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Sunday, February 25, 1996

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Christie (Oliver), Gaylon (Thomas), and Cathy (Shynla).

Vic’s note: This transcript was extremely difficult to transcribe because the microphone was not plugged in. Therefore, there may be some errors. I will enclose some words in [ ] where I am unsure of them, and I will insert a (?) where I am completely unable to decipher.

Elias arrives at 6:58 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening!

VICKI: Good evening!

ELIAS: This evening, I will be attempting to widen your perception of your dimension of time. Your physical focus is quite related [to] and very focused within the element of time, although you perceive only one element of time. Within this discussion of time, I will also be explaining to you of the intervals of time, which will be correlating with our discussion of the Seers.

You view one aspect of time. It is what we will term to be cultural time, this being your perception of physical time; that which you set your clocks to, which you focus upon your calendars with, the element that you gauge the action of your lifetime by. This is only one element of time. This cultural time is observed now by your entire species. Some of your species incorporates this cultural time more than others. Some are not focused so dramatically within minutes and hours, but they are still focused upon time within twenty-four-hour periods, designating certain times of your day for certain activities, and your evening or [night-time hours] for restfulness or sleeping. I continue to inform you of other elements of time, one being what we will call natural time.

Your planet, your earth, [this planet], (grinning at Vicki) incorporates its own sense of time within its own consciousness. It reflects its time element within your seasons. You are affected by this time, but you do not focus upon it. You push this to a place within your consciousness that you do not pay attention to. Natural time also incorporates your tides; your movement of your planet. Your creatures upon this planet observe natural time. You also did observe natural time, and were not consumed with cultural time, at one time, (jokingly) but now, you do not focus upon natural time, and you do not (inaudible) realize or associate this time element with your creatures, your animals. You do not think about it. It, to your perception, is not an issue, for you are focused within cultural time.

I will say to you that natural time is very affecting of you, even though you do not focus upon it. Many individuals express feeling differently, at different times of your physical year. They attribute this to sunshine or grayness, weather, heat, or coolness. In actuality, your seasons do incorporate their own time, and are quite affecting of you. They are most affecting of you within your creative abilities. Your physical bodies, not incorporating rationale, respond to natural time. They understand their [regular] connection with what you view to be natural. In this, they respond to changing of tides, to changing of seasons. You align yourselves to different seasons within natural time. You do not understand how you are aligned, therefore you discount this alignment, and you push it away and express that it is whimsical.

There are many elements of time. There are many dimensions of time. You are affected and are affecting of all of these dimensions of time. You are connected in areas of consciousness to all of these elements of time continuously. Therefore, they are affecting of you. At certain times, (grinning) you feel as though your cultural time is exaggerated more rapidly or more slowly. These feelings that you incorporate are a direct response to other elements of time which are affecting of you, but you do not think of this. Therefore, you dismiss these encounters and feelings by only noticing and expressing, “Oh, my day is moving quite rapidly today,” or you may express, “This year has flown by me,” or you may say, “This year has dragged on so very long.” These are expressions of knowing and experiencing of other elements of time that you do not recognize and you do not pay attention to, for you are very focused within your cultural time.

Cultural time also affects you in your movement and motivation, which may be directly in conflict with your creativity; for within cultural time, you are taught to be utilizing every moment productively. You define your productivity within certain guidelines, and if you are not expressing within these guidelines, you are not being productive. Therefore, you are not utilizing your time. Your consciousness, your creativity, your intent, follows a different time. Therefore, you create conflict by continuing to insist on “jamming” your creativity into small boxes of cultural time. Michael’s question is not necessary. I will explain. (Mary’s question was in regards to whether or not Jane Roberts ended physical focus as a result of a lack of creative expression)

Individuals highly concentrated in creativity view themselves to be needing to be expressing their creativity within a productive element of cultural time. In this, if they are not producing creative expressions, they are “wasting” time. Therefore, they create conflict; for they are continually striving to be fitting themselves into this mold of cultural time, and their intent and their creativity is continually battling to be aligning with natural time. This may be expressed, within musicians or artists or writers, as being “blocked.” They seem not to possess the ability to be forcing their creativity to express itself. They are trying and trying, and their creativity is “doing nothing.” Their imagination seems lost. This is because they are striving to be filling each moment within their cultural time with expressions of creativity, and they are forcing a natural process.

There are times when these individuals may choose to not be expressing; or they reach a point, so to speak, where their conflict, their battle between these time elements, becomes so great that they surrender. Therefore, they incorporate no creative expression. This eventually may be more damaging, for they allow no expression at all; but they do not understand how to allow a meshing of time elements. An understanding of dream time may be helpful. I will be expressing of this momentarily.

