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Sunday, December 31, 2000

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“Elias’ Choice of Terminology”

“Addressing to Duplicity”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Joe (Holden).

Elias arrives at 11:35 AM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning, my friend!

JOE: Hello, Elias.

ELIAS: We meet again!

JOE: Yes, sir.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Proceed!

JOE: Okay, I have a few questions here. For some reason lately, I have periods of doubting my own abilities objectively, and yet I always seem to accomplish things quite nicely. For some reason, I get the feeling that this doubting might be some sort of byproduct of some subjective activity that I’ve been involved in, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Can you give me any direction here?

ELIAS: I may express to you first of all that you are correct in your impression that your objective movement and creations are mirroring your subjective movement, as this be the situation continuously. As you know, your subjective and objective are continuously in harmony with each other. They may be creating different types of imagery, but they are addressing to the same subject matter.

In this, as you create these periods, so to speak, of experiencing and noticing within yourself this doubtfulness as to your ability, subjectively you are also challenging yourself to be expressing your abilities more fully, and in a manner of speaking, more completely.

Now; you have, within your focus, demonstrated to yourself your ability to be creating what you choose and what you want within your reality, and being successful in that action, in your terms.

In this, you move yourself into more expansive and new expressions of your own abilities to be creating more fully what you choose and desire objectively. The subjective is addressing to beliefs that may be hindering of that type of movement, and the objective experiences what you may term to be the feeling in relation to the movement that the subjective awareness is creating.

In this, although it appears surfacely to be what may be identified as a negative expression as experienced in doubt, in actuality, what you are creating in this time framework is addressing to different aspects of duplicity that you yourself align with, and allowing yourself to move into an expression of acceptance – not elimination – of some of those aspects of duplicity, recognizing that regardless that you may be expressing some aspects of duplicity, which creates the doubt in relation to your abilities, you may allow yourself the choice of movement anyway. You are not blocked or hindered in a manner that creates an immobility of your movement and your choices.

Therefore, I may express to you encouragement and acknowledgment that in actuality, these moments of doubt are merely a validation to you objectively that you are addressing to different aspects of duplicity that may have hindered your movement, but that you are not allowing to dictate to you how you shall be moving or that you are limited in your choices. You are moving into expressions within your individual focus – and in relation to your relationship and physical creations that you have chosen recently – that in physical terms, you are “pushing your limits.”

Now; these are interesting terms, for quite literally, this is what you are creating – pushing the limits that you have created within your focus previously – and in that pushing of those limits, you are also allowing yourself to be eliminating of the limitations and expressing your abilities more fully. Are you understanding?

JOE: Yes I am, and I really appreciate that, because also the way I’m understanding this is the way I’ve kind of felt about it, and I kind of feel like you are actually giving me encouragement along those lines, which I appreciate.

ELIAS: Quite, and I DO offer this encouragement to you, and have been throughout this process that you have been creating. I am greatly acknowledging of your allowance of yourself within your energy in recognizing your momentary expressions of doubt, or at times even of slight anxiety, but in your continuation to be allowing yourself the freedom of movement and not holding yourself to the dictates of those expressions of doubt, recognizing that they are a communication and not a dictation.

JOE: Yes, exactly. I really appreciate that. That explains a lot. I’ve kind of felt that way, but I’ve never been able to really verbalize it, and a lot of times, to understand it more completely I have to verbalize it, and you’ve done that quite nicely.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! You are quite welcome, my friend. Be encouraged and receive my acknowledgment, and offer that in the same to yourself, for you are quite deserving of it.

JOE: That brings me to my next question. I see blue, sometimes intense blue color, many times before I go to sleep, and I kind of get the feeling that you and I interact quite a bit on a subjective level. Is this correct?

ELIAS: You are correct.

JOE: Okay, I thought so. I really do appreciate that interaction. I’m sure you know how much, but I’m going to verbalize it anyway.

ELIAS: I am quite recognizing of your acknowledgment of it, and of your allowance to be receiving of my expression to you, and in this, I am also recognizing that you do not merely allow yourself the visual of an energy expression of my acknowledgment and interaction with you, but at times you have also allowed yourself a physical reception of my offering of energy to you. You are correct – I am interactive with you quite often subjectively, and offer an expression of objective energy in validation of that also.

JOE: It’s very much appreciated. So I guess I’ve pretty much answered the next question about following my intent during this focus, and I kind of feel that I’m right on track.

ELIAS: And so you are! (Chuckling)

JOE: Okay, that answers a lot. Now I’m going to ask a question of a more philosophical nature.

Elias, in the books dictated by Seth, he talks of All That Is, and he talks of All That Is being, in his terms, a primal gestalt.

Now, in the beginning ... and I know that’s a very, very relative term. In Seth’s books, he talks about All That Is basically giving up of himself – and I’m saying “him” just in an explanatory sort of way – giving up of himself to many, many different parts, each basically being granted individuality as a soul. According to Seth, all souls were in the beginning, and none since, and yet different aspects of an individual essence can give freedom to a part of itself. But also, Seth said that this isn’t done lightly.

In reading all of the transcripts ... not all the transcripts, but in reading the transcripts, I kind of get the feeling that you’re saying basically the same thing. Can you offer any insight into that, or something along those lines?

ELIAS: Are you wishing of information as to what you have defined as “all that is,” or are you wishing for information concerning the offering of individuality to different aspects of what you have termed to be the soul? (No pause for a response)

I express to you that my identification is merely a difference in terminology, in that Seth has presented this concept of “all that is,” and I express a similar concept in the terminology of “all of consciousness,” which is essentially the same expression.

