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Tuesday, May 09, 2000

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ďSimultaneous Time/DimensionsĒ

ďAre You From Another Dimension?Ē

ďHow Do You Know About All Of This?Ē

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Pseudo (Nym).

Elias arrives at 9:07 AM. (Arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PSEUDO: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: We meet again!

PSEUDO: Yes, we do! You have instilled a curiosity in me to gather more information.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well! You may proceed.

PSEUDO: Okay. Well, I donít understand ... I mean, I hear what youíre saying, but I donít understand how all these focuses happen simultaneously. Am I confused because Iím in a linear time system?

ELIAS: This is very much influencing of your confusion.

You occupy a focus of attention presently, and in this focus of attention, you participate in a reality which has been designed incorporating a time element which moves in a linear fashion.

This is the design of this particular physical dimension, and in this, you identify time in a very specific manner.

In actuality, outside of this one particular physical dimension, time is created and exhibited in very different manners. Each physical dimension may be manipulating time in whichever manner accommodates their physical dimension the most efficiently.

In this, outside of any physical dimension, time does not move and is not configured in any manner that may be associated in a linear fashion. It does not move from moment to moment.

PSEUDO: So only right now, in the focus that weíre in, do we have this method of measuring time.

ELIAS: Correct.

PSEUDO: Okay, alright.

Now, you made reference to something that really intrigued me. You made a couple of references in our last session when you said, ďall of you on your planet,Ē and then you made a reference to the cosmos as our universe. Iím just wondering, where are you from? Are you from another dimension? (Pause, and Elias chuckles) Well, I canít help but be curious!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I am quite understanding! I am recognizing the potential for tremendous misunderstanding and distortion in the response to this question.

First of all, let me express to you that there are countless dimensions. Dimensions are merely areas of attention with consciousness. Therefore, they are not necessarily places. They are merely areas in which you direct your attention within consciousness, for consciousness IS all, and everything IS consciousness.

Now; in this, there are dimensions within dimensions.

PSEUDO: Oh, it gets confusing.

ELIAS: Such as, you occupy a physical dimension. There are many, many, many dimensions within your dimension, for just as we have been speaking previously of time and the simultaneousness of all your focuses, what allows this action to be possible, in your terms, is that there are dimensions of time within your physical dimension.

Therefore, it is merely your perception that separates you from another time framework, which is another layer of consciousness, which may be classified as another dimension within your dimension.

Now; as to your question of ďdo I occupy another dimension,Ē in the terms of understanding that the definition of dimensions is merely different attentions, yes, I occupy a different dimension than do you, for your attention is focused within a physical area of consciousness, a physical dimension.

My attention is focused in nonphysical areas of consciousness, although I interact with you, and therefore, an element of my attention is also focused within your physical dimension, for I project energy through layers of consciousness to be entering, figuratively speaking, your physical dimension and exchanging communication and interaction with you.

PSEUDO: Okay. Now, do you know about me because weíre connected conversationally through our energy flow? I mean, how do you know all of this? How do you know what my past manifestations were, and just how do you know all of this? (Elias chuckles) How old are you? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Grinning) This is not related to age.

PSEUDO: No, that was a joke Ė sorry! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You need not be apologizing. (Grinning)

Let me explain to you, the difference between myself and you presently is that you focus your attention singularly in one direction, one specific manifestation that you identify as you. My attention is focused in many, many, many areas of consciousness.

Now; let me also explain to you that within consciousness and within essence, your attention also focuses in countless directions, but you Ė that you identify presently as Pseudo Ė merely view one focus of attention. You have tuned out, so to speak, all of your other attentions, that you may afford this one attention the purity of its choices of experiences.

This is a marvelous quality of essence, that it holds the ability to focus its attention singularly, and also simultaneously it allows itself to focus its attention in countless areas of consciousness, and be aware of all of those focuses of attention.

Now; what distinguishes the difference between yourself and myself is that you hold an objective awareness, and this is what allows you to singularly focus your attention. If you are disengaging that objective awareness, you view simultaneously all of your attentions, and you do not create barriers or separations, veils, between them.

PSEUDO: How come? I mean, itís like when your mind is open and you subjectively just let everything down and just go with the flow, so to speak, itís different, because Iím not in the present. Things are just running through my mind and moving and thereís always something, always extra information in there, and what am I gonna do with it and why is it this way? Sometimes I get confused myself! Is that whatís happening in those times? Iím being subjective instead of objective, and focusing my attention on the now?

