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Sunday, February 18, 1996

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Guin (Sophia), Jim (Yarr), Christie (Oliver), Gaylon (Thomas), Cecelia (Sari), and a new essence, Valerie (Meah), who is Christie’s sister.

Elias arrives at around 7:00 PM. (Vic’s note: The time did not record on the videotape tonight, so all times are estimated.)

ELIAS: Good evening. (Pause) And, we welcome new essence! (Smiling)

I will begin this evening by expressing one brief instruction: Incorporate your table this evening. Also, I will express, Michael is not quite ready for this expression; therefore the completion of this may not be occurring this evening, but you may be needing of your knocking. Now, we will proceed.

We have been discussing your shift. In this, I have been expressing of essence families, and of consciousness related to what you will be experiencing within your shift. I have expressed that within this session, I will be speaking of your beginnings, so to speak. This is not an expression of where you began upon this earth, so to speak, or where you began within consciousness in general, but a limited view of your beginnings within the focus of the Seers. I will express to you that we will designate these as “Dream Walkers.”

Your Seers were manifest once, originally, within this dimensional focus. This occurred in what you would view to be very many centuries ago. Your view of time and man’s existence upon this planet is quite distorted. I have given Michael his word for this evening, in relation to this subject. (The word was Pedra Furada)

Within your location of a country you now view to be Brazil, there is a location with the name of Pedra Ferada. Here is an archaeological site. You may investigate information of this site, for you will find that there is much controversy surrounding this area; for your scientists now are expressing their belief that human individuals existed within this area in a time period which you would view to be forty-eight thousand years ago. Within your known elements of time, of these continents of your Americas, you will find that your scientists believe that you, as humans, did not exist upon these continents before twenty thousand years ago. In between these years, in your time element, they find no existence of man; therefore there is quite a gap.

Some of your scientists dispute these findings, and say that individuals were not within existence, upon these continents, in this time period. I express to you, you were within existence, even before these dates. (Pause)

Your scientists find little evidence of existence of man, throughout your known world, beyond certain time periods. You have existed upon your planet many times. As we have spoken of blinking in and out of physical focus, as you do continuously within your lifetime, your species has also blinked in and out of existence upon this planet. This planet of yours has been in existence for a much greater time period than your scientists realize, for it does not incorporate time either. It is a manifestation, physically, of consciousness, to accommodate your physical existence.

This will also account for your myths of other life visiting your planet, interacting with human beings. Other life, as you interpret it as aliens, has not visited your planet, and interacted with you as human beings, within entire cultures; although you have had interaction. Your pyramids were not built by aliens. Other wonders of your planet were not accomplished by extraterrestrial life forms. They are incorporated into your existence by you.

You, within different essence families at different time periods, have blinked into existence upon this planet. When I speak to you of blinking in and out of existence upon this planet, I do not speak in the same manner that I express of your blinking in and out of consciousness; for the species may blink in for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and blink out for many thousands of years also. Consciousness is never destroyed. It does not become extinct. It is not annihilated. It only changes. It may change form, it may change dimension; but it does not disappear. (Pause)

In this also, you did not evolve through what you view to be your Darwinian theory; from other life forms. You have experimented with other expressions physically, and also partially physically, and some non-physical.

Originally, many thousands of your years before you believe your planet even existed, it did exist, and you manifest within consciousness here. You chose the elements of your world and how it would be manifest physically. You chose to manifest all of your creatures, all of your plant life, your rocks, your sand, your water, your atmosphere. You experimented with these elements also. You moved through consciousness non-physically, not manifest. You were within continuous interaction with nature, as you have created it.

As you moved through your time element, which you also created, you created different expressions within this physical world. You created what you view to be a universe around you. After a period, you blinked out as a species, moving to other worlds and creating them also. Blinking back into this world, you became Dream Walkers. This is where we incorporate your Seers.

In this, you must try to understand that your time of manifestation was quite different. You did not incorporate time physically, the way that you incorporate it now. You only partially manifest physically. The simplest explanation of this manifestation would be to express that you moved through what you now term as astral bodies. This is your consciousness body, which you do possess; this body being that form that you incorporate when you experience an out-of-body. You will travel with another body. This is the form that is more identified with the Seers. You may express this as a “light body,” for it is basically comprised of light. This is not what you understand as light, for it is not visual light.

