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Wednesday, April 05, 2000

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ďProjections of ExpectationsĒ

ďTurn Your Attention To SelfĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Gina (Bahlah).

Elias arrives at 11:11 AM. (!) (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning, Bahlah!

GINA: Good morning! How are you?

ELIAS: Ha ha! As always!

GINA: Yeah, me too, me too, and with help from you, Iíve been able to deal with a lot of things.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Although your expression, Bahlah, ďas always,Ē is quite different in its interpretation than my own! Ha ha ha!

GINA: Very true, very true! (Elias laughs)

Okay, Iím going to go ahead and start this out. I need to get some essence names for some of my friends, starting with Oscar. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Tre; T-R-E. (tray)

GINA: Okay, and what about essence family?

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Ilda.

GINA: Ilda Ė I-L-D-A?

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: Okay. Now, Iíve asked you about Suzette and Dennis, but I canít find my paperwork, so I need to do that again.

ELIAS: You may be inquiring of Michael and he shall offer, for these tones are unaltered.

GINA: Okay, I didnít understand that. Iím sorry.

ELIAS: Subsequent to our discussion, you may be inquiring of Michael and he shall be offering you this information, for these tones are not altered. They remain the same.

GINA: Okay, alright. Weíll go to Stephanie then. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Liezell; L-I-E-Z-E-L-L. (leeízul)

GINA: Okay. Was that an M as in Michael?


GINA: No, the first one Ė M-I-E-Z-E-L-L? M?


GINA: L, so Liezell. Okay, gotcha. Okay, and then essence family?

ELIAS: Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Vold.

GINA: Vold, okay.

ELIAS: I shall express, this essence is in fluctuation presently. Therefore, futurely there may be alteration in tone ... or not! (Chuckling)

GINA: Okay, in fluctuation. Okay, alright. What about Dee? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Doa; D-O-A. (doe)

GINA: And then essence family?

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Vold.

GINA: Tumold....

ELIAS: No; Vold.

GINA: Oh, Vold. Sorry. Okay, can I get the essence families also for Suzette and Dennis?

ELIAS: Essence family, first individual, Sumafi; alignment, Borledim.

GINA: Borledim, okay. Same as me. Okay, and Dennis?

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Gramada.

GINA: Great. Okay, and one last person, Roy. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Raoldo; R-A-O-L-D-O. (rollídoe)

GINA: Okay, and essence family?

ELIAS: Essence family, Ilda; alignment, Zuli.

GINA: Can you spell that?


GINA: Zuli, okay. I havenít heard too much about that essence family. Iíll have to research it.

Okay, Iím going to start with my questions. What focus is having the most impact in my life right now? (Pause)

ELIAS: I shall offer you partial information, and I shall also encourage you to allow yourself a time framework in which you may be accessing this focus and exploring of it individually. I am offering this to you purposefully, for presently within your focus, you are creating an action of scattering your energy....

GINA: Yeah, I figured that.

ELIAS: You are pushing upon your expression of energy output, in a manner of speaking, which is creating of this scattering effect, so to speak, of your energy. In engaging in this exercise of focusing your attention in relaxation and exploration of this focus, you may also allow yourself a time framework in which you may be balancing your energy presently.

One focus that you allow to be influencing in this present time framework, in a expression of bleed-through energy, is within a physical location of Europe; the identification of country, Poland. In this focus, in a time framework of mid-nineteenth century, you manifest as female, and in this particular focus, you interact with several different male individuals and are creating of challenges within your interactions.

The challenges are expressed in a struggle to be acknowledging of self while receiving energy from these individuals that is quite discounting of your behavior and your performances. This creates Ė in allowance Ė an influence upon the individual in that focus of frustration, and an expression of discounting of her individual abilities. Therefore, it is also impactful in the expression of her assessment of worth. There are also strongly held beliefs within this individual as to the action of incorporating duty in different types of expressions in relation to relationships.

