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Friday, September 29, 2000

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ďTumold Intent and DirectionĒ

ďThe Language of ExperienceĒ

ďPredestined RelationshipsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Sherry (Seale).

Elias arrives at 12:54 p.m. (Arrival time is 15 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

SHERRY: Good morning!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And what shall we discuss this day?

SHERRY: Oh, Elias, thereís so much to discuss! Iím at a crossroads and I want to go in the right direction ... well, I know. Right Ė there we go again! There is no right or wrong direction, but I want to go in my most efficient direction.

ELIAS: Very well!

SHERRY: Okay, so letís see. This might be kinda rambling, but I would like to make sure, Ďcause Holden asked what my family was, my focus and name, and that made a lot of sense to me, and I just want to check in. That is right?

ELIAS: Yes, this is correct.

SHERRY: Okay, so my name is Seale, like the animal seal, yes?


SHERRY: Okay. I understood that connection, how seals are important to me.

Okay, my intent. I donít understand exactly how Tumold and Borledim work together, or what my intent is. I know Iím a change person, or people change all the time, or things change around me as soon as I get to anyplace, but I donít understand exactly ... I donít think I understand exactly what my intent is here.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you may allow yourself to be realizing objectively your intent by allowing yourself to pay attention to the entirety of your focus individually, and recognizing the consistent experiences and expressions of your focus throughout its entirety. You already have allowed yourself to identify certain elements that are consistent throughout your focus.

Now; in relation to the influence of these two families and your individual expression of your intent, you align with this family of Borledim.

Now; the family that you align with is the expression that you may view as more obvious within your focus. The family that you are belonging to, you shall notice, creates a type of consistent, underlying expression of direction throughout your focus.

In this, you express a direction of energy in a desire and function, in a manner of speaking, of allowing the natural flow of energy and the natural expression of all that is within your physical realm, which you hold a clear objective awareness of. You have allowed yourself to be interactive with individuals, with creatures, even with vegetation throughout your focus, and you hold an awareness of the natural expression and flow of energy of all of these manifestations. This is quite in alignment with the family that you are belonging to [of Tumold].

There is what may be deemed as an innate understanding, so to speak, of the manifestations within your reality, which extends not merely to those manifestations that you identify as living, for you also hold an awareness of the natural flow of energy of other types of manifestations within your environment, within your reality Ė the earth, so to speak, movement of water, mountains Ė those manifestations that you do not identify in physical terms as living, but that you individually recognize as consciousness, and holding a natural flow of energy. You allow yourself a recognition of this, and of your interconnectedness with it.

Now; this is complemented by your alignment in this focus of the Borledim, which concerns itself with what you may term to be, in your definition, the living aspects of your reality Ė the earth stock, the individuals, the creatures, the vegetation.

In this, the combination of these families have allowed you... (Elias pauses and chuckles, as there is a lot of traffic noise here) ...have allowed you the ability to be incorporating these qualities of these two essence families into your choice of an individual expression in association with your design of intent in this focus.

You incorporate the qualities of both of these families in a manner which allows you to be creating translations of communication between yourself and other manifestations within your physical reality. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: Iím not sure. So, I can relate how the animals are feeling and thinking and the impact our society has on them, Ďcause I can put words to the energy that comes to me and what theyíre saying?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

Now; be understanding that this is a translation, for the creatures are not expressing a projection of energy which is actual thought, in association with your definition of thought.

Therefore, the thoughts that you receive, so to speak, or the feelings that you receive from these creatures in communication are translated by yourself into thoughts and feelings that are familiar to you and identifiable to you, in very similar manner to the translation of one language to another language.

SHERRY: Okay, I think ... oh, brother. So this opens up a whole different realm of ... is that why Iím wanting to learn Spanish, is because I have that energy feeling or knowing that thatís what I am ... to communicate with all animals and people?

ELIAS: You are drawn to be incorporating this action of assimilating another physical human language, that you may allow yourself a fuller objective understanding of the mechanism of translation.

