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Tuesday, March 21, 2000

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“Soft, Foggy, and Dysfunctional”

“Merging Objective and Subjective”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Mary (Karla).

Elias arrives at 12:47 PM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARY: Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles) It is so good to hear your voice! It’s been a long time.

ELIAS: And you may proceed this day.

MARY: Thank you. I have pages, and I’m sure we won’t have time to get through them all.

I’d like to start with a couple of questions for Dale/Jene. She would like to know her son Spencer’s orientation. (Pause)

ELIAS: Orientation, common.

MARY: Thank you. She’d also like to know how long she’s been in transition. (Pause)

ELIAS: Transition time framework, six years.

MARY: Six years; thank you. I’d also like to ask a couple of quick questions, if I may. I’d like to know my son’s – Kyle and Collin – essence names, family info, and orientations.

ELIAS: First small one: essence name, Kaschiel; K-A-S-C-H-I-E-L. (kä-sheel’) Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Borledim; orientation, common.

Second small one – not so very small, are they? (Grinning)

MARY: (Laughing) Getting bigger! (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: Essence name, Gouraeu; G-O-U-R-A-E-U. (gor-go’) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Vold; orientation, common.

MARY: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MARY: I guess I have to ask you, am I of soft orientation? (Pause)

ELIAS: This focus of Karla, orientation soft. Yes, you are correct.

MARY: Thank you. Another quick question, if I may. I was wondering how many focuses I have in this dimension, and how many do I resonate with? (Pause)

ELIAS: Focuses in this physical dimension, numbering 65; those which you resonate, 11.

MARY: Okay. That seems like a small amount! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) Thank you.

Elias, I guess I want to ask you, I feel like I’m engaging a sort of buffer lately when it comes to interaction with others. I think I realize that I have a choice as to whether I allow the sometimes extremely intense affectingness of others or not, and tied into that, possibly, at times I feel really distant and removed from others. I feel distant from my environment even, and myself. I feel like literally I’m in a fog once in a while. I guess other people have felt this way too. It’s like watching a movie and not participating at all, which is quite tricky while you’re driving down the road! I think that these are the times when I really go into my hiding mode once in a while. Could you comment on that?


Now; I may express to you that first of all, you have created this type of action initially in what you may term to be a specific reason, but I may also offer to you information concerning this action recently, for the action is similar but has been created not merely recently. You have engaged in this practice for much time framework within your focus, at different points within your focus.

Therefore, this is not a new design or creation that you are engaging, although what you are engaging recently is altered from what you have engaged previously. You are merely creating a similar type of action, for it is familiar to you.

In this, initially you have created this type of action as an expression of energy in time frameworks in which you have experienced an uncomfortableness in interaction within the officially accepted reality and how that reality is created.

Now; let me express to you, the design of much – not all, but much – of your officially accepted reality in this physical dimension is offered, so to speak, through the perception and created by the perception of the common orientation, for the majority of individuals manifest within your physical dimension within any one particular time framework is expressed in the orientation of common.

Now; some elements of the officially accepted reality are contributions, so to speak, of the soft and the intermediate orientations, and these are also officially accepted in behaviors.

But there are many expressions of energy that are natural flows of energy within the orientations of intermediate and soft which do not entirely fit into the officially accepted reality as it is dictated by the perception of the common.

Now; I shall deviate momentarily to be interjecting a comment concerning this subject matter. I am not expressing this direction of information to be offering any type of reinforcements of judgments or creations of prejudices, so to speak, for I am not expressing that the natural flow of energy and expressions and behaviors of those individuals holding the orientations of soft or intermediate may NOT be expressed within the officially accepted reality of your dimension or that they WILL not fit, but that the individuals holding the orientations of soft and intermediate have, in a manner of speaking, abdicated to those individuals holding the orientation of common. (1)

Therefore, individuals not holding the orientation of common attempt to be fitting their natural flow of energy and their natural expressions into the design of the perception of that of the common, and THIS is the action that does not fit.

