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Tuesday, January 30, 2001

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“Understanding the Creation of a Serious Dis-ease”

“Expressing a Genuine Offering of Supportiveness”

Participants: Mary (Michael), and two new participants, Laura and Kirk.

Elias arrives at 10:55 AM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

BOTH: Good morning!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And how shall we proceed this day?

LAURA: Well, hi. My name is Laura, and I’m delighted that we’re here speaking today, and I have a lot of questions regarding a current challenge that I’m having with my health, and I wanted to ask you some questions about that.

ELIAS: Very well.

LAURA: I have a sense of this myself, but I’m just wondering why I’ve taken on this challenge to have the health problem, a serious health problem, at this time. What are the reasons for it, and what’s my purpose in having this challenge?

ELIAS: First of all, express to myself your impression concerning your creation.

LAURA: Well, I just believe that I’m learning about the process of healing and wholeness, and that that was a choice that I’ve made, and I just want to know more about that.

ELIAS: I may express to you, you are correct. You have chosen to be creating this physical affectingness, and in part your impression is correct that you are offering yourself objective information concerning healing in relation to self and not concentrating upon other individuals.

Now; beyond that identification, you are also presenting to yourself the opportunity to become more objectively aware in a genuine knowing of how you create your individual reality, how you may be objectively and intentionally manipulating your own energy. You are also allowing yourself to focus upon self as the most significant element of your reality, rather than focusing your attention upon other individuals and attempting to fix other individuals. You are also allowing yourself a new recognition within self that you need not be associating with the idea of fixing self either, that you have chosen this creation and that you are not broken, and in this, it is merely a question of choice as to what you shall be creating.

Now; in this, you also present yourself with the opportunity to view that in these choices, you are not locked in one direction of choice. You create probabilities in each moment, and each probability that you create is not an absolute. You hold choices in each moment, and this allows you to view your own ability in creating your reality, acknowledging to yourself that you indeed do hold the ability to manipulate your reality in the manner in which you choose (intently, and leans forward) and not as being dictated by the beliefs that you present to yourself within your reality.

Now; in this, you are presenting many new awarenesses to yourself in more of a knowing of actual reality rather than merely holding concepts of how reality functions, and as you continue your movement in this objective recognition of reality and how you are creating it, you also move into an expression of offering a genuine example in objective terms to other individuals, which in a manner of speaking speaks to them more clearly and more movingly, in your terms, than the concepts, or the attempt to be fixing, in which you have moved previously.

Now; I may also express to you that this movement that you are creating presently is, in actuality, a much fuller expression of your intent in this focus, and also [is] in alignment with the essence family that you are belonging to. You belong to the essence family of Tumold, and the intent and quality of expression of that family is to be returning energy to its natural state – not to be fixing, not to be curing, not to be expressing a reinforcement of beliefs that there are expressions or elements within your reality that are broken or malfunctioning – but the recognition in genuineness (again Elias leans forward in emphasis) that there is no broken facet of your reality; but there are expressions within your reality that you have moved out of their expression of their natural state, for you have influenced certain expressions within your reality that are not within the expression of their natural flow and their natural function.

But as you widen your awareness in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, you allow yourselves much more of an objective awareness of your reality and of self. You allow yourselves a clearer identification of the beliefs that you hold, and you allow yourselves a fuller expression of your movement within your intent and more of a recognition of your own knowing of consciousness and of reality.

This is, in actuality, one of the points of the movement of this shift in consciousness, that you allow yourself the remembrance, which I have expressed previously is not a remembering or a memory, but a knowing of self, a state of being in knowing that you are essence, that you are all of consciousness, and that all of your reality is created by you and flows from you.

LAURA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LAURA: Are there ways that I can orient myself more towards that appreciation of that quality?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, and you are allowing yourself movement in this direction. I may express to you that you may be efficiently allowing yourself more of the expression of your ability to intentionally manipulate your energy in the direction that you choose and that you want in allowing yourself to pay attention clearly to your communications that you offer to yourself, acknowledging that as you engage interaction with other individuals you are providing yourself with a reflection of some aspect of yourself.

Therefore, you are offering yourself a communication in those interactions that you may examine, and you may allow yourself to identify the expressions of fear or doubt that you create within self. This is reflected to you through the interactions of other individuals and what they present to you, and simultaneously you may acknowledge that communication but not move yourself into an immobilization of self by accepting that those expressions are absolute, and therefore denying yourself the allowance of your choice.

