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Friday, February 23, 2001

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ďCreatures as a Reflection of YouĒ

ďRelationships as a Reflection of YouĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Rebecca (Rhiannon).

Elias arrives at 10:26 AM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

REBECCA: Well, good morning, Elias! (Elias chuckles) I had a nice conversation with Mary just before this, and we agree, we donít know what our questions are!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

REBECCA: So Iím hoping you can help me with my questions, first and foremost. But before that, I would like to know my essence name, family, alignment, and orientation. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Rhiannon. (RYE a non)

REBECCA: Could you spell that please?


REBECCA: Thank you.

ELIAS: Now; express to me your impression as to your family and alignment. (Smiling)

REBECCA: I have no idea!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! (Rebecca laughs also) Very well...

REBECCA: I started to think about that, and I thought, ďMmm, later!Ē (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: Very well. Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari; orientation, intermediate.

REBECCA: Okay. Is there anything else you might want to say about this? (Elias chuckles, and Rebecca laughs)

ELIAS: You may continue with your questions.

REBECCA: Okay. Iíve been in a relationship, well ... my former spouse, partner, left almost five years ago, but weíve been in pretty constant contact over that period. I really want this relationship to continue, and he said he did in the beginning, but now I donít think he does. I canít get straight about that.

So most of my questioning has to do with whatís going on with this relationship. Also one thing I do want to know about is, what part do our two dogs have in this? They seem to be real players in this drama, and Iím not sure whatís going on with that. They seem to be some sort of glue in there.

The other thing about him is, Iím wondering what relationship we have in terms of counterparts. Maybe that would clarify something for me. I have a lot of questions around it, but theyíre really difficult for me to formulate.

ELIAS: Very well. Let us begin with your impression concerning your creatures in conjunction with this relationship.

REBECCA: They are about the only thing that we have in common right now. The joint custody of them has been something of a point of conflict. I can see a lot of what Iíve done to create that conflict. Their behavior is a little strange. One of them has arthritis, and the other one seems to have a good bit of neurosis, which may be my own, I donít know! (Laughing, and Elias smiles)

But one of them, not the one with the arthritis but the other one, seems to be extremely fearful, and Iím not sure whatís going on with that. She also has a real big compulsion for food. I think that thereís some issues of responsibility that tie in with these dogs, but I canít really get clarity about what that is.

ELIAS: Very well. Now; recognize that your creatures reflect movement of yourselves, first of all. Your creatures are drawn to you and you draw to them in agreement, and in that agreement in consciousness, as the creatures do not incorporate belief systems, their interaction and their display, so to speak, of behaviors and of affectingnesses are reflections of yourselves; for, in actuality, they are creations of yourselves.

Now; in discussing this situation concerning your relationship with this other individual, let us focus attention upon you, and not upon what you view as the relationship, as a separate entity from yourself. Agreed?

REBECCA: Yes, I understand.

ELIAS: In this, it matters not the choices of another individual. What holds significance is your perception, for your perception creates your actual physical reality.

What holds importance in this situation is that you allow yourself to be focusing your attention upon you and listening to your own communications, and therefore allowing yourself to identify what you are creating and what your motivation is in what you are creating. What are the influences of your perception that create the reality in the manner in which it has been and continues to be created? Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Therefore, let us examine what your communication is within you, and what associations you hold that are influencing of your perception. We may engage in an exercise this morning together in examining what you in actuality are creating.

Now; to begin with, you identify to myself a want. You express that you want to be continuing in relationship with this individual. Correct?


ELIAS: Now; what is the nature of that want?

REBECCA: You know, I think I clarified a lot of these things, but I guess if they were clear I wouldnít be questioning it! But while I was trying to formulate this question again ... I want a relationship, a partnership, with him that is a long-term relationship, for the purposes of companionship and co-creation. I think Iíve gotten in my way about that. I see a lot of what Iíve done to create something almost opposite from what my desire is by fixing my attention on what Iím not getting.

The best way I can put it is that when I first met him there was a recognition of him, and I felt a recognition in him of me. Iím wondering almost if Iím dealing with the same person now, because I see that that isnít even there anymore, and I miss it.