I will express to you that in regards to this unformulated question of Michael’s, this individual of your Jane Roberts interacted with our essence of Seth for much time, within your terms. Much information was delivered. Within some, a few, of these manuscripts that have been offered publicly, you may research and you may find that this was discussed many times. You will not find an account of how often this very subject was addressed, but I will express to you that this subject was addressed very many times. This was a very serious issue; and although there were some other issues also involved with this individual, with personal challenges, the issue of “boxing up” creativity was the main element of, shall we say, in your terms, destructiveness, for you view this to be a self-destructive element; although, in actuality, it is not destructive. As I was expressing earlier, this is a choice. The individual feels no need to be continuing.

Within your belief systems, many of you do not choose to simply retire for the evening, and never return. Therefore, you choose physical ailments to allow your departure with an explanation; this being something other individuals surrounding you may attach to as an explanation, and may be more accepting of. It is not necessary for the individual. Their mind, so to speak, has already been made up. They have already decided that their expression will not be incorporated within the particular developmental focus, for it is too constricting and they do not understand [the method] of how to unconstrict it. Therefore, as I have expressed, they view their focus to be pointless.

The incorporation of the intersection with Seth allowed many of your years of continued creative expression, to a point; but as this creative expression was continually “boxed into” cultural time, it was an insufficient and ineffective expression.

Many individuals may force their creative expression to be “coming through” within the confines of cultural time, viewing that they need to be producing, therefore pushing their productivity. This, though, is not a true creative expression.

Many literary words were produced by this individual during her focus. Her creativity and expression was basically focused within the element of poetry. I will wager you will not encounter many poetry books of this individual!

Many creative individuals will find other methods to be expressing of their creativity, but it is not the “main line,” so to speak. In this, they block their intent, and create tremendous conflict. They may not feel this conflict, but they will also feel a constriction, a squeezing; a knowing of a missing element; something undone. As the element undone continues, the constriction tightens. This eventually seeks expression, as does all energy. Therefore, it expresses in the only way that you understand and know how to express; it creates what you view to be a negative expression, a physical manifestation or a psychological manifestation. The individual will create a situation of physical disability and eventual termination, or mental disability resulting in what you view to be “not sane.” Either way, they are disconnecting with physical focus and discontinuing, for they find no further purposefulness within this particular expression; [and also knowing that they possess the ability to move on, and recreate in elements that they may be expressive within].

I will say that there are other elements beyond cultural and natural time. As I have expressed, these also are quite affecting of you. Within your dream state, you incorporate many layers of dreams. One dream possesses many dimensions and holds many messages. I offer, in interpretation of your dreams, only one; that one which is closest to your waking consciousness. Each one of these dreams that you incorporate holds many levels, many aspects of consciousness, many different connections and messages. You incorporate one dream that may be connected with what you experience at any one time. This same dream also may be connected with precognitive elements. This same dream may also be connected with other focuses or with cultures, even global events. It may connect with other individuals within another area of consciousness. I will offer one small, very simple example.

Some time ago, Sophia offered a very simple dream for my interpretation. The focus was upon two colors and a sphere; one orange, one green, and a ball. My interpretation, which was offered, was the closest conscious connection to physical focus. In this, I interpreted this dream to be directly related to an anxiety that Sophia was feeling at that time, connected with the possibility of childbearing. I offered an extensive interpretation of this very simple dream, for this was the first layer of consciousness connected to her, and her experience at that time.

Beyond this level of dream state, this same dream also connected with a deeper recognition of a connection within a swirl of consciousness to Ron and Lawrence, directly correlating with Ron’s dream of the water. Unknown to Sophia, she was also incorporating a recognition of this element. Beyond this level, Sophia was also connecting culturally, with an understanding of essence families. There are many elements and many levels of your dream state. I will say that I could connect this one simple dream to elements concerning your present government, and also your natural environment; for these are all elements that you incorporate within your consciousness. There are areas, within different time zones, that connect to your physical focus. They may be future time, they may be past time, they may be immediate present time, or they may be sideways time. I offer you information, within interpretations, that you may understand; and as you widen within your consciousness, I offer you more information.

