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Saturday, June 17, 2000

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“Spirituality/Paramahansa Yogananda”

“Do Not Lose Sight of What You ARE”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Chris (Nania).

Elias arrives at 11:44 AM. (Arrival time is 30 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day!

CHRIS: Good day, Elias.

ELIAS: We meet again!

CHRIS: We do! Well, it’s the first time objectively, which is very nice. (Elias chuckles) It’s really nice, you know, to be kind of ... I don’t know. What do you call it? Are you closer in any other way than you are when we speak on the phone? I mean, how do you explain that? Can you explain to me how you feel it different than speaking through Mary on the phone, miles away, 2000 miles away? What’s the difference from your point of view?

ELIAS: There is no difference. There is a difference in YOUR experience, for it is influenced by your perception, and you allow the incorporation of your physical senses, your outer senses, more fully as you interact within close proximity, so to speak, in physical presence of another individual. But in the exchange of energy that I participate in and the action of projecting energy in relation to our conversations, my participation is the same.

CHRIS: Right. That’s interesting. Okay.

Well, I was planning on writing something down, but I’m just kind of going with it today. I thought it would be nice to have a nice chat. It was kind of weird, because just before, about 20 minutes before I started speaking to you, one of my boys, Christian – who you let me know his essence name is Wintel – was doing a poo on the toilet. Do you understand?

ELIAS: Yes. (Grinning)

CHRIS: Do you know where I’m going with this now? (Elias chuckles) We spoke a few years ago, in our terms, when he had a problem with going to the toilet, and I thought, that’s strange – he’s going to the toilet now, just beforehand. Back when he was frightened of doing that, you told me not to worry, just to keep with him and just keep giving him support, and everything is fine, and he’s going, and I thought that was quite funny!

While he was on the toilet just then, I had a few minutes with him, and he said, “Tell me a story.” He’s still a little bit nervous, and he said, “Tell me a story, Daddy.” I would nearly always tell him a story when he was on the toilet. He’s still a little nervous, but no problem. So I said, “Here’s a story about a lady called Mary who has a spirit that can speak through her called Elias, and he can answer a lot of our questions. Even though he encourages us to answer them for ourselves, he answers a lot of our questions for us. Is there anything you’d like to ask him?” And he closed his eyes, just like Mary did today, and he said, “Yes, Elias said to ask him a question.” And I said, “Okay, what do you want to ask him?” And he said, “When I’m fourteen, what am I going to do?” And I said, “What did he say?” And he said, “He says I’m going to go on an adventure!” And I said, “What kind of adventure?” And he said, “A hippopotamus adventure, with a horn!”

Now I know it’s imagination, but we’re all starting to be more aware of our imaginations. Can you just enlighten me on that? Is it just his imagination playing games?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! I shall express to you, small ones allow themselves a natural flow of energy in openness, and they allow themselves the ability – which you all hold, but do not all allow yourselves to be interactive with – of communicating within consciousness with other essences, and even with other individuals through consciousness, [but] not necessarily in the actual physical communication of language or verbal projection.

They also allow themselves the ability to be projecting and viewing different aspects of their own experience, and the incorporation of simultaneous time. They allow themselves an ease in movement through your creation of time, and allowing themselves to step aside from your influence of physical time.

In this manner, you have created an association between the behavior and the expressions of small ones and those individuals that you view as aged, for they also allow themselves this type of action, [of] movement outside of the confines of your linear time framework.

Therefore, what he allows himself to view is not the identification or definition that YOU hold of imagination, but the definition of the REALITY of imagination, and this is the action of allowing himself to view adventures and discoveries that he is participating in already at that age. Therefore, he allows himself to focus attention momentarily upon one action – this association of rhinoceros.

CHRIS: You’re right. I think you’re actually correcting me there. I think he did say rhinoceros, and I told you hippopotamus. I think you’re correct.

ELIAS: He has allowed himself to view this creature, and his association in his adventure.

Now; this is not to say that at that particular age, that he is creating a movement to a particular physical location in which this creature roams within its natural habitat – although this is a probability – but that he has directed his attention to one experience at that age in which he is encountering this creature.

CHRIS: Could he be successful, then, in his interpretation of the actual age? I mean, ‘cause sometimes kids will say something ... I mean, fourteen to them is quite ... you know, he’s a man, isn’t he? I mean, fourteen is like ... I mean, like they see five minutes. We say, “We’re going to the park.” “In five minutes, Daddy?” And they think it’s a long time until five minutes is gone. “That’s not five minutes!” So could he actually be correct in the fourteen part?