These Dream Walkers were the initiators of the physical world that you basically understand presently. They phased in and out of physical manifestation, experimenting with all of your elements of physical life. In this, not being completely physically manifest, they did not incorporate age, as you know it. Therefore, their existence was overlapping. Some of these Seers chose to become physically manifest completely. Others did not; this being your correlation to our book of those individuals such as Sumpter, which would be the beings partially physically manifest, but also incorporating a greater understanding of consciousness and the dream state; others being totally physically manifest, which would parallel Ma-ah. The individuals who chose to be physically manifest completely divorced themselves from memory, this allowing for a pure experience of physical manifestation; but others, connected as Seers, were helpful to be guiding of these individuals in their beginning stages. (Pause)

You have blinked out many times, as I have stated. Evidence of individuals within this stage may be encountered within your future. Presently, it is unlikely that you will be discovering of these evidences, and even if you were uncovering evidences of these Seers and this period of manifestation, you would be denying this existence; this being why I incorporate the example of this site within Brazil, for this being another example of a blinking in period, which you do not accept yet as reality. To your thinking, this is not possible, for you are still “locked into” your time frames. In this, man may not be in existence before your ice age of this continent, and if man was within existence, he would have been annihilated! Therefore, he would exist no more. This is incorrect!

Physical elements have occurred, within the existence of your planet, which to you seems to be annihilating of all life, such as your ice age. This is only a period of blinking out of your species for a temporary time period, only to remanifest and blink in, once again, after physical changes have occurred within your planetary structure which were not needing of your direction; this allowing you the opportunity to focus within the elements of other systems and dimensions. (Pause)

All of these occurrences happen at once. You have only created a perception, within each dimension, to experience differently. Within this dimension, you experience through your invention of time and space. (Long pause) Such little mice this evening! (Laughter)

Your Seers have been quite instructing to you and have, as I have said, overlapped with ages. These are what you interpret as being other life forms, for you view them to be different from yourselves; as if, [were you] viewing them physically, they would not resemble yourself within the form that you have chosen, physically; but they are your forerunners.

As you approach your shift, your consciousness widens and incorporates more of an identification with these Dream Walkers. You begin to perceive your world differently. Your consciousness experiences elements differently. Your physical manifestation experiences through its senses differently. It widens. You are now beginning, within your shifting, to incorporate some of these new elements. You recognize more of your abilities. These are remembrances.

(Here, Elias closes his eyes, still swaying in his usual manner. He then stops moving, head lowered, eyes still closed, silent. About thirty very long seconds go by, and Ron finally knocks three times. At this point, you can almost visibly see Mary “re-enter” her body, but she doesn’t seems to be “all the way back” until about thirty seconds later. She immediately takes a drink, and rubs her face.)

RON: Are you okay?

MARY: (Very softly) Yeah. Can we like, take a break for a minute?

(She jumps up and quickly walks outside. Mary was very upset by this experience, and had a very strong emotional reaction; a very rare occurrence for her, especially in a group of people. This emotional reaction upset her even more, causing her to feel embarrassed along with all of the other emotions; the strongest one being fear. After about ten or fifteen minutes, she insisted on engaging Elias again)

ELIAS: And, we continue. Michael will be fine. I was expressing to you, when we began this evening, that he is not quite ready for this interaction, although his desire is quite intense. You may each, if you are choosing, incorporate our book, which you all are familiar with, and you may allow yourselves an explanation of the experience that Michael has just encountered. If you are reading of Seven’s experience in falling, (smiling at Guin) this would be the same; and as Michael did not heed your advice and read this passage, he was not anticipating the experience; therefore also not allowing himself the information that Seven did recover and find himself. (Smiling)

I have expressed to you that this experience would be removed from the consciousness of these individuals present, therefore his feeling of “aloneness”; but that it would be an interaction with essences non-physical. We have been speaking this evening of your Seers. These are what interact, within essence, in this situation. There is nothing threatening. It is only an overwhelmingness of energy. He is quite fine now.

(To Ron) Your swirl is effective.

(To group) You will be noticing, when I am departing, that he will be fine. He will interact with this energy source of Seer, within your future time period, and this response will not occur.

(To Ron) I am acknowledging and expressing thanks for your compliance with instructions. (Pause)

This energy you view to be coming from, so to speak, outside or above; for within your belief systems, you believe non-physical focus to be above you. In actuality, it is within you, therefore it interacts quite strongly with you; and, within the element of consciousness, without physical body, there seems to be no space, for in actuality, there is no space! (Grinning) It is only within physical perception that you perceive space and time.