Therefore, what I am expressing to you is that as you continue your movement in relation to this dis-ease that you have created, acknowledge yourself first of all that you are not creating a struggle in relation to beliefs concerning your medical profession. This is significant, for in your terms you are allowing yourself to not be fighting with yourself in relation to your beliefs. You are in actuality moving yourself into an expression of acceptance, and this is the point.

Now; in recognizing this, you continue to present to yourself interaction which provides you with information that appears surfacely to be disappointing or negative. Correct?


ELIAS: Now; this is significant, for this allows you to view a reflection. You draw this experience, this information, to yourself as an acknowledgment, a reflection to you that creates an opportunity for you to view within yourself those areas that you are continuing to express a doubt in relation to your ability to be efficiently manipulating your own energy, and a fear that you may not be allowing yourself choice.

Now; this is not a negative. This is a tremendous opportunity that you are presenting to yourself. For if you are not allowing yourself to view those expressions that you create in doubt and fear, you also continue to move in automatic response, and you deny yourself choice.

Now; as you recognize that these interactions that you are presenting yourself with are reflections and that they offer you the opportunity to become more familiar with self and with these expressions of doubt and fear, you also open a new door to choice, and in that expression, you are already moving yourself into a recognition of the lack of absolutes, regardless of objective imagery.

Regardless of what you present to yourself objectively in terms of outside actions or interactions, they are not absolute and you continue to hold choices; what is created within your reality is created through your own perception, not through the presentment of beliefs which are expressed outside of you.

Other individuals may express to you, and what you create within your reality is dependent upon how you receive that information and your interpretation of it and your allowance of yourself to be listening to you and offering yourself choice, rather than allowing yourself to be dictated to through the beliefs that are being presented to you. Are you understanding?

LAURA: Very much.

ELIAS: Therefore, in your questioning as to how you may be aware of what you are creating, and beyond awareness of what you are creating, how you may be manipulating your energy to be affecting in physical terms of what you are creating, I express to you, allow yourself to be noticing what you present to yourself in reflection through interactions of other individuals, and to allow yourself to pay attention to your own communications that you offer to yourself, and recognize that there are no absolutes and that you hold choice, and you may implement your choice.

LAURA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. Choice is your most powerful tool, and in the denial of choice, it is your most devastatingly immobilizing action. And I may express to you, automatic responses create a denial of choice within yourself. Therefore, the most affecting and powerful movement that you may create within your focus is the recognition of automatic responses, and the recognition that if you are paying attention to your own automatic responses, you offer yourself an opening to choice that you deny in the movement of the automatic responses.

But I shall be greatly acknowledging of you individually in this present now, for you are in actuality genuinely allowing yourself an opening to this recognition of reality, and I hold an awareness of the difficulty that is experienced within physical focus and the challenge that is presented in that type of movement, for it is unfamiliar.

LAURA: I also have a certain fear in the sense that I am aware that I am able to manipulate the situation. However, because of my strong Catholic upbringing, I fear that I am tampering with some aspect of reality that does not belong to me, and that there will be repercussions and that there will be punishment – almost like witchcraft, the sense that manipulating energy goes back to ideas of what witchcraft was like. And I sense that I might have had a previous incarnation as a witch, or as a wise woman who could manage and manipulate energy, and I sense that this is a big block for me. Is that right?

ELIAS: I may express to you first of all, you are correct. You do hold another focus, in actuality several focuses, in which you engage these types of beliefs and practices.

Now; I may also express to you, an aspect of the challenge and the struggle that you are engaging presently is partially an involvement with identifying these types of associations in relation to beliefs, partially. In actuality, you have created what may be termed as a dynamic of two opposing associations of beliefs simultaneously that you are allowing yourself to move surfacely, that you may address to them.

The identification of one is in alignment with your impression that you may be tampering with forces, so to speak, that are not acceptable for your involvement, that you may be playing with unacceptable energy. This stems from your association with religious beliefs.

But you also are presenting to yourself an opposing belief in relation to other religious beliefs, which expresses to you the association that you may view yourself to be good and worthy if you are afflicted with dis-ease and disengage within a young age. This also is a powerful association of beliefs.