ELIAS: In this time framework, as you are aware, you are all participating in a shift in consciousness, which in that participation, you allow yourself what you have just expressed.

You allow yourself more of an openness of your awareness objectively, and this allows you to view more of your reality, more of yourself, more of consciousness than you have previously created throughout your history, so to speak.

In this, you are allowing the objective and the subjective awarenesses to merge.

Therefore, yes. You allow yourself to drop elements of the veils that you have created between the objective and the subjective awarenesses, and you allow yourself to merge these two elements of your awareness together, which offers you the opportunity to view much more of your reality.

Now; the point of this action Ė and why you have chosen this action Ė is to expand and enhance your exploration and your experiences within this particular physical dimension.

As you create this action, although initially it may be confusing, the point that you are allowing yourself in this action is to be familiarizing yourself with you, with all of consciousness, to allow you an objective recognition that you in actuality are much more than you have viewed yourself to be previously.

The beneficial aspect of that action, of familiarizing yourself with you and with consciousness, is that in that action, you expand your awareness, and as you expand your awareness, you also expand your choices, which offers you much more freedom, much less limitation in your exploration of this particular physical dimension.

PSEUDO: So, Iím sitting here talking to you, and you already know all about me. Do you know my full history in its entirety in this present focus, as well as all of them?

ELIAS: I hold the ability to be viewing these aspects of you individually.

But let me also explain to you, as I view you, I view the entirety of you within energy. I do not view you in singular, separate parts, so to speak, except within certain moments.

Now; in example, you may be interactive with myself, and as you inquire specifically as to particular issues or concerns or conflicts that you may be experiencing presently, I shall direct my energy to be focused upon those particular areas of your energy.

Now; in those particular areas of your energy, there is the expression, which encompasses all of the focuses that are influencing or are exchanging with that particular manifestation that you are creating, all of the experiences, all of the thoughts, emotions, and....

PSEUDO: Those all come through to you.

ELIAS: Yes. And all that is encompassed within THIS focus also.

PSEUDO: Okay. Well, then you know it all!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

PSEUDO: (Laughing) Iím not gonna go there with you!

Let me see here. I write down my questions, and Mary answered my question before you came through about orientations, so I think I understand that a bit better.

How many other dimensions, Elias, have I manifested in or focused my attention in outside of this physical dimension?

ELIAS: One moment. (Pause) Outside of this one particular physical dimension, 8,242.

PSEUDO: Eight thousand, two hundred and forty-two other dimensions? Wow! Iím wondering, you said I had 302 physical manifestations, so I would be deemed a moderate soul Ė not young, not old, just moderate. So, Iím confused here. Maybe Iím confusing the two numbers with one another. So, the other dimensions Iíve lived in, 8,242, has nothing to do with my physical manifestations of 302.

ELIAS: Correct.

PSEUDO: Okay, alright. Well, thatís good to know. (Elias chuckles)

I want to talk to you now some more about my godson, because I have listened to our last session together over and over, and it has given me a lot of explanations as to my behavior, his behavior. Itís given me also a freedom and an acceptance of learning to let him be who he is. Just in the short time since I spoke to you last time, itís like all that anxiousness and anxiety and trying to hold on, that just all kind of is subsiding, and that is a wonderful feeling, this freedom! (Elias laughs) So, you mentioned that he and I were mother and son, and he was the mother. Was he a good mother? Did I take care of him or did he take care of me?

ELIAS: Interesting question! (Grinning)

PSEUDO: Well, because heís kind of a dependent personality, and I just donít know if thatís something that goes from manifestation to manifestation....

ELIAS: Not necessarily. I shall express to you, within your physical assessments and with your identifications through your belief systems, in that focus, this individual would be identified as a loving or good parent.

PSEUDO: Oh, good! Where did we live? In what country was that, and in what century? (Pause)

ELIAS: This would be within the physical location that you now identify as Netherlands, within the time framework, 17th century.

PSEUDO: So then in the next century, I manifested as his employer. Now, with reference to that situation, when I was the Dutch merchant in the 18th century in South Africa and he was the tribal individual that came looking for work, and I guess I must have hired him, you said that we were ... that the relationship created many challenges and lots of conflict, and thatís what was bleeding through into our relationship now. As far as ... what did we do to one another? Can you tell me a couple of scenarios? I mean, did we physically hurt one another, or was it just verbal and mental, or ...?