This is all an expression of your individual intent. Your intent is designed in a manner in which you are exploring your ability to be communicating and receiving communication through translations with other individuals, with creatures, with other manifestations of your physical reality, and in this, you allow yourself your movement into the expression of less separation and an objective understanding of the movement of your reality, the mechanics of it, so to speak.

SHERRY: Okay, so thatís why Iím drawn to write a book that will, in my definition, help a lot of people. Iíve had that drive for quite a number of years now.

ELIAS: This is your expression of sharing your exploration, which also moves quite harmoniously to your family alignment.

SHERRY: Now, how does Tumold ... thereís traffic here, so I might not have heard everything. How does Tumold fit in here, the healing part? Because thatís what Iím understanding. My understanding is, animals have come to me to teach me, or I have created them to teach me, about my healing ability or my healing connection. I donít have the words to explain whatís happening. I just know whatever I know.

ELIAS: Quite. In a manner of speaking, you are correct, figuratively speaking, but not in the definition of healing as it is widely associated with. You are not exploring communication with other manifestations in your reality to be ďfixing.Ē You are exploring communication, that you may recognize the natural flow of energy of all of these manifestations.

SHERRY: Okay, Ďcause right now I donít ... maybe I subjectively recognize the flow, but objectively, I canít see or understand it.

ELIAS: And as you continue in your pursuit, so to speak, in this exploration, you shall allow yourself more and more of an objective understanding.

SHERRY: Okay, that takes me into this. I have the opportunity to spend seven months in the woods in a 20-foot trailer, because Iíve been asking to do this wilderness study of plants and animals. So, would that be considered an efficient way of me doing more of this?


SHERRY: Oh, good! Thatís why itís happening and thatís why I asked!

ELIAS: This is what you are creating, quite purposefully.

SHERRY: Okay. Iím on the efficient side now! Great!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

SHERRY: (Laughing) Okay, this may jump around. What is getting in my way? Is it just a belief thatís getting in my way, of being able to put words to this or being able to see the energy?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, YOU are getting in your way, so to speak, for you are already creating the movement of translation, but you are attempting to be fitting that translation into words. You are attempting to be translating that language into your language.

Now; this be the reason that the incorporation of another human language is beneficial to you, for this allows you a different avenue of experience, in which you shall allow yourself the recognition that the action of participating in the language is not necessarily to be translating it into your language, but merely to be engaging in that language.

SHERRY: Merely to what? I missed that.

ELIAS: Merely to be engaging in that language, in the other language, and not attempting to fit it into your language.

SHERRY: Oh, good! So again, Iím creating more efficiently by getting back into being involved in the language of Spanish?


SHERRY: Oh, great! This is so exciting!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

SHERRY: Iíve had so much struggle in my life that itís nice to know that I am understanding about efficiency!

ELIAS: And you are, for you are creating this quite purposefully!

SHERRY: Okay, so ... I got sidetracked here. So the Tumold part, the healing part, itís not so much that I do it consciously. I mean, Iím not supposed to be getting into helping people unblock anything, or having them recognize how they are not creating efficiently. Thatís not my thing.

ELIAS: Correct. Your movement is not to be dictating to other individuals, but to be allowing yourself to view what other individuals are creating and how they are creating in their natural flow of energy, and recognizing the areas in which other individuals are attempting to be or wishing to be ďfixingĒ of some aspect or some expression within their focus, and your expression in relation to them shall be helpful in allowing the communication that there is no element within their reality that is broken. Therefore, there is no element that needs be fixed. It is merely a redirection of energy that shall allow the free flow in the natural expression of their direction. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: Um-hmm. Thatís why I donít want to do counseling anymore, because I didnít think it was very efficient.

ELIAS: HA HA! Quite! Ha ha ha ha!

SHERRY: Oh, I got it Ė I got it! This is so exciting!

Okay, I would like to know ... I donít believe in business cards, but people keep saying that. I kept thinking people would come. I mean, I donít think Iím very efficient at creating financial abundance. So I was thinking, if I have to use business cards, then what I want to use is something that is individually mine, like my color signature, but I havenít been able to figure out what the design of that is. Is there any way you can help me with that, or get clear about it?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, that within this present now, this is an unnecessary movement. You are allowing other individuals to express a direction to you, and in a lack of trust of your direction and your own voice, you are incorporating the dictates of other individuals.

