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Sunday, April 07, 1996

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“An Easter Scolding”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), and Jim (Yarr).

Vic’s note: We had decided not to have a session at all this evening, because the few of us who did show up became involved in conversation, and the hour had become late. When Mary said that she had an impression that Elias had a message for Vicki, Vicki wanted to hear it; although she certainly did not expect to hear what ensued!

Elias arrives at 9:36 PM.

ELIAS: Good evening. I am aware that we will not incorporate our usual session time this evening. I will be acknowledging of Michael for allowing my “message” to you. This is correct that this message is directed to my “scribe.” It was not, in actuality, quite urgent, but as I have been afforded the opportunity, I shall deliver this evening; quite appropriately, I might add! (Chuckling)

This message is concerning of our transcript on consciousness, to which Lawrence was experiencing much difficulty in placing on his computer. This was not entirely for the subject matter. Part of your difficulty was battling with me; but I will also express to you that I will win this battle; for I will now express to you verbally what you refused to listen to while you were incorporating this particular transcript. (“This particular transcript” is session 79, March 17, 1996.)

You will incorporate authoritative capital lettering within this transcript, in each position referring to The Creating Universal One And Whole; each He, It, A, All! I express this intentionally, as making a distinction as what it is. Is this not appropriate upon your religious holiday? (Laughing)

RON: Praise God!

ELIAS: (Still laughing) There are no coincidences or accidents!

VICKI: Speaking of god, this particular word also? (She hates to capitalize this word!)

ELIAS: Correct; only when used to be referring to this particular “action.” (Long pause)

VICKI: Okay. (Finally deciding to agree, instead of argue the point)

ELIAS: Thank you. (Grinning)

VICKI: You are welcome. (Without much enthusiasm)

ELIAS: And you will find you will incorporate much less difficulty in your transcribing if you are listening when I am interacting with you, as you realize I do interact with you each time you incorporate this action of these transcripts!

VICKI: Yeah. (Sighing in agreement)

ELIAS: And when you are not listening, I will continue! I may (knocks twice on the table) on Lawrence’s head equally to Michael! I incorporate a very similar relationship; therefore your awareness of my presence, and also of my wishes, is clear. And my awareness of Lawrence’s expression of religious information is clear also! (Laughing again) This will be amended!

VICKI: I’ll amend it tomorrow. (Sighing in resignation)

ELIAS: Agreed. I have no other present message. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay.

ELIAS: Your manifestation is your own creation for your own noticing, which you will notice and understand. I may speak of this later. (In reference to Vicki being very “spaced out” Thursday through Sunday) Quite focused now! (Grinning) That is all. Au revoir!

Elias departs at 9:44 PM.

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