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Tuesday, February 27, 2001

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ďExploring Personal Responsibility IssuesĒ

ďPatience Is an Action of AllowanceĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marcos (Marta).

Elias arrives at 10:24 AM. (Arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARCOS: Good morning, Elias. Great to hear your voice!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And what shall we be discussing this morning?

MARCOS: Well, just a couple of questions really, but I wanted more than anything to chat. I donít have a lot of burning issues. (Elias laughs)

Also, there's one thatís a dream I had with Isabel a few days ago ... which, by the way, she sends her regards.

ELIAS: And you may offer the return for myself.

MARCOS: I will, thank you. And I dreamt ... I actually was dreaming with her and about her. I woke up three different times all in the same night, and itís not a typical occurrence, at least for me, that I wake up and then go back and continue within the same dream again. Thatís very, very odd. But all three times, in my dream, I was very sad, and I woke up crying. The last time, the third time, that I woke up, she told me she was going to Columbia or something for a semester, and I just couldnít stop crying, and I asked her to forgive me. There was a lot of that inner heaviness around, which is not atypical of an intermediate like myself. So that was my dream.

ELIAS: Now offer to me your impression concerning your imagery within this dream.

MARCOS: Well, as you know, we have this very, very close relationship, and Iím creating a frustration in that many times I think I would like to do something completely different than what Iím doing, and that involves travel and going away, which I love to do. Then I find myself at the same time saying, ďNo, Isabel is here,Ē and itís back to this personal responsibility issue, that in a sense I feel that I have to stay here until sheís old enough to go to college and move away. That has been just a constant tug of war.

ELIAS: Therefore, once again, you are creating a situation in which you are holding your attention outside of yourself and denying your choices as your attention moves to other individuals.


ELIAS: In this, within your dream imagery, you may allow yourself a recognition that what you are expressing to yourself is it matters not whether the other individual chooses to be physically separating themselves from you, or whether you are choosing to be engaging this type of action in relation to them Ė your response is the same.

You have created a thought process which expresses to you that once your daughter is older and may choose to be relocating, in physical terms, that you shall allow yourself a comfortableness with that choice. But in actuality, what you are expressing to yourself within this dream imagery is that it matters not which individual is creating the choice; your response is the same.


ELIAS: And in this, you may examine your emotional communication to yourself that you have created, and allow yourself to explore what within yourself you are denying and therefore creating this type of emotional communication.

For it is not the anticipation of some event that may be occurring within the future that is creating this emotional expression within yourself, but an association that you hold now, and that you are already creating an expression of denying your own choices within yourself.

Now; in this present now, attempt to be identifying what this communication is to yourself. What choices are you expressing to yourself that you cannot do or cannot have presently which are creating this emotional communication to be identifying your own expression and movement presently? What is your assessment?

MARCOS: Well, itís clear to me Ė and Iíve thought about this a lot Ė that I do have a lot of choices, and I think of those choices at times. I have no doubt in some of the choices that involve physical movement and that involve travel and that involve the things that I love to do. I can do them! I have the freedom to do them. Yet I keep coming back to this personal responsibility issue, and I immediately cut myself off from those choices. And I say, ďNo, I have to stay here; I have to be here until such-and-such a time.Ē I keep telling myself that. Itís a constant ... I do, I see the imagery all the time, and yet I consciously believe that itís not the time yet; that for the reasons that we talked about now and before, I have to remain here.

ELIAS: Now; express to myself what you view as the identification of your denial of this choice presently, and how it differs from your allowance of your movement previously. For I may express to you that I recognize that within what you term to be past, you have allowed yourself this type of expression, correct?

MARCOS: Correct, absolutely. It seems to me itís the same fundamental issue, is it not? The personal responsibility mixed with a certain amount of guilt, and itís quite an effective formula to prevent freedom and movement.

ELIAS: Yes, but what I am moving into in examination with you is a direction that you may allow yourself to examine what you have altered in your reality, for previously you have offered yourself the freedom to be engaging this type of action and creating what you want. Now you are expressing a denial to yourself to be creating what you want, and therefore you are also creating frustration and conflict within yourself and in a manner of speaking, a communication of sadness within yourself that you are expressing ďnoĒ to your choices.

