of Tomkin. You will become more familiar with this, and you will begin to identify this particular energy individually, differently, than other energies. This comes with experience and practice.

CATHY: (Laughing) How do I practice feeling energy?

ELIAS: Oh, you do not practice feeling. You practice noticing.

JIM: Differences, you notice differences, the different energies.

CATHY: Well, you seem to do it really well, and Vicki seems to do it really well, and I’m just going, “Well, there’s energy here. I don’t know what it is, but it is here.”

ELIAS: Ah! So you are practicing!

VICKI: Noticing is probably the most important thing anyway, isn’t it?

ELIAS: This is correct. (Humorously) I would not be so concerned with comparisons! Each individual incorporates their awareness in their own way, in their own time, and identifies within themselves. Each individual is different. You will become familiar with your own selves, and your own methods. This is not a race!

CATHY: Guin!

GUIN: Cathy! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Unless you are racing to end physical focus first! (Laughter)

CATHY: No, I’m having too much fun!

ELIAS: Oh good, for I am having too much fun with our group, and discussing my group with other essences who are interested, and if you were not having too much fun, I would not be here! (Laughter, and a pause) We may break, or I may discontinue, or maybe not, or I may “pop back,” depending. Is this decisive enough for you?

CATHY: Works for me. I don’t know about Mary!

ELIAS: Michael will ... “get over it!” (Laughter) I will be expressing adieu.

JIM: Good night, and thank you.

BREAK 9:45 PM.

RESUME 10:35 PM.

ELIAS: So, we return, for you have more questions!

VICKI: Well, one question about the A.S.I. What? Could you explain it better?

JIM: Aspects of what?

ELIAS: I will offer you a partial explanation, for you are to be investigating and finding your answers. I have given you clues beyond your understanding already, but I will offer to you a small bit of information.

The seer intent obviously applies to all of you and your intent of focus, being seers. Therefore, you have a base to build upon. Remember, you are seers. Therefore, what are you wishing for future focuses to be viewing, as your message to them?

Aspects being emphasized for more than one reason, one being the word itself of aspects; which you each, as essences and seers, incorporate many aspects of essence, and have the ability to see them. Aspects also incorporates your intent. You do not focus upon one subject. There are many aspects of your intent, your intent being your message or focus. Remember what your group’s intent is, for this offers you clues also.

The placement of the A in this symbolization also bears meaning, for this symbolizes part of your construction design within its shape. It also relates to symbols that you have already created as seers, within what you view to be previous focus, which is actually simultaneous, and you are re-creating, once again, these same symbols. Therefore, look to the design of this letter, which is a construction element of your city design. Also, be noticing that your first tile incorporates this symbol. (Pause)

VICKI: Would that be the shape of a pyramid?

ELIAS: (Nodding and smiling) Very good. Do not limit yourselves to thinking in terms of Egyptian focus, but you may begin with this idea.

VICKI: Would it be correct, on this equation, that the first part would be the future door, and the second part would be the past door, so to speak?

ELIAS: This is correct; the one line representing the future viewing of partial of the original; this being why the past incorporates two lines instead of only one, this being a corner which incorporates the opening or doorway which would be not visible, but there, and known to the seers only; hello, Elizabeth; the door being still visible to the seers within the future focus, although not completely assembled with the rest of the construction. Remember also, that although this city exists already, it also does not, for you are presently creating it. Therefore, you may take liberty and create it as you choose. You will receive impressions and visualizations, though, of elements or aspects (pause, emphasizing the word aspects) of the existing city, which will be incorporated within your new creation. (Long, silent pause)

VICKI: “K.” (Another long pause) Anybody else have a question?

CATHY: Nope. I’m questioned out.

VICKI: “K.” Well, I have one other question. (To Jim) You have one. I knew you did. Mine is just quick. (To Elias) In our meditation that we did tonight, those things that I viewed, were those other developmental focuses?

ELIAS: I have expressed this earlier this evening. Partially. They have been incorporated within a partial distortion, for the purpose of similar identification, for the understanding of intolerance. Therefore, some aspects of the individual developmental focuses were distorted in interpretation, but these developmental focuses did also exist. Not all of the circumstances were the same, but the individuals existed, within the basics of the elements. (Pause)

JIM: Never mind. (Laughter)

ELIAS: Such reluctancy to be inquiring of Elias! I will offer to Yarr; within this trusting of self, as I have mentioned earlier to you, you may be expressing outwardly, physically, in experimenting with this ability that you possess, and you may be surprising yourself with its accuracy and accomplishment.

JIM: (Sighing) Wow!

ELIAS: Do not be incorporating the fear that Dimin expresses.

JIM: Okay.

ELIAS: She also possesses this ability, but stifles its translation, for she is too afraid. You will notice that when you possess an ability, or what you term to be a gift in any expression, if you are stifling this manifestation of this expression, you will experience frustration, which may turn to irritation, and may be expressed in other areas, for you are not incorporating a true awareness of what you are stifling.

Energy moves, and requires expression, and will be expressed, in one way or another. You may choose to express your energy within the element that it has chosen to direct itself, or you may choose not to; but if you choose not to express energy, it will express itself, without your consent, in other ways; and this snowballs upon you, for it also creates confusion and conflict, for you do not understand where it is coming from. Therefore, you may avoid the situation by acknowledging the energy expression initially, in the form that you have chosen to express it. I was quite sure this may be helpful to you.

JIM: Absolutely. Absolutely! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Looking at Guin) And our little rose is experiencing confusion this evening!

GUIN: (Quietly) That’s correct. I’ll work on it.

ELIAS: I may help, if you are wishing.

GUIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: I am gallantly at your service. (Bowing, and then looking at Elizabeth) And much conflict from our little one; (pause) and as we have said through the ages, this too shall pass. If you are wishing audience with Elias, it is available to you. (Now looking at Vicki) Are you wishing of more questions?

VICKI: No. I think I have enough to think about this evening!

ELIAS: (Leaning close to Vicki and whispering) We will express an offering of the name for the gift, which Lawrence already knows, for it is the name chosen by Lydia.

VICKI: Oh! Okay. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Which is my clue for helpfulness, for Shynla. Not quite original!

VICKI: But quite apropos!

ELIAS: Quite!

VICKI: Oh my ... (Beginning to realize the implications)

ELIAS: (Grinning at Vicki) But then Lawrence incorporates not too much imaginative originality, for he does not trust in his creativeness, but I have chosen this one as the writer. (Pause)

If you have no more questions, I shall be departing. (Jack the cat greets Elias) My friend has come to visit again! (Smiling) I will say au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:59 PM.

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