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Monday, December 13, 1999

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ďTalking to Dead PeopleĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marisa (Glen).

Elias arrives at 2:29 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon, my friend! (Smiling)

MARISA: Hi, Elias! How are ya?

ELIAS: As always! (Chuckling) And what shall we engage in discussion this day?

MARISA: Well, I called Mary because I had gone to see a person that did life readings, and after that whole session, I was really upset. She did like the numerology thing, which went very well, and it just reinforced what I felt about myself, which was good. But mainly, I did go to her because she says she communicates with people that we would term as dead, so I thought itíd be really cool to talk to Ian.

And so she said, ďOkay, whatís on your mind next?Ē and I told her a little about my visitors, thinking that would wear her out a little bit! (Laughing) It didnít, but she had an incredibly different interpretation than what we had here. Things that she said about me previously Ė anything that was matching what you had said Ė I really paid attention to, but it was mainly about what you would consider characteristics of the Milumet family, so it only reaffirmed that, which I felt really good about.

But then when we got to my visitors, and then mainly with Ian, she told me that heís like a ... she interpreted it as a ghost, and heís haunting me, and that itís almost like a negative thing, that heís interfering with my relationship with my husband, and that he doesnít realize that Iím here, heís there, and I have another life right now.

And I didnít really believe what she said, and afterwards I was like, no, I donít really think thatís his purpose, to cause bad things in my life, because itís only good. Anything that has happened between us has only been good. Iíve never felt like cautious, like I should be like Ė uh-oh! Ė wary.

Then the real upsetting thing that she said was, the reason why he was haunting me is because he was taken away from me in a past life violently, and she said she saw this really big bright light, and that he was killed, kinda like with a cannon or something, or he was shot. I was devastated!

I was talking to Mary and I was like, I donít know if she realized that I really care about him, and itís just like you telling me that my best friend has gotten killed. Itís just like that! I was just shaking for so many days that I couldnít function in my life, in my life here, thinking what had happened.

And then she said that she wasnít gonna communicate with him, which I thought was strange, but she said that I could do this writing thing, where he will talk to me through writing, and that once I accomplish that, he will leave me alone and go away, and I was to tell him to go away, and I was like, ďBut I donít want him to go away, so I wonít do that writing thing because I like him here!Ē But she insisted that heís interfering with my life here. So now Iím back here! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) I felt a little better after talking to Mary, I gotta say, but I was pretty upset!

ELIAS: Let me express to you first of all, each essence holds free will, firstly. Secondly, essences are not intrusive.

Now; what you have encountered in interaction is offering yourself an experience with another individual, that you may differentiate in the information which is offered to you.

You interact with myself and you offer inquiries to me and I offer responses to you, and in the interaction between yourself and myself, you assess within you what you know to be accurate, and you verify and validate through YOUR experience, for your experience is what you would term to be the truth or the reality within your focus.

Now; let me also express to you that I have offered information previously to many individuals in cautioning. I am not discouraging of individuals to be interactive with other individuals that identify themselves as what you term to be psychics, for there is validity in the information that they allow themselves to be accessing, but they allow themselves to access one layer of consciousness, which is the most closely related layer of consciousness to your objective reality. Your objective reality is this, here, now; your waking, interactive state.

In that waking interactive state, you create choices of probabilities continuously. In those choices of probabilities, you set energy into motion continuously, and this energy moves within the first layer of consciousness which is closest to your objective waking state. Some individuals allow themselves quite easily to be accessing that layer of consciousness. You all hold this ability. YOU offer yourself this ability continuously! But you place an emphasis upon what you term to be an authority, and therefore you allow yourself to seek out information through different sources. These sources are merely to be validating what you already know.

Now; the reason I offer cautioning to individuals as they interact with other individuals offering this type of information is that for the most part, individuals allow bleed-throughs of their own beliefs, and they incorporate their beliefs and their interpretations into the information that they offer to you.

In this, an individual Ė such as this individual you have interacted with Ė may allow themselves to be accessing certain pieces, so to speak, of information, but they are filtering that information through their beliefs and through their own individual interpretation. I also caution individuals as they choose to be playing with instruments such as Ouija boards.

It is not that you may not access valid information through these instruments, but be aware that there is a wide window open for distortion and misinterpretation and translation of the information which is accessed, for you automatically create translations of energy in your thought processes as you allow yourselves to access information.

