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Sunday, October 22, 2000

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ďThought/Emotional FocusĒ

ďDream InterpretationĒ

ďProbable SelvesĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Katie (Muriel).

Elias arrives at 7:05 p.m. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Smiling)

KATIE: Good evening!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And how shall we proceed this evening?

KATIE: I have a few questions initially for other people. For Kathryn, her essence name, family, alignment, orientation. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Bryll; B-R-Y-L-L. (brill) Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Milumet; orientation, common.

KATIE: Thank you. Also, my daughter asked me to ask for a friend of hers, Stephanie, the same information, as well as number of focuses.

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause) Essence name, Stansah; S-T-A-N-S-A-H. (stanísah) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Zuli; orientation, common; total numbering of focuses, 962.

KATIE: Wow! My daughter also would like to know her orientation.

ELIAS: Orientation, common.

KATIE: Okay, thatís what I thought. Is my friend Mark thought focused? (Pause)


KATIE: Thatís why I have such trouble with him, isnít it? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall express to you, many times individuals that express emotional focus and thought focus experience difficulties in their interactions and their communications.

Now; I have offered information as to the different languages of orientations. But let me also express to you that within the different languages of orientations, you allow yourselves to be translating Ė or what you term to be ďlearningĒ Ė each otherís languages relatively quickly, if you are paying attention.

In this, you may experience some confusion in the interaction with other individuals holding different orientations, but you are quite familiar with the interactions between different orientations, and you present yourselves with these different interactions quite often. Therefore, there is some aspect of familiarity.

Now; as to the expressions of thought focused or emotionally focused individuals, as I have stated, this is not a difference in the hue of your perception. It is a difference in how you are interpreting; how you are processing information.

Now; these differences in how you are processing and interpreting information, in words and in explanation, appears not to be very vast, but in actual experience and expressions, at times it may be displayed in vast differences.

In this, although I have expressed to you that you all possess all four of these qualities, three of the qualities are what we may express as latent. Therefore, you pay no attention to those qualities. You focus your attention upon the one that is dominant. You become very familiar with the expressions and the qualities of that one function, that one processing of information.

Now; as you are aware, in your singularity of attention, there is an assumption and an expectation that is created within each of you individually that all other individuals process and interpret information in the same manner as do you.

In this, many times it becomes incomprehensible to you that another individual may be processing information in a very different manner, for you recognize that individuals all possess emotional expressions. You recognize that all individuals engage thoughts.

Therefore, in the expressions of these two processes most especially, for they are the most common, it becomes quite confusing that there is a different expression of process, and you become locked within your own direction of processing, which is tremendously influencing of your perception.

This function IS very influencing of your perception; not in the same type of manner as your orientation, but many times in a more obvious manner, as you are communicating with each other objectively. I may express to you that elements within your reality such as belief systems and these functions of focuses Ė thought or emotion Ė may be much more confusing to you and conflicting to you than orientations.

KATIE: Yeah. Do Mark and I share the same orientation? (Pause)


KATIE: Okay, I thought so. That helps a lot. I got a lot out of what you said to me in my last session about judging my choices. It just feels a whole lot freer now. I really appreciate that.

Something else Iíve been noticing over the last few months is ... when I would go to sleep at night, Iíd often hear thoughts and see images of other focuses of mine. But Iím seeing more than just other focuses of mine now, and hearing them, and Iím wondering what thatís about. I mean, is it other essences Iím interactive with, or is it other focuses of essence that my other focuses are interactive with, and seeing through their eyes what theyíre seeing and hearing what theyíre hearing? Is it something like that, or is it different?

ELIAS: You are correct. You are allowing yourself to open in your awareness to not merely your other focuses, but focuses of other essences that you interact with, that you may be interactive with presently of one focus of an essence, and you allow yourself to tap into other focuses of that essence.

KATIE: Oh, okay.

ELIAS: And in this, if you are paying attention and allowing yourself to be recognizing the energy of these different expressions of focuses, you shall recognize the similarity of energy between the other focuses and those individuals that you are interactive with now. This offers you more information concerning the individual that you are interactive with in this focus.

