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Wednesday, February 16, 2000

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“Procrastination vs. Avoidance”

“Elias Consults The Akashic Records”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Dawn (Sarah), and Michael (Delal).

Elias arrives at 3:34 PM. (Arrival time is 29 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day!


DAWN: Hello!

ELIAS: We meet again! (Chuckling)

MICHAEL: How are you doing today?

ELIAS: As always!

MICHAEL: (Laughing) Well, we have a few questions, and I’m going to start off by saying something. We’ve decided to take a little bit of a different approach to this than usual. Instead of asking questions about things that are wrong or things we want to change in our lives, we have a perspective of trying to view some of the things that we’ve already changed in our lives, and see where we got the reinforcement from. I didn’t exactly say that the way I meant to, but I think you know what I mean.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Very well. You may proceed.

DAWN: Mary said that it was sort of invalid to ask a person’s intent in this focus, but I’d like some insight. I’m having confusion in my career about ... I’m a writer and an editor, and there are writer’s organizations and activities that I’m not interested in, and at the same time I can’t decide whether to go to the further education, and I’d kind of like some insight into that.

ELIAS: In conjunction with your activity or in conjunction with your intent?

DAWN: Do they relate?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Yes, they are related to each other, although in some choices that you may create, you may be offering yourself a direction in which you shall be accomplishing your intent through offering yourself information and clarity, and not necessarily actualizing certain aspects of your intent. Are you understanding?

DAWN: Yes, I think so.

ELIAS: Therefore, the question moves in the direction of clarifying if you are curious as to information of what you are creating, or if you are merely requesting validation that you are moving in your intent, for as I express, you ARE moving within your intent. Ha ha!

DAWN: I guess I’d like some information about why what I think I’m trying to do seems to conflict with how I feel about what I’m trying to do.

ELIAS: Very well. This is your opportunity in offering yourself information. As I have stated, you ARE moving within your intent and creating your value fulfillment, but in that action, you also offer yourself information that you may be objectively evaluating. This offers you the opportunity to view how you create your reality, and also offers you the opportunity to view more of your individual choices objectively.

Let us begin in the viewing of and the recognition of the direction that has been incorporated previously within your focus, in that you have allowed yourself to be creating probabilities and actualizing certain probabilities and creating movement, but not necessarily noticing objectively WHAT you are creating. You allow the subjective motivation and the movement, and you actualize objectively, but you do not offer yourself the information of HOW you are creating your reality in your process.

Now; I shall express to you that within physical focus, you all create a process. In moments, you allow yourselves to be creating spontaneously, but for the most part, generally speaking, you move through your focus creating movements in a type of process.

In actuality, the entirety of your focus becomes a process, and therefore you move in steps, as you may term them to be, throughout your process. Many times you are creating a process and you are implementing the steps within that process, but you are not paying attention objectively within the now, and therefore you do not allow yourselves objectively to view HOW you are creating your reality.

In this, you become confused, or you express surprise with yourself, or frustration with yourself. You become surprised in moments that you actualize certain elements within your reality that you have wished for. You become confused within moments that appear to you as a lack of movement and that you may be in the middle of your process, and you appear to yourself to not be creating movement, and therefore you assess yourselves to be stuck. This creates confusion. And you create frustration in the moments that you are not actualizing what you have wished for.

All of these expressions are created in response to your not allowing yourselves to view WHAT you are creating and HOW you are creating your reality within each moment.

Now; in this, you are expressing quite specifically that you have chosen what you identify as a direction. You have set within your sights, so to speak, a general direction of movement that you choose to be implementing, and you identify your creative expression and your contribution within the parameters of that direction. But you do not allow yourself to view WHAT you are creating within the moment, and therefore you also incorporate confusion.

One of the reasons that you are incorporating confusion is that your attention moves outside of the expression of the now, for you are looking to outcomes, but your definition of outcomes is what you view futurely. Therefore, as you view these terms of process and outcome or destination, you view yourself to be within the process, and that you have not accomplished your outcome or your destination yet.

Therefore, as you provide yourself with information in the now, it appears to be conflicting, for the outcome that you are viewing or the destination that you are viewing is a projection into future and is not concentrated in the now.

