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Sunday, January 28, 1996

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“Ruburt’s Clarification”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Guin (Sophia), Tom (James), Jeri (Fromasch), and Cathy (Shynla).

Vic’s note: Mary was not feeling well at all this evening. In spite of this, Elias was very focused and very direct, obviously not incorporating her physical symptoms at all. Also note that in Elias’ phone conversation with Cathy, he held the phone up to his left ear, which Mary can barely hear out of.

Elias arrives at 7:07 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. I will first address to a concern of another essence which has interacted with Lawrence, taking issue with one of my analogies at our last session. This essence of Ruburt takes issue with my description of the interaction of Sumari and Sumafi families. Therefore, I will clarify.

Your interpretation of my analogy may be distorted, this being why this concern has been raised. In actuality, this essence is correct. There is no before and after. There is all, simultaneous. I did not mean to be expressing to you that one essence family would be appearing physically within physical manifestation followed by another, and then the original following after the second family; for they exist at the same time.

I am understanding of the concern of this essence, in the element that you may be distorting of this information. Therefore, I clarify to you that within physical terms, the Sumari does not “poof,” appear upon your planet! They are incorporated within all of your civilizations, continuously. They only surface as a group with an intent, of moving and jarring your existing cultures. Therefore, he is correct. There is no before or after.

I apologize for delivering an analogy that may be confusing to you, as this particular subject is a very close subject to this particular essence, and of great concern that it not be distorted. Therefore, my clarification.

TOM: Well, thank you, but I didn’t see it as before and after. I saw it all as one anyway.

ELIAS: I was assuring that these essences present would be incorporating this information properly, but I am also understanding of concern of other essence, which is very involved with the essence family of Sumari and not wishing this family to be misinterpreted within physical terms. This distortion is quite normal within physical manifestation; therefore the concern was valid.

VICKI: (Picking her jaw up off the floor long enough to ask a question) This Ruburt being the same Ruburt that I’m reading a book by right now???

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Oh, wow!

JERI: You speak so softly, Vicki. The same Ruburt that what?

VICKI: That I’m reading a book by right now.

ELIAS: Being not physically manifest presently, but also being quite a dream artist himself, and quite adept at connecting within dream state.

VICKI: Wow! (Pause)

RON: So does this have to do with the dream that Lawrence had? (Elias acknowledges)

VICKI: Thank you. I was going to ask about that tonight.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause) I will also offer to you, within this example, that although I have offered you information of essence families, you will now see, through interaction, that although you may be connected with a particular essence family, there are no segregations. There are no separations or divisions. All families cross over each other.

You may view these families to be the same as “psychic races,” just as you incorporate different physical races upon your planet with characteristics of their own, but each also incorporating individuals with their own individual focuses. In this same way, you align with these essence families, who may be also interpreted as races. You each (Here, Jeri leaves the room, appearing to be choking on something. Elias pauses, eyes closed, apparently accessing the situation, and then continues) possess your own individual qualities and individuality, but are belonging to essence families.

Therefore, just as within physical focus you may be manifest as of African lineage, therefore your skin tone may be dark, but you may incorporate, within your physical manifestation individually, very different qualities. You may choose to become a medical practitioner which is dominated by another physical race. Therefore, you also possess qualities aligning with other essence families, even though you are incorporated within a specific essence family. Are you understanding of these concepts?

RON: Basically.

TOM: Well, yes and no. So what you’re saying is, in this physical focus, is though we might be brown-skinned, we’re all tied up in all our families as basically as one, but we chose to have this choice as a brown-skinned or a black-skinned person, let it be oriental, let it be white ...

ELIAS: Incorrect. I am using this as an example. View, on your one hand, physical focus. Within physical focus, upon this planet that you inhabit, you manifest within many races, correct? (Tom agrees) These races, within themselves, focus individually in different manifestations. Certain races excel in certain elements of physical focus. Some do not align with some elements of physical focus.

On your other hand, in comparison to physical focus and races within your physical manifestation, you incorporate essence families, which would be in comparison to your physical races. In this, they mirror. You also, within these essence families, incorporate elements which cross over the designs of each essence family. I am making a comparison between physical focus and non-physical focus, that you may easier understand essence families. (Pause)

TOM: So these essence families, on one hand, is physically focused individuals that we are here. Did that hypothetically originate from the beginning? In other words, did these essences over here collectively have the thought of creating this over here?

