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Friday, November 05, 1999

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“Exploring Regression Therapy”

“Individual Responsibility”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Leela (Sonjah).

Elias arrives at 2:02 PM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day!

LEELA: Good day, Elias! I’m not going to ask you how you are, because you will always answer, “As always!” (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

LEELA: Shall I start with my questions?

ELIAS: You may proceed.

LEELA: Okay. First of all, I would like to ask the essence name, the family, and the alignment of my mother.

ELIAS: Essence name, Julia; J-U-L-I-A. Essence family, Vold; alignment in this focus, Milumet.

LEELA: Thank you. The next question I have is, I would like to know what my orientation in this focus is.

ELIAS: Orientation in this focus, soft.

LEELA: I thought so. Okay. I would like to know how many physical focuses I have in total, and the focuses I can connect easily to.

ELIAS: Physical focuses in this dimension in totality, 436. Those holding similar tone to you within this focus, numbering 37.

LEELA: Okay, thank you. I would like to know how many focuses I have in this time framework. (Pause)

ELIAS: Five.

LEELA: Can you tell me what locations they are at? (Pause)

ELIAS: One within the physical location of what you now identify as Russia, one within the physical location of New Zealand, one in physical location of Nigeria, one in physical location Alaska.

LEELA: Okay, so there’s five including me?

ELIAS: Correct.

LEELA: Thank you. My next question would be, am I in my last focus presently? (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct.

LEELA: Okay. I would like to run a few impressions of focuses by you. The first one is a Native American girl living in the woods. She wears a blue dress, and she doesn’t get very old. Is that a correct impression?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

LEELA: Okay. Then there is a guy in the French mountains. He’s a forester, he’s got a dog, he carves little animals out of wood, and he lives alone. Is that correct?

ELIAS: This would be the physical location of the Alps. Yes, you are correct.

LEELA: Okay. I’m guessing that maybe the closest village or city is maybe Neufchâteau?

ELIAS: Closest populated area; yes, you are correct.

LEELA: Okay, very good. Then I have a red-haired woman, I think in the USA, and that would be my physical focus of a woman who has been sexually abused by her father when she was a child. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Partially. This focus in actuality inhabits the physical location of Ireland, and has traveled to the physical country of the United States.

LEELA: Okay. Is that focus influencing this focus in the area of sexuality? (Pause)

ELIAS: Partially. This would be an influence in the area of energy which is transmitted and not reconfigured but accepted in the expression that it is transmitted, in an element of fear.

LEELA: Yeah, I thought so. Is there anything you can advise me on how I can reconfigure this energy properly?

ELIAS: You may be allowing yourself to connect with this focus, and in that connection, as you allow yourself a partial mergence with that particular focus, it may be helpful to you in distinguishing and differentiating the two different expressions of energy.

As you allow yourself to identify these differences in energy, you shall also allow yourself to recognize that you do not necessarily need be reinforcing yourself in duplicity and negativity through the acceptance of energy of another focus.

I am understanding that many times within physical focus, individuals may draw themselves to an awareness of another focus of essence which experiences a similar quality of energy which is expressed within each of the focuses.

This to a point may be beneficial in allowing you an understanding of self, and also a recognition of the affectingness that is created in conjunction with belief systems with certain experiences.

But there is also a crossing over that certain point in which you continue to be allowing the expression of energy, not necessarily in objective recognition that you are two different focuses and that you hold the ability to be recognizing and identifying the energy of another focus, but not necessarily assimilating it in the manner of its individual experience and projection of energy.

Therefore, I am suggesting to you that you allow yourself a temporary investigation and connection objectively with this other focus, [and] that shall offer you an objective differentiation between the two expressions of experiences and also between the differences of the individual focuses, recognizing within yourself that the experiences of another focus are the choices of that focus and that it is unnecessary for you to be assimilating those experiences, allowing an objective influence that shall merely perpetuate issues that you create in this focus.

The purpose of connecting with another focus of essence is to be validating to you and to be offering you more information of self and of essence, not to be reinforcing those issues that you have created or challenges that you have created within this focus.

Are you understanding?