I shall express to you that your probabilities are chosen and actualized in the now. The projection that you create futurely is merely a construct of your thought process, and although thought is reality, it is the projection of energy which is created in the now, but its attention may be directed into elements that are illusion.

Future is illusion. It is not now. It is not an element of your reality in actuality. It is a perception of an element of your reality.

Now; I am understanding that this may be quite confusing to you, for your perception is what creates your reality, and your reality is real. Therefore, if you are projecting your thought process and your perception futurely, there is an element of that which is your reality, but there is another element of that which is an illusion and is not your reality, for it is not now. It is an anticipation.

The feeling associated with the future projection or the past projection is reality. The thought – or the energy of the thought – is reality within the now. But the thought or the feeling does not necessarily translate into the manifestation of actual reality, for it is a projection in anticipation. It is not in actuality a creation of the action or the manifestation in the now. This is not to say that it may not be, for you may be creating those projections in the now spontaneously. Generally speaking, you do not.

Generally speaking, you create your reality within your process, and in that type of creation, you are not inserting the future anticipations into the now, which also allows you great freedom of movement, for you hold the ability to be altering your perception in each moment of the now, and therefore altering any action that may be anticipated in the future.

In this, as you are speaking of a specific situation that you are experiencing that appears to you to be conflicting and confusing, in actuality, in the now, it is neither. For within the now, you are already creating your outcomes. Each moment is an outcome in itself, for each moment is a choice in actualizing a probability, and that is a manifestation of an outcome.

As you allow yourself to turn your attention more in the direction of self and hold your attention in the now and with self, you also begin altering your perception, and that altering of perception alters your reality.

I shall express to you quite realistically, quite literally, that regardless of physical manifestations, altering your perception may in actuality alter the physical reality. It is unnecessary to be altering physical actions or manifestations to be altering your reality. All you need be implementing is the altering of your perception, and your reality shall change.

Now; what you offer to yourself, in this situation of confusion, is the opportunity to view within the now. Familiarize yourself with yourself and the expressions that YOU choose to be implementing, and not necessarily the expressions of expectation that you place upon yourself or that you assume from outside of yourself.

There are influences of beliefs that are affecting of your choices and that are affecting of your clarity, in how and what you create within your reality. In this, as you incorporate the influence of the beliefs that dictate the expectation of what and how you shall create within your reality, if you are choosing to move within the parameters of certain types of creative expressions, you shall turn your attention and your perception to be viewing in that manner, and thusly you shall create your reality in that manner.

But you also are allowing yourself to be incorporating information – through impressions, through feelings, through thoughts, through emotion, through motivation and lack of motivation objectively – which draws your attention also to self, but this is an unfamiliar action. Therefore, you objectively are not quite certain where you shall be placing your attention, in your attempt to be viewing and listening to this communication and this information that you are offering yourself.

I express to you that you may allow yourself more of a simplicity in your viewing of what you are offering to yourself. You are attempting to be analyzing the information that you are presenting to yourself within your individual imagery.

And in this, what I am expressing to you is the simplicity of the communication that you are offering yourself, merely to be allowing yourself to turn your attention to now and to self. Allow yourself to be noticing that this is your expression. Notice your motivation or your lack of motivation, and allow yourself the allowance and the freedom to be moving in conjunction with that communication.

Your analyzation many times is merely a complication of your communication, and allows for more avenues of interpretation and translations which become confusing, for you are offering yourself many, many, many, many avenues which might be, and you are not paying attention to the avenue which IS.

This is the benefit objectively of allowing yourself to be holding your attention with self and within the now. You may not be clearly understanding objectively or recognizing objectively what you are communicating to yourself within the now if your attention is future or if your attention is past. You shall allow yourself clarity if your attention is now, and if your attention is not held outside of yourself.

Therefore, I recognize that within your beliefs, you view yourself to be accomplishing well in the direction of your objective, so to speak, in incorporating your individual creative expression, and I am not discounting of your creation in this direction. What I am expressing to you is that YOU are discounting of your movement, for you incorporate the confusion.

