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Thursday, November 04, 1999

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ďExploring ProbabilitiesĒ

ďCreating What You WantĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Joe (Holden).

Elias arrives at 11:12 AM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JOE: Good morning! (Elias chuckles) Elias, I know the last time you and I talked, we had pretty much decided we were going to talk about forgetfulness in this session, but if itís alright with you, Iíd like to put that off, maybe until the next one.

ELIAS: Very well.

JOE: I want to ask you ... Iím trying to get a full understanding of the mechanics of physical reality creation, as probably most of us are. But what Iíd like to ask you is ... and this has to do with my own business. Iím a mechanical contractor, and we do quite well in the mechanical contracting business. So evidently, even though Iím not aware of all of the intricacies involved in this, I think that Iím creating this reality the way I want it to be, or at least going in the direction that I want it to be at the present time. But in doing this ... okay, I know we create our reality based on intent and based on what we concentrate on, but how much freedom can we give ourselves in imagery and in visualizing other probabilities without affecting that track thatís already been established, as far as the reality creation goes? Did that make any sense to you?

ELIAS: Yes. The direction that you are engaging is the recognition that you have established a line of probabilities and a particular direction of creations within this focus that you are comfortable with, and wish to be expanding in that direction but not altering the entirety of the creation that you have established, correct?

JOE: Correct. But by the same token, I donít know whether ... anyway, I think my awareness has been widening to the point where Iíll look at something that might be, and I might give myself mental imagery as to other probabilities, not probabilities that I want to actualize, but just that Iíd like to explore with my imagination. But I just would like to know how far I can go with this without affecting the track that Iíve already started, or if it has any effect at all.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! In this, I shall say to you that you may explore and play with the investigation of probabilities to great extent.

In actuality, you may be exploring continuously in these areas of other probabilities that you have not inserted into this officially accepted reality, and you shall not alter what you have created in this reality. You hold....

JOE: So I should have no fearfulness whatsoever of just letting my imagination roam, and explore things that I want to explore without actually affecting this physical reality that Iíve already created?

ELIAS: Quite.

You hold the ability to be investigating and exploring any other area of consciousness Ė of which probable realities are Ė and not be altering what you have inserted into this reality. You yourself as essence know which direction you have chosen to be actualizing in this particular reality, and there is a differentiation within you.

You already hold the knowing of these actions and of your intent and of the direction that you have chosen within this particular reality. Therefore, there is no threaten that happens, so to speak, in your movement into other areas of consciousness and your investigation in other probable realities.

You in actuality may turn your attention to actual participation temporarily in a probable reality, and not be altering the insertion of actualizations in your officially accepted reality.

Now; as to whether you shall be affecting in energy of this reality, all expressions of energy are all affecting of all other expressions of energy, regardless of their direction.

But in this type of action, it may in actuality be quite beneficial to you, for if you are allowing yourself exploration of probable realities or different aspects of yourself, you may offer yourself more information and you may widen your awareness to be incorporating more of your choices and more of your own understanding of what you are creating within your officially accepted reality, which may open your awareness to more of your creativity that you may choose to be inserting into the line of probabilities that you have created within this officially accepted reality in your focus.

Therefore, be realizing that you do not create a threat to your established reality, but you may create a situation in which you offer yourself more information and more of your creativity to be expressed within your official reality.

JOE: Okay, let me give you a specific example, and I think this fits right in with your explanation, but it will just be like the icing on the cake, as far as my understanding here.

But suppose I have a job that Iím bidding on ... and I know that you get what you concentrate on, but by the same token, Iíd like to have this job. Iíd like for my company to receive the contract, but by the same token, Iím not concentrating on that when I also visualize what will happen if I donít get the job, or if the job is altered or if itís split up or if itís put off or any of a million other things. Iím not particularly concentrating at that point in time on the job. Iím not concentrating on it to the point where Iím trying to bring it into reality. I would like to have the job, I expect to get it, but by the same token, I would also mentally like to explore all of those aspects of things that perhaps would happen if I didnít get the job, or like those other things that Iíve said.

ELIAS: I am understanding of your confusion and the direction that you are proceeding within in this inquiry.

Let me express to you that you are not confusing your messages of yourself or your direction in the action of your exploration of other probable creations.

In this, you are confusing your thought process slightly in your direction of identification that you create what you concentrate upon, and expressing that in very literal objective terms.

Now; I express to you quite clearly, you do create what you concentrate upon, but this is not to say that you necessarily create what you are thinking about. There is a difference.

Your thoughts may concentrate upon a certain action and may concentrate upon a certain direction, a certain want. This is not to say that you may necessarily actualize that want merely for the reason that you are concentrating upon it objectively within your thought process.

This is a confusing area and concept for many individuals, for you create a thought process in very absolute terms and you listen to the information that I offer to you in very absolute terms. Therefore, it is quite easy for this information to be misunderstood and misinterpreted.