In this, you express in a slightly different manner within your focus, but the underlying beliefs and the expression of them are quite similar, in which you allow expressions of other individuals in their projection to be penetrating within your energy field, and as you allow this action, you also create an assessment in discounting of yourself and your abilities, or the worth of your abilities.

In this focus, you do allow yourself to turn your attention to self at times, and pull your attention to the beliefs that are partially influencing. But you also lean in the expression quite strongly of continuing to project your attention outside of yourself, and hold your attention with the behavior of other individuals and the expressions of other individuals.

In this other focus, this individual creates a very similar action. She consumes her attention with the actions and behaviors of other individuals, and allows that to dictate to her, her own assessment of worth and value. You draw this energy to yourself, that it may emphasize objectively to you what you are creating in THIS focus.

The reason that you are creating this action is that within this focus, you are participating in this shift in consciousness, and therefore widening your awareness and moving yourself into the expression of recognizing beliefs, recognizing the influence of beliefs, and now you are also moving yourself into the expression of noticing perceptions.

You have not quite moved into an objective recognition yet of the extreme power of perception, but you are beginning to be recognizing perceptions and differences within perceptions, and that you hold the ability to be manipulating or turning perceptions, and in this, you are also beginning your noticing of how that may be affecting and impacting your reality, for in turning your perception, you also alter all of your reality.

GINA: So true. Okay. Well, that answered a lot, because my next question was gonna be, Iíve been working up in Reno for about five months now, as you know, and it seems like or I feel like I have a calling there, which I donít think you would say a calling. Maybe itís unfinished business or a past focus. Is that whatís going on right now?

ELIAS: No. This would be the expression of the belief in relation to karma....

GINA: Okay, right; correct. There are a lot of people that have a strong belief in the karma thing....

ELIAS: What you are offering to yourself is a draw, and the reason that you are offering yourself the recognition of this draw is that you also are beginning a recognition that in altering some elements within your physical reality Ė not necessarily your perception yet, but in altering elements that you perceive you hold control of in your physical reality Ė you move yourself into an expression of reinforcement in preparation for your realization that you also may be altering your perception.

GINA: I see. Okay. So is this my most efficient path? Because I know Iíve talked with you about many paths that Iíve wanted to take, and Iíve chosen this one, and I think itís a fun thing to do. Itís something that I enjoy. So is this the most efficient thing for me to be doing in this moment? It feels like it is.

ELIAS: What I shall express to you is that this action I validate to you is beneficial, for it is offering you a window in opportunity to be expressing self and your choices of direction with less obstacles and less hindrance from yourself, for there is less perceived input. Are you understanding?

GINA: Less perceived input....

ELIAS: From other individuals.

GINA: Less perceived input, okay. I sort of understand that. Iíd have to like sit down and write it on paper and read it over and over in order to get it in my head. So less perceived perception of other people Ė what they think of me? Is that what youíre trying to say?

ELIAS: No. There is perceived less input, which is influencing of you, from other individuals; not that in actuality other individuals are offering less input, but you are allowing yourself a window in which you are not receiving as much of the input that they are projecting. Therefore, you are allowing yourself your own expression of choice.

GINA: Oh, okay. I understand now. Iím not letting it penetrate, in other words.

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: Okay, I gotcha. Yeah, Ďcause anywhere you go to work, I donít care where itís at, youíre always gonna have conflict, but I just am realizing that the less involved I become with the people, the better off I am, because I become sympathetically involved and I open myself up, you know? Iíve been noticing a lot of that lately.

ELIAS: Temporarily this may be beneficial to you, to be viewing in this manner. This is all what you have created as your process, to be recognizing elements of your reality beyond a narrow view.

In this, you are moving yourself in increments, allowing yourself in those increments to be validating to yourself of your own choices and your own abilities, and this reinforces your trust in yourself, and in this, as you continue to be reinforcing your trust, you build, so to speak, a type of strength in foundation with yourself, which also allows you to be moving into the acceptance of self.

