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Thursday, November 16, 2000

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“Thought Does Not Precede Action”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Luanne (Inez), and Ted (Cara).

Elias arrives at 1:06 p.m. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

TED: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) We meet again, my friends!

TED: We do, and it’s been a very short time since we talked last!

ELIAS: Ha ha! And what shall we be discussing this day?

TED: I would like to initially just kind of ramble on here, and let you listen till I get to my point, because I’m not quite sure what my point is!

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well!

TED: My question is concerning belief systems. The one I would specifically like to talk about is either physical creation of the universe or science. I’m not sure which one it fits into, but it’s dealing with the human body, or my human body that I’ve created here in this physical dimension.

I’ve created this body and take care of it, and it’s now aging and has been damaged several times for my noticing. I thought I was at the point of accepting this belief system, to where I could somewhat determine what was going to happen. Like if I cut myself on my hand, I could cause it to heal in a manner which would be “better” – to use that term – than I have done in the past, where I have allowed nature to heal it for me. But I know that I do that myself.

I guess my question is, how do we, in the physical dimension that we’re in, control or take charge of ourselves so we can instantly create what we want to create? And that’s looking at the physical body for this specific question.

ELIAS: I shall express to you quite simply that what you are questioning and asking may be responded to as simply as, allowing yourself trust of your own abilities.

Now; once again we shall move in the direction of recognizing that you prefer less simplicity and more complex responses! (Laughing)

In certain moments within individuals’ manifestations in this physical dimension, you may spontaneously allow yourselves an expression of genuine trust, and in those moments, you spontaneously allow yourselves to be affecting whatever you are intending to be affecting.

Now; this may move in any type of expression. It is a moment in which you are expressing a genuine focus of attention, and in that attention, all of the aspects of you are directed and in harmony in the expression of trust, and in that expression of trust, you project energy quite directedly, and instantaneously accomplish your intention.

(Intently) Now; this action of trust is an incorporation of no doubt; an entirety of concentration which holds no doubt in your ability.

Be understanding that your thought is unnecessary to this action, in relation to its identification of your ability. Your thought process need not move into a detailed identification of what your ability is.

You merely create an identification of an ability, which may not be specific, in your terms. In your terms, in actuality, it may be as general as a knowing or an identification within your thoughts that you hold the ability to will something into action, and you hold no doubt in relation to that ability.

Now; in this, your thought process – or your movement with thought – moves in harmony with the other expressions of your energy.

Quite simply put, all of the aspects of your manifestation are moving in a direction in an expression of your intention, and incorporating a completeness of trust in the action.

In this, all of you have created some expressions, at some time or another within your manifestation, of this very action. You all have created this action, and not merely once. But the aspect of this action that you experience difficulty within is the element of trust and the association of thought. Thought may be a confusing element to your movements many times.

For in this, as I have stated previously, you incorporate the action of thought as an instrument of creation, in a manner of speaking. In a manner of speaking, you associate your incorporation of thought in association with your perception, almost viewing it as synonymous.

What may be helpful to you is to identify genuinely what thought is and what it is not, and in this, you may allow yourselves to understand why thought is not what is creating of your reality.

Your perception creates your reality. Thought is a different instrument from your perception.

Thought is an instrument of communication that you have designed to be defining and identifying certain elements of your objective reality, and to be offering you translations of imagery from your subjective awareness into your objective awareness through the creation of imagery.

Thought is a tool that you have created, an invention that you have incorporated in physical reality to be helpful to you outwardly, objectively – in communication, in identification, in definition of your reality in physical expression.

Now; thought, in its design, is not a tool that you have created to be projecting an actual physical creation. It may be used in conjunction with your perception to be creating any aspect of your reality, but it is not the actual instrument that creates your reality.

In a manner of speaking figuratively, you view your thoughts as all-powerful and as your ultimate expression of direction, intention, creation. You view your thoughts as an instrument, as I have stated, figuratively speaking, in like manner to a projection that may create a hologram – that the thoughts are the machinery of the projection instrument, and that as this instrument moves and creates thoughts, those thoughts are projected outwardly and create actual holograms or physical imagery. This is not the case.