As I express to you that you shall create what you concentrate upon, this is also directly influenced, as you are aware, by your beliefs, and in this movement, I have expressed previously to other individuals: In the area of your wants, if you are creating a line of probabilities and setting those probabilities into motion, it is unnecessary for you as an individual to be concentrating upon those probabilities in a thought process or a thought pattern. It is unnecessary for the individual to continue to concentrate in thoughts upon what you are creating.

Therefore, what I am expressing essentially is, you may be engaging a situation as you have presented; a particular job, so to speak, that you want to be engaging.

Now; initially, your thought process and the movement of your energy is directed into, ďI wish to be engaging this job.Ē

At that point, that moment, you may move in the direction of expressing to yourself for a time framework, ďI shall create this job. I shall create this job. I shall engage this job. I shall be interactive with this job. It shall be my creation. It shall actualize.Ē And it may not actualize, regardless that you are objectively reinforcing continuously in your thoughts to yourself a concentration upon that creation.

But you may approach the very same scenario, and you may express Ė WITHOUT thoughts Ė to yourself the trust and acceptance within yourself of the knowing that the probability has already been set in motion, and therefore it requires no more objective concentration or thought process concerning it, and in that scenario, very often you shall objectify what you want to be creating, for the key element is the trust and the acceptance of self, which allows you the objective knowing that you have already chosen a probability, and the objective thought concentration is not the energy that shall actualize or create that probability.

Therefore, this offers you an element of freedom to be moving your attention in other directions, no longer holding your attention objectively in the area of the probability that you have already set into motion and created. The knowing is set. You already hold the knowing that you shall accomplish. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be objectively concentrating.

(Intently) The objective concentration upon any particular direction is a direct expression of lack of trust, which is the reinforcement of what you are genuinely concentrating upon, and that is the doubt and the lack of knowing and the lack of trust in your abilities.

Therefore, what I express to you is correct. You shall create what you are concentrating upon, but your concentration is not necessarily a thought process. It is what you believe, where your energy is directed.

If your energy is directed in the concentration upon trust and acceptance of self and the knowing that you shall accomplish within your abilities what you set into motion within probabilities, this is what shall be actualized. If your concentration moves in the direction of discounting of self, of a lack of trust within your abilities, this is what you shall actualize.

It matters not how very intensely you are objectively THINKING with respect to any direction, for your thought process is not influencing to the point of altering your concentration.

Now; do not be confused, for I shall express to you, you shall notice that I do move in a direction at times Ė infrequently but at times Ė of engaging conversation with certain individuals, and I shall express to them to be objectively concentrating and creating a thought process of reinforcement in the direction of affirmations.

But this is slightly different, for the direction that I offer to individuals in that expression is to be concentrating within their thought process in the direction of reinforcing their own acceptance of self; not in the creation of an objective manifestation of an action or a thing, but merely to be expressing a continuous reinforcement to themselves of acceptance of self or trust of self, to be moving into an area of dissipating the energy that they hold strongly in discounting of themselves.

But I also express to individuals many times, in their inquiries of why they shall not be creating what they objectively want Ė and they view themselves to be concentrating quite intensely upon the creation of this objective want Ė that the reason they are not objectively creating or actualizing that objective want is that their objective thought process does not match the underlying concentration in belief of discounting what they want or their ability to be creating what they want.

Therefore, in the scenario that you have presented, you have already moved your energy and your attention into an acceptance that you do hold the ability to be creating and to be manipulating energy into the objectification or manifestation of your wants. You do not question or doubt your ability in this direction. Therefore, you set probabilities into motion, and you do not concern yourself with the objective thought process of concentration in that motion.

This allows you the freedom, in the knowing that the probability has already been chosen and that it shall objectify in the most beneficial manner to you, and this allows you to direct your attention in other areas in which you may quite easily explore all of the other probabilities that are actualized in other probable realities, and this shall not be affecting of what you have chosen within this reality.

JOE: I think I understand, but that brings up another example. Let me ask you this. Letís suppose you take a young apprentice, and heís going to be, in my example to you, an electrical apprentice. Now, he doesnít trust his abilities. Now, everything Iím speaking of here is objectively, nothing subjectively, just from an objective viewpoint.

He doesnít trust his abilities, so he goes through the apprenticeship program and he starts to trust his abilities more and more and more.

Now, the objective of entering the apprenticeship program is to become a tradesman, and therefore be able to make a good living for you and your family once you get the journeyman or masterís grade.

As the young man progresses through the apprenticeship program, naturally he starts to objectively trust in his own ability and the knowledge that heís gained to the point where he can really make a good living, and from that point on, create a reality that was what he wanted to start with when he entered the apprenticeship program.

Now, does that kind of building of trust with self fall into line with the type of trust of self that youíre expressing?


Within physical focus, you have created a reality of separation, in a manner of speaking. You have created a reality Ė which is officially accepted to this point Ė which allows for a tremendous expression of duplicity, and within this physical dimension, to this point within your time framework, you have also created and allowed a tremendous expression of influence of your belief systems.

Therefore, in this creation, you have separated your knowing of self, and in that separation, there has been an allowance for a tremendous expression of lack of acceptance and trust of self, and this has been reinforced for centuries and centuries within your linear time framework.

