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Friday, September 24, 1999

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“Physical Affectingness of the Energy Exchange”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Vicki (Lawrence).

Elias arrives at 12:51 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon, Lawrence.

VICKI: Good afternoon, Elias. (Pause)

The main reason I want to talk to you is that observing Mary getting sick the other night was really very difficult for me, and I thought maybe if I talked to you about it, you could offer me some ways to look at it differently perhaps, or maybe offer me an explanation of what is happening with these group sessions and with Mary getting so sick, and is it worth it, and all of that stuff. It’s hard for me to even talk about because it affects me emotionally a lot.

ELIAS: I am understanding of this. (Pause)

As you are aware, belief systems en masse are extremely strong in areas in which you view certain elements to be positive and certain elements to be negative in physical affectingness of individuals.

Also involved in this situation is the element of relationships, for at times, you all shall allow yourselves less affectingness of yourselves individually if you are viewing choices of another individual that you do not hold a relationship with. There is more of an allowance within you for other individuals if you are not engaging a relationship with them. You continue to hold elements of beliefs concerning physical effects – illness, dis-ease – but you allow within yourselves more of an acceptance, for you view that this is not affecting of yourself.

I shall offer you an explanation of what is occurring in this situation, but I also shall express to you, as you are aware, it is not the choice that the other individual is creating that is so very affecting of you. It is YOUR wants, YOUR beliefs within yourself that is so very affecting, especially in areas that you view that you shall create your reality much differently.

In this, be remembering of all of these discussions that we have engaged recently with many individuals. Perception is being addressed more intensely presently. This is not to say that you within this experience are responding in different manner than you may have been previously, but you shall also notice that you have not drawn yourself to that experience previously ... objectively.

All of these elements, as you are very aware, move together, and there are no accidents.

In like manner, many other individuals are creating what they view to be extreme situations and affectingnesses presently, which they also may have created previously or engaged previously and held the same response previously, but they are presenting these elements to themselves NOW, and in this, you are allowing yourself to identify your behaviors, your choices, and the recognition of the areas in which you place judgments upon another individual’s choices.

Now; I am understanding that what you are requesting is a “method” of how you may be moving through this process and turning your attention to the elements that you already objectively know. I need not be explaining to you the belief systems that are being viewed presently, for you hold an objective awareness of all of this already. But you, in like manner to Michael and other individuals, feel yourself to be stuck, for although you may identify which aspects of the beliefs are being viewed, you do not view the choices that you hold in addressing to these aspects of beliefs.

In this, with you individually, I shall offer the explanation, and partially this shall be helpful, for within your method of movement, you have created a belief that if you are holding an explanation or a partial understanding of any action, this creates an ease within you, for you allow yourself more of an ease in viewing certain situations and choices. Therefore, I am understanding that partially this shall be helpful to you, but it shall not be entirely helpful to you, and I hold this awareness also, for even though you may allow yourself some ease within the explanation, you continue to view that these are not choices that you would engage, and therefore, as you would not engage these choices, there is a lack of understanding in why Michael shall engage these choices.

You assess within yourself that Michael expresses similarly to you objectively. Michael objectively expresses dislike and discomfort in these situations, and therefore, as he is expressing this, your assessment and your evaluation of the situation appears clear: If you are experiencing discomfort and if you are disliking of this action, discontinue this action! And this would be what you think you would choose, and for the most part, I shall express to you, in the probabilities that you create, generally speaking, you would be moving into that direction.

Michael does not move in that direction. His choices shall continue to be his choices, and I shall express to you presently, in the direction of probabilities that Michael is creating now, it is most probable that Michael shall continue to engage this action regardless of the physical affectingness.

Now; as I have stated to you many times, and shall continue throughout the engagement of these discussions, as you are aware, there are no absolutes, and therefore, there are possibilities that this may change. But those possibilities shall be actualized within probabilities in Michael’s choices, not within your choices or other individuals’ choices.

And be remembering, you may be influencing ONLY as another individual allows the influence. You may be projecting energy and they may be allowing themselves to be receiving that energy, but they also may reconstruct that energy to be benefiting of themselves and not in the expectation that you project.

(Grinning) And once again, we return to our word holding much negativity – ACCEPTANCE. (Chuckling)

VICKI: The “A” word! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Now; in this, let me explain to you the action which is occurring now.