In this, my direction of questioning with you is moving into an area of your allowance of yourself to be identifying how you have altered your expression, and what is the motivation in these two situations.

I am acknowledging to you that you are correct; you do engage this personal responsibility issue. But in allowing yourself to view what you are creating more specifically, you may also be offering yourself new information concerning yourself and what you are creating and how you are creating your reality, and therefore, you may allow yourself new choices.

Therefore, what was offered within yourself in permission previously that allowed you to create what you want without the incorporation of guilt and a tremendous expression of personal responsibility? And what are you expressing to yourself NOW that incorporates more of your personal responsibility issue and in which you are denying your choice?

MARCOS: So thatís the whole point, it seems to me. This frustration that Iíve been creating ... because itís funny, last night I was reading some of the very, very first transcripts, actually I think it was the very first session that I had with you that was a live session. (Elias nods) And I was going back and reading some of the first information, going from there, and the things that Iíve created since ... it seems now that Iíve kind of hit a wall, in a sense. Iím not sure, and Iíve created so much frustration that I canít see. Itís funny because thereís been a lot of communication with you and a lot of imagery that Iíve been noticing, communication to myself. I just am so frustrated that I canít listen very well.

One of the communications has to do with patience. Anything I do or create or turn to is patience, but Iím just so frustrated, Elias, that I canít see straight.

ELIAS: You are correct! And are you recalling of the definition of patience?

MARCOS: (Sighs) Remind me, please! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Patience is an action. It is an allowance. It is not a creation of waiting. It is an acknowledgment of yourself that you are already creating, that you already hold what you want and the allowance for its manifestation.

It is an action of allowance, and in this allowance, the action of patience is to be relaxing within your own knowing Ė not WAITING to be accomplishing or acquiring, but ALLOWING a natural flow of energy that shall not obstruct your manifestation of what you want; and in the lack of incorporation of patience, in some situations, you force energy, and this creates obstacles and therefore you experience frustration, for you do not create what you want to be creating.

Now; in returning to this subject matter of your dream imagery, and what you are creating in this present now, and the examination of your allowance previously and your alteration of that reality, let us examine that previously your justification and allowance of yourself to be creating what you want without an extreme expression of personal responsibility or guilt was your identification that this movement and travel, so to speak, was expected within the context of your job, so to speak. Correct?

MARCOS: Correct.

ELIAS: Therefore, you allowed yourself a justification in your traveling and your movement previously, offering a rational explanation to yourself and to other individuals that this type of movement was an aspect of your job, and therefore you allowed yourself to not be incorporating personal responsibility, and you allowed yourself to not incorporate guilt, for the most part.

Now you move into different associations. One is a partial alteration of your actual job, correct?

MARCOS: Correct.

ELIAS: ...which is not requiring this type of movement. But you continue to desire that type of movement, for it is an aspect of your intent, and in this, it creates a significant expression of value fulfillment within you and your focus.

But there is another aspect of your associations in play now, which is directly associated with Isabel, for you view her to be gaining in age. She is becoming older. Therefore, you view your time framework of interaction with her in close association to be limited. Are you understanding?

MARCOS: Perfectly.

ELIAS: This is influencing of your movement, for this association has become quite strong and therefore is influencing of your choices. For you have created a perception concerning this individual that as she approaches a particular age, she moves farther from you in relationship with you, for her attention shall move in other directions. This is YOUR perception.


ELIAS: Therefore, you create this strong association that you now hold a limitation in time. You do not offer yourself the justification of travel in relation to your job, and you create a strong association that you hold a limitation in time to be interactive in intimacy in relationship with this individual. And therefore, you have altered your reality through the alteration of your perception, and in that alteration you are expressing a denial of your choices, and beyond the denial of your choices, you are also denying your own natural flow of energy, which creates a partial denial of your value fulfillment, and you yourself are expressing quite strongly turmoil with these denials of self.

I may express to you, my friend, you have created a relationship with Isabel which incorporates a tremendously strong foundation. The structure, so to speak, of this relationship holds such strength that it may withstand tremendous pressure. It may withstand many actions or expressions that you within your physical definitions view as separating or even negative. There is a tremendous expression of exchange of affection between Isabel and yourself, which may withstand much.