Within this, we incorporate also your time intervals. [Time intervals are related to your alien phenomenon, (grinning at Vicki) and also to your Seers.] View now, if you will, a musical composition. [The universe that you do not see, the whole, is the musical composition.] Your individual universe, within your time element, is expressed in the notes not played. You are the unexpressed time interval; but without these notes unplayed, the melody of the composition would be chaos. Therefore, those notes not expressed are equally as important as those that are expressed. You may view also a painting, an artist’s conception of any subject, to which he very carefully chooses certain colors to be added to his canvass. He also chooses selectively to not incorporate certain colors, for this also would be quite chaotic and have no reason, if all colors and all shapes were expressed. Therefore, the shapes and the colors, the shadings and the light not expressed are equally important to the entirety of the picture.

Your universe is but one. There are countless. All of these time elements and universes and [non-time] create the entire symphony, the entirety of the whole; no one element being unimportant, therefore each element [appearing mute or sounded]; for each, expressed or unexpressed, holds its own deep meaning and contribution to the whole. These time intervals are also fluid, many crossing over others; [in one interval to be expressed, in the next to be not expressed]. As time plays such an important part of your focus, it cannot be separated out and away from your conception of life, or reality itself.

I have expressed to you that aliens do not occupy the same dimensional space as you do. John was inquiring of this issue. Within his question, he was asking if other beings [from other dimensions or planetary persuasions] existed here upon this planet with you simultaneously, unviewed by you. I expressed that they did not.

I will express to you, other consciousness does exist alongside of you, simultaneous to you, within your same space and dimension. These are not aliens from other planetary systems! They are what you might affectionately term your “cousins.” They exist with you here. You do not understand their function or their consciousness, therefore you attach belief systems to them, for explanation to yourselves.

You may view, within your skies or air, what some individuals term to be crafts. Others term them to be organisms, as “immense protozoa” in the air, strange shapes that you attach an identification to of a cigar flying through your air! You may also encounter physical pictures of these crafts or beings, which you cannot decide which to attach to these things, but these are other forms of consciousness. Now; there are many forms of consciousness that you do not recognize, that you may express to be aliens or unidentified objects. You do not always even know which they are; whether they possess consciousness or whether they are constructed of technology. [Your ideas are incorrect] in thinking that your objects are objects, when in actuality, they are beings, so to speak. They are only very unfamiliar to you, and you cannot “catch” them, and be dissecting and evaluating them. Therefore, you may only speculate as to what they are.

You have encountered beings throughout the entirety of the planet, as also all other planets encounter. (To Vicki, grinning) Many, many, very many of these other form of consciousness are your Seers! They choose, within different “time” periods, to manifest differently; this being in accordance with your belief systems, and also to be invoking of your curiosity, for if you were not curious, you would pay no attention! They are choosing to gain your attention. Therefore, they choose forms that will strike your curiosity. They, at different times, also have offered explanations in encounters, when encounters occur, which is rare, within accordance of the belief systems of the “time.” Therefore, you may find a time period where other beings, or what you view to be other beings, may be viewed and allow themselves to be viewed as heavenly beings, angels; or mythical beings, fairies; or extraterrestrial beings, aliens.

I also will express to you that certain alien encounters are, as I have said many times, directly related to your own essence and your own consciousness, for your own noticing and attention. Now we will direct to, (very sarcastically) “But Elias, how may all of these individuals, throughout the world, view the same little gray squashy guys?” (Grinning at Vicki) We have spoken of levels of your dream state. I have expressed to you that your consciousness encounters many levels of understanding. There are many aspects of your consciousness that are connected with all other physically focused essences.

I am not attaching this to Regional Area 2, for within Regional Area 2, just as within your dreams, there are many levels or areas; your language is very limited; in which connections take different paths. It is not quite so “cut and dried,” so to speak, as you view this to be. Just as your dreams may be interpreted in many different ways and all be correct, they may seem to be contradicting. They are not. They are connecting within many areas of consciousness, and directing the information quite efficiently within one symbolization, which may depict all of the interactions. Therefore, you may all view “little gray squashy guys” identically, looking the same, with no interaction with others and all incorporating the same experience.

Now I will express, much to Lawrence and Michael’s embarrassment, this should not be so difficult for you to be understanding, as you have given yourselves a very physically focused example of how you may be connecting identically, within physical focus, within elements that you may view and experience, within the same time frame and within the same expression, with no knowledge of each other. Correct? (Looking at Vicki)

VICKI: Correct.

ELIAS: But this would not be possible across the world with many individuals! Very incorrect! (Very firmly) Any expression that any two may commonly experience identically within the same time element may be experienced by millions!!! (Emphatic pause, grinning at Vicki) You have answered your own question!