LEELA: Yes, I am. Okay, the next focus I came up with is a medicine woman, I think Native American, but it could also be of another tribal scene. She has long black hair or dark hair, and she is very, very good at what she does, and what she does is healing. Is that a correct impression?

ELIAS: You are correct. This would be within the physical location of western territories of the northern American continent.

LEELA: Okay. I had an impression of my friend Edwin and me as two male friends or brothers, maybe in Greece? (Pause)

ELIAS: This would be a focus of brothers, you are correct, within the physical location of Cypress.

LEELA: Cypress, okay. The last one is an impression also of Edwin and me, I think in Spain. I am a woman and he is a man, and the impression I got is that we were dancing a Spanish dance, and I have a long dress on. Is that a correct impression?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

LEELA: Okay, great! Okay, I started a few months ago with the past life training we discussed last time, and I’m enjoying it very much. I feel wonderful about it. There are a few things in the information we get that I think are distorted. I don’t think that this is bad, but I would like to figure out what the information would be without distortion, so I have a couple of questions about that.

ELIAS: Very well.

LEELA: One of the things I was thinking about was that a person may look into another focus every time he or she has difficulties with a situation, and I don’t think that would always be the thing to do.

ELIAS: You are correct, for each focus creates its individual intent and line of probabilities and therefore also creates its own individual choices for its greatest benefit, and although there may be similarities between certain experiences that are created or expressed between different focuses, it may not always be beneficial to you within physical focus to be concentrating upon the choices and the experiences of another focus as you are attempting to be addressing to issues that you are creating within THIS focus, for many times individuals move in this direction, and what they are in actuality moving into is merely a distraction of their attention, and therefore moving their attention away from addressing to what they are creating individually within THIS focus.

As you are aware, you are always being influenced and exchanging energy with other focuses, but this is not to say that the influence is manifest objectively into areas that you shall be creating certain expressions within your focus that are not of your individual design.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is, there are opportunities which are created as you investigate other focuses in relation to difficulties that you may be experiencing within this focus, in which you allow yourselves not merely a distraction but also an action in which you discontinue focusing upon your own individual responsibility for your creations within this focus and place the responsibility upon other focuses, or divert your attention into excuses, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, you are correct that there are times in which it may not necessarily be entirely beneficial to you, or efficient, to be engaging other focuses in conjunction with certain challenges that you are creating within this focus.

This be the reason that I am continuously expressing to individuals within physical focus to be turning their attention to self and to the now and to be holding their attention within this direction, for this shall be your greatest advantage, so to speak, in your movement into understanding of self and how you create your reality, which allows you more freedom in assessing more of your choices within this focus.

LEELA: Yes, but I also read that you said that it could be very beneficial to investigate other focuses, and my question would be, how do you do it differently so that it would be beneficial and not an excuse to be looking for in another focus?

ELIAS: Quite. In this, as you are holding your attention in the direction of self, and your motivation to be looking or investigating other focuses shall be to be offering yourself information concerning THIS focus, not necessarily concerning the choices and the experiences of another focus, but how those interplays, so to speak, are influencing of this focus, and in holding your attention within this focus and continuing to look to self and continuing to NOT be discounting of self within this focus, you may draw upon the experiences of other focuses temporarily to merely offer yourself information of how you may be creating movement in the direction of your desire within this focus.

Now; an example of this action may be, you may hold what you may term to be an irrational fear in this focus of water. In this focus, you may not have created any experience to offer you a rational explanation of why you shall be experiencing this tremendous fear of water. In this situation, you may be investigating of another focus and allowing yourself to be recognizing that another focus may hold an experience objectively that is influencing in the area of creating a fear of water.

Now; as you recognize that this is not your experience, you may allow yourself several avenues of information.

One avenue that you offer yourself in this direction is to be recognizing the differences of energy; the difference in expression of your energy and that which is projected by another focus. The difference is slight, but it may be recognizable to you. Another avenue that you provide yourself as you offer yourself this information is the recognition that this is not your objective creation within this focus.

This shall provide you the opportunity to move beyond this fear, so to speak, and offer you a new expression of freedom to explore your own creations and your own experiences in THISfocus, not being influenced by another focus’s energy.