ELIAS: All that is physically manifest is a mirror image of what already exists within consciousness. (Pause) You project outward and create what you already know as reality. (Pause)

TOM: Gotcha.

ELIAS: I was not wishing, as I have stated, to be discussing these essence families in the manner of perpetuating your issue of separation. This is not the point. I have offered this information, that you may better understand yourselves and your connections.

TOM: Thank you, Elias. I’ll try to widen on that.

ELIAS: Be remembering also, in viewing this particular transcript, read carefully; for I have gone to lengths being careful in choosing wording, that you may not incorporate separation. You are not “born into” these essence families. They did not come first. Your individuality is always paramount. You magnate to essence families because you “like” them!

TOM: This is kind of off the beaten path. Have I ever had a physical focus as a woman?


TOM: I’ve been touching on that lately, I guess the feminine side of me, more so in the last couple of weeks than ever in my life. Oh, excuse me!

ELIAS: (Grinning) In this life! (Laughter)

TOM: Got a connection?

ELIAS: Continue with your connection; for the more information you provide yourself, as to yourself, the more you widen your awareness.

TOM: Thank you. (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, Lawrence?

VICKI: Well, I have more than one question tonight. I would like to ask, in our game last Sunday I noticed, when I did the transcript, that Ron and I both had quite a bit of trouble verbalizing a game question, and I noticed you found this quite amusing, both times, in very much the same way.

ELIAS: (Grinning) I will, in addressing to this question, ask you to be stopping at this moment and connecting. Close your eyes and feel. Allow yourselves to experience. (Pause, while we all attempt this) Now, express to me: What do you experience? What do you notice?

VICKI: I noticed only a lot of what seemed to be light flashes.

GUIN: I noticed heaviness.

JERI: I went somewhere else when you were first explaining this. I missed something before you said close your eyes and experience this, so I think I missed out on what you were ...

ELIAS: It matters not. The experience will incorporate.

JERI: Well, I just saw ... lightness is a good word. Somebody used that. Vicki used that word.

ELIAS: James?

TOM: I was trying to touch on the female side of me. I was also thinking about what you had to say previous.

ELIAS: I am not speaking of thinking.

TOM: Oh. What did I feel?

ELIAS: Correct.

TOM: I felt the female side.

RON: I felt the same heaviness, and a lot of purple.

ELIAS: Now I will express to you, you are experiencing interference. It is quite slight to each of you. It may be experienced as a slight confusion. It may be experienced as a flash. It may feel heavy. It may feel very present. At different moments within our sessions, you may experience what I would term to be a slight disorientation. In this, you may be forgetful for one of your seconds. This is not Elias. This is your pyramid side. This is energy being sent, through consciousness, by Shynla, which will interfere. She is not understanding of what she is incorporating, therefore her energy is quite scattered; not very directed as of yet. Therefore, within our session time, you may experience disorientation. You may also experience forgetfulness, or heart-palpitating, or energy tingling; these all being manifestations of consciousness being projected by another essence into your physical space. Be aware that she is present.

VICKI: Is she quite a bit more present tonight than previously?

ELIAS: Her presence this evening is no more incorporated than previously, although she is practicing and becoming more directed within her focus. As she develops with her abilities, she may project more efficiently, and you may be recognizing of her presence more; this being also the reason Yarr was experiencing such difficulty in expressing himself at your gathering previously, and also the irritation resulting from his lack of expression. The energy was being felt, and each of you was responding differently. You may connect with Shynla to exchange experiences, for she also incorporates experience from this end, so to speak. (Pause)

VICKI: And is she making a connection with the pond?

ELIAS: I reserve comment, temporarily; for she may be investigating and connecting more clearly, and Michael may draw his picture. (Grinning, and a pause)

GUIN: I have a question about that, the feeling that I felt, the heaviness. I’ve written down on notes that I’ve taken during the sessions since I’ve been coming, and I’ve also expressed to Vicki different feelings as far as heart palpitations, and the heaviness, and the head feeling like it’s going to explode, thinking that it was connecting to you, but obviously not. Can you tell me obviously what those feelings are, that I was having previous to what you just explained, just now, about Shynla? Obviously, she was here before.

ELIAS: You are wishing to be understanding of these feelings generally, or within connection to Shynla?

GUIN: The feelings that I have in the sessions ...

