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Saturday, October 21, 2000

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“It Matters Not What You Create”

“Elias’ Monotonous Droning”


Participants: Mary (Michael), Carter (Cynthia), Cathy (Shynla), Deane (Leland), Elizabeth (Dikto), Geri (Abel), Hal (Andrew), Jan (Mona), Katie (Muriel), Ken (Connor), Lisa (Yaulyn), Ron (Olivia), Sharon (Camdon), Vic (Lawrence), and seven new participants: Antone (Aix), Buddy (Zindu), Iris (Avln), Ken, Kinara (Wyvernn), Liz, and Rosie ... and by proxy, Debi (Oona). And oh yeah, Elias.

Vic’s note: Cathy is sitting right next to Elias, which is a first!

Elias arrives at 9:05 p.m. (Arrival time is 27 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Grinning)

GROUP: Good evening! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Welcome to new essences this evening. Welcome to Shynla this evening! (Much laughter) Ah, physical proximity!

CATHY: Yeah!

ELIAS: Dangerous!

CATHY: It is, very! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This evening, I shall open the forum to your questions, and you may offer your concerns or confusions this evening ... or you may choose to be exchanging in playfulness! (Grinning at Sharon, and everybody cracks up)

SHARON: Thank you, Elias!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome! (Chuckling) Therefore, I open to you all. (Pause) Ah! Or not! (Much laughter)

BUDDY: Actually, we’re in Alabama, and everyone would’ve understood it better if you’d said y’all instead of you all....

ELIAS: Ah! (Laughter) Difficulty with dialect. You may present the opening, if you are so choosing! (Grinning at Buddy, and there is a short pause, and everybody cracks up)

LISA: C’mon, Buddy! You know what you want to ask.

BUDDY: Yes, I would like to ask if ... I understand I’ve had 912 focuses, and I would like to know whether I’ve been anyone that’s name would be recognizable in any of those focuses.

ELIAS: Yes. (Grinning, and everybody cracks up)

BUDDY: Was it a good person? (Laughter)

ELIAS: This would be up for interpretation! (Grinning)

BUDDY: Well, who was I?

ELIAS: Ah! And may you not express to myself, who are you?

BUDDY: Well, I’m Zindu.

LISA: You know who you are.

BUDDY: I don’t know.

ELIAS: And shall you not investigate and discover?

BUDDY: How can I do that?

ELIAS: You may allow yourself a calmness and a relaxation, which shall open your energy. Allow yourself to defocus your attention.

BUDDY: Right now?

ELIAS: Within this present now and within your focus as you know it objectively, your attention is intensely singularly focused upon this you. Your attention holds to that identity quite strongly ... as do you all. This allows you a clarity in your identity. This is what we term as focusing your attention.

In this, as you allow yourself to defocus your attention – allow yourself to relax your energy and thereby defocus this singularity that you hold in this one identity – you shall allow information to be moving into your objective awareness.

It may appear to you initially as imagination. It may appear to you as suspect; that you are contriving this information. But I shall assure you that you shall offer yourself valid information as to other aspects of yourself, other focuses of yourself.

Let me also express to you that as you draw to yourself certain identifications of what you term to be notable individuals throughout your history, you do this purposefully. It is not random or accident.

You may draw this information to yourself, as you may be interconnected physically with that individual and participating physically within a focus in conjunction with that individual. You may be that individual. Or, you may be drawing yourself to a specific individual, as you resonate with their tone or their world view.

Therefore, in any situation that you draw information to yourself that you may deem to be imaginary, you are offering yourself this information purposefully, and you shall benefit from this information.

Accessing information concerning other focuses of your essence is not as difficult as you perceive. Ahem. (Glancing sideways at Cathy, and everybody cracks up)

BUDDY: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Chuckling)

CATHY: Okay....

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (Much laughter) Yes? Proceed!

CATHY: Oh, I’m going to! All the information that you’ve given about being of the intermediate orientation ... the last session I had with you, if I’m correct, I interpreted it to be that I do this subjectively, and maybe I’m not aware of it. But the only thing that rings in my brain, and it could be my beliefs – heck, I don’t know! – is how you used to always encourage me to do TFEs and explore other focuses, and then I got kind of a mixed message when you answered me in my last session.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

CATHY: Cool! Elaborate! (Laughter)

ELIAS: I have encouraged you, Shynla, earlier to be engaging these types of activities, for this has encouraged you to move in an objective direction, and allow you to practice objectively in the expression of trust of yourself.

Although this has created many obstacles in this situation ... which is quite understandable, in actuality, in consideration with your orientation, and other individuals of this orientation experience similar actions, or what you term to be blocks. But it also offers you a turning of your attention objectively to YOU.

CATHY: Okay.

ELIAS: In this, you may not be objectively accomplishing the same action that other individuals are accomplishing, in visualization or scenarios that you offer to yourself in connection with other focuses. But it DOES turn your attention objectively to yourself, and motivates you to be exploring self and holding your attention upon self objectively, and not distracting yourself to the extent as you have previously, in turning your attention outwardly to other individuals or in comparison with other individuals.

You hold your attention in defiance and determination upon yourself, which is purposeful, and as you create that action, you also allow yourself to discover other elements of yourself, other abilities. You discover more in familiarity with yourself, and as you and I have continued in discussion, I have also offered you more information in different manners, as I recognize that your attention is not so focused upon other individuals or upon circumstances, but is genuinely turning to you in an exploration of you.

Now; I have also discussed with you your ability in dream state and your movement and your objective memory of what you engage within dream state, and in this state, you DO offer yourself information concerning other focuses and other aspects of yourself, which you are quite aware of.

As to an identification of “more” in conjunction with other focuses ... which does not objectively interest you!