I will express also that this is also an example of your belief systems, and even, within consciousness, how affecting they may be to you. I have expressed to you that your belief systems are quite strong; and that even as you move away from physical focus into non-physical, you retain your belief systems, for a while. Therefore, an expression of energy “pressing down” from above is quite logical, for the visualization is that of physical focus being underneath and connected to your “ground level,” so to speak; your buffer zone hovering above this, being your protective agent; but your non-physical energies coming from universal “spaces” all out here above you, for the cosmos is “pressing in!” In actuality, the cosmos is “pushing out,” to encompass! (Demonstrating with gesturing of hands)

Michael was experience[ing] the feeling of being inside of the eye, this being the identification of the cyclone, the whirling energies around, and his falling uncontrollably within the eye where there is “nothing,” and no direction. There is no nothing! (Grinning widely) You only do not incorporate a belief system to encompass the nothing. Therefore, it is unfamiliar, and you may only attach what you know, and this you perceive to be nothing. He will be understanding of this situation much more clearly after this evening, and I also will be interacting; and in this way, he will not incorporate this fearfulness any longer.

I will be acknowledging to all of these individuals present for their forbearance and supportiveness to him in this endeavor, for this initial experience was necessary for his moving forward. I will also express to you each that although you, within your lack of knowledge, view the unknown as frightening, and you incorporate fearfulness of (humorously) “psychic elements,” there is, in actuality, nothing that is harmful within non-physical, and there is no thing to be frightened of! It is only your own physical belief systems that create this situation. No essence will be harmful or intrusive. You incorporate the fearfulness. (Smiling, and a pause) Now, you may be asking questions, or we may incorporate our game.

CHRIS: Before we do the game, my sister is here, and you told me that you would let me know her essence name, and she was ...

ELIAS: Essence name of our new individual ... Meah. (Pause)

CHRIS: How would you spell that?

ELIAS: (Pausing) M-E-A-H. This essence name incorporates healing tones. Therefore, connecting with your vibrational tone quality of your essence name will be enabling to you within physical focus, and increasing of your abilities. (Long pause)

JIM: I have a question. In relation to my dream of a few weeks ago, was my interpretation correct?

ELIAS: This would be quite correct. (Pause) I will make one slight correction in terminology, and express to you that your aspects are not lifting you, but your facets.

JIM: We discussed that. So, it’s my facets. Cool. Thank you, Rastin.

ELIAS: Your message; seven is not the number seven.

JIM: Yes; as in a name seven.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: I do know! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Very well done!

JIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You each may be practicing of your interpretations of your own dreams, and you may be accomplishing equally as well, (grinning at Vicki) sometimes! (Laughter, and a pause)

JIM: Is there any connection between Guin’s and my knees aching the last few days?

ELIAS: You are both incorporating physical elements. I will express to you that you manifest physically, as I have stated before. You are beginning to be recognizing, even though you do not think so, (laughter) of your essence. You are connecting! In this, you manifest an element physically. This provides you with physical evidence of connecting, for you may find another individual expressing the same element! You have tried many ways, to your thinking, to be connecting, and view these to be insufficient. Therefore, you will manifest something concrete, and in this, you will allow yourself to see your connections. (Pause)

GUIN: Is that the same with the pulsating heart/throat thing?

ELIAS: Exactly. (Smiling) This would not only be a song on a radio, or a thought that might be a “coincidence!” You express a physical element which cannot be denied. Quite inventive!

GUIN: Yeah! (Guin and Jim laugh)

ELIAS: Now be acknowledging of your own accomplishment! (Long pause)

VICKI: I have a question. I don’t understand about the alien thing. I want to understand what you were explaining earlier.

ELIAS: Are you wishing information of true extraterrestrials, or are you wishing of information of what you believe to be these?

VICKI: I’m wishing of what people believe to be these.

ELIAS: Many time periods within your history have been connected to visitations by other beings, viewing man as not possessing the capability of accomplishing the things that he has accomplished, and within certain elements, physically focused man was not completely capable of accomplishing some of these feats; but, with helpfulness of Seers, there was the accomplishments.

These individuals, these Dream Walkers who overlapped with different cultures, did not always appear physically, but were interacting with the physically focused individuals and providing information and inspiration. There were also times when these Seers were manifest, partially. In this, as I have stated, they would not be viewed in the same manner as you view each other, for they did not actually possess a physical body. Therefore, in appearing to those physically manifest who have forgotten, they would appear to be other beings; sometimes being interpreted as gods or heavenly beings, sometimes being viewed as beings from other planets.

