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Sunday, February 20, 2000

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“Spontaneous Human Combustion”

“Essences Merging and Creating”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Howard (Bosht).

Elias arrives at 2:28 PM. (Arrival time is 34 seconds.)

HOWARD: Hello?

ELIAS: Good morning!

HOWARD: Good morning! How are you?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) As always.

HOWARD: We had a pause here that was a bit longer than usual, and I thought I had pressed the wrong button or something. (Elias chuckles) I’m glad to hear your voice!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

HOWARD: Today I have, as usual, many questions. I would like to concentrate on one or two and flesh them out a little bit more, and forget about follow-ups on other subjects. So at first I would like to dispense with one or two small questions. One of them is, when Margot and I were publishing her newsletter, The Metaphysical Muse, we introduced a smaller kind of a bulletin newsletter which I called Legum, L-E-G-U-M. This name came in searching for a name – which we took to be Ilda – meaning “the news.” Legum became kind of popular back in the early nineties, and I’d like to know now about this word “legum,” where it came from and perhaps its meaning, and if there was anything more than we had already attributed to it. (Pause)

ELIAS: As to where it came from, it is a creation of your combined energy. In this, the energy merged is configured into a formation of thought, which is also a manifestation of energy, and that thought is projected into an actualization of a manifestation within your focus.

Your definition is what you have created in association with it; not that it holds definition or significance in symbology, so to speak, within consciousness in some cosmic manner, but that it is a creation of merged energy which has been configured into a translation which objectifies itself in a term within your language. You have created an association of meaning with it, which offers it a definition and creates a significance to you, and in this, allows you the ability objectively to be incorporating that creation as a focal point to be channeling a specific direction of movement.

HOWARD: It did that very well. Okay, thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

HOWARD: I have two other questions, and then I’ll get into the major speak of what I have to say today. The first one is, why did I choose my parents, and why did my children choose me and my former wife Bonnie?

ELIAS: The response to both of these questions is quite similar.

You have chosen the individuals that you identify as parents to be participating in the roles of parent and child with them, for this lends experience and information and motivation to your direction in your choice of your intent in this focus, and also offers you a particular type of experience which offers you objective and subjective interaction and information which you shall incorporate into your experience, your focus, which shall lend to your individual value fulfillment.

There are many aspects of physical reality that are incorporated in the choice of a manifesting essence – or a manifesting focus of essence – that are recognized and implemented as they engage in the action of physically manifesting into this particular dimension.

The personalities of the individuals of parents are one aspect. Genetics is another aspect. The family atmosphere which is being created is another aspect, and also, the choice of interaction between the different focuses of essence. For I shall express to you, the entering focus manifests in that choice creating certain codes within their manifestation genetically, and assumes certain heritage that they may allow themselves to associate with in the particular focus. But as to future probabilities, there are none.

Therefore, they are not entering the focus in the manifestation with the recognition of or viewing of how the interaction shall proceed, in a manner of speaking, or in a particular design of experiences, for the experiences are created in the choices of probabilities, and the probabilities are created in each moment of the focused manifestation.

Therefore, the entering focus chooses the parents and the family, so to speak, in conjunction with the potentiality and its movement in relation to their pool of probabilities and the entering focus’ pool of probabilities.

HOWARD: Okay. I must have chosen very well then.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) As do you all!

HOWARD: I can see that the probabilities presented were sufficient to keep me interested. (Elias chuckles) Quite a bit so! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

HOWARD: The second question, which is ... I don’t know if you’ve answered this, although I just feel that you have, so if you have, you could refer me to that session. But one of the phenomena that occurs in human life is the very strange phenomenon that they’ve attributed to as spontaneous human combustion, and I would like to know a little bit more about that phenomenon. I can see it as a worth-of-purpose idea, in self-fulfillment coming to an end rather abruptly. But it is something that also expresses to me a vitality of the human spirit which is escaping physical entrapment, or ... well, I would stick with that. It’s quite an image to see a burnt body in a chair, totally incinerated, without any evidence of pyrotechnics or combustible fuels around it. I would like to know a little bit more about these individuals or how this occurs, and what this phenomenon really is expressing.