CATHY: True! (Laughter)

ELIAS: But were you to be moving in this type of expression, I may offer you more information in a different avenue than what I may offer to some other individuals, for your expression is different and you access information differently. Individuals that hold this orientation of intermediate are accessing information of this subjective movement continuously.

You express, you do not know; you do not understand. The reason that you express this is that you are merely DOING.

The information concerning other focuses is to be found in what you are doing; not necessarily in the creation of visualizations or impressions in the manner that other individuals access information from impressions, but through what you are creating within your daily movement, which speaks to you in your impressions.

You understand through what you are creating. You view yourself, you view your imagery, you view what you present to yourself in imagery, and you allow yourself an understanding of what you are connecting to.

CATHY: Wow, that was really profound! (Everybody cracks up)

ELIAS: Thank you! (Grinning)

CATHY: You’re very welcome! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: And you may continue to attempt to catch me, Shynla, and I shall continue to elude you! (Grinning, and laughter) Ha ha!

CATHY: Okay. Well, yeah, it was a nice save, ‘cause I was wondering what you were gonna come up with.

ELIAS: HA HA! One point for the save! (Much laughter) Ha ha ha ha!

CATHY: Well, I hope you were very CLEAR, because you were looking at me the whole time, and Vicki won’t get to see your lips.

ELIAS: Ah. (Dryly)

CATHY: So I hope you were quite clear.

ELIAS: Was I quite clear? (Humorously)

CATHY: Well, you were to me, in my perception!

ELIAS: Very well!

CATHY: And that’s all that matters! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Correct! (Chuckling)

CATHY: I’m done.

IRIS: (Eagerly) I’m so anxious ... I mean, I’m ready to ask some questions! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Very well!

IRIS: My name is Iris, and this is my first time to see you, and I want to know my name and family and essence qualities and intent ... and anything else! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Essence name, Avln; A-V-L-N. (ave’lin) Essence family, Milumet; alignment in this focus, Borledim; orientation in this focus, soft.

As to your intent in this particular focus, you have chosen to be expressing an exploration of self in relation to the expressions of consciousness which you perceive to surround you.

What is meant in this is that you explore, not in comparison but merely in observation, the expressions of other manifestations of consciousness – creatures, environment, that which you identify as vegetation, plants – all of these are expressions of consciousness. It may be rocks, it may be a brook, an ocean, a mountain, trees – it matters not – all of the expressions of consciousness and how you may be interactive with those expressions of consciousness, recognizing the contribution of all individuals within your physical dimension in their creation of all of these manifestations of consciousness.

For in the expression of the Borledim, your influence of qualities moves to the noticing and the appreciation of the human species and their expression of creation in this physical dimension. But in the expression of the Milumet, you also recognize the lack of separation, and incorporate that into your exploration of expressions of all types of consciousness and your interaction with them.

IRIS: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

IRIS: So I’m not crazy, talking to rocks, huh? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: I shall say not! (Grinning, and more laughter)

KINARA: Elias, could you do the same for me? My name is Kinara.

ELIAS: Offering of essence information, yes.

KINARA: Thank you.

ELIAS: Essence name, Wyvernn; W-Y-V-E-R-N-N. (wee’vern) Essence family, Sumari; alignment in this focus, Ilda; orientation, common. (Pause)

As to the identification of your intent, I shall challenge you to be exploring. Allow yourself to look to the common expression that exists throughout your focus. Allow yourself to recognize the similarity in direction that has been expressed throughout your experiences, throughout your focus. In this, you shall allow yourself to identify your intent.

For your intent is your direction, what you have chosen individually and uniquely to yourself in this focus. It is influenced through the qualities of the essence families that you are belonging to and aligning with, but you individually create your own direction through your own choices, and therefore not creating a mission and not creating a purpose in alignment with the beliefs of your times, so to speak, but all that IS purposeful in your exploration.

KINARA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

LISA: I’m dying to ask a question! (Laughter) Okay, so....

ELIAS: Shall you disengage presently? (Everybody cracks up)

LISA: (Laughing) No, I didn’t mean that! Maybe next focus! All day long, people have been describing Sumafis as these anal people. (Everybody cracks up)

ELIAS: (Humorously) Interesting identification!

LISA: And this is not my experience, but I have a great love of surprise and creating surprise for myself, and so I’m curious where that expression comes from, if we Sumafi are so programmed ahead of time, pre-programmed and anal and....

ELIAS: Ah, you are not pre-programmed! This shall create the lack of free will and choice. You are not destined in any manner, and you are not....

LISA: So we prefer being anal? (Everybody cracks up)

ELIAS: At times! (Grinning, and much laughter) Shall we express that you hold an interesting attention to detail!

LISA: Yep!

ELIAS: This is not to say that you do not present yourself with surprise! I may suggest to you that in interaction with other individuals of this family, you shall once again surprise yourself at how often they surprise themselves also! (Chuckling)

LISA: I have one more question.

ELIAS: Very well.

LISA: Is this surprise thing central to my intent?

ELIAS: And I shall express the question to you – is it? (Laughter)

CATHY: You go! You go, Elias! (Everybody cracks up)

ELIAS: (Big grin, and to Vic) Enter one point from Shynla to Elias! (Much laughter)

(To Lisa) What is YOUR impression?

LISA: Oh yeah! I think I love surprises!

ELIAS: And what is your impression concerning surprise in relation to your intent? (Pause)

LISA: I don’t understand! (Laughter)

CATHY: That’s okay! I’m there too! (More laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) How shall you define surprise as an aspect of your intent in this focus? What is the interplay of surprise in your intent individually? What is its direction? What is its design?

LISA: Well, it seems to be ... it’s like weaving through time. It seems to be all about no separation, and discovering that in a bunch of different ways.