This offers you an objective example of how you may be turning your attention and therefore also reconfiguring the energy automatically, which requires no thought process. Merely the recognition itself shall be reconfiguring the energy. You need not be concentrating upon a method of how to be reconfiguring the energy. It is an automatic action that you create, merely in the recognition that this is not your expression.

Now; conversely, you may be experiencing an element of fearfulness within this focus that you have created through experiences that you have offered to yourself in this focus. These are your creations and your choices. You may also be connecting with another focus which creates similar experiences.

Now; the connection of that focus objectively that you offer to yourself may be beneficial as you are allowing yourself a very temporary recognition of the experiences, and the recognition that those experiences may be partially reinforcing in energy of your own experiences and your own energy that you direct in the area of fear.

This type of a recognition may be quite empowering to you in this focus, as you allow yourself to recognize that you hold the ability to be moving through this issue regardless of the choice of another focus, which may choose to be continuing within that particular creation of fear. But you may also create a type of trap, so to speak, for yourself in delving, in a manner of speaking, into that focus intensely, for that action merely reinforces what you are creating in this focus. Are you understanding?

LEELA: Yes, I am. Okay, the next thought I had about the training is that people may get an incomplete feel of their other focuses by always searching for trauma and not looking at the so-called positive experiences, what I call positive.

ELIAS: You are correct in this assessment, although I shall express to you also that your automatic movement within physical focus is to be magnating to those experiences and those creations within your physical dimension that you label as negative, for they hold intensity and they fascinate you. Therefore, this is quite similar as the moth to the flame, in a manner of speaking. These are the experiences that you shall initially draw yourselves to, for they attain your attention quite easily. Therefore, you magnate to these types of experiences more easily.

In this, you are correct that you offer yourselves an unbalanced view of many of your focuses, for you are directing your attention merely to those experiences which may be expressing trauma or discomfort, and these may be in many focuses merely momentary expressions, but not necessarily an overview of the entirety of a focus.

LEELA: Yeah. Would it be a good idea to maybe ... if you were to treat someone with – I don’t know – an inconvenience with sex, for example, to let them see a positive side, a positive focus where someone has experienced a lot of joy in their sex life?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

As I have stated to you, you automatically draw yourselves to what you identify as these uncomfortable or negative experiences, but it may be quite beneficial to you and reinforcing to you in validation if you are allowing yourself to be viewing those focuses which offer a contrary experience.

You view within your physical dimension that it is validating to you if you are offering yourselves information of confirmation of like experience as you are experiencing some element of discomfort or what you identify as negativity or trauma. You hold a thought process that this shall be comforting to you or validating to you, and that this shall create an element within you that you shall not feel, in your terms, isolated or alone within your experience.

I express to you that you are merely drawing yourselves to these experiences – or disguising your draw to these experiences in the expression of a want for validation – merely for the reason that the negativity holds a fascination with you. But it is validating of your own duplicity and your own lack of trust and acceptance of self, and not reinforcing of the movement that you are attempting to be creating presently within the action of this shift.

This action of magnating to the negative, so to speak, is familiar, and THIS is the incorporation of comfort that you seek, the familiarity. But it also is not offering to you the freedom which you seek presently within the action of this shift.

Therefore, I am expressing to you much encouragement to be seeking out that information which provides you with an unfamiliar expression, the information which validates you in the direction of allowing you to be trusting and accepting of self, that you ARE worthy individuals and that you DO hold tremendous abilities, and may be expressing yourselves in tremendous pleasure and acceptance.

LEELA: Okay. The next question is also about the training, because ... well, I will read it.

When a case of let’s say migraine is treated with past life therapy, many times it seems to be connected with a traumatic experience in another focus, maybe death by a hit or a bump on the head, and it is connected to a belief, like fear or guilt. When the same belief is actualized in this focus, the migraine also comes back. On the other hand, when you answer a question about migraine or another physical difficulty, you hardly ever mention another focus. Does this mean that you explain the situation in terms of only the belief system, but probably the same one that would come up in a regression?

ELIAS: Partially, you are correct.

I express to individuals in the manner that draws their attention to NOW and to THIS focus, and this creates a direction within their attention, that they do not automatically move in the expression of offering themselves an excuse or a diversion in attention to not be accepting responsibility for what they are creating.