ELIAS: I may express to you, for the most part, the interaction which occurs with these two individuals is, in your terms, strained, in that they hold very similar belief systems, but in reverse of each other. Therefore, they hold very similar judgments in relation to each other, and this creates much conflict, for there is a continuous undertone, so to speak, of judgment towards each other.

There is a continuous projection of energy to each other in an extreme expression of lack of acceptance, each viewing the other, in very similar manner, as an oppressor.

PSEUDO: Well, if he was my servant, what type of servant was he to me? I mean, was he just a laborer? Was he someone that just....

ELIAS: Let me express to you, this individual was Ė or is Ė employed by you, but receives no actual wage; receives an exchange in physical accommodations, in housing, and in food.

Now; the reason that each views the other as an oppressor is that he views you as the oppressor in obvious terms, in your physical identification of creations. You view him as an oppressor, for he is influencing of other individuals and their view of you.

PSEUDO: So, heís stirring up the hen-house.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, and in....

PSEUDO: Thatís just like him!

ELIAS: In this action, this creates a dynamic within you in that focus in which you incorporate guilt, but also anger. Therefore, there is this continuous flow of energy which occurs between the two of you, which is very influencing of EACH of you running on your own individual hamster wheels, so to speak, perpetuating this conflict within yourselves as you reinforce it through your interaction with each other. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: There are similarities in what you create presently.

PSEUDO: Yes, there certainly are, and thatís what I want to try to eliminate.

ELIAS: Now; as I have expressed previously, do not confuse yourself in moving into the thought process that that other focus Ė although influencing of you Ė is controlling of what you are creating in this focus, for it is not. YOU are creating your choices within this focus, and you choose also whether to allow the influence of that focus or not. You are not being subjected to energy from another focus.

The reason you allow the energy to penetrate from that focus without reconfiguring it into a different type of expression is that it lends energy to your attention in this focus, that you may address to certain beliefs and issues that you hold in this focus. Therefore, it is beneficial in its action of exchange, for it is accomplishing the very action that you desire it to be accomplishing Ė it is lending energy to gain your attention presently.

PSEUDO: Well, Iíll tell you, since you and I last spoke, he was gone and then returned because my husband and I employ him and a friend of his from time to time to do work on our home. You had told me where the conflict was coming from and why, and when he challenged me, I just simply got up and walked away and came inside, and it gave him an opportunity to go through his whole thought process and stuff. Basically, we chatted the following day and he said, ďWell, you just left.Ē And I said, ďWell, of course I just left. Iím not going to go there with you anymore on that type of a subject.Ē I mean, if I can help it, if I can avoid it, Iím not going to do that, period. Itís like sometimes he gets under my skin, and he does it on purpose, and I know that. Both of us do that back and forth, and then all of a sudden, boom, itís out of control.

So, I have made the decision in myself, after speaking with you and acknowledging what is and what was and what will be, that this is the direction I have to take for myself in order to avoid the conflict. If I donít go there with him, then most likely he will not go there with me.

ELIAS: And I shall express to you once again that you shall be the most affecting within your reality, and also in the influence which is allowed within his reality, by creating this very action that you are speaking of Ė focusing upon yourself and creating choices for yourself, and not continuing to be participating in this web of interaction which creates conflict.

YOU hold the ability to be discontinuing this action, and it shall discontinue as YOU choose to be discontinuing it, not in the waiting for the other individual to be discontinuing.

Regardless of his choices, regardless of what he is creating, you continue to hold choices, and you, in focusing upon self, shall afford yourself much less conflict.

PSEUDO: And much more freedom.

ELIAS: Quite!

PSEUDO: Yes. He is a very intense young man. (Elias chuckles) He is! He can be seductive, he can be manipulative, he can be desirous, you know, all of those things. His energy field is so erratic when weíre together. I mean, if he allows it to be good, itís good. But if heís fighting all these other focuses, or theyíre coming through, bleeding through, then heís all over like a ping-pong ball, and I can physically see the differences in him. Heís extremely ... I mean, I feel he has a very high IQ. Heís never been tested, Iím sure, and he only went to the ninth grade, but he can take a letter, for example, that I sent him, and memorize it. A week later, Iíll talk to him on the telephone, and heíll quote the whole thing back to me. I mean, thatís not ordinary for most people, especially for someone with that little of an education.

