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Thursday, October 14, 1999

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ďMoving Back into the StormĒ

ďBeliefs: Pain and DeathĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), and Daryl (Ashrah).

Elias arrives at 3:50 PM. (Arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Smiling)

DARYL: Hello, Elias. Iím not exactly sure how to approach what I want to talk about today. Part of it has to do with my frustration and feeling like something is blocking my movement. I have been addressing to my duplicity and fear and shrines, and I can feel the movement, as a train, and especially in the last week, I know Iíve been working with the shrine about how others view me and how Iím outside of myself, and join with them instead of being with me.

Iíve also had periods where I feel really stuck. When Iím battling this energy entity Ė which is myself that Iím battling, I know that Ė I tend to alternate between two states. In one state, the entity is in charge, more or less, and I always feel a great deal of tension and pressure in my head that is centered over my eyes and my jaw and my right ear, and when I feel in the grip of this, itís like it has this physical grip on me that makes it very hard to even maintain the small shred of self that I have within the box of fear. I also feel very cut off from essence and myself, and from interaction with you.

Now, thereís another state which Iíve been developing more in the past few years where I do feel like Iím ... whatever self I allow myself to be, I know itís not being within my full self. And in that, I feel the tension shift to the other side of my face. Itís still uncomfortable, but less uncomfortable, and I can feel energy moving within my body, which I donít in the other state, and I feel somewhat me, although not the end result which I will feel when Iím finally outside the box of fear.

I guess what concerns me is, I keep going to the most uncomfortable state, and then I feel kind of stuck there, and recently when Iíve been there, I get an increased aching in my eyes thatís above my normal eye pain, and also for the past week my right ear has ... I normally have a white noise in there thatís at a low level. This isnít a ringing Ė itís a white noise Ė and in the past week, as in other times, it has increased to the point where itís blocking my hearing, and itís also very distracting. I guess basically I donít understand why I switch between these two states exactly, and how to un-stick myself when I feel like Iím in the grip of the fear entity. Do you understand what Iím talking about?

ELIAS: Quite. Yes.

Now; first of all, let me express to you that what you are creating is a familiar action, and this is a type of creation that you have engaged for much time framework.

Now; in this, you present yourself with two factors. One is the familiarity. You move into this action, for you know this action objectively.

DARYL: Now, when you say action, are you talking about the least comfortable state?


DARYL: Okay.

ELIAS: This is familiar to you objectively. Therefore, you recognize this and you understand to a point the action that you are creating. Within that familiarity, you magnate yourself to this type of creation for that very reason, for the action that you are moving into, subjectively AND objectively, in addressing to this element of fear is unfamiliar, and this, within the circle of the beliefs and within the circle of the shrine, creates a perpetuation of it.

Now; I wish not for you to be moving yourself into the idea of ďstuckĒ or helplessness, for in actuality, you are not exhibiting either. Your perception, which motivates your thought process, is beginning to move you into the direction of stuck and an element of helplessness, but this is merely an aspect of duplicity which is attempting to be battling, so to speak, with the movement that you are creating.

Now; the other element that is presented in this action is the beginning of a new movement. I express to you, many times within physical focus, individuals may be directing themselves into the addressment of certain issues and certain beliefs which are held very strongly, and as they choose to be moving through those particular issues, they begin to create more of an intensity than they have experienced previously. This is an element of the process that is in compliance with your mass belief systems.

The mass belief dictates that you shall move more into the turbulence of the storm, and you shall allow yourself a temporary respite in the eye of the storm. But subsequent to the movement through the eye of the storm, you shall move yourself once again into the turbulence of the storm, and the second movement into the turbulence of the storm shall be increased before you move out of the storm.

This is a widely held belief in mass belief systems. You express to yourselves in your common vernacular that events shall become worse before they shall become better.

Therefore, in compliance with this belief, in your individual movement, as you choose to engage difficult areas, strongly-held issues, you create a time framework to be reinforcing of yourself, allowing you an objective gathering of strength, figuratively speaking, and subsequent to that movement, which may be viewed as your eye of the storm, you create an intensity.

Now; be remembering, you have moved through the initial element of the storm to be moving into the eye, but now you move into the next element of the storm before moving out of the storm. In this, the second or next element of the storm is familiar, for it holds the same qualities and action as the first element of the storm, but it appears to be more intense.

Now; I express to you that this is an indication to you that you are accomplishing and that you are creating. I am aware of the struggle and the uncomfortableness that you are experiencing individually, physically and emotionally.

