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Sunday, July 30, 2000

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“Money Makes The World Go Round”

“Where IS That Darn Crystal Ball?”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Mike (Mikah).

Elias arrives at 1:37 PM. (Arrival time is 28 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MIKE: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We meet again!

MIKE: Yes, we do! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very well, Mikah – proceed!

MIKE: Okay. My first question before we get to the other things is, would I be correct that I am an emotionally focused individual?


MIKE: Okay. Would this be the creation or the disposition of my essence through the majority of its focuses? (Pause)

ELIAS: In majority, yes.

MIKE: Alright. Now, before I get to the more complicated things, or the things I complicate....

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

MIKE: (Laughing) I have a question that I was gonna save for last, but I really want to ask it now. It kinda has to do with nothing, I think. But anyway, this is a rather unusual situation for me. It’s an occurrence that I’ve been creating presently.

I saw a movie a couple of weeks ago. While watching the movie, I took note of a certain person in the movie that I felt I knew from somewhere. I couldn’t place where it was from, but I recognized this person, and I spent most of the movie trying to think of where or who this person reminded me of. In fact, I had to go see the movie again just to see the movie, because essentially, I missed the good parts. The second time I saw the movie, a similar thing happened, although I was able to watch the rest of the movie. But even after I saw it the second time, I could not get this person’s face out of my head, and today, it’s still the same. I cannot rid myself of this person.

I’ve been trying to look for any connections between me and this person, and I’ve found a lot of parallels, but I still don’t know what the connection is. So, I would like to know, what is it that I’m connecting with, with this individual? (Pause)

ELIAS: You are allowing yourself a recognition of interconnectedness through shared focuses together.

MIKE: Shared focuses? Are there a lot of shared focuses? (Pause)

ELIAS: Several, yes.

MIKE: Can I ask how many? (Pause)

ELIAS: Fourteen.

MIKE: Holy moly! Alright. Is there any probability that I’m gonna be meeting this individual? ‘Cause when I looked at this person, it was almost as though I was connecting, I felt, with a future part of me, or like we were meeting, sort of. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Yes, you are, in your terms, “making sense.” (Chuckling) I may express to you, this is your choice. You hold the ability to be creating this action IF you are motivated to BE creating that action.

MIKE: So, what you’re saying is, I’m not creating that action, and I’m gonna have to put my mind to it TO create that action.

ELIAS: In physical terminology, this would be accurate.

What I am expressing to you is, presently you have offered yourself a recognition of shared interaction which also has created an objective draw, and in this objective draw, you have allowed yourself to play with the idea of objective meeting with this individual, and you have also allowed yourself to be recognizing an impression concerning the potential for creating that type of probability.

Therefore, in portion, the probability exists, but it is not actualized, for you have not chosen to be enacting or inserting that probability into your objective reality. This remains what you may term to be an open choice. In this, if you are choosing to be moving your attention in the direction of motivating yourself to be actualizing that choice, you do hold the ability to be creating that.

MIKE: Okay. Would this individual also be Sumafi/Sumari? (Pause)

ELIAS: Ilda/Sumari.

MIKE: Ilda/Sumari, okay. Alright, I’ll leave it at that for now.

I would like some clarification on what we talked about last time concerning my intent. I’m a little confused by the terms that you used, that part of my creativity had to do with unusual interactions, and I was wondering what you meant by that.

ELIAS: We have discussed this subject matter in the expression of creativity, as you may recall.

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: In this, your interactions with other individuals, in relation to your intent in this focus, is to be noticing/paying attention to the interactions that you create with other individuals – AND interactions that occur BETWEEN other individuals – and your allowance of yourself to be exploring the different types of configurations of movement that may be created in relation to these interactions between individuals.

This is the element of your creativity of which we have spoken – your ability to view an interaction or a situation, so to speak, and to be moving your attention in the manner of a different angle of viewing the interaction or situation, and offering different expressions in relation to what is occurring.

Your expression of creativity is a type of inventiveness to be viewing situations from different perspectives, therefore allowing an introduction of more choices in particular situations in which individuals view very few choices, and view their interaction or situation to be answerable merely in the choices of the either/or or black and white associations. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: This is the nature of your design of your creativity – the ability to be expressing the introduction of alternative avenues of movement and expression in relation to interactions which occur between individuals. The obstacle that you encounter is your reluctance to offer this action to yourself.