So, I sense that he has this really deep intellect and higher power, and he can be very spiritual, as far as his compassion and his caring for other people, and heís very connected to his family ties. Blood runs very deep with him, and while I admire all these things, there are other things about him that just drive me crazy, (Elias laughs) probably because Iíve gotten myself too involved, thinking it was my job to fix him when he came to me for help. He has the unfortunate thing, and I love him in spite of it, even because of it, perhaps. Maybe itís made me have a deeper feeling for him. But he has a drug problem, and he wants to get out of the habits and the patterns and everything.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, this individual presents to you the opportunity Ė and it IS an opportunity Ė to view many of your own belief systems and many of the areas in which you create judgments, good or bad. For the areas in which you create a judgment of good hold equal energy and lack of acceptance as those that you deem to be bad, for within the creation of your reality within this physical dimension, these two expressions of good and bad are intimately related and are not separated. One does not move without the other.

PSEUDO: I guess that would be asking for a bit much, wouldnít it, if we could separate it?

ELIAS: Ah, but you can, and this is what you are moving into in widening your awareness, and this is the action of acceptance.

In the expression of acceptance, you no longer create these judgments in either expression, of good OR bad. You merely recognize choices as choices, and that each individual holds the free will, the freedom to be creating any choice that they wish to be creating, and you do not create ANY choice that you do not wish to be creating, for you each create your own reality.

There is no element Ė NO element Ė of your reality which is thrust upon you by any other aspect of consciousness. YOU choose to be creating every moment, every experience, every element of your reality.

In this, as you allow yourself to widen your awareness, and as you allow yourself to view and address to your own belief systems, and you allow yourself to move into an expression and a perception of self-acceptance, you also begin movement into acceptance of other individuals and of all of your reality, and THIS affords you the ultimate expression of freedom.

PSEUDO: Yes, I agree with you there. Thatís for certain.

He has told me that he feels this is his last lifetime ... well, he didnít say, in his words, I will no longer manifest. He just said, ďI feel like Iím an old soul, and I think this is my last life.Ē

Heís really a product of his environment. I mean, he had a loving mother, who is a very good mother. But she loved men, and she had seven husbands, and every other year or every few years, he had a different authority telling him what he could and could not do, and of course he was going to rebel against it. So, he left home at a very young age, and although heís close to his mother and everything, he just recently lost an aunt, who I briefly mentioned in my last session with you, to cancer. She was a lifelong life-style abuser herself. A few years before that, he lost an uncle, his motherís brother, to alcohol and drug overdose.

So, he knows that thatís not the path that he wants to take, but because of his addiction, he is not making the decision to go and do anything real about it, as far as going into a rehabilitation program or something like that, or even just getting serious about staying clean. He just ... he knows that thatís all out there, and maybe he just figures, well, if this is his last lifetime, why bother? Iíll just go out like they did. But thatís not really what he wants. I know deep down itís not. He wants so many more things for himself, but he doesnít want to do what is necessary to make the changes in his life to get them.

ELIAS: Now; let me address to and return your attention to you, once again, in the context of this discussion and your line of thought process presently, which concerns this other individual. And in viewing you in relation to this individual, allow yourself to view the wondrousness of the opportunity that you present yourself with in the example of this one individual, for this one individual holds your attention quite efficiently!

And in this, in the exchange of interaction and energy that you create with this one individual, you also allow yourself the opportunity to view MANY different expressions of belief systems which you hold quite strongly, and that this individual also holds quite strongly and mirrors to you in that exchange that you create together Ė beliefs that move in the identification of relationships, of family, of substances, of responsibility, of action, of potential, of death, of intelligence, of capabilities, of right and wrong, of what may be associated with old souls and new souls and moderate souls, and actions of misinterpretation of it matters not and the action of it matters not, and the judgments that are created surrounding ALL of these beliefs.

PSEUDO: Well, I guess weíre all products of our own environment, because we are what we were taught, or how our parents raised us or how our aunts raised us or what influence they had on our life. I came from a very religious Ė almost extreme religious, with my father Ė background, so I guess weíre all just sort of ... we have belief systems that have been forced on us through the years, and we think that theyíre absolutes until we find out otherwise. So thatís what Iím learning, and it feels really good!

ELIAS: And I shall express to you (chuckling) another rocking of your boat, and I shall express to you, no, no, no! You are NOT products of your environment. You have not been subjected to ANYTHING. You are not in the position of other individuals forcing their beliefs Ė or society forcing mass beliefs Ė upon you.