For you may be creating what you term to be a regression. You may engage this activity and you may be recognizing that there is an experience within another focus of trauma which may be quite influencing in dissipating a similar experience within this focus.

But in dissipating in this manner or altering the action or the creation in this manner, you also divert your attention away from self and do not accept responsibility for your creation of your reality. You automatically shift the responsibility onto another focus, and once you have, in a manner of speaking, “fixed” the dysfunction which is created by another focus, you also “fix” the symptom within this focus.

What I am expressing to you is that there is no element of your creations of your reality that is broken, period. Therefore, there is no element to be fixed, and in this also, EVERY element – every action, every creation, every expression, every behavior – that is created within your reality, you each individually create. No other focus, no other individual, no other essence, no other circumstance creates it for you. YOU create ALL of your reality, and in this, there is an element of responsibility which is expressed in your acknowledgment that you are creating of this.

Therefore, you may in actuality at times be uncreating temporarily certain physical expressions in conjunction with this action of regression, so to speak, but you also leave open, in your terms, the window to be recreating that same action in this focus in conjunction with other reasons, for you have not assumed responsibility for your own creation, but have shifted the responsibility to another area or to another direction of attention, and in that action, you are not assuming responsibility objectively for creating ALL of your reality.

Therefore, this is a key point. You may alter certain creations in conjunction with the beliefs that you hold, but the point of this shift in consciousness is to be widening your awareness and allowing yourselves the action of acceptance of self and acceptance of belief systems, which shall move you in the direction of a much greater expression of freedom and allows you much more of an ability without limitations to be expressing your choices.

In this, I address to individuals, for the most part, in your terms, in conjunction with the now and with the creations that they are engaging in THIS focus, not necessarily in conjunction with the influence of other focuses. I do express often to individuals within this forum that all of your focuses are continuously influencing of each other and of this focus, as you also are continuously influencing of all of your other focuses.

But your attention is in THIS focus, and your creations in this focus are YOUR creations. They are purposeful, they are intentional, and they are the responsibility of this particular focus. Therefore, as you continue to direct your attention to this particular focus in which you hold your attention, you also empower yourselves much more and create much more of your own expression of freedom and your ability to manipulate energy intentionally within this focus.

It offers you the opportunity to view HOW you create your reality, and that you DO create your reality individually, that your choices are your choices. You hold free will. You are not subject or victim to ANY expression of energy within ANY area of consciousness.

LEELA: Okay, just a moment. I have to flip my tape. Okay. Well, that would have been my next question, that the responsibility of another focus would not be seen by this focus. Assuming that I will become a therapist in this line of work, what would you advise? I want to show people that what they create is the responsibility of this focus. How can I do that?

ELIAS: I am greatly encouraging of you in this direction, for much time framework has been engaged in the expression of what you term to be your modern psychologies, and in this expression, there is much that is discounting of the individual and much that reinforces the belief system of duplicity within your physical focus.

And as you allow yourself to move in this direction, you may be very helpful and influencing as you allow yourself to be interactive with other individuals, offering the expression of recognition that they are, as consciousness, more than they view themselves to be within this one expression of this one focus, but that individuals within this physical dimension within each focus hold tremendous ability to be manipulating energy.

And in assuming objective responsibility for your creation of your reality, you in actuality create a tremendous freedom, although it may be initially a fearful expression, for you attach fearful elements to the terminology or the word of responsibility. But as individuals allow themselves to be turning their attention slightly and viewing your own terminologies slightly differently, redefining to yourselves your own words, your own terminology, you may begin to offer yourselves tremendous new freedoms.

Let me express to you, you may be offering yourself examples repeatedly of individuals that engage objective interaction with myself, and in this interaction, many individuals create what you and they term to be difficulties or blocks or challenges or discomfort, emotionally, mentally, and physically, within their individual focuses, and in these creations, they also couple these expressions with frustration, anxiety, and unhappiness; sadness.