ELIAS: What I am inquiring of you is that you allow yourself to examine and identify what is your payoff in your want of this relationship. What are you seeking in this relationship that you may identify within yourself Ė not within the other individual, not within the relationship in your definition of it Ė but what within yourself are you attempting to fulfill through the creation of this relationship that you are denying within yourself? And in this questioning, many times in this type of examination within physical focus of self, it may be beneficial to you to begin by attempting to identify what your motivation is in the creation of this relationship.

Now; you have identified two motivations, one of co-creation and one of companionship.

Now; in examining those two expressions and also allowing yourself an awareness of what you have been creating, what is the nature of the denial of your own choices within self that is being expressed in the want of the relationship with this other individual? Are you understanding?

REBECCA: I think so. I feel like Iím really sitting on the fence about something, and if I look at this relationship, one of the bigger parts of it that I pushed against a lot was what I took to be his deception and not being honest with me, and so I have to look at that. I understand, at least intellectually now, that this need to know what was going on in his life was coming from a place of feeling like things external to me have power over me; and I see now that they donít, that Iím responsible for how I feel in any situation that Iím in.

I look at that on the one side and say, ďWell, your relationship to yourself is the most important thing,Ē and I can understand that part of it, and for a while I can say, ďThis relationship may be important but not as important as your own relationship to yourself, and you, Rebecca, are not where you want to be in terms of your relationship to self.Ē I can go with that and feel pretty good for a while, and then I think I canít have it all, I canít have both, I canít have the relationship with myself and him. I feel like I have to sacrifice the relationship with him. And I understand intellectually that is not so, but I think thatís my point of conflict.

ELIAS: Let us examine another avenue. In this, you are creating a type of relationship with this individual through your perception which expresses precisely what you expect.


ELIAS: Now; in recognizing that you are creating what you expect to be creating, you may allow yourself to recognize that you are denying yourself your own ability to be creating what you want by denying yourself your choices.

Now; understand that the relationship, so to speak, shall be whatever you create it to be, and in actuality it matters not what the other individual chooses. What holds significance is what YOU choose and what you ALLOW yourself to choose and what you project in energy in instruction to your perception which, once again, is the instrument which creates your actual reality.

Let me express to you, all of what is expressed in what you identify as the relationship between yourself and this individual is manufactured through your perception. It is the actual reality, but it is directed quite individually by you. Therefore, the interaction that is created Ė or the lack of interaction that is created Ė is expressed directly by your own individual perception, and is created precisely in an expression of what you expect.

Therefore, if you are communicating to yourself that you do not hold the ability to create what you want, you shall not create it. If you are expressing within self that you are unworthy of what you want, you shall not create what you want, for you shall create what you concentrate upon. This is not concentration through thought. This is concentration inwardly of attention, and this is expressed through your beliefs and associations that you hold in relation to all of your reality Ė but all of your reality is an expression of you.

Now; let me also express to you that you quite efficiently and wondrously create a reality in which each time you are interactive with any other aspect of your reality that you view to be outside of yourself, which may be expressed through your creatures and through this other individual, you are creating an actual, very efficient reflection of yourself, to provide yourself with information concerning what you are creating within your energy.

Therefore, hypothetically, if your partner, so to speak, is unresponsive to you and is expressing a lack of intimacy with you, this is a reflection of what you are expressing within your energy, inwardly. This is the reason that it holds importance that you allow yourself to be paying attention to self and your own communications that you offer to yourself.

One of those avenues of communication which is extremely precise in identification of what you are actually creating and expressing within any particular moment is your communication of emotion, which is not a reaction to outside events but is a communication to yourself from your subjective awareness to your objective awareness, concerning what you are actually creating in movement in any particular moment.

Now; in the examination of your own communications and what you are creating within yourself, as you allow yourself to explore what choices you are denying self, you offer yourself much more of an expression of freedom, and in that freedom you create a different perception, or a moving of your perception, which allows you to create what you want more fully than you have allowed yourself previously.

In this, the interaction between yourself and another individual also automatically alters, for your perception has altered. In a figurative manner of speaking, you offer yourself more of an expression of freedom, and you also offer the other individual more of an expression of freedom, for you reduce, and at times eliminate, judgment; and in removing the expression of judgment, you allow for much more of an openness of expression between yourself and the other individual.

