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Monday, February 12, 1996

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Participants: Mary (Micajel), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and Cathy (Shynla).

Vic’s note: This session was requested by Ron and Vicki in response to Mary’s conflict, which caused her to cancel our regular session on February 11. Note also that Ron terms this a “pyramid session.”

Elias arrives at 6:56 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening.

VICKI: Good evening.

ELIAS: Much conflict! (Grinning) And, you have questions!

VICKI: Yeah. The basic one being, what is the major malfunction? (Laughing nervously)

ELIAS: In actuality, there is no malfunction.

VICKI: Well, that’s good to know!

ELIAS: (Smiling) I have explained elements of this situation and this phenomenon with you many times. What you are forgetful of is that within your time element, this is a new process. Many changes will occur within this process, and they will be quite affecting. I have tried to be expressing of these issues with you to be keeping you abreast of the situation, but unfortunately, there also exists a lacking of communication in the area of my translations to you. You are not always understanding of what I am expressing. Therefore, when issues arise, you are somewhat unprepared. Note, you are somewhat unprepared; for although you do not quite understand what I express to you, you do take into your consciousness the information. You do identify and you do respond, to a degree. Therefore, even when you are not quite understanding what I am expressing, it is still registering with you.

There were many elements to which I was going to be directing to at our session. This did not “play out” with your probabilities. Therefore, it will be “played” at our next session. There is much information concerning your shift and yourselves that is still undelivered. These things will be helpful to you in your present and future experiences. (Pause)

VICKI: Why is Michael having a problem with the other members of the group?

ELIAS: He has not quite connected and identified the conflict. In actuality, he is not experiencing a problem, so to speak, with individuals within our group sessions. It is an issue with energy. It is an issue of confusing energy; this being what he expresses to be “overwhelming.” This word he uses frequently, to be expressing of a feeling to which he cannot identify. This feeling is a noticing of energies. It is a combination of all energy of all the individuals within our group, and also the energy of essences non-physically focused. This combines to create an “energy swirl,” (looking at Ron) which he feels he may not consciously identify, but he feels this swirl of energy, and he feels its radiating and rotation, which spins. It moves, and in this movement he feels his consciousness being swept into this swirl. This is unfamiliar.

He has experienced slightly already, during our session time, this experience. At our last meeting, he was experiencing this swirling. He was expressing of his noticing of this motion of energies. He was identifying partially with this, but he holds himself away, for he is fearful that he will allow himself to enter into this swirl of energies, and he will lose his own identity. This is a quite valid fear. (Pause)

You are moving into an area of consciousness to which you are widening, to be realizing of elements of your shift. Therefore, your consciousness is incorporating a wider vision of yourselves. In this, your immediate focus feels threatened. This is normal. I have expressed to you previously that within your future times, you would be experiencing many elements of widening that you would not be able to interpret and you would not understand; this being why I was introducing to you inner senses, to be helpful to you within your understanding. Partially, Michael has incorporated these inner senses; and without this practicing, we would be speaking no more. (Emphatic pause)

There are many elements of your shift that your individual physical brains are preparing for. I have expressed to you of neurological pathways. These are not concepts. These are actual neurological brain workings within your physical manifestation; actual impulses within your physical brain that are, in their way, widening and opening to incorporate more information; just as your vision also will change, and is already changing. Your ability to see more than you saw before is occurring, for your senses are being heightened in response to these openings. (Pause)

The explanation of your shift is difficult, but it is also quite related to this present experience. The reason also that Michael incorporates a comfortableness with certain individuals and not others is directly related to this also, in an understanding of the pyramid; which we have not discussed yet, which we will discuss within your future time.

Many issues are difficult for me to express to you within this area. You do identify, within yourselves, certain elements that you know already to be true. You already possess a recognition of some elements. You are beginning to open your remembering. In this, you will be connecting more readily and more often; this being the expression also of Ron and Shynla connecting. It matters not that your physical locations are apart. Your consciousness is not separated. You will be connecting regardless.

