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Tuesday, March 13, 2001

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“Overlapping Books and Source Events”

“Who Actually Spilled the Liquid?”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Vicki (Lawrence).

Elias arrives at 2:50 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning, Lawrence!

VICKI: Good morning, Elias! (Both laugh) How are you?

ELIAS: As always! (Vicki laughs) And yourself? (Grinning)

VICKI: I’m very fine, thank you.

ELIAS: Ah! Very well.

VICKI: I have some things I’d like to talk to you about, mostly regarding my own impressions. (Elias smiles and chuckles) Some of them seem to be playing out; I’m also aware that I might be mixing some things up because I’ve been having so many impressions.

Most of these impressions are regarding the whole World War II/ Hitler/Nazi thing. I’m not real sure why my attention is so focused on this right now, but it is. One of my interpretations of my impressions was that this is the sixth chapter of this “Shift Book,” as people are calling it. I know from talking to other people that you have said that this is not the case, correct?

ELIAS: You are correct.

VICKI: And this sixth chapter has to do with a location in Scotland?

ELIAS: You are correct.

VICKI: Would this particular chapter be connected to a session that I viewed a long time ago between yourself and Helen? (1)

ELIAS: Yes, this individual is a participant in that focus.

VICKI: That makes sense to me, because I saw her as another person all the way through that session, although I have no impressions about myself regarding that. I’ll let that go for now because I have no impressions; I’m just trying to clarify for myself.

I will say, though, that I still have this strong feeling about this whole World War II thing, and it being connected with THIS book. So I guess one of my questions is, can you clarify for me why I keep getting that and why I'm so drawn to this whole thing?

ELIAS: Yes. Now; in this, abstractly, there is a type of connection between that particular focus and this focus, but not as chapters of the same book. They are each chapter focuses, but in two different volumes, so to speak.

Now; the chapter focus that may be identified by this particular time framework of your World War II is the ending chapter of the religious era. That book, figuratively speaking, concerns itself as its theme and its subject matter with the progression of the religious era. But it overlaps in your previous century; one book ends and another book is continuing in this one particular century. There is an overlapping of eras, so to speak. There is an overlapping of Source Events.

Therefore, you experience what you may term to be a close connection between the two focuses. They are closely associated within your linear time framework. The books overlap within one particular century. Many of the individuals that participate in the one book also participate in the other book.

Now; as I have stated recently, it is not unusual for different books, per se, to be overlapping within time frameworks, and individuals may be participating in several books simultaneously and therefore hold focuses in several chapters of several books simultaneously. But I may also express to you that Source Events are few in relation to books and chapter focuses, in a manner of speaking.

There are many, many, many, many books and chapter focuses that are occurring throughout your history, each of them incorporating a basic theme. Just as individuals within your physical focus hold the capacity to be writing many, many, many books in one focus, you as essence participate in many focuses, in many books, in many chapters simultaneously. This is not unusual in the movement of essences in relation to your physical dimension.

What is significant is the overlapping of Source Events and the recognition that there are individuals that are participating in several books, or even two books, that both incorporate a theme which moves in conjunction with a particular Source Event.

As I have stated recently, not all individuals that participate in this forum are participating in this particular book concerning this shift in consciousness. They are participating in the shift in consciousness, but not necessarily in relation to this particular book. Essences create focuses of attention within chapters of books, so to speak, and also simultaneously create focuses of attention that are NOT in relation to any books or any chapters.

Therefore, there are some individuals within this forum that do participate in this particular book that has been identified and all of its chapters, in relation to this particular focus and this phenomenon. Are you understanding thus far?

VICKI: Yes, I think so.

ELIAS: In this, as you are moving in this particular focus and widening your awarenesses, you are also opening to the recognition of interconnectedness and the lack of separation. Therefore, you allow yourselves to view your connectedness, in your terms, to other individuals in other books that you also participate within and other chapters and their overlapping of each other, and this becomes more pronounced or emphasized if the books that you are recognizing incorporate a theme concerning a Source Event.

Not all books incorporate a theme which expresses a Source Event. Some may be designed merely to explore a particular subject matter or a particular type of movement. Some may be exploring one particular aspect of your reality. As example, one may be exploring many chapters in relation to the corporeal aspect of your reality or the emotional expression of your reality. These are not necessarily Source Events, but they are aspects of your reality that may hold a fascination for a group of essences to be exploring, and therefore create a theme of many focuses in relation to that subject matter.