ELIAS: He IS correct. This is no accident that he has chosen that particular age.

CHRIS: From what you’re saying then, can we assume correctly that he did actually contact you in some way on the toilet ...


CHRIS: ... when he actually closed his eyes?


CHRIS: That’s incredible, because I said the word hippopotamus just then, and he said rhinoceros. You might have said hippopotamus, but he said “with a horn,” which of course is a rhinoceros. That’s incredible!

ELIAS: And I shall express to you that you may allow yourself the noticing of this action in association with your own creation of your experiences. For within this physical focus, as you move through your focus in age, so to speak ...

CHRIS: Me personally?

ELIAS: All of you, and yourself also.

... you create a stronger and stronger veil of separation, and in that action, you also complicate your focus. You complicate your thought process, you complicate your movement, and you place obstacles before you. Your belief systems become stronger and stronger, and you associate with them more and more, and you reinforce them more and more.

Now; view the action of this small one, instantaneously allowing himself – with no instruction and no prodding and no reservation – to be interactive with myself, and allowing the communication spontaneously.

CHRIS: That’s amazing, yeah.

ELIAS: You also hold this ability!

CHRIS: Well, let me draw our attention then to, I think there’s been a couple of moments, where again ... well, there HAS been a couple of moments where I’ve been trying to communicate with you.

ELIAS: I am aware.

CHRIS: You’re aware of that. Is there anything you can say on that? Because I can’t remember what it was myself, or if I brought up any specific points.

ELIAS: View how you do not allow the receiving of the interaction!

CHRIS: This gets me to the point now of what you were saying about how we increase the veil. Some of us actually think we’re kind of working on getting the veil almost out of the way. Personally now, is that the case with me, or am I trying in a way where I’m actually making things harder? Am I actually making progress, in a respect? We know there’s no right or wrong, but I’m really trying to work on certain aspects, as I mentioned to you before, on light-heartedness and stuff like that. Can you comment on my personal progression?

ELIAS: Yes. I shall express to you that in this process, so to speak, you have been allowing yourself to widen your awareness and [to] be noticing of your automatic responses and how you incorporate seriousness and anxiousness in many situations, and you are allowing yourself more of an objective awareness of these exhibitions of energy, which allows you to become more familiar with you and your energy, and this IS the action of widening your awareness and dropping the veils of separation.

As you turn your attention more and more to self ...

CHRIS: And trusting.

ELIAS: Yes. ... you also begin movement into acceptance of self, for you allow yourself to view all that you create and all of your automatic responses, and in viewing and noticing those automatic responses, you also begin to question why you are creating those automatic responses, and this motivates you to be holding your attention even more within self.

CHRIS: So also, are we best ... I think we are. I think I’m almost answering my question before I ask it. But when things don’t go what we think objectively is the way we would like them to go, do we have to say, “Well, there’s something here that we’re not aware of, but it IS going the way it’s supposed to be going, for our benefit”?



ELIAS: Yes. (Firmly) You do not create any action, regardless of your definition of that action – be it positive or negative, be it comfortable or uncomfortable – that is not beneficial to you.

And I shall express to you, many, many times, in those time frameworks in which you are creating experiences that you view to be uncomfortable, you are also presenting yourself with wondrous opportunities to become more familiar with self and to challenge yourself in widening your awareness. Each time you are creating any action that you deem to be uncomfortable, you are gaining your attention and you are providing yourself with the opportunity to explore why you are uncomfortable.

Now; I shall express to you that I may interact with some individuals, and I may not be focusing attention upon that aspect of their creation....

CHRIS: I understand. So, you’re not seeing their problems in the way they’re seeing them, obviously, correct? (Elias grins and nods) You’re not seeing their problems as a problem. When they get caught up in that, does that sometimes interfere with the exchange?


CHRIS: No, it doesn’t.

ELIAS: No. This is not creating of an interference, although at times, you may create an interference with your reception of what I am expressing to you, for you are concentrating upon the difficulty that you are experiencing, and you are not relaxing and allowing yourself to be assimilating the information that is being offered.