Therefore, I may express to you that what you have created is, in a manner of speaking, an unrealistic fear which has translated to your perception, and you are creating many expressions of denial within yourself in relation to this fear.

You express to myself this morning that you allowed yourself to be engaging re-association with our earlier discussions, correct?


ELIAS: Now; in reviewing those discussions, have you also allowed yourself the review of our interaction between ourselves and also incorporating Isabel? (Slight pause)


ELIAS: (Chuckling) And in that time framework, do you recall my expression to you in allowing Isabel to be creating her reality, for she is quite efficient in creating her reality?

MARCOS: Absolutely, yes.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And in this, what are you expressing as a further motivation to be denying your choices in relation to Isabel Ė that you need be in continuous physical proximity to her to continue to be instructive and guiding to her. (Chuckling)

MARCOS: True, thatís a part of it. The other part, which is a reality, too, is the strength of that affection, of course. Itís felt when we are in close physical proximity and when we do things, and itís just a terrific feeling. But youíre right, yes, I keep thinking about the things I have to do as a father for a daughter, and to make sure, etcetera, etcetera. Yes, Iím not thinking about letting her create her own reality; thatís true.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And in this, my friend, I express to you, you do more of a service, so to speak, to Isabel in allowing yourself to be paying attention to self and to be creating what YOU want than you do in denying your choices and expressing that she is the reason that you are denying your choices.

Now; allow yourself to view these expressions slightly differently in relation to Isabel. You are already holding your attention upon her to the exclusion of yourself.

Now; view the actual expression of this type of movement, for you are correct that you do create a tremendously close relationship with this individual. Do you delude yourself in the thought process that she does not understand and recognize what you are creating?

MARCOS: I may do that; yes, I think I do, but...

ELIAS: Do you express to yourself that you are so very efficient at camouflaging and hiding the actual denial of your choices from her?

I may express to you, my friend, that this individual holds a tremendous awareness objectively, as you know, and in this she is aware of what you are creating. And shall you view that this type of expression shall invoke happiness within this individual? For in like manner to yourself, her pleasure is expressed in relation to you in time frameworks in which you are offering yourself what you want.

MARCOS: No, I understand it so well. I not only understand it in a conceptual manner, Iíve lived it. Iíve experienced it.

ELIAS: You are correct, and you also have allowed yourself a knowing of this individual, in relation to yourself and in relation to her mother, that Isabel quite often creates an automatic response in relation to each of you of worry and concern if either of you are not allowing yourselves to create what you want.

MARCOS: Yes, youíre absolutely right.

ELIAS: Therefore, you may view that in actuality you offer to her much more of a genuine expression of love, acceptance, affection and appreciation in the time frameworks that you are turning your attention to you and allowing yourself to be creating what you want.

MARCOS: Yes, I can tell. This is hugely, extremely, extremely helpful as a reminder. I mean, itís so easy, in a sense, to create so much frustration and blockage, and yet itís just as easy to remove it and forget it.

ELIAS: You are correct, my friend, for this is the expression of the familiar. But the familiar does not always fit any longer within your reality now, for you have in actuality altered or changed your reality in relation to this shift in consciousness. Therefore, many of the familiar aspects of your reality that you engaged previously do not fit any longer.

MARCOS: Well, I understand it, and once again I thank you again so much for your patience (laughing) and your information.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. I am greatly encouraging of you in your creations, and offering an expression of my energy to you that you allow yourself to relax and examine what you want in genuineness, and allow yourself the recognition that you may be creating those expressions and this shall not be at the sacrifice of other wants.

MARCOS: So, youíre right; I got it. Thanks. Thanks so very, very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. You may also offer my tremendous affection to Isabel, and one expression: that she also may relax and not be creating the intensity of expectation within herself that she recently engages.

MARCOS: Yes, I will tell her.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you, my friend, great enjoyment of our interaction once again!

MARCOS: Same here, Elias. Thanks so much!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) To you in tremendous affection, as always. I shall continue to be interactive with you, and I express to you this morning, au revoir.

MARCOS: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:04 AM.

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