MARY: I understand.

ELIAS: Now; in this, many individuals, yourself also, create designs, in a manner of speaking, of outlets of their natural flow of energy, which shall afford them an element of comfort in the expression of their orientations which are not common, but as they are influenced by the officially accepted reality, their choice of outlet appears to themselves as strange.

MARY: Yeah!

ELIAS: Therefore, even your own design of an outlet of energy shall appear to you as odd, for it appears different than that which is expressed by the majority, and you draw comparisons and continue to attempt to be modeling your expressions and your energy flow in the manner of the majority.

In this, specifically to you in this focus, you have created time frameworks in which you allow an expression of energy in what you term to be retreat and in which you view yourself to be isolating.

Now; let me offer to you information concerning the orientation of soft. I have expressed that this orientation of soft is very interactive with other individuals.

In the explanations that I have offered previously, many individuals, those of the orientation of soft also, have already created misinterpretations of what I have expressed, for you identify with the officially accepted reality automatically. This is the automatic movement of your thought process. Therefore, even recognizing that you hold an orientation of soft or intermediate, you automatically continue to be comparing your behavior and your expressions with the behavior and the expressions of individuals of common.

MARY: I think that is so true, Elias.

ELIAS: In this, you confuse yourselves and you continue to discount yourselves, expressing that you are creating some movement within your behavior and your expressions that is wrong or dysfunctional or inadequate.

MARY: Yeah!

ELIAS: It does not fit into what you identify as normal, for what you are identifying as normal is narrowly identified in only the orientation of the expression of common, and there is not an allowance for the deviations of behaviors which are expressed by those individuals holding the orientations of soft and intermediate.

Now; in this, in the expression of the orientation of soft – identifying through your definitions, which are dictated by the behavior of the common – you automatically interpret that “continuous interaction with other individuals” holds the meaning that you in this orientation shall be constantly comfortable being interactive with many other individuals, that you shall naturally flow in interactions in groups, that you shall naturally project your energy outwardly to be interactive with many, many individuals, that you shall be affiliating yourselves with different organizations, different groups of individuals, that you shall express comfort in crowds of individuals, that you shall be within your natural element to be the center of attention as surrounded by multitudes of other individuals.

MARY: That is so not me!

ELIAS: This is also not the expression, in its natural form, of the soft orientation.

When I express to you that you shall be experiencing conflict holding this orientation of soft if you are not continuously interactive with other individuals, I am not expressing to you that you need be upon the forefront of all movements or that you need be entertaining continuously with large groups of individuals! (Mary laughs)

What I AM expressing to you is the reality that you shall naturally notice throughout the entirety of your focus, that within any moment of your focus, you shall be most comfortable knowing that you are engaging in intimacy with other individuals. This may be with family, this may be with one individual of your family; this may be with a partner, this may be with a parent; an individual that you consider or define to be an intensely close friend.

It may be an expression with large groups of individuals that you view as one body – that you do not single out many, many, many individuals in the group and interact in intimate relationship with each of those individuals, but that you may engage yourself in involvement with a group of individuals that within your perception you view as a whole, as one entity, one body. Therefore, the group assumes a very similar identity as one individual.

Some individuals holding the orientation of soft are very interactive with large groups of individuals, but in their perception of those groups, they view the group as one entity, not as separate individuals.

MARY: That rings so true for me, Elias! That’s fascinating.

ELIAS: Which allows you to be interactive with these groups as a whole, so to speak, without individually being interactive in intimacy with each member of the group.

MARY: Wow. Fascinating!

ELIAS: Now; individuals holding the orientation of soft, as I have expressed previously, create inwardly and outwardly. Their perception is created objectively and subjectively, which is in continuous motion and is expressed uninterrupted. It is not one or the other. They are simultaneously being created continuously.

MARY: Is this in the allowance of the natural flow?

ELIAS: You shall be creating in this manner regardless of whether you are allowing the natural flow, but if you are not allowing the natural flow, you shall also incorporate some elements of conflict, for you create comparisons with the common, and therefore create judgments upon your creation and expressions.

