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Tuesday, June 26, 2001

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ďSubjective Interactions with EliasĒ

ďBeliefs Concerning PleasureĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Frank (Ulra).

(No date/time stamp on the video; arrival time is 27 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

FRANK: Good morning, nice to talk to you again!

ELIAS: Ha ha! And how is your adventure?

FRANK: (Laughs) Oh, going pretty well, going pretty well. Iím not sure Iíve got anything particularly entertaining for you this session.

ELIAS: Ah, no wondrous creations in this present now?

FRANK: None that I can think of right now, but sometimes as we talk, these things pop into my head, so... (Elias laughs) But I promise to do better for next time!

ELIAS: Ah! Engage that creativity!

FRANK: Yes! (Elias and Frank laugh) Well, as usual Iíve got a whole bunch of different topics Iíd like to touch on with you. Iíd like to start with two dreams that I had since we last spoke.

ELIAS: Very well.

FRANK: I remember very little of the first one, but what I do remember is that I was driving in a car on a road a little north of here, a highway, and it was raining hard. I had just started to go onto a bridge over a river, and all of a sudden it was like a big wave of water washed over me, and the next thing I knew the car was in the river and starting to sink, and I was trying to get out. But I donít remember being particularly nervous or scared, at least thatís my recollection. Then, somehow, it was like that activity of trying to get out woke me up, and I woke up from the dream. So, Iím curious to know what that dream was all about.

ELIAS: And your impression?

FRANK: I have no idea. (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well. You have offered yourself imagery in this particular dream which is symbolic in its message concerning your movement in relation to this shift in consciousness.

In this, you are engaging initially an activity that is familiar to you, but you also present to yourself this wave which engulfs you and transports this vehicle, which is a symbolic image of yourself, into a different element; and although it may appear to you to be unfamiliar and strange, it is not a fearful movement, for you continue to express within yourself an element of safety, so to speak.

In this, the wave is your imagery in speaking to yourself concerning waves in consciousness that you participate within, in relation to this shift in consciousness, that in actuality alter aspects of your reality as you redefine different elements within your reality, and therefore the symbology of the vehicle being submerged in the water, which is a different element than that which is familiar to you; but it continues to be moving and functioning, therefore expressing to yourself that although these waves in consciousness that you participate within may present unfamiliar aspects of your reality, you are allowing yourself an adjustment, so to speak, that you may move in conjunction with these waves in consciousness and continue to function, although functioning in an altered reality. Are you understanding?

FRANK: Yes, completely. That sounds great! I didnít know that much was going on with me! (Elias laughs with Frank) It seems like nothingís happening!

ELIAS: Ha ha! I may express to you, my friend, you are quite efficient within your movement, and this creates an ease in your creativity and your movement with these waves in consciousness. I may say to you, although there may be time frameworks in which you assess yourself to not be creating tremendous movement in conjunction with this shift, you ARE regardless, and this is the expression of efficiency in how you allow yourself to function in relation to this shift in consciousness.

You are merely familiar with creating expressions of drama to attain your attention and express evidence to yourself that you are moving. But within the time frameworks that you are NOT expressing drama, you continue to be creating your movement. (Chuckling) You are merely not creating it in as an exciting manner as you may within other time frameworks. Ha ha!

FRANK: (Laughs) Let me take you to the next dream, which I also donít understand but which I remember more of, and to me it seems somewhat intriguing.

In this dream, I was at an airport getting ready to take a trip to Hawaii at a ticket counter. The next thing I knew, I was sitting on the front of some sort of a motorized baggage cart and zooming in and out through the airport, around planes and things like that. After doing that for a while, I ended up at an airplane that I was about to get on to take this trip, and to my surprise, standing there were my cousin, who is a female, and her husband, who died 20 years ago. They were as they were 20 years ago; they were young, the age they were then. At that moment I became sort of surprised and started to wonder, how come I am going on this trip alone? The next thing I knew my mother-in-law was there, and we started talking to each other. Thatís about all I remember of that dream, and that oneís got me sort of stumped too.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I may express to you, this dream imagery offers you information in several subjects. First of all, you begin with one direction of information in expressing to yourself an identification of beliefs which you are attempting to be addressing to presently.