KATIE: Okay, cool! Now I know what to look for! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) Okay, interesting!

ELIAS: This is also a manner in which you can practice in identification of energies, for it allows you the opportunity to become familiar with YOUR energy, and distinguish that energy from other individualsí energies.

[This] may be helpful to you within objective experiences at times, as you may be engaging some experiences involving projections of energy and not be clear as to whether you are creating this energy expression, or whether another individual may be creating it and you are merely receiving it or allowing yourself to be open to it.

In this also, in relation to yourself, your direction, your intent, it may be helpful to you in allowing yourself not to be assuming other energies of other individuals and applying them to yourself when unnecessary, and holding the energy of other individuals to you and allowing an affectingness within you, as you are merely allowing yourself to be aware of what other individuals are projecting, not to be incorporating that within self.

KATIE: Do I do that a lot?

ELIAS: At times.

KATIE: What kinds of times?

ELIAS: At times, as you engage your empathic sense and you allow yourself to be moving in the mergence of that empathic sense, you confuse your energy with the other individualís energy, and in this, you begin to assume their energy, and this creates complications at times in your experiences.

KATIE: Hmm. I didnít realize I was doing that. I thought I was pretty good at distinguishing others from myself.

ELIAS: At times.

KATIE: Okay. So itís times when Iím not really paying attention then?


KATIE: Okay, okay. When Iím paying attention, I do just fine. (Elias nods) Okay, I gotcha.

Speaking of which, I have had some interaction with an energy that has been interactive with me for about a year. Initially I thought it was Mark, but Iím not so sure anymore. But itís an energy thatís real tingly; not like yours, but real fine tingles. I call him Mr. Tingles! (Laughing) Who is it?

ELIAS: Let me offer to you, you are beginning to allow yourself to be opening within your energy, and in this, you are also allowing yourself to open to the energies of the other essences that facilitate this phenomenon, of which, as has been stated previously, there are twelve totally. You have become familiar with my energy. In allowing yourself to be distinguishing certain energies in identification, you also allow yourself to incorporate more.

Now; offer to me, what is your impression of which energy this shall be associated with?

KATIE: Tomkin. (Pause)

ELIAS: In tingling, but in lightness; you are correct.

KATIE: Okay, cool! It wasnít long after Lisa and I connected again, so that would make sense. It was at the same time I started noticing Ordin too, but he just tickles my face. (Laughing) Okay, cool!

Thereís something Iím kind of curious about. Iím curious about probable selves, and how they connect with probable selves of other individuals. Iíll use the shared probable reality with my minister as an example because it seems that those probable selves would have spun off fairly early in our lives. Iím wondering, how do they link up? I mean ... when I spin off a probable self, how does it link up with probable selves of others? I mean ... maybe Iím not explaining this well. (Laughing)

ELIAS: I am understanding of your questioning.

KATIE: Okay, good!

ELIAS: First of all, allow yourself to recognize what you are creating in THIS reality.

What you are creating in this reality is all of the reality. You create yourself, you create all of the other individuals, you create all of the forms, all of the matter, all of the expressions Ė every aspect of this universe that you perceive is your creation.

Within the creation of a probable reality, you create very similarly. You are creating all of the players within the play.

Now; (chuckling) in this reality, you create every expression, every aspect. But there are also other essences that participate in this reality, and they create the same action that you create. Therefore, they are creating you, and they are creating all of the actions, all of the expressions of this reality also.

Now; within probable realities, many times individuals may be in agreement with each other, and they may be projecting a probable self into a probable reality in cooperation with each other. Therefore, you are creating all of the reality, but another essence may be participating in that reality also, and creating the same action.

KATIE: But not everyone that I participate with in this probable reality is another essence participating? (Careful pause)

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

KATIE: Okay. Some of them are just projections then?

ELIAS: They are quite real, (emphatically) and once projected from you, are creating their own reality.