I shall express to you, trust in your own voice and your own direction, for you are quite efficiently and purposefully creating the direction which is fulfilling of your desire.

Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to be creating other expressions that other individuals deem to be more helpful to you. You are already creating quite efficiently without this incorporation of helpfulness.

Now; futurely, if you are so choosing and if you are prompted within yourself to be creating of this physical expression, you shall know, through your own impressions, what is the most efficient expression to be imaging in this manner.

Presently, this is unnecessary. Presently, your attention is directed in other expressions, not in what you term to be physically, ďadvertisement of your wares.Ē (Chuckling)

SHERRY: That was good! (Laughing) Well, good! That takes care of that conflict!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

SHERRY: Okay, can you help me with, what was the imagery ... okay, not the feather, Ďcause I asked about whether I was a real healer or not, and I wanted to have a feather, and then I got that feather, but I think ... I mean, it wasnít my imagination. But did I create that by myself, or did I ask for it and it was given to me? And then what was the Native American? I still donít know what that connection is, the man that I saw in my dream.

ELIAS: I may express to you that the creation of the feather is yours. You have offered this to yourself in validation to yourself, as an expression of imagery to be reinforcing of your knowing. This is an expression in objective imagery that reinforces your trust in self and your expression.

Many times, I shall express to you, individuals create physical imagery merely to be reinforcing their own expression of self, and in this type of creation, you allow yourself more of a trust in objective manners, for you allow yourself to view physically your own abilities in what you term to be amazing manners. Therefore, if you may be amazing of yourself, you may also allow yourself to trust your abilities. In a manner of speaking, it is a type of experimentation in physical manipulation of energy, which you have allowed yourself to be expressing.

As to the identification of the other individual, this is another focus of you, which may offer a reinforcement to you if you are allowing yourself an objective recognition of that focus and investigation of that focus. This be the reason that it is encouraged, for that particular individual creates similar types of experiences and movements as do you.

Therefore, it may be encouraging, so to speak, to you, and it may be reinforcing to you in your expression of trust of yourself, as you allow yourself to be exploring that focus. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: I donít know if I understand focuses so well. I mean, this is a part of me? That part I donít understand. Somehow, Crazy Horse was involved in this, and I donít even get it. I mean, I donít know why that name kept coming up, but from the pictures Iíve seen of him, it wasnít the picture of the person in the dream.

ELIAS: For you are not this individual. You are another individual. This is the aspect of your confusion. You are associating with a focal point in that identification of that Native American, but I may express to you that you hold a focus of another individual.

SHERRY: Okay, so itís not Crazy Horse.

ELIAS: Quite.

SHERRY: Okay, but is it another Native American during that time?


SHERRY: Oh, great. It isnít Black Elk, right? (Pause)


SHERRY: Oh, great. Okay, is this a well-known person?

ELIAS: Not within the identification of historical figures, so to speak, but this individual is associated with historical figures.

SHERRY: Okay, so itís not like a famous person, but itís like sub-famous? Oh, great. How am I gonna figure that out?

ELIAS: By trusting yourself and listening to yourself, and allowing yourself to relax and allow the images to present themselves to you. You hold quite an adequate ability to be accomplishing this action.

This is your exploration and investigation of you Ė and your translation of you Ė in very similar manner to your interaction that you engage with other individuals and with creatures. Apply to yourself the same type of action in connection with energy that you allow yourself to engage with your environment.

SHERRY: Yeah, but I donít even know how I do it. Thatís what I mean. It just happens.

ELIAS: Quite, and so shall this.

SHERRY: Oh, okay.

ELIAS: You need not be performing a method. Merely allow yourself to relax and allow your expression of a natural flow of energy, and you shall provide yourself with the information.

SHERRY: Okay. Well, maybe thatís why Iím going to this trailer in the woods, so I donít have a lot of distraction.