Now; in the initial design of this dream imagery, you express that you are moving into the creation of this trip to a particular physical location which is desirable, but you are also experiencing movement which does not appear to be accomplishing that action of engaging or connecting to the plane which shall transport you to this physical location. This imagery is the presentment of seeking pleasure as a natural movement of essence, but also inserting into your movement obstacles and diversions in relation to your beliefs concerning the attaining of pleasure.

Now; in this, you present to yourself the pursuit of this pleasurable activity, but you also allow yourself the recognition of your own beliefs, which express underlyingly to you that pleasure may be attained merely through the movement around diversions and obstacles Ė you must work for your pleasure; you must earn your pleasure rather than merely allowing yourself the freedom to be creating that type of movement. For there are many beliefs associated with the concept of allowing yourself to be engaging pleasure without expectations or conditions which may be attached to your allowance in relation to pleasurable movements.

Now; once offering yourself that communication through your dream imagery, you alter the direction of this dream imagery, and you present to yourself other individuals which you encounter and create an interaction with.

Now; this continues with the theme of this dream imagery concerning pleasure, but alters the direction of the theme in an expression of communication which you present to yourself in imaging individuals in a manner that may validate to you that there are in actuality no obstacles in creating desirable experiences and expressions, regardless of how they may appear to you to be impossible. Therefore, you image these individuals in a manner which is associated with being impossible.

This also creates an underlying association with pleasure, and therefore offers you a validation that expressions are not always what they appear to be objectively, and in allowing yourself more of a freedom of movement within your perception, you may be creating with ease more of an expression of fun and allowing yourself more of an expression of pleasure without conditions. Are you understanding?

FRANK: Yes, I am. On the second part, Iím not sure that I understand how the symbology translates into what you said, but thatís okay. I definitely understand what youíre telling me here. Thatís very interesting, too. Later I want to come back to the part about the freedom of perception.

ELIAS: Very well.

FRANK: But for now, I want to get through my list of things here. So, the next question I want to ask you is, how are things going with Moorah? When we last talked you said she was very skeptical of you, or your existence.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And what is YOUR impression?

FRANK: I havenít thought about it much Ė I havenít thought about it really hardly at all since we last talked. Her hair seems more normal.

ELIAS: HA HA! And I shall express to you the inquiry of what is your curiosity motivated from in this inquiry?

FRANK: Are you saying itís none of my business? (Laughing)

ELIAS: HA HA HA HA! I am merely questioning your motivation in inquiring of this other individual!

FRANK: Just a normal fatherís concern. (Frank and Elias laugh) Actually concern is the wrong word Ė I guess curiosity.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you that this individual continues to be creating a very similar expression to our previous discussion, although is allowing herself to be relaxing within her energy more than was expressed previously, and this is being evidenced outwardly objectively also.

It matters not that this individual engages an objective expression of interest or curiosity in relation to myself and my introductions to her, for there is a subjective interaction which is occurring, and at times it is accepted. (Laughs)

FRANK: Actually, that kind of brings me to something else. Last time we talked, you said that basically you were in communication with our entire family here. And Iím just curious, is that sort of an unusual thing? Is that a normal thing? Is there a reason why all of us are somehow connected with you?

ELIAS: This is not unusual. I am in communication, so to speak, with many individuals within your physical dimension, not all of which I interact with objectively in speaking to in the forum of these sessions.

But let me express to you that in my interaction with any individual objectively, such as yourself, I project an energy through layers of consciousness in this interaction with you, as an example individually, and the energy which is expressed in this exchange with you is also expressed in what may be termed as a potentiality. What I am expressing to you in this identification is that in the exchange that I engage with you, I also project an energy in interaction with all other individuals that you interact with. For in your interaction with myself, figuratively speaking, you individually open a door of interaction for my energy subjectively to be connecting, in a manner of speaking, within your physical dimension with all other individuals that you interact with.

Therefore, the energy which is expressed in exchange between myself and any one other individual is, in a manner of speaking similar to the dropping of the pebble in the pond. For as the pebble enters the water, this is the exchange between myself and you, and all of the ripples that extend outwardly is the expression of my energy which interacts subjectively with all individuals that you interact with.

FRANK: If they choose to interact, right?

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, within consciousness and within essence this is recognized subjectively and is already expressed in agreement in relation to their participation also in this shift in consciousness.

