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Wednesday, May 24, 2000

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“Energy Exchanges/Distortion”

“Starving People in Africa”

“Exploring Other Focuses”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Ted (Cara).

Elias arrives at 10:01 AM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

TED: Good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles) And you have questions today?

ELIAS: No, and I am quite sure that you do! (Grinning)

TED: (Laughing) You are correct!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

TED: Your crystal ball must be working then!

ELIAS: Ha ha! Clouded, but functional! (Chuckling, and Ted laughs)

TED: Okay. My first question is, as you’re aware, I have an energy exchange with this person called C9, and the people that we interface with are wondering if there are distortions in that energy exchange.

ELIAS: Quite simply, yes.

Now; I express to you that the distortions that occur are related to the action in which the communication is created in this exchange. There is much room, so to speak, in your vernacular, for distortion to be incorporated in this communication in the manner in which the communication occurs.

Vic’s note: In my understanding, this occurs via a Ouija board.

ELIAS: You are not creating a direct interaction of communication with this essence. You are incorporating a physical medium to be interpreting the communication. Therefore, the energy is moving into your physical dimension, so to speak, and is being projected through the incorporation of the tool, which is then interpreting what the energy communication is that is being projected.

In this type of action, there is an area which is open for the incorporation of distortion, for there is an allowance for your interpretations within your translation of the energy.

In this, it is quite common within your physical reality to be interjecting your influences of your beliefs, and also your anticipations of what is being or shall be communicated to you by another essence.

I have expressed information concerning the terminology of patience previously, and have identified to you new definitions of this terminology. In this also, the action of impatience is a pushing of energy in expectation and anticipation, which creates an obstacle in the allowance of free flow of energy.

Within physical focus in this particular dimension, you are very familiar with complicating the actions of your reality, and you are also very familiar with creating your reality in relation to your beliefs and the identification of actions that are good, and in that movement, you create actions in rapid movements which incorporate expectations and anticipation.

You view rapid movement to be better, and if you are engaged in an interaction with another individual or with another essence in which you perceive the communication is not moving rapid enough, you shall skip shells, and you shall, in your terms, jump ahead in anticipation of the interaction, and therefore, you shall create an interaction from your perception rather than allowing the interaction to be interpreted as it is actually projected by the other essence or other individual within your physical reality.

Now; this, in a manner of speaking, creates an element of distortion. Let me also express to you that distortion may not be viewed necessarily as bad.

In this, you may not be allowing a flow of energy which creates a type of communication which offers you information that the other essence or the other individual wishes to be communicated, but you are creating a communication which serves your purposes within the moment. Are you understanding thus far?

TED: Yes I am, Elias.

ELIAS: Therefore, I express to you that the element of distortion is not bad, but it is not entirely accurate as to the action or communication from the other essence or the other individual.

Now; inaccuracy is not necessarily bad either, but if you are choosing to be incorporating an action of less distortion, you shall turn your attention in a manner that shall incorporate patience and shall incorporate an acceptance of self. This is an important element, for the acceptance of self facilitates an action in the acceptance of beliefs.

Now; the acceptance of beliefs holds significance in the interaction, for if you are underlyingly continuing to be creating judgments in relation to your own beliefs, you shall automatically create an association of certain communications that are good and certain communications that are bad ... OR certain types of communications that are better!

TED: (Laughing) Okay!

ELIAS: In this, if you are creating the action of patience, which is the allowance, and you are acknowledging an acceptance of self and a trust within self, you shall also lend to an ease of an acceptance of your beliefs, which shall clear a channel, so to speak, figuratively speaking, in which the energy may be projected by another essence or by another individual within your physical reality, and you shall allow a free flow of energy without anticipation or expectation, and you shall allow yourself to receive the communication in the most undistorted manner.

Be aware, in the actual definition of an entirely undistorted communication between yourself and any other essence or individual within this particular physical reality, you are – but you are not – creating that action. For in a manner of speaking, you shall not be creating an absolute undistorted action of communication with any other individual or essence in this particular physical reality, for you create this reality in a manner in which all of your reality is created through your individual perception.