Even outside of your linear time framework, as you think within terms of simultaneous time, all of your focuses are occurring now, and all of them, within all of the time frameworks that you view as past, which are many, all align with the same belief systems.

Therefore, there is much energy in movement in conjunction with this discounting of self, lack of trust of self, and lack of acceptance of self, and within the movement of this shift in consciousness, as you HAVE created your officially accepted reality in this design throughout its history, the movement into trust and acceptance of self is unfamiliar.

Therefore, [in] the process of movement into this genuine expression, [there] is almost a requirement of reinforcement, in objective terms, so to speak, of your abilities, to be offering you the recognition that you DO hold certain abilities, and that allows you to be trusting and accepting of self, for within your physical dimension, you reinforce yourselves through experiences.

Therefore, if you draw to yourself or create or offer yourselves experiences that shall reinforce your lack of ability, your lack of trust, your lack of acceptance, this is what you shall continue to move within and what you shall create, for your experiences and your beliefs are very influencing of your perception, and your perception is that which creates your actual reality.

Therefore, if you are offering yourself through your experiences a reinforcement of your ability and of trust and acceptance of self, you shall also move in that direction, and as you continue to offer yourself examples of your accomplishments Ė or what you recognize as accomplishments through your perception Ė you shall continue to move in that direction.

If your accomplishment is to be discounting of self and reinforcing that direction, that is the direction that you shall create within. If your accomplishment moves in the direction of reinforcing that you do hold the ability to be creating your reality, that you ARE creating your reality, and that you hold the ability objectively to be manipulating energy quite creatively and actualizing what you want, you shall move in that direction and actualize that.

This is the element that I have spoken to you of in the area of offering to certain individuals the recommendation or the suggestion that they be moving in the direction temporarily of offering themselves a type of affirmation in objective terms, to be counterbalancing the message that they are offering to themselves continually, in a manner of speaking, of discounting of self.

But this is quite in alignment with what you are presenting in the scenario of the apprentice and his movement through his apprenticeship.

JOE: So basically, weíve set up a system where we believe Ė and we have created these belief systems over the centuries Ė that we have to go to college and we have to graduate, and we have to concentrate in order to be able to hold a good job, to be able to make money to acquire those physical things that we hold dear, and those belief systems ... and also for an apprenticeship program, for a trades program, for any type of learning process, whether it be a physical learning process or a mental learning process.

So we basically set up and boxed ourselves into a hallway, that unless you progress down this hallway in a certain direction and achieve a certain amount of learning thatís already a pre-established requisite, then basically, without that you cannot do what it is that you want to do. When in fact, had we set up another belief system that we could do it without that, we would be able to actualize much more easily than we do now.

ELIAS: You would be actualizing differently.

Let me express to you, you are correct that you have established this process within your officially accepted reality. You also do allow for the engagement of spontaneity and you do allow for the expression of moving outside of that officially accepted process, but there is a very limited allowance for the expressions outside of your officially accepted process.

The qualifications for acceptability in actualization of accomplishment outside of your officially accepted method moves in the direction of what you term to be, or create an allowance for, as genius or exceptionally gifted individuals or miraculous expressions.

In these rare expressions within your physical dimension, you do create an allowance for some individuals to be creating their reality outside of your official design, but as I state to you, this is a rare expression. It is not a common occurrence.

In the scenario that you present, you may encounter an individual that you view as holding exceptional abilities or genius quality, in which the individual may hold no schooling in the area of expertise that you hold, and the individual may display an ability to be creating quite efficiently and effectively the same design of reality that you create with tremendous schooling, but you shall agree that this, within your officially accepted reality, is quite unusual and not the officially accepted norm.

This is a very small window that you provide yourselves with within this physical dimension to allow for some expressions outside of your officially accepted reality, but you label these as unusual and exceptional and that they may be expressed quite rarely.

What I am expressing to you is that within the design of this shift in consciousness, you are all moving into a widening of awareness in which you are allowing yourselves to recognize that which you designate as exceptional presently, and which you have designated as exceptional pastly, are in actuality merely expressions of your natural abilities, and that all of you that occupy your planet within physical focus hold these same abilities.

It is merely your beliefs that limit your recognition in objective awareness of these abilities.

JOE: Thatís great. So basically, just on a quick summation here, I know pretty much, or I have pretty much established objectively at my age or whatever, what my abilities are, and Iím very confident in what I can and canít do, and I make my reality basically around that, with my business and otherwise.

If I decide to offer myself imagery or explore other probabilities mentally, Iím basically just giving myself the freedom of that type of exploration for my own benefit or playfulness or whatever, and will not in any way alter, jeopardize, or however you want to say it, those probabilities that I have already decided to actualize, because of my trust in my own abilities.

ELIAS: Yes, correct.

JOE: Elias, again, I thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

JOE: And Iíll be seeing you in two weeks!

ELIAS: Very well. I continue to be encouraging of you, and I express to you much affection, and I anticipate our playfulness within our next meeting. (Chuckling)

JOE: Take care.

ELIAS: To you this day, lovingly, au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:56 AM.

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