ELIAS: Therefore, define your intent to me ... inclusive of surprise! (Grinning)

LISA: Exploring no separation through creating surprising experiences. Does that work? (Laughing) It can’t be that easy!

ELIAS: Ah, once again, surprise! (Grinning, and much laughter) In the simplicity of your direction! (Laughing)

LISA: Okay. Do I get a point? (Everybody cracks up)

ELIAS: (To Vic, humorously) Enter one point – recognition of intent in simplicity! (Laughter) We shall be creating many new categories within our game, shall we not?

VIC: Yeah!

ELIAS: Be not forgetful of the category of Elias and my expressions.

VIC: Absolutely.

ELIAS: Unique to myself ... which may be acknowledged by Shynla! (Much laughter) (To Cathy) You have appeared!

CATHY: Yeah...?

ELIAS: Did you hold an expectation that I shall not be playful with you? (Chuckling, and everybody cracks up) Continue, continue!

ANTONE: May I go next, please?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

ANTONE: I so choose, thank you. I feel like in many ways that my entire life has led up to this night being the crossroads, and where to go from here ... I don’t even know what I want. I’d like for you to tell me whatever you think might be helpful to me in choosing what direction to go in the future, and if you want to include something about my intent along the way, I wouldn’t object! (Laughing)

ELIAS: I may express, you have presented yourself with quite a challenge, have you not?

ANTONE: I certainly have!

ELIAS: Coming to a crossroad, and not recognizing the crossroad!

ANTONE: Well, I think I recognize that it’s a crossroads, (Elias chuckles) but I don’t know if I can see all of the variables from which to proceed.

ELIAS: Ah. (Pause) And how do you identify your crossroad?

ANTONE: I could go in many different directions, from disengagement to fulfillment of my wildest dreams, but I’m not sure that I believe anymore that my wildest dreams can be fulfilled.

ELIAS: Ah. But you are not choosing disengagement.

ANTONE: Well, I’ve thought about it, but I don’t think so.

ELIAS: I may acknowledge to you presently, you are not choosing disengagement! (Grinning)

ANTONE: Okay, good! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Therefore, you have eliminated one avenue!


ELIAS: (Chuckling) And in this, the question to be addressed is the fulfillment of your abilities, or the recognition of your abilities.

ANTONE: Some would say that I overestimate my abilities! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah, and in this, do you believe that this is possible?

ANTONE: No, I don’t. I believe that I have a pretty realistic assessment of my abilities.

ELIAS: Generally, do you believe that one may overestimate their ability?


ELIAS: Do you believe you may overestimate yourself?

ANTONE: In relation to what?

ELIAS: In relation to any aspect of reality.

ANTONE: No, because I don’t believe that with the proper frame of mind, that there is any limitation, to myself or anyone.

ELIAS: Very well. Therefore, you place no limitation upon yourself...

ANTONE: ...except when I’m afraid.

ELIAS: And in connection with the limitations that you place upon yourself! (Grinning) Therefore, you are expressing two beliefs in opposition to each other – that you hold no limitations, except when you are placing limitation...

ANTONE: ...on myself. (They both chuckle) Well, that’s what I’d like to know. How do I remove the belief that I limit myself with? Because I know it’s myself holding myself back.

ELIAS: Intellectually.

ANTONE: Intellectually, yes. Emotionally is always a different story with me!

ELIAS: I may express to you that you may begin in allowing yourself to be genuinely recognizing your beliefs, and recognizing the camouflage that you present to yourself, which is not in actuality what you believe, (pause, smiling) but it is the projection of the facade of what you WISH to believe.


ELIAS: In this, you DO believe that there are limitations upon your abilities. You occupy physical focus within a physical dimension, and in this, you believe that you also are incurred with physical limitations. You WISH to believe that there are no limitations. I may express to you, there ARE no limitations, but you do not believe this, (grinning) and this creates limitations.

Now; in this, I may speak to you for much time framework, and you shall continue to believe that you hold physical limitations, to the point that you express validation to yourself that you may accomplish, that you are not overestimating your abilities.

For although you may express intellectually that you may not overestimate your abilities, I may express to you presently, you do believe that this is arrogant, and therefore it IS possible to be overestimating your abilities, and the expression of that overestimation is bad ... and you are quite not alone in this expression! (Grinning)

For I may express to you that every individual present this evening also holds this belief, that there is a limitation to what you may create, and that you must be holding yourself in check, that you do not become arrogant, or that you do not allow that expression of self that you identify as ego to run away with you.

These are the beliefs that create obstacles and obstructions in your movement, and in your allowance of yourself to BE expressing your abilities. In actuality, you DO hold the ability to be creating whatever you may imagine.

You are not occupying a lower plane. You are not within physical focus as a punishment or as a learning experience, that you may move to a more enlightened plane. You are already enlightened. You already hold all of the information that is possible to be held, for you are already all of consciousness. Therefore, what shall you not accomplish, except for what you express to yourself that you cannot?

In this, ALL of you express limitations.

Now; I may express to you that you may begin to be moving these obstacles and obstructions from before you, in a manner of speaking, by genuinely familiarizing you with you, becoming aware of your beliefs in genuine expression; not merely in theory or in concept, not merely within thought, but become familiar with yourself in all of the expressions of you.

You lean in the direction of identifying yourself and thinking that you are becoming familiar with you through thinking. Thought is merely one avenue of communication that you possess. There are many, many, many avenues of communication that you express and engage in this physical focus. You have created many types of expressions that offer you communication continuously, but you do not pay attention, for you are busying yourself paying attention to your thinking, and your thinking moves into analyzation and into dissection and into philosophizing, and you distract yourself, and you do not pay attention to the other expressions that are offering you information.