Now; I shall express to you, in conjunction with that information and in conjunction with our discussions and the questions that you have posed to myself Ė which I have challenged you to be investigating first Ė in relation to this subject, I shall express to you that what the individual has accessed is energy in relation to you and your relationship with this individual of Ian, and the energy which holds the experiences that you share.

This energy is a type of energy deposit, so to speak, which in a figurative manner of speaking, you carry with you, for you are essence. You are a focus of essence, but you also are all of essence. Therefore, the other focuses of essence are you and are occurring now simultaneously, and therefore the energy of those focuses are elements of you also. These may be easily accessed by yourself or by any other individual, for you project this energy within your individual energy field which surrounds your physical body.

In this, you hold the energy of the experiences, not merely of yourself but of the time framework, of the environment, of the interaction that you create with many other individuals, of your involvement in that aspect of history Ė all of these factors are, once again, figuratively speaking, puzzle pieces that are elements of your energy field.

Therefore, what has been accessed is an identification of turbulence, but that energy that has been accessed has also been translated into the objective thought process and interpretation Ė influenced by beliefs Ė of that individual.

Therefore, let me offer a simple scenario.

The individual accesses a turbulent energy. You have provided information in the direction of your curiosity in relation to Ian.

This sets into motion Ė with the individual that you are interacting with Ė her beliefs, and in this, as she accesses within the first layer of consciousness to you an energy of turbulence, she translates this information into a reflection of her beliefs and what you may term to be a type of guess as to the meaning of the energy that she is accessing, and therefore creates an interpretation and offers the interpretation verbally to you.

MARISA: Well then, when she was telling me that she sees this big bright white light, maybe sheís seeing that. But her interpretation of Ian essentially being blown to bits, that is her interpretation of what that white light means?

ELIAS: Correct. The light also is her interpretation of the energy. What she has in actuality accessed is merely an identification of energy, turbulent energy, which holds force.

Subsequent to her accessing of this one element of information Ė force and turbulent energy Ė she has immediately created an identification, first of all as influenced through her metaphysical belief systems, of force in brightness and light, but there is also an identification of turbulence in this energy.

Therefore, there is another interpretation, a translation which is created, in which she identifies this energy as violent, as hurtful, and as an explosion. These are physical interpretations.

Now; I shall express to you (crooked smile) an undistorted offering of that projection of energy.

There is an identification of turbulence and force of energy in conjunction with that particular focus, but also with several other focuses, which creates an emphasis, so to speak, in that type of energy identification, for you do not merely hold one focus with this individual. You hold several focuses with this individual.

The turbulence is not entirely expressed in the individual choices or relationship, OR within your individual experiences overall, so to speak. But several of these focuses that you manifest together within ARE manifest, within your linear time frameworks, in turbulent times, which is affecting of the individuals participating within those time frameworks. You are all participating within particular time frameworks, and the energy that you are all participating in creates a turbulence.

MARISA: Well, you had told me, I think the first time I brought this up, that there is conflict there, and thatís why we look. I mean, if weíre walking along the street and we see a fight, weíre going to look, and that makes me notice it. I was reading Scottish history and historical accounts and everything, and I kind of caught on to that, that there was something major going on in the whole time period that Iím looking into. I could sense the whole upheaval of it, and I had even talked to you about it one time.

Just recently I was reading this historical account of the uprising of 1715, and I was ill for days! I canít tell you how upset I was, and originally it was really weird Ďcause I wasnít really thinking about that. I was thinking the major conflict was the rebellion of Ď45 Ė thatís gotta be it Ė and I was reading about that and it was upsetting, but nothing like this, and then I knew. I knew that this was the time, because it was just so upsetting to me.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, as I have already stated, you do hold several focuses with this essence, and you each manifest in several manifestations in this particular country, so to speak. You do not hold merely one focus in this particular country.

Now; as a slight aside to this information, I shall also express to you, this is not uncommon. Essences focus many, many, many different focuses in particular physical dimensions.

But essences also, as they are manifesting in particular physical dimensions, may hold preferences to specific cultures, specific physical body types, specific areas in physical locations, and may choose to manifest several focuses in those particular designs. This is a preference, and this is not uncommon.

In this situation, your essence and this other essence hold a preference in this particular physical location of this country that you identify as Scotland. Therefore, you have several manifestations in different time frameworks in that particular country.

Your identification in bleed-through to this point, for the most part, has been an allowance of energy that magnates to one particular focus, although I shall express to you also that there are elements of other manifestations in that same country that you both participate within that you intermingle in your bleed-throughs.