But let me also reinforce to you that you are presenting yourself with this type of creation Ė as it is familiar Ė in more of an intensity to be gaining momentum within your motivation, for you have become so familiar with certain aspects of your own creations, in conjunction with this element of fear, that you also partially become complacent in the area of motivation to be moving through it.

Therefore, to be matching the intensity of the fear with the intensity of motivation, you increase what you term to be the symptom, and this creates an increase in your motivational factor to be continuing and to be moving through this issue and dismantling this shrine.

Now; you are not stuck, for you are not discontinuing your movement. You are not creating a situation in which you are immobilized or in which you are static. You are continuing to be dismantling this shrine, but you are increasing the outward expression of this shrine, that you may afford yourself more of your own ability to be dismantling of it.

In this, let me also say to you, do not allow yourself to be moving in the direction of discounting your movement or to be resigning yourself, in a manner of speaking, to what you are creating, for this is the reinforcement of the duplicity, which thwarts the movement of dismantling this shrine.

Also, be aware, within your movement, of your thought process and your emotional expression within the time frameworks that you are creating this type of outward expression, for as you move your thoughts and your attention into judgment and what you view as negativity, you also perpetuate the very creation that you wish to discontinue creating. This physical exhibition that you create increases and prolongs as you offer more energy to it within your thoughts and emotional expression of your dislike of it.

I am not expressing to you to be embracing or to be affectionate or to be loving painfulness! I am NOT expressing this to you. What I AM expressing to you is that within the projection of negative energy, you are merely perpetuating the creation.

It is unnecessary for you to be liking a certain creation. It is also unnecessary for you to be disliking a certain creation. In this, either expression perpetuates it.

DARYL: Yeah, Iíve had trouble finding that middle point ícause I tend to get angry and feel helpless, but I have had a negative reaction to it.

ELIAS: Quite, and this perpetuates the action. This is a concept that I hold the awareness is quite difficult within physical focus, is that as you concentrate objectively upon any element within ďlike,Ē you shall be perpetuating that which you like. But this movement also occurs in the reverse, that as you dislike a particular creation and you move energy into the dislike, you are creating the same action as the ďlike.Ē

It is the same movement of energy. It matters not that you label one positive and one negative. It matters not that you label one ďlikeĒ and one dislike. They are the same movement of energy, and in this, what I am expressing to you is to allow yourself to view that these are not merely your choices. You hold other choices that are not either/or, like or dislike, negative or positive. You hold other choices between these poles.

And in this, as you allow yourself to turn your attention away from the creation ... for as you concentrate upon the creation, you shall automatically move into the like or the dislike, the evaluation and the judgment, for this is automatically familiar to you.

Therefore, if you are turning your attention away from the creation and turning your attention to self, and occupying your attention with the acceptance of self and the acceptance in genuineness of whatever you are creating within any moment, not placing judgment upon it, you shall dissipate the energy which is projected to the actual physical creation. Are you understanding?

DARYL: Yes. Iím just having a lot of difficulty doing it. Would it be effective to distract myself?


DARYL: Like just with an activity or something that would pull my attention away from the creation?


DARYL: íCause accepting it seems really hard when Iím really in the grip of it and Iím in pain, (sighing) and it is just very difficult for me to accept it at this point.

ELIAS: Quite, and I am understanding of this difficulty.

Let me express to you, pain is the identification of a feeling that is held in negativity. You may experience the identical same feeling and it may be perceived as pleasure. It is your perception that identifies pain, and pain is the physical expression of negativity, negative energy. Therefore it is, in your terms, the counterpart to pleasure.

Now; I express to you, they are the same energy. They are merely defined differently. They are the same expression of energy. They are the same movement of energy. They are the same intensity of energy. They are identified and defined through your perception differently, and this is the element that creates comfort and uncomfort.

In this, temporarily, yes, you are correct. If you are allowing yourself distraction, this may be quite helpful, for you are so very familiar with the identification of pain that you do not allow yourself any other identification. You do not allow yourself any other choice. Therefore, if you are turning your attention away from the actual creation of pain, you may distract your attention and interrupt the flow of energy in this particular direction.

DARYL: Okay. Could I also try to experience it as something other than pain? Would that be effective also?

ELIAS: Yes, you may. Now; think to yourself:

Within your actual physical dimension, individuals create intense physical extreme pain, or the identification of pain, in conjunction with the action of birth. But individuals may also, within that action, without any outside substances and merely by focusing their attention differently, they may engage the action of birth and experience no pain.