CHRIS: Absolutely, but I really am starting to realize, in the same way as we’ve just been discussing the fact of our uncomfortableness with certain problems which are really assisting us, I’m starting to see that the uncomfortableness in not accepting the energy can also be kind of a bonus, in realizing that it’s just a matter of us, being manifest as human beings, somehow wanting a big white board to go up and say, “I’m here!” (Elias grins)

And because we haven’t got that, we’re getting frustrated and we’re saying, “Well, come on, we want this big white board here,” and we’re slapping ourselves over the head and we’re getting kind of frustrated with that rather than going the other way, which is what we seem to be doing as human beings most of the time, and not trusting in the feelings that we’re getting.

I mean, today, coming here, there were a few decisions that I made with my wife that seemed to fall into place, when in the past we may have been arguing about roots and stuff, and maybe a little bit of blocking here and there, and it may have occurred today, but we found a parking space close to the thing. All these things, whether it be business or anything else, seem to become much more fruitful within your expectation if you let go of the expectation and therefore trust yourself, and that is the part where you say, “Well, trust yourself, and just let go.” That’s the confusing part, I think, of where the response is coming from; not the trusting in self, but the response.

As you said, I’m not responding. I’m not aware of the responses with your interactions in a meditative point of view, and in the same way, I’m not aware of the responses through the universe that are coming back to me. Is that correct?

ELIAS: But you may be.

CHRIS: I’m becoming aware. I’ve just brought it up, haven’t I?

ELIAS: Quite. This action of becoming aware is your allowance to be holding your attention within the now; not projecting your attention into the anticipation of future moments, even within what you view to be short-term future moments, which may be translated in one hour or one half of one hour. These are projections outside of the now, and they are an illusion.


ELIAS: Now; you express questioning to myself in relation to your son, the small one, as to his interaction with myself and whether that be an exhibition of imagination.

I shall express to you in this now, if you are allowing yourself to view reality quite realistically and not merely in concept, and you wish to define this manifestation of imagination, the exhibition of imagination is not what you express as “pretend” or the invention of demons or fairies or angels or castles or battles or any of these stories, so to speak, that you attribute to the creation of imagination, for all of those expressions are expressions of some aspect of reality that you underlyingly know. Therefore, they ARE reality, and you are merely allowing yourself a memory of them.

CHRIS: Right.

ELIAS: What may be in actuality deemed as imagination is your projection futurely, for that, IN REALITY, does not exist. It is merely a configuration of your expectation and your anticipation of some action or some reality that has not been created yet. Therefore, each time you are projecting your attention futurely, you are engaging imagination.

CHRIS: Right. But we’ve been talking about that as not necessarily being a good thing, haven’t we?

ELIAS: Ah! Do not misunderstand what I am expressing to you. I am not evaluating that this be good or bad. It merely is a choice. It merely is an action that you engage within this physical focus.

CHRIS: You’re just explaining it.

ELIAS: Correct. YOU deem it to be good or bad in relation to your experiences, and in wonderment of why you create certain experiences that you deem to be uncomfortable and how you may discontinue that action of creating uncomfortable or conflicting experiences, for you wish not to be creating those types of experiences.

What you miss, in a manner of speaking, within your sight, is that ALL that you create is being created in the now.

CHRIS: I understand.

ELIAS: Therefore, as you approach, figuratively speaking, your future, and you are concerning yourself so intensely with your future actions or the probabilities that you may or may not create, in the now, you are concentrating upon those creations and you are creating them now, and as they approach, you have not been paying attention in each moment to your concentration and to what you are projecting, and therefore, as the moment materializes, you have already created the action through your expectation and your concentration, and therefore you actualize what you have been creating each moment.

CHRIS: There’s a lot of information there. There’s an awful lot of information there, and even though we already know it, I think this is where it comes in, in getting confused with the desire, the desire of the moment.

Now, I know through a lot of the sessions, you’ve explained all of this stuff, and you say “desire,” and because you don’t treat the word desire as a bad thing, which is religion and all this kind of stuff ... because this is where things can get a little bit confused, because it’s a different time period now. I mean, read things!

For instance, I read a book which was brought to me by a very dear friend of mine, Lonnie, from America. He brought me a book called “The Autobiography of a Yogi,” which is about Paramahansa Yogananda from India, who came over to the West, to America, to bring some of the Eastern ideals. Do you have any recollection or any connection or any interpretation of exchange of energies with this essence?

ELIAS: I am aware.