Within this same element of connection, Michael and Lawrence will automatically be connecting quite strongly, as you do this anyway. You will be incorporating this more. You will find yourselves physically expressing the same actions in slightly different manners.

(To Ron) You have experienced this in connection with Shynla. (To Vicki) You experience this with Michael. Eventually, the four will experience this with all four. You are beginning. View yourselves as newly awakened babes. You are barely beginning, but you have already incorporated the connections. In this, there is an inner knowing within each of you.

Michael incorporates this phenomenon. In this, in order to be accommodating of this phenomenon, he opens his consciousness within the forum of our sessions, this being why he feels these energies. He is recognizing, as do each of you, the pyramid, which is your “safety zone,” so to speak. Many changes are occurring. Within only your pyramid, you may be experiencing changes and you may be feeling quite safe. Outside of this, you may experience a threateningness.

You each do not open your consciousness to this extent with other individuals. Therefore, you do not experience the swirl of energy. In this, it is compounded with the rememberings of the shift, (to Ron) you are correct, to be creating an overwhelming situation. It is quite natural for Michael to be expressing fearfulness. I will say to him that I, also, am present. I will not be allowing, in accordance with our agreement, other energies to be disturbing of his consciousness. It is safe.

VICKI: Well, I would have to ask then, if these other individuals and these swirls of energy are so affecting of Michael, should we unincorporate these individuals for a period of time?

ELIAS: This would be Michael’s choice. It is not necessary for me. It is Michael’s choice. You have asked me previously, within the beginnings of our sessions, “Who shall we incorporate within this group?” I expressed to you, “Michael will know.”

VICKI: Well, he’s pretty confused about it right now! I know that!

ELIAS: Express to him this information that was offered previously. Within this “lost session ” (grinning) (1) incorporates an underlying theme, that of trust of self. I have repeated this theme quite often. He offers himself discussion within his dream state, to be confirming to him that he needs fear not. You may not move toward your shift without terrifying yourselves, unless you are trusting of yourselves.

VICKI: You did say earlier that this is a valid fear that he has, of losing his identity.

ELIAS: I will express that within this statement, I acknowledge the validity of this fear; that it is quite reasonable that he will identify in this manner. He is quite strong, as are you each within this forum. This is no accident that you are together. You each incorporate a tremendous self-identity. Therefore, you may move into areas where you may feel that your identity may be threatened, but in actuality, you are strong enough to hold your focus.

VICKI: And there are individuals who are not strong enough?

ELIAS: This is correct.

VICKI: And they would lose their identity???

ELIAS: Temporarily. (Pause) It is a relative situation, for it is relative to physical focus. Within essence, you will never lose your identity; but what you know and recognize, within physical focus, may be threatened. I would not speak to all individuals in this manner, for not all have the ability to hold the focus.

You do not understand what you face. You do not understand the multidimensionality of all of what I speak. You do not understand of the immenseness of what you view to be concepts! These are realities; and as many times as I may express to you that your universe that you view dwarfs in comparison, they are only words, and you do not grasp their reality ... but you will!

VICKI: And our expression of sadness the other day, I just want to make sure I really understand, Ron was correct in that sadness being expressed as a remembering, a partial remembering, of the shift??? (Incredulously)

ELIAS: (Smiling) And Lawrence asks this, not understanding at all!


ELIAS: This is correct ... although Ron does not understand either! (Pause, smiling, and then “winking” at Vicki) Lucky guess!

VICKI: When you get that sad and you’re not used to being very sad, it’s a really good thing to be able to understand something, or attach it to something.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you are Seers! In this, you also hold great compassion and caring for this entire race within this dimension. You are moving into an area of wider awareness. I am aware that I repeat this often, but you are not understanding my words! Within this “knowing” of the Seers there are moments, within your moving in consciousness, that you connect. In this connection, you are realizing of the movement in consciousness of all individuals.

This is a difficult process. You are moving away from a religious focus. Whether or not any of the individuals within our group understand their indoctrination with a religious focus or not, they are indoctrinated. You all incorporate a religious focus. You will move away from this, but this creates trauma.