ELIAS: Are not connected with Shynla; this also being interesting; for as you are aware already, many times I reserve explanation until you have accumulated more information for yourselves. In this way, you learn more efficiently, for you trust yourselves within your experience. (The following refers to our meeting with Chuck Roberts)

In this, within this week of your time, you have all experienced many movings, one of which was allowing new information of this phenomenon. Although you, Sophia, were not present physically to be listening to the exchange, you also have the benefit of the shared experience. In this, I will address also to issues that were incorporated within the discussion. We have touched upon this issue previously. It was unimportant at the time to be expounding upon this issue, for essentially it would only accomplish incorporating more fear. Now I may explain to you elements of non-physical focus which are affecting of physical focus.

Within your desire to be connecting, you have employed much meditation, and have also focused upon opening your consciousness. Be careful. I do not express this to all individuals. I express this in response to certain individuals, whose belief systems are influencing of their experiences. Together with your own consciousness, you may manifest elements within your physical expression that may be uncomfortable; and within an open state, you may also invite mischief. I am not expressing danger. There is quite a difference, for there is no evil; do not misunderstand me; but there is mischief. In this, you may misinterpret mischievousness, and you yourself may incorporate these energies into a fearful situation, for you will create this. Are you understanding what I am expressing?

GUIN: Kind of.

ELIAS: Many essences incorporate the ability to be connecting. Their intention is not harmful, but within your physical consciousness and your limitations of understanding, you may misinterpret. Therefore, you may create uncomfortable situations for yourself, incorporating other energies within an open state.

GUIN: How do I know? How do I ... I don’t understand. How ...

ELIAS: You know my energy. You may not think you know, but you do. You are comfortable with my energy. All you need be aware of is yourself. Trust within yourself and your desire, and you will be fine. Essences, I repeat, are not intrusive. Therefore, as I have expressed to you previously, no essence will intrude upon you without your permission; but within your desire to be connecting and your desire to be experiencing, sometimes you are in agreement. Therefore, be aware, and you will be fine.

VICKI: And this is what happened with Chuck?

ELIAS: Correct. This is not an intrusive situation. These essences were not intrusive. They do not possess “powers of manipulation!” He, as do you all, possesses equal power, so to speak. Within his desire, he was inviting. If the invitation is extended, it will be accepted. We need not worry of this with Ron, for the invitation is not extended! (Grinning) Sometimes within the individual, their zeal for learning and wishing to experience overrides their judgment. If you are clear, and if you are noticing, you need not worry.

GUIN: That leads me to another question that I have written down. I’m having a hard time understanding, or becoming more aware of being able to notice, obviously, because you say it’s already there, and I’m just being a little blind, I guess.

ELIAS: I will express to you also that at individual points within your attempt to be widening, you may be blocking. I will express to you that within your dream states, the one element that our dream interpreter has not connected is that you each involve an element of conflict or blocking. In this, you are all incorporating this at the same time, so to speak, for you are all riding upon your “wave of widening.” In this, you may each individually be widening in different areas with different focuses; but as I have explained to you, you are all connected, and as you each strive to be moving through issues and widening your awareness, you affect each other. Therefore, what one incorporates is affecting of all the others, and as you are all moving, you are all affecting each other. Therefore, it is seeming to you that you are moving in waves. You all move, or you all do not move, for you are all affecting of each other. You create a “psychic wave,” so to speak, which carries you all through.

Those of you who are seeming to be experiencing a more difficult time at moving through issues will be furthered and carried along within this wave, as resulting from those who are seemingly stronger within their focus. You are all benefiting of each other. You are moving. You would not be experiencing so many conflicts within your dream state, or meditative state, if you were not engaging your issues.

GUIN: “K.” Here, I want you to take these. (She holds her keys out to Elias) Please! (Elias holds his hand out for the keys) They’re my keys! Take them! Now, tell me! (Elias chuckles) You have them!

ELIAS: I do not! (Drops the keys on the floor)

GUIN: Yes! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You speak not!

GUIN: Okay, so how do I give them to you, so you can ...

ELIAS: Formulate what you view to be your issue.

GUIN: I know it has to do with a fear. That’s pretty easy, I guess, and I’m trying to figure out if my conflict has to do with a few issues or if it is just based with one, and I’m asking for your help or a hint or a clue or something to point me in the right direction!

ELIAS: You must direct. You incorporate many issues. Focus and isolate. In which direction are you wishing of helpfulness? (Pause)

GUIN: In all of them! (Pause, with Elias grinning widely) I’ll just be like this some more. It’s alright.

ELIAS: Hmmm ... Never mind ... (Humorously egging her on)

GUIN: I don’t know! I’ve been talking, like you said, and trying to let other people help me figure it out too, and I don’t know!