As to fascinations of individuals who do not encounter these extraterrestrials, I will explain that within the focus of the Seers, very much so, there is an identification. You may manifest this in different ways. One may express a fascination with aliens, another may express with leprechauns, another may express with collecting things. All are connecting within the same area of consciousness. Their expression is individual. (Pause, staring at Vicki)

VICKI: Can I ask one question?

ELIAS: Yes. (Grinning)

VICKI: So, would it be correct then to say that this particular phenomenon is not associated very frequently at all with other groups of essences, similar to the Seers, within other essence families?

ELIAS: You are wishing to know if other essence families encounter aliens?

VICKI: No. I am wishing to know if other groups, parallel to the Seers, interact within physical focus in the same way, or are viewed in the same way.

ELIAS: (Accessing) It is dependent upon their particular expression, and their time element also. The Seers, being manifest partially for great amounts of time elements, and incorporating the intent of teaching, have chosen to be crossing over time elements. Some essence families do incorporate this type of phenomenon, as an expression of connection. The Sumari also speaks to itself, within guidelines, in this way. As to whether they cross over, yes. The Sumafi is not only speaking to Sumafi. It speaks to all, as do all of these other essence families. Therefore, there is a continual crossing over of experiences and connections. (Pause, staring at Vicki again) You will be clearer later. (Laughing) Or, maybe not, for I may confuse you more! (Laughing again)

There are many aspects of your time elements that are quite confusing to you, but your dream state may be quite instructional to you if you are focusing upon connecting with your dreams. Be remembering also, that there is continuous interaction between your dream state and your waking state, and not only for you individually; for your dream state, at other levels, so to speak, incorporates other individuals also; and although you may not view yourselves to be interacting personally, with certain other individuals or groups of individuals within consciousness, you are, continually. Therefore, this is reflected within your dream state.

Some of your dream elements also are “news broadcasts.” You do not incorporate this quite as often now, within this century of yours, as you have within your past history, for it is not quite as necessary now, for you incorporate a mirror image of your dreams within your communication systems; your satellites, your news programs; but within your dream state, within consciousness, you continue, to an extent, to allow yourself news flashes that would not be incorporated within your broadcasts physically.

Updates on consciousness! Flash! Shift approaching! Film at one AM! Connecting with other developmental focuses! More on this at three AM! Connection with other individual on opposite side of planet! News flash at two-thirty AM! Gang violence erupting! More on this later! (Grinning widely) You are continually updating yourself and connecting within consciousness, not only with yourself and those around you, but with your entire species within this focus.

Now, as we have spoken very much this evening, you may incorporate a brief break; and then I will take your questions.

BREAK 8:07

(Note that during the break, Christie was expressing a desire to be living within natural time.)

ELIAS: (Grinning at Christie) Well, I say to you, if you are wishing natural time, (Christie laughs) if you are not experiencing fun, then do not do it!

CHRIS: If you’re not experiencing fun, don’t do it? What does that mean?

ELIAS: Your perception is the only element that necessitates your action, in elements that you wish not to incorporate. If you do not wish to be incorporating anything, you do not have to! (Smiling)

CHRIS: I have a question about natural time.

ELIAS: (Laughing) Efficiently eliminating this subject! Continue.

CHRIS: Okay. You mentioned for a moment about seasonal alignment, that we discount that and that we push it away. We discount this natural time, seasonal alignment. We push it away. How do we push it away, and why do we push it away?

ELIAS: You have created your cultural time; therefore, this supersedes your natural time within your perception. You have created your civilizations and your societies to be revolving around your cultural time, your “time slots.” You have distorted your appreciation of time. Originally; once again, a time-oriented word; you have originally created your dimension of time for specific experiences. In your appreciation of your time element, you have chosen to be focusing upon each moment of time, with a desire to be appreciating of each moment of time. You have distorted this desire into the area of attaching a production level also to these moments of time. Therefore, to be appreciating of time, you must be utilizing time. You must be incorporating action “doing something” with it. Just as you view [that] you spend “quality time” with your children, you do not view spending “quality time” with your children ignoring them! You are interacting with them. You are “doing something” with them. In this same way, you view that you must be interacting with time itself, placing a value on each moment. Your distortion has come by equating value with action, with productivity. You may be incorporating action, in your appreciation of time and moments, simply by noticing time itself and experiencing your time element, but this is not sufficient within your belief systems now.

Your animals do not incorporate this perception of time. You may view, within your domesticated animals, they do not incorporate time in the same fashion as you. They are not focused upon filling each moment with the production of action. They experience each moment. In this, the moments collide and intermesh with each other, being indistinguishable, one from the other. An animal does not incorporate seconds or minutes or hours, for these are unimportant. They simply experience the element of time within physical focus.