There are myriads of subjects that are being incorporated in chapter focuses in different books, so to speak, in this physical reality. What you are recognizing are two chapters in two books that overlap each other and that both concern Source Events as the theme of the books, and both of those books incorporate physical focuses of attention and manifestations and experiences in one century. They overlap.

The significance of these two particular Source Events – for I may also express to you, there are other centuries in which Source Events overlap, and may incorporate books concerning those two chapters and those two Source Events – but the significance in THIS particular recognition is that both of these chapter focuses of both these books concerning both of these Source Events which are expressed are occurring in one time framework, one century, and they are both the identification of the same chapters.

The chapter focus of the manifestations within your identification of World War II is the ending chapter of that book. The ending chapter of THIS book, concerning this phenomenon and this shift in consciousness as its theme, is THIS particular focus.

The focus which you view to be future, identified as that which incorporates the City, is not the ending chapter of the book, for it also lends energy to the accomplishment of this focus. Therefore, the other focuses, the other time frameworks, the other chapters of this book all move in the expression of lending energy and understanding to the outcome, which is THIS focus.

VICKI: Being associated with the insertion of this shift.

ELIAS: Correct, in objective reality. Therefore, what you are offering yourself an impression of is merely a misunderstanding, associating that focus within the time period of your World War with THIS book, for they are closely associated in similarity and many of the same individuals participate in both of these books, both of these ending chapters.

VICKI: Thank you. That’s helpful. I do understand most of it, and it helps to clear up some confusion. Just briefly, regarding these chapter focuses, people have been referring to them in terms of locations, such as Scotland or Egypt, but these don’t necessarily have to do with locations, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: I mean, somebody can live anywhere and be associated or participating in a particular chapter.


VICKI: Okay, so this is just an initial identification. Also regarding this particular book, if I remember correctly, you had identified to somebody that one of these chapters was in the British Isles and was concerning a wizard or a sorcerer?

ELIAS: You are correct.

VICKI: My impression on that is that the TFEs (2) that Mary and I did regarding the sorcerer’s apprentice, those were part of that chapter, correct?


VICKI: I also have an impression regarding that particular chapter that I’m the stable boy.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

VICKI: Cool! Okay, to move on to some other confusion (Elias laughs), one of my impressions was that I was [name omitted], and Paul confirmed that for me with you the other day.


VICKI: Another impression that I’ve had before I had that impression was that I was the man that broke Mary’s back in that focus. I also feel very strongly that [name omitted] is not the man that did this.

ELIAS: You are correct.

VICKI: I’m kind of confused about those two impressions, too.

ELIAS: Your impressions are not conflicting, and they are correct. The identification of the one individual who holds no notoriety, so to speak, or that you would identify as a “famous individual,” [is] the individual that incorporated the act in association with Michael in that focus. You participate as an observing focus. You are not the directing essence. This is the nature of your impression.

You have offered yourself an impression in identification that you hold a knowing of that interaction and you hold a knowing of the experience of that interaction, but I may express to you that within that particular focus, you are an observing essence and not the directing essence of that focus.

VICKI: So I was physically present and observing?

ELIAS: You are, within consciousness, an observing essence in that focus.

VICKI: Oh, okay! You’re talking about this whole other thing!

ELIAS: Correct. This be the reason, Lawrence, that you hold a strong association with that particular focus. Not that you are the directing focus, not that you are the directing essence, but you ARE coupled with that essence as an observing essence, and therefore are also experiencing all of the choices of that particular focus.

VICKI: Oh! Okay. Well, I have to say that makes me feel a little bit better about the whole thing. (Elias laughs)

It’s funny because connecting with [name omitted] hasn’t really bothered me, and people have asked me, “Doesn’t that bother you?” No, it doesn’t bother me, but connecting with this other act, that bothered me a lot because it was associated with somebody that I’m very close to. (Elias nods in agreement.)

ELIAS: I am quite understanding, and this you may be recognizing is an association that is created in relation to your orientation in this focus. In relation to your orientation in this particular focus, you may view another focus of your essence, and as it may not be directly interactive with another individual that you recognize and hold relationship with in THIS focus, you may not necessarily create an emotional communication in relation to the actions of that focus.

Now; you may move into a direction of discovery that you may be interacting with another individual that that focus was directly affecting of, in which situation your association and your emotional communication shall alter. Are you understanding?

VICKI: Yes, kind of.

ELIAS: For in relation to your orientation, your responsiveness with other individuals moves in the direction of those individuals that you associate yourself with objectively in this focus, and [you] do not concern yourself, in a manner of speaking, with individuals that you are not objectively interactive with or involved with.

VICKI: Okay, I think I understand that.