In one element of the energy exchange, as I have stated previously, Michael has incorporated an allowance of this mergence, and in that action, he has also allowed more of an incorporation of energy.

Therefore, in one aspect of this energy exchange, what he has incorporated, figuratively speaking, is an opening of this (fingers four inches apart) to an opening of this (fingers ten inches apart) to incorporate a volume of energy, incorporating the energies of all of the essences which facilitate this energy exchange.

Previously, as I have expressed, he has incorporated this (fingers four inches apart) and allowed the direction of energy of this one essence [of Elias].

This is not to say that Michael shall be creating of what he terms to be his “radio station,” (grinning) for this has been his choice, and he shall not incorporate that action. But he IS allowing the volume of energy to increase, and this allows much more efficiency in the exchange itself, in the offering of the information.

It may appear at times, to you as the scribe, that this incorporates more confusion, for you objectively are noticing differences in communication, differences in speech, in language.

You ARE interacting with the same aspect of this essence. This is not a continuous changing and moving of different aspects in this exchange, but there is an influence in the communication objectively, as there is an incorporation of many other different energies.

This is affecting of the translation, but it also is affecting of a facilitation action, in an allowance of more information to be translated.

Now; let me be explaining this also, for the information may not objectively appear to be more. But as there is an incorporation of all of these energies which are representative of all of the nine families in the exchange, there is a greater allowance for the information to be transmitted to more individuals aligning with and belonging to other families.

You shall notice, within the movement of this forum, it appears objectively to you that there is a heavy influx of Sumafi, more than the expressions of other families. In the incorporation of the allowance of the volume of energy of all of the essences that facilitate this energy exchange, there is also a projection of energy through these layers of consciousness into Regional Area 1 that expands, and there is an allowance for more individuals belonging to and aligning with other essence families to be drawn to the reception of this information.

Now; therefore you may view, in one area of this energy exchange, within your belief systems and your assessment, you may express to yourself that this is beneficial and this is efficient, and even, this may be good. In another area, you view this is not beneficial, this is not efficient, and this is bad, for this is creating a physical effect within Michael.

Now; the other element in this is that it is not merely the incorporation of the volume of energy. That alone within itself is not what is creating of the physical affectingness.

In the allowance of this incorporation of volume of energy, Michael moves differently also, for Michael pulls his energy and his element of consciousness – subjective consciousness, very figuratively speaking – farther away from the body consciousness.

VICKI: During the exchange, you mean?

ELIAS: Yes, but I shall express also, this process engages prior to the energy exchange itself. He is engaging an action prior to the energy exchange, of preparation of this energy exchange. Therefore, he is already removing elements of his subjective communication. He is already affecting of the communication between the subjective awareness and the body consciousness.

VICKI: And this is why he’s been getting sick prior to the exchange?

ELIAS: Yes, at times.

VICKI: And why ... is this just part of the action? I mean, is this a necessary thing?

ELIAS: Necessary is relative.

VICKI: Okay....

ELIAS: Michael has chosen a particular action in his involvement in this energy exchange. He chooses to be removing his subjective awareness and objective awareness from the body consciousness. As you are aware, many individuals do not choose this action.

Therefore, “Is this necessary?” is quite a relative question. This is dependent upon the individual and their choice of facilitating an energy exchange.

In belonging to the Sumafi family, it is quite understandable that this is Michael’s choice, for this facilitates the intent.

VICKI: I understand that part. I guess I’m curious why there’s a new action of starting to remove subjectively, so to speak, prior.

ELIAS: As I have stated, the volume of energy is greater. Therefore, in the energy exchange itself, Michael pulls farther away, for this creates more of an ease in his interaction with the energy.

As you have viewed objectively previously, as he moves closer to the energy in its movement, he destabilizes. It becomes more difficult for him to continue the engagement.

As the volume increases, he also moves farther away, in a manner of speaking, from the action which is occurring. This allows him more of an ease to be engaging that action.

As to the expression of prior action before – in your terms – the energy exchange itself is occurring, in the translation, there is a subjective awareness of the closeness and the movement of the energy ... in very like manner to his expression for much time framework in the initial throes of the engagement of this energy exchange. As he expressed to you and to other individuals, and you physically allowed yourselves to view, he became disoriented, or in your amusing terms, quite “fuzzy,” and this action occurred prior to the energy exchange.