Therefore, in another manner of speaking, what you have created in this focus in allowance of these bleed-throughs is, for the most part, your attention magnates to one, but interwoven in that one are other elements of other focuses. Therefore, it may appear that it is an identification of merely one focus that you are connecting with. In actuality, it is several, with one as the main.

MARISA: So even though when I look through what I think are Margaretís eyes, and I see whatís going on....

ELIAS: That is the one main.

MARISA: But Ian looks the same all the times Iíve looked.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARISA: Because heís chosen that body type?

ELIAS: Correct. Let me express to you that within many of the physical focuses that I chose to be manifesting within in different time frameworks in your dimension, I very often chose a very similar body type and physical appearance, for it is pleasing. You also have created this type of manifestation. This manifestation that you identify with physically appears quite similar to yourself presently, not identical, but quite similar.

MARISA: Iím beginning to see her a little bit. Itís weird. I donít really see her face. Sometimes I get like this little WHOOSH, but I donít remember what it looks like, but I see her hair sometimes, and I know itís as brown as ... I always despair at my brown hair, but I know hers is brown too! But itís not straight. Itís wavy, Ďcause I see it sometimes, going in the wind, but thatís it. Thatís all I get to see.

ELIAS: Now; in this particular focus, which is the main, that you allow yourself to view most often or you allow yourself to feel most often, you and this individual participate in minor conflicts in your focus in that time framework, but not in conflicts that you would identify as unusual or other than ordinary lifestyle within that time framework. It may appear partially barbaric to you within your thought process in this focus, but within that focus, it is viewed quite normally.

Now; you have inquired of information more specifically in relation to that focus, for you are drawn to be physically investigating. As I have stated, you do hold several focuses within that particular country, and the manifestations are not all in the same physical location. You have explored much of that particular land mass, so to speak.

The one focus that you allow the greatest expression of influence objectively presently occupies a physical location in what you would term to be a type of peninsula partially, for within a particular point, there has been a physical move, so to speak, in which you and your partner have chosen to move your physical location from an area that you may identify as ... (long pause) Knapdale is the peninsula.

Your physical location nears Lochs Sween, but your settlement moves to an isle, an isle of Arran, which you may physically locate within this time framework also. The time framework is within the late throes of your 1300s, extending into your 1400s.

Now; understand that for several hundred of your years in linear time framework, this particular culture in this particular country has experienced tremendous turbulence throughout the entirety of the country.

This particular peninsula and island are located in the southern area of this country, but you have also occupied the Highlands, and you have occupied far northern regions in other focuses.

These are different elements that you incorporate into these bleed-throughs that you experience, but for the most part, what you are allowing yourself in memory, so to speak, and in interaction with this individual, this essence, moves in conjunction with this particular focus in this southern region.

He is not engaged in warfare. There ARE violent expressions within that time framework. There are violent energies afoot, so to speak, within that region and within that time framework, within the culture, within the clans, but there is no participation with the two of you, in a manner of speaking, in battles. Therefore, you may allow yourself an ease in your emotional expressions and your thought process, that neither of you have incorporated death in violent battle, (grinning) not in THAT particular focus.

This individual of this other essence has engaged in battles, although has not disengaged in the actual conflict of the battles, but in some focuses expresses a high ideal in causes, and therefore participates in some interactions of conflicts. There is a tremendous expression of loyalty and commitment to culture that you both hold.

MARISA: When we initially talked of this, we were talking about the conflict and how it makes me look, and you said that because he was different Ė different in thinking, perhaps Ė than the other clan members, that was what the fighting was about between me and my dad, because obviously he did not want us together, and I sensed a lot of fighting because he was different in some way. I said politically, and you said no, thereís other stuff besides politically, and Iíve thought about that, and I donít know. What did you mean by that?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, I shall offer you a small piece of information, and in this, I shall continue to encourage YOUR interaction and YOUR accessing of information, for it shall be much more meaningful to you as you allow yourself to access.

But let me express to you that this particular clan holds what you would term to be ties with a type Ė a TYPE Ė of monastic order. There are strong spiritual belief systems held which are identified by specific rituals and specific presentments of physical appearance. The identification of the spiritual beliefs are projected physically in a representation that they offer a type of appearance in altering physical hair, not to be shaving oneís head but to be creating of a partial removal of hair upon the head, which is an identification of reverence, in a manner of speaking, in conjunction with the beliefs. (Grinning) This individual of your partner ...