KATIE: Oh wow! This just keeps going on and on, doesnít it! (Elias chuckles and Katie cracks up) Itís like putting two mirrors back to back and looking into them! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite!

KATIE: Wow! Wow, thatís a trip!

ELIAS: They are merely created in a different manner than you are created. You are all of essence. Any expression of you is all of essence, even a probable self.

KATIE: Even a probable self that looks like somebody else?



ELIAS: Now; in this, as you create the expression of this manifestation, this focus of attention, you have chosen to be participating in a particular design of reality. Therefore, you enter this reality in a specific manner, and you exit, so to speak, this reality in a specific manner. A probable self is created in a different manner.

This you is created in a manifestation of birth to death, within your design. A probable self is not necessarily created from birth to death. It may be created within any time framework.

(Firmly) But once it is created, it is creating its own reality. You are not directing of all of its reality. It creates its own choices.

KATIE: So, Iíve gotta ask this. How do I know Iím not a probable self?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are.

KATIE: Okay, so there is no primary reality.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, there is. But you are a probable self to the other probable selves.

KATIE: Okay, so they would view me as a probable self.

ELIAS: Yes. But you have been manifest within this reality in the process of entrance of birth.

KATIE: Okay, and most of my other probable selves have not. They just assume they know ... theyíre created with my same past, at the point that they spin off.

ELIAS: For the most part, yes.

KATIE: Okay. (Pause) Well, I donít have tons of questions here, Ďcause I was thinkiní I was gonna be sharing my session, but let me ask this. Am I connecting with some of these probable selves also, in this experience I have when Iím going to sleep and I hear the voices and see the faces?


KATIE: Okay, and some of the ones that Iíve spun off that arenít really me? I mean.... (Laughing)

ELIAS: Yes, and this be the reason that I have instructed you to be paying attention to the energy, that you may recognize which expressions are you and which expressions are not you.

KATIE: Okay, so I can know in my probable realities ...


KATIE: ... whether Iím interacting with other essences or not.

ELIAS: Correct.

KATIE: Okay, thatís pretty cool! A new toy to play with! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles, and a pause) I was just thinking about something I could ask. (Pause)

I kind of get an impression that I donít have a whole lot of future focuses. Are they primarily in past time periods?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

KATIE: How many future ones do I have?

ELIAS: Fourteen.

KATIE: Wow! Yeah, that sounds about right. (Pause) Itís not very often Iím at a loss for words, but I am. (Pause) What should I ask about?

ELIAS: It matters not. You are moving quite easily presently.

KATIE: Yeah. This whole thing of putting this gathering together was just bliss. (Laughing) It was great! It just all came together so easily.

ELIAS: You are offering yourself information, and you are moving in the expression of trusting of yourself much more than you have previously.

KATIE: Yeah, I have with this thing. Iíd like to trust myself more in other areas too.

ELIAS: You already are beginning.

KATIE: Yeah? (Elias nods) Cool! I expect more fun then. (Pause) Shoot, I almost had a question, and I lost it. (15-second pause)

That was Tom here last night, right?

ELIAS: Within an energy projection, yes.

KATIE: Yeah. Yeah, okay. I didnít even notice him. I was on such a high anyway! I didnít recognize it as him, but it felt great.

Yeah, that judging choices really helped a whole lot. Knowing that Iím always creating within my desire really changes my perspective on things a whole lot. It makes it a lot easier for me to trust myself, and I sure experience a whole lot less conflict with it too. (13-second pause)

My daughter was having some trouble this afternoon. Was what I shared with her in the car helpful to her?

ELIAS: What is your impression?

KATIE: It depends on if she makes use of it or not.

ELIAS: It matters not.

KATIE: Yeah....

ELIAS: Express to me, what is your impression of what you offered? Not in words; not in advice.

KATIE: Lovingness? (Elias nods, and there is a 27-second pause)

There was something that you said in a session that was recently transcribed Ė it was a session with Rodney Ė about compassion, and I was wondering if you could expand on that just a little more, Ďcause Iím not sure I got it real clearly, how you define compassion. Is it just being the straight little sapling? ĎCause you had told me that I needed ... well, not that I needed to, but that if I were offering compassion to myself, I wouldnít be creating so much struggle.