And the significance of presenting yourself with these beliefs is that you allow yourself the recognition of them – how they are dictating to your perception and therefore creating your actual physical reality – and as you allow yourself to address to this association with these beliefs, you offer yourself choice. This is the most important aspect of all that you are engaging and challenging yourself with in this present now.

For these two opposing beliefs that you hold presently are equal in strength, one expressing to you the bad and one expressing to you the good, which is quite associated with this wave in consciousness which is occurring presently addressing to the belief system of duplicity, and you are moving in strength in your addressment to that belief system and its affectingness within your reality and your expressions.

You have presented to yourself an example of two strongly held opposing aspects of that belief system: one which expresses the good, one that expresses the bad; one that may be associated in religious terms as the cosmic expression — the witchcraft, the devil – one that is expressed as the martyr, the angelic and the good.

LAURA: (Sighs) What good does it do for me to view myself as a martyr?

ELIAS: It offers you the opportunity to recognize your own individual association with religious beliefs, not in judgment of yourself, but merely recognizing that these are beliefs that you have associated with and continue to associate with.

Acknowledge those beliefs within yourself, and allow yourself to move into an expression of genuine acceptance – which is not the elimination of those beliefs but the recognition of them – and the recognition that you hold choice, that it matters not that you may hold these beliefs, but you are not locked to them and they are not absolutes, and that you may recognize these beliefs within self and you may also choose.

Your beliefs do not dictate your reality to you, unless you allow them to.

LAURA: So, you’re saying that I have to acknowledge and accept the power of this martyr belief, and live into it and allow it, before I can make a choice whether or not I want to continue with it?

ELIAS: Not before you may make a choice, in your terms. But how shall you allow yourself the recognition of your choices if you are not recognizing what you are dictating to yourself?

LAURA: I understand.

ELIAS: If you are not recognizing what you are creating to begin with and you are not acknowledging that to yourself, how shall you choose to be creating any other expression? You shall not. This is the strength and the power of automatic responses. Automatic responses require no thought. Therefore, you become victim to them, for you create the role of victim in the moments that you are denying yourself choice. This is the definition of victim: the denial of choice.

In this, you do not even recognize that you are creating that movement for you are creating automatic responses, and this requires no identification.

LAURA: Am I doing this to get attention?


LAURA: Is it to learn?

ELIAS: You are presenting this to yourself as an opportunity to become more familiar with you, and therefore allow yourself to become more clearly aware of how you create your reality.

You are not creating this expression and this situation to be gaining attention from other individuals. You are presenting this to yourself as an exploration of how you are creating your reality and the influences that are expressed through your beliefs and how you translate those influences of beliefs through your perception and create your actual physical reality through that perception. You are not even attempting to gain your own attention, for you have already gained your own attention.

Therefore, it is not a situation in which you are attempting to gain attention of other individuals or even yourself. You have already accomplished gaining your own attention. Now you are moving into an expression of exploring your attention and exploring your own associations with beliefs and how those beliefs translate to your perception, and in that translation, create an actual physical reality. And in that exploration, you are allowing yourself now a genuine realization of your own choices and your abilities and a genuine recognition of the vastness of your own power of your energy.

It is powerful enough to be creating an extreme in dis-ease, is it not?

LAURA: Mm-hmm.

ELIAS: And in this, it is also powerful enough to be creating any other choice that you want. It is your opportunity to recognize the difference between the influence of the dictates of your beliefs and the offering of yourself your own recognition of choice, and your own allowance to be offering yourself permission to enact those choices, of your ability in association with what you want.

LAURA: Okay, how can I deal with a lot of the fear that I have about becoming powerful in this way? I feel like my fear is the biggest block that I have.

ELIAS: Ah! And I once again am greatly acknowledging of you, and acknowledge yourself in what you have expressed in this moment! For this is a tremendous recognition that you have offered to yourself, that the fear is not expressed within you of powerlessness that you may not be creating what you want, but the fear is expressed in the recognition of this tremendous expression of power that you hold and how you associate with that. This is to be greatly acknowledged in itself within yourself. For you are quite correct, your fear is expressed in the recognition that you do hold this tremendous power of energy, not that you are powerless.

The reason you express the fear concerning your own power of energy and your own abilities is that you hold an association that you need be in control of that power, and if you are not in control, it shall be expressed wildly and in a manner which may be overwhelming to you.