Therefore, you are in one manner creating an undistorted communication, but in another manner, you are not creating an undistorted communication. You are creating an undistorted communication in relation to your perception. In relation to the actual energy which is projected by another individual or another essence, there shall be some element of distortion.

This be the reason that I express to you that in the action of the Sumafi family and my communication with all of you, there is a movement to be creating the least amount of distortion, but I am not expressing to you that there shall be no distortion element in the communication, for there shall be.

TED: Okay, I understand that. That’s a very, very good explanation. Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

TED: Now I’d like to move on to another area ... well, let me ask you this first. I’m Sumafi ... I mean Sumari, and this C9 is also Sumari. Would that introduce any other type of distortion?

ELIAS: No, not in additional capacity.

TED: Okay. The next question I have is, I’d like to talk to you about intents. I know that each family has an intent, and that each focus has a personal intent. I don’t know what my personal intent is. I have not been able to identify it. I know that my family intent is to be stirring the pot, and in the family that I’m aligned with, it is to be communicating through the Ilda family. But as far as a personal intent in alignment with the shift in consciousness, could you help me out with that?

ELIAS: In this, within your individual intent, you create a direction in which you engage explorations of communications with many other individuals, and other essences also.

And your participation, in alignment with your family alignment of the Ilda ... you create an individual intent which moves in the direction of facilitating communications and interactions of not merely yourself with other individuals and other essences, but to be bringing together many individuals and essences ... in helpfulness to the understanding of the individuals within your reality that there is in actuality no separation.

Therefore, you incorporate interaction with C9. You incorporate interaction with myself. You incorporate interaction at times with the energies of other essences in experiences, and you also draw to yourself other individuals within your physical reality that you interact with and exchange with in a type of communication that expresses an element of energy to be dissipating creations of fear within other individuals, as they begin widening their awarenesses and as they begin to incorporate these types of experiences also.

Therefore, the action that you have chosen in your intent in this focus, in a manner of speaking figuratively, may be likened to your ease in swimming within a pond, and your trust of your buoyancy in that pond, and your encouragement of other individuals within your physical reality to be joining you and incorporating the fun in this action of swimming within the pond with you also, allowing them the realization, through your example, that there is no necessity for individual protection or fearfulness, for there is no harmfulness in these actions, and there is in actuality a tremendous incorporation of fun that may be enacted as the individuals allow themselves to widen their awareness.

TED: Wonderful! Thank you. I appreciate that, and I feel that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with this energy exchange, and all of the things I’ve done with you and Michael.

ELIAS: Quite!

Therefore, also let me express to you, the element of distortion is secondary, in a manner of speaking, and holds much less importance in your interaction, for the direction of your movement is concerned with the actual interactions themselves, and the facilitation of this action without the incorporation of fear. Therefore, that is the direction of attention that holds more significance than the concept of distortion.

TED: Okay. Very nice, very nice.

A personal question, just about myself. I made an objective choice not to disengage from the physical until the completion of the shift in consciousness is done. I want to see the demise of the religious belief system, the change in the monetary system and its replacement with the free, so to speak, fulfilling of needs, and I also want the shrinkage of our tremendous government down to a size where it’s no longer intrusive. My question is, have I transferred this objective choice into the subjective, or is that just a pipe dream?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! First of all, let me express to you, this action is not a question of transferring from objective to subjective. They are moving in harmony and creating together. Therefore, what one is creating, the other is also creating.

Let me also express to you that probabilities are actualized in each moment. Therefore, within this moment, yes, you are creating that action. (Ted laughs)

(Intently) Probabilities also are choices that are continuously in movement and changing, and this is the wondrousness of consciousness, that you allow yourselves the freedom to be creating your reality in each moment, and creating whatever choices you are choosing in those moments.

