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Thursday, June 15, 2000

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“The Orientation of Intermediate”

“Abortion: There Are No Wrong Choices”

“It Is Not Better To Give Than To Receive”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Chrissy (Hesper).

Elias arrives at 6:45 PM. (Arrival time is 36 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling)

CHRISSY: Hello! I’ve been reading your material for a long time now, and it really speaks to my heart. I’ve really been looking forward to you coming to England, and I want to say welcome!

ELIAS: And welcome to you also!

CHRISSY: Thank you. I would like to ask you, the thing I really desire most in this focus is an equal, loving, intimate exchange with a man, and I’ve done quite a lot of work on myself and I’m wondering, in my pool of probabilities, if I’m drawing that any closer to me.

ELIAS: Yes. Let me express to you that in your movement and what you are creating within your probabilities and also within your attention, you are beginning to project an energy that may be drawing to yourself this type of relationship.

Now; I shall also express to you that as you allow yourself to flow freely, and you allow yourself to express your energy in a natural flow and not force your energy in fear, you shall be accomplishing in this desire much more easily, for as you move in expressions of fear or doubt, you automatically push energy in the very direction that you wish not to be pushing energy.

Therefore, as you continue to be looking to self – in much manner that you already are – and paying attention to self and recognizing in genuineness your worth, you create a stream of energy that attracts other essences to you.

Individuals within your physical dimension are drawn to each other in like expressions. Therefore, as you turn your attention to self and you allow yourself the recognition of your worth, your value – the wonder of your own expression and being! – you also project that outwardly, and other individuals within your dimension draw themselves to this expression and are recognizing of like spirit, so to speak. This shall allow you an expression of joyfulness in creating this type of a relationship.

I may also express to you that you create a desire for this type of expression in relation to your orientation in this focus, which is quite influencing of your draw to this type of a creation. In this particular focus, you exhibit the orientation of intermediate.

Individuals that choose the orientation of intermediate many, many times focus their attention upon this type of creation – a desire to be involving themselves in intimacy in a relationship with another individual singularly – and this moves quite in relation to the natural flow of your energy.

It has been misinterpreted – within my offering of this information in relation to the identifications of these orientations – and the assumption has been created with many individuals that this type of expression shall be commonly exhibited by individuals choosing the orientation of soft.

In actuality, individuals that participate in this orientation of soft do present themselves with intimate relationships in many different types of expressions, to be offering that natural flow of their energy; not necessarily in a type of relationship that you identify as romantic, but they shall offer themselves an intimacy in many different expressions of relationships which fulfill their natural flow of energy.

Individuals that have chosen the orientation of intermediate express themselves differently. Individuals in this orientation of intermediate focus their attention more singularly upon themselves. Their attention is held, for the most part, upon self. Their perception moves heavily influenced by inward expressions and inward movement. Intermediate individuals create inwardly.

They also exhibit, generally speaking, a quality of desire to be creating an intimate relationship with one other individual that shall be what you term to be long-term, extended, ongoing – one individual that they may be sharing all of their experiences with within a particular focus, but also an individual that shall allow for their own expression of their own individuality.

I may express to you also, individuals holding this orientation of intermediate, also generally speaking although not always, experience more difficulty in creating or actualizing this type of relationship.

Now; the reason for this difficulty, so to speak, is that individuals of this intermediate orientation may experience more difficulty in interacting with other individuals of other orientations. They may experience much more of an ease in interacting with those individuals that hold the orientation of soft than they may in their interaction with individuals of the common orientation.

But the language of the orientation of intermediate, figuratively speaking, presents itself with certain qualities that are different and rigid, in a manner of speaking, which creates an expression of a lack of tolerance, so to speak, with many other individuals in intimacy – not in friendships, not in other relationships, but in intimate romantic relationships, these individuals in this particular orientation may experience some irritations with other individuals’ natural expressions, and impatience with their expressions.

Therefore, although I have expressed quite definitely that individuals may be entering relationships and not be exhibiting the same orientations ... and this is not to say that their relationship shall be doomed! But in the situation of an individual holding the intermediate orientation, generally speaking, they shall experience more difficulty if they are not coupling themselves with another individual that is also of the intermediate orientation.