ELIAS: Think to yourself, Sophia; you create your reality. You have always created your reality! Therefore, your experiences are yours, for your noticing. Let me explain to you; you view yourselves as one instrument that may play limited notes and chords. View yourself as the symphony. You are all of the instruments, and you are the director. Where your attention projects to, the individual instrument plays, within every element of your focus. Therefore, you create all of your experiences.

If you are focusing upon a composer, do you look to this composer who has composed a symphony, such as your Beethoven number five; we will use this for Michael’s benefit; very harsh, tempestuous sound, very struggling, tragic. Do you view this as bad? No. You do not ask the composer, “Why would you compose such a terrible piece of music?” You feast your ears and your senses upon the composition. You revel in its beauty of tone. You view it as only different from this same composer’s symphony of six, which is light, and easy, and airy, and beautiful, and joyous. They are both compositions. They are both beautiful. They are both creations, neither being good or bad, but both being artful, and both offered for their experience.

In this same way, you orchestrate your developmental focus, incorporating the tragic and the joyous, for the experience. There are times when you orchestrate tragedy to experience the vitality of your being. This is not to say that what you view as negative or what you experience as tragic is more vital than joyous, but its intensity may be different; therefore the experience is different. You focus upon these experiences more. You are trying to “figure them out”; therefore they attract your attention. In this, view your experiences. Understand that you have created them for your own noticing, and view what you may extract from your experiences to further your development and widening.

You have asked me a very general question. I have offered an all-encompassing answer. If you are wishing for very specific answers, then I will be instructing you to be focusing and formulating very specific questions. I have reasons for directing you within specific areas. You choose to not focus specifically, therefore you do not deal with your issues. You hold them static. Therefore, it is equally important that you be able to formulate specific ideas and questions; to isolate your uncomfortableness. Therefore, you offer yourself the opportunity to be viewing these elements within yourself, which you are not viewing; for you incorporate this as easier to be “generally feeling badly” of everything, and not specifically of anything; but within this generality, you hold the conflict static within this regional area. If you are truly wishing to be moving through this issue more quickly, for you are moving, then I am suggesting that you ask yourself specifics. Are you understanding?

GUIN: Yeah. The only one, so’s I can just get specific, is an issue like, obviously, of some kind of fear with you.

ELIAS: This being generated, within dream state, by all of the individuals within our group; for you are all moving upon this wave, and you are approaching a wider understanding. You are familiar and comfortable with your limited understanding. You each incorporate a fear of unknown, beyond. I am unknown, beyond!

GUIN: Is that my anxiety about coming, and about not being here in the last couple sessions?

ELIAS: Partially. Partially, there is a very conscious knowing that within the incorporation of this group and connecting with Elias, you will push yourself to be facing issues. You are unwilling to be incorporating this. If you are not involved with me, you do not need to be involved with you; but you may only go to a certain point with me without involving you; and you are aware of this.

GUIN: I’m obviously at that point.

ELIAS: Then it is your choice.

GUIN: Okay.

ELIAS: I will be waiting, affectionately.

GUIN: Thank you. (Pause)

VICKI: I have a question. It’s a dream question. In my dream the other night, I spoke with you and you gave me a message for a little boy. I couldn’t interpret that for myself.

ELIAS: (Pausing) This being the message within the dream state; I am accessing. (Pause) Your question is of which interpretation?

VICKI: You gave me a message for a little boy that was in our company, regarding coming to the session tonight, and I just didn’t understand.

ELIAS: To be with me, to be involved within watching a game! (Vicki acknowledges; note here that Ron is snoring quite loudly, causing Elias to raise his voice a bit) These are symbols. The little boy you have already connected with, the little boy being Sophia; to which I was wishing to speak and anticipating this confrontation. The little boy was not wishing to be confronting this, this evening, and was wishing to be watching your (pause) Super Bowl ball game at home; and you were to be influencing, to be helpful in incorporating this meeting, this evening. A job well done! (Pause, then to Guin) Such scowls! We will discuss further. I will offer you specifics.

GUIN: I’ve just gotta figure it out first!

ELIAS: You do not need to be figuring out all of your answers; only your questions!

GUIN: Why is not good enough?! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: Why, why, why???

GUIN: Why does a kid step in a mud puddle? (Mouthing the words)

ELIAS: Exactly!

