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Thursday, March 07, 1996

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence) , and Ron (Olivia).

Vic’s note: This session was initiated by Mare because of her conflict, and encouraged by Ron and Vic because of their conflict!

Elias arrives at 6:12 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening! (Grinning)

RON: Hua fuas!

ELIAS: (Laughing, and to Ron) Hua fuas! (To Vicki) Hua fuas!

VICKI: Hua fuas!

ELIAS: (To Chelsea) Hua fuas! (To Caleigh) Hua fuas! (We crack up) You are wishing of questions this evening?

VICKI: Well, I’m sure you're aware of the conversation that has been ensuing today.

ELIAS: Moi? I assure you, I have no idea of what you speak!

VICKI: Okay ... (Realizing the “sarcastic tone” has been set!)

ELIAS: I do engage in other activities, you know!

VICKI: The cosmic ones!

ELIAS: Absolutely! I have been engaged in conference all day!

VICKI: Well, what about the conflict with Yarr?

ELIAS: Is Yarr experiencing a conflict? (Smart ass! I would like to connect, in the vibrational tones category, Elias with smart ass)

VICKI: No. Well, I don’t know. Michael is experiencing quite a bit of conflict with Yarr, and the rest of us have also experienced conflict with Yarr, and we don’t understand why. (Pause)

ELIAS: I will say that you may have incorporated your next question first; which I am not aware of! I am “guessing” that you are having another question! (I give myself two points for my game connection!)

VICKI: Correct.

ELIAS: Ah! (The next statement was said in perfect unison)

VICRON: You must be psychic! (We all crack up, including Elias)

ELIAS: (Still chuckling) I feel a vibrational tone!

VICKI: Oh God!

ELIAS: Gee, I believe! (Laughter) Your individuals were incorporated within our sessions for the reason that ... you were wishing this! I, in my all-knowing, psychic, cosmic ability, of “knowing” of probabilities of “future” events, in parentheses you may add “The Great Elias,” (oh, geez!) was realizing that you would be offering to yourselves probabilities, to be allowing yourselves information which would be helpful to you! You have not connected with the information! Therefore, you experience the conflict; but you have connected with the conflict! (Laughing; he’s on a roll tonight!)

VICKI: Step one!

ELIAS: Allowing one’s self the noticing ... a beginning! (Pause)

RON: Well, is it that Yarr is connecting with, I mean ... (To Vic) I’m gonna do one of these questions that you hate! Yarr ...

ELIAS: It is a connection with Oliver!

RON: Yeah ...

ELIAS: Olivia! Continue.

RON: Vibrational tone! (Laughing) Yarr seems to express to us that he is connecting quite well with this information. In our opinion, after discussing it, we feel that he maybe is not connecting quite as well as he says he is, or maybe he’s connecting in another area, connecting in some other way.

ELIAS: Both being correct. (Pause) You have offered yourselves both directions, of your intellect and intuition. You, for the most part, lean in the direction of the intellect being the louder of the two. This has offered you the other direction for your comparison, also for your noticing and experience, that you do not always hear the intellect as the louder voice. You are connecting with each other, within consciousness, in an identification of “knowing” that Yarr’s understanding and connection is not what he expresses this to be.

I will say to you that within the emotional focus, information is incorporated, as with all emotionally-focused individuals. I have stated this previously to you. These individuals will incorporate information differently, and will connect, within consciousness, to these concepts that I offer. I have also stated previously that Yarr expresses one face to you, and holds another within reality. I am aware of the actual connections and understanding that Yarr possesses. His expression to you is different; this being why you are battling. You, as Michael also, are correct that your intuition is expressing one thing to you, and your intellect is trying to be balancing, but is also offering invalid answers. Therefore, your conflict continues; for you also possess a recognition that your intellect is incorrect. I will not express to you that Yarr is being untruthful to you, for his intention is not to be deceptive; although, in actuality, he is being untruthful, for he is being untruthful to himself.

Yarr offers explanations to himself that he may connect with. I offer Yarr to you, in agreement with you, to be incorporated within our “private” sessions, for the same reason that I have expressed previously to you. Yarr offers you a very blatant physical expression, of many of our concepts, that you may view quite easily. His expression with his creations are quite easy to view. You may look at his actions, and you may connect with elements of yourselves much easier. Yarr also offers very easy examples of psychological workings, physical expressions, conflicts of intuition and intellect, motivation; motivation! This presently is an issue with Yarr. He is motivated to be connecting, but his issues are preventing of this connection.