The two aspects of communication that you pay attention to the most within physical focus are your emotions and your thoughts. These are tremendous avenues of communication, but they are not the only avenues of communication.

In this, your beliefs, figuratively speaking, if being viewed in similar manner to entities in themselves – the aspects of your beliefs as we express them in analogies of birds within bird cages – they are quite cunning, and they know your thoughts and your emotions also. YOU know your thoughts and your emotions, and you, through your beliefs, know quite well how to be manipulating your thoughts and emotions to be confirming and reinforcing what you believe.

Therefore, it is a circle. The manner in which you step out of the circle of this perpetuation is to become familiar with you, to recognize the beliefs that you hold; not merely those that appear surfacely, but as I have expressed this day also earlier, what motivates the expressions of these beliefs, for what is motivating of the surface expression of beliefs are underlying beliefs. Beliefs influence beliefs, and beliefs influence perception, and perception creates your reality, period.

Therefore, as you become aware of your motivation of your beliefs and what is underlying the surface expressions ... and I am not speaking of your science of psychology and your “subconscious” expression!

I am speaking of your objective awareness, but that aspect of your objective awareness that you are not paying attention to. It is quite obvious. It is quite expressed within all of your focuses, but many actions, many elements are expressed within your focus that you pay little or no attention to objectively. They are automatic actions. They are automatic responses.

In this, you express that you face yourself with a crossroad, that you know not which direction to proceed within. You create difficulty and challenge in viewing and creating choices if you are not allowing yourself the objective recognition of what your choices are, and you allow yourself to view your choices by becoming familiar with you, not with all that is outside of you.

This is quite changeable imagery. It may change moment by moment, and it matters not. For you may create any expression of imagery outside of yourself, and you may change it momentarily, and it shall all be beneficial. It shall all be purposeful.

It matters not what you are creating outwardly. This is imagery that you are creating. In a manner of speaking, it is the illusion. It is the game.

What holds significance is you and the manipulation of your perception, and the recognition that your perception IS creating your reality, and the KNOWING that you hold choice. This is a powerful instrument, and also may be one of the most limiting, in the lack of recognition that you hold choice. (Pause)

Therefore, my friend, go forth! Seek your choice! Familiarize yourself with you. Allow yourself to identify what is the object of your desire, not merely your want. They are different. (Pause)

ANTONE: I guess I don’t understand the difference between the want and the objective desire.

ELIAS: Your desire moves you. Your desire moves your manipulation of energy through your beliefs and influences your perception and creates your reality.

You do not always create what you want! (Grinning, and much laughter) You ALWAYS create the object of your desire.

ANTONE: Really! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Desire is not necessarily the expression of pleasure or what you like objectively, but your desire shall always move you in the direction of creating what is beneficial to you and what you seek within your exploration of this physical dimension.

You may choose to be creating that in not a pleasurable manner. You may choose to be creating that expression in a manner that you find distasteful. These are expressions of your beliefs. This is not to say that your choice is not beneficial or that it is not purposeful.

You wish me to be offering you a direction. You shall offer yourself a direction, for you are the only individual that may offer your direction!

ANTONE: So you’re saying that how to decide what I want is to be investigating me. (Elias nods) But it also sounds to me like you’re saying that by the manipulation of thought and emotion, that I think I’m really investigating myself when I’m really not.

ELIAS: At times, yes, you are correct.

ANTONE: Well, then how do I stop that?

ELIAS: By allowing yourself to become familiar with you, not merely one aspect of you.

Shall you be familiar with the entirety of your physical form and its functioning if your concentration is continuously focused upon your foot and its function? Shall you understand objectively and be familiar with all of the other aspects of your physical body form if all you are paying attention to is your one foot? No, you shall not. You shall be unfamiliar with that which is intimately you, for your attention is focused in one area.

This is not to say that all of the other functions of your physical body form cease, that they shall not continue. They shall, and they shall be functioning quite objectively and quite available for your attention, if you are allowing yourself to turn your attention from your foot to other areas of your physical form.

In like manner, you hold your attention between two expressions, thought and emotion, as your means of communication – your means of input of information and your means of output – and in this, you are not paying attention to all of the other expressions that you are creating that continue to move and function, but do not gain your attention. Therefore, you are not familiar with you.

Let me express to you, my friend, this is quite a common expression within many, many, many, many individuals throughout this physical focus, and I may express to you once again, every individual within this forum this evening experiences this same expression and are all quite unfamiliar with themselves in very similar manner to yourself, for all of you create a focus of attention singularly.

You express to yourselves that you know who you are. You know what you are. You know what you want ... and you express great confusion why you do not create this! “I know my direction. I know what I want. I know how to accomplish what I want. Why do I not create what I want?” For you do NOT know, for you are not paying attention.

You are paying attention to illusions. You are paying attention to projections future, you are paying attention to memories past, which are not now, and you create your reality NOW; not then, not then, but NOW.

You project your attention outwardly to your environment, to other individuals, to interactions, to circumstances, to situations, and these are distracting, and in this, you do not pay attention to you. Even within the time frameworks that you THINK you are paying attention to you, many times you are not paying attention to you. You are paying attention to what is occurring TO you, in your perception, or what you may be participating within, but not what YOU are choosing, what YOU are creating, what you are DOING. (Pause)

For your attention is outward, and the difference is to be turning your attention inward. I have expressed this many, many, many times, (laughter) and this appears to be quite simplistic.

And I may express to you also, many, many individuals express to me, “Elias, why shall you speak so long?” (Everybody cracks up) “Why shall you elaborate so often upon these concepts? Why shall you DRONE?” (Everybody cracks up again) “Why shall you not offer us the simplicity of an answer?”