This particular creation that you are inquiring of now is one of those types of behaviors and expressions. You create an expression of what you identify in the comparison as a retreat. It is not in actuality a retreat. It is an interaction inward. It is the allowance of the energy to be expressed in the subjective and the inward creation action.

At times, as individuals holding the orientation of soft are attempting to be channeling that element of their energy into the flow of the common expression, there becomes a creation of frustration, and in this, the individual shall turn their attention and create a more extreme expression of that inward creation.

In those time frameworks, the individual turns the attention away from what you view to be the outward creations, and creates what you view to be an isolation. Some individuals express this to be turning off, shutting down, closing out, isolating, retreating....

MARY: Hiding.

ELIAS: Hiding. (Smiling) Individuals holding this orientation of soft create this type of action in commonality with each other, for it is an extreme in the allowance of the flow of creating inwardly.

Now; I shall express to you also, individuals that hold this orientation and express elements of creativity outwardly in what you may term to be artistic qualities experience what is commonly termed to be artistic blocks, for the expression is not merely turned in the manner that you disengage interaction with other individuals – or wish to be objectively disengaging activity and interaction with other individuals – but with ALL outward creation. This is the expression of the extreme.

In the allowance of the natural flow, there is no necessity for the creation of the extreme, for there is a continual acknowledgment that you are allowing yourself to be creating inwardly and outwardly continuously, and you are not expressing justification or objective excuses for your natural flow, but merely allowing this natural flow.

But I shall express to you, this is the area in which you are requiring the acceptance of self, for this acceptance of self is the expression that shall allow you, in your terms, the strength to be expressing your natural flow without creating the comparison of yourself to the perception of the common and without allowing yourself to be discounting of self in receiving the projections of energy in a lack of understanding from other individuals holding the orientation of common, for you all concern yourselves greatly with how you shall be perceived by other individuals. You concern yourself with other individuals’ perceptions and how they shall view you, and how you shall fit in how they view you.

In this, if you are not allowing yourself the prerequisite, so to speak, of the acceptance of self, you shall not afford yourself the strength and the trust within yourself to be allowing yourself your natural expression and your natural behaviors. You shall continue to attempt to fit yourself into the expressions of the common.

Now; I have expressed to you, there are two elements of this action of which you are inquiring. I have offered to you the initial creation for this behavior. The initial creation of this behavior is motivated by your perceived need to be expressing and creating inwardly, and in that, your attention turns temporarily within different time frameworks, in which you create behaviors such as isolation or a lack of motivation.

Now; be recognizing that even within those time frameworks, you do not isolate yourself entirely. You continue to be interactive partially in those relationships that you view to be the most intimate, which is quite in accordance with this orientation of soft.

This is the expression that I have offered in explanation, in the identification of this particular orientation, which differs from the other two orientations – that this particular orientation DOES generally create a continuous flow of interaction with other individuals. It may not necessarily be expressed in actual physical presence continuously within every moment, but there is a design of relationship which underlyingly affords a continuous energy exchange that you hold an awareness of, and as I have stated, this may be with another individual in the role of partner or child or friend or parent, a sibling – it matters not. It shall be a design of relationship that holds an expression of intimacy, which you hold an objective knowing of its presence continuously. This is fulfilling of the objective outward expression of your orientation of soft.

Now; as an individual holding this orientation moves into more of an extreme of isolation and is not creating of any intimacy in relationship in any capacity, there shall be expressed an intensity of conflict and discomfort, for this is entirely not a natural flow of energy to this particular orientation.

I express to you that each orientation is a perception. It is how you view yourself, other individuals, and your world. This is the design of how you view all of your reality. Therefore, it permeates every element of your reality.