You may view many elements, and assimilate this information, and be understanding many things, by viewing this individual. If you are stepping aside slightly and changing your perception in viewing this individual, you may view a case study as opposed to an irritation. Each element that Yarr expresses offers a very physically focused example to you each, in dealing with situations. You are offered perceptions. You are offered ideas. You are offered action, and ways to incorporate action. Yarr has served well throughout our sessions, as an example to you all.

RON: Is that why he’s connected to a guinea pig? (Vicki is dying!)

ELIAS: (Laughing) For experimentation, as is Michael! Ah, those are layers of consciousness! (They're both terrible!)

VICKI: Well okay, so we need to step aside and shift our perception. Michael will say to me, “How am I supposed to do that?” That’s the missing piece within the conversation today. We got that far!

ELIAS: By offering yourselves the explanation that Yarr is incorporated for your viewing. I am not quite sure, but Ron may have been shifting his perception in viewing this individual partially, partially, as comical, allowing a disassociation from irritation by shifting perception; although I am not quite sure, for I was previously engaged! (Smart ass!) Is this correct? (Grinning at Ron)

RON: Yes, I believe so!

ELIAS: In this, within connection and attempting to balance; (to Vicki, regarding Ron) correct, he is more adept at this; you have shifted slightly to disassociate the emotional response, and allowing yourself to continue the incorporation with this individual without much conflict. In this same way, if you are offering yourselves a slightly different perception, in realizing that you have chosen this individual as an example for yourselves to be “learning” from, you may find that it may be easier for you to move away from your conflict.

I will also express to you that you may not wish to continue. This is your choice. You will continually connect with other individuals, offering yourselves examples of issues that you are needing to be understanding of. Therefore, you may choose not to be continuing within this situation, if you are experiencing that you may not disassociate yourselves from your conflict. This will be your choice. I experience no conflict with Yarr. (Smiling)

VICKI: It would probably be more of a “moving through” to not go in that direction though, wouldn’t it?

ELIAS: This would be correct, and you may also offer yourselves much information, but I am also realizing that this is not always what you may actually accomplish within certain situations. Your desire may be genuine to be accomplishing, and within the desire, you may be also “mucking up” your perception even more by not listening to your intuition or intellect, and silencing both by overriding, expressing to yourself, “You must do this, for you have an element to learn!” It is not necessary. If you are incorporating much conflict, you will draw to you the information that you require, as it is needed.

VICKI: Well, my biggest concern is that Michael has incorporated a lot of conflict in this situation, (pause) and there is an issue also of the distractedness within the presence of this individual.

ELIAS: This being a choice of yours, also!

VICKI: We don’t need to do that.

ELIAS: Correct. You may choose to be accommodating, or you may choose to be utilizing your time element more efficiently, and connecting. As I have stated previously, individuals will assimilate information that they are capable of, at any given moment. This is not your concern. Your desire to be connecting is admirable, but it should not be overriding your individual focus upon yourself. You would not wish to be manifesting your “crooked little tree!” (Smiling, and a long pause)

RON: Well, if we do choose to keep incorporating Yarr into the group, do you have any advice as to helpfulness that we may give him, to maybe understand this information a little better?

ELIAS: My “suggestion” to you is to be compassionately connecting, but also to be incorporating this individual within the same manner as do you with others. Reincorporate your own honesty; for, as in all elements, you have focused upon an element that is irritating to you, which is mirrored of this individual to yourselves; for you also do not exchange with this individual in complete truthfulness. As does he wear the mask to you, you also wear your own to him!

VICKI: We talked about that today. (Pause) Well, for myself, the thought of following through, in the desire of Michael and Shynla to unincorporate this individual in our “private” sessions, is a little stressful for me!

ELIAS: You will all reach an area of agreement.

VICKI: I’m not without agreement. I just would be very concerned about his feelings. He would feel horrible!

ELIAS: I express to you to be in touch with your emotion of compassion, as am I within interaction with this individual. This individual involves many issues. Your physically focused “psyche” involves many areas that, throughout your focus, are affected. In this, Yarr is quite adept at presenting one face and being another, for he has incorporated this as a resulting of an element of fearfulness for much of his developmental focus. Be remembering your qualities of essence. (This is important!) Essences are not hurtful. They are not intrusive; but they also are helpful by being the straight sapling. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, I’ve had a question for a while now, and this seems like a good time to ask it. I never really understood the incorporation of the “private” sessions in the first place. It seemed to be a very separating thing to me.