ELIAS: Compassion is a sense of knowing. Compassion is not merely expressed in emotion, but in a sense of knowing in familiarity, a type of understanding. Compassion is expressed in a form of empathy. Empathy is an expression of a knowing.

You interpret compassion in an emotional expression many times, but its genuine expression is that understanding in the knowing, and the expression of empathy in the knowing, and in all of those recognitions, the allowance.

KATIE: Okay. Okay, I understand that better. (Pause)

You talked for some length last time about this 3-3-3 imagery I was getting, that it was information to myself about how I divide myself into three aspects, and Iíve been playing with that a little bit and attempting to notice how I do that, but Iím not getting a whole lot.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you are moving quite easily. In some expressions, you are pushing. You are pushing your energy and attempting to be forcing. I have offered you information in clarifying some of the imagery that you have presented to yourself, and in this, you are allowing yourself to be moving, and not necessarily engaging the analyzation and the continuous concentration upon thought in your movement.

I shall express to you, you are creating many expressions that I am offering [in] information to some other individuals which are creating much challenge and difficulty in their movement in understanding, or in their attempt to be listening to the other avenues of communication that you all present to yourselves. You are creating this. I am greatly acknowledging of you. Shall I express to you, within this present now, you are not creating trauma, and in your terms, you are moving fine.

KATIE: Oh great! (Laughing) Okay, so it was about the ... you had told me thought, spiritual, and emotional, that I was dividing those out. But that was the same as what we were talking about earlier, the focusing?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is a sectioning of yourself ...

KATIE: Okay, thatís what I thought the first time you said it.

ELIAS: ... a compartmentalizing of yourself.

KATIE: Yeah, and the reason I brought it up again tonight is because Iíve had some more 3-3-3 imagery. I had it again with my alarm clock a few weeks ago, and I had it at work recently. So I was wondering, geez, what am I missing here? Iím still giving myself this!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Do not concern yourself that you are repeating of your imagery. This is not an expression of bad. It is merely a reinforcement to regain your attention in moments that you may be not paying attention.

KATIE: Okay, okay. I see what you mean. Iím gonna ask you about some dream imagery that Iíve had for years. I kind of have my own understanding of it, but Iíd be interested in what you might add to it. Itís a common theme. The common theme of it was, initially, I would have to use the bathroom, and Iíd go and Iíd find a bathroom, and for some reason or another, it would be out in the open. There wouldnít be anybody around, so I thought I could use the toilet, and before I could finish, I would be surrounded by people gawking at me.

Thatís evolved somewhat over the years; itís changed. In the most recent one I had, the womenís room wasnít available, so I went into another bathroom. The lights were off, so I turned them on, and all of the plumbing in there ... all of the toilets were really strange looking. They were very foreign to me. I used one anyway, and then I discovered that there were others in that bathroom, and there were no stalls or anything, and there was no separation! (Laughing)

I just wondered what you might add to it. Initially, I thought the dream was about vulnerability, and feeling uncomfortable with certain aspects of myself that I really didnít want to share.

ELIAS: Exposure.


ELIAS: I may express to you, you have already offered yourself adequate interpretation of this dream imagery and the ongoing theme, so to speak. It offers you information of what you are creating within your objective expression.

Your dream state is merely an interpretation of subjective movement, and your subjective movement is parallel and in harmony with your objective movement. Therefore, essentially they are the same. You merely confuse yourselves in the interpretation of the translation of dream imagery, for it does not appear to be consistent with your objective imagery that you create. But if you are allowing yourself to be paying attention and to be noticing the qualities of your dream interaction [and] your interpretation of it, you shall allow yourself the information that you are creating the same imagery within your objective awareness.

The significance of dream interpretation is that at times, you may be creating some expression within your objective awareness that you are not paying attention to, but that may be quite affecting of your movement within your objective waking state. As you become familiar with your dream interpretations, with your dream translations, so to speak, you allow yourself another avenue of communication which may instruct you objectively as to what you are allowing in influence of yourself.