This is the efficiency of essence and of consciousness. It matters not that many individuals may choose not to be objectively interactive with myself. Indirectly and subjectively they are, for you are objectively interactive with myself, and ALL of you throughout your dimension are participating in this shift in consciousness.

FRANK: Okay, that was interesting. The next question I have, how long were you and I in communication subjectively, in terms of my time framework, prior to us being in communication objectively?

ELIAS: (Pause) Within what you may recognize within your time framework approximately one year, although I may also express to you that my energy has intermittently been expressed subjectively in interaction with you for much of your focus.

FRANK: The difference being that the one-year period was more of a direct subjective communication as opposed to something more subtle?

ELIAS: This time framework preceding our objective meeting, so to speak, may be recognized as more of a preparatory time framework in familiarizing you with this energy and exchanging energy subjectively, that in preparation for our objective interactions, you allowed yourself to be subjectively assimilating information to create more of an ease in the objective interaction that allows for your objective assimilation of information, once speaking with myself.

FRANK: Can you just give me one small, quick example of what sort of information I needed to assimilate to assist in this?

ELIAS: In this subjective interaction there is created a familiarity of energy, which allows for an ease in the communication.

Also, as you are aware objectively, I may present concepts to you through the avenue of your language which may be challenging in your understanding of them, for they are unfamiliar in your objective reality. But in engaging this subjective interaction, you have allowed an opening of your expression of consciousness in this focus, which lends to more of an ease or what you term to be a swifter understanding objectively and assimilation objectively of the information which is offered to you.

I may express to you, in like manner to all individuals that I am objectively interactive with AND subjectively interactive with, this action creates more of an open avenue, so to speak, between the objective and subjective awarenesses, and in that open avenue of communication, you thusly may present information to yourself that you shall understand and assimilate within a relatively short time framework. Whereas, were you not to be creating that open avenue so to speak, your process, in a manner of speaking, for assimilating this information in its extreme unfamiliarity in relation to your officially accepted reality would be much slower, and also your noticing of imagery within what you create and what you participate in would be less, and therefore your movement in relation to this shift in consciousness would also be much more slowed. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: In this time framework, as you have moved into your new century and your new millennium, the movement of this shift in consciousness accelerates tremendously. Therefore you also, within your individual movement and opening and awareness in agreement in your participation with this shift in consciousness, must also accelerate.

Therefore, you have allowed yourself this avenue to be opening in your awareness in a preparatory manner which allows you much more of an efficiency in assimilating the information which you seek in your engagement with myself objectively. Are you understanding?

FRANK: Yes, yes! And Iím always the one who wants to move faster, right? (Elias laughs loudly)

Now let me ask you about something that I think is related. On two occasions since weíve been in objective communication I have thought that when I spoke with you on the phone that I heard you say things that didnít show up on the transcript. Now, there are no accidents, so obviously somethingís going on here.

ELIAS: You are correct my friend, and I may express to you that this action is NOT unusual. I may express to you, as I have previously, in my interaction with you and with any other individual in the forum of these sessions, two actions are actually occurring. I am interactive with you objectively, and I am interactive with you subjectively.

Now; as you allow yourself to become more familiar with our energy exchange together and you are more familiar with my energy, you also allow more of an expression of openness both objectively and subjectively. This also moves quite in relation to what we have been discussing this morning.

In creating this channel, so to speak Ė or the open avenue between the objective and the subjective awarenesses Ė as that is created, you allow yourself an objective recognition of what is being expressed subjectively also. Therefore your translation is that you create the perception that you have audibly, objectively heard me offering you information Ė which I have offered, but not in language.

FRANK: Thatís just how I translated it.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: I must say, thatís interesting, because on the one occasion that I remember, quite vividly I remember you scolding me (Frank and Elias laugh), and I thought, ďIím surprised to hear this!Ē

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you, my friend, that in actuality it may be viewed as loving encouragement in a type of chastisement! Ha ha ha ha!

FRANK: One other thing, one last question on this point before I move to something else Ė when that occurs, do you know that itís occurred?

ELIAS: Yes Ė I am expressing the energy to you!

FRANK: But do you know thatís how Iíve translated it?


FRANK: Okay; interesting.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I am quite aware of your translation! I am also aware that as you move through your linear time framework your perception alters, and in actuality you allow yourself objectively a clearer understanding of our interaction.