And I express to you the simplicity of the answer – turn your attention within – and you express, “And what shall you mean in this? Elaborate upon this!” (Much laughter) “Expound. Continue. You may drone now.” (More laughter)

This IS the answer. It is merely the challenge of allowing yourself to move beyond the block of your perception, which is held very tightly in its singular direction. But in allowing yourself to move EVER SO SLIGHTLY in your perception, you alter a tremendous amount in your reality. (Pause)

We shall break, and you may continue with your questions shortly.

(To Antone, grinning) Continue! You shall be encouraged with my energy. (Chuckling)

ANTONE: Thank you. (Laughing)

BREAK: 10:05 p.m.

Vic’s note: Wow. I can’t believe that was only an hour!

RESUME: 10:47 p.m. (Arrival time is 20 seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing!

VIC: I have a question. The last time we talked, we were talking about group creations, and basically what you said was, they don’t exist in the definition that we hold presently. So I’d like to pick that ball up and run with it, and ask for a redefinition of group or co-creation.

ELIAS: As I have expressed, the idea of co-creation, in your definition, is quite similar to your definition of group creations, which in actuality is not what is occurring. For in these concepts that you present to yourself in relation to objective imagery, you develop a definition that many individuals – or a few individuals – may be creating one direction together in relation to each other, that you all are moving in a common expression, which in actuality is not the situation.

Even in those expressions that appear objectively to be group creations, that many, many people are participating within, each individual is creating their own expression of imagery.

Now; individuals may be creating some similarities in their expression, which creates a movement in energy that lends energy to each of the individuals through the power of collective energy in similarities, but not necessarily in direction.

Now; I have expressed previously that at times, groups of individuals may choose to be expressing a similar direction purposefully to be creating a statement, so to speak, en masse. This is also created within other expressions of consciousness, not necessarily limited to your species.

At times, your creatures may also be collectively choosing an expression of direction, which IS a collective action, to be expressing a point....

VIC: Like the mad cow disease thing.

ELIAS: Correct. which there is a cooperation of many expressions of manifestations collectively, which are projecting energy in a specific expression of direction to be creating a mass statement for the attention objectively of other masses, and to be beneficial to all within consciousness.

But you confuse these types of actions and classify them together with other actions that surfacely appear to be group cooperations, which are not necessarily.

You may choose similar imagery in numbers. This is not to say that these numbers of individuals that are creating similar objective imagery are cooperating in one direction commonly, or creating an action of a statement, or creating a collective action for their collective noticing.

This type of action [of individual creation] is expressed much more often within your physical reality. It is much less commonly expressed that any form of consciousness shall collectively cooperate in a common direction to be creating a statement.

VIC: Much less, you say?

ELIAS: Yes. This is much less common.

We have spoken of actions such as your choices to be creating many similarities in physical expressions. This occurs not merely in those obvious creations that you recognize, such as your flus or your epidemics of dis-eases, but you may be noticing many times within your objective imagery, many, many, many individuals may be creating very similar imagery within a specific time framework.

Each of those individuals are creating their own direction. They are creating imagery that is specific to themselves for their own noticing; for their own reason, so to speak. It may appear objectively, outwardly quite similar to many other individuals, but each individual is creating their expression individually.

Now; at times, the reason that you choose imagery that appears very similar is that you may be individually creating your imagery with little effort.

For in the actual recognition that there is no separation, that you are all interconnected, that you are all one expression, if you are creating many expressions of very similar imagery, it requires less energy expression, which frees your attention to the reason of your individual creation. You do not distract yourself as intensely with the actual creation as you do in holding your attention in your identification of what you have created and why you have created.

In our example of the expression physically of individuals that create the symptoms of a flu, many, many individuals create this outward expression within a similar time framework. It appears objectively that they are all participating in a mass movement, that you are all creating the same imagery in relation to each other.

You have incorporated this belief so strongly that you even believe that you communicate this virus or influenza to each other – you “exchange” it with each other! (Almost incredulously)

In actuality, each individual is creating their individual, unique expression of it, but in this, you create very similar symptoms. This allows you to pay less attention to the symptoms than to what you are creating and why you are creating.

Individuals that are all creating this influenza within a particular time framework are not concentrating their energy upon the actual creation of the influenza. They are not concentrating their energy upon the symptoms. They are concentrating their attention upon what their payoff shall be in creating these symptoms and what they shall gain by the creation of these symptoms.

And as you create these symptoms in mass type of expression in similarity to each other, you create a movement in energy which allows the expression of energy – which is all you, without separation – to move automatically without a concentration of attention. As you create imagery that is expressly different from other individuals, you concentrate much more of your individual energy upon the actual creation and movement of energy. It is, in a manner of speaking, more difficult.

It requires more of your attention to be creating express differences in objective imagery. It requires attention to self in that expression of individuality. You do not require yourselves to be paying attention to self in the expression of common creations, for you lend energy to each other, in the movement of that energy, to be creating it without attention.

(To Vic) You create the imagery that you have chosen and designed in relation to the transcriptions for your reasons. (reference #626)

Now; let me express to you, all that is required to be creating the similarities is for one individual to create a difference.

You have created an expression in which originally, so to speak, your concentration was upon you. Your attention was upon you.

Now; other individuals may view that imagery and may choose to also create similar imagery, for there is an automatic recognition that if you are choosing similar imagery, it may be created in much more of an ease, for there is already a movement of energy created. The movement has already begun.

Therefore, it is unnecessary to hold your attention as intensely and individually upon the expression of the outward imagery. Therefore, other individuals also have chosen to be creating what appears to be a cooperation with you in creating imagery in relation to these transcriptions. It is easy.

Any of these individuals may choose any other type of expression to be offering themselves information that they choose to be noticing, or to be moving their attention into a specific direction.