Within this, you also must incorporate a method that they have appeared. This was not a problem if you were viewing them to be gods or heavenly beings, for in these situations it was quite possible, within your perception, that they may just appear; but in those instances where some were questioned as to whether they be gods, they would be expressing negative. Therefore, the individuals physically manifest, as do you now, looked to their stars and developed their myths of other beings coexisting within their universe, more intelligent and more advanced them themselves, who would be visiting them and interacting in a helpful manner. In actuality, no spaceships were ever viewed. These were an invention of imagination of those individuals physically manifest. They were an explanation of transportation, of how these beings appeared to them.

This is not to say that you do not encounter unidentified objects. This is not to say that you do not encounter other beings, for you do periodically; not en masse. You do. Individually and periodically, you do view other crafts. These crafts, as I have stated previously, do not fly here. They do not travel across your universe and appear within your sky. They materialize as a “bleed-through” periodically, within your dimension. Your ability to view them is a direct resulting of your widening in consciousness.

I will also express to you that other dimensions cross into this dimension and do view this planet, but not as you view it. Just as you may send your satellites to other planets and view only barrenness, and then deposit your debris of your satellites upon those planets, so also do other focuses deposit their debris upon your barren planet, which to them is also lifeless; for they perceive not your manifestation, for their focus is within another dimension; this being why you may view actual elements of a craft, which you explain to be crashed. These are not necessarily aliens crashing upon your planet. They are, many times, other dimensional beings exploring their universe and discarding their debris, in the same manner as do you also.

There are instances of some infrequent dimensional focuses that do incorporate travel, through space. These are very infrequently encountered; for this, at this point, is quite difficult, to be moving through many dimensions, and intersecting and making contact, so to speak. You view other beings as more intelligent, or more advanced. What you do not realize is that the universe, or the universes, are all the same age, so to speak, within your terms; and although some incorporate a slight advancement to yourselves, most are quite “on a par,” and have not figured out how to be moving through space any better than have you. They are still traveling around space, as are you.

VICKI: Well, what’s the recurring abduction scenario all about?

ELIAS: I have spoken of this previously. This is directly influenced by your belief systems. I have expressed to you that your consciousness, within this age as you are moving toward your shift, is widening to incorporate other elements of your essence. Therefore, when individuals are experiencing these types of encounters, they are not experiencing an encounter with “another being.” They are experiencing an encounter with an alien, which is another facet of their essence, but it is their own essence speaking to them; this bringing us back to your “little gray squashy guys!” (Laughter, and a pause)

CELIA: May I ask a question?


CELIA: Will we be understanding better, soon, this concept, or can you explain more clearly the Seers and the Dream Walkers, and their relationship to ourselves? Are we related to these Seers and Dream Walkers?

ELIAS: Yes. You are Seers. You each incorporate aspects of the Seers, therefore you are Seers; this being why you are beginning to be remembering. In this, when I am expressing that you are remembering, I am meaning that you are experiencing elements of consciousness previously unfamiliar to you. In your widening, you begin to identify more and more with the knowing of the Seers. Also, as I have expressed of these Seers and their focus of being only partially manifest, making them Dream Walkers, you identify with this. You begin to see, within yourselves, these same elements.

You are becoming more in tuned to your own intuitive elements, your own inner senses, which effortlessly develop; and you notice. You experience viewing of other, or unusual, elements around you. Your vision becomes affected. You may view, visually, ordinary aspects of your lifetime, so to speak, differently. You may view, visually, elements that incorporate molecules and atoms, breaking apart. In this way, you may see your table become “not so solid” and be wavy, for your outer senses are affected also within this widening. They become wider also, to incorporate a more realistic view and understanding of what you have created. Your hearing may become much more acute. Your touch becomes more sensitive. Your inner abilities are expressed through outer senses much more flowingly, without effort; this being why you will be viewing more individuals “tapping in,” so to speak, to their psychic abilities, or their hearing abilities. These are evidences of your moving toward your shift.

You also become more aware of yourselves, and incorporate a fuller understanding of probabilities and their workings. As you widen, your understanding increases. These are all evidences of your shift. Your Seers, that we speak of previously, are your models. (Pause)

Are you wishing of more questions? (Pause) On to our game, Holmes! (Laughter, as Vicki frantically starts searching for Cathy’s and Mary’s game questions, totally unprepared for the game this evening)

RON: I’d like to incorporate a couple more categories. I’d like to incorporate musical instruments.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: And occupations.