FRANK: Hmm, okay Ė Iíll think about that one. I guess I understand it better. I donít always spend a lot of time thinking about these things. (Frank and Elias laugh) I donít know if thatís good or bad! Sometimes I feel a tad guilty about it, but I know I shouldnít.

ELIAS: (With mock gravity) Ah, tsk tsk! (Frank laughs) And what shall we be saying of guilt, once again?

FRANK: I donít know, it shouldnít be there...

ELIAS: Correct! Almost a waste of energy.

FRANK: Only almost?

ELIAS: Ha ha! I may express to you, there is no actual waste of energy that may be expressed, but were there to be one, guilt certainly may be identified as one expression of a waste of energy.

FRANK: I think Iím getting better at that, and also with worrying. I think Iím getting better at that one too.

ELIAS: Quite, and this is the other. (Laughs)

FRANK: Let me ask you about something that is kind of interesting, that I think I have sort of figured out. It starts back last October when the automobile that I own was getting older, and I realized it was starting to fall apart and I needed to get a new one. At the time, I was out looking for a sort of sporty car. I looked and looked and looked and had trouble finding one, and finally I did find a car that was, unfortunately, not a sporty car. In fact, it was totally the opposite, a very conservative car, but it was a fabulous deal. I was getting kind of desperate at the time, so I ended up buying that car.

Now Iíve had it for six or seven months, and I just donít like it because of the way it is. So, now Iím out there again looking for another sporty car. I havenít quite found what I wanted and havenít totally made my decision to get it, because thereís other things I could do with the money.

Iím thinking that somehow this has something to do with my movement, trust in self and that sort of thing, and that the conservative car somehow represents looking for safety and familiarity and not taking risks, whereas the more sporty car expresses more of a confidence in self and willingness to take risks and that sort of thing. Have I assessed this accurately? Is there more to it, or is it something different?

ELIAS: You are partially accurate.

Now; attempt to express to me the correlation of this imagery with what we have begun our discussion with this morning. (Chuckles) Once again you present imagery to yourself, not merely within your dream imagery but also within your objective imagery, and this...

FRANK: Well, the car represents what you referred to earlier as pleasure or pleasurable experience. Itís what I would like to have; itís something I would enjoy.

ELIAS: Correct, and this offers also an example to you in how your objective and subjective expressions parallel and move in harmony. For the dream imagery is the expression of translation of the subjective movement, and you also present to yourself objective waking imagery that is quite in harmony and the same.

FRANK: So this is the same as my putting obstacles ... my belief that there are or need to be obstacles in the way of obtaining the things that I want?

ELIAS: Correct, and that you place conditions and restrictions upon yourself in relation to the creation of pleasure.

FRANK: Then let me ask you this question. Letís say we get done with this conversation, and I say, ďOh the hell with it, Iím just going to go get a car tomorrow.Ē Does that objective act, is that always just a reflection of the fact that it suddenly clicked subjectively that I donít have to have these obstacles? Does that objective act somehow influence the subjective side? Do you know what Iím saying?

ELIAS: Yes. I may express to you, it may or may not necessarily alter your alignment with these beliefs, but any action that you engage objectively shall be reflected also subjectively.

I may express to you, the objective and subjective once again are continuously in harmony and influencing of each other. It is not a situation in which your subjective awareness is directing you and your objective is continually following the subjective. This is incorrect. They are continuously in harmony and creating simultaneously. Therefore, any action that you engage objectively you may be assured that you are also creating that subjectively.

Now; this not to say that you may engage an action objectively and that action shall alter your alignment with your beliefs. In a manner of speaking, at times an individual may be choosing to create an objective action to be spiting what they view to be their beliefs that they hold, and this does not alter their expression of their beliefs.

In this example, I may express to you, you may or may not alter the alignment with your beliefs in offering yourself permission to be creating this ďsportyĒ vehicle. In this, in relaxing your energy and genuinely offering yourself permission to be creating what you want, and not worrying and not expressing guilt and not creating expectations in relation to yourself or ďconditions,Ē so to speak, you may genuinely loosen your hold, so to speak, in relation to those beliefs that you align with concerning pleasure.

But if you are expressing to yourself, ďI am choosing to be acquiring this vehicle this day,Ē but simultaneously incorporating a tension in relation to the action, this is a different expression, and this is merely an attempt to be forcing your energy and objectively creating a movement which merely reinforces the beliefs that you already align with. Are you understanding the difference?