GINA: Okay. So therefore, youíre saying that the scattering of my energy is partially because of the fact that I have sympathetically been opening myself up to a few things that have happened. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Partially.

GINA: Okay, so how can I ... I mean, Iíve been trying to meditate, but sometimes itís really kind of hard, you know? Maybe sometimes Iím a little lazy, and I get really tired Ė I work a lot of hours. Would meditation help with the scattering? What can I do to ground myself as far as the scattering goes?

ELIAS: It is unnecessary to be engaging in meditation.

A large expression of what you are allowing and responding to in creating this scattering of your energy is the expectations of other individuals; not the sympathetic expression that you may extend to them, not the empathy Ė and I am not expressing of your empathic sense, but the emotional expression of empathy that you may allow yourself to express in relation to other individuals Ė but what you are allowing to be more impactful within yourself is the expectations that you perceive....

GINA: Okay, the expectation thing again. Yep, I can agree with you there.

ELIAS: This is your perception of the projection of energy from other individuals, and you are quite responsive to this.

As you perceive that many individuals are projecting many expectations simultaneously to you, you also create within your energy an expectation upon yourself that you must be accommodating all of these expectations that other individuals are projecting.

Now; it is unnecessary for you to be engaging meditation to be addressing to this situation and to be creating less scattering of your energy.

What may be more efficient in your expression is that you allow yourself in each moment to be aware objectively and noticing when other individuals are projecting expectations to you, and when you are feeling the rise within you to be accepting those expectations and subsequently placing them upon yourself.

Once you view and notice that you are participating in this action, you may also, in that moment, stop and remind yourself objectively that you need not be responsive to expectations held by other individuals. You are responsible to self only.

GINA: Alright, Iíll work on that, because I definitely was knowing something. I knew I was scattering something out there, and I guess the expectation thing can really get a hold of me sometimes.

ELIAS: Ha ha! This is quite familiar within your focus! (Chuckling)

GINA: It sure is, thatís for sure! Okay, let me see Ė what else do I have here? I have a few little things. Basically, you pretty much answered most of my questions. Iím just trying to think. Okay, what about my friendship with Roy? Would that be an efficient thing to be keeping up, or a non-efficient thing to keep up?

ELIAS: Now; I shall inquire of you, what is your impression? Not your thought Ė what is your impression?

GINA: My impression is yes. That is my impression, but then again, I have just a little inkling of something that is saying no.

ELIAS: Now....

GINA: And I know that you know what it is, and I donít know! Thatís why Iím asking you! (Laughing)

ELIAS: This holds significance. Carefully assess the difference between your thoughts and your rational process and your logic, and your impressions, your feelings.

GINA: Okay.

ELIAS: Now; I shall inquire again. What is your impression?

GINA: Hmm. You know what? I can go with all three. The logic of it would be, itís an efficient thing. But if you want to get down to the nitty-gritty of it, it could be not an efficient thing. Thatís why my impression right now is kind of confused on that issue.

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you an offering that may be helpful.

GINA: Okay.

ELIAS: The reason that you are experiencing confusion in identifying your impression is that you are identifying partially an impression in one direction, and you are identifying another impression in relation to now, immediately.

Now; your impression is that it may be beneficial to you to be continuing in interaction with this individual in what you term physically to be the long run. Immediately, within this now, there is a conflicting impression that it may not be beneficial.

GINA: Correct.

ELIAS: The reason that you incorporate this conflicting impression is that you are occupying what we may figuratively term to be ďshaky groundĒ within self. You are moving yourself into new territory with self in exploration of your ability, your assessment of worth, of value, your ability to be creating your choices, and you are also challenging yourself with what we have just previously discussed, in the projection of expectations of other individuals and your assuming those expectations.

GINA: Right! (Laughing)

ELIAS: These are expressions that you are newly objectively exploring. Therefore, you do not view within your perception that your footing is solid yet within any of these expressions. Therefore, there is a recognition that the immediate interaction with this individual may be reinforcing of your familiar expressions in assuming the expectations that are projected.

GINA: Right. That makes sense.