I may express to you, allow yourself to be addressing to and recognizing of your own association with control of your own energy. For, in actuality, you need not be expressing control of your energy. It is extremely powerful, but it needs no controlling. It is merely requiring of direction, and as you allow yourself a recognition of that definition of direction and you are recognizing that within your own trust and acceptance of yourself, you shall allow yourself to be efficiently directing of your own energy expression without expectation.

Directing of your energy is the expression of objective intentional movement of it, and this is the point of this shift in consciousness, allowing yourself to be intentionally directing of your energy in all of its glorious powerfulness to be creating what you want intentionally, and to be not engaging expressions of conflict in automatic responses but to be intentionally manipulating your energy in the direction of the creation of what you want within your reality in every moment objectively, knowing that you are not locked to your beliefs, and also knowing that your beliefs are a basic element of your physical reality, not needing to be eliminated but merely accepted and recognized, and therefore allowing you the tremendous power of choice.

LAURA: That’s very powerful. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. And you are quite powerful, are you not?

LAURA: Apparently!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! (Laura and Kirk laugh)

LAURA: I have to say that some of my fear, I think, is based on an experience in my adolescence when I started to come upon my power and was unaware of the restrictions, particularly about women, in the culture that would interrupt – attempt to interrupt – my experiences, the free flowing of my experiences. I felt oppressed and punished for expressing my power at that time. I’ve spent a lot of time learning about that dynamic and have been hedging about accepting again my own power, and so I’m just asking, is this part of my process, and how will I resolve it?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, in the process that you have chosen, yes, you are correct. And once again, you have offered yourself this experience that you may draw upon the information of that experience and incorporate that now into the movement that you are creating now in acceptance of that experience, and create a turning of your perception in recognition that you have offered to yourself that aspect of your experience and information to be creating a recognition of the depth of yourself. For you have created an objective recognition of the shadows of you, which in acceptance may be incorporated also as providing you with the objective recognition of the vastness of your experience, the depth of your experience.

In creating what you associate as merely positive experiences – or a lack of opposition to any of your associations with aspects of beliefs that you hold — you create merely one dimension of viewing yourself. You create a flatness to your picture of you. But in the presentment of exploring other experiences in your focus, you create the shadows which create the depth, and in this time framework now, in your movement in familiarizing yourself with you and moving into much more of a recognition of yourself in all of its aspects, you may turn your perception now in incorporating and accepting of those shadows of experiences that you have chosen previously and recognizing that this creates a depth of your picture of yourself. You are creating the hues that allow more of an expression of dimension within yourself, and how glorious of an expression is this!

LAURA: Well, that’s putting a nice spin on it!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

LAURA: I am a writer, and I tend to value more the expression of some things that I’m experiencing than the experience itself. I spent a lot of time this year having an internal experience and not wanting to validate how important it was, but only seeing that it was important if I could write and communicate it.

Is it equally important for me just to be able to be with these experiences and let them take their course, and when it feels right then to write? Or do I need to be doing more explanation and writing for others about what I’m going through?

ELIAS: I may express to you, in response to your actual questioning, within your focus and in movement with your individual intent in this focus, the expressions are equal – that you allow yourself to be outwardly expressing in relation to your creativity, but that you also allow yourself an equal expression of time and energy with self.

LAURA: (Sigh) I’m going to turn the rest of this over to my partner, Kirk, because I think he might have some questions.

ELIAS: Very well. I express tremendous affection to you, and much encouragement in your movement.

LAURA: (Softly) Thank you.

KIRK: Thank you, Elias. That was wonderful. The most immediate question that comes to my mind is, what is my role in this drama?

ELIAS: Ah! And I may express to you that this is an interesting question! (Kirk laughs) In actuality, you have drawn yourself to this interaction and have involved yourself, so to speak, in this situation quite purposefully.

You engage a direction of allowing yourself to explore self also, and in this, you have presented yourself with a situation which allows you to move into a similar expression as your partner. Although, as I have expressed, previously your partner’s attention has been held on other individuals in relation to healing – which is the identification of her association with the essence family that she is belonging to and her individual intent – now the movement is more fully in the genuine expression of that intent, and therefore the attention is moved to self and the recognition of redefining healing as not fixing but allowing a free flow of energy in the expression of its natural state.