GUIN: Well, here’s one. Lawrence and I were talking, and we were discussing about a conversation that Michael and Lawrence were having about the connections of the fragmented essences from certain essences, such as yourself or Patel or Twylah; and Jim and Jeri and myself being fragmented from Twylah, and the only connection they saw was us all wanting to be our own business owners and yet having so much conflict in our own business, creating financial conflicts and others. Can you explain the similarities between the three of that? Is the conflicts the same?

ELIAS: Similar; this all similarly stemming from an untrustingness of self, a lacking of confidence and trust within each individual self, which all of these essences incorporates the sameness in. There is also very strong drive to be in control, so to speak. These are manifestations of your attempts to be directing of yourselves and in control of your situations, your focus. Therefore, you create situations to which you may be in control, but you incorporate much conflict, for you do not trust your own abilities within yourselves.

You are, in motivation, furthering your creation; not for yourselves, but for others. You do not create these creations from a knowing and confidence within yourselves, as an expression of yourselves put forth. You create these expressions as a partial expression of self, for approval. Within this objective, these creations are, so to speak, destined to be creating conflict; although, in clarifying, there is no destiny!

GUIN: So by gaining confidence and acceptance of ourselves, we’ll be able to uncreate the conflicts with our businesses, and have more successful businesses?

ELIAS: This is correct. Your motivation is what is creating your conflict. Your desire follows your intent; therefore the creation. Your motivation, in direction, deviates; therefore conflict.

GUIN: Does this happen to be a partial personality trait that was fragmented from Twylah, that happens to be in the three of us and not in anybody else in the group?

ELIAS: I will not express affirmative in this area, for this is perpetuating of your separation; to be in what you would express as “pigeon-holing” yourselves and identifying yourselves separately, as different from other individuals. I wish not to perpetuate these ideas, for this is untrue. Many individuals incorporate this same action, and are not fragmented of Twylah. Therefore, it is not isolated as an identifying quality.

GUIN: So it has something to do with Twylah, but not really?

ELIAS: Your connections have elements that are involved with Twylah. Your personality elements are connected with Twylah. Your manifestations are your own.

JERI: You look tired. Would you like to take a break, Elias?

ELIAS: I will be expressing that I will accept a slight amount more of your time for your questions, but I will be discontinuing. I do not experience “tired,” although the physical expression that Michael incorporates is within a weakened condition at present time. Therefore, I will be respectful of this, and be retiring shortly. Continue with your question.

JERI: Okay. I have a few. One thing I’d like to know, if I didn’t misinterpret, why would I create such a serious heart condition and the resulting things that I’ve gone through, problems I had with my angiogram, which were very serious at the time, and then resulting in a very major heart surgery. If we create our own reality, then I guess I created this, and I don’t understand why.

ELIAS: (Pausing) Are you wishing for answer within this forum?

JERI: Yes, if it wouldn’t be taxing to everybody else.

ELIAS: I am not being concerned with other individuals. (Very directly) I am concerned with you.

JERI: Yes, I would.

ELIAS: Very well. Partially, I will ask you to refer to the differences of symphonies, to which we spoke earlier; some incorporating very somber emotion, some being very joyous; both being the same in quality, only different within emotion. This is partially the reasoning of your creating of these issues.

Another reasoning in these creations is an issue of personal responsibility, to which you incorporate physical aspects of creation with your own expression; as a daughter, as a partner, as a mother. You incorporate within yourself a personal responsibility to others to which you may not live up to, for it is not possible, for you may only incorporate responsibility for yourself. Therefore, the frustration of not having the ability to actualize this responsibility creates physical symptoms. Your body is very attuned to your consciousness. It responds to what you direct.

Also, another element of this is your incorporation of attention; not for yourself. Many individuals create physical maladies for their own attention. You have created physical maladies to draw to you a certain type of attention, within a nurturing manner, to which you do not feel comfortable asking for. Therefore, you create these physical maladies to be obtaining what you need, within emotional supportiveness, without asking another individual to be expressing to you; for you feel, within yourself, that this would be inappropriate.

You are to be expressing strength and independence. Within this, it is inappropriate to be asking for nurturing and supportiveness, viewing these things as dependency, which they are not, but you have incorporated this as a belief system. Therefore, you create situations which allow you to accept other individuals helpfulness, within supportiveness and emotional comfort, without asking. You do not sacrifice your view of independence, and you do not ... (Pause)

Interference with Michael! Excuse me!

(To Vicki) This being ...

(To Jeri) I will finish this thought for you; one moment.