ELIAS: And given the nature of your relationship with Michael, this creates an even stronger association.

VICKI: Yes, really! (Elias chuckles) All right, I had some other impressions regarding this World War II thing that I’d like to run by you. One of them is that [name omitted] is a focus of Olivia.

ELIAS: You are correct.

VICKI: Okay. Another one that I’ve had is that Schindler is a focus of Shynla. (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

VICKI: Interesting. Another impression that I’ve had...

ELIAS: HA HA! And you may offer to Shynla, within THAT focus the orientation was soft! (Grinning)

VICKI: Okay, I will! (Elias laughs) I haven’t connected with it enough to get there, but that’s interesting.

Also, I watched a movie the other day called “A Woman at War.” It’s a true story about some events that happened in World War II and were directly related to the whole Nazi thing. I had some really strong impressions while watching that movie that the two main characters are Mary and Sandy. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

VICKI: That is so interesting! Okay, now let’s talk about my impressions regarding yourself in that focus.

ELIAS: Very well.

VICKI: I thought it would have been kind of funny if you were actually Hitler.

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA HA! (Vicki laughs) And I may express to you, I hold no doubt that you incorporate humor in THAT association! Ha ha!

VICKI: Yes, that was something we had quite some fun talking about and speculating about for a few weeks, although I know that’s not the case. And that wasn’t really an impression, that was a joke.

I’ve had two impressions regarding yourself. Actually, I think the first one is not necessarily an impression but more of a thought, and that particular one is that you were the Emperor of Japan at that time.

ELIAS: I may express to you, I hold no actual physical manifestation in that particular focus.

VICKI: In the World War II deal?


VICKI: Hmm! All right.

ELIAS: This is not to say that this essence has not been interactive in that particular event, but there is no physical manifestation of an individual focus in that particular time framework.

VICKI: All right. Well, my other impression – which was an impression, and it was based on looking at a picture – had to do with Eichman, and when I looked at his picture, he was extremely familiar to me. In fact, his picture was more familiar to me than any of the other pictures I looked at. I guess I can assume that that is somebody who I know presently; I just haven’t made the connection.

ELIAS: Correct, and that you have known in that focus.

VICKI: Alrighty then, I’ll just continue on with my little investigation here! (Elias chuckles) I do find it interesting that this has my attention – but it does – so I’ll just see where it goes.

The only other thing I really want to talk to you about today is on a completely different subject matter, and it has to do with this concept of how we interact with our perception of another individual.

ELIAS: Very well.

VICKI: A few people have written to me and expressed confusion regarding this concept, specifically in the manner of not understanding if they’re actually creating that individual’s reality.

Yesterday I worked on a transcript in which you offered an analogy to Mikey about a kid spilling some liquid on the floor. (3) You told him that in actuality HE spilled the liquid on the floor. So I’ve been thinking about that, and I’m not quite sure how to respond to these people, and I’m not quite sure for myself how this works.

If I’m interacting with a kid and he spills liquid on the floor, I’m actually spilling the liquid according to what was said in that transcript. But then again, I’m not creating that individual’s reality, correct?

ELIAS: You are correct.

VICKI: Can you explain that to me?

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you, Lawrence, as I have offered previously, you manifest within a physical dimension and reality which is extremely intricate. It is highly efficient, and it is also highly precise.

Now; you are correct, you do not create one moment of any other individual’s reality; neither does any other individual create ANY of your reality. But as I have stated to you, you do not participate in this physical dimension singularly. There are many, many, many essences which focus attentions and manifestations in this reality also. Therefore, each individual that you encounter objectively is in themselves another focus of essence. It is an actual physical manifestation of another essence.

Now; in this, as you encounter every other individual within your physical dimension, what you encounter is the energy of that individual, and upon the reception of that energy you create a projection of that individual through your own perception. Therefore, you create your own likeness of that individual through your own perception.

Each of you individually projects energy; that energy is received or blocked by each of you from each other. In moments that you receive energy from another individual, what you create is a translation of that energy expression. You filter that energy expression through your own individual associations, through your own beliefs, through your own assessments of self, through your own expectations, and you project outwardly through your perception an image and actions.

Now; that image and those actions are directly associated with the energy you have received from the other individual, but they are also influenced through your perception. Therefore, we may incorporate this example that you have offered.

One individual may be, in your terms, spilling the liquid upon the floor. They are creating an action. They are creating a choice; they are projecting energy in a specific manifestation. That energy is projected outward, not necessarily directly to one individual, but merely projected outward. You, as an individual within physical proximity and interaction with the other individual, receive the projection of energy. Once receiving the projection of energy, you filter that energy through many different avenues of communication within yourself and project it outwardly through your perception and create a very similar event. It may not be identical as an event, but it may be quite similar.