Your connection, within consciousness, was no different from Shynla and Ron connecting with glass. You and Michael have experienced a connection of a remembering of this shift. This is being brought about by the moving through and into the wider area, where you are approaching. (Long pause, with Vicki starting to cry)

VICKI: I would like to be more helpful with Michael with the fear issue. Do you have any suggestions?

ELIAS: You may be supportive, and you may be asking Michael what he is wishing to be alleviating of his conflict. He holds the answers. He holds the choices. He is aware that he has choices. He only chooses not to be viewing these, for he continues with his issue of personal responsibility. He is viewing other individuals, and feeling a responsibility to these individuals. He may continue in this direction if he is wishing, but he may also discontinue temporarily, if he is wishing. It is his choice. He owes no responsibility to other individuals. You incorporate enough responsibility for your own essences! (Pause) This is a difficult issue with Michael. I will be willing to project that the most probable response will be that he will continue. He is not quite ready to step through this stream! (Smiling) Therefore, he will be encountering conflict.

It may be slightly helpful to be expressing that the swirl is real. You may also express to him, if you are wishing to be helpful, that within our session times, if he is incorporating conflict with this time period, each of you together possess the ability to provide a layer, so to speak, of energy, to be a buffer. This does not require tremendous concentration! (Humorously) It is not necessary for you each to be meditating, and thinking very contemplatively! (Grinning)

You may project, through directness and being focused, an image which will create a buffer zone, so to speak, which will allow energies to be slightly removed; therefore the affectingness will be lessened. It will not be affecting of essence energies, but it will be affecting of physically focused energies; therefore lessening the swirl a little. (Pause)

VICKI: And regarding this alignment that you’ve been talking about, is this affecting of Michael at the present time also?

ELIAS: This has been in alignment for a time already, with your time frame. It waits.

VICKI: And is there a fear involved in that?

ELIAS: Absolutely!

VICKI: And that is part of the fear.

ELIAS: This being also quite normal. I am quite sure that each of you would be experiencing an element of fearfulness if you would be sitting within your room, and suddenly you would be expressing of information not in your vocal tones and not from your thoughts, but hearing through your ears! I will dare to say to you that this would be more frightening to you than a whisper! Although Michael will not hear through his ears, he experiences; and he will conceptualize. There will be interaction within energy and consciousness. Therefore, an experience will be occurring. He will eventually move to a position of allowance ... when he is tired! (Grinning)

VICKI: He just doesn’t know, an allowance of what? I can hear him saying that right now! (Laughing)

ELIAS: He may view that what he is allowing is no different than yourselves, for you are Seers, and what wishes to connect is Seer. (Pause) He, as you also, will be realizing. It will not be so much words transmitted that will be affecting, but you each will receive a vibrational tone, which will be affecting. We may say, it will be your mortar putting together your sides of your pyramid. (Pause)

VICKI: Oh, I understand now! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Smiling) You do not ... but you will! We will be discussing your pyramid further. It was necessary that you be experiencing your connections, and understanding the extent of your connections; which, until recently, was only idea, and now is becoming reality. I may express to you, within words, over and over; but without your own experiences of connections, you will not be incorporating my words. (Pause) Is this sufficient?

VICKI: Yeah. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome. You may be expressing to Michael that I will be speaking within session times! I will offer him his word to be encouraging, and allowing him safe passage; for I have much to explain. We have moved into the area of discussing our shift, and essence families. There is much to cover. I will be interacting with you quite soon.

RON: I just want to ask when we’re gonna make our movie?

ELIAS: And we have attained your attention! (Laughing) Shall you build our set?

RON: I’d love to!

ELIAS: We are still within negotiations of who shall be director. I obviously incorporate the focus of the writer, but may be also the producer! (Grinning) We shall get back to you!

RON: We’ll do lunch!

ELIAS: Quite!

RON: Thanks, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Good evening.

Elias departs at 7:46 PM.


(1) The lost session referred to here is #34 from 1995.

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