You express to yourself, “I am accomplishing quite well within my objective and my goal,” – clue, future! – “and I shall continue to be accomplishing within my objective and my goal, for I am creating my movement within my process in that direction now.”

But your attention is not in actuality now. It continues to focus upon the goal, but the goal IS now, and the accomplishment is now. The probability is actualized now. The outcome is actualized now, not futurely. Are you understanding?

DAWN: I think so. So then, when I’m experiencing confusion about whether or not to engage in an activity, then I should just follow whatever my gut feeling is saying in the now?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. You are, in that confusion, allowing yourself a communication within the now.

Be remembering also that you – having chosen the orientation (soft) that you participate within in this focus – allow yourself the objective and subjective communication simultaneously. You offer to yourself objective and subjective imagery simultaneously. Your movement naturally incorporates inward and outward simultaneously.

Therefore, as you turn your attention or as you continue to hold your attention in the manner that other individuals hold their attention – in the expressions of viewing outward and incorporating that action as more of your attention, and expressing to yourself or evaluating within yourself that the outward imagery holds more weight or is more of a communication to you or validation to you in your movement – you are in actuality fighting with your natural flow, for your natural flow moves in the direction of incorporating the in AND the out, in equal measure, OBJECTIVELY.

You incorporate imagery from within yourself which is equally as objectively recognized and known as the very physical elements within matter or within interaction that occurs outwardly. Are you understanding thus far?

DAWN: I think so.

ELIAS: In this, as you familiarize yourself with you, and you allow yourself to be incorporating more of an understanding of your orientation and how you create your reality through your perception – as being created through your orientation or the natural movement of your orientation and its natural expression – you shall also allow yourself less confusion and less conflict. (Pause)

DAWN: Okay. (Pause)

MICHAEL: I had a question about my grandfather, but actually, over the weekend, I pretty well answered it, unless you have any comments that you’d like to make.

ELIAS: You may proceed.

MICHAEL: Since the millennium, we’ve had a lot of things happen very quickly, and I feel pretty much that we’ve both been keeping very much with the changes fairly comfortably. It’s kind of exciting to be able to say that! But I started to realize that there’s a lot of things that are starting to work, but there’s some other things that are coming out that I wanted to ask you about.

The main one is about procrastination. It’s been very confusing to understand what that is and how it affects me, and I was wondering if you would comment on procrastination in general, and as it applies to my work with computers.

ELIAS: Procrastination is the action of waiting, and in this, many times this action serves you well and may be quite beneficial.

Although you view this term in slightly negative tones and you view the implementing of procrastinating to be a negative action, I express to you that many, many times within physical focus, this may be an action which is quite beneficial to you, in allowing yourself to not be creating a judgment upon self as you move into this type of creation, and also to allow yourself a relaxation in this act of procrastination. For what you are in actuality creating within those time frameworks is an action of allowance, in a manner of speaking. You are allowing yourself to not be creating or implementing choices that you are not comfortable with.

Procrastination is the implementation of a time framework in which you recognize your own uncomfortability, but you do not necessarily offer yourself an objective explanation for that uncomfortableness. You merely recognize the presence of this feeling within you, which creates a hesitation.

In the action of not pushing within procrastination, in actuality what you are expressing is a type of trust in self, a listening to a twinge that you are objectively experiencing, and you also recognize within self that this twinge does not necessarily hold great importance to you within the moment, and therefore is not holding your attention strongly.

It is a type of rest-point in which you allow yourself to be moving within a flow of energy without actually implementing certain choices that you have assessed already, within your objective thought process, that may not necessarily be the most beneficial actions to you within that moment. For the most part, this is what you create in the genuine action of procrastination.

Now; procrastination is quite different in its expression than avoidance. Avoidance is an action in which you incorporate quite purposefully in not engaging certain probabilities or actions or interactions, which this action is motivated through fear.

Procrastination is not motivated by fear. It is motivated by a recognition that the implementation of certain probabilities within that moment may not be the most beneficial within your individual focus.

Therefore, you choose not to be implementing responses or reactions objectively within that moment, and creating an allowance for energy to move, for you to be altering your perception and therefore viewing your reality and creating your reality slightly differently, or to be acquiring other information through other expressions of imagery.