ELIAS: Ah! And I shall be quite acknowledging of you in this revelation! Ha ha ha ha!

SHERRY: (Laughing) Okay, I am very confused, as Iím sure you know. I do not understand my connection to George. Part of that, I think, has helped me in not having judgments Ė it was very painful Ė but I donít understand if Iím still supposed to be connected to him, or if thatís a good thing, or if weíre counterparts, whatever that is. I mean, I really want to understand that part, with me and him.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, you have allowed yourself to engage in this relationship quite purposefully. This offers you another avenue of exploration.

It offers you the opportunity to view a difference in perception of individuals within your species. It also offers you information and an opportunity to be recognizing the differences in expressions between yourself and other manifestations within your reality, other creatures, which shall be helpful to you in your objectification of your translations of your interaction.

Now; you do not engage counterpart action with this individual. You have drawn yourself to this experience, that you shall allow yourself to engage in interaction that is, in a manner of speaking, foreign to your experience and understanding.

Once again, you are engaging the action of presenting to yourself an exploration of foreign aspects, and allowing yourself the translation of those foreign expressions. Speaking another language, engaging another language such as Spanish, is the engagement of what you identify as a foreign action. Interaction with your creatures is an action of translating foreign communication.

Interaction with this individual has been an exercise in another type of foreign communication, which expands your periphery and widens your awareness objectively, and therefore is beneficial within your experience in allowing you more of an incorporation of understanding, not merely of other individuals, but also of creatures that appear at times to be exhibiting strange, unusual, or unacceptable behavior. (Pause)

SHERRY: Okay ... so I didnít understand that at all, in terms of my relationship with him. Is it efficient to keep it going, or no? Is that more efficient, or....

ELIAS: I shall offer to you, this in actuality is your choice. I am expressing to you that it has been efficient and beneficial to you that you have created this experience and this interaction.

Now; choosing to continue or not continue in this experience and interaction is your choice. It is no more beneficial or less beneficial to be creating either choice.

You may continue if you are desiring to continue, for it offers you information as to differences and it offers you the opportunity to practice, or you may not continue, and you shall not be creating a less beneficial movement. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: Oh, brother. No, thatís not helpful. (Laughing) I mean, yes, I understand what youíre saying, but I donít think that was my question, then.

ELIAS: Let me express to you quite simply, it matters not which choice you engage. One shall not be more purposeful or more beneficial than the other. It is merely a choice of preference in this now.

SHERRY: Okay, then let me put it this way. You probably already know this, but let me put it into words Ďcause maybe itíll help me understand what Iím really asking. Heís the first person Iíve met that I really felt like I could love. Do you know what I mean? I recognized his energy from somewhere, like Iíve known him. I feel like Iíve known him a long time, and I donít understand that ... or weíve known each other in different ways. Do we have other focuses, or what is the connection here, and why donít I just let it go? He felt also that thereís something else underlying between us, and he doesnít understand it any better than I do.

ELIAS: You are correct. You DO share other focuses together. This is what I am expressing to you: it is your choice to be continuing or not to be continuing.

In this, I am expressing to you that it is a choice of preference. It is not predestined. It is not fate, which allows for no choice. It is a choice of preference.

You have allowed yourselves the recognition of interconnectedness. You do share other focuses together, and if you are so choosing to be exploring of those focuses and identifying those focuses together, you may incorporate that action.

What I am expressing to you is that you are not fated to each other. You are allowing yourselves, each, to draw yourselves to each other, quite in alignment with your individual directions and your individual intents....

SHERRY: Okay, thatís what I felt like. So, youíre saying that itís not more efficient or less efficient. Well, what is the problem? I mean, is it ... I donít know what the question is. Itís like, okay, when I came here, I knew that ... I mean, I understood. Well, maybe thatís what I understood, about the no more separation, and to me, meeting a man that I could love totally on all levels was my way of understanding that, and I thought that he was that person. Am I not correct in that thinking?

ELIAS: I am not expressing that you are incorrect. What I am expressing is not to be confusing yourself in the direction of the belief that you are destined to this choice, but rather allowing yourself to be freely accepting of your choice, knowing that it is the acceptance of a preference. You are freely choosing. You are not locked. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: Well....