As I have stated, an individual holding the orientation of common may enter a room occupied with one hundred individuals. They shall notice that there are one hundred individuals in that room. An individual holding the orientation of soft may enter the same room and view one body of the group of individuals within the room. The number is inconsequential. It matters not, for they view through their perception that this group of individuals is one entity, and they may interact with different individuals within that group in momentary expressions, in the same manner that you may focus your attention upon your finger or your knee or your ribs, recognizing that they are all elements of the same body.

The individual of the common perception shall view each individual within the room as an individual; they shall view one hundred bodies.

In this, as I express to you that your perception is different, I am speaking quite literally. Your perception is your reality. Therefore, if your perception is different, your reality is different.

Now; as you have created a familiarity in this action of retreat or hiding and attempting to be disassociating yourself with other individuals, you have also created an element of comfort in that familiarity. Regardless that you identify and define the action or the behavior as unusual or different or not normal, you do experience an element of comfort in that hiding or in that expression of isolation. It offers you what you individually within yourself identify as your respite, which is a comfort, and in this comfort and in this familiarity, you have also created an automatic movement into that type of behavior and expression as triggered by much outward stimulation.

As you focus your attention outwardly for extended time frameworks and are not allowing the natural flow of the inward simultaneously ... be remembering, it is being expressed regardless, but you are not allowing for the natural flow of that expression. Energy shall be expressed, but it may not be expressed in a natural flow.

In this, as you hold your attention for extended time frameworks outwardly and are busying yourself creating, creating, creating in your outward expression, quite pleased with yourself that you are fitting into the expression of the common, you also exhaust yourself, for you are simultaneously continuously diverting the natural flow of energy inwardly – which shall be expressed anyway – and creating a type of stifling of that element of your creation.

MARY: So it’s very much like holding to energy.

ELIAS: Quite, and this becomes quite fatiguing throughout your time framework, for you are expressing more of an intensity of energy than is necessary.

MARY: Why do I go there naturally? You don’t have to answer that – I’ll figure it out.

ELIAS: You do this for you are not objectively familiar with your natural flow of energy, for you have reinforced – and your society has reinforced to you throughout your focus – that your natural flow of energy is incorrect, and....

MARY: It’s a matter of trust, isn’t it, Elias?


MARY: That’s an important aspect of all this.

ELIAS: Trust and acceptance, yes.

Now; let me express to you, let us view momentarily a visualization of what you are creating. Visualize yourself standing within a stream. The water is rushing about you within this stream.

Now; you are outwardly creating the flow of the water, and this appears to you to be quite pleasing and acceptable, and it appears to other individuals to be acceptable also. But simultaneously, as you are creating this flow of the water of the stream that you are standing within, you are also collecting stones and creating a dam in part of this stream. Therefore, you are blocking the flow of part of the water, and you continue and continue and continue to be placing stone upon stone upon stone, which becomes quite exhausting, for the stones are becoming quite heavy, and you continue to be piling these stones one upon another to be holding back that water which should not be flowing with the other water, and therefore diverting the flow of that water into another direction. The water continues to flow, but it is flowing in another direction.

MARY: It’s unnatural.

ELIAS: Quite, as it is contained by the stones and being diverted by the stones, and much of your energy continues to be focused upon building this wall of stones that shall contain that flow of energy and divert it in another direction, and therefore it shall not flow naturally with the other water of the stream, but shall be creating another separate stream, which you may attend to in your attention at times in which you perceive that the flow of water may be constricted or may be needing your attention or may be flowing too quickly or too slowly. But for the most part, you shall concern yourself with continuing in piling the stones.

MARY: That certainly rings true.

ELIAS: Now; in this time framework, within this new millennium, as your century has begun in its new expression, you create the familiarity of this action that you have created throughout your focus, but you also are creating an additional element with this familiarity which moves slightly differently, and this new expression – that you are contributing to the familiarity of the initial expression – moves in conjunction with the shift in consciousness.

In this time framework, you all are beginning the insertion of this shift in consciousness into your objective reality.

Now; hypothetically and theoretically speaking, this would be quite a natural and easy expression for those of you holding this orientation of soft, for you already naturally flow with this type of energy and you already hold this perception, in part.