CHRIS: Would you include him within the framework or within the same kind of – what’s the word? – reason for being placed on this earth as the prophets, such as Jesus and Buddha? Because I’m listening to his ideas now and interpreting them now, 50 or 60 years on, and sometimes getting what I think ... I’m starting to try to get the answers, and interpret them within my objective reality. Therefore, I’m trying to bypass some of the confusing, conflicting remarks that have obviously been processed through the publisher’s belief systems, and I’m trying to overcome those, but it’s still helping me.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Very well. There are many questions in what you have expressed now. Let me be addressing to some of these questions, and offering you some clarity in your interaction with this movement.


ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you, all of these individuals that have been physically manifest within this physical dimension that you identify as prophets or holy or spiritual, they have not been “placed” in this reality. They have chosen.

CHRIS: Well, they have been placed by their own essence, in a kind of way....

ELIAS: They have CHOSEN to be manifest. They have chosen, in agreement, to be creating a direction of movement in their particular focus associated with a mass movement, so to speak, in energy, in consciousness, associated with this physical dimension.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is, the action that they have chosen to be incorporating within their individual focuses is a movement within themselves in alignment with a mass movement, not unlike the choice and the agreement that Michael has engaged in this focus, in the allowance with this phenomenon and energy exchange with myself.

It is a choice of the individual, and they individually choose their direction and their incorporation of movement freely, but also in relation to mass movements of energy within consciousness that are expressed quite strongly within your objective, physical reality.

Each of these individuals, therefore, in participating in that movement – but allowing themselves to be viewed within a position as a focal point, so to speak – they themselves are not initiating the movement. They themselves are not directing the movement. They have merely created an agreement to allow themselves to be viewed as the focal point – or one of the focal points – of the mass movement, so to speak.

Now; as to this particular individual that you are inquiring of, and your interaction with that information.


ELIAS: Let me express to you, the information that this particular individual offers is quite similar to the information that I offer, which is quite similar to the information offered through many religious focal points – or spiritual focal points, in your identification – or your identification of individuals that you deem to be wise. The identification of these individuals and the information that they allow is not necessarily wisdom, but an openness to essence and to consciousness and to reality.


CHRIS: Excuse me one second, Elias. I feel as though ... can I go to the toilet for one second, please?

ELIAS: You may.

CHRIS: Thank you very much. (50-second pause, during which Elias sits with head down and eyes closed, not moving)

CHRIS: Excuse me. I want to turn the cassette over. (35-second pause, with Elias slowly blinking) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

Now; let me express to you, you need not be, in this moment or what you may term to be at this point within your awareness, concerning yourself with the incorporation of the belief systems of a publisher, so to speak, of this book, or even the belief systems of....

CHRIS: Yogananda.

ELIAS: Yes, for you have already offered yourself the beginnings of awareness of belief systems. Therefore, you may easily identify the incorporations of belief systems. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be occupying your attention with the identifications of these incidentals.

CHRIS: I understand.

ELIAS: In this, you may recognize, you already hold an awareness of the belief systems of this individual. They are incorporated in the expression of what you term to be his teachings. There is an attraction to these teachings, so to speak, for there is a recognition of an expression within them that holds a similarity to information that I also offer to you.

Many teachers have offered this information. I do not offer you information that is different or new. I offer you information in a different manner, for you occupy a different time framework. You occupy a unique time framework within your history, in the engagement of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, the design of the expression of information is configured slightly differently, in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

CHRIS: I understand. May I ask you a question about Paramahansa Yogananda? Could you give me an essence name and an essence family and alignment? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence of Tashkai; T-A-S-H-K-A-I. (tosh-kay) Essence family, Milumet; alignment of that individual, Gramada.

Now; be aware that this individual has created a movement, in that focus, of the development of a method, a process.

CHRIS: Would this include the meditation method, the kriya-yoga?


CHRIS: Which is something I’m thinking about being initiated within.

ELIAS: In this, you may allow yourself to identify the similarities in a familiar movement of creation within this physical dimension, which this individual is not exempt from.

All of you complicate your reality. All of you create methods and processes within your movement. All of you look to your movement in terms of “growth” and aspiring to be creating “better,” or in the expression of what you define as spiritual.

CHRIS: Yes. I know where you’re going, and maybe you can carry on with that after I’ve expressed my own personal thought manifestations along the integration of this information, ‘cause I do understand the belief systems incorporated in the kriya-yoga techniques, and also the terms he uses, and the movement in terms of “maya,” which is the physical side of our beings, the distractions that we’ve spoken about before within my focus as being a distraction of sex, a sexual thing.