ELIAS: There are elements of your relationship with this individual that you have already expressed within yourself, in wonderment as to whether you be locked into the choice of this relationship for it is fated to be, and knowing that there are aspects of this relationship that are confusing to you, and at times create conflict, correct?

SHERRY: Yes, thatís the problem. I think, I must be an idiot! What am I doing here?

ELIAS: Now; this is what I am addressing to. For in this, I am expressing to you that you are not locked into this relationship with this individual. You may choose to be continuing in relationship with this individual in preference and as a free choice, but not as an expression of destiny that you do not hold a choice within, and therefore you hold an obligation to be continuing within conflict....

Vicís note: Here, the telephone disconnects, and Elias chuckles. Mary returns at 1:41 p.m.

MARY: Hello? (Pause) Oh, not again! Okay, the operator is gonna talk to me again. I hate it when this happens! (Ha! Mary turns the camera off, waits for Sherry to call back, and resumes the session.)

Elias arrives at 1:44 p.m. (Arrival time is 9 seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing! Ha ha ha!

SHERRY: (Laughing) What happened?

ELIAS: Brief interruption! You have created a projection of energy in an expression of frustration, and have been interruptive of our communication. Ha ha ha ha!

SHERRY: My frustration?

ELIAS: It matters not. We may continue.

I shall express to you that my offering of information concerning this relationship is merely an expression of reinforcement and reassurance to you that you do hold free choice in this situation.

In choosing to be continuing in relationship with this individual, you shall offer yourself beneficial experiences. In choosing not to be incorporating a continuation of relationship with this individual, you shall also create beneficial experiences. It matters not.

Therefore, you may be expressing the freedom of choice merely in preference, not obligation.

SHERRY: Okay, I think I understand that part, but what I donít understand is, why are we having so much conflict?

ELIAS: For you, in a manner of speaking, incorporate different languages; not in orientation, but in experience.

SHERRY: Okay, so can you tell me, what is his ... can I give him that information? Okay, so heís common?


SHERRY: Okay, so what is his family? ĎCause I thought maybe if I understood that, I would understand him, and he said before that he would like to know, but he didnít know how to do it, based on where heís at now. He doesnít have the freedom to do that so readily.

ELIAS: Quite. I may offer this information to you.

But also, I shall express to you in this moment, you may allow yourself to view this physical imagery of the creation of a lack of physical freedom Ė and your creation of more physical freedom Ė as another aspect of imagery to yourself, in the difference of language of experience that each of you creates. Are you understanding this?

SHERRY: Yes. Heís looking at differences because he thinks Iím an idiot, because he canít see Iím out of that world because itís not his experience, what Iím talking about, so it seems foreign to him.

ELIAS: And his experience[s], in what he creates in certain aspects, are foreign to you!

SHERRY: Well, right.

ELIAS: And this is the point of why you draw each other to this situation and this relationship.

SHERRY: So we can learn from each other how judgmental we are, or how weíre not open to hearing anotherís reality.

ELIAS: You may also allow yourselves to BECOME familiar with another individualís reality and perception, and how they create within their experiences. Therefore, it is an opportunity.

I shall offer information to you of essence name and family of this individual. Essence name, (pause) Starrly; S-T-A-R-R-L-Y. (star-lee) Essence family, Sumari.


ELIAS: Sumari. Alignment....

SHERRY: Wait, I didnít get the family. Can you spell it?


SHERRY: Oh, okay.

ELIAS: Alignment, Zuli.

SHERRY: I got it right; the physical. Okay, I thought so. But I thought ... he does things repetitively, repetitively, repetitively, even when they seem like theyíre destructive and he gets in trouble. I thought that was Sumafi. Am I wrong?

ELIAS: No, you are correct that the action of repetitiveness is a quality that is exhibited by this Sumafi family.

But let me also express to you, individuals belonging to this essence family of Sumari may appear objectively to be repetitive in some types of creations, but their repetitiveness is a different type of expression than that of the Sumafi.