You ask, “How do you experience natural time?” Allow yourself to be natural. If it is not fun, do not do it! If you are incorporating action that is pleasurable to you, you are incorporating what we would express to you as value fulfillment. Your essence does not manifest for the purpose of experience for some mystical reason! Its fullest value fulfillment is expressed through pleasure. This is what your self strives toward, this being why you also incorporate positive and negative; negative being all elements that do not incorporate pleasure, positive being what you strive for, being pleasurable. This is your choice. (Pause) You may experience effortlessness and a pleasurable existence if you are fulfilling your desire. This is why I say to you, if it is not fun, do not do it! Incorporate fun only, and you will experience natural time. (Pause) You will not do this, though! (Smiling at Christie)

CHRIS: I won’t? Don’t give me an unfulfilled ... I mean a ... Don’t say that to me! What do you mean, I will not do this though? A self-fulfilling prophecy ... I don’t want to hear that!

ELIAS: (Grinning) You incorporate a perception of “needs.” You perceive your existence to be surrounded by needful demands upon your time, elements of accomplishments that must be met. Therefore, you will incorporate action, to be fulfilling of these elements, which does not incorporate fun; for you believe that necessary is more important. What you do not understand is that all that is necessary to your existence may be fulfilled in fun! (Pause)

CHRIS: So by following the feeling of the necessary things that I need to do in life, that is pretty much what has brought me to this point, of having pretty much a mediocre life.

ELIAS: Basically.

CHRIS: And in order for me to strive to not have a mediocre life, which I’m pretty darn sick of, I need to take away ... change ... shift my thinking in getting rid of the necessity things, and just do things that are fun.

ELIAS: Naturally!

CHRIS: And then this must bring in what I’ve been reading about recently, about the wisdom of uncertainty, which I find quite compelling.

ELIAS: I have also expressed that you will draw to you information that will be helpful, that you will understand and connect with, to be directing and helping you to enforce the necessary direction.

CHRIS: [So this is good information that I’m reading?]

ELIAS: Correct.

CHRIS: (inaudible) I’m being pretty unnatural to my own creativeness and desires, by doing what I’m doing every single day.

ELIAS: Correct also. You will find that when you are following your desire and your intent, you will experience the effortlessness of which I speak, and you will incorporate fun, and you also will not feel so “locked into” your cultural time. This is not as easily attained, within your time period now, as it sounds; for even those who follow their individual intent and desire are quite influenced by cultural time. You may discover an occupation to which you are fulfilling your desire and your intent, but you have locked yourself into your cultural time element. You must appear on time. You must depart at a designated time. You will be incorporated with other individuals to which time is important. Unless you are removing yourself completely from this framework of cultural time, you will incorporate cultural time to some extent, although you may quite efficiently move through your focus effortlessly, and also pleasurably, and appreciating of both time elements. (Pause)

VICKI: The conflict we have with cultural time could be influenced by your perception?

ELIAS: Absolutely, but then your perception is influencing of all things. Therefore, in altering your perception, you also alter your existence. (Pause)

CHRIS: Which all of us can attain.

ELIAS: Correct, and more! (Smiling) It is only dependent upon your desire, and [your] motivation to be accomplishing.

CHRIS: Right, and my desire and motivation get tweaked when I think of having to pay the bills, and then it lessens.

ELIAS: In this, I am realizing that you look to me and express, “Well! Elias does not incorporate money, or housing debts, or commitments. Therefore, he is not understanding of physical focus!” Incorrect! I have been physically manifest many, many, many times! I am quite familiar with the demands of physical focus. I am also quite familiar with the reality that through the engagement of trust within oneself, and within truth and essence, effortlessness may be achieved within physical focus; and you may acquire all that you desire pleasurably, and incorporate fun, and satisfy your “perceived” physical needs! (Pause, smiling)

CHRIS: Thank you. (Elias nods in acknowledgment)

ELIAS: An old saying: Where there is a will, there is a way! Many individuals accomplish great feats against insurmountable odds, and are quite happy!

CHRIS: Is there a common element amongst these people, that they do that, that I’m missing the boat on?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Each individual is unique. You may view that you perceive commonalties, within individuals who seem to be motivated and those who seem to be unmotivated, but within these elements, each individual incorporates their own (inaudible) which serves to influence their desire and their motivation. Therefore, it would be incorrect of me to be generalizing and expressing that individuals, who all accomplish against all odds, so to speak, bear this or that element in common. I will say to you that the one element that they all do possess, fairly, and that you do also, is to be reaching within and connecting within themselves, and offering their own direction, and trusting themselves. (Pause) Are you wishing questions, or shall we pursue our game?