Now; I shall also express to you, in relation to the response in the reason, or the why, that these individuals experience more difficulty in coupling themselves is that of these three orientations, there are fewer manifestations of this orientation of intermediate than there are of soft or common.

Therefore, in physical terms or what you may term to be practical terms, you may physically meet far fewer individuals that hold this orientation than you shall of individuals that are soft or common. For the most part, the individuals that you interact with are common. Some individuals that you interact with are soft. Very few individuals hold the orientation of intermediate.

The expressions of this orientation are so inwardly focused that within this physical dimension and the creation of your societies, this particular orientation experiences difficulty in the interaction with other individuals, and may express frequently a feeling or a thought of being misunderstood or disconnected from other individuals, and experiencing a difficulty creating a connection, so to speak, with other individuals in intimate manners.

Now; this be the reason that there is significance in the movement that you are creating, for as you continue to be acknowledging of yourself and you allow yourself the recognition of your worth – which is quite important objectively in the expressions of your energy and what you project to other individuals – as you allow yourself that acknowledgment of worth, you also shall allow yourself more of an ease to be accomplishing creating this type of a relationship.

CHRISSY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

CHRISSY: The other thing I would like to know is my essence name, my family, and my alignment.

ELIAS: Essence name, Hesper; H-E-S-P-E-R. Quite a lovely tone!

CHRISSY: Thank you.

ELIAS: Essence family, Vold; alignment in this focus, Milumet.

CHRISSY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

CHRISSY: My last relationship that I was in for five years has now ended, but I still have trouble completely letting it go. I was in this relationship with somebody that was so emotionally closed, and I’ve never been able to understand how I could have had such strong feelings for somebody that found it almost impossible to give. He gave so little back, and yet I had these really strong feelings for this man that is unable emotionally to give back.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, this also is quite commonly expressed in relation to this particular orientation, for many individuals that hold this orientation of intermediate, yourself also, draw themselves to other individuals generally of the common orientation.

Now; individuals that hold intermediate orientation and individuals that hold common orientation express themselves within their natural flow of energy quite differently, but individuals that hold the orientation of intermediate, in very physical terms, are quite surrounded by individuals of the common orientation.

In this, you lean in the expression of drawing yourself to those individuals, as they are so very different from yourself.

Now; there are two actions that occur in this expression that is created by intermediate individuals. One is a fascination with difference, and also, in that fascination, an attempt to be aligning with that difference; the challenge of attempting to alter or change the other individual to a closer expression to your own, and also simultaneously, the challenge of attempting to align your expression closer to their movement and their perception.

The other action that is commonly expressed is, individuals that have chosen this intermediate orientation hold their attention within self and create their reality very focused upon self, and project energy outward, that they shall draw themselves to other individuals rather than projecting their energy in an acceptance of self and allowing other individuals to be drawn to themself. Are you understanding?

The individual – such as yourself, for you have created this action also – is so very accustomed and familiar with the flow of energy, which is centered upon self and the manipulation of their energy and holding their attention with self – what I create, what I choose, what I interact with – and the initiation of your own expression, not necessarily what you view to be inflicted, so to speak, upon you.

But there is a very strong expression or exhibition of energy within these individuals of intermediate orientation centered upon self, and therefore, you draw yourself to different individuals and situations rather than allowing a free expression of your energy and creating the action of patience, which is the action of allowance for other energies to draw to you naturally.

There is a push. Intermediates push, frequently. They hold their intention in doing and creating and directing their energy, their attention, holding their attention, disciplining their attention. This is a natural mirroring outwardly, objectively, of their attention inwardly.

For your attention is focused inwardly and in the expression of subjective movement continuously, and you are continuously motivating your outward expressions through that natural flow of energy. You may not identify what you are creating or what movement you are engaging subjectively, for objectively, it matters not.

You automatically create in this manner. Your attention need not be held objectively, continuously, in the “how.” Many times you occupy your attention in the “why,” but not necessarily so very intensely in the “how” you are creating your reality. You merely create it.