Now; in your linear time framework, you slow the movement of energy of consciousness into physical manifestations, and you move these manifestations moment by moment in a linear fashion. This allows you the ability, in physical terms, to savor, in a manner of speaking, each and every creation that you design.

In this, you may continue for quite some time, in your terms, with the re-creation ongoing of one particular direction, such as the creation of continuation within this particular physical focus with the objective of watching and participating in the action of this shift to the point of its entire insertion into your physical reality.

Now; I may express to you very realistically, this is entirely possible, and you may – without doubt – create this action.

I merely express to you that it is a choice, and you may alter that choice within any moment. But you may also continue to move in the direction that you are moving within presently. It is your choice.

TED: Thank you. I knew that, but I just wanted to confirm it with you!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

TED: In reading your transcripts, Elias, there are many, many people that are associated with this forum that seem interested in knowing their other focuses and their other essences, or their other focuses of essence. I have received this information, but not because I’ve looked for it. It just seems to come. I’m not actively seeking it, and I don’t really have any interest in objectively seeking out this information. I know that this is a choice, as you just said, but my question is, is it necessary or desirous to actively seek information of my other 34 focuses?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon the individual.

Is it necessary? No. Is it desirous? It may be, with some individuals; not with all individuals. Is it beneficial? With some individuals, it may be quite beneficial. With other individuals, it may not.

I am encouraging of individuals to be investigating of other focuses of their essence, for this allows them an avenue in which they may be widening their awareness and familiarizing themselves with themselves as more than what they merely view within this one focus.

This allows individuals also to incorporate an expanded awareness of consciousness, of essence, of what they truly are in being, rather than the narrow view of merely one manifestation, or even the narrow view of reincarnational lifetimes. For this is a design of beliefs associated with your viewing of linear time and its motion, and that is limiting also in your awareness.

And as you ARE participating in this shift in consciousness, the objective of this shift in consciousness is to be expanding your objective awareness, to be incorporating more of an awareness in objective terms of all of your reality and of yourselves.

Therefore, in many situations, I am greatly encouraging of individuals in this action of exploration, for it is an EASY exploration. You all hold the ability to quite easily access information concerning other focuses of your own essence.

TED: Well, it comes quite easily. I have to agree there.

ELIAS: In this, you may be noticing that I am also greatly encouraging of individuals to be holding their attention within the now, and to be paying attention to the reality that they are creating and participating in, in THIS focus.

For although it is beneficial for individuals to be familiarizing themselves with the reality that they are much more expansive and multidimensional than what they view in one particular focus, THIS is the focus in which your attention is held, and therefore, this is the focus in which you are moving and creating and shall be affecting, and in which you are creating of your reality.

Therefore, holding your attention within the now and paying attention to what you yourself are creating holds tremendous significance, and is in actuality, in your terms, more important than the interaction of all of your other focuses. Your attention is not held there. Your attention is held in this focus. That is what creates this focus – your attention.

Therefore, I am encouraging of expanding your awareness in whichever manner is easily accessed and in which you may familiarize yourself with yourself, but I am also quite encouraging of you all to be holding your attention with self and in the now in this particular focus, and if you are choosing not to be investigating of other focuses, this is quite acceptable also.

TED: Okay, let me ask you about a focus that came to me through the group I deal with. This is in 17th or 18th century France, where I was the owner of a bookstore or a library which also had back rooms and upstairs rooms that were used by the street girls, and in that focus, you are involved in using some of these rooms, and the books. Grady, Gildae, and Inez were there, along with Rastin, Michael, and Lawrence. I believe that I was one of the Donovan brothers, who was English, living in France, and operating this bookstore. Is that an accurate description?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

TED: Thank you. Okay, my next question here is, when you speak of focuses, essences, consciousness, regional areas, other dimensions, time frameworks, and other things that you discuss, are you doing that so that we have a comprehension of what you’re talking about? Because as I understand it, all reality is now, and there is no separation, and we will eventually have full remembrance of non-separation of consciousness.