As to the “individuality of soul,” my identification of this, to not be aligning with or reinforcing of religious beliefs, is incorporated in the terminology of “essence,” which are aspects of consciousness holding individuality and personality expressions, but are also aspects of the whole, so to speak, which is all of consciousness, and cannot be, in a manner of speaking, separated from consciousness as that whole.

Therefore, in this, which direction of discussion are you choosing to be engaging, that of all of consciousness and its function, or that of essence and its identification?

JOE: I think you’ve answered the question without going off in a particular direction, because my intent in the answer to the question was ... and this is in part my own, having read all of Seth’s books and having read the transcripts that Vicki sends me all the time, as well as on the Elias website.

I try to correlate between what Seth has said and what you’ve said, and I know, because of the difference in family orientations and the difference just because you are both individuals, as we all are, that you see things a little bit different, but you are both trying to say the same thing. I think, in what you’ve just told me and what I’ve read in Seth, that that’s exactly correct, that you are both saying exactly the same thing, but from your own individual perspectives.

ELIAS: And I may express to you, the presentment of terminology may be different, as directed by the different intents of those essences which are expressing them. Within the offering of information that I express, in conjunction with the intent of this essence, there is an expression of awareness of reinforcement of existing associations of beliefs within your physical dimension.

Now; be understanding, this is not to say that I am expressing a judgment upon any of the expressions of your beliefs or any of the aspects of your beliefs within your physical dimension, for as I have stated, it is recognized that within themselves, they are neutral. They are neither good or bad.

But in this, there are very strongly held associations by many individuals, with respect to certain types of terminologies that trigger automatic associations with certain ideas, philosophies, and strongly held aspects of beliefs, that may be expressing limitations within many individuals within your physical reality.

And in this, there is created by this essence an expression of intention to not be reinforcing those automatic associations which may be creating limitations in the expressions of individuals within your physical focus.

But I may also express to you, essentially the concepts and the information is the same, which has been offered not merely by myself and through the expression of the other essence of Seth, but also [by] many other essences and many other expressions of information which have been offered to you throughout your history.

JOE: I think that comes through clearly, at least pretty clearly to me, and in fact, it really helps with the clarity of being able to understand the information that you are trying to impart.

ELIAS: Quite. Let me express to you, Holden, many individuals may create a perception, that they express the information that I may be offering in this time framework is different or new in relation to any other information which has been offered through other essences throughout your history.

But I shall express to you, in its basis, I am offering to you very similar – and at times the same – information which has been presented to you throughout your history. I merely am presenting that information in different terminology, in alignment with my intent of family and in association with this movement of this shift in consciousness, recognizing the direction of this shift in consciousness and what this shift is, in a manner of speaking, intended to be creating through your collective design and choice.

In compliance with that objective, the terminology that I may incorporate may appear differently than other information which has been offered through other essences, but the basis of the information and the concepts themselves are the same.

JOE: Well, for whatever reason, in my case ... and I can only speak for myself. But in my case, the way it’s being done by yourself, for whatever reason, offers me a lot of clarity and not so much confusion. So, the interaction that I’ve had with you, not only in previous discussions but also through the transcripts, has clarified a lot.

ELIAS: Quite, and I am understanding of this type of interaction, and in this, there is an accomplishment of the point.

I may express to you, not all individuals within your physical dimension shall be allowing themselves to receive and assimilate information in the manner in which it may be offered by myself, and this is quite acceptable.

The information that I offer, in the manner in which it is offered, is expressed objectively, that individuals may draw themselves to it and offer themselves this very expression of clarity and understanding through this particular expression.

But I may express to you also, there are many other individuals throughout your planet that allow themselves to be assimilating information OF THE SAME CONCEPTS in very different types of expressions.

But as I have stated previously, you all, without exception within your physical dimension presently, are participating in this shift in consciousness. Therefore, you all shall offer yourselves your most efficient manner of assimilating information individually in conjunction with your choice to be creating this shift in consciousness.

JOE: Mary and I were talking about something similar to that a little bit before we started this session. But the information is there, and I guess each and every one of us, just exactly as you’re saying, each and every one of us has our own way, and we’re drawn to whatever information works the best for us within a focus.

ELIAS: Quite, and I shall express to you also, there are many, many, many individuals that draw themselves to the information that I presently offer, and each of those individuals assimilates it differently.

JOE: But isn’t the end result the same, in that there is at least an accomplishment in understanding?

ELIAS: Yes, quite! This is the wondrousness of the diversity of yourselves and of all of consciousness. You shall each assimilate the same information through your individual mechanisms of your own perceptions, and it shall be beneficial, and you shall allow yourselves each to incorporate that in your own design. But you are all creating essentially the same movement and engaging the same objective, but in your diversity and uniqueness and individuality, you all accomplish this in your own individual expressions.

JOE: Then too, I know I am thankful for the ability to be able to perceive that we all are unique in that respect.

ELIAS: Quite!

JOE: Elias, I think I’d better, for today ... I’m kind of on a little bit of a time constraint with Mary, because I know she has something to do. I guess we’ll end this session today, and again, I really appreciate all the help you’ve given me.

ELIAS: I offer tremendous encouragement to you, Holden. You are accomplishing quite swiftly, and you allow yourself an objective understanding of your own movement and of many of these concepts in quite an expression of clarity.

I shall also offer to you my expression of energy in relation to yourself and your partner. I express to you both great affection, and encouragement in the challenges that you present to yourselves individually and together.

JOE: Thank you, and I tremendously look forward to our continued interaction.

ELIAS: And so it shall be, my friend. I offer to you, in great lovingness and in acknowledgment, an expression of energy that is to continue in interaction objectively and subjectively. Offer my greetings to your partner also.

JOE: I will.

ELIAS: To you in tremendous affection, I express, in this day, au revoir.

JOE: Thank you.

Elias departs at 12:08 PM.

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