But as you are so familiar with creating your little stone walls, diverting your flow of your streams and sectioning it into two directions of energy rather than one direction of energy, you as soft may be experiencing very much similarities to individuals of the orientations of common and intermediate in the insertion of this shift into your objective reality, for you continuously attempt to separate your objective and subjective, your inward and outward creating, to be matching that of the expression of the common.

But in this, as to what you individually are creating in this new expression of hiding, so to speak, you incorporate a slightly different element in this familiar behavior. The new element is an experience of a type of disassociation, in a manner of speaking. There is a new element of confusion, for there is a new incorporation of fogginess.

You choose to be creating the familiarity of isolating or retreating or hiding, but in that action and in that time framework in which you allow yourself solitude, you are also experiencing this fogginess in thoughts, less clarity, more of an element of vagueness, in a manner of speaking, less definition. You are moving from the expressions of the black and the white into the gray.

This becomes of concern also, for now, within your comparison, you are not merely creating the retreat and the isolation, which is not normal and which is dysfunctional, within your assessment, but you are also losing your clarity!

MARY: On top of everything else! That’s all I need! (Laughing)

ELIAS: And becoming less functional, for you are not allowing yourself the sharpness that you have enjoyed previously.

MARY: It’s a feeling of slipping, like I’m slipping. My movement has taken a sabbatical!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! (Mary laughs)

Now; let me express to you an encouragement, for you are not slipping and you are not becoming less clear. What you are allowing yourself temporarily is the viewing of the movement of these energies more closely together. You are allowing yourself to be removing some of the stones, and allowing the water to spill over into the flow of the stream.

In this, you may allow yourself a comparison, but not with the expression of the perception of common. Allow yourself a comparison with yourself, for what you are creating is the beginnings of an allowance of energies to merge once again, and cross over.

This may be likened to your waking state and your sleep state. You view these to be quite separate. You hold one state of being, so to speak, in which you view yourself to be awake and interactive within one type of reality, or you are asleep and you are interactive within dream state, which is another type of reality, in your definition.

What you are allowing in this fogginess and this lack of clarity – which is in actuality neither – is the mergence of these two states, the objective and the subjective. You are allowing the crossing over, in a manner of speaking, of what you would liken to the dream state and the waking state.

MARY: Is it sort of a subjective assimilating that I may be choosing to bring into objective awareness, in a sense?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, more of an objective awareness. You already hold some objective awareness of your subjective activity and movement. All individuals holding the orientation of soft hold some objective awareness of their subjective movement and action, but you are allowing yourself MORE of an objective recognition.

MARY: It does feel that way, Elias.

ELIAS: Therefore, be encouraged, my friend! You are not slipping and you are not losing your mind and you are not experiencing lunacy! (Chuckling)

MARY: (Laughing) Elias, thank you so much. I can’t tell you how helpful you are to me.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARY: I just want to thank you. (Elias chuckles) I think we’re out of time, unfortunately.

ELIAS: I may express great encouragement to you. Acknowledge yourself. Allow yourself the encouragement that you are a wondrous creature, and also acknowledge yourself in the choice of this perception of soft, for you allow yourself a tremendous exploration and adventure, and in this, you create through a perception which is unlike that of individuals holding the orientations of common or intermediate. You are unique, and in this, your expression of creativity is unique, and offered in a manner that only those individuals holding this orientation may be offering.

MARY: Thank you so much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

MARY: I wish to speak to you again very soon.

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

MARY: Me too.

ELIAS: I offer to you great affection this day, and my expression of energy in encouragement to you.

MARY: Thank you so much, Elias.

ELIAS: In parting, I express lovingly, au revoir.

MARY: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:54 PM.


(1) I have changed one word in the following phrase: “...for I am not expressing that the natural flow of energy and expressions and behaviors of those individuals holding the orientations of soft or intermediate...” Elias said, “common or intermediate.”

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