In this particular dream imagery, you are correct Ė you are presenting yourself with your recognition of your uncomfortableness in a lack of separation, and your uncomfortableness in the expression of exposure of yourself.

KATIE: Okay. Well, next time I have that dream, Iíll see what it relates to in my objective reality. Okay.

I had a dream about the gathering, about the public session, night before last. Mary was upset about something Ė Iím not sure what it was Ė and Vicki told me that someone was coming that was gonna help Mary. And shortly thereafter, a small group of people arrived, and one was this very tall, very slender black man in robes and a white turban, and I felt very drawn to this individual. I didnít know if this was the individual that was supposed to help Mary or not, but this is who showed up. Would you care to comment on that?

ELIAS: Offer to me, what is your impression?

KATIE: Well, I think it was about Cathy coming.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And offer to me also, what is your interpretation of all of this imagery? (Pause)

KATIE: Hmm. Iím not sure how to answer that. I donít know, and I donít know why I felt particularly drawn to this person, because I didnít feel particularly drawn to Cathy. I mean, there are a number of people in this group here at the gathering that I just really connected with. Cathy wasnít one especially that I did.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, the tall individual was not the representation of Shynla, but a representation of myself ...

KATIE: Ah! Okay.

ELIAS: ... within your imagery. In this, your interpretation of the discomfort that was being experienced by Michael, or the anxiety that was being projected, was not in actuality the expression of Michaelís anxiety, but your anticipation of that expression; therefore, in actuality, your own apprehension.

KATIE: Ah! You mean like right before the session ? (Laughing) Why was I so apprehensive anyway? It just hit me all of a sudden!

ELIAS: For this is an objective physical interaction. You are not merely interacting with myself in physical encounter, but also, you are participating with many other individuals, and in opening your energy to my energy, you also open in part to all of the other energies that are present in all of these individuals.

KATIE: In the gathering?


KATIE: Oh wow!

ELIAS: This may create an overwhelmingness at times, and therefore you experience a temporary apprehension as to what you shall be engaging.

KATIE: Hmm. ĎCause I didnít feel that at all last night before the public session. It was just today.

ELIAS: But the energy continues.

KATIE: Hmm. Okay.

ELIAS: You have experienced, and many, many, many times, this experience creates what you term to be Ė for you are experiencing linear time framework Ė a residual affectingness. Many individuals are experiencing the encounter of this energy exchange, and are not responsive to it until later.

KATIE: Until they what?

ELIAS: Until later.

KATIE: Oh, okay. (Elias chuckles) Okay, and itíll just hit Ďem! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite!

KATIE: (Laughing) Oh boy! Oh wow. This whole gathering has just been great. It went off exactly as I expected Ė just like I saw it. Itís so funny. People kept telling me, ďThe trees are not gonna be pretty.Ē I knew the trees were gonna be pretty, that we were gonna have peak fall color for this, and they said, ďNo, there hasnít been enough rain.Ē And suddenly, it rains really good! (Laughing) Then we got our frost right after that, and the trees just went POP with their color! Everything has just been like that. Even the weather has cooperated! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Interesting what you may be creating, if you are allowing and trusting yourself!

KATIE: Yeah. I told Lisa that I hadnít been painting on canvas for awhile Ďcause Iíve been busy painting the trees! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles, and a pause) I donít really have any more questions, and I think weíre about out of time anyway.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall offer to you my expression of energy and my acknowledgment of your accomplishment in this gathering and feast.

KATIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You have accomplished well. Acknowledge yourself in a trust. You have shown yourself your abilities.

KATIE: That feels real good. I donít even need the hug now! (They both laugh)

ELIAS: I express great affection to you, and tremendous anticipation of our continued interaction.

KATIE: Oh, I hope so.

ELIAS: And you may offer my greetings to the small one also.

KATIE: I sure will.

ELIAS: To you in tremendous lovingness, au revoir, my friend.

KATIE: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 8:01 p.m.

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