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Thursday, October 26, 2000

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“The Belief System of Duplicity”

“The Hamster Wheel of Money”

“Why Access Other Focuses?”

“Final/Signaling Focuses”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Todd (Beljin).

Elias arrives at 2:18 p.m. (Arrival time is 24 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

TODD: Greetings, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And how shall we proceed this day?

TODD: Well, I’ve got a bunch of questions. I guess the first one is, is this the first time we’ve met, or have I been dialoging with you at times?

ELIAS: We have interacted previously.

TODD: And that would be in another essence ... or in another focus?

ELIAS: Yes, we have interacted within other focuses, and I have been in communication with you in this focus also.

TODD: Oh, okay. What is my essence name? (Pause) (1)

ELIAS: Essence name, Beljin; B-E-L-J-I-N. (bel-zheen’) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Sumafi; orientation, common.

TODD: How about my wife Carolyn, her essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Drillete; D-R-I-L-L-E-T-E. (dree-let’) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Milumet; orientation, common.

TODD: Okay. How about Chuck? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Warenn; W-A-R-E-N-N. (war-en’) Essence family, Vold; alignment, Ilda; orientation, common.

TODD: And the last one is Edwardo. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Jon; J-O-N. Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Ilda; orientation, common.

TODD: Are Carolyn and I soul twins, or what is our connection?

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

TODD: I feel we are. When we connected, it was as if I’d known this person all my life, and it felt like a very deep connection.

ELIAS: And you are correct. In this, I may express to you, you have shared many focuses together, and also have created interactions in nonphysical areas of consciousness.

TODD: Okay. What is my connection with Chuck? I’ve recently gone through a thing where it seemed like his essence had some connection to my birth mother. I don’t understand that, but that’s what it sort of felt like.

ELIAS: And this is the identification of your impression?

TODD: Yes. (Pause)

ELIAS: You have shared other focuses with this individual. You have also created relationships with this individual and that individual that you define as your birth mother. That individual also holds focuses with this individual in which you do not participate.

TODD: So are you saying that my birth mother is a separate essence than Chuck’s, or the same?

ELIAS: Another essence.

TODD: Another essence. I understand. Okay, what is my connection with Edwardo?

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

TODD: Actually, it felt like his essence was like my birth father. Both Chuck and Edwardo I have very deep connections with, and it sort of seemed like out of the blue.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Now; this individual, I shall express to you, you have engaged other focuses with, and in those focuses, you have participated in family roles together.

Now; at times, this individual has occupied the role of father to you. At times, you have created roles together as siblings, and once, you have created the role of mother to this individual.

TODD: So when I feel things now that feel connected family-wise, it’s like a bleed-through?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

TODD: Okay. What is my connection to Tony? He just recently appeared in my life, and it’s a similar thing. We just connected very quickly and very deeply.

ELIAS: Let me express to you that as you recognize these types of expressions within your focus, in which you perceive that you are noticing a feeling of great familiarity with another individual, you may allow yourself the recognition that you have participated in several or many focuses with that individual in other capacities.

In this, I encourage you to be investigating of these types of focuses, which allow[s] you to become more familiar with your own energy, and also with the relationships that you have created – or ARE creating – within other focuses, and the relationship[s] that you are creating now.

I shall also express to you that although some focuses seem to be more affecting of you than other focuses, the reason that you hold more of an awareness of the familiarity of some focuses is that you allow more of a recognition of your roles and your directions and the energy which is expressed in those focuses, for you may be creating similar actions in this focus, or you may be allowing yourself information concerning this focus, through the allowance of the energy of other focuses, to be tapped objectively.

Therefore, I may express to you with this individual also, you participate in other focuses with this individual and you allow yourself a recognition of that familiarity, which translates objectively into what may be expressed as a draw.

At times, you may be experiencing a different type of expression. You may be participating in many focuses with an individual, and within this now, you may experience an immediate repulsion to this individual, and that may also be an expression of familiarity which you are allowing in the objective awareness of this focus.

TODD: Yes, okay. That makes sense. I was adopted, and that has caused or has created a lot of very interesting twists and turns in my life. My attention keeps going back to that concept that there’s something there for me to play with, and I was wondering, what are my birth parents’ names? (Elias chuckles) Actually, the first question would be, are they still alive in this dimension now time frame?

ELIAS: Ah! Now we shall move into the area of the crystal ball questions! (Laughing) Tricky, tricky, tricky! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I shall express to you first of all, within this present now, in your terms of living, yes, these individuals are participating within physical focus.