In this, what is created is the movement through a physical time framework; the recognition that in this dimension, you incorporate linear time frameworks, and in conjunction with your linear time frameworks, creating probabilities – moves – in the most beneficial manner to yourself in relation to time.

Your reality is quite intimately created in relation to time. Therefore, your creation of probabilities also is intimately related to your perception of time, and this action of procrastination allows you to be, in a manner of speaking, delaying the insertion of certain probabilities or the creation of certain probabilities within your time framework. Are you understanding?

MICHAEL: Actually, I understood that very well! As you explained it, I started to see where I use it, and if I can just perceive it without the negative connotation, I use it fairly well.

ELIAS: Many of you implement this action of procrastination quite beneficially to yourselves. In actuality, each time any individual is implementing this action, you are “using” this action, so to speak, in your vernacular, efficiently and beneficially. Merely be allowing yourself the distinction in terms, that this is not the same action as the action of avoidance.

MICHAEL: I understand. I can see where I do experience avoidance and procrastination at the same time, and it’s interesting how that just opened up a lot of information about my recent questions about limitation as far as computers go, and also my perception about other people’s control, and how the procrastination would be more about my own control, or it’s like me seeing the instances where I can choose my own control rather than ... I guess it’s giving me more of an understanding, which is a good thing.

ELIAS: Quite.

Now; I shall also express to you that in your terminology of control, in actuality there is no control. This is an aspect of your beliefs, which influences your perception, which also is creating of your reality.

And in this, I continue to express to you the importance of holding your attention within the now and focusing your attention upon self, for as you implement those actions, you also are influencing your perception.

What you perceive to be control, through the influence of your beliefs of control, is the implementation of your choices. What you view to be a lack of control is the movement in which you perceive that you hold no choices.

In this, as you continue to be turning your attention to self and holding your attention within the now, you may allow yourselves to view the reality that there is no control or lack of control. It is merely an expression of the choices that you choose to be implementing within each moment.

MICHAEL: I understand. Actually, the word “control” is not quite what felt right. I don’t think I expressed that perfectly. I’m having trouble with words today, but....

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! You are not incorporating trouble with words! You are quite specifically engaging your words for the purpose of clarity, and this is all an element of the action of this shift presently, as you ARE redefining your terminology and redefining your reality, and therefore there is an examination of your words, of your terms, of your concepts, and as you continue to express these words, you also offer yourself more opportunities to be redefining them and to be offering yourself more clarity in your redefinition of them.

MICHAEL: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MICHAEL: I appreciate you not procrastinating in that answer!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! For it is unnecessary presently! Ha ha ha ha!

DAWN: Okay. My next question has to do with, my biggest or most recurring theme lately in discoveries and accomplishments, I think, of beliefs and issues has to do with maternal energy. Like for one, I realize I don’t have to have something to struggle against. But also, I’ve been more in touch with animals and with the mothering role and with nature. Could you give me some sense of perspective on what the next step might be for me?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are merely allowing yourself the opportunity to be addressing to beliefs that you have held underlyingly in a manner of gentleness.

What I am expressing to you is that you have held aspects of beliefs that influence you in your perception that the role of a mother shall be interruptive of your direction and your “goal” – once again – and that you also may not incorporate enough energy to be accomplishing all that you choose to be accomplishing were you to be incorporating that type of action and choice and role.

You also hold underlying beliefs of independence and freedom, which I may express to you presently, as they are defined, are not quite the expression of freedom! But we shall continue regardless. (Grinning)

In this, as you incorporate these aspects of beliefs, you have held quite strongly to this energy, which has also created a motivation in your choice of the probabilities that you have implemented thus far.

Within this time framework, as you are widening your awareness and as you are beginning movement in familiarizing yourself with YOU and the direction that you are creating now and your reality, and also the movement of energy and the lack of limitation that you incorporate, you allow yourself to gently move yourself into addressing to these aspects of beliefs that you have held thus far.