Individuals that are of the Sumafi family create an action of repetitiveness as a type of automatic expression. This allows individuals of this family to not be concentrating attention in the expression of method, but rather in the expression of message, so to speak.

In the action of repetitiveness that many Sumari individuals create, the attention is focused upon the method. It is, in a manner of speaking, a type of experimentation in a particular subject matter.

The repetitiveness is created in slight variations. It may appear surfacely or objectively that they are continuing to be repeating certain behaviors or actions or incorporations of directions, but in this, each repetition, so to speak, of the action is altered in varying degrees, for the attention is focused upon the method Ė not the message, but the incorporation of the action, and how the action may be incorporated in variation, but in continuation of the same theme, so to speak. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: I think so. Iím getting a little tense because I only have a couple minutes. Is there something ... because he keeps saying he canít stop himself. He canít change his thinking, although he wants to. You know what heís there for. So, is there something I could say to him from you that would help him with that?

ELIAS: You may express from myself Ė not from yourself Ė that my offering of information as to this statement and identification is that he is choosing to be continuing to create the role of victim, and the payoff of this creation is that he may allow himself not to express responsibility for self, and as he continues to be expressing that he is victim, he shall continue to create the repetition of the action.

SHERRY: Oh no. Just what I thought. Okay. Well, thank you for saying itís not from me, Ďcause heís gonna say this is from me, as you well know.

ELIAS: Quite, and I am expressing that you may offer this information as an expression of myself, not you.

SHERRY: But do you think heíll hear it? Because he doesnít even believe in entities like you, remember?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, the information shall be received, regardless of the objective outward expression. The energy is projected and it shall be received.

In this, it is already being received. It may not be objectively assimilated presently, but this is of no concern. It is....

SHERRY: But thatís why I feel like ... I mean, I know that in one sense, he acts like objectively he doesnít care about anything, but something on the inside of me listens to the inside of him. Itís like a different language, and itís like, I know that he needs to hear this, or he really wants this information....

ELIAS: And let me express to you that this is the aspect of your intent Ė not to be expressing the information to this individual or to any other individual to be ďfixing,Ē but to be listening and to be accepting and to be offering information through example.

Your job is not to preach. Your intent is to be helpful through acceptance and translation.

SHERRY: Okay, so the translation ... maybe getting Iím confused, because I thought the translation was in seeing whatís not working, like the repetitiveness, and stating that this is what Iím seeing in terms of the victim role, and that you need to be choosing ... that itís more efficient to choose differently, or to choose what it is you really want.

ELIAS: Ah, and I may express to you, listen to yourself and to your objective words, and allow yourself to identify the judgments that are expressed in what you are communicating.

Your intent is to be helpful through acceptance and translation, not through identification and judgment and dictating to another individual how to be ďfixingĒ what is assessed to be broken, for there is no element that is broken and there is no aspect that needs be fixed.

Therefore, the expression is to be accepting that this is the choice of the individual, to be creating this role of victim and to be perpetuating that within their perception, and in the acceptance of that, there is a recognition that it needs not be fixed, and it is the choice of the individual to continue or not to continue in that creation.

SHERRY: Okay. I think Iím getting it objectively. I mean ... do you know what I mean? Iím having some trouble with it, but I think itís becoming more clear.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

SHERRY: But thank you very much. I donít want to go over, for Mary. I really appreciate this, and Iím so excited to know Iím doing things efficiently! I will be talking to you again, hopefully, if I work on creating more abundance!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And so you shall, my friend! And I shall continue to offer energy to you, and encouragement, and you may allow yourself to be recognizing of my expression of energy to you, which shall be offered freely.

SHERRY: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I express to you tremendous affection, and offer to you in lovingness, au revoir.

SHERRY: Thank you.

Elias departs at 2:02 p.m.

Vicís note: I just have to comment on Sherryís use of the words, ďOh, brother.Ē Mary and Cathy both say this, and their individual inflections are hilarious! Thanks for the memories, Sherry, and I mean that in more than one way. :)

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