ELIAS: (Pausing) Agreed.

RON: I guess, in that light, I would like to connect orange with the musical instrument of a violin.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: And I would like to connect indigo, in the mythical creatures category, with a Sasquatch.

ELIAS: (Laughing) The bear! One point!

JIM: I would like, in the flowers category, to connect indigo with the Indian paintbrush.

ELIAS: One point.

JIM: Thank you. And also, in the musical category, I would like to connect the drum with indigo. (Elias grins) Maybe too obvious!

ELIAS: Right instrument, wrong color!

JIM: Green.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

JIM: Okay. Red, orange ... I’ll be back! (Laughing, and a pause)

GUIN: (To Jim) Aren’t you going to ask your other question?

JIM: Oh, okay. In indigo, in the cultures category, I would like to connect with Inca.

ELIAS: You are introducing a new category?

JIM: I thought we had a new category. Oh, maybe that was a note! (Laughing, and Elias is grinning) Yes, I guess I am introducing a new category, of cultures!

ELIAS: Acceptable! (Still grinning)

JIM: Thank you. And within that, to connect indigo with Inca.

ELIAS: One point! (Vicki finally finds Cathy’s notebook, which has been right behind her the entire time)

JIM: Thank you! (Laughing) Okay, that’s a round-a-bout way of getting to it, I guess. It all works! (Laughing)

ELIAS: We must, for the benefit of the other individuals, qualify by stating a category first!

JIM: Yes! So, everybody got that? (Pause) Okay, I’m done. (Pause)

GUIN: I’ll start with one. I might come back. In the category of planets, to connect Jupiter with Rose.

ELIAS: One point. (Smiling at Guin)

GUIN: I’ll come back.

VICKI: Okay. For Shynla, she would like to connect, in the herbs category, Ordin with Myrrh.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And, she would like to connect Lawrence and Shynla, in the connecting physically focused essences and vibrational tones category, with ... a wolf puppet. (Elias just stares at Vicki) Hey! I’m just a go-between!

ELIAS: Incorrect! A wolf puppet! Shynla, you may express better than this! (Grinning) She will be irritated at me now! (Laughing)

VICKI: I don’t have another game question for her, but she did want me to ask you if you could elaborate on the muslin. She doesn’t get it.

ELIAS: Be expressing to Shynla that she may investigate the origins of this fabric, and in this, also investigate the religious belief systems within this area.

VICKI: Okay. For Michael, he would like to connect Elias, in the roots and berries category, with a raspberry.

ELIAS: (Laughing) One point.

VICKI: And he would like to connect Otha, in the birds category, with an albatross.

ELIAS: One point. And you may be expressing to Michael of my disappointment of his not entering his new answer for our game, when I have expressed so painstakingly, within his dream focus, to be helpful!

VICKI: I think he was a little scattered! (Actually, it was Vicki who was a little scattered!) For myself, let’s see. Musical instruments! I connect Elias with a piano.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And, I would like to connect the essence of Rose, in the planets category, with Pluto.

ELIAS: Incorrect! (Grinning at Guin, as Vicki is totally clueless that this category was connected, minutes earlier, by Guin)

VICKI: Alright, then I will connect Rose, in the insects category, with an ant.

ELIAS: One point. (Pause)

GUIN: I have one more. I’m just trying to decide. In the category of direction, connecting with Ayla, down.

ELIAS: Incorrect.

GUIN: Okay, then I’m gonna go back to the senses category, and I’m gonna put hearing and taste.

ELIAS: One point.

GUIN: Can you elaborate on that?

ELIAS: I will be allowing you to be connecting, and then you may be expressing to me of your findings. You are quite good at visualization within your meditative state, and adept at dream state also! (Grinning)

GUIN: So there is an explanation of there being three, rather than just smell?

ELIAS: I have expressed that you do not only have one answer within these categories. Whether you are tuning in to your perceptions of these answers or not is up to you. Exercise your inner senses. (Pause) And, no impressions from Oliver?

CHRIS: No. I’m having my own surge of energy tonight, and some difficulties.

ELIAS: Understood. I will be discontinuing this evening, and you may each be connecting with each other. Good evening.

GROUP: Good evening.

Elias departs at around 9:00 PM.

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