ELIAS: Although as you are addressing to this and you are allowing yourself to be moving in your expression in this area, you also hold a recognition that as you continue to move more and more in the validation of trust of yourself, as I have stated earlier, you continue to reinforce yourself and create this foundation, which offers you a type of solidity and more of a balance, which affords you the outward objective ability to be interactive with other individuals and NOT assume the expectations that are projected.

Are you understanding?

GINA: Um-hmm. Okay.

Now, my boss just got out of the hospital. I know he has a lot of issues that heís dealing with right how. Heís got diabetes, and something happened with his feet. He went to Mexico, and I guess diabetics, when they burn, they donít heal correctly. I was talking with my other boss and I was telling her that he has a lot of issues to deal with, and I was just wondering if heís going to come to an ease with himself and heal himself, or if heís going to continue to put this stuff upon himself and make it more conflicting for himself.

ELIAS: Within the present probabilities that this individual is creating, there is no indication, so to speak, of altering the choices that he is presently creating. This is not an absolute, as you are aware, but within this present now, there is a continuation of these types of probabilities.

I shall express to you, be remembering, each individual creates their reality in a beneficial manner. Regardless that it appears to you to [not] be beneficial, they shall not be creating elements within their reality that are not beneficial, and each individual is creating expressions that shall be helpful in this time framework in widening their awareness.

GINA: I see. Thatís why I feel sometimes that maybe thatís why Iím there, to be helpful to people with some things?

ELIAS: And as you continue to be allowing yourself to pay attention to self and to be turning your perception, you shall be offering supportiveness and, in your terms, helpfulness to these individuals.

GINA: Awesome. I know a lot of people that are pretty interested in this information, so whoever is interested can go ahead and do what they need to do. (Elias chuckles) Let me see, what else? Oh, okay. I have a girlfriend, her name is Dee, and sheís been having problems with her husband, and Iíve tried explaining a few things to her, but in a basic way. I know we already know what is going on, but what can I tell her in terms of something she can understand? I try to explain things to her and sheís like, ďI just donít understand.Ē So, what can I tell her as far as with her husband and stuff like that? What would be the most efficient thing for her to be doing right now?

ELIAS: What you may express to this individual first of all is an invitation that if the individual is so choosing, she may be interactive with myself, and you may also merely offer the information that she holds choices.

GINA: Right. Thatís what Iíve tried telling her, but she ... I know sheís definitely willing to do something because I can just see it in her, and I think she is the what Ė what did you say she was? Anyway, Iíve got it written down here somewhere. Sumafi? I donít know what she was. Dee ... oh, sheís Sumari, Sumari/Vold, so sheís definitely interested in the information, and I have talked with a couple people over there, and they are also very interested. So if you donít mind, Iíd be more than happy to turn them on to you.

ELIAS: You may extend my invitation.

GINA: Okay, great. Very good. Okay, is there anything else? Weíve got like 15 minutes left. Iím just trying to think of ... oh gosh. What else was I going to ask here? Okay, my sons, with the move and everything like that. I know theyíre in a transition stage where theyíre getting used to things and stuff like that. I think the move we made was a pretty efficient move. Would you agree with that?


GINA: Okay, thatís what I thought too. Okay, and also, as far as my partner goes, will something be coming across his path soon as far as work or something that would be fun for him to do and still be, you know ... you know what Iím trying to say! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I am understanding. As to your partner, as you are aware, this be his choice. Presently, within his energy, he is engaging a continuation of an expression of frustration and also a projection of energy in anger, which he is identifying as he allows himself to continue to be perceiving himself in the role of a victim, and as he continues in this manner, he also continues to project energy outward in pushing away elements that may be reinforcing in a contrary expression to frustration and anger.

GINA: Okay. What can I do to be engaging in helpfulness to him?

ELIAS: Concentrate your energy and your attention upon self, for I shall express to you quite strongly, the more you concentrate your energy and your attention outside of yourself and project your attention and hold your attention to him, the more you reinforce what he is creating. You lend energy to this situation in reinforcement, for you are being supportive of it.