This is not to say that they shall pay attention to what they are creating or that they shall investigate or question what they are creating, but they are creating an attempt to gain their attention through objective imagery. This is not to say that YOU shall pay attention to what you have initiated, but you have created an attempt.

In this, as each individual chooses what they wish to be expressing to themselves ... which may be expressed quite simply, and for the most part IS quite simple in its expression. It merely appears complicated, for you complicate it by analyzing all of this complex imagery, which in actuality IS quite simple!

They may choose any means to be gaining their attention, but I have expressed to you many times, you magnate to ease. It is a natural expression to you. Even in difficulty, you magnate to ease! Therefore, in what you complicate or what you create in difficulty, you also choose avenues of ease to be expressing it! (Laughter)

VIC: I’m not sure I understand entirely, but partly what you’re saying is that in a situation of, say, shared imagery, part of the reason that each individual chooses to create that imagery in that time framework is to be lending energy to the ease of ... what? The creation itself?

ELIAS: They are already lending energy to the ease of all of the creations of imagery in similarity. This is not the “reason” that they are creating their individual imagery.

Each individual creates their imagery for their own individual noticing and their own reason, and each individual holds differences in their reasons, which we have established. They merely choose a method, so to speak, which creates an ease. It allows for more freedom of attention, for it requires less attention to be projecting the actual imagery.

VIC: So then part of like the redefinition of the term ... in my definition then presently, I assume a reason. If I see what I think is a group creation, I automatically assume that there is some sort of reason for it. Are you saying that that’s really not the point, because each individual has their own individual reason....

ELIAS: Correct.

VIC: There’s not a group reason for it.

ELIAS: Correct.

VIC: Okay, that’s part of it. I get that part.

ELIAS: It is merely an ease in expression. It is not necessarily an expression of “reason,” so to speak, or “meaning,” as you term it, in the objective imagery itself.

VIC: So then part of my definition that might be changing is that I kind of also assume ... when other people join in on a creation that I notice or am a part of, I do pay attention to the other people that are doing that, and then I like go into all these areas of trying to figure it out and trying to explain it to myself, and that’s all the complication of it, because in actuality ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VIC: ... the imagery is self-created.

ELIAS: Correct. This IS a complication.

VIC: And that’s part of the redefinition, is uncomplicating it.

ELIAS: Simplifying ... which is quite difficult with ALL of you, (laughter) for you are so very fond of complicating!

VIC: Yeah. Initially it sounds even more complicated, but I kinda get it.... (Laughter)

ELIAS: In actuality, it is not quite complicated!

SHARON: So there’s a great ease in expressing dis-ease. (Pause)

ELIAS: At times, yes, you are correct.

FEMALE: Does the energy create like a template? Do you know what I mean? And that’s why it flows so easily to a common manifestation?

ELIAS: Abstractly, in a manner of speaking.

In a manner of speaking, in a small analogy, it may be likened to yourself powering a boat. You have directed this boat and set its course to pull you through the water, and along the way, many other individuals are attaching themselves to your boat also, for it shall pull them through the water easily also, rather than create their own boat and have their own boat pull them through the water. Why shall they expend the energy and create another boat, as they may attach themselves to your boat and allow it to pull them through the water? (Much laughter throughout this)

Their reason for being pulled through the water is their reason. Their destination is their own. It may not be the same destination as you. They are merely attaching themselves for the ride temporarily. (Grinning, and laughter)

SHARON: And they’re skiing!

ELIAS: Quite! (Laughter) Therefore, many individuals are skiing upon your transcriptions! (Grinning, and laughter) Each with their own direction and their own reason, to be offering themselves each their own information.

HAL: Elias, some time ago, you had talked about four focuses – I guess I’ve got it right – religious, political, thought, and emotion. I haven’t heard anything more on that, and I was wondering, could you please elaborate on that, and which one of those would I be and would Geri be, and is that particularly significant? (Cathy cracks up, and then everybody cracks up)

HAL: I didn’t make the boat! I’m just riding along! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) And Shynla is powering the boat! (Much laughter) And becoming the engine! (Chuckling)

I shall express to you this evening that I shall be offering more information as to the clarification of these four aspects of expression, which are chosen in conjunction with personality as an individual manifests within this physical dimension.

Each of these are a choice. I may express to you, in like manner to orientation, each of these is not an objective choice.

These are choices that are created in relation to a particular manifestation, in relation to the intent of that manifestation, and how they shall direct the energy within a particular manifestation to be accomplishing that intent in the manner that they choose to explore.

(To Hal and Geri) I shall express to each of you, you are both emotionally focused individuals.

I have expressed, for the most part, of these four expressions, emotional focus is the most commonly chosen by essences as they choose to be physically manifest, in like manner to the orientation of common, which is offered its name in description, that it IS the most common orientation chosen within any particular time framework of manifestations in this dimension.

Second to emotionally focused is the expression of thought focused individuals, which is less common, but is more common than the other two expressions of political focus and religious focus.

Political focus and religious focus are NOT defined by your definition of these terms, just as what I have offered to you in information concerning orientations, [which] are not defined in what you associate as sexual orientation, in your definitions. The definitions that I have offered to you are different.

These expressions move in conjunction with the personality type, which is chosen by the individual focus, and which moves in the most ease in relation to those personality types. They are, in a manner of speaking, a function. They are different from orientation, for they are not a hue of perception.

HAL: Not?

ELIAS: Not. They are a function of intake and output of information.

In a manner of speaking, they are a function of how you process information – how you input to yourself and how you output from yourself in information – and in that process, which manner you shall express more strongly and which avenue you shall express more easily, more naturally, and in actuality, first.

The expressions of political focus and religious focus are different from emotional focus and thought focus, and these two are much more uncommonly expressed.