CHRISSY: This man, my last relationship, I’ve always felt very maternal towards him, and I was wondering if we’d spent any other lifetimes together, or....

ELIAS: Yes, you do share other focuses with this individual, and you have created other types of expressions of relationships with this individual; not merely romantic relationships, but you have engaged relationships in friendship and also in the expression of siblings. You hold one relationship in which you identify within the role of a grandmother and this individual as a grandson, which you participate together quite intimately.

There is a recognition that you hold in your interaction with this individual, knowing that you share other experiences with this individual. But what you are experiencing in THIS focus with this individual – and the difficulty you have experienced – is directly related to THIS particular focus, and is quite influenced by the different expressions of orientations.

This individual holds the orientation of common. You hold the orientation of intermediate, and as I have stated, this is not to say that you may not be creating a relationship with an individual that holds a different orientation, but especially holding the orientation of intermediate, you shall experience much more difficulty.

CHRISSY: So, do I really need to meet somebody that is the same as me, an intermediate orientation?

ELIAS: It is not necessary, but I shall express to you that in creating that type of relationship, you shall offer yourself much more of an ease, for you shall speak the same language.

CHRISSY: Hmm. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

CHRISSY: When I was nineteen I became pregnant, and out of shame and against all my maternal instincts, I had an abortion. Did I agree to this pregnancy before I was born, and did I break the agreement? Did my baby know that it wouldn’t be born?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you do not create these types of agreements in what you may express to be a long-term expression. You do not create these types of agreements before your manifestation – not YOUR aspect of the agreement. You create those agreements within the moment.

Now; I shall express to you that in this situation, you have created a choice, which focused its attention upon you, and you allowed yourself the permission, so to speak, to be actualizing that choice.

The essence which agreed to be manifesting was also in agreement with that choice. Were that essence not to be in agreement with your choice, it would not move in the expression of coupling itself with you as the facilitator of the entering focus.

Your responsibility and your choice, in the action of birth, is merely to be facilitating or allowing or “channeling,” so to speak, an entering focus into physical manifestation.

This is the only element of your agreement. You may alter that agreement subsequent to the entering of the new focus. You may choose to be incorporating other agreements with that individual.

But I shall also express to you, for the most part, the interaction which occurs – in relation to responsibility – between the role of the parent and the role of the child, so to speak, is extremely influenced by beliefs.

Now; each time, so to speak, any essence chooses to be manifesting within a physical focus within this dimension, it moves close, so to speak, to an essence which is manifest within a physical focus already, and in that movement, it projects a request. You hold the choice to be in compliance with that request or not.

The entering focus creates many other choices. The entering focus concentrates its attention on most of the qualities and expressions that you attribute to yourself, which are THEIR choices. YOUR choice is to be in alignment or not, to be accepting of this action or not.

I may express to you, it matters not which method you choose or which action you choose or the lack of action that you choose. You do hold a choice in whether you shall be in agreement to be participating.

Now; let me also express to you, the entering focus, the entering manifestation, also holds a choice. If this essence chooses to be manifest and chooses, in your terms, to be born, you may incorporate ANY method, and it shall not be affecting. It shall manifest regardless. You may choose to be, in your terms, aborting, and it shall not die. You may choose to be creating ANY type of action, and if that focus has chosen to be manifest, it shall be manifest.

Therefore, allow yourself the recognition objectively, and the KNOWING in objective awareness, that what has occurred is an agreement. It shall not occur without that agreement.

CHRISSY: I think I’ve paid a high price, because I felt I made the wrong choice for the wrong reasons.

ELIAS: There are no wrong choices. Therefore, this has been an agreement, and now you may allow yourself permission to let go, and to discontinue discounting of yourself or chastising yourself. You have not created a wrong choice.

CHRISSY: Thank you.

I chose, when I came into the world, into this focus, a lot of fear. It was a life and death situation around my mother and myself, and I seem to have a fear of going forward in life, which always leaves me in a terrible dilemma. Do I sit back and accept and trust that I will create things to move me forward, or is the universe telling me to take more action and become more assertive and take more control of the things I want in my life?

ELIAS: You need not exhibit control.