GINA: Exactly. Iím participating also.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, as you allow yourself to be turning your attention to self, recognizing he is creating his reality ... his choices are his own, and in this, you also hold choices. You may choose to participate, and you may choose not to participate.

GINA: Right. Now, let me ask you this. This is a validation for myself. Have I been doing pretty well, as far as that goes?

ELIAS: You ARE altering your interaction with this individual, and I shall validate to you in an acknowledgment that you have created a turning of your attention with respect to this individual. In the initial expression of our interactions together, the interaction that you were creating with this individual was being expressed quite intensely in conflict, and you have moved yourself into much less of an expression of conflict in this time framework.

GINA: Correct.

ELIAS: You also may allow yourself to view that much of that expression in lessening your conflict has been in response to you allowing yourself to be concentrating your attention upon YOU, and letting go of this continuous perpetuation of projecting your attention to him and affixing judgment in what he is creating. You have lessened this expression of judgment considerably, and....

GINA: Okay. Now, while weíre talking about this frame of mind at this point, as far as not being accepting of what people are giving out and everything like that, and we were talking about my work and how Iím a little bit scattered there and everything like that. So basically, if I do what Iím doing with my partner, if I do that with the people at work ... which I do sometimes. I do! Sometimes little things will be said or whatever, this and that, and Iíll just blow it off. Itís like, okay, over my head, you know, whatever!

So I should just keep that up at work? Because thatís where ... I can deal with it pretty much here. Iím getting better with it here. Now, as far as my workplace goes, if I keep that attitude up there, then there wonít be as much scattering, because I will be putting my attention on self. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

GINA: Okay, so it doesnít matter ... I mean, sometimes I know that, you know. A couple of incidents have happened before and I was like, okay, wait a minute here. Whatís going on, you know? And then I was, of course, going over it and lending energy to it and lending more energy to it, and I know that was kinda like ... it was a non-efficient thing to do. So from now on, basically what I need to be doing is just let it go over my head like Iíve been doing, right?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking....

GINA: Okay. Is there anything else you can tell me about my work that would be more helpful to me that you havenít already told me?

ELIAS: No; merely to be reminding of you to be incorporating this exercise of noticing in the moments that you are perceiving a projected expectation and your response to this, and recognizing that it is unnecessary for you to be assuming these expectations.

GINA: Right, Ďcause usually, like you said, if you just go with the flow, it will come right to you. You donít have to have expectation.

ELIAS: You are correct. You may express your natural flow of energy and trust your choices and your direction, and in this, it matters not that other individuals express expectations.

All of you express expectations in relation to other individuals, for this is familiar within your reality, but as you begin turning your attention to self, you also allow yourself the realization that this is unnecessary.

No other individual may be creating your reality for you, and this is the basis of expectations, that....

GINA: Right. For instance, thereís a couple of girls that I hang out with over there, and some people can be so judgmental over there, and itís like, donít even go there. Donít even go there! Thereís no reason to be judgmental. So I notice that when I start feeling these things and being around the non-efficient stuff, itís like, I donít need to be feeling that way about somebody because ... whatever.

I just have a tendency to draw away from that because I just canít stand it. Iím getting to the point where I canít stand being around people that are just so judgmental of other people. Itís like, hey, we all come from the same source, and we have to start looking to ourselves. Thatís what Iíve been telling people. Whatever we say to someone else, itís something we always have an issue with within ourselves, and a lot of people canít understand that. Thereís a few people, like I was telling you, that are interested in this, and the people that are interested, I will definitely pass the information on to, but the people that I see that are kind of leery or fearful or whatever the case may be, Iím just staying away from, because I can just pick up on that right away, you know?

ELIAS: I am understanding of what you are expressing. Continue to be reinforcing of yourself. This shall be the most efficient action.

