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Friday, June 16, 2000

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“Soft/Soft Romantic Relationships”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Rob (Mendoe), and a new participant, Paul (Roland).

Elias arrives at 5:37 PM. (Arrival time is 35 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon! (Smiling)

ROB: Good afternoon, Elias. Greetings!

ELIAS: And we meet again! (Grinning)

ROB: Yes! (Elias chuckles) And I have Paul here with me.

ELIAS: Welcome to new essence!

ROB: I have a few questions, as usual, if I may, Elias. One thing I’ve been wondering is, which family or families of consciousness Paul may be aligned with. I have a feeling that perhaps Sumafi might be one family. Could you comment on that?

ELIAS: And express to myself your impression! (Grinning)

ROB: Perhaps Sumafi/Ilda?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I offer to you, Tumold/Sumafi.

ROB: Tumold/Sumafi. I can explain at another time to Paul what that means. Thank you.

ELIAS: Be remembering, individuals belonging to this essence family of Tumold hold a different expression within physical focus than those that align with this family of Tumold.

ROB: So Tumold is his principal family then, with an alignment to Sumafi.

ELIAS: Which the alignment is the more obviously affecting or expressed qualities in relation to an essence family, for they are identified with one particular focus.

But the essence family that you are belonging to is expressed in an underlying manner which carries throughout your focus, and throughout all of your other focuses also. Therefore, it is quite influencing, but may not be identified as obviously at times as the family that you are aligning with.

But I am expressing to you that the qualities expressed within individuals belonging to this Tumold family are projected differently than those that are aligning with the Tumold family. Individuals aligning with this particular family concern themselves and move in a direction of physical creations in relation to the ideas and philosophies of healing, whereas individuals that are belonging to this particular essence family may not be expressing that objective direction in their expressions, but automatically express that type of energy in their interactions without an intentional, objective expression of it.

ROB: So the healing energy is automatically expressed.

ELIAS: In many different manners.

ROB: But the individual may not necessarily be in what we would call a healing job, for instance, or healing role.

ELIAS: Or even thought process.

ROB: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ROB: May I ask what Paul’s essence name is?

ELIAS: Essence name, Roland; R-O-L-A-N-D.

ROB: We have the impression, through the closeness which we’ve developed over the last fifteen months or so, that perhaps we share other focuses in other places. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ROB: Are there many of these shared focuses together?

ELIAS: Several.

ROB: Several. We’ve also had the impression that perhaps, in some respects at least, there may be either a military or a religious aspect to our time together. Is that valid?

ELIAS: Both.

ROB: Both. For instance, we have an interest in what we think of as people who were known as the Knights Templar, that sort of aspect of our own history, as we know it.

ELIAS: Correct.

ROB: On one occasion, Roland picked up an impression which was very strong in his mind, of what we call a scarab. Would that relate to this, perhaps?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

Let me express to you that you offer yourselves these impressions as a type of memory. These are not the exhibition of what you term to be imagination. This is an actual communication that you allow within yourselves. You merely discount this communication and are not trusting of what you are expressing to yourselves.

I express to you that as you experience a draw to particular cultures, particular expressions throughout your history, different physical locations and time frameworks, and also offer yourselves identifications of certain roles, what you are in actuality engaging is your own communication to self in an objective translation, which offers you information of yourself.

This is what I offer to many individuals in challenging them to be investigating of their focuses – allowing them to familiarize themselves with more aspects of themselves than merely this one singular focus. You also both offer yourselves information concerning other focuses that you each hold, and these ARE valid.

ROB: Thank you.

I’ve not often had any recollection of dreams in recent times, in our terms, but I did recollect this one from yesterday, which somehow it seems appropriate, if I may, to ask you about. For the understanding of others, I’ll read it.

An American Indian man is sold as a slave to a young farmer at a cattle auction. I feel attracted to the slave, but also fearful. It becomes apparent that the Indian is in fact a woman who is pretending to be a man, so as to experience what a masculine life is like. The woman both fascinates and irritates me. She acts in bizarre ways, ignoring conventional attitudes. For instance, she expertly lays a length of railway track in my mother’s kitchen. I’m intensely aware of my sexuality in her presence. Could you comment on that?

ELIAS: This is imagery that you have presented to yourself concerning yourself. The projection of imagery of this woman is your symbology of you.