MIKE: What do you mean, offer it to myself?

ELIAS: In participation with other individuals – or viewing interactions which occur between other individuals and not directly incorporating an involvement with yourself – you allow yourself an expression of ease in movement in the identification of alternative avenues, so to speak, and the offering of those views to the other individuals, for you allow yourself more of an expression of clarity in your viewing of interactions and creations that may be associated with other individuals. These appear clearer to you.

As you look to self, your viewing becomes more clouded, and you incorporate less clarity in enacting that same type of expression. You encounter more difficulty in accessing alternative avenues in relation to yourself than you do in relation to other individuals.

MIKE: Why is that, though?

ELIAS: This is the subject matter that you and I have been discussing for much time framework, for this involves your direction of attention. You do not afford yourself the same expression of acceptance that you afford other individuals, for you do not afford yourself the same attention that you afford other individuals, and this involves the issue that you have created in the expression of personal responsibility, especially in relation to individuals that you identify as family members.

MIKE: Okay, okay. Well, speaking of affording myself attention and acceptance and whatsuch, one of my questions has to do with, you told me in one of our many sessions together that I focus my attention on creating what I should be creating instead of creating what I want.

I’m a bit taken back by that, because in one of our sessions back in September of ‘98, you told me that I was distracting myself from my intent by looking to be creating what I was looking to be creating at that time, which was a financial action which would allow me or avail me the ability to apply myself to all of the other wants I had.

Now, I took it underlyingly, by my own choice and in my own hard-headedness, to associate my wants with bad or distraction. So, I guess I would kinda like your input on how to unravel that.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and in this, I shall express to you, I am aware of what you are speaking of presently and the information that I have offered you previously, and there is no contradiction in what I am expressing to you.

At times, you may be distracting yourself in what you camouflage as an objective want, such as your focus of attention upon the acquisition of financial gain, and I have expressed to you to be allowing yourself the examination of your motivation, if you are allowing yourself to be recalling objectively.

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: In this, these types of expressions that you turn your attention to are all intertwined with your beliefs, with your issue in personal responsibility, with your reinforcement of a lack of trust within your abilities, and in your difficulty in affording acceptance to self.

Now; I am understanding of your thought process – that you move in the direction of expression that if you are actualizing the object of your seeming want in financial acquisition, this shall be affording you what you identify as a freedom, and therefore, you may turn your attention from the elements of your reality that you perceive to be creating obstacles.

What I have been expressing to you is almost the reverse. The expression of the want of the financial gain is the projection objectively, in imagery, of the association of all of these other factors, so to speak, in play.

Your identification of this action of acquisition as a want that you wish to be actualizing is a camouflage. It is an expression that you identify as a “fix,” and you incorporate the “fixing” in association with elements that you view in your reality to be wrong or broken.

Now; I am understanding of your automatic association in direction, in expressing to yourself that the attention in distraction is bad, for this is how you associate, for you automatically create discountings and judgments upon self.

Now; if you are also allowing yourself to be objectively recalling other information that I have offered to you, I have expressed to you that distraction in action – with you – may be quite beneficial, and what have I expressed as an exercise for you to engage?

MIKE: Take a bike ride!

ELIAS: And distract yourself objectively, as to not be continuing to absorb your objective attention in these circles of perpetuation of the familiar, with the expressions of personal responsibility and the attempt to be “fixing” elements within your reality or to be offering yourself freedom through an outside manifestation.

You and I have not moved into a position of discussion yet in relation to the reality that there is no “thing” to be acquired, for we have not yet moved beyond the addressing to what creates the perception – in your focus – of the need for acquisition. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes. Well, let’s go there now. Tell me!

ELIAS: And what shall you ask of myself to be telling you?

MIKE: Well, besides the “fix-it” thing, what is creating of this perception? What is the need for this “thing” in my perception?

ELIAS: I HAVE told you!

MIKE: Well, what did you just say? That we haven’t moved beyond the.... (Elias chuckles) My mind gets fuzzy when I talk with you! You gotta understand! (Laughing)

ELIAS: HA HA! Let us once again identify this particular focus of attention that you incorporate physically in the wish for the acquisition of money. Agreed?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: Very well. Identify to me why you hold the intensity of importance that you do in relation to this subject matter.