GINA: Okay, alright. Oh, my Egyptian focus. Was it ... oh, I canít think of the name of the pharaoh. I had it the other day Ďcause they had a big thing on Discovery channel, and it wasnít King (inaudible) or whatever his name is ... I canít think! The one pharaoh that was real ... he had a son that built all the ... I canít think! Help me, Elias! You know what Iím talking about Ė the one with the son. Was that the time frame I was in? I canít think of the name!

ELIAS: You are inquiring of the time framework?

GINA: The time framework, exactly, as far as my Egyptian focus when I was an apprentice. Iím still trying to figure that one out.

ELIAS: Yes, within this time framework, you are correct.

GINA: Really! Okay, thatís what I thought, because I was watching it on TV and something just clicked, and I was like, hmm. I wonder if it was that time frame? Okay, so that answers that one.

ELIAS: And once again, you may be validating of yourself! Ha ha ha!

GINA: (Laughing) Yeah, itís really quite interesting, how you can ... I just think everything is just so awesome! Every day is always a learning experience. Itís just really great! Thatís why I feel like I should be at this particular place, you know? I mean, I just feel that very efficient things are going to be happening there.

I told a couple of the girls there, I said, if we can just get three or four girls, or whoever, three or four people that we can have the same line of thought with, do you know how much more efficiently the workplace could be running? And theyíre like, well, yeah, of course. (Elias chuckles) So, thatís what Iím in the process of trying to do here, just to get these people to be a little bit more enlightened, you know? Because of their belief systems, because I donít get nosy and ask them what their belief systems are. I mean, Iíve asked a couple of people....

ELIAS: Be remembering also, Bahlah, it is not your responsibility to be enlightening other individuals. They shall draw themselves to the information that shall be the most beneficial to them individually.

GINA: Okay, alright. I have noticed that. I have noticed that a lot, but there are a couple that I know are definitely interested, and they have asked, so Iíll just stick with those people, and then, you know? (Elias chuckles) And so on and so on and so on! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha! And I continue to be encouraging of you.

GINA: Okay, and in lending of energy, of course! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) As always!

GINA: As always, and I appreciate the symbolism that you leave me because Iím always very noticing of that. (Elias laughs) Iím very noticing of that! I really appreciate that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

GINA: It inspires me Ė what can I say? (Elias chuckles) Okay, is there anything else that you could tell me, or do you think weíre pretty much done?

ELIAS: I express to you that you have much to be assimilating and practicing with. You may also express my greeting to Candace.

GINA: Greetings to who?

ELIAS: Candace.

GINA: Oh, Candace! Oh yeah! In fact, I really want to do so much for her. Sheís been there for me for so long. If it wasnít for her, I donít know where Iíd be right now, you know? And because of her and because of you and because of Jene Ė I canít remember her essence name Ė youíve all been very, very helpful to me. Itís helped me an awful lot. Itís opened my awareness, and I can feel my veils just lifting, you know?

ELIAS: And do not be discounting of your participation in this action!

GINA: Yeah, yeah.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

GINA: (Laughing) Thatís a definite! Every time I talk with mom, Iím like, okay, weíve gotta gather our energies here, and they send them out my way, and I send them out their way, and we all kind of work together, (Elias chuckles) with help from you, of course!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

GINA: Youíre awesome! Okay. Well, I think our session is over. Itís been great speaking with you, and I plan to talk with you real soon, and when I get back to work today, Iím gonna go ahead and give the information to the appropriate people who have asked, and they can take it from there.

ELIAS: Very well. I express great affection to you.

GINA: And myself also. Iíll be looking for more of the symbols that you leave me. Iím always looking for them, and Iíve been seeing them a lot more often lately, so I know that youíre there, comforting me.

ELIAS: Very well. I offer to you this day encouragement in energy, and I shall continue to be interactive with you.

GINA: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

GINA: And I will talk to you soon!

ELIAS: Very well. In lovingness to you....

GINA: And lovingness to you too.

ELIAS: Au revoir.

GINA: Au revoir. Bye-bye.

Elias departs at 12:08 PM.

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