You have created a type of imagery that removes her from yourself at a comfortable distance, so to speak, and therefore, you are not experiencing an intensity of discomfort in viewing the actions or the imagery which concerns this individual.

Now; in this, your symbology is presented to you as representative of different aspects of yourself and your allowance of your own identification of different aspects of you, in your viewing of yourself for much time framework in the manner of confinement within yourself, but also the allowance within yourself to be moving outside of that confinement and adventuring into new expressions and new discoveries of yourself.

The identification that you present as the woman attempting to be presenting herself as a man, so to speak, is your identification with aspects of yourself which have been exhibited previously in certain roles and certain directions, so to speak, that are viewed as acceptable, but not necessarily comfortable or fulfilling within your focus and within your natural movement and expression of energy.

Therefore, there is an aspect of duality. I am not speaking of duplicity. (Smiling) There is an aspect which is being offered to you within your dream imagery, identifying this exhibition that you have presented within your focus of two types of expressions, one which allows you more of an expression of freedom than does the other, but you have experienced both.

In this, as you approach this woman within your imagery, you feel or you create a feeling of discomfort, for this is your expression of moving close to yourself, which invokes some aspects of fearfulness, in viewing yourself within all of its expressions and allowing yourself the freedom of all of your expressions.

It is not the being of yourself that creates the fear. It is the expression of the being of yourself outwardly that creates the element of discomfort, which is an expression of fear.

Are you understanding?

ROB: (Laughing) Not completely, no!

ELIAS: Within your focus, Mendoe, you have held to a certain expression of rigidness, in what you shall allow in your behaviors, in your outward presentment of yourself.

You camouflage this with many experiences engaging many different individuals and cultures, and therefore offer to yourself objectively that you are expressing a freedom and an openness. You move about, objectively, freely. You identify objectively to yourself that you are not confining yourself, and you are interactive.

But we have spoken previously, and you have also, underlying that objective camouflage, held rigidly to your expressions in your allowance to be freely expressing yourself in your desires.

You are moving into those types of expressions now, and subsequent to our last engagement, our last discussion, you have allowed yourself much more of your own expressions of freedom, allowing yourself to become much more familiar with you and your natural movement – the you that lies inside of you, not the you that you project outwardly.

And in this, you are beginning the recognition of the wondrousness and the acceptability of yourself – your inner self, your desires, the directions that YOU choose. But this is also requiring of you turning your attention to self in a manner to BECOME familiar with you – with your inner desires, with your wants rather than your “shoulds.”

ROB: I understand.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! (They both chuckle, and there is a crashing noise)

ROB: Oh dear, another lamp!


ROB: (Laughing) I thought the lamp was gone! I remember you telling me, Elias, that you would express yourself to me through things electrical! (Elias laughs) So there’s one!

ELIAS: And the energy abounds! Ha ha!

ROB: Roland and I, there are many moments when we’re very aware of our affinity with each other, our closeness and our feelings for each other. But we also experience almost spectacular misunderstandings with each other, and this can follow within a few moments after this sense of affinity, this closeness. Could you comment in a general way on how this arises, or why?

PAUL: There are tensions. Sometimes deep tensions follow our great affinity.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, first of all, this may be a very informative question and response, not merely to yourselves, but for information offered to many other individuals also, holding the same orientation as do you. I express to you that you both hold the same orientation in this particular focus.

ROB: Are you referring to the orientation of “other”?

ELIAS: I have offered explanations and information concerning the three orientations associated with this particular physical dimension. I have identified these as common, soft, and intermediate.

Yes, previously, in a manner of speaking – before, within your linear terms, my offering of the identifications of these particular orientations and their expressions – I had offered general, quite limited information, and merely referred to expressions of the orientations in relation to male, female, and other.

Now; I have, within what you term to be the time framework of this previous year, offered information as to the identifications of these three orientations, as they are in actuality not associated with gender. Gender is merely a choice of physical manifestation and function within this particular physical dimension, an expression of one aspect of sexuality.

Orientation is your hue of your perception. Perception is the element within this physical dimension that creates your reality. It creates all of your reality. Every moment, every expression, every movement of your reality is created through your perception.

Within this dimension, as I have stated previously from the onset of this forum, as you choose to manifest within this dimension, you choose to be manifesting within the expression of one of three orientations. Therefore, you choose to be or you create an agreement to be manifesting at the least three times within this physical dimension, to be experiencing the qualities and expressions of each of these three types of perception.