MIKE: Security.

ELIAS: And what is the expression of security?

MIKE: What do you mean, what is the expression?

ELIAS: What is your identification of security?

MIKE: Well, like you don’t have to worry about how to make the rent next month or how to pay the bills next month. If you see something you want to buy, you buy it. If you want to go somewhere, you go somewhere. You don’t have to think about how to drum up the money to do it or get it.

ELIAS: Very well. Therefore, I shall express to you, what you are expressing to myself is that you associate the acquisition of money as synonymous with freedom, correct?

MIKE: Correct. (Pause)

ELIAS: Do you view yourself to be more powerful than this physical manifestation of money?

MIKE: Do I view myself to be more powerful than money?


MIKE: Um ... you know what? I don’t really know. Powerful in what context?

ELIAS: In any context.

MIKE: In some contexts, yes. In some contexts, no.

ELIAS: Ah. Therefore, do you identify that this object of money creates in itself a reality for you?

MIKE: Not really.

ELIAS: Does this object create itself, and does this object exhibit a quality of expression in its existence that creates the power to be creating your reality?

MIKE: Um ... sometimes.

ELIAS: Are you in possession of one paper object of your money presently?

MIKE: No, I’m not. My mother took my wallet. (Laughing)

ELIAS: Are you in possession of a coin?

MIKE: I will be in a second. Let me go get one. (Short pause) Okay. Yeah, now I am.

ELIAS: Hold the coin within your hand.

MIKE: Okay, I’m holding it.

ELIAS: View the coin objectively with your vision.

MIKE: Okay.

ELIAS: As you are looking at this coin, express to me, if you are placing this coin upon your table, shall it move itself?

MIKE: I don’t think so.

ELIAS: Shall it multiply itself?

MIKE: I wish it would!

ELIAS: Shall it?


ELIAS: Shall it create a reality, in objective terms, of a recognizable universe of its own, and incorporate you into it?

MIKE: (Laughing) No!

ELIAS: Shall this coin create your interaction with it?


ELIAS: Shall it create an interaction with you?

MIKE: (Laughing) No.

ELIAS: How does this coin create your reality?

MIKE: How does it? Because you need it to live places! You need it to buy food! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Who is creating the reality, you or the coin?

MIKE: (Laughing) I am, I guess.

ELIAS: Ah, but do you believe this?

MIKE: Sometimes.

ELIAS: Ah. And now we address to the core of the issue – that you do not entirely recognize, believe, or perceive that you create your reality, or trust that you have the ability to create your reality, but rather that you believe, and therefore influence your perception, and therefore create the reality in which you allow outside elements to be creating your reality.

But in actuality, they are not creating your reality. You continue to be creating your reality. You merely delude yourself, within the camouflage of your perception as influenced by your beliefs, that other elements – other individuals, other physical objects – outside of yourself exhibit more power than do you within your reality, and therefore hold the ability to be creating your reality for you.

THIS is the core, of which we have been attempting to uncover for much time framework in our discussions. You are allowing yourself, in increments, to peel away layers of your camouflage that you have created, to allow yourself to view YOU.

The coin, the money, shall not offer you the expression of freedom. The coin or the money is not synonymous with freedom. Your freedom is not even dependent upon the creation of the money.

MIKE: Well, that’s more food for thought. Thank you for that.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are welcome, my friend.

MIKE: I have another question, which I feel kinda silly asking right now, after all that. But what exactly – without trying to say what’s possible and what can be – but what am I creating presently along the lines of the probabilities of myself going to Australia? (Pause)

ELIAS: What are you creating presently in relation to probabilities of your movement to Australia? Daydreams.

MIKE: What?

ELIAS: Daydreams!

MIKE: Daydreams?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This is what you are creating within probabilities in relation to your movement to Australia.

MIKE: Wonderful! (Elias chuckles) Alrighty then! Well, how about my movement into college? I’ve been beating myself up the past week ‘cause it’s all catching up to me. I knew when I took last year off that I was gonna take last year off – you just confirmed it for me – but in the back of my head, I figured I’d deal with it later. But I also knew I’d be kicking myself in the ass, which I’ve been doing, and I’m not in a very happy place. I’ve kind of screwed myself out of a year, and now it appears that I might have screwed myself out of another year, because I’ve been taking care of everyone but myself.