As he became aware of the movement of energy – be remembering, these are all quite figurative terms – closer to him physically ... this is his interpretation. In actuality, he would be allowing himself an awareness of the energy in its movement through layers and in its translation and its movement into or its insertion into Regional Area 1, which there is a movement prior to the actual vocal communication.

In this awareness, there is an action in which Michael begins, PRIOR to the actual session, he begins his movement away.

Previously, in the engagement of one essence and the energy of one essence, he experienced “fuzziness.” He also was not incorporating the intensity of movement previously that he engages now, for he engages a different volume. Therefore, his pull away is stronger. There is a farther movement – there is a stronger movement – and it continues longer prior to the engagement.

In this, in the knowing subjectively, not entirely objectively yet, but in the subjective knowing of the action of movement and opening to this greater volume, he also incorporates a greater volume of influx of other individuals’ energy prior to the actual exchange.

Therefore, in like manner to previous engagements of this exchange, and creating his buffer to be, in a manner of speaking, blocking the energy of outside individuals, he has increased that action, and how he has increased that action is to be removing elements of his subjective awareness prior to the engagement of the energy exchange.

Now; he is not removing the objective yet. The objective is not removed until the point of the engagement.

But the subjective, now, already is moving away, and in the movement of the subjective moving away, the body consciousness becomes confused. The body consciousness continues to be interactive with the objective awareness, but elements of the subjective are removing, and this is confusing to the body consciousness.

Let me also express, this is not an absolute action in which there is a defining movement, so to speak, in which Michael is consistently moving in one direction. He is removing the subjective, but he is also “moving back” prior to the engagement, and in this movement – for he holds an awareness that it is not necessary yet to be entirely disengaging the subjective interaction – as he creates this movement back and forth, so to speak, it becomes more confusing to the body consciousness, and it responds.

Each time he is moving away, figuratively speaking, prior to the actual session, he is allowing an influx of other energy.

VICKI: Of other people?

ELIAS: No; other essences in this mergence. He is allowing small influxes of energy, which is affecting of the body consciousness, as you are aware. Subsequently, he moves back, within his subjective communication, and the energy of the other essence moves away, figuratively speaking.

This is his new “method” of incorporating the influx of this tremendous volume.

What I am expressing to you is that this is temporary. He shall adjust also in this. This is his new method of accepting this volume of energy. Therefore, the engagement of the physical affectingness prior to the energy exchange is temporary. That shall discontinue as he allows himself more of a familiarity in how he shall be creating his movement.

Now; the affectingness subsequent to the energy exchange may not necessarily alter, for he has removed his subjective communication so entirely and so far from the body consciousness that he has allowed the exchange and the influx of more than one essence in energy.

His physical body consciousness, in part – not entirely, as you are aware, but in part – has, in a manner of speaking, adjusted itself to one essence’s energy. It now incorporates many essences’ energies.

The physical body consciousness does not incorporate this action.

You have created a physical reality very precisely, and in this preciseness and this perfection of its function, you have created a physical form to be incorporating of one energy – YOUR energy.

Within the exchange of one essence in repeated action, the physical body consciousness may allow an adaption to one energy, for it recognizes the incorporation of one energy. Although it is not the energy that belongs within it, in a manner of speaking, it continues to be one energy, and therefore, there is a partial adjustment, so to speak; not entirely, but partially.

This is the action that Michael experiences as he expresses to you and to other individuals, “I have adjusted to the energy exchange, and it is not physically affecting of me now.” In certain time frameworks, this is correct objectively, for the physical body consciousness has allowed a certain element of adjustment to the exchange.

Your physical body consciousness is not designed, in a manner of speaking, to be incorporating multiple energies. It allows for one. It is designed and functions for one. As it is allowed to be incorporating multiple energies, it becomes quite confused, and it becomes quite rejecting of that action.

In this, as to the affectingness subsequent to an energy exchange of this type, the most probable probability shall be that this shall not discontinue; that as Michael chooses to be engaging this action, he shall continue to be incorporating physical elements.

Now: this also is an element which involves the volume of energy of individuals within physical focus, for as the volume of energy of individuals within physical focus [who] engage the energy exchange [increases], Michael moves farther, for there is a greater influx of energy which is allowed to be incorporated in the exchange itself ... in the first element.

As Michael engages one individual, the volume of energy is not as great, for it is unnecessary. The information shall be the same; the facilitation of the information shall be the same; the interaction of all of the essences in facilitating the information shall be the same. But the action of the engagement of the individuals and the energy which is PHYSICALLY projected – we are not speaking of the information – the energy which is physically projected is different.