Thought is an element of communication. It is designed to identify, to define, to clarify, to communicate. It is not the instrument that creates your reality. Your perception is the instrument that creates your reality, and for this reason, you become confused many times.

For you project your thought process in specific directions, and therefore identify to yourself that you are following your intention with your thoughts, and therefore you shall create. This is not necessarily what may occur.

Be remembering, all of your concentration is not focused merely within your thoughts. But your thoughts are powerful, and your attention moves very strongly to that one instrument of attention in communication, and in this, you do not pay attention to all of the other forms of communication that you offer to yourselves and that you engage in each moment.

You also create much confusion and a lack of understanding in why you may not be creating what you wish to be creating, in relation to your question concerning physical affectingnesses of your physical body.

In this, you are also not paying attention to the now. What I am expressing in “paying attention to the now” is allowing yourselves to genuinely realize that you do not project a thought, and therefore move a probability in some elusive area of consciousness within the cosmos, and push this object which you identify as a probability into motion to eventually or futurely create an outcome.

This is what you think, and this is the aspect of the confusion in relation to your thoughts. For your thoughts are giving you miscommunication, for you are incorporating them in a manner that they are not designed to be used.

Therefore, you become confused, for you are not incorporating your thought in the now to be functioning in conjunction with its design – to be defining, identifying, communicating to you the outcome that you are creating now in each moment.

(Intently) You do not create probabilities in the future. You create them now. You create the outcomes now. You do not create outcomes in the future. Your outcomes are continuously occurring now, and this is what you are not paying attention to, and you are incorporating your thought process in a direction and a movement which is not in alignment with its designed function.

This is not to say that you may not be incorporating thought in many, many, many, many areas and in many designs, for you have allowed yourselves, through your exploration within physical interaction in physical dimensions, in a manner of speaking, to develop the action of thought in many intricate and complicated manners, and you have become very familiar with the many different manners in which you may incorporate thought. But you have also distracted yourselves from its original design, and in this, as you are not incorporating your thought process in the usage in which it was designed – as a tool of communication objectively – you also become very confused in why you may not be creating what you THINK you are intending to be creating.

In this, as you allow yourselves to incorporate your thought in its designed function, you may offer yourself the information in identifying what your genuine direction and intention may be, and it may not be what your thoughts are communicating. But this is the aspect of which we have spoken many times, of allowing yourselves to become familiar with yourselves, that you have not quite allowed yourselves an understanding of yet.

TED: How do you suggest we obtain that understanding?

ELIAS: Once again, quite simply, by paying attention, by noticing, by allowing yourselves to be noticing what you are creating in the now – each moment.

I have expressed and shall continue to express for much time framework, your most powerful tool in expression, in your movement in relation to this shift in consciousness and what you are creating now, is to allow yourselves to be noticing. This is extremely valuable, and offers you a tremendous volume of information and greater understanding of your choices, of your experiences, of how you create your reality.

TED: Okay. Let me quote you a couple examples, and see if I have this information correctly.

ELIAS: Very well.

TED: Several months ago, while working on my table saw, I was not paying attention and I chopped the end of my thumb off (ouch!) quite severely, but not to the point where I removed the entire digit. My partner, when she saw it, said I needed to go to the hospital to get stitches and needed to put medication on it. I told her no, I have enough trust in myself that I can heal this with no scarring, and I can do it rather quickly. At that point, I went and put a band-aid on it and put some medicated salve on it and kept it band-aided for a time period, and it is now completely healed with no obvious damage. Is that an example of trusting self, and a belief system?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

Now; view all that you incorporated, for allow yourself to notice all of the elements that you also are incorporating and involving in this one example of this one event.

In this, you incorporate a choice. You move in a direction of implementing that choice. You shall not incorporate your physicians and their methods, but you shall incorporate your own method with your salve and your band-aid, which you incorporate to be helpful to your healing, therefore allowing yourself to continue some expression of your belief in association with your medical expressions.