VICKI: I have a question for Shynla. She would like to know if Karl, her employer, is a Seer, and also if he is aligned with the essence family of Borledim.

ELIAS: Correct family, and you may incorporate a site. (Smiling) Very perceptive, upon his own part! He possesses a “twinging” of connections, more than he realizes. Also, another is incorporated with Shynla, very connected. (Accessing) A female, possessing a male name. She will understand.

VICKI: She also wanted me to ask if Ruburt is going to physically remanifest.

ELIAS: No. This has been stated previously; not by myself, but by the essence which interacts with her.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CHRIS: I have a question about essence names. I find it kind of interesting that when the few of us began talking with you, each of us had pretty much a normal name that we knew of, yet when people were incorporated, the names got a little more unfamiliar to our own names, and I was wondering, are our essence names, did you, I mean are they, do we have another name that is more unfamiliar to us, that you didn’t give us at the time because we needed familiar things?


CHRIS: But ...

ELIAS: We have incorporated an essence very recently, joining to our group temporarily, who possesses a familiar name of Marcus. Some individuals possess names that seem to be unfamiliar. Some possess essence names which seem to be more familiar. This is only for the reason that you within physical focus have chosen to incorporate into your languages these names, and use them for identification purposes within physical focus also, for they possess a vibrational quality that you understand and that you incorporate. Therefore, they resonate within you, and you “like” them! You have translated them into your normal physical focus. These words or vibrational sounds, interestingly enough, you choose to use as identification words, as do you also within essence. You do not call a train John! You do not see an antelope and express, “That is a Susie!” You identify each other with these names.

The names that sound unfamiliar to you are incorporated within other languages within your physical time presently. They may be unfamiliar sounding to you within your language, but within another language they are not unfamiliar, and they are also within physical use. Yarr is a present name within a particular Indian culture within your South America. Kasha is a European or also Russian name. They are sounding unfamiliar to you, but they are incorporated within your physical focus. Some essences choose a vibrational quality name that does not manifest within physical language, or may be mirrored within a culture of another dimension. It is dependent upon your alignments and your focus.

RON: So, does the name Jimmy Spirodakos mean anything to me? (Ron had this name in a dream)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Does this name mean anything to you???

RON: No, I haven’t been able to come up with anything.

ELIAS: You will! I will reserve comment upon this name; although another name is coming, maybe this evening, which has been presented previously, which will be incorporated presently. (Pause, grinning) Shall we on to our game?

VICKI: Can we have four? (Meaning four game questions)

ELIAS: Oh! We are practicing Sophia’s element of “catching up!”

VICKI: No, we want to fill in spaces from last night! (We had spent the previous evening connecting with the game board and the essence family transcript)

ELIAS: Granted!

RON: I’ll go first. I would like to connect, in the roots and berries category, I would like to connect Elias with a potato.

ELIAS: Ah! Now we incorporate the root correctly! One point.

RON: In directions, with Tomkin, I would like to connect “around.”

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Also Tomkin, constellations, Sagittarius.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: With Paul, under spices, cumin.

ELIAS: I see you have done well with your connecting with our game. One point. I will express to you that if you are focusing upon this game, you will receive impressions, and you will make your connections. You will also understand more of your connections; and if you are connecting correctly, you may discover elements of yourselves. I see we will be incorporating many points this evening! (Pause, grinning) Continue!

VICKI: Okay. For Michael, to connect Elias, in star constellations, with Draco.

ELIAS: Ah! Finally! One point.

VICKI: And to connect Tomkin, in roots and berries, with a radish.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And to connect Otha, in directions, with “far.”

ELIAS: (Chuckling to himself) I have been expecting this direction! How appropriate! Hwua fwuast! Far! (Laughing) Continue!

VICKI: To connect Rose, in musical instruments, with a French horn.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For myself, to complete the stew, to connect Paul, in roots, with a carrot.

ELIAS: Very mundane, do you not agree?

VICKI: Very versatile, though!

ELIAS: One point. He must incorporate more of the spectrum than only this one color!

RON: It’s a very nice color!

ELIAS: Blue also is a nice color, and incorporates a greater expanse than a carrot! I possess an ocean! (Laughter)

RON: But no vegetables!