Individuals that are politically focused do not express through what you identify as thought or emotion initially, although it may appear that they lean more in the expression of thought. But it is not a thought focused process of information.

Politically focused individuals are focused within their process of information in collectivity. They process information through a collective expression; which I may express to you presently, within this present group of individuals, there are none of, and therefore, the expression is quite foreign to you and may be quite difficult for your objective understanding.

Religiously focused individuals may be somewhat easier for your objective understanding, for you do hold somewhat of an objective understanding of what you term and define as intuition, which you also view as different from emotion.

Individuals that are religiously focused process information, intake and output, through a mechanism similar to impression, but not entirely in the same design as impressions. You all engage impressions. This would be a similar process to intuition, but it is not an expression of intuition. It does not require thought, and it is, although closer to the expression of emotional process, it is not emotional process. It does not engage emotion.

Now; recognize that each of these processes – or mechanisms for processing information – does not exclude the engagement of those mechanisms in every other individual, for all of you possess all of these expressions. One is dominant. The dominant expression, the dominant mechanism, is that which is the most familiar to you and the one that you process through first, the one that is the most automatic to you and the one that you listen to more intently.

Individuals that are emotionally focused trust their emotions. They trust the expression of their emotions. They do not discount the expression of their emotions quite as readily, for these are familiar to them. They have allowed themselves the expression of acceptance and trust of this particular mechanism and form of communication with self.

Individuals that are thought focused trust thought. They move much more quickly in the direction of the intellect and processing through thoughts. They may be suspicious of emotional expressions.

Vic’s note: Here, Elias grins and everybody cracks up, as Cathy and I have been giggling at the “thought” of somebody actually trusting their emotions! (We are both thought focused.)

ANTONE: But not necessarily, right?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Many times individuals that are thought focused shall be trusting of emotional expressions; many times as they experience those in intensity.

ANTONE: Well, when you said earlier that I was paying attention to my thought processes and my emotions, that’s why I said they are not necessarily exclusive. Is that right? Because apparently, those are the two I’m paying attention to....

ELIAS: You ALL pay attention to your thoughts and emotions, regardless of which mechanism you process through initially. These are the two most dominant expressions of communication that you engage within physical focus. Therefore, regardless of which mechanism you choose in manifesting of these four, you all engage and pay attention to thoughts and emotions, for they are dominant.

In like manner, as I have expressed previously, to your outer senses, you all pay attention to your sight. You all pay attention to your hearing. These are dominant outer senses.

Those of you that choose to be engaging your attention in relation to inner senses ... although you all hold them and you all engage them, some individuals choose not to pay attention to them. But those of you that do pay attention focus your attention upon your empathic sense as dominant to the other inner senses, and you shall engage that inner sense much more often.

You are very singularly focused, and in your focus of attention, you choose singular avenues of dominance in every area of your expressions in which you shall pay attention more closely. This is not an indication of whether you be an emotionally focused individual, a thought focused, a politically focused, or a religious focused. What is an indication is how you process information, what your initial intake is of information.

At times, this may not appear clearly to many of you, for you may think that you are intaking information through thought first, for this is how you associate. But I shall express to you, most individuals process initially through emotion. It may not appear to you strongly, but you FEEL first. You may think within a moment subsequent to the feeling, but the feeling is first.

The other indication is what you trust. Individuals that are emotionally focused lean in the direction at times of being suspicious of thought – that their thoughts are confusing them, that their thoughts are expressing to them convolutions, that they are deluding themselves. What may be trusted is the emotion. Your GUT (emphatic pause) shall express the truth to you when your intellect is attempting to confuse you.

Individuals that are thought focused shall express that emotions are merely confusing the situation! (Laughter) They are interrupting their thoughts. They are an annoyance. They attempt to be paying little attention to these annoying feelings that are convoluting them and distracting of their thought process.

Individuals that are thought focused also lend little attention to other individuals’ emotional expressions ... OR wants. (Laughter)

ANTONE: You say, people that are thought focused.

ELIAS: Correct. Individuals that are emotionally focused concern themselves with other individuals’ emotional expressions. You shall be mindful of other individuals’ feelings as an emotionally focused individual. You shall consider other individuals’ emotions.

This is not to say that emotionally focused individuals at times are not considering of other individuals’ feelings, so to speak, and this is also not to say that thought focused individuals are oblivious to the feelings of other individuals, but their attention is not centered in these manners. Thought focused individuals’ attention is centered within thought. Emotionally focused individuals’ attention is centered within emotion.

Religiously focused individuals’ attention is centered in an expression other than intuition, but similar to intuition. This in actuality is the genuine expression of processing information through feeling, which is different from emotion.

LISA: Well, we do have religiously focused people here. (Elias grins and starts to say something...)

CATHY: In your perception! (Laughter)

LISA: Just checking! (Laughing)

CATHY: In your definition! (Laughter)

LISA: So what do we think about everybody else? (Laughing)

ELIAS: What DO you think? (Grinning)

LISA: I think they’re all wacked! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! (Grinning)

LISA: I think they’re all an annoyance! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) None of those emotions OR thoughts matter, is how I feel. Like you said, very different from emotion.

ELIAS: And what is your definition of how you feel?

LISA: It’s a vibration.

ELIAS: And shall you....

LISA: I don’t know – it’s partially physical, and it’s partially thought, and it’s partially emotional. I don’t know.

ELIAS: And what is your definition of emotion? (Pause)

LISA: I think there’s like an intention ... with emotion, there’s an intention of interaction.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.


ELIAS: Many expressions of emotion are quite singular and held to the individual, and not necessarily interactive with other individuals.

LISA: Okay, then what is the difference?

ELIAS: What you are expressing – a vibration within yourself physically is a quality of emotion.

LISA: Okay.