As they avail themselves of this information, you may view throughout the writings of the interactions, within the transcriptions of our interactions, and you may also avail yourself of information through interaction with actual individuals objectively, and you shall view that as each individual turns their attention to self and allows themself to view their responsibility – that they in actuality ARE creating their reality, that they are not victim to any expression within their reality – the very creations that they have engaged, that they experience discomfort and anxiety and unhappiness and distress within, begin to dissipate, and they begin uncreating, for they allow themselves the realization of their own abilities and power.

If you are moving in the direction of viewing yourself as an individual as a victim, you also view yourself to be lacking in choices, and powerless and helpless.

If you are viewing yourself as creating your reality and that you DO hold responsibility, that you ARE in actuality creating your reality, you also hold the powerfulness to be altering that reality in any direction that you are choosing.

As individuals engage you in the direction of helpfulness and you offer your expressions to them to be helpful to them, as you allow yourself to be offering information to other individuals not necessarily in the design of psychology but in the design of the recognition of the wondrousness of every individual within this physical dimension and the tremendous abilities that they hold, you may be helpful to them, that they shall be empowering of themselves and not moving into the automatic expression of viewing themselves as powerless, as helpless, and as a victim.

Individuals within this physical focus have allowed a tremendous expression of conditioning and have allowed a tremendous expression in energy of alignment to belief systems, which influences them in the direction of helplessness and that they are not the captain of their own ship, that they are not directing of their own play, that other individuals or circumstances or mental illnesses or physical illnesses are directing of their play, and they are victim to these elements within their reality and hold no influence and must merely succumb to these circumstances or situations or expressions.

You are creating a unique direction in which you may be allowing yourself to be offering information to other individuals that may be allowing them to be empowering of themselves.

Recognize in this that you may only be influencing as another individual allows you to be influencing. You may not be expressing alterations or changes of another individual’s choices or direction within their focus. Therefore, there is no element to fix, but you may be offering information to other individuals that they have forgotten.

And in this, you create a unique expression that offers the genuine expression of healing, in allowing the direction of energy to be returned to its natural state; not to be fixing any element within any individual’s focus of reality, but merely to be influencing in the direction of offering information to return energy to its natural state; not in the expression of limitation of the belief systems which grip the energy of individuals and immobilize their movement.

Are you understanding?

LEELA: Yes. Do you think I can somehow combine the things I’m learning now in the training with what you said about returning energy to its natural state?

ELIAS: Very much so. You are providing yourself with tools. You are providing yourself with different types of focal points and tools that you may incorporate into whichever methods you choose objectively to be helpful in the engagement of other individuals.

You are moving within a physical dimension which holds belief systems and which holds officially accepted realities. Therefore, you are providing yourself with tools, that you may efficiently be manipulating your energy and allowing yourself to be objectively connecting with other individuals in the most efficient manner that they shall be most efficiently accepting of.

LEELA: Okay. There’s one last question, I think, because our time is almost up.

I have this fantasy about having a practice where I could heal people not only by regression, but also all kinds of other ways, and one of the ways I would very much like is to heal people with their pets. Can you say something about that?

ELIAS: I express to you that you are moving in the direction of this type of creation and line of probabilities. I express to you that your interaction with creatures shall be quite different from your interaction with “people,” in your terms. (Grinning) (1)

Individuals of your own species hold belief systems, and these are very influencing. The creatures do not. Therefore, your interaction may be directed with creatures in conjunction with the individuals that interact with those creatures, for this is very influencing of the creations of the creatures. But merely be remembering that your interaction between the two shall be quite different, for it is unnecessary to be incorporating as many methods with the interaction of your creatures, for it is unnecessary to be manipulating within belief systems, for they do not hold belief systems. (Chuckling)

LEELA: Okay. I want to thank you very much for this session. I liked it very much this time, far better than the last time, and I bid you good-bye.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I am greatly encouraging of your movement in this direction, and shall be offering energy to you in your continuation of this expression. It shall be a tremendous new avenue in the expression of your individual intent.

To you this day I express great affection, and offer to you much lovingness and encouragement, and I anticipate our continued interaction. I express lovingly, au revoir.

LEELA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:06 PM.


(1) Vic’s note: Elias seemed to get a big kick out of saying the word “people.” He’s said it before, but not humorously or with any emphasis. It must have been an “inside joke.”

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