ELIAS: I shall have you understanding that broccoli, which I believe you would place in your vegetable category, possesses blue leaves! (To Vicki) Continue! (Back to Ron) Which is also bigger than a carrot! (Laughter)

VICKI: Okay. To connect Otha, in star constellations, with Pegasus.

ELIAS: One point. (Grinning) You have finally connected this winged beast correctly!

VICKI: And to connect Rose, in the birds category, with a falcon.

ELIAS: One point. You may express to Shynla, I am quite sorry that Rose was not incorporating such a large bird as a gift, but the small one is more colorful!

VICKI: And sings like two birds! (Elias nods, smiling) And also, to connect Elias, in the directions category, with “through.”

ELIAS: Very good! One point. (Smiling) Through space, and through consciousness! Shynla is connecting quite well, through!

VICKI: For Shynla, she would like to connect Tomkin, in the musical instruments category, with a didjeridu. (Also spelled didgeridoo)

ELIAS: (Grinning) As this is the same instrument as another, only incorporating a different name, correct. One point. (To Vicki, who is thinking flute, flute, flute) Not a flute! (Grinning)

VICKI: She would like to connect Rose, in the woods category, with pine.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And she would like to give Rose an “M” name.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: Makata. (Elias is grinning at Ron)

ELIAS: The name! They have a way of coming back and surfacing! You were not understanding your remembrance originally. Yes. Correct. You may express to Sophia that she was connecting with this!

VICKI: I remember.

ELIAS: Excuse! We must replay this past time moment! Lawrence was expressing of a remembrance! Very good! (Very sarcastically!)

VICKI: Also, she would like to connect, in the metals category with the connecting physically focused essences, she would like to connect gold with Ron, Michael, myself, and herself.


VICKI: That’s all she gave me.

ELIAS: I will allow her a point, with the qualification that she is going to be adding of one, (pause) very much connected.

RON: I know. (Elias looks at Ron) Elizabeth.

ELIAS: One point!

VICKI: That’s all of our questions.

ELIAS: I express, very good connecting! You may be incorporating more practice with this game. (To Christie) You may be viewing of this game, and you may surprise yourself at your connections within it.

CHRIS: Well, I think I have one, connecting Wagga with the color purple.

ELIAS: Enter this! One point! (Grinning at Christie) And, before I am departing this evening, I will express to you my disappointment at your non-acknowledgment of my visit with you yesterday evening!

VICKI: We acknowledged it then, yesterday evening.

ELIAS: Not so! I heard no “Hello, Elias!” (Laughter)

RON: We were speechless!

ELIAS: Ah! Acceptable. I am quite aware that I am possessing of this affect upon individuals within physical focus! I will be discontinuing this evening. We will be continuing along these lines of this present subject at our next meeting.

CHRIS: Before you go ...


CHRIS: Can you take one more question, for Thomas?


GAYLON: (Asks a question regarding his present difficulties with his son, which was impossible to hear)

ELIAS: We understand that this essence and yourself have shared previous physical focus in reverse fashion. Therefore, you have confused yourselves; one expressing the passive, as would a child, one expressing the dominant, as would a parent. You have reached a point, within your relationship, where you have become confused in your roles within this developmental focus. Remember, you now possess the roles that you have chosen. You are in reverse of a previous developmental focus. This is common in creating confusion with individuals. Many times, individuals manifest in reversed roles with children and parents, exchanging roles for the different experience, but interacting with the same individuals.

This connection that you possess with this individual extends through several developmental focuses. Therefore, the bond is strong, creating more of a conflict, for you both fight for what you view to be the dominant role; the difference being that Thomas reflects back to previous developmental focus of the reverse, the child, therefore allowing the dominance of the “now” child. You must connect, within yourself, of the role that you have chosen within this developmental focus, for this experience of the parent. This experience of parenting is not always what you would term to be an “easy job,” but you have chosen this as your experience. In this, do not confuse yourself with previous focuses. (Pause) Are you wishing of more questions? (Another pause) Very well. Adieu.

Elias departs at 9:44 PM., and “pops back in” at 10:38 PM., in response to a discussion of expressed and unexpressed elements. Note that after he explains our misinterpretations, Vicki says that she does have another question, and Elias asks us if we want to turn the camera on. Vicki replies in the negative. Elias responds by saying that Lawrence will be “kicking himself in the morning” if he doesn’t have the information on tape. Ron then turns the camera on.

ELIAS: Shall I be repeating of this information for your taping?

VICKI: Sure!