As you hold your attention outwardly upon the other individual, and the choices and expressions of the other individual, you also automatically incorporate judgments.

Now; I may express to you, this type of interaction also creates an expression of powerlessness and helplessness within you, and as you create that expression, what you are in actuality creating is the allowance for another individual to dictate to you what your choices may or may not be. You deny yourself the expression of your own choices, and you become a victim of yourself. Are you understanding?

REBECCA: Yes, I am.

ELIAS: This is the significance of turning your attention to you. I am not expressing to you that in turning your attention to you that you shall inevitably be creating a relationship with yourself to the exclusion of relationship with another individual. This is not the situation.

And in actuality I may express to you, as you move into more of a fullness of awareness of you and allow yourself to be expressing your choices in relation to your wants and creating this relationship with yourself, an automatic by-product of that action is more of an acceptance and openness and allowance for relationship with other individuals. It moves in the reverse direction of what you anticipate. Rather than the exclusion of other individuals, there is more of a fullness of incorporating other individuals in acceptance.

Let me also express to you, judgments and lack of acceptance in relation to other individuals creates an automatic response in the energy of the other individual, which is projected to your perception of the other individual; and there are, in actuality, two actions that occur.

One is that your perception of the other individual shall be expressed precisely in what you expect. Therefore, if you express suspicion, you shall offer yourself expressions and imagery concerning the other individual to be validating that suspicion. You shall create precisely what you expect. If you are expressing acceptance, you shall also create the perception of the other individual in the expression of allowance.

In a converse expression, in a manner of speaking, the other action which is occurring is directly associated with the energy of the other individual, which does not directly interact with you but is projected to you, and you receive that energy and create a translation of it through your perception.

Now; what occurs within the energy of the other individual is an immediate recognition of the lack of acceptance which is being projected by you. This is responded to in an action of allowing the energy, figuratively speaking, to bounce away from the individualís energy field, and it is not accepted. In this, the individual is not allowing that expression of energy to penetrate their energy field. There is a subjective, automatic, immediate recognition of that expression within you, for energy is always recognized and its movement is always recognized.

Now; what you create within yourself is a translation of that action, and your translation moves in conjunction with your associations and beliefs which express a direction for your perception in how it shall be creating your reality.

Therefore, in example, let us hypothetically express that you may be expressing a suspicion concerning the other individualís behavior. You may offer a question to the other individual, and the energy which is accompanying the physical verbal questioning may be an expression of suspicion.

Now; the energy of suspicion carries within it judgment and a lack of acceptance. What occurs, in this hypothetical example, is you are expressing this question to the projection of the individual, which is created through your own perception. Therefore, you are not directly interactive with the other individual as another focus. You are directly interacting with your blueprint of that individual, which is the expression of your perception; but the energy is also projected to the actual other individual focus. The other individual focus recognizes immediately the expression of energy which is contained within your outward expression of question.

In the recognition of judgment, the other individual creates a response in energy of allowing this not to penetrate; and I may express to you, in the other individualís reality, it matters not how they actually, physically, outwardly respond. For what you shall receive is the response that you expect in the creation of the individual that is a projection of YOUR perception. Are you understanding?

REBECCA: I think so, and a big question I had is ... I blasted him one day when he came in the house, and I said, ďGee, I have a projection walking around in my kitchen.Ē (Elias smiles) And I knew that what I really wanted was my interaction with him not to be dealing with my projection of him, but to be dealing with his essence. And at that point, I took it that I was also reacting to his projection. Maybe Iím incorrect in that.

ELIAS: Partially, you are. You are incorporating an interaction, figuratively speaking, with both.

Now; understand that I am offering you an explanation in the context of your physical reality, which incorporates separation and what you recognize in your actual physical creation of your reality. For in actuality, there is no separation, and you are each other. But in the context of how you create your reality and associate with it and define it in this present now, you do incorporate separation, and this is the manner in which you are interactive with your reality.

In this, what I am expressing to you in this example is, you may be incorporating this question. You may be expressing, hypothetically, a question such as, ďwhat have you incorporated in actions in this day?,Ē but the energy which is projected in relation to that question may be expressed in suspicion.