In a manner of speaking, some individuals present themselves quite strongly with aspects of their beliefs, and in those beliefs that they hold very tightly to, they may be creating tremendous conflict for a time framework in their attempt to be presenting those beliefs to themselves objectively, and therefore allowing themselves the opportunity to address to them and opening their choices to themselves.

In this situation, you have chosen to be offering yourself an expression in gentleness, allowing yourself to view, in an ease, your responsiveness to a natural flow of energy that you incorporate also in conjunction with your orientation, not necessarily with the belief of motherhood. For this is a very strong aspect of beliefs and quite influencing in many different expressions and directions, which may be or may not be actualized in any individual’s reality within this physical dimension. This is not what I am expressing. It matters not the expressions of the role of motherhood, so to speak, or even the choice to be engaging that action or participating in that role.

What you are allowing yourself presently is to view your natural flow of energy in conjunction with your orientation, and how in certain areas that conflicts with the beliefs that you hold.

You hold a natural inclination and movement of energy to be intimately interactive with other individuals and to be continuously engaging relationship with other individuals. This is a natural expression of your orientation, not merely with one individual, but to be expressing your natural flow of energy with many different individuals, in many different capacities, in many different designs of relationships.

This is not to say that you need be immediately moving into creating choices to be engaging the role of a mother! (Laughter) I am merely expressing to you that you are allowing yourself to explore your natural movement of energy and how you ARE interconnected with other individuals, and your natural expression moves in the creation of relationships in many, many different types of forms.

This offers you also the opportunity to view that incorporating your natural flow of energy – which is NOT limited – may not necessarily be conflicting with your choice to be implementing your expression of your creativity objectively. Are you understanding?

DAWN: Yes.

MICHAEL: That was really cool for me too, as to our relationship. Speaking of gentleness, I wanted to ask, in relationship to our new kittens, who are very gentle, what does it mean when a cat sneezes up your nose?

ELIAS: (Chuckling, and then very humorously...) Ah! You are incorporating the inquiry for great cosmic information, of which there is tremendous symbolic significance! Allow me to consult the akashic records within consciousness, that I may access this profound information to be offering to you in relation to the action of your creature in conjunction with yourself. (Brief pause)

The creature is merely implementing an action to be attaining your attention! (Michael and Dawn crack up)

MICHAEL: They got it!

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA! (Chuckling) Quite efficient, is it not?

MICHAEL: Yeah, very!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

MICHAEL: I’ll have to devise a reciprocal way to respond!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And in this, what great cosmic profundity shall you be expressing if you are implementing the action of blowing breath in the creature’s face? You are acquiring its attention merely to be amusing yourself with its response, and the creature is creating the same action! HA HA HA HA! (Michael and Dawn crack up)

DAWN: I have another question about the little kitten creatures. Michael has noticed, and it has been observed by others, that the creatures tend more towards women. Is this a perception issue? Or is there something other than that? (Pause)

ELIAS: I shall express to you that in THIS particular scenario, these particular creatures, in this time framework, are associating a type of expression of energy with you, Sarah, and in this, they are identifying a similarity of that type of energy expression in other individuals’ expressions, and therefore, you may be noticing that they appear to be magnating more often to the female gender.

What they are magnating to is an association of energy which is expressed by Sarah. This is not necessarily associated with the female gender, but it may be identified in the energy of the females that these creatures encounter. There are male individuals that express a similar type of energy also, but these creatures have not encountered objectively one of those male individuals. Therefore, they are merely assessing a projection of energy and magnating to the familiarity of that energy, which they associate with Sarah.

DAWN: Hmm. That’s very interesting.

MICHAEL: They’ve been very educational creatures!

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA! And shall continue to be with you, as you have chosen to be in agreement with them in this type of expression! (Chuckling, and starting to cough)

We shall be discontinuing this day, and we may be continuing in further interaction together futurely.

I express to you tremendous encouragement and affection. You are allowing yourselves tremendous movement in conjunction with each other, and as we have discussed your agreement and participation in your choice of creation within this relationship, as an example, you are accomplishing quite well, and I am acknowledging of you.

I express to you this day great lovingness, and anticipate our next meeting. To you both, in energy, au revoir.

Elias departs at 4:40 PM.

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