ELIAS: You are correct. In this, as I have stated earlier, within your physical dimension, you are quite accustomed and familiar with complicating your reality.

In this, I may express to you quite simply, there is no separation. All is consciousness. All is energy. All is movement, and you are all. And I shall express to you quite definitely that many, many, many, many individuals shall express in response to me, “Very well, Elias. Explain.” Ha ha ha! For this is too simple! (Chuckling)

TED: But it is that simple. I have to agree with you.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. (Laughing)

TED: Okay. I have an email friend, and her name is Katie, and she had a dream about a fire in an automobile, a Mustang, and in this dream, she was in the back seat with a blonde lady, and to put the fire out ... she pushed this car into a lake backwards to extinguish the fire. Unfortunately, she left the woman in the car, and the car and the woman both sank. She didn’t feel any remorse that the woman was still in the car, and that she had disengaged in her dream. Is there any significance to this?

ELIAS: This is imagery that she is offering to herself in relation to actions that may be engaged in conjunction with other individuals.

Now; she has created imagery in a type of extreme, which shall offer her more of an ease in translation, in objective terms. She is creating a scenario which involves another individual and herself, and in this, the scenario appears to be intense, and both individuals are participating in the intensity of the action which is occurring.

In this, she creates a choice to be incorporating one action, and the other individual creates a different choice.

She creates the choice to be removing herself from the intensity of this situation of the fire, but she continues to be viewing and participating in the intensity of the movement, but not participating in the manner in which she individually is perpetuating the fire itself. She is creating an action in which she is attempting to be extinguishing the fire. Now; this is significant as to her actions presently.

The other individual chooses to be within the intensity of the fire and not creating any action, allowing the fire to continue in its expression but not interfering or interacting in action with it, and therefore merely continues, as the fire surrounds it and the vehicle is pushed into the water. The fire is extinguished and the vehicle and the individual disappear, so to speak, within the water, as IT surrounds the vehicle and the individual. Therefore, a continuation of intense action is occurring around the other individual, but the individual is creating no attempt to be altering what is occurring, but merely moving with the action, even in its intensity. (1)

Now; the significance of this imagery is, one action is the action which she desires; one action is the action in which she participates within. Therefore, the imagery is two designs of herself, and her allowance of her viewing of herself in two different types of action incorporated into the same scenario.

In this, within her interaction presently in her focus, she is creating the action of removing herself from the center, so to speak, of intensities of actions occurring around her, but she continues to participate in those intensities with situations and other individuals in the attempt to be manipulating the situation, and therefore creating an action, attempting to dissipate the intensity; extinguishing the fire, so to speak. But as she extinguishes the fire, the whirlwind of the water occurs.

Therefore, it is merely an exchange of one intensity for another intensity, in which she is not placing herself in the actual center, but she IS placing herself in the position of manipulating energy in conjunction with the actions and interactions which are occurring.

Now; this also incorporates an element of control, in which she views that she is attempting to be helpful, and the actual action is not necessarily helpful or not helpful. It is merely an expression outwardly of her own projection of energy in the attempt to control the scenario. Are you understanding thus far?

TED: Yes.

ELIAS: Now; there is also a creation of imagery in this, in which she views another individual within the vehicle, therefore the continuation of the imagery of intensity, which is not eliminating the intensity in relation to the other individual, but she places the other individual in a very different action. She places the other individual in what she views as a non-action.

The other individual IS participating, but is participating differently. The other individual is not attempting to be manipulating or controlling the situation, but merely moving with it, continuing to be surrounded, in your terms, by the intensity of situations, but allowing that movement to be created uninterrupted and without actually participating in a manner to be attempting to manipulate it differently, merely allowing the movement to occur in whichever manner it shall continue to occur. Are you understanding?

TED: Yes, I understand.

ELIAS: This is the desired action which she views. Therefore, she allows herself to communicate to self, “Neither action is wrong. Neither action is good or bad. They are merely different choices.”

One choice is preferred in its position, and the preferred position to her is the position of being within the vehicle, not the position of pushing the vehicle.