MARISA: Are you going to tell me heís irreverent? (Laughing)

ELIAS: ... does not align with this particular custom, and this creates a conflict. The individual also, in that particular focus, does not align with the intensity of zeal in movement to be expressing an alignment with particular possessions in sections of land that may be threatened by other groups. Therefore, the move, and the removal of himself and yourself from that particular physical location upon the peninsula to the island, to be disassociating with that conflict.

MARISA: But when we moved to the island, is that part of the clan also?


MARISA: Because theyíre so spread out. But just that group thatís on the peninsula is VERY zealous in their beliefs?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARISA: So weíre moving to maybe part of the clan thatís not as ...

ELIAS: Correct.

MARISA: ... that doesnít have as much fervor. I see.


MARISA: Okay. Well, thanks for giving me that information, because the last time I met with Mary, she told me, ďI read the transcripts, and Iím surprised that Elias answered the questions that you asked.Ē And I was like, why? And she said, ďBecause he might consider it to be parlor tricks,Ē and then I felt bad. I was like, that was not my intention. I just really wanted to know. And she said, ďWell, he must have picked that up because he answered.Ē So now, when I came here this time, it was like, oh, I donít think Iím gonna bring that up because I might insult him....

ELIAS: Ah, you may not be insulting to myself! It matters not.

I do not offer parlor tricks to individuals, for it is unnecessary. Individuals may move in the direction of wanting exhibitions of information or displays of amazing feats of energy that they view shall be convincing to them in validation of the reality of this energy exchange, and in this, I hold the awareness that it matters not what may be projected in energy in parlor tricks. Individuals within physical focus shall recognize reality as they are willing to recognize reality.

I offer information to you for the reason that I recognize you are experiencing MUCH interaction in bleed-through, and you are also participating in interaction with this particular essence quite frequently, and as you allow yourself information objectively, you also validate yourself in THIS focus, you offer yourself more of an acceptance and less fear in THIS focus, and there is a recognition that you are genuinely interactive with another essence which is not physically manifesting presently.

Individuals quite often are interactive with their own essence in many different forms, and are always interactive with their own energy, but what you are participating with is slightly different.

You are engaging another essence Ė which you are allowing to be expressive within this physical reality and to be interactive with you Ė and you are accessing information, but the information at times may be confusing to you, for you are interpreting the information through objective awareness, which at times is also influenced through your beliefs, which may be influenced in superstition, and this allows a window for fear, and there is no element being projected in energy to be fearful of.

MARISA: You know what I think? The problem that Iím having ... the big purpose behind going to see this person is that I had wanted to talk to Ian, kind of like Iím talking to you, because it seems to me that when I talk to him, when I silently talk to him, I canít stay in that energy very long. Itís very brief, our time together, and I was just like, wouldnít it be nice if I could just talk to him, you know?

And it was really weird. I donít know if it was my imagination, but I felt, when I was with this person, I felt him like standing right here, and Iím like, yeah! This is gonna be good! I can go ahead and ask, Ďcause I was really nervous to ask her, Ďcause I was like, oh my god, then I canít deny it Ďcause heíd be talking to me, and Iíd KNOW if it was him Ďcause we know certain things, and I think I wish for that, that either I was better at it and I could just like blah blah blah blah in conversation, or I could find someone who could do that for me.

ELIAS: Quite. Let me express to you also that this is purposeful that your interaction is brief. It is purposeful that you are not interactive presently.

You may choose to move in this direction futurely, and you may set into motion probabilities that shall draw that type of energy to yourself if you are so choosing. I am not cautioning you, expressing to you that this shall be harmful. This is merely a choice.

Presently, this may be threatening to your individual identity and your hold within your identity of THIS focus, for you allow such a volume of bleed-through that you may also allow a temporary confusion in your identity were you to be interactive in that manner presently.

But this is also temporary, for you are allowing yourself, more and more, a familiarity of your energy and the distinction between your energy and the energy of these other focuses, and this establishes your hold with your identity in THIS focus, that it shall not be confused futurely as you may choose to allow yourself mergences with other focuses and allow yourselves the interaction together.

I shall express to you, there are many different means in which you may be creating the interaction that you are speaking of, not merely an expression in this type of an energy exchange that you participate within in discussion with myself. But you may also, if so choosing, merge with that focus and allow yourself different time frameworks in which you shall turn your attention to that focus, and in a manner of speaking, you shall be her.