Now; I shall also express to you that if you are choosing to be offering yourself this information concerning their physical naming or their physical locations, you may access this information yourself.

TODD: Right, okay. (Elias chuckles) I’ve been doing that more and more lately, and I think I’ve been doing that in connection with you at times. I’ve been having difficulty with trusting myself with that information, like whether I’m coming up with quote/unquote “accurate information,” and I know I’ve kept playing mind games with that, but that’s been my issue, whether I can trust what I come up with. I’ve come up with duplicate information. The real world has presented me with information after the fact that was different than what I came up with, yet they both feel correct. It’s been a trust thing for me.

ELIAS: I am understanding. This is an opportunity to practice in allowing yourself to be trusting yourself. I shall express to you, you may be offering yourself much more information in the expression of trust than you shall in battling with yourself.

TODD: Yeah, okay! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) Yeah, okay.

The name Scott has come up continuously throughout my life. If people are going to call me a wrong name, they call me Scott. Is there some significance to that? (Pause)

ELIAS: You do hold another focus of your essence which holds this physical naming.

TODD: Is that Manchester, England, 1836? (Pause)

ELIAS: Ah! Very good! (Laughing) You are correct.

TODD: (Laughing) It felt like I’d been dialoging with Scott, and it’s an unusual experience for me, and it also seems as though he’s known me for quite some time. Is that possible?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, although there is a similar expression of doubtfulness as to the identification of reality and imagination with that individual. But there is an allowance of trust to be communicating and observing at times. It is a playful experiment that this individual engages.

TODD: And what is that?

ELIAS: Observing and engaging communication with you.

TODD: Oh, I see. Okay. So he’s just sort of playing with it. He’s not sure whether it’s real, or if he’s making this all up.

ELIAS: Quite. (Chuckling)

TODD: Right, okay. Why is it helpful for me to explore my other essences [focuses]? I know you’ve said that there are things I can learn about myself by exploring other essences [focuses].

ELIAS: Let me express to you, some individuals choose to be moving in this type of a direction to offer themselves information concerning essence as the whole of yourself. Some individuals do not hold an interest in this direction of exploration. Either choice is acceptable, although I am encouraging of individuals to be exploring other focuses of themself, for this offers you a broader picture of you.

For although you look to other focuses and you attach time frameworks to them, and this perpetuates an expression of separation within your identification, in the action of this shift, as you are removing this veil of separation and allowing yourselves to move into the remembrance of yourself, it may be helpful in many expressions to allow yourself to be recognizing these other focuses.

It offers you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with different expressions of your own energy, which familiarizes you with all of your energy, not merely this one singular focus of attention of energy. It allows you to become familiar with many different types of expressions and abilities that you may not necessarily express in this one attention.

It also allows you to recognize the reality of many of these subject matters that I offer to you that you view as concepts presently – that of acceptance of self in its entirety; the allowance for the acceptance of experience, but not the definition of absolute in association with experience; the recognition of the genuine interplay of duplicity within your experiences, and how many of the expressions of duplicity are not merely what you have created in this one focus of attention; also the recognition of simultaneous time, and that all of these other focuses are present within your space arrangement, within your now, and within you. They are not separated from you.

It allows you also to view the intensity of belief systems and how they are affecting of you, for it offers you a broader view of your reality, and it allows you to recognize in familiarity all of you and all of your beliefs and all of your experiences.

This holds significance, for in viewing all of your experiences, you begin to allow yourself to loosen your hold upon the judgments that you create in this one focus of attention, and in that, you offer yourself the greatest expression – and that is freedom – by allowing yourself the recognition of choice and the power of choice.

For as you lock yourselves into automatic expressions, reactions, and automatic responses, you create this action in relation to the influence of your beliefs, and the coupling of those beliefs with the expression of duplicity.

Now; in viewing all of your other focuses or many of your other focuses or even some of your other focuses, and allowing yourself to view the different types of experiences and choices that you have engaged in those focuses, knowing that that is you, you allow yourself to loosen your hold in duplicity and judgments.

For as I have stated many times previously, acceptance of others is an automatic byproduct of the acceptance of self. The lack of acceptance of others is also an automatic byproduct of the lack of acceptance of self.

Therefore, you may hold a judgment, as an example, in relation to behaviors that another individual may create or choices that another individual may create, and you may justify those judgments within yourself through the expression to yourself that YOU would not create that choice. But I may assure you that it is quite likely that you ARE creating very similar choices in another focus which is occurring now.