Individuals may incorporate the action of surgical procedures without the engagement of what you identify as anesthetics merely by turning their attention and creating a difference within their perception.

In this, a key element is distraction of the attention objectively, turning the attention objectively away from the creation of the pain; not necessarily turning the attention away from the physical action that is being engaged which supposedly is creating of the pain, but merely turning the attention away from the element of pain itself.

This is, in quite physical terms, very successful with individuals within physical focus. The reason that you may accomplish this type of action is that pain is not an actual entity in itself. It is not an actual physical manifestation in itself. It is a definition within your perception.

Therefore, as you look to an element of pain that you are creating, be remembering that the creation of pain is the creation of a definition of a physical feeling within your perception, but your perception may be distracted and it may be turned, and as it turns, the pain becomes eliminated, for it is not an actual physical element in itself.

DARYL: Okay. Well, that gives me some ideas of how to handle it differently, because I can feel myself moving in the direction of feeling stuck, and I donít want to go there again. I want to know that Iím moving, and keep moving.

ELIAS: And you are.

DARYL: One thing that Iíve also been experiencing, especially late at night when Iím going to bed and Iím planning on laying there or Iím actually laying there and trying to communicate with myself or have some interaction with you, is that I start sneezing. Thatís been happening a lot. It happened a lot last night, and then that just kind of interacts with this and makes it more congested and thick up there.

Iím aware of the relation of sneezing to fear of life and wanting to blink out. Is there something with fear of life that I havenít been recognizing, or is this just part of this process Iím going through?

ELIAS: It is an element of this process that you are engaging. The reason that you create this intensely surrounding the time framework that you objectively engage interaction with myself is that this is the presentment in objective terms of pulling surfacely elements that you desire to view, but hold fearfulness in viewing. Therefore, you are creating this battle once again.

You move regardless, and you may view this also as your objective imagery and reinforcement to yourself, for you engage the interaction with myself regardless. Therefore, you allow your desire to be motivating you and moving you, regardless that the familiarity of your creations struggles to keep its hold.

DARYL: Okay, because it seems like it interrupts the interaction, and then the interaction doesnít take place, but it actually is taking place?


DARYL: Well, thatís good to know, because sometimes I just get up. I mean, I sneeze ten times in a row, and it really interrupts things!

Another sensation connected with this is a feeling of sadness, and when I investigate it, it seems connected with duplicity, like not wanting to bother everybody else by me being alive, like I should just give up and accept this and be dead, essentially. Is that a correct interpretation of the sadness?

ELIAS: Objectively, yes.

Now; I express to you, as you are aware, this is an expression of duplicity.

Now; view with myself that this belief system of duplicity, as you know, holds many aspects, and all of the aspects of this belief system are crafty, and in this craftiness, they become very creative in different manners of moving you into expressions that shall continue the reinforcement.

Now; in other terms, YOU are very crafty and creative, for in actuality, the aspects of the belief systems are not entities within themselves, but they are elements within you. Therefore, we may also express that YOU are quite creative in attempting to be continuing in your familiar creations.

In this, let me express to you, I hold the awareness of the difficulty that you experience in dismantling this shrine.

I also hold the awareness of the perception that you hold in the difficulty in dismantling this shrine, for your perception expresses to you that there is such tremendous difficulty that it creates an exhaustion within you, and in this exhaustion, you begin to express a willingness to discontinue and a doubtfulness as to the worth of your effort and a doubtfulness as to your ability to be accomplishing, but this also is very familiar to you. You have been creating this type of movement for much of your focus.

Now; I express to you, you speak with me and you express genuinely a very strong desire to be dismantling this shrine and to be moving into the creation of new probabilities and a different type of exploration of this individual focus. I express to you information in compliance with that desire, but I shall also express to you that in reality, it matters not.

If you genuinely desire to be invisible, if you genuinely desire to not be continuing within physical focus, you may choose this action, and it matters not. But do not delude yourself into the thought process that what you shall be creating subsequently shall be tremendously different.

This be the reason that I continue to be encouraging of you and that I continue to be offering you information that may be helpful in your movement, for you may continue within physical focus or you may disengage physical focus. In either choice, you shall continue to be experiencing what you are creating presently, for you have created this particular issue and this particular challenge within self.