ELIAS: Very well. In this action, as you may allow yourself an awareness of, the individual is choosing to be disengaging physical focus, first of all.

Now; this is not an escape. This is merely a choice to be disengaging physical focus in a particular manner with what you may term to be a specific type of direction, and therefore creating a specific design in how the disengagement shall be accomplished. In this, the individual has created their value fulfillment within this particular focus, and chooses to be disengaging spontaneously.

But you may express to me, “Why shall they not merely lie quietly and engage sleep state, and disengage within this sleep state? This shall be creating of the same type of spontaneous disengagement.” And I shall express to you, not entirely, for in disengaging physical focus, you may choose many different types of expressions.

Be remembering that your physical body consciousness is an expression of you. Your body is not a vessel. It is a projection of consciousness which is filtered through into a translation in physical focus of a mirror image of essence.

Now; this translation is a configuration in your physical dimension of a physical form as identified by a particular species in keeping with your design of your individual physical dimension. This projection of energy, which is your body consciousness, continues within this physical dimension and this Regional Area 1 many times, regardless that the individual has chosen to be disengaging physical focus.

Therefore, the entirety of the manifestation – the entirety of the expression of consciousness which has projected into this physical dimension – is not removed from the physical dimension until the point that the physical body also is not manifest within your physical dimension. Therefore, there is an aspect of consciousness that continues to be interplaying in energy within Regional Area 1, to the point that the physical body consciousness entirely disengages this physical dimension also.

Now; in this, as I have stated previously, individuals choose many different types of expressions to be disengaging physical dimensions and this physical manifestation. You may be eaten by a bear, so to speak, in which if the bear is entirely consuming of your physical body, the physical body manifestation is no longer present within your physical dimension. This is a choice of a focus to be disengaging ALL of the consciousness which is projected into this physical dimension in manifestation simultaneously, and not holding any residual aspect of consciousness, in a manner of speaking, within Regional Area 1.

Now; in the situation of individuals that choose this type of action of disengagement in what you identify as spontaneous combustion, there is no desire or attention placed in the direction of interrupting or affecting of any element within the physical reality, but a strongly held desire to be spontaneously disengaging physical focus and also disengaging the physical body consciousness and its energy from this physical expression also, therefore removing the entirety – or what you may term to be the completeness – of the physical expression or physical manifestation within this dimension into the nonphysical expression and action of transition.

In this action, the individual may accomplish this action, for there is no requirement for what you term to be outside fuel, for the individual, as do you all, recognizes subjectively that the physical body may, in a manner of speaking, disintegrate from inward out.

What is occurring in this action is a physical action which may be likened or similar to a physical evaporation of the liquid content of the physical body. This is accomplished in very similar manner to what you have created in recent invention within your previous century, of your microwaves.

In this action, the individual raises the physical temperature of the physical body from inwardly, radiating that action outwardly, which creates a physical action of evaporation of the liquid physical material of the physical body, and therefore combusts, but is not affecting of any of the materials or physical manifestations surrounding or even many times touching the physical body, for it is combusting from inward out.

Which, as you allow yourself to view this action, the individual is creating an action of intensity in energy quite in alignment with essence, in the knowing of movement in its natural form, moving inward first; this being your most efficient expression.

HOWARD: Fascinating! My gosh, the imagery there is remarkable! (Elias chuckles) Wow! Well, thank you so much for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome!

HOWARD: The long question, which I wrote some time ago ... and I need to express this. In terms of bleed-through or past focuses or just distortions, what is remaining within me are memories. I have several conflicting memories which blend in a very confusing manner. The first memory involves Saul/Paul in Christ’s time. The second involves John Zebedee, John the Thunderous, the Beloved. The third is Chief Joseph, and the final one is Joseph Smith.