(To Vicki) This being an example, physically focused, of your book, of this essence being respectful of the individual incorporating this phenomenon being physically tired. Michael is impatient!

(To Jeri) In continuing, this allows you, within your belief systems, to be accepting without feeling undue dependency. If you are physically unable to be performing, then you are not responsible for the dependence; therefore this is acceptable to you. It is not necessary, for you each are, by nature, independent; but you each are dependent upon each other, within physical focus and within consciousness, for you are all interconnected. This is understood. You only, within your belief systems, believe that this is undesirable. You place a value judgment upon strength and weakness. You formulate belief systems around these ideas; therefore you create what you view to be undesirable situations, within your focus, to compensate for those belief systems.

JERI: So then I must change, or drop, or get rid of these belief systems, or I might continually create!

ELIAS: You will!

JERI: I hope I can do that. I must do that! I can’t go through that other stuff again!

ELIAS: Moving through issues, within your focus, you will not view to be easy; but when you are accomplishing, you will realize the effortlessness beyond.

JERI: Would allowing myself to ask for the nurturing and emotional support I need help me with this?

ELIAS: Absolutely! Do not be afraid of yourself. Allow yourself your expression. In denying your emotional focus, you block yourself. You create conflict.

JERI: One quick question, because I know you have to go. It has to do with my first successful mirror meditation last Tuesday, (Elias starts grinning) and one question was, was I correct in feeling your energy presence?

ELIAS: Yes. (Still grinning)

JERI: And I viewed my mother’s face so many times, so clearly, and I was wondering if it was because of a mother-daughter fragmentation, or perhaps because five days earlier I was informed that she fell down and broke her nose, and I felt so much pain for her and her inability to express whether she hurts or doesn’t hurt, because of the Alzheimer’s, and I wondered if I kept seeing my mother in this mirror meditation because of ... what I just said; mother-daughter fragmentation, or ...

ELIAS: I will express to you that your willingness for connection, and your concern, is a partial explanation, in allowing yourself to be open; but in actuality, as I have expressed previously, within this state of consciousness of transition, it is quite common for these individuals to be experiencing “out of body.” They travel quite a bit! Therefore, within the cooperation of your openness and the projection of her excursion, you have connected. This is what you have viewed. In this, you may be noticing this is not imagination and not merely what you think of as visualizing, although your visualization is quite reality; but this is an actual projection of an out of body connection.

JERI: On her part?

ELIAS: Correct.

JERI: I felt that she came to visit. I felt it very strongly. I felt like I could converse, to tell her that I was sorry, that I hoped she wasn’t hurting, and so forth, mentally. I felt there was something going back and forth.

ELIAS: This is correct. You may be communicating. Her desire to be communicating with you also is quite strong. Be understanding, though, that within this state of transition, her perception of your present state is not always accurate, for her viewing of you is all simultaneous. Therefore, within one moment she may be viewing you as you are manifest presently, or within the next moment she may be viewing you and interacting with you, speaking to you at your age of five; for she views you simultaneously. Therefore, your image changes continuously within her perception; so she may not always connect with what your are saying, but she will connect with what you feel.

JERI: And the indigo beams of light radiating between my vision and my mirror vision, was there a special significance?

ELIAS: This is merely a connection with color as radiated connecting with the essence of the game.

JERI: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Pause)

VICKI: Do you have any comment on our interaction with Kasha?

ELIAS: You may watch your probabilities. I have been in constant connection with Kasha, as also with Catherine, as I have expressed previously. Her desires are genuine. Her intention, not intent but intention, is positive; but she also incorporates blocks in fears, much the same as Sophia, to a greater degree.

VICKI: Do I need to be concerned about my uncomfortable dream regarding that situation last night?

ELIAS: No. This is another expression of what I was expressing earlier. Within this wave that you are all experiencing, you are all experiencing elements, within your dream state, of unknowns, uncertainties, fearfulness, conflict. You are moving into an area of unknown reality. In this, you do not know what to expect. This is being manifest within your dream state, for you are close.

(To Ron) And shall I make comment to Olivia, of entering into sacred space? You did not expect me to be leaving without comment of this! I may incorporate some territorialness still, within non-physical focus! I will be speaking to Michael of this also. We shall not be meeting at our pond if he is being unfaithful! (We all crack up, including Elias) And with this, I shall be leaving you this evening.

TOM: Good night, Elias.

ELIAS: I will be interacting with you soon. Au revoir!

JERI: Good night.

Elias departs at 8:46 PM.

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