But you also moved in a smooth flow in acceptance with those beliefs, merely incorporating the action of the salve and the band-aid and not questioning that this shall be helpful to your finger, and in this, not incorporating a continuous attention upon the event or upon the action of healing, for you have chosen the direction of healing.

You have identified the direction of healing within your thoughts, but you are not continuing to incorporate the thoughts in attention, in analyzation, or in concentration upon the healing of the finger. You merely incorporate a trust – without doubt – that this shall be, and already is. For in actuality, you are creating that action, in its outcomes, moment by moment.

TED: Okay. The second example is, a few days ago, we took an automobile trip to North Carolina. It only lasted a couple of days, but on the way down, I noticed the window of the car, the windshield, was rather difficult to see through. On the return trip, we stopped to get gasoline, and I cleaned the window and noticed it was highly chipped due to its old age – it’s a 1988 car – and my thought was, I need to replace this windshield. On the way home from there, driving down the highway at a high rate of speed, a log – I believe it was a piece of wood or a log – bounced up from underneath the car in front of me and bounced onto the hood of my car and hit the windshield and smashed it. It didn’t cause any damage to any people, but it did cause me to have to replace the windshield.

Now, my question is, the two thoughts I had – one of not being able to see through the window and one of “it needs to be replaced” – did these two thoughts set into communication and create the action that occurred? The person who lost the log on the highway, the person who was driving the vehicle in front of me that hit the log that caused it to spin up into the air, were all these my creations?


TED: With just the one thought?

ELIAS: It is not caused by the thought. The thought, as I have stated, is a communication to you in identification of what you ARE creating. It is not the reverse. It is not the thought that creates the action. It is the action of choice that creates the identification in thought.

TED: My identification of the damaged window created the thought that I should replace it, and that set into motion the probability that something was going to occur?

ELIAS: Let me explain.

You create a choice. You identify a direction. The thought is the subsequent communication to yourself of what you are already creating. Therefore, in each moment, you are creating actions in relation to a choice to be creating a specific reality, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, in this situation, you choose to be moving in a direction, and you identify that direction of creation through your thoughts, in which you communicate to yourself [that] you are experiencing difficulty in viewing through this glass. Within another moment, you offer yourself another communication through your thoughts concerning another movement and choice that you have created within your reality – this glass is damaged.

Now; in this, you also view and assess the damage not to be in extreme or great, and therefore, you place yourself in a position of another choice. Shall you wait to be replacing this glass, or shall you replace this glass sooner? The choice is that you shall replace the glass quickly. Therefore, you also create motivation to objectively replace the glass, and you create the glass to be broken, (pause) in a manner of speaking, for in actuality, even the glass is not broken! Ha ha ha ha!

TED: (Laughing) You have such a great sense of humor!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Now; I am speaking figuratively to you in many of these expressions, for as I have stated, in actuality, the glass is not broken. But you have created an affectingness of the glass, that you may create a different expression of the glass in relation to your vehicle.

(Intently) Each moment is created by you, in the actions that you choose to be incorporating within your physical reality. Your thoughts, in quite physical terms, do not come first. Your thoughts follow your choices. This is the manner in which thought has been designed within physical reality. Thought does not precede the action. The action of choice is created, and the thought is subsequently implemented to identify and communicate what has been chosen.

TED: That is my AHA! moment, let me tell you that! (Me too, Ted!)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

TED: Well, let me ask you another question, Elias. You told Margot – I think you call her Giselle?


TED: ...that this new wave in consciousness of duplicity that we’re addressing to would be affecting Sumafi more than the other families.


TED: My life partner is Sumafi. Will the energy peaks or waves or bursts of energy that you talk about be showing up in her as medical malfunctions, rather than her using them for creativity?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This is the choice of each individual in how they may be incorporating these energy surges, or ANY of the interaction with this particular belief system which is being addressed.

Now; in this, you may view evidences of those individuals that are Sumafi in their incorporation of expressions of repetition, many times and with many individuals, more so for a time framework, in addressing to this particular belief system in association with this wave in consciousness.