(Intently) Therefore, in allowing yourself to view that you engage very similar actions to other individuals, you may also allow yourself to view the influence of this one belief system which is so extremely affecting, and in allowing yourself to view the extreme affectingness of duplicity, as you familiarize yourself with yourself and your experiences and you allow yourself to be accepting of your experiences, you begin allowing yourself the recognition of choice.

TODD: Okay, that makes sense. That makes sense. Do I have other physical manifestations of my essence in this dimension in this now time framework?

ELIAS: You do.

TODD: And do I know any of them?


TODD: No, okay. Is this my final focus?

ELIAS: And your impression?

TODD: I would say yes.

ELIAS: And you are correct.

TODD: Is everybody who is living in this now moment, is this their final focus?


TODD: No... and when a person has a final focus, does that imply that the other focuses are going to rejoin and come together as one essence?

ELIAS: The final focus is a designation of a position. It is not designated in relation to your time framework. It is a signaling focus, just as a beginning focus is a signaling focus. It is a signal which is projected throughout the essence, of a choice that the essence is creating in that moment.

Now; therefore, as the individual that is designated as the final focus disengages, the signal is expressed throughout the essence.

Therefore, all of the manifestations present within the particular physical focus shall choose to be fragmenting and therefore creating a new essence – and may choose or may not choose to be continuing within this physical dimension and manifestations – or the other focuses of the essence shall also disengage.

Now; this subject, I am aware, has created much confusion for many individuals. For you may express, in your association with singularity and separation, that this denies choice of the other focuses. But be remembering, you are all of essence in this focus. All other focuses are present. They are all you; you are they. It is all one.

Once again, I may direct your attention to the example of your physical body. Your physical body is all one form, but it holds many different expressions and functions. There are many aspects of your physical body.

Now; as you choose to move from one room within your physical focus to another room, the entirety of your body moves to another room. You do not move to another room, and your foot remains in the other room, or your hand shall move to a different room, or your liver shall remain as it has been placed within a particular space. All of the aspects of your physical body move together as the choice is created to move to another room.

In the situation of the designation of the final focus, as the final focus chooses to disengage, it is creating a similar action. The essence has chosen to move to a different area of consciousness. Therefore, all of its focuses, all of its functions, participate in that movement.

As you continue to be remaining within one room, all of the aspects of your physical body continue to function in their particular manners. They continue to be moving their attention in their individual movements. Your lungs continue to function in their capacity, your kidneys continue to move in their particular function, and they all continue their movement in the space arrangement that you have chosen to occupy.

In similar manner, as essence is occupied in a particular physical dimension, it creates many different functions and attentions within that dimension, and as it chooses to move to a different area of consciousness, all of those functions move with it.

TODD: Right. Yeah, that makes sense. That makes sense. Okay, I have a feeling that next year, somewhere around March, I’m going to be moving on or shifting through to something that I currently don’t seem to understand. Can you explain what I’m feeling in this time framework? What am I ... what is that? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Laughing) I shall express to you to allow yourself merely to be accepting of your feeling, so to speak – or your sense – and allow yourself to be noticing your movement and how you are creating.

What you are allowing yourself is an objective observance of how you move, and how you create your reality in choosing probabilities, and how you interweave movements to be creating the symphony of your creation.

Now; it is not necessarily significant in the projection of future attention and the identification of future creations. For in actuality, these are illusions, and predictions of future activity is realistically ludicrous, for you hold the choice to be altering any action within every moment.

What holds significance is the recognition that the outcome of any movement is not an action that you perceive to be future, but that the outcomes are already occurring in the now. But you are not paying attention to that type of creation and that reality.

All that you may be looking to futurely is merely a speculation in illusion, for there is no future. All that you are creating is present.

Therefore, if you are wishing to be knowing objectively of what you are moving into within what you perceive to be this future time framework, look to what you are creating NOW, and what you are choosing within your movement NOW. Allow yourself to become aware and familiar with all that you are creating within this now, for this shall offer you your answer as to what you may be creating futurely.

TODD: Right, okay... which almost makes my next question obsolete, but I’m gonna ask it anyway ‘cause I’ve got it written down!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Very well!

TODD: In things that I have been creating in my life in the last year or so, the year 2011 or 2012 seems to come up often in terms of a shift, whatever that means. Yet you had spoken of something three-quarters of the way through this century, 275 or something like that, or 2075. Are these different events, or are they the same?

ELIAS: I may express to you that there are many individuals that create an association with this number of 2012.