In the engagement of one individual, it is unnecessary to be moving a volume of energy into a physical expression. There is an engagement of merely one individual. Therefore, the energy is directed to one individual. In the incorporation of many individuals, there is a greater allowance of volume into Regional Area 1.

Objectively, one individual is affecting of themself and of a limited amount of other physical individuals – objectively, not subjectively. Therefore, the energy is projected to the potential of the objective affectingnesses of that one individual, and themself.

Very figuratively speaking, I express to you, you may view one individual that is incorporating interaction with the energy exchange, and the volume of energy that shall be projected to that one individual incorporates themself and the potential of one hundred other individuals that they may physically be engaged with, and therefore the energy that may be affecting of that number of individuals.

In the incorporation of many individuals, the volume of energy which is projected through the energy exchange is increased, for it is directed to be incorporating each individual that is objectively participating and the potential of all of the individuals that each of those individuals shall be affecting.

VICKI: Objectively.

ELIAS: Objectively.

VICKI: That’s interesting! I would have never thought about the potential of the objective interaction of the person after their interaction as having anything to do with it at all.

ELIAS: Quite, and this is the expansion. (Staring at Vic)

VICKI: Oh! Hmm....

ELIAS: And in this, as there is an awareness of this exchange and the movement of the exchange – or the “workings” of the exchange, in your terms – Michael allows this volume in his movement away.

In the incorporation of one individual, his movement need not be as far, and he holds a subjective awareness of this also, and therefore his movement is not so very far. Therefore, the energy exchange is also not as affecting.

I shall also express to you, the physical time element is another factor, so to speak.

In the engagement of individuals – one individual within one session – Michael has created a situation of no conflict with himself in creating a limit. He expresses a definition of time framework. This more so eases his exchange and lessens the physical affectingness.

Michael allows more physical time framework within the incorporation of many individuals. This removes the subjective communication to the body consciousness for more time framework, and this becomes more affecting.

Therefore, as you engage these different elements collectively, this is the action which is created.

Now; I am not expressing to you that this is an absolute, as you are aware. There are different engagements of energy exchanges that create different actions and less physical affectingness, but this is not the choice that Michael has engaged. He has quite specifically chosen his direction.

I may also express to you, as you are aware, this is also quite his choice, to be engaging or not engaging of this energy exchange, and as he is allowing, it continues, and this is an agreement that you ALL have participated within, not merely himself.

VICKI: Yes, I understand.

ELIAS: You ALL desire to be participating in this energy exchange, and therefore you all have created this agreement.

VICKI: So, then I could look at his choice to continue doing group sessions as a reflection of his subjective choice to engage more of an expansion, basically?

ELIAS: Correct.

Let me express to you, Lawrence, a very strong motivating factor in Michael’s choices is his agreement with this intent and this action. He holds agreement with the direction of this information which is offered. This is a very strong motivating force, so to speak, within him. His agreement is not merely with the information, but the affectingness of many individuals in allowance of expansion.

I shall speak to you individually presently.

You hold an awareness that you BOTH have been resistant to the movement of expansion objectively many times. There also is a tremendous motivating element within you both in agreement with the expansion. You hold difficulties in objective expressions of that movement, each of you, but your agreement with the principle, so to speak, in your terms, is the same. This creates a tremendous motivating force in you each, to be continuing and to be expanding. (20-second pause, staring at Vic)

VICKI: (Mumbling) I do understand about the motivation. (HA HA!) It really bothered me, seeing Mary get sick, and I would like to understand that, but I think I’m starting to understand....

ELIAS: Objectively. Allow yourself to be reminding yourself of that which we have spoken of recently. Other individuals’ choices do not dictate to you your choices. Your emotional expression is a choice. It is not a cause and effect.

VICKI: Intellectually, I get that.

ELIAS: Let me also express to you, your actual expression of affection, of love, of supportiveness is just as great regardless of your emotional expression. Your genuine energy exchange between you both, in your objective expression of lovingness and affection and caring with respect to each other, is not diminished as you may allow yourself to choose not to be incorporating affectingnesses within you. The amount of your supportiveness does not change. The method in which you choose to be expressing that may change and may be quite different, for you do hold choices.

But in your underlying beliefs, you believe very strongly that if you are affecting of yourself, this is an outward expression to another individual, of supportiveness and of lovingness and of affection.