Therefore, the individual creating the action creates an action of spilling the liquid. You create a very similar action in your projection of that individual through your perception.

Now; at times you may be receiving energy from another individual and you may translate it quite differently, and therefore your projection of the event that has occurred in relation to another individual may be quite different from what the individual has created, and therefore your perceptions shall be expressed quite differently. What you view shall be very different.

At times, you do not receive the energy that is projected by another individual; you block. And in this situation, you may create a VERY different perception or creation of reality than the other individual.

VICKI: Yeah, I’ve had that experience! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Lawrence, there is an interplay of energy between individuals. There is a direct projection and reception of energy between individuals, but the actual physical manifestations of any interaction is a creation of each individual’s perception.

The direct interaction between yourself and any other individual is in energy expression, not in actual physical manifestation. The physical manifestation, the physical projection, is created by you, by the individual, through the mechanism of your perception.

VICKI: So, when I observe somebody spilling a cup of liquid, I am in actuality doing that, but the other person is also projecting the energy of that physical act?

ELIAS: Yes, and may be creating that physical act, and you may be creating a perception closely associated and quite similar to what they are creating.

VICKI: So in reality, both individuals are creating the act.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: That’s hard to understand! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Many times your creations are quite similar. Therefore, you may express to each other that you view the same event, that you view the same action or the same object. You may describe aspects of your realities quite similarly or what appears to you to be the same, for you are allowing yourselves in many moments to be accepting the energy of the other individual and not tremendously coloring that energy through your own communications and associations, and therefore you allow yourself to be creating a very similar expression to what the other individual is creating.

This also offers you the explanation of why you shall be surprised at times at what another individual may be creating, for your expectation prior to the creation of the other individual may have been different. But within the moment, you may be allowing yourself to receive the energy expressed by the other individual, translate that through your perception with little distortion, and therefore create a very similar projection through your perception as that which has been expressed by the other individual.

VICKI: I take it this is the way it is most of the time.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: There’s a similarity in all of that.

ELIAS: Yes. You are not creating tremendous difference in the expression through your perception from that which is being projected by the other individual.

You shall hold an awareness objectively in the moments that you are influencing and interfering with that energy expression, for you shall view the difference of expressions. You shall allow yourself an awareness of the vastness of difference between your perception of an action or an event and the other individual’s perception.

VICKI: Okay. I guess part of the point here, though, is to remember that you are in actuality creating that action.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And that’s the hard part! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

I think that’s about it, except just briefly to go back to this little World War II thing. Bobbi and I both wonder, do we know objectively the person that is Hitler? Do we know a focus of that essence now?

ELIAS: Within this present time framework, no.

VICKI: Oh. Okay! Also on that, just something brought up by somebody else yesterday: is this individual of the Vold family?

ELIAS: This individual of Hitler?

VICKI: Correct.


VICKI: Okay! Well, then, Elias, I think that’s it for me today!

ELIAS: HA HA! Very well, Lawrence! I anticipate our continuation of fun and discussion. As always, you present challenging questions which are offering of helpful information to many individuals.

VICKI: Well, that’s cool! (Laughs) I know they’re helpful to me! (Elias chuckles) Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

VICKI: And who knows, you know? I may talk to you again in a year or so! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! (Laughing) As we interact, regardless, daily.

VICKI: Yes, we do!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I express to you TREMENDOUS affection as always, and express to you also the encouragement of yourself and your twin in your continuation of your adventures. I am greatly acknowledging of you both in your movements.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

VICKI: I shall share that with my twin, who had no questions today.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! (Vicki laughs) Also quite, as you express, “usual.” Ha ha ha ha!


ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I may express to you, the secret between ourselves, this appears to be a condition of soft individuals, does it not?

VICKI: Yes, it does! (Laughing)

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA HA HA! Quite amusing!

VICKI: Funny!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! I express to you, my friend, in dearness, a tremendous lovingness, and I shall be, as always, continuing with you each day. (Very warmly)

VICKI: Backatcha, Elias.

ELIAS: To you, au revoir.

VICKI: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:38 PM.


(1) Refer to session 265, February 05, 1998.

(2) TFE – Transfocal Encounter; viewing other focuses while in an altered state. Sometimes referred to as “past life regression,” but within the concept of simultaneous time, all focuses occur simultaneously, and there is no “past.”

Digests: find out more about TFEs.

(3) Refer to session 657, July 07, 2000.

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