Now; where this may hold an aspect of significance is [in] your collective attention in association with that particular number and that particular year. As to what you may in actuality create objectively within that time framework, [it] has not been actually chosen yet.

But I shall validate to you that this particular number is not random, and that there are many individuals that focus their attention upon this particular year, so to speak, and this moves a wave in energy ... which you may choose to collectively create an event within that time framework, or you may choose individually to be creating many similar events that appear to be a collective event.

TODD: Okay. The impression that I’ve gotten – and part of me feels that this is the way it is, but my brain plays with it – is that if I decide in my reality that something is gonna happen in say 2012, and somebody else in their reality creates that something is gonna happen in 2075, and they are both the same thing, but we have projected that into different spaces into our future, I will experience mine in say 2012, and they will experience theirs in 2075, but it’s all happening at the same time, correct?

ELIAS: Figuratively speaking, you are correct, although I may express to you that there also is an element of danger in this direction of thinking, for it is a reinforcement of the belief that you create your reality successively, so to speak, and that you do not create your reality in the moment, and that you are not creating your probabilities in the moment.

It also focuses your attention upon other time frameworks than the now, which also limits your movement. For the movement of the shift, in the design of its action, is centered in the now.

TODD: Right, and this would take my attention off of the now, and put it somewhere out there in never-never land.

ELIAS: Correct.

TODD: Yeah. Okay, that makes sense. I seem to be getting stuck in creating a flow of money in my life. Can you see what I most need to focus on right now to free that up?

ELIAS: I may express to you, within the probabilities that you are creating presently, the most affecting action presently that you may be engaging individually that shall be affecting of this situation is to be allowing yourself less concentration upon it.

As you continue to objectively concentrate upon this lack of creation, so to speak, you hold your thoughts in this direction and you hold your attention upon your thoughts, and in that action, you are limiting your communication to this one avenue of your thoughts, and therefore you create an expression of tension, and you merely perpetuate the action that you wish not to be perpetuating.

In simplicity, you have placed yourself upon your hamster wheel, and you are continuing to run. Therefore, what may be most effective may be to discontinue running!

TODD: Right. (Elias chuckles) Okay, so it would be ... if I’m clear on what you’re saying, it’s to allow myself to stop putting attention on the lack of, because I keep creating the lack of.

ELIAS: Correct.

TODD: And put my attention on a flow in.

ELIAS: Place your attention in the direction of “it matters not.”

TODD: Okay, ‘cause that’s what I feel. When I’m not in my head, I feel like it just doesn’t matter. As I notice my financial reserves dwindle and dwindle and dwindle, and the people around me are going, “Well, it’s gonna matter real soon,” it still feels like it doesn’t matter, yet my brain is having difficulty with that one.

ELIAS: (Laughing) As you continue to be creating conflict with yourself, you also continue to perpetuate the situation!

But as you allow yourself the genuineness in your expression of “it matters not,” and you discontinue projecting your energy into either of the judgments – in the good or the bad – you shall allow yourself to discontinue the perpetuation of this action.

TODD: Okay, that makes sense. That makes sense. Okay. Are there other essences [focuses] of mine that you sense would be helpful for me to explore, or is that just something I should just explore?

ELIAS: If you are allowing yourself this exploration and if you are creating a motivation to be moving in this type of an expression, you may allow yourself to merely relax, and allow yourself to move in whichever direction you draw yourself to. In this, you create a free flow of energy. You hold this ability to be creating this action. All you need be creating, in your terms, is an allowance for relaxation, and not distracting yourself.

TODD: Right. Yeah, okay.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! You are quite accomplished at distraction!

TODD: Yes, I am! (They both laugh) One of my finer skills!

ELIAS: Ah! Ha ha ha ha ha!

TODD: Which I am quickly allowing myself, or trying to allow myself, to free myself from!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

Now; I am not expressing to you to be creating (humorously) “serious contemplation,” for this is not the point either, for this shall not provide you with the action of relaxation. But merely allow your energy a free flow. Allow yourself to be relaxing, and in that, not distracting yourself with all that you MUST be creating or SHOULD be creating, or how you should be directing yourself.

TODD: Right. I know that two days ago, I had gotten really worked up about all kinds of things, and got into a mental frenzy of things, and I calmed myself down. And yesterday, this brain went on holiday, and I just kinda hung out, and all kinds of things started to flow and move, and it was very, very pleasant. So yeah, that’s where I want to spend more time!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Therefore, you have offered yourself an example of this free flow.