ELIAS: Ah, and this is the key! I shall express to you presently, quite definitely, Mikah, this is your choice. What shall you choose?

MIKE: As far as what? Taking the year off again?

ELIAS: Or movement into your desire and the actualization of participation within your school? It is your choice. It lies before you.

MIKE: Okay, I asked you this also in that same session a year-and-a-half ago when it was time for me to go to college, and unfortunately, it didn’t get taped. So, I have a vague memory of what you told me, but I think you told me there were probabilities of either/or – one, having problems getting into college, or not having problems getting into college, and the problems being my own obstacles being created, and that’s kind of what I’m seeing now.

But what I would like to know is, is it within my pool of probabilities for next school year? If I do choose to take this school year and go to the local community college, is it within my pool of probabilities – or along the lines of more probable – to be attending the university that I’ve been wanting to, such as Columbia or one of those other ones?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that within your pool of probabilities, it is dependent upon the direction that you engage. Within this present now – not in the manner of prediction – but I may express to you in this present now, in the movement of your energy, it is more probable that you may be engaging that type of action if you continue to be directing your attention in this manner.

If you divert your attention in other directions, and are not continuing to participate in the creation of involvement of your school in this present now, you engage less probability to be continuing.

Therefore, as I have stated, it is your choice, and what shall you choose? In a manner of speaking, you have created a type of crossroad presently.

MIKE: Okay, I’m a bit confused by what you just said. Did you just say it was less probable that I will be continuing with school?

ELIAS: If you are not continuing to direct your attention in the expression of involvement with this direction of school.

MIKE: Okay. So essentially, if I do choose to go to this community college and as you term it, be participating in my creation ...

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: ... the next school year, it is the most probable probability that I can get into somewhere like Columbia.

ELIAS: Correct. If you are not engaging activity in holding your attention within the direction of your school, you alter your direction of probabilities. This is the expression of the crossroad, so to speak, that you have created for yourself presently.

MIKE: Okay. I think I’d rather choose to go with school. (Sighing) So, since this Australia thing isn’t panning out by my choice on some level, will I soon, sometime this year, maybe before I go someplace like Columbia, will I be creating something where I’ll be figuring out what it is I want to study?

ELIAS: And once again, Mikah, this is a crystal ball question, and I shall express to you, it is your choice!

MIKE: (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) Okay, alright. I have one more question, ‘cause I know Mary will shoot me if I go any longer. Let’s see, where did that question go? Oh yeah, okay.

I have been ... and I know this is gonna tie in with what you just got done telling me – it is your choice! (Elias grins)

BUT, this is something I know I touched upon briefly in my last session, and I termed it as my way of knowing that I’m connecting with Joseph, my New Zealand focus. However, it didn’t dawn on me that this is something that I have, more than one time in my life, been urged to do, which is acting.

I’m curious to know, is this an element that I’ve incorporated into my focus now, or is this just a method that I’m using to connect with Joseph? As an element of my essence, which I know is part of me, but in terms of incorporating....

ELIAS: I am understanding, and we have discussed this previously in our interaction together, and you have inquired of this already, and I have expressed to you, it is not merely an identification of an element of you within another focus. It is also a quality of you in this focus, and in this, if you are so choosing, you may be incorporating that quality in objective expression. You do hold an ability in this focus to be moving in that type of creativity.

MIKE: Okay, that’s good to know. Alright. Real quick, I have to ask, is my Aunt Linda’s family and alignment Sumari/Sumari? (Pause)

ELIAS: No. Sumari/Ilda.

MIKE: I was close! Okay, that will be it for today.

ELIAS: Very well. (Chuckling)

MIKE: I will express much gratitude for your ... oh, Candace would like to know if she’s an emotional focus also.


MIKE: Okay, that will be it for today, and I want to say thank you very much. As usual, it’s been very helpful, and Candace says hi.

ELIAS: Ah, and you may offer my greetings and affection to Candace also. I anticipate our continued interaction, and you may offer my greetings also to your sibling. (Chuckling)

To you this day, Mikah, I extend great affection, and I offer my expression of energy to be with you within your physical expression, for I am understanding of the challenge that you are presenting to yourself presently. Therefore, accept from myself my expression of energy to be encouraging and supportive to you.

MIKE: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. In great lovingness, au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:25 PM.

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