Margot recently pointed out that in a session she was transcribing, you introduced the concept of shared essence focuses; the idea that some focuses are shared or have been shared by separate essences. In my book, I speak of these occurrences as being soul-braiding, where two or more souls or essences intertwine themselves into a similar expression or a singular expression.

Part of my distortion, you may recall, is the example that I used of Beethoven, which you have corrected. But I also said that Mozart was similarly affected with soul-braiding. In this case, there would be three individuals. I also said that all three of these individuals were alive today and are musicians I greatly admire, which actually was the tail end of the dog that I was investigating in the first place, of why I love these guys so much, and later on, I determined that they were a singular individual called Mozart.

Now, you can comment on this if time permits, but my question goes back to Saul/Paul, and then the two Josephs: Joseph Smith and Chief Joseph.

Firstly, did Saul change his name or his essence name on the road to Damascus and become Paul, or did he invite another essence to braid with him? Secondly, did Joseph Smith, at the time of his death, braid or combine with Chief Joseph? Were they separate focuses of the same essence recombining, or were they separate essences in and of themselves, or perhaps even counterparts? I’m not sure where this can go from here. Or am I confused altogether? And then, of course, I’d like to know which of all of these people was I? (Pause)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Very well. You incorporate many questions in these questions!

I shall address to you in your idea of braiding, so to speak, and in the situation with the first individual of Saul, the name WAS altered in physical expression, in a moment of travel upon this actual physical path or road.

HOWARD: Was that metaphor? You said it was an actual physical road.


HOWARD: Okay, so it’s not a metaphor. It happened there.

ELIAS: Correct. In this, in a moment of inspiration, the physical focus of Saul chose to be altering of his physical identity in name as a symbol, in a manner of speaking, of altering his perception and recognition of his identity within that particular focus.

HOWARD: And some of us have done that – Bertha became Margot.

ELIAS: Yes. These are objective individual choices, and they are created individually as choices that are motivated by the individual’s reasons. They may be expressions of knowing of a tone of essence that is not expressed within objective physical terms. It may be a choice of preference. It may be a choice of inspiration. There are many different reasons and motivations of why an individual shall move in this type of expression and create this type of choice.

This individual of Saul has created this choice in response to an inspirational moment. Therefore, this is not what you identify as a type of braiding, in your expression.

The other individuals also are not this expression. They are manifestations of essences which, within experiences of mergence, allow for certain expressions and projections of consciousness in particular qualities that translate objectively within your physical reality in similar types of expressions and similar manners, and the energy is experienced quite similarly. Other individuals encountering these individuals may also objectively hold a partial recognition of the similarity of energy.

This is created through a mergence of essences within certain moments, and in those experiences of mergence, there is created certain qualities which those essences may choose to be projecting in the attention of certain focuses. Therefore, one essence may be choosing a specific quality of consciousness and it may be expressed in a particular focus of that essence, and another essence may be creating of the same action within another focus of its essence, projecting that same quality which was created within the action of mergence. Therefore, there are shared elements, in a manner of speaking.

Now; let me express to you also, this is quite figurative, for I am offering you a physical explanation of nonphysical actions, and within your language, there is an element of distortion in the explanation and the translation, for there is a projection of an element that assumes some aspect of separation between two essences, and in actuality, there is no separation.

There are distinctions between essences in the manner of energy personalities, and this offers identities, and there are qualities of essence – there are qualities of consciousness – which are expressed in this energy personality identification. But that is not separated within consciousness from any other aspect of consciousness.

In this, you also express the questioning as to your identification or participation with any or all of these essences which have manifest focuses in the expression of those particular individuals.

Now; the reason that you experience this draw to these particular focuses is a recognition subjectively which bleeds through objectively and creates an objective fascination, in a type of remembrance of essence and the action of mergence.

Your essence, individually within its personality energy identification, is not the same essence as any of those other essences which you are identifying as creating manifestations in these individuals. They also are not of each other.