MARISA: But I donít want to interfere with that focus, because after our last talk, I took a little hiatus, you know, from slipping back there, and then instead ... itís actually been good, because instead of going back so much, something started to come through instead, and Iíve been getting all these little ideas of learning more about him, like what he was like in that focus, and instead of me just watching little movies all the time, now Iím getting a message from somewhere else thatís saying, ďWell, this is the kind of person I am and this is what Iím like, faults and all,Ē which has been interesting!

ELIAS: Quite. This is what I am expressing to you. There are many, many different methods, so to speak, in which you may be interactive, and also accessing information. I am merely expressing to you the explanation that your briefness presently in interaction, or what appears to be fleeting, is purposeful.

MARISA: And itís okay that itís so brief, and not to get so uptight about it.

ELIAS: Quite.

MARISA: Okay, but then is it a bad thing necessarily? A friend of mine, my best friend actually, her father died, and her mother is going to see someone famous that supposedly chats with dead people. Is that a bad thing, then, to do that?

ELIAS: No. This is what I have expressed to you previously in this discussion. I am not discounting of these individuals, and I am not expressing to you that they may not be offering you valid information.

Now; be aware that as individuals within physical focus engage these types of activities, they are allowing for interpretation and translation, which is affected by their beliefs.

In situations such as you have offered, that an individual may seek out another individual to be communicating with some person, so to speak, that has disengaged physical focus, the individual that you may define as psychic or clairvoyant is not ďin the middleĒ speaking to an individual that is dead, in your terms, on one side, and also speaking to the alive individual upon the other side. (Grinning) This is NOT the action which is occurring.

MARISA: Thatís what I thought was happening. Itís kind of like theyíre feeling the waves, and then just telling you?

ELIAS: The individual which is dead, so to speak, is not an individual dead! (Grinning, and Marisa laughs)

You are an individual within physical focus. Once you disengage physical focus, you continue as an identification of personality and an individual, in a manner of speaking, in a qualitive energy. You retain your identity, but you are not a physical individual.

Therefore, in your very physical terms, this clairvoyant or psychic is not occupying this space ďin the middle,Ē and speaking to this person alive and this person dead!

This individual is speaking to a person, an individual physically focused, and is accessing energy of a focus which is disengaged from physical reality. That energy may be translated quite specifically at times, but in actuality, what is being translated is an accessing of an energy deposit, not the actual individual, for the actual individual focus is engaging an area of consciousness and an action which we term to be transition, and this is an interaction of all focuses of that essence.

One focus, one experience, one interaction of a focus may appear to that individual as not tremendously significant, within the myriads of experiences that they are viewing.

They also are not experiencing time in the same manner that you experience time. Therefore, your now and the movement of your now is not the same as their now, which is much more encompassing.

MARISA: Hmm. I guess Iíll just stick with plain old Marisa then, with my method! At least I get through right away! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very good! Ha ha ha!

MARISA: Seems to me, why drop a hundred bucks when I can just do it myself for free in my own bedroom?! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And I am quite encouraging of this action, for you do hold this ability!

MARISA: Okay. Alright, I told Mary I was gonna ask you this, and of course, Jen is waiting for the answer too. Remember when you came to my house, and we had the group thing going on? (Elias grins and nods)

Okay, when you were just about to sign off, I asked a question about animals and how I wanted to communicate with them, Ďcause Iím really zooming forward with that. And then Ė I donít know if it was exactly after that Ė after you gave your explanation, you stopped and stared at me for a long time, which Iíve heard different interpretations of what that was, but Iíd like to hear it from you.

ELIAS: This was merely an offering of energy exchange, which was received by yourself subjectively.

In that subjective communication, I offered to you energy to be helpful to you in your movement with your creatures, and to be offering a comforting to you in your ease in your movement in interaction with the other focus you engage and the other essence that you engage, and an allowance of energy projected to you, that you may experience an ease in your interaction with your small one and his interaction with other essences, for he also allows himself an openness in this direction. This was merely an offering of interconnectedness.

MARISA: Well, thank you. That was very nice of you, because it felt great! And then I came back and I was aware of everyone else, and it was like, ďOh, this is so rude! Iím just sitting here! This is so socially inappropriate! Iím taking everyoneís time!Ē (Laughing) And then I kind of broke it then.

But otherwise, it felt very good. It was like, I felt very peaceful, like it was just a nice thing.