ELIAS: Unexpressed is the same as expressed. They are no different; what you term opposite sides of the same coin. One may not exist without the other. Also, be remembering: This is only your perception, that views the expressed to be the better than the unexpressed. (Pause, grinning at Vicki) Your question, Lawrence? Oh, Asker of Questions! (Chuckling)

VICKI: Well, it makes sense to me that I share this fascination with a lot of other people because I’ve read a lot about it. What doesn’t make sense to me is that because I have read a lot about it, and spent a lot of time and energy and concentration in this area, I have never viewed an alien, and quite a few of these individuals have!

ELIAS: I will beg to disagree! (Long pause, staring at Vicki)

VICKI: Well, go ahead and disagree! (Laughing nervously)

ELIAS: You have viewed, personally, in what you would be viewing a much younger age.

VICKI: Really!!!

ELIAS: (To Ron, grinning) Now he will incorporate your famous hypnotic trances, to be investigating of his own experiences! (To Vicki) You have intentionally incorporated your seizures to not be repeating this. You choose not to view. It is your choice.

VICKI: Well, my belief systems don’t really incorporate hypnotism, but I certainly would like to remember that!

ELIAS: Investigate within your dreams. Be trusting of yourself.

VICKI: Okay. I’ll try that.

ELIAS: You are approaching closely. You may view the same face, within your mirror, that you have seen before.

VICKI: I just can’t hold the focus.

ELIAS: (Grinning at Ron) It is a twin problem! Michael experiences this same element, of holding the focus. (Mary’s note: No duh!)

VICKI: So maybe we could incorporate helpfulness with each other in this area.

ELIAS: If you are choosing. I have expressed of this previously.

VICKI: So, then I would have to say, because it’s been on my mind ever since last Sunday when we started this thing up again, when you started this thing up again, (Elias is grinning) this experience that I had when I was younger, when I was a child, in a black swimming pool, which is something I do remember ...

ELIAS: You are correct.

VICKI: But I don’t remember anything about it, but I do remember ...

ELIAS: (To Ron) We are surprised at this?

VICKI: I shall work on it.

ELIAS: Very good. (Softly) Ah, are we incorporating a connection this evening?

VICKI: I believe so.

ELIAS: Now connect why your water holds such importance to you; not for physical swimming!

VICKI: For helpfulness in remembering, it would probably be a good thing. (The swimming; this note is for Mary’s benefit!)

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: That’s probably why I always had seizures in the shower, too.

ELIAS: Only coincidence; water being nothing in connection with this issue! (Sarcastically, and Vicki laughs)

VICKI: Well, you’ve certainly done a very good job of resparking my desire to figure the whole thing out. I had let it go, for a while.

ELIAS: Temporarily!

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Are you wishing to be asking of more questions, Asker of Questions? (He’s really enjoying himself here!)

VICKI: I will ask a question for Shynla.

ELIAS: (To Ron) I was quite sure!

VICKI: She wants to know how dispersed she is.

ELIAS: (Laughing) Ask Shynla, may she express to me, what is essence? I may not quite use your language to express to her how dispersed she is. Conceptualize; (pause) or, she may incorporate a traveling trip to her shore. She may embark on a new focus, of counting every piece of your sand!

VICKI: Pretty dispersed, huh? (Elias nods, grinning)

ELIAS: We do not speak of five or ten individuals within connection. You do not understand the immenseness of your beings, and the connections that they incorporate far beyond this planet, which incorporates quite a few essences! (Pause)

VICKI: How about that Marco Polo? (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Grinning at Ron) He could not resist! We will discuss Marco Polo at another time, but there are connections. There are always connections which are obvious when you manifest a fascination. You do not manifest fascinations for no reason! In actuality, you do not do anything for no reason! (Pause, smiling)

VICKI: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

RON: Can I ask one quick question?

ELIAS: Ah! Quickly! (Grinning at Ron)

RON: You can answer it with one word. Could you tell me Karl’s essence name?

ELIAS: Ah! Karl! I am understanding of this trickery! He will be incorporating our transcript, and viewing of this question, and be expressing (making a gasping noise, eyes wide open)!

VICKI: I think he’s already done that plenty of times! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Then, you may follow the answer by exposing Shynla! Shhhhh! (Whispering) It will be a secret! (Pause, grinning) Essence name of this individual is (pause, accessing) Samuel.

RON: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. It is not as exotic as Shynla, but a nice vibrational tone!

RON: It does have a nice sound to it.

ELIAS: (Smiling) Au revoir!

Elias departs at 10:50 PM.

Vic’s note: Whew! It’s finally done! I can’t believe it! I hereby dub this session the “golden time” session! (Do you get it, Ron?)

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