Now; you may inquire to Michael subsequent to this session this day, and he may be directing you to the information which I have offered defining these orientations.

What I offer to you now is information which is directly related to the expressions of the orientation that you both hold. You both have chosen to be manifest in this focus holding the orientation of soft. This particular orientation expresses some unique qualities.

Now; let me be clear.

Previously I have expressed that as individuals holding different orientations couple themselves together in intimate relationships, they may, and most probably shall, experience difficulty for a time framework, for each orientation, in a manner of speaking, speaks a different language, for they view their reality through a different type of perception, which is quite affecting of all of your reality.

This one particular orientation of soft exhibits a unique type of expression in intimate relationships which are created in what you identify physically as “romantic relationships” ... for you may be creating of intimacy in the roles of other relationships.

But in this particular type of relationship, quite often individuals holding this orientation of soft, and coupling themselves together with another individual of that same orientation, may experience what appears objectively to be extremes within the expressions of their relationships.

In your very common terms physically, you express within this time framework quite highs and quite lows, an intensity of passion which may be expressed in extreme closeness and what you identify as positive and pleasure, or it may also be expressed in intensity of conflict, or what appears to you objectively as a lack of understanding exhibited by each other or misunderstanding exhibited by each other.

Now; I express to you, the key in allowing yourselves an objective understanding of what you create within your interactions is that you allow yourselves the realization that the friction, so to speak, occurs, for your expressions of your orientations – your expressions of your perceptions – are so very close that to you, they appear almost opposite.

You mirror each other in different OUTWARD expressions, or so you think! But in actuality, the energy that is exhibited and the behaviors that are produced are so very similar that as you look to your partner and you view their behavior, in a manner of speaking, it reflects too closely. Therefore, you do not allow yourself to recognize the mirror that is occurring.

If you are genuinely allowing yourselves each, even momentarily, to stop within these time frameworks of friction, in which you each are viewing that the other is entirely misunderstanding you, or you are experiencing complete bafflement at the expression of the other individual, as you stop and you allow yourself merely a moment to be viewing and listening to the expression of the other individual WITHOUT your own response, you may offer yourself valuable information.

For as you allow yourselves to view each other, you allow yourselves to view yourselves. Your expressions are very similar. You merely do not allow yourselves to view this within each other, for this moves very close to core.

Within physical focus, you view the behaviors of other individuals, the expressions of other individuals, and as they appear to be, in a manner of speaking, removed from your own expressions or from your core of your beliefs, you quite easily shall allow yourselves to view mirror action and nobly express to yourselves, “Ah, this individual creates this response within myself, and this must be a mirror action, and I shall pay attention!” (Chuckling)

The other individual is not creating ANY action within you. You are creating it within yourselves!

But as you encounter individuals that mirror such a clear reflection of your core beliefs, you retreat, and you express to yourselves and to the other individual, “I am entirely not understanding of your expression,” for you block, for you wish not to view THIS clarity of mirroring!

I shall express to you also, there is great passion expressed within this particular orientation. Therefore, there are great exhibitions of energy. You may express figuratively to yourselves that you create great passionate pageants of fireworks in your own expressions of energy. It may be quite overwhelming to be exploding many fireworks simultaneously!

You have much energy that you each wish to express. You have great passion that you naturally wish to express, although you may not allow yourselves at times to express that intensity of passion, as you bow to the dictates of your beliefs. But this is a natural flow of energy which is natural to your orientation, and in this, that intensity is matched with each other.

As you encounter other individuals holding a different orientation, even without the objective information or identification of orientations, you all hold an inner knowing of the differences. Therefore, you also create a type of allowance, in some aspects, within yourselves for the difference of languages. You recognize some differences, and there is expressed in some aspects – not all, but in some aspects – a type of tolerance, so to speak, for the interactions which occur between different orientations.

But within the same orientations, there is also an underlying knowing, which creates an expectation that you DO speak the same language. Therefore, you “should” know each other and you “should” understand each other. But as I have stated, this particular orientation objectively presents a very strong mirroring as you couple yourselves together.

If you are allowing yourselves, you may offer yourselves interaction with other individuals that also hold the same orientations, in coupling themselves together in this particular expression of soft, and you may allow yourselves to view that what you exhibit between both of you is not so very unusual. It also may not be an obstacle.

If you are allowing yourselves to be paying attention to each other, you shall be paying attention to yourselves also. Mind you, in paying attention to each other, do not lose sight of yourselves, for this holds importance also!