Now; the other individual, in his actual reality, may be responding to your question and may be answering of your question; and in the response of the question, the other individual may offer a limited account, so to speak, of what has occurred within their day. You have already projected the suspicion, therefore it matters not what the other individualís response is. The other individual may also offer you a detailed account of their activities within their day. But in the projection of the suspicion, your translation shall be precisely what you expect.

Therefore, it matters not what the response is, in actuality, of the other individual, for you shall create a response of them which shall reflect the expectation of your suspicion. Therefore, regardless of what the other individual actually expresses to you, it shall be inadequate in your perception, for your perception shall express to you that their response is validating of your suspicion. Are you understanding?

REBECCA: Yes, I do. I understand.

ELIAS: This is the reason that there is such great importance in allowing yourself to be paying attention to YOU and what you are creating, what your associations are, what your beliefs are, what your motivations are, what your communications within self are, and what you actually want.

As you express, ďI want a relationship with this individual for companionship,Ē what is your association with companionship? What is your payoff? What are you seeking to be expressed within another individual that you are denying within self, and therefore are motivated to seek that expression outside of self? I am not discounting the want for companionship; what I am expressing is a direction of questioning that you may allow yourself to turn what you have been creating. For you are not creating that expression of want, are you?

REBECCA: I donít believe so. (Sighs) Well, the question I have is, Iíve been spending a lot of time alone, and I think thereís a part of me that says or belief that I have that goes something like, well, you really need to learn how to be alone.


REBECCA: You know, I donít like it that much. (Laughing)

ELIAS: You need be alone for you are failing at the interaction.

REBECCA: Yeah, yeah!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Therefore...

REBECCA: Itís, you know, sick but... (Laughing, and Elias smiles)

ELIAS: Therefore, this is the expression of solution in terms of black and white.

REBECCA: Well, Iím not sure it is entirely that, but that question has come to mind. I donít think thatís all there is to it, but I think thatís a big part of it.

ELIAS: This is also another reinforcement within yourself that you may not offer permission to yourself to be creating, in actuality, what you do want.

Now; in addressing to this, in identifying simply that you want to be creating a relationship with this individual, what do you not offer to yourself in permission to create that?

REBECCA: It seems to me that what Iíve done is Iíve looked at ... you know, I want him to be happy. I really do. And I think Iíve looked at that heís made different choices and they donít include Ė I know this may not be the case, but this is what Iíve received Ė heís made other choices and they donít include me, and I need to accept that. I feel like I donít have the choice.

ELIAS: Ah! And this moves us once again into the identification that your attention is upon the other individual. Your attention is held in the choices and actions of the other individual, and therefore denying your own choice.

It matters not what the other individual chooses. This does not negate your choices or deny you the ability to be creating what you want also.

REBECCA: Yeah, I have a hard time with that. I mean I hear it, you know! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

REBECCA: Yup, yup, thatís what I hear! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, allow yourself to experiment.


ELIAS: Allow yourself, in what you view as small actions, to experiment offering yourself permission to create what you want within a moment.

Offer yourself permission, regardless of whether you believe that you may actually accomplish creating what you want. Offer yourself permission, regardless, to experiment and to attempt to move one step into an expression of what YOU want, focusing your attention concentratedly upon you, allowing yourself not to be distracted by the other individual.

And in this experiment, I may express to you, you may surprise yourself...

REBECCA: That would be nice!

ELIAS: allowing yourself to validate that even in expressions that appear to you to be impossible or hopeless, you continue to hold the ability to create your reality in the manner in which you want, and it is not impossible, for there are no absolutes.

REBECCA: It seems to me that I get myself in situations that are so extreme, so much that they have to be incredibly extreme for me to finally get down to the work. I seem to have done this my entire life ... I donít know.

ELIAS: Many individuals create this type of action within their movement, for you are unaccustomed to listening to your own communications. Therefore as you continue to not be listening to your own communication, you continue to create imagery in the attempt to be gaining your attention, and you escalate the expressions of your imagery and you create extremes, for in the extreme you eventually begin questioning and begin paying attention to yourself.