ELIAS: Quite.

MARISA: Well, Iíve actually tried to participate in my sonís little world there. We play in bed together, my little daughter too, and they point out the lights to me that theyíre seeing, and they said that one light kept hovering above me all the time. It was like a green light or whatever. But he definitely sees more of them, and you know whatís weird is that sometimes Iíd get a glimpse of almost like a circle, but it was clear. I didnít really get to see the colors like they did. Then I said, now what do you do? Whatís the next step, Natty? Maybe you could see a little beyond the colors, like look at more of the colors, or talk to them in some way. Is that what I should be telling him to do?

ELIAS: It matters not. He may be merely observing, and this may be quite acceptable. You within YOUR beliefs move in the direction of furthering the interaction, (Marisa cracks up) but I express to you, this is not in actuality necessary. They are already interacting and participating together and need not be moving beyond, although you may engage playfulness in further expressions if you are so choosing. It is merely a choice, and is unnecessary. These small ones are quite satisfied in the interaction that they hold presently. They are being entertained! (Grinning)

MARISA: And I think they liked it that I was there too, you know? It was cool Ďcause usually we have the teaching role all the time, and here they were telling me, ďOh look!Ē And Billy would be like, ďI really want to see a pink one,Ē and then theyíd tell me, a pink one would be shooting across the room! And I was like, that is so accommodating of these essences that are doing this. Thatís just so cute! Because the kids are still a little hesitant to be alone in the dark and the whole thing, and this distracts them. Theyíre too busy watching these great lights to be fearful, so that part is good.

But I gotta say, through all these interactions we have together, the big thing that Iíve gotten out of this Ė and also in my interactions with Ian Ė is that I really took to heart what you said, that there is no limit to what I could do, and it was really rethinking thirty-five some odd years of being told the opposite, that there was a cap to whatever I could do, and I kept on saying that Iíd love to have a breeding farm, a horse farm, but I just canít do it. Iím too old to start. I should have been starting way long ago as a trainer. And then I was like, so what? And Iím moving totally forward, and itís been really weird, because during this life reading that I got, she connected me with a friend of hers that had a farm for sale. Now that was worth the hundred bucks just alone! It didnít matter about the life reading, just that! And now this woman ... sheís a multi-millionaire, and sheís sectioning off part of her huge acreage of farm thatís totally set up as a horse farm, and she calls me saying sheís willing to divvy it up now, and she wants me to have it! What are the odds of something like that happening? This is so weird!

But actually, it didnít matter. If she hadnít called me, I was gonna do something else, I was gonna try something else, and I am! I have announced publicly, ďIím going to have a breeding farm set up by next year. You can come visit, and you can pick out something.Ē But itís just amazing Ďcause Iíve never felt this confident before. Iím much clearer in whatís right and wrong, like in social situations I used to be very insecure if something went awry, and now itís like, oh well! I went on my path, and Iíd choose it all over again, and Iím going ahead with the horse thing. Iíve announced to my husband, ďIím going to go to Iceland next year and buy three mares.Ē I donít know how Iím going to do it, but Iím going to do it! And I really think a lot of it has to do with here, with you, and the conversations with Ian and the encouragement Iíve gotten there, because I was just like, why shouldnít it be in this lifetime? What am I always gonna say? ďOh, next time I come around, Iím gonna do it?Ē Why does that have to be? Why canít it be now? People start doing stuff like this when theyíre in their senior years. Why canít I do it now? Iím young enough, right?

ELIAS: Quite! (Grinning)

MARISA: And itís like, if I have a natural talent, according to the Milumet characteristics, well, then Iíve got an edge! That the way I figure, and Iím gonna be a fast learner, and itís true! Itís just like, I started taking riding lessons with my awesome horse, and the lady cannot believe how well weíre doing together. She goes, ďThree lessons! My god, I canít believe it!Ē Heís very willing and bright, and we make a great team, and I canít believe all this is falling in place, but Iím really rubbing my hands with glee that it is! I mean, I just canít believe it!

ELIAS: And I am continuing to be encouraging of you! We shall be disengaging this day, for I wish not to be taxing upon Michael.

I offer to you an expression of encouragement and acknowledgment in your movement, and I express to you tremendous affection.

MARISA: Thank you. Same here.

ELIAS: And you may offer my greetings to the small ones.

MARISA: I will.

ELIAS: To you this day, au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:40 PM.

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