Some individuals that easily and quite familiarly create physical affectingnesses within themselves may be incorporating this method, so to speak, to be offering themselves objective imagery addressing to aspects of this belief system, for this type of creation is familiar to them, and they hold less difficulty, so to speak, in their ability to interpret and translate the imagery that they present to themselves in relation to this particular belief system.

I shall express to you that in this time framework, the movement of this belief system in this wave is escalating, and in this escalation, there are many more expressions objectively being created, that individuals may be allowing themselves the opportunity to recognize and to address to the aspects of duplicity.

In this, I may also express to you, as I have expressed recently to many other individuals, within this time framework now, many, many, many individuals are incorporating action in relation to this wave, addressing to and allowing themselves to identify the expression of being victims, or as identifying other individuals as being victims.

It is not merely an addressment to yourselves as identifying yourselves as a victim in certain situations and circumstances or creations, but that you also identify other individuals as a victim, and in this, create expressions of sympathy, and offer energy to the perpetuation of your own expressions of victim and offer energy to other individuals in their perpetuation of this aspect of victim.

TED: Well, going along with that, Elias, would our present situation in this country of our presidential election be considered as victim?

ELIAS: In some of its expressions, yes. As I have stated recently, this expression in mass creation is associated with the belief system of duplicity. Therefore, it may also be associated with the Sumafi.

TED: Okay.

LUANNE: Ask him if Al Gore is Sumafi.

TED: (Laughing) Inez wants to know if Al Gore is Sumafi. (Pause)

ELIAS: Aligned with.

TED: (Laughing) Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

TED: The struggle with the presidency and the election, is this the beginnings of this shift in consciousness, where the government will become less and less powerful, and less intrusive into our personal realities?


TED: Thank you. I thought it might be.

ELIAS: You are redefining your reality. You are redefining aspects of your individual reality. You are also redefining your reality within your society, and therefore, you are addressing to and redefining your governments.

TED: Yes, yes, yes!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And this offers you objective evidence, once again, of the movement that you are creating in relation to this shift in consciousness.

TED: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

TED: I have one more question, and then I’ll see if Inez has any questions. In my relationships with other people in this area that I’m now residing in, I have many, many, many people come up and say, “Ted, I know you from somewhere. Have you been in this area long? Do I know you from work?” We do not arrive at a physical connection between the two of us. Have I placed myself here to be interactive with other essences that are also located here for any specific reason?

ELIAS: To be experiencing. (Dryly) I am understanding of what you are expressing and your questioning.

Let me express to you, this action of familiarity and recognition that is occurring and that you are noticing of is yet again another objective physical evidence of movement of this shift in consciousness, and that ALL individuals are participating, regardless of what type of information they may be offering to themselves objectively. (Emphatically)

There is an expression of knowing. There is movement, and there are objective expressions that are occurring that you expect merely from those individuals that are offering themselves information in this type of a manner.

But I have expressed to you many times, all individuals that occupy your globe are participating in this shift in consciousness, regardless of their objective information and recognition of the shift, in similarity or dissimilarity to your recognition of it. It matters not; they are incorporating similar and the same experiences.

You encounter other individuals that you hold a familiarity with. You express an identification within yourself as per the information that you have offered to yourself through different communications – one of which is interaction with myself – and you look to the other individual and express to yourself, “Ah, I hold a recognition and a familiarity of this individual for I likely engage other focuses with this individual.” The other individual holds the same recognition, but their definition of that recognition may not be the same.

TED: Okay. Again, thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LUANNE: I don’t have any formulated questions today, Elias.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Very well! It is not a requirement for our interaction! Ha ha ha ha!

LUANNE: But thank you for chatting with us this afternoon!

ELIAS: Ah, you are very welcome!

I offer to you both a tremendous expression of energy in recognition of your movement and your tremendous desire to be objectively incorporating a genuine understanding of all that you are creating in the moment. In this, I am greatly encouraging of you, my friends!

TED: We appreciate that. We do receive your blue balls of energy every day!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And I continue to play, and you continue to participate!

TED: And we shall continue forever!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And I shall anticipate our next meeting. I offer to you both great affection, and express this day, au revoir.

BOTH: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:59 p.m.

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