You have chosen to be offering yourself this challenge to be exploring. Therefore, you shall explore this challenge, regardless of which area of consciousness you choose to explore it within.

Are you understanding?

DARYL: I couldnít hear part of that on the phone, but what exactly do you mean by ďthis challenge?Ē

ELIAS: This challenge in the movement through this fear, and challenging the depths of the affectingness of duplicity.

DARYL: Okay. Because Iíve had this sense that it was something I chose for this life, and I think of it in terms of Ė at least with the second part Ė of separation and reunion, and that I choose to separate very greatly from essence and others and even myself, and then the other part of it would be to come back to that, to move through all these issues and come back to myself and to essence as much as I can, and to others. Is that what youíre talking about?

ELIAS: You are correct, and this IS what I am speaking to you of.

Therefore, it matters not if you are continuing within physical focus or if you are disengaging physical focus. You shall continue this same action. This is what I am expressing to you, that the idea of disengagement is not what you may term to be a comfort, for the engagement that you have chosen, the challenge that you have chosen, shall be explored and enacted regardless of physical focus or disengaging physical focus.

You have eloquently expressed the intent that you have created within this focus Ė to be exploring this type of separation, this type of creation, this type of emotional qualities Ė and you have chosen to be creating a movement into harmony; from disharmony into harmony, so to speak, quite physically expressing.

And in this, I offer to you this statement merely to allow you objectively to remind yourself that although you may move yourself into the expression of sadness and despair, the concept of disengagement is not to be viewed as a comfort. Are you understanding?

DARYL: I think so. Are you saying that Iíve been considering disengagement?

ELIAS: No. I am merely expressing to you that at times, you lean in the direction of exasperation, and within that exasperation, you also lean in the direction of discontinuing, and momentarily, you allow yourself this idea that if you are discontinuing, you may rest.

DARYL: So I should just get over that idea! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

DARYL: íCause I experience it more as that if I donít move through this, then thereís no point in continuing to be here, because ... I donít know. Because I donít want to be here if I canít move through this, is kind of the way I feel. But if I have to move through it regardless, I guess I should just go ahead and keep doing it here.

ELIAS: Quite! In this, you allow yourself the objective recognition and definitions of what you are creating, and you offer yourself a time framework, which is less confusing objectively.

Therefore, contrary to the mass belief system that if you are disengaging you shall become all-knowing and you shall become less confused, I express to you that upon disengagement you may be creating MORE confusion, for you move yourself into areas of consciousness that complicate Ė in a manner of speaking figuratively Ė what you are creating objectively, physically, for you remove yourself from the linear time framework and the slowness of physical reality, which offers you much more of an ease in creating these types of movements and these types of directions.

In a manner of speaking figuratively, you may experience more ease within physical focus in addressing to these types of issues than you shall experience in nonphysical focus.

DARYL: Okay, Iíll keep that in mind. (Elias laughs)

Connected with the same thing is, Iíve also thought that my choosing to be a final focus Ė and doing it during the shift Ė has to do with this same theme of separation and reunion, and that I have focuses who are more separated and others that are less separated after the shift, and that Iím kind of a bridge between those?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are correct, and this also lends tremendous energy to all of the other focuses of essence in addressing to any aspect of fear elements that they may be creating.

DARYL: Okay. Another thing I was wondering about is this creation itself of the energy entity and how I experience it both subjectively and objectively at the same time. Is this an expression of the orientation of soft, the way Iím doing this?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, although your choice of orientation lends to an ease in the type of creation that you have chosen.

DARYL: Okay. Also regarding the orientation of soft, I feel that one of the reasons I chose that for this focus was my interaction within the shift, and being aware of whatís going on out there.

ELIAS: Correct; that within this particular focus, this is more facilitating of your choices and your action.

DARYL: Okay, well that certainly gives me a lot to work with. I guess Iím finished, unless thereís something you wish to add that might be helpful to me.

ELIAS: I merely express to you to be continuing within your movement and to be reminding yourself that you ARE continuing within your movement, and in this, also be remembering in the moments of your painfulness to be allowing yourself to notice your tension physically and emotionally, to physically and emotionally intentionally relax the tension that you hold within that moment, and subsequent to the momentary relaxation of the tension, allow yourself distraction. Be remembering, pain is not an entity in itself.

And to you, I offer tremendous energy and affection and continue to be greatly encouraging, for you ARE creating your movement outside of the box. I offer to you this day much lovingness and express to you, au revoir.

DARYL: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 4:44 PM.

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