Let me also express to you, once again, this is another commonly expressed exhibition in relation to this particular orientation.

It may appear objectively to you that circumstances or situations have created fear or have influenced you in the expressions of fear, but I shall express to you that this is quite commonly expressed within individuals that hold this orientation – this fear of creating in a right or wrong manner, this fear of what you term to be forward movement, that you may be correct or not correct, this objective lack of trust in your abilities, in your expressions, in your capabilities, and this discounting of self.

Now; I shall express to you that you may be quite helpful to yourself objectively in recognizing, first of all, that you need not be exhibiting control. You need not be taking control, so to speak, and you are not lacking control either.

You may also be reminding yourself to hold your attention within the now. As you allow yourself to hold your attention within the now, you shall dissipate more and more of your expression of fear. As you project yourself in anticipation of future movements, you shall reinforce the expression of this fear, and you create that action quite easily.

Occupy your attention within the now. Continue to be reminding yourself not to be projecting futurely. There is quite enough occurring within the now to hold your attention!

CHRISSY: Yes, okay.

I’ve never been tested, but I think I’m slightly dyslexic, which has given me a terrible lack of confidence. All my life, I’ve sort of had this underlying feeling that I’m stupid and I’m not enough, and it really makes me feel sad. But in my head, I know I’m not, but on a much deeper level, it whooshes up, and I think part of the fear of going forward is, I’m not going to be enough.

ELIAS: Quite. This is what I am expressing to you. You create this entity of fear, and you create your battle with this entity of fear, and this is expressed in relation to your discounting of self.

As we began our discussion this day, we spoke of your recognition of your worth. Pay attention to your expression of worth.

As to your identification of this expression that you identify as a malfunction, I shall express to you that you have created that expression and that energy to be reinforcing your discounting of self. It is a continuous reinforcement of your lack of trust of your abilities. “I may not be accomplishing, for I am stupid.” I shall express to you, you are not stupid! (Smiling) You are not lacking in intelligence capacity, and you are not malfunctioning. You function quite perfectly!

And in this, you merely do not express your energy in the same manner or create a perception – which creates all of your reality – in the same manner as do what you would term to be the masses of individuals within your dimension, for they express a different orientation than do you.

Your orientation is the color, the hue of the lens of your focus. Therefore, that element which creates your reality, that we identify as perception, is filtered through the colored lens of your orientation.

Now; I may express to you, for the most part, individuals hold the orientation of common. Let us express hypothetically that the hue of the lens of the common orientation, in relation to perception, may be blue, hypothetically. Therefore, all of the individuals that hold the orientation of common create their individual unique perceptions, but with the hue of blue. And let us express that the individuals that hold the orientation of soft create the hue of pink. Therefore, all of their perception is influenced through this pink hue. And all of the individuals that hold the orientation of intermediate may filter their perception through the hue of green. Therefore, all that they view within their reality is tinted, so to speak, with that color.

But if you are viewing that your world, for the most part, through your perception, is being viewed in the tint of blue, it is quite understandable objectively that you shall look to yourself and express, “But my tint is green. I wish my tint not to be green. I wish my tint to be blue. My tint must be bad, for it is not the same.”

I express to you, your tint, your hue, is wondrous! It is yours, and it is purposefully created by you for your unique experience. It is merely different. It is not to be discounted. You hold wondrous abilities and magnificent expressions! They are merely different from those that you view around you.

Therefore, hold your attention within the now, and continue to acknowledge yourself in your worth, your acceptance of self, and offer yourself your expression of trust of your abilities, WITHOUT the incorporation of comparison.

CHRISSY: I think I find it very hard to accept that I can’t spell. That makes me feel really stupid. I think I have to learn to trust more, or accept my dyslexia.

ELIAS: It matters not. This is an objective, OUTWARD projection. This is an OUTWARD creation. This is not a type of creation that you occupy your attention with.

It is a detail, so to speak, and you are not concerning yourself with these types of details in your focus, in your expressions, and in your attention. You also do not align with or belong to an essence family that concerns itself with these types of details, so to speak, which lends to your attention moving in other directions. This is quite acceptable!