But each of the essences that you are inquiring of have engaged in certain types of actions of mergence within consciousness, and have created this action of projecting certain qualities from that action of mergence into specific manifestations of focuses within this dimension.

This is what you recognize, for you allow yourself a partial objective remembrance, as influenced through a bleed-through, of this action of mergence, and therefore you recognize the quality which is expressed in the other focuses which have been manifest of different essences, but the same projection of tonal quality, in a manner of speaking, in each of the manifestations. Are you understanding?

HOWARD: Oh yes. I do.

ELIAS: The action of....

HOWARD: Excuse me, but I would term that to be the cellular memory, or what has been termed to me as that. I understand.

ELIAS: This would be your identification of this action, yes.

Now; what you incorporated in identification of shared focuses is a very different action. This action is one which may be created at times by different essences which project an attention into one manifestation. (Pause)


ELIAS: And in that, there is an agreement between the essences projecting attention and manifesting in one focus that there shall be a shared experience, and in this type of manifestation, many times it shall allow for the incorporation of both essences to be experiencing certain qualities of the manifestation, certain expressions, and creating quite specific investigations and explorations in conjunction with the individual essence.

This is what may be viewed as more confusing within physical focus, and I have not to this point offered information in volume concerning this subject matter, for I hold an awareness of the confusing element of this particular subject matter, and how it may be creating a tremendous expression of misinterpretation.

HOWARD: Well, I must say that I suffer from that confusion!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

HOWARD: Can I ask you in some way to ferret out at least one aspect of it, and cover the first square?

ELIAS; I may express to that quite simply, you may view that two different essences may choose to be experiencing a particular pool of probabilities, and each of these essences choose to be projecting their attention into a physical manifestation within this dimension. Their intent in that particular individual focus may be the same, but their approach or angle of that intent may be expressed slightly differently, for those two particular essences may be belonging to two different families.

HOWARD: Yes, I can see that.

ELIAS: Therefore, there is an agreement that energy shall be projected, and in mergence, the two essences shall create a focus of attention together.

In this, it shall create one manifestation, one focus. That focus may at times fluctuate in its attention of its expression of its individual intent as influenced by different families and alignments. It may also hold its attention at times more in alignment with one tone, and more in alignment within other time frameworks of another tone, for it incorporates both.

HOWARD: Would this be what we would classify as a schizophrenic?


HOWARD: Not at all?



ELIAS: (Firmly) These individuals hold no objective difficulty in their recognition and association with identity within their particular manifestation. They do not necessarily create a type of manifestation which moves outside of the officially accepted reality. These individuals may be appearing objectively within your societies, within your communities, to be expressing themselves in their reality quite in harmony and in alignment with your officially accepted reality.

HOWARD: I have a thought here. I’m trying to identify an individual – two come to mind. The second one is Buckminster Fuller. Would he be an example of that, an engineer/philosopher?

ELIAS: No. These are merely different expressions that are allowed within that particular focus.

HOWARD: Well, I guess I’ll stop with my suggestions. But I think I would know that individual, if not by name, by how they have changed or shifted. I’ll put it that way.

ELIAS: The shift, so to speak, within the individual may appear objectively to be so very slight that you may not necessarily notice.

HOWARD: Well, okay! (Elias chuckles) That’s true too.

ELIAS: For there is a blending....

HOWARD: Because of the tonal vibration in the first place.

ELIAS: Quite. There is a blending of the energy, and there is an easy incorporation of all of the expressions.

HOWARD: Got it. So schizophrenia is another phenomenon altogether.

ELIAS: Quite! Ha ha ha ha!

HOWARD: Good, very good. Well, do we have time for one more?

ELIAS: You may.

HOWARD: This one has to do with a celebration/ceremony that Margot and I participated in. It’s called a shamanic “little death,” and we did this several years ago. The images from that event do come back to me all the time. They’re quite vivid. The ceremony, as it was described to me, was intended to re-combine pieces and shards of oneself. The facilitator had....

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