Now; let me also express to you, as you do in essence participate in this family of Sumafi, therefore there is also an expressed quality of your movement which is exhibited throughout the entirety of your individual focus which moves in the expression of repetition. This is not bad. It merely is a quality which is expressed in this particular essence family which you are belonging to. Therefore, it shall be an expression that underlies much of your movement within this focus Ė in actuality, within all of your focuses.

This actually is a quality which is beneficial, for it offers you the opportunity to be concentrating your energy and attention upon subject matter of what you choose to be addressing to, rather than the actual physical expression of objective imagery. But I may express to you also, in mis-definitions of certain terms within your reality, there is also expressed somewhat of what you may term to be a hindrance at times in this expression of repetition, for you continue to miss the message, so to speak! (Both laugh)

But you also have allowed yourself this interaction this day, in that you ARE moving into addressing to your own communications and offering yourself objectively a new understanding of the definition of your communication of emotion, which may be helpful to you in your identification of what you are creating.

REBECCA: Could you say anything else about the emotion? Paying attention to the specifics of emotion or...

ELIAS: I may express to you, if you are so choosing, you may also engage interaction with Michael in discussion of this subject matter, for I have offered much interaction and information concerning this particular subject matter of emotion as a communication, not as a reaction, and he may be offering you further explanation, if you are choosing to be interactive with him.

REBECCA: Okay, thank you. I just have a couple of minutes left here. Iím kind of curious about how many focuses I currently hold.

ELIAS: In this time framework?


ELIAS: In this present time framework, five, inclusive with yourself.

REBECCA: Okay. Is there any information you can give me about my relationship in terms of focuses with this partner?

ELIAS: You have engaged several focuses with this individual, which also offers you what you may term to be the sense of familiarity and also creates an influence in draw to this individual. You have, in your terms, created relationships in other focuses in close association with each other.

REBECCA: The other day it came fairly clearly that I had this sense that in other focuses I have been in relationship with him and lost it, and then didnít want that to happen again.

ELIAS: I may express to you, yes, you have engaged this action in two other focuses.

REBECCA: Okay. Anything else?

ELIAS: I may offer to you one other suggestion, that you allow yourself to be paying attention to the expressions and actions and behaviors of this one creature that you associate with that exhibits what you identify as fearfulness.

Recognize that your creatures, in actuality, are not expressing emotion. They are reflecting to you what YOU are creating, and this is the reason that you view the actions of a creature and define those actions as exhibitions of emotions. Emotions are a subjective communication to the objective within you. The creature is in agreement with you, displaying a physical expression of imagery reflecting what you are communicating to you.

Now; I also express to you, do not express to yourself automatic judgment concerning self that you are forcing this creature to be expressing these behaviors, for the creature expresses them in agreement with you. Therefore, the creature is not expressing in this manner in association of blame to yourself.

The creature is not, in actuality, experiencing the emotion that you experience. It is merely providing a reflection of your communication, and in this, as you allow yourself to view what this creature is projecting objectively, you may also allow yourself to be paying attention to what YOU are creating.

REBECCA: Okay. And the one with arthritis?

ELIAS: This creature is expressing an outward manifestation in relation to both you and the other individual. This is an outward manifestation reflecting to each of you your own hesitancies within each of your creations Ė a restraint upon your movement, so to speak.

REBECCA: Okay. It begs the question, is there any way to bring about her healing, or does that matter?

ELIAS: In actuality, it matters not; but I may express to you that in movement that you create within yourselves, in paying attention to yourselves and what you are in actuality creating and expressing, you also shall be automatically affecting of the agreements which are created between yourselves and these creatures, for they are in agreement to be reflecting to you; and therefore as you alter your perception and you alter your own movement, the creature also alters its expression in reflection of you.

REBECCA: Well, thatís great. Thatís good to hear. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

REBECCA: I think itís time to go. Iíve enjoyed this very much Ė thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome, my friend. I anticipate our next meeting, and offer to you much encouragement in your movement and what you are creating within what you term to be your process. Ha ha!

REBECCA: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you, in great affection this day, au revoir.

REBECCA: Goodbye.

Elias departs at 11:32 AM.

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