I am not expressing to you to be holding your attention upon the other individual exclusively. I am merely offering you information instructionally, that in allowing yourself to be open to the expressions of each other, you shall also offer yourselves information concerning yourselves.

PAUL: Yes, I understand. This is Roland. I sometimes feel that we do have great flows and some great understanding and joy, but there are times that we don’t. When we first met, Rob was rather distant. We’ve grown much closer over the months, but sometimes he can remain distant, and my tolerance level ... I believe I’m a patient person, but when he gets ... so much patience has been lost. I do then feel – and I don’t know if I’m correct in saying this – but my being, my spirit, for a better word, has been influenced sometimes too much by Robert’s spirit, and this leaves me really tired. Even though my loyalty and love to him has not ... the enamel of it has not really been scratched away, it sometimes leaves me slightly depressed, and I wonder if you could help me in this respect, to understand it better.

ELIAS: Quite. You are experiencing fatigue and exhaustion, for you are projecting much energy.

Now; what you have been projecting is the attention upon the other individual to an extreme. This is what I am expressing to you both, not to lose sight, so to speak, of self, for there is a leaning in the expression to be concentrating your attention in excessiveness upon the behaviors and the expressions and the choices that the other individual is creating, and not paying attention to your participation in this action and your movement.

Now; this quite frequently may be creating of what you are expressing, exhaustion within your physical expression, for you are continuously attempting to be skipping shells, so to speak. You are continuously anticipating. You are continuously jumping ahead, and in this action, you are projecting, but you are also participating within the now. You are creating two actions simultaneously, and you are also creating an action of protection. THIS is significant in the relation to the fatigue, for as you create this element of self-protection, you hold tightly to your energy field.

Now; listen to my words – what I am expressing to you and what I have been expressing to you within this interaction – a mirror action is occurring.

You express to myself that you view this individual to be distant or perhaps aloof, not exhibiting at times the intensity of intimacy or closeness – sharing, so to speak – that you perceive yourself to exhibit. This offers an example as to what I am referring to in this discussion.

This individual exhibits one expression of this protection, so to speak. There is an underlying apprehensiveness in you each of hurtfulness, that you may encounter hurtfulness or that you may exhibit hurtfulness.

In this, it is not necessarily an objective thought process, although it may be at times, but there is an underlying aspect of beliefs that creates a movement of reserve.

(To Rob) You express this outwardly, in behavior and in an outward presence of energy.

(To Paul) You express this in an inward expression of energy. Outwardly you express an openness, to a point, but you also create a line, and that line becomes the wall, and there may be penetration to that wall, but not beyond, for this is the inner sanctum.

Therefore, objectively, outwardly, it appears that one individual is quite expressive and open, and that one individual is not.

What I am expressing to you is that you both are creating the same expression of energy. You are merely exhibiting it in different manners. One chooses to be exhibiting it outwardly, one chooses to exhibit it inwardly.

This is what I am expressing to you in the mirror action, and I shall acknowledge to you both the recognition of the difficulty in allowing yourselves to view this type of mirror action, for it is quite intimate. It strikes to the very core of your beliefs, and therefore, it is not easily viewed.

Therefore, I am not discounting of the intensity of what you experience, and I also am not discounting or misunderstanding of the intensity of affection and value that you experience in relationship with each other. This holds great intensity, and as you have stated, even within the friction, it is not affecting of the intensity of your affection. But it is exhausting and it is frustrating, and you wish to be eliminating this frustration, and I am understanding of your expression.

This be the reason that I am offering to you the information concerning your orientations and offering to you the expression of this mirror action, for although it objectively appears quite different to you each, in actuality, it is quite similar.

PAUL: Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friends.

ROB: Well, I think perhaps it’s time, just in drawing to a close, to thank you, Elias, very much, once again.

ELIAS: And I express to you, you are very welcome.

And I extend to you – to you both – my invitation to be conversing futurely, and in what we shall term to be the interim, within your linear time framework, I shall express my energy to you each and be continuous in my interaction with you.

I offer to you each great encouragement, for each of you are allowing yourselves a wondrous opening to yourselves through interaction with each other. This is a glorious gift that you offer to yourselves!

In great affection to you both, and anticipating of our next meeting, I express to you each, au revoir.

PAUL: Au revoir.

ROB: Au revoir, Elias.

Elias departs at 6:31 PM.

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