Allow yourself permission to appreciate your unique expression. Comparison is key. You discount yourself as you compare yourself and your expressions and your exhibitions of abilities to other individuals or to your societies or to what you perceive as the expectations of your societies. You are your own unique expression, and it is quite acceptable!

CHRISSY: Thank you.

When I was a dancer ... well, since I’ve stopped being a dancer, I haven’t ever been able to find my purpose or direction or passion for what I want to do. I don’t seem to have any real direction in life, and I just wondered if you could be of help in that. (Pause)

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you offer yourself motivation in what you identify objectively as creations that you assess you are good at. If you may acknowledge yourself in some action, you shall motivate yourself in that action. If you are not identifying what you recognize that you CAN accomplish or that you CAN be good at, so to speak, you flounder, for there is an automatic, immediate movement into the discounting of self.

This is always underlying, and it is quite easy for your expression to move in the discounting and devaluing, so to speak, of yourself, in objective terms. This creates, at times, a type of floundering movement within you, for if you are not offering yourself an absolute – a definite direction that you objectively recognize your worth within or your ability to be accomplishing or “how well you do,” so to speak – you close the doors to your choices, for you are automatically not trusting your ability. You do not venture into attempts, for this is fearful. There is too much area for the possible expression of failure, and it is too easily expressed, for your attempt in unfamiliar expressions.

Now; it may be, as I have stated, helpful to you to be turning your attention to self in the now and allowing yourself the expression of trusting yourself within the now and not concerning yourself futurely, for as you project your attention futurely, you automatically discount yourself. You automatically summon your monster of fear and anxiety. You automatically express your doubt of your ability. And once you have summoned these demons, you become overwhelmed, and this stifles your movement.

But as you hold your attention within the now and allow yourself the recognition objectively that there is no element to be creating fear, that you are acceptable, that no harmfulness is occurring, that you are not failing within the now, you may reinforce your trust, and as you continue to reinforce your trust, you begin to offer yourself more of an acceptance of self and of your ability.

Concern yourself merely with the now, and allowing yourself the permission to be acknowledging yourself within the now, and reminding yourself that each moment that you are creating that action, you are creating a wondrous beacon, and that beacon of energy moves within consciousness and draws to you, not you drawing to other expressions, other elements, or even other individuals, but allows to draw to you all of these actions that you wish to be creating – direction within purpose, so to speak, or action that you deem to be fulfilling or motivating, relationships with other individuals, interaction with one individual in intimacy and romantic expression. All of these expressions shall draw to you as you project this beacon of energy, and you project that within the now in each of your expressions.

Therefore, notice what you are creating in the now, what you are experiencing within the now. This shall be your greatest tool.

CHRISSY: So, be aware of staying in the moment and in the now.

ELIAS: Yes, and not projecting yourself futurely – not chastising yourself for those experiences that you have engaged pastly, and not anticipating and projecting yourself futurely.

But concentrate your attention now, for this now is what is creating of your future, so to speak.

CHRISSY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

CHRISSY: Could you tell me how many focuses I have, please? (Pause)

ELIAS: Within this physical dimension, 282.

CHRISSY: Both my parents have disengaged. Are they okay?

ELIAS: Yes. Both continue to engage aspects of transition within consciousness, but are, in your terms, not experiencing conflict; therefore, in your very physical terms, are quite fine.

CHRISSY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

CHRISSY: Well, I think I’ve asked all my questions now.

ELIAS: Very well. I offer to you an expression of energy. Receive that energy, and as you receive that energy and you allow yourself to experience this wrapping, this blanket of energy from myself, be remembering of the sensation, and allow yourself a receiving from other individuals also.

Let me express to you, it is not better to give than to receive. Allow yourself to receive.

CHRISSY: I will really try. I’d like to receive now.

ELIAS: And I shall continue to offer my expression of energy to you also.

CHRISSY: Thank you.

ELIAS: And I extend to you my offering of my interaction, if you are so choosing to be engaging it futurely. I shall be available to you.

CHRISSY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. To you this evening, in great affection, adieu.


Elias departs at 8:00 PM.

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