And even though I’m aware ... and a little bit confused, I’ve got to admit, with the term maya and the integration of reality within that, I’m also understanding that these techniques help me bypass – it’s a belief system, I know – but help me bypass or may help me bypass some of these feelings, which again, you have told me in the past and I do understand are a distraction, and are still even now distracting me.

And even though I know, within the interpretation of maya and his movement ... they’re kind of saying it’s wrong, and I know within reality it is not wrong. But it still may help, this technique of kriya-yoga, in connecting with essences such as yourself, in being freer, whether we call it maya or whether we call it distractions, that in some way would be assisting.

ELIAS: And I am not discounting of this. Whichever method you choose to be incorporating, whichever direction you choose to be engaging in the expression of beneficiality to yourself, is quite acceptable. I am not expressing to you that there is any right or wrong to this action. It is merely a choice.

CHRIS: I understand, but you’re saying that if I choose ... that I don’t need any of that, and that I will be able to drop everything. I will be able to drop all of these distractions if I am so choosing objectively right now, and move into the experience of integration, of letting go, of incorporating more of a subconscious manifestation of exchanges. This is where I want to be. I know you understand.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

CHRIS: I understand, and I know that within me saying you are understanding, really I’m saying, I think I am understanding.

ELIAS: Quite.

In this, your identification is to be moving into an expression of what you deem to be spirituality, and creating more of an efficiency within your focus.

Now; let me express to you, as I have stated, I am not discounting of this method. It matters not. It is merely a choice.

What I AM expressing to you is that you also allow yourself the recognition that this is merely a choice, and that it is not necessarily the incorporation of some higher expression of spirituality.

For in the actual definition of spirituality, you are already accomplishing this, for all of your experience, all of your focus, all of your attention, all of your BEING ...

CHRIS: Me personally?

ELIAS: Yes! ... is spiritual, for all of consciousness is spiritual, and none may be separated, in terms of physical or emotional or psychological, as not an element of that expression of spiritual. It is all-encompassing of all experiences and all of your BEING.

Therefore, I express to you to allow yourself the recognition that your movement into this type of action and this type of choice is merely to be incorporating a type of method that facilitates a clarity within you, but not to confuse that clarity with the insertion of the belief that this method is the actual incorporation of attainment of higher spirituality, for it is not, for your highest spirituality is already expressed. (Emphatically)

CHRIS: So the initiation process in itself, even though it may be helpful, is still a belief system?

ELIAS: The process is influenced by a belief system, yes.

CHRIS: But I’m sure it has been assisting, hasn’t it?

ELIAS: Yes. I am merely expressing to you not to be confusing the process – which is the enactment of the belief system – with the reality that you are already your highest expression.

CHRIS: I understand – I do understand. And if you remember, a few minutes ago I used the word confusion, and that is the part, which I realize is the part – if I do move down there, I have to eliminate that confusion.

ELIAS: Correct, and recognize that if you are moving in an association with this process in the identification of attainment of a higher expression, in actuality, what you are creating is merely a reinforcement of the separation that you wish not to be reinforcing.

CHRIS: Yes, I do understand, and I do realize that is a danger, and that’s why I say, maybe I don’t need to do this. It’s just a thought process, and we’re here, and I’ve very nearly finished the book. I was hoping to finish it before I spoke to you, because it’s another stage, it’s another step, but I forgot it. There are no mistakes.

But let me just turn at the moment to the friend that actually brought me the book, who has become almost ... and again, let’s not go down the path of belief systems where I say the word guru. But this guy seems to hold within him, even without saying things, a helpfulness to me, and his name is Lonnie. Could you give me his essence name and family, please, and comment? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Schri; S-C-H-R-I. (shree) Essence family, Tumold; alignment in this focus, Ilda. You have participated in other focuses with this individual. You hold an affinity for this essence and the manifestations of that essence that you participate with.

In this, you allow yourself a recognition of a flow of energy which is allowed to be exhibited by this individual in the expression of the essence family to which he is belonging to. This expresses itself in an ease of movement in relation to other individuals in being assisting, so to speak, to them – without thought, without concentration, but merely in a natural flow of energy – in helping to direct them naturally into their natural expression of themselves and their expression of trust of selves.