TED: Okay, one last question I have for you. In Africa, they’re having all kinds of problems with famine and starving people and droughts, and a couple or three wars over there. What actions or mass statement is going on over there? Is there a mass statement from that continent?

ELIAS: There is a mass action, which is also occurring in many other areas of your world, so to speak. This particular physical location is merely creating a different type of expression physically in extreme, which many, many physical locations and masses of individuals are creating extremes presently in relation to this shift in consciousness.

Now; I shall express to you, how glorious to behold these mass movements! Not how terrifying and how awful to behold, but view these mass movements of your environment, of your atmosphere, your weather, and the movements that you create in relation to those physical conditions, so to speak, creating floods, creating famines, creating droughts, all to be expressing physical excuses to be disengaging within the trauma of this shift.

Therefore, what glorious validation in physical terms you are offering yourselves of the movement of this shift in consciousness, that you create movement en masse to be expressing the enormous power of your individual and collective energies!

You amaze yourselves with what you identify in your physical language as patterns in your physical atmosphere, as La Nińa. What a lovely terminology you have attached to this marvelous creation of movement of energy – La Nińa!

TED: A beautiful word!

ELIAS: (Grinning) A rolling sound, is it not? And what a wondrous creation of movement in energy that you have designed in relation to the enormous thrust of energy to be inserting this shift into your objective reality!

Those individuals that choose not to be incorporating their own physical action in relation to trauma within this shift in consciousness choose to be disengaging. They continue to be participating in the movement of this shift. They continue to be offering energy to its insertion, and they are also wondrously offering energy in the expression of not participating in the perpetuation of trauma. How glorious an expression you create!

TED: Yes, we do! Then this mass expression is not to be feeding all of these starving people within this African continent? We’re not expressing that we have enough food within this country and the other continents of the world to feed all of these starving people and to continue their existence?

ELIAS: Ah! This is not what you have asked! You have asked what THEY are creating.

TED: Yes, I understand that, but....

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!

The imagery that YOU create within YOUR physical country is also an opportunity, the opportunity to view the lack of separation, and that one individual creates a reality within this physical dimension, and in actuality, it is the creation of all.

Therefore, you within your physical country – and within other countries – allow yourselves to be realizing the awareness of the lack of separation, and in this, you also are exploring new avenues and different types of expressions in how you choose to be interactive with all that is not separated from you.

You have allowed yourselves a narrow view of your reality to this point previously throughout your history. You have moved in the expression of either/or, black and white. You view individuals within other countries that may be starving, and your solution is to be offering food. These are either/or avenues. “Individuals are starving. Therefore, we shall provide them with food. Either we provide them with food, or they shall die.”

In this, you are allowing yourselves to view more of your choices, and exploring more of what you are creating and why you are creating, how you are participating, and you are examining the involvement of all of the expressions of individuals within different essence families, within different intents, within different movements.

This is not to say that you may not be offering physical assistance to individuals within the continent of Africa, but I shall express to you presently, you shall not be creating the ceasing entirely of dis-ease and famine within that continent, for this is the choice that they have created, and the opportunity that is offered to you [is] to be examining your beliefs in relation to the choices of other individuals.

TED: Okay. Thank you very, very much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

TED: Do you have anything to say to me?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Continue, my friend, within your intent. You are accomplishing, and you are offering energy to the movement in ease with other individuals in this shift, and therefore lending to the lessening of trauma, and I am greatly encouraging of this action.

You may express my greetings to Inez, and I shall offer my energy to you both in encouragement.

TED: Thank you. We receive your blue balls of energy all the time!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

TED: You are ever-present in our lives.

ELIAS: Quite! (Laughing) I express to you tremendous affection, and I anticipate our meeting futurely. To you this day, au revoir.

TED: Au revoir, and we love you, Elias.

Elias departs at 11:02 AM.


(1) I have removed the word “which” from the following phrase: “Therefore, a continuation of intense action which is occurring around the other individual...”

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