In this, you may be offering yourself a tremendous volume of information in allowing yourself to be relaxing. I may express to you quite definitely that not merely you, but many, many, many individuals block themselves – and you also – quite efficiently in your attempt to be holding your attention, or your replaying of information over and over. If you are allowing yourselves to relax and drift, in your terms, you may be offering yourself much more information, and you also shall provide yourself with this information in a pleasurable manner.

TODD: Right. (Elias chuckles) And I enjoy pleasurable manners!

ELIAS: Ah! (Chuckling) And I am quite encouraging of pleasure and fun and playfulness!

TODD: (Laughing) Okay, which actually brings up my next question. I was in Sedona, Arizona, and I found this rock that kept catching my attention in a stream, and there were these symbols on this rock, and I just thought, well, this is really cool, and I put it in my pocket. I go up to show my friend, and the symbols are now gone. They aren’t there. They don’t exist anymore, but in my memory. I go online, and I look at tiles that have been set up for a game that you have been facilitating, and Katie had created a tile that is real close to the symbols that were on my rock. What is the significance of that, or what does it mean? I don’t know what to do with it! (Elias laughs) It’s sort of mysterious to me.

ELIAS: It is not quite so mysterious! I have been expressing to you that all of your time frameworks are simultaneous. There is a tile within this city, which has been being created and IS created, which holds those symbols. You have allowed yourself to view those symbols upon an actual physical object, a physical representation of the physical tile which is manifest futurely.

Now; it appears within your time framework differently, for it is not configured in the same manner as it is in what you THINK of as future manifestation. The energy is configured differently. Therefore, you have allowed yourself momentarily to view this physically – within matter, in your time framework – in the configuration of this rock.

Now; this is a physical example of the actual lack of separation of time. It is merely differences in configurations of energy that APPEAR to you objectively to be the creations of specific time frameworks. But in actuality, they are all simultaneous. They are all now. But within different attentions, that energy is configured differently. Therefore, you view it differently.

TODD: Right. So what is the meaning of me finding this symbol?

ELIAS: It is an allowance of yourself to be viewing the lack of solidity of your physical dimension, the lack of absoluteness, in your definitions of it.

TODD: Okay. So it ... I know what it has done for me. It allowed me to ... one of my objectives, the things that I’m working towards, is to be able to see things that I don’t currently see now, to see the mystical things that are going on that I’m not attuned to. And for me, this is one of those things that sort of initiated that, that sort of caused me to start thinking in terms of looking outside for things that I don’t necessarily see right now, but an allowance that there may be more out there.

ELIAS: You are correct. This is your offering to yourself of your own parlor trick! (They both laugh)

TODD: Okay, that sort of aligns with what I was feeling!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

TODD: Okay, what other questions do I have? No, I think that’s ... oh, one other one. I allowed myself to relax, or what I believe to be relaxing, and I was feeling into what other essences would I want to feel into in the future – I was sort of feeling futurish – and I found that there are ones. Can I feel into the future of after the shift has occurred?


TODD: Okay. Okay, because I had or I’ve been feeling a vision of something that I termed a center for enlightenment. I felt it very strongly, very powerfully, and I put it into words on a website, and after I created it, I just sort of drifted away from it a bit. And as I look at it now, it’s like not possible in the now that I exist in now, even though I felt very strong about it, and the only way I could make sense of this is that what I was feeling is something that had already existed in the future after the shift.

ELIAS: Correct.

TODD: Okay ... okay! (Elias chuckles) I think that answers my questions, or gives me the faith to answer the rest of my questions on my own! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very well, and I am greatly encouraging of you in this action! (Laughing)

TODD: And I shall!

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next meeting, my friend, and I shall continue to be offering energy to you in encouragement.

TODD: Thank you.

ELIAS: And perhaps your next parlor trick shall be involving my energy!

TODD: Okay!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

TODD: Sounds like fun!

ELIAS: And this is the point! (Laughing)

To you this day, my friend, in tremendous affection, au revoir.

TODD: Thank you, Elias.

Elias departs at 3:19 p.m.


(1) In this list of essence names, families, and orientations, I have removed parts of the dialog for ease in reading and recording, as there were questions interspersed, such as what is the family or the orientation or the spelling, etc.

Speaking of recording stuff, it seems to me that in this particular phase of the phenomenon, Elias seems to be omitting some prepositions more frequently than he has in the past. This note is mostly for me, ‘cause even though I think I’ll remember, I often don’t.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Paul (Xutrah, or Zoot) to the transcribing team. Paul lives locally, so this is a very efficient creation, and much appreciated by me. Thanks, Paul!

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