These are all expressions of beliefs, and limit your choices, limit your abilities, limit your freedom, for they create a perception within you that you are powerless, that you are helpless, and that you are a victim Ė that society and other individuals create your reality for you, and therefore you do not hold choices.

And in this type of thought process, you reinforce, over and over and over, your lack of ability, your discounting of self, and your belief in powerlessness.

And I shall express to you quite strongly, you hold infinite power and infinite choices, and no other element of consciousness creates your reality but YOU. (Emphatically)

PSEUDO: I understand. I understand that, and I guess perhaps I was ... I didnít mean to say that that was the only or absolute way that it was going to be, as far as creating my reality or having power. Iíve been told many times that I have a lot of personal power, and I feel like I have a lot of personal power, as far as what I want to do or when I do it. Itís my choice and I recognize that. Iím fortunate that I have a partner that I share this physical manifestation with that honors that for me as well, because otherwise, I might be a bit difficult to live with! (Elias laughs)

But I have one more thing I want to touch briefly on. We were in an intimate focus as well, you said, and had a lifelong friendship that lasted throughout the entire span of that manifestation.

ELIAS: Correct.

PSEUDO: Were we lovers, or just really good friends?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that at times within that focus, you created a movement into a type of intimacy that you would classify as lovers, but this was not the expression that you created throughout the entirety of your focus together. The intimacy, for the most part, that you engaged was an intensity in closeness in friendship.

PSEUDO: Okay, alright. So there were no children or anything like that involved. Were we male and female? What gender were we?

ELIAS: Yes, male and female.

PSEUDO: Okay, and with reference to his mother, because I find this extremely fascinating as well, she was in the 18th century when I was a Dutch merchant. Was she also a merchant of cloth and fabric? Is that how I met her? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes; in different capacity, for you created what may be termed to be a stationary establishment within that focus, and this other individual incorporated travel.

PSEUDO: Okay, so she would go and buy the cloth and bring it to me, and then I would buy it from her for resale.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

PSEUDO: You know whatís really amazing, Elias? (Laughing) This is our connection! This woman, my godson's mother, my best friend, that is what she has done for the better part of the time that Iíve known her. She has worked in cloth and fabric shops, and managed them, and ran them, and so this seems to be an occupation that she has literally taken from one focus to the next.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are correct, figuratively. It is not ďtaking from one to the next,Ē but you are correct in the preference of this type of creation, and that this essence views this type of activity to be not merely appealing and pleasurable, but also challenging, in the aspect of affording an avenue for creativity and exploration in different types of expressions of exchange with other individuals, and creativity in the individualís expression of what you identify as imagination.

PSEUDO: She is very talented. Sheís like my partner, my husband. Sheís one of those people that can do anything. No matter what she does, she has a talent with her hands. Sheís an artist. She never knew it, but sheís finally figuring it out, at the age of 50, that yes, she is an artist. I think the same thing of my husband because he does so many things with his hands, not necessarily like drawing, but he does just everything. He builds and he makes and he creates, and heís a perfectionist at it. He gets this energy, and I feel that he needs to slow down some because heís wearing himself out in this physical manifestation, and I want him to be around a while longer!

ELIAS: (Laughing) And I express to you that you shall both continue in the present line of probabilities that you are creating!

PSEUDO: Good. Well, I think thatís about it for today. Itís been great to speak with you again. I enjoy this, and Iím finding it very ... whatís the right word? Help me. (Elias laughs) Enlightening Ė itís very enlightening and uplifting. It helps me sort out a lot of whatís been tumbling around in my head, just giving me the freedom to say, okay, you donít have to feel bad for doing that, because thatís just something youíve been taught to believe is wrong, but itís not necessarily wrong.

ELIAS: Ah, and I shall express to you tremendous acknowledgment in that thought!

PSEUDO: I love it!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I express to you also tremendous encouragement to be continuing in your discovery. You are accomplishing well and allowing yourself an ease in your movement into openness, which is a delightful expression! (Laughing)

PSEUDO: Yes, it is!

ELIAS: I offer to you, in addition to my encouragement, energy in an expression of affection, and I offer to you my expression of what you may translate into love.

PSEUDO: (Laughing) Okay, I accept!

ELIAS: To you, in that expression of love this day, I shall be encountering you futurely objectively. Till then, au revoir.

PSEUDO: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:07 AM.

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