ELIAS: A responsiveness within a combination of your yellow energy center, your blue energy center, and your indigo energy center, in vibrational quality interacting together, create what you interpret as a feeling, which you assign terms to. You assign words to be describing of these emotions. Emotions may be expressed in a myriad of manners, and you may assign many, many terms to define the quality of expression of these emotions.

Feeling is not a vibrating within you. It is a sensing, in a manner of speaking. It carries with it no physical action. It also is not defined and has not been defined within your language. It is a type of knowing. It is a calmness. It is a sensing of “other,” of energy which is recognized as different from what is familiar to you. Feeling may more accurately be described within your language as a sensing, which does not engage emotion, but also does not engage thought. All of you engage this action. This is not to say that all of you process your information of input and output through this manner.

LISA: But trusting that sense is an indication.

ELIAS: If this is the dominant trust.

LISA: Right. What about intensity? Does the fact that somebody experiences great emotional intensity mean that they’re emotionally focused?

ELIAS: Some individuals may be experiencing tremendous intensity of emotion and not necessarily be emotionally focused, but they are not expressing their communication to themself or to other individuals through this manner.

Let me express to you, an individual that may be politically focused or thought focused may experience time frameworks of tremendous intensity of emotion, and their interaction with another individual shall be a description of that emotion. Their sharing with another individual shall be an analyzation of that emotion, and a tremendous attempt to be expressing in language the quality of the experience.

An individual that may not be thought focused or politically focused may not necessarily express that type of analyzation of the emotion, but merely express it. They may offer a brief explanation at times, feeling it necessary to be offering an explanation of why they are expressing an intensity of an emotion, but they also shall offer the emotion itself more freely and not question it, and also not attempt to be justifying or explaining that emotion as extensively.

For there is an expression in that emotion which is comfortable and familiar and trusted, and there is an association and an expectation that other individuals shall recognize that also.

In like manner, [with] thought focused individuals, there is an association and an expectation that other individuals shall understand the lack of expression, and shall not question.

Offering yourselves interaction with each other and an allowance for recognition of these different types of expressions may be valuable to you in widening your awareness and offering you more of a comprehensive understanding of each other in differences, and therefore eliminating the threat of difference and allowing you a clearer avenue for acceptance.

I shall be accepting of one more question, and we shall be discontinuing this evening.

KATIE: I have a question. I’ve been noticing and talking with other people involved in the forum, those that have heard tapes of sessions of yours, and they all seem to hear you quite differently. You seem to have a different accent to everyone individually. I was wondering if you’d comment on that.

ELIAS: I may express to you, every individual hears and perceives and assimilates differently. You are all highly unique and you all perceive through your own lens, and in this, whatever hue you are viewing through is the hue you shall color me with also, and therefore you shall perceive in that manner. But you all hear what is beneficial for you to hear, and the energy exchange occurs between myself and each of you in a unique, individual manner, no less to any one.

KATIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

RON: Can I ask a quick one? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah, as he lurks in the shadows! (Laughter, as Ron has been wandering around the back yard during this session ) Yes, Shadow!

RON: I just want to know what my orientation is.

CATHY: Oh, god! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) And what is your impression, Olivia?

RON: I think it’s soft-inter-com.

ELIAS: Ah! (Laughter) Soft-inter-com ... I shall express to you that within another physical dimension, you are correct!

RON: Thank you. (Much laughter, and Elias chuckles) Okay, how ‘bout this one? (Meaning this dimension, but...)

ELIAS: Ah, another quick question! (Elias chuckles and turns around to look at Ron in the back yard) Proceed!

RON: Proceed?

ELIAS: Have you forgotten your question?

RON: What’s my orientation?

ELIAS: Ah! (Chuckling) Common!

RON: Damn! (Everybody cracks up)

ELIAS: A common peasant! (Laughter) Ah, but you are intermediate and soft in other focuses. Therefore, what does it matter?

RON: It matters not!

ELIAS: Correct! (Chuckling, and everybody cracks up) You are experiencing them all simultaneously!

RON: Okay, good.

SHARON: Is he squishy?

ELIAS: In another dimension! (Everybody cracks up) And so are you!

SHARON: Oh, I know!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

VIC: Would it be okay to play the game briefly?

ELIAS: Ah, very well.

VIC: Okay. I have two entries for Bobbi, and two for myself.

ELIAS: Very well.

VIC: Okay. For Bobbi....

ELIAS: Quickly, quickly, quickly! (Grinning)

VIC: Quickly, quickly! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

VIC: For Bobbi: vegetables, asparagus, Milumet.

ELIAS: Less probable.

VIC: Numbers, 4, Gramada.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VIC: For myself: new category of sciences, math, Sumafi.

ELIAS: One point.

VIC: New category of prescription drugs, barbiturates, Sumafi.

ELIAS: One point! (Laughter)

VIC: Okay, thank you very much!

ELIAS: And for your next entry, you may be connecting Michael and Lawrence in physically focused connecting essences in this category!

VIC: It will be my next entry!

ELIAS: HA HA HA! Another expression of the twins!

VIC: Yep!

BUDDY: I have one thing kinda concerning that. Someone said a while ago that Sumafi is anal, so can we connect Uranus with Sumafi?

ELIAS: No! (Everybody cracks up)

SHARON: Less probable!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! A lively group this evening! (Laughter)

Very well! I express to you all great affection and anticipation of our continued interaction. (To Elizabeth) And you also, little one! (Chuckling) And to all of my friends, I express great lovingness, and to you this evening, au revoir!

GROUP: Au revoir!

Elias departs at 11:52 p.m.

Vic’s note: I have listed Debi as a participant because she sent along a cardboard cutout of herself – her “Mini-Me.” It was very cute! You can see pictures of Mini-Me on the website, along with other pics from the Alabama session.

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