VICKI: So you’re saying that quite often, when I have an emotional expression in an intimate exchange with another individual like Mary or anybody else, there is an underlying belief that this is offering more love and compassion or whatever.

ELIAS: Correct.


ELIAS: And there is an underlying aspect of beliefs that expresses to you, if you are not engaging these emotional expressions, in your very physical terms, you are also not caring.

VICKI: Well, in that, then why do I hate emotional expressions so much? (Laughing) I mean, I don’t like to have them! I usually go off by myself to have an emotional expression.

ELIAS: Quite, and this is another element, for you view this as negative and weak. This is quite a strong mass belief system. The expression of emotional qualities in any form of extreme – which is measured entirely by the individual’s perception – but in that, you view those expressions to be unacceptable. You view less emotional expression to be good, and more to be bad.

VICKI: Well, it’s confusing, tying it in with the element that a lot of times we exhibit these emotional expressions to objectively convey something....

ELIAS: It is appearing as a contradiction.

VICKI: Yeah! (Laughing)

ELIAS: But this is the action of many of your beliefs.

VICKI: Yeah.

ELIAS: They are conflicting with each other, and many times within your physical reality, you are creating these types of conflicts in which you hold different beliefs simultaneously that conflict with each other, and you express them all.

VICKI: So, could I ... in like manner, could I assume that emotional expressions at times – I’m speaking of myself individually here – are in actuality a manipulative tool?

ELIAS: At times.

VICKI: Hmm. I’ve always applied that to other people, not me! (Elias grins) It’s different with me, of course. (Laughing)

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA! Of course! (Chuckling)

Yes, you are quite correct, and it is an efficient manipulation tool at times. At times, it is not, (smiling) and this many times is not an objective thought process.

But as I have stated many times, these beliefs are very strong and are very automatic. You need not hold a thought process in relation to many of them, for you shall automatically express them as easily as your breath. But as you allow yourselves to become more aware objectively, you also allow yourselves more choices. You move your awareness from the automatic expressions into choices.

VICKI: Okay, I don’t want to take up a lot of time here, since time IS an influencing factor in this whole thing. I do have one brief question for Bobbi. She would like to know the orientation of her husband. She’s confused. (Pause)

ELIAS: Orientation of this individual, common ... and once again, orientation is not the ONLY factor in interaction with individuals that is influencing of relationships!

VICKI: I think I understand that.

ELIAS: You may hold the same orientation, and you may also create conflict.

VICKI: Actually, I have to say, the fact that you used myself and Mary and Cathy as an example in that one session, that was very informative to me because I know all three of us! So, it was really very helpful to me personally, that analogy. I understand a lot more than I would have.

ELIAS: This was quite purposeful, for all three of you choose to engage interaction continuingly with this phenomenon, and in this, you also all three present yourselves objectively before many individuals. You allow yourselves to be seen, so to speak, objectively, and this offers an easy example for many individuals.

This is a confusing area, for you hold very strong belief systems in these subject matters, and it may be very difficult and confusing to many individuals, and I hold an awareness that analogies and objective examples may be helpful to many of you in allowing you a clearer understanding of what you are creating, and this is the point, for this is what you have asked for! (Grinning)

VICKI: The only other thing I have to say is, I do believe that you are incorrect that I’m going to have more trouble with this elusive action of acceptance than other individuals!

ELIAS: (Grinning) That was a temporary expression, and we have not objectively engaged for much of your time framework!

VICKI: We have not, but I did want to finally objectively say that! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And I am accepting of this expression, and I express to you also that you have created much of your individual movement, and you have also created a motivation within yourself to be altering of your own probabilities. Therefore, I am in acceptance of your expression and I am offering validation to your expression, that you are correct, and acknowledgment also, of your acknowledgment of yourself! (Chuckling, and Vic laughs)

VICKI: That’s all.

ELIAS: Very well.

VICKI: I don’t want to be intrusive.

ELIAS: Very well.

VICKI: I could probably sit here and talk to you all afternoon, (Elias chuckles) but there are other people who wish to do this today, so....

ELIAS: And I shall be disengaging, and offering you much affection.

VICKI: Backatcha!

ELIAS: And I am anticipating our infrequent but continued objective interaction! (Grinning)

VICKI: Myself also!

ELIAS: To you now, au revoir.

VICKI: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:57 PM.

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