You attain trust of self, in a manner of speaking, by allowing yourself movement in familiarizing yourself with self, and allowing yourself to be recognizing your own abilities and validating those abilities to yourself and not discounting them, and in that reinforcement, you allow yourself the expression of trust of self.

Now; I may also express to you, Nania, you may be incorporating this new-found method, and it may be quite beneficial to you and helpful to you in allowing you to focus your attention upon self rather than focusing your attention intensely upon outside elements, or even actions that you yourself create, for those also are projections outside of yourself. In this, you may allow yourself to be engaging a type of method that may in actuality facilitate more of an ease in your ability to be centering yourself, in a manner of speaking.

I merely express to you the importance of recognizing and remembering that each time you move your thoughts and your assessment – or your definition of your movement – in the direction of acquiring or “attaining to” some position, what you are creating in that moment, in that expression, is a discounting of what you are.

CHRIS: Right, I understand.

ELIAS: Do not lose sight of what you ARE.

CHRIS: I’ll be careful not to do that.

ELIAS: But as you recognize what you are, and you continue to acknowledge and validate that within yourself, you may incorporate this method or this process as a tool.

CHRIS: A toy?

ELIAS: A tool ...

CHRIS: A tool. Right, I understand.

ELIAS: ... that shall facilitate your movement.

CHRIS: Yes. That’s very helpful.

ELIAS: For although you are correct [that] you may be incorporating spontaneously all that you wish to be incorporating in your objective widening of awareness, it is quite unlikely that you shall incorporate that, for you DO involve yourself in the perception of processes.

CHRIS: I just sometimes forget where the “bypass the shit” button is, you know? Sometimes we’re looking for a “bypass the bullshit” button! (Elias chuckles) Which we sometimes want to have, don’t we? Isn’t there any way we can incorporate that into our own bodies now? It’s like, let’s just bypass the crap for a few minutes, you know?

ELIAS: Ah, and you may! You may create your own bypass button, so to speak, and you may express to yourself the identification of any area of your physical body, and focus your attention upon that. What say you with your navel? HA HA! And express to yourself, each time you are experiencing those moments, the bypass is the recognition of the complication!

CHRIS: Okay, right.

ELIAS: “I am complicating, and I may bypass the complication (indicating the navel area) with the simplicity!” (Grinning)

CHRIS: I’ll remember that! Great, excellent.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

CHRIS: Thank you so much. Of course, I could go on forever! I’m just trying to think if there’s a quickie I could squeeze in here. What comes to mind? I’ll tell you what comes to mind. A friend I’m going to visit today is the mother of a person ... the lady is called Val and her son is called Greg – Lithtah is his essence name, you’ve told him before – who I’m working with. Again, I’d love to have more terms of probabilities of how our relationship work-wise is going, but at the moment, he’s very upset. He’s a vegetarian, his wife is a vegetarian, his mother is a vegetarian, and they’ve just lost a fox. His mother is a woman who is very much into protecting and saving animals, and sometimes, objectively, it’s a little bit too much for her, and now she’s got the distraction of the death of her fox, which she, at this moment objectively, in reality today, with Greg and her mother, with Lithtah and her mother, is very upset. Could you just make a quick comment on that before I have to say au revoir for now?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, the creature has chosen this action.

CHRIS: Yes, I understand that.

ELIAS: In this, the creature, as consciousness, is choosing to be reconfiguring that energy and experiencing a different configuration of energy. This creature has chosen to be reconfiguring to be creating of a different type of experience, moving its expression of energy into new explorations.

Therefore, you may express, if you are so choosing, to your friends that they may be incorporating joyfulness at this type of movement and this choice, for the energy of that consciousness is creating a new adventure.

CHRIS: Right, okay. I will pass that on, and I will say au revoir, and thank you so much. It’s been great. I will note your help in our energy exchange in the future, whether it be closely manifest in my physical body, or whether it just be in my meditative position, although I’ve been trying to get this yoga technique with my legs, but I’ve got dodgy knees, so I’ll have to bypass that one and just sit in a different way. But thank you very much.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Incorporate the expression of comfort! Ha ha ha ha ha!

CHRIS: Yes. Take care, Elias.

ELIAS: I express great affection to you, my friend, and anticipate our continued interaction.

CHRIS: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: To you, and in an offering to your partner and your small ones, in encouragement and in lovingness, au revoir.

CHRIS: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:49 PM.

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