ELIAS: We have not begun our new agenda.

VICKI: But we have begun separating people out, and those people feel that separation, and it seems counterproductive.

ELIAS: This being your creation. Our new agenda incorporates, to a degree, our pyramid focus, to which the individuals are already incorporated. I have expressed that other individuals may be incorporated within your future. They will also be quite connected as Seers, and possess an understanding of the information that I shall share with you. I will also express to you that it is not your concern, either, if individuals are incorporating “hurt feelings” or “feelings of separation” for the reason that they are not incorporated within these sessions. These sessions involve a direction. Not all individuals are understanding of this direction. Not all individuals are connecting with this information. It may be easily misconstrued. Many individuals, as does Yarr, may focus upon this area as their “mission,” their “purpose,” the “word to be spread.” I have expressed to you that within consciousness, you are already affecting within your pyramid focus.

We are not beginning a new “cult!” We are not incorporating a “following!” I am not expressing information to you, to be suggesting to you that we “engage a hall for the masses!” Many individuals will incorporate thought processes in this direction.

VICKI: Many individuals have.

ELIAS: This is not the point! Therefore, we are selective. I also am not the first or only essence that incorporates this action!

RON: Just the best! (Vicki loses it, because she was just getting ready to say the same thing. It would have been another “in unison”)

ELIAS: (Bowing to Ron) Accepted. (Pause)

VICKI: So when do we start the new agenda?

ELIAS: When you are ready! (Grinning) My Seers must “see” more, and become more connected, and more confident in their connections, and more understanding of their connections, first. Impatience!

VICKI: And curiosity!

ELIAS: This is good!

VICKI: Okay. (Sighing, really wanting more information!)

RON: I’d like to ask you about a site that I gave to a psychic.

ELIAS: I shall offer one point for Ron for connecting, and acknowledging of an impression, not a guess! This individual is quite connected, and you are quite right in this incorporation; although this individual does not realize the connections yet, for their incorporation of “psychic ability” is limited, presently, to physical focus. Although this individual may take issue with my expression of this, in actuality, one layer of consciousness has been pierced, but no farther; but this individual has also offered its own example of connections. If allowing to be moving away from closely held belief systems, much connection may ensue. Very good!

RON: Thank you.

VICKI: Well, that prompts me to ask about the site I incorporated recently with the little boy, the little boy I’m very connected with. I realize the connection is very strong, but I am curious if you have any additional information about it.

ELIAS: I will also express, as I have previously, the size and age of individuals within your physical focus has no bearing upon connections, and that a small one may be identified in connection many times more often than an adult individual, for they have less layers of physical focus to push through; this individual also being very connected. He is very old, in his very youngness. (Long pause)

VICKI: He inspires an unusual emotional response in me.

ELIAS: An emotionally focused individual, possessing still the ability to be invoking of this in other individuals, for he is still young. Small individuals may offer you much information, if you are paying attention. (Long pause)

VICKI: So how about that fruit question? What was that all about???

ELIAS: (Chuckling, and to Ron) Michael’s word is “tveekink?” I have done this with Lawrence! (Grinning, and a pause)


ELIAS: Have I been “tveekink” ...

VICRON: (Again, in unison) Tweaking! (We crack up)

ELIAS: ... of you?

VICKI: Yeah!

ELIAS: Ah! I am incorporating this language correctly! Good!

VICKI: And I shall also have to disagree with you; stand-up bass is not monotonous!

ELIAS: I was not speaking of the instrument, in actuality; only of its shape.

VICKI: Its shape?

ELIAS: Being quite closely related to the violin!

VICKI: Acceptable.

ELIAS: This was not meant to be “tveekink!” (We crack up again)

VICKI: Oh, gosh! (Starting to get it, but not really, yet)

ELIAS: Only an essence comment.

VICKI: Well, you certainly do have some very entertaining and very enjoyable comments!

ELIAS: Do I not! I am “working on this!” (Grinning) In actuality, my conference subject matter was of this very thing, and other very cosmic elements that you would not be understanding of! I shall be resuming my engagement, joining Paul within our continued conference of essences (laughing) about physically focused individuals! Quite amusing! I will be at your disposal, if you are wishing. Au revoir! (He really is a smart ass!)

Elias departs at 7:04 PM.

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