Now; in relation to yourself, your addressment that you are presenting to yourself is to be holding your attention upon self, and therefore allowing yourself to express a genuine offering of supportiveness in relation to your partner, and (Elias becomes more intent and deliberate) not moving your attention in the automatic expression of wanting to or attempting to fix your partner, which creates a tremendous challenge, for within you this is an automatic response.

(Continues in a very deliberate and intense manner) Your identification is that if you are expressing this desire to be fixing the other individual, you are projecting an energy of genuine compassion and love and support, and I express to you presently, this is incorrect. It is your definition, and the definition is incorrect.

A genuine expression of support and love and compassion is a recognition of acceptance that each individual is purposefully creating every moment of their reality, and there are no accidents, and there is no element of any individual’s reality that needs be fixed, for it is not broken. The genuine expression of support and compassion is to be paying attention to self, and accepting all that your partner creates within her reality as purposeful and all that you create within your reality as purposeful.

In this, what is significant is your allowance of yourself to be paying attention to self, for you do not hold the ability to fix any other individual or to create their reality or to create their choices.

Therefore, what you do create within YOUR reality and YOUR perception is an automatic discounting and judgment of self in your own inability to create an expression within another individual. But as you allow yourself the recognition that all within your reality is purposeful and there is no expression within your reality that is broken, you may turn your perception and allow yourself to be paying attention to what YOU are creating, and this shall be much more affecting in the manner in which you want than a continuation of judgment upon self and discounting of self.

This allows you, in like manner to your partner, to recognize your ability rather than your inability. Are you understanding?

KIRK: I think so. We’re running...

LAURA: No, no! I want to continue this!

KIRK: Well, we’re running out of time.

LAURA: Continue this. He doesn’t want to hear this!

KIRK: No, I do, but we’re running...

LAURA: He doesn’t want to hear that his own perception of his own inability is critical here.

ELIAS: You are correct, in relation to your relationship. (Deliberately) For in actuality, you create the reverse of what you seek. You seek to be intimately involved in this situation in this relationship. You seek to allow yourself the ability to express genuine compassion, genuine supportiveness and intimacy...

KIRK: Right.

ELIAS: ...with your partner in sharing, so to speak, this experience. (Elias continues with the rest of the session in an intense tone.)

What you create in actuality is the reverse. You create a barrier and a lack of supportiveness and a discounting of self, for your attention is focused upon your partner and attempting to create a reality for your partner that you want but that you do not hold the ability to be creating, for you may not create any other individual’s reality.

Now; this is quite significant. For I may express to you, many, many individuals within your physical reality create very similar types of associations. Within your objective awareness, you create a perception – which is an actual reality within you – that you associate if you are holding your attention upon the other individual and you concentrate your attention to its fullest upon the other individual, you shall move energy and create what you want — and what you create is disappointment. And as you create that disappointment, you create struggle and fight with yourself, for you create judgment and discounting of yourself in your inability to be creating objectively that want.

What I am expressing to you is, the manner in which you may allow yourself to create that want is to be focusing upon yourself and listening to your own communications that you offer to yourself through emotion, allowing yourself to recognize that you shall be creating what you concentrate upon — not what you think of, but what you concentrate upon — and what you concentrate upon is an expectation held concerning another individual.

The point is to be turning your attention to self, for in that action you may recognize that each time you hold your attention upon the other individual and you discount yourself in your abilities and you judge yourself, you are creating the reverse of what you actually desire.

I hold an awareness quite clearly of your desire and your want to be creating a genuine expression of intimacy in sharing this experience with your partner, and I also hold an awareness that as you continue to hold your attention upon your partner, you block that expression in genuineness of that intimacy and of that supportiveness.

LAURA: Well, we’re going to have to pick this up at another time because an hour is up. But I am so delighted and grateful for your feedback, and I’m so, so grateful.

KIRK: Yes, thank you, Elias. It was absolutely wonderful.

ELIAS: I express tremendous affection and encouragement to you both. I shall offer an expression of my energy to you in continuation of encouragement. Hold to yourselves. You do hold the ability to recognize your choices, and you are moving in that direction. Therefore, be acknowledged and encouraged within yourselves also.

I express an anticipation of our next meeting, and offer to you a tremendous blanket of affection. To you each this day, I express au revoir.


KIRK: Thank you, Elias.

Elias departs at 12:02 PM.

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