FRANK: I sure am.

ELIAS: But recognize also, my friend, that you may instantaneously within any moment create a movement which shall be affecting of your beliefs immediately. It is merely dependent upon the direction of your energy, and whether you are genuinely offering yourself permission to create what you want and allow yourself an ease within your energy, recognizing that it is not bad, it is not wrong, you are not irresponsible or selfish in expressing your wants, and that self indulgence is not bad. (Laughs) And in that genuine recognition and offering yourself that permission, you shall instantaneously alter aspects of your beliefs, which automatically shifts your perception.

FRANK: And then I get the car!

ELIAS: HA HA! And you may enjoy the pleasure of your indulgence! (They both laugh)

FRANK: With a clear conscience!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And I may express to you, my friend, as you offer yourself permission to be enjoying this pleasurable experience, other individuals may also share in the expression of pleasure, for once again the ripples extend outward.

FRANK: Letís move on to something else here. Last time, we talked about a focus I had in Austria during World War II. Again, this was a dream that I had that you said I connected with something that was going on there. Can you tell me more about that focus? I know you want me to look for myself, but... (Elias laughs) You already know that Iím lazy, so maybe you can help me get started here. (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Laughs) NO! HA HA HA!

FRANK: Oh, come on!

ELIAS: I shall be spurring you, my friend, to be investigating (laughs), rather than attempting to continue in slyness to have myself offer the identifications to you. Ha ha ha!

FRANK: (Laughs) You used to be easier to deal with!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And I may express to you that YOU previously engaged less of a widening of awareness. Ha ha!

FRANK: Okay, you got me! Iíll go on to something where hopefully you can help me.

A couple of days ago I coached this baseball team with a special game. We talked about this last year, and we did it again this year. We got these groups of kids together from both sides of the city, and we expected to have a very good, very competitive game, and hopefully it would be a lot of fun. As it turned out, the team that I had was just way, way better than the other team, and the game wasnít really a game at all. So Iím kind of curious about what that imagery is all about. I suspect, at least from my point of view, it had something to do with ease of movement.

ELIAS: You are correct.

FRANK: Because, boy, it was like the easiest thing that ever happened. It was almost disappointing because it was so easy.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Now; I may express to you to pay attention to the imagery that you have presented to yourself and the engagement of this activity, and allow yourself to examine what you have expressed now, that it is almost disappointing for you are not engaging the competition. But you are accomplishing what you want, without the expression of competition and with ease.

FRANK: I knew youíd say that.

ELIAS: And in actuality, this also has been a pleasurable experience for the participants.

FRANK: Youíre right, it was, at least on our side.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: I donít know about the other side! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Now; engage yourself and pay attention to YOUR individual partial disappointment...

FRANK: Okay, Iím with you! I should have just sat back and enjoyed it totally, and not worried about it. It was different than what I expected, but it was still very enjoyable.

ELIAS: For in this, my friend, be remembering the expression of the straight little sapling or the convoluted sapling, for the energy that you express ripples outward and is received by other individuals. Therefore, you are creating movement in a specific direction, and in that direction recognize that in your terms your objective would not be to be communicating an expression of energy that shall be received by these participants in disappointment, correct?

FRANK: Yes, and I donít think they were.

ELIAS: I am merely expressing to you to be aware.

FRANK: Youíre right, youíre right! (Elias laughs) Itís amazing how much is involved in something like that. It was such an extreme event that I knew there was some major significance there.

ELIAS: Acknowledge yourself rather than engaging disappointment!

FRANK: Right. Well, Iím not perfect yet! (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: And this, I may express, is your perception! Ha ha ha ha!

FRANK: Okay, you got me! (Elias laughs)

A couple more things: first of all, as long as you mentioned the sapling, another question I wanted to ask you about is I just lost a tree in front of my house. The village where I live, they came and cut it down because it was diseased. There is another one, also a big old tree that I absolutely loved, that got damaged in a windstorm or by lightning or something, and theyíre going to cut that down. So suddenly Iíve lost two of these big beautiful trees that I absolutely love. Again, other than some degree of fear over the years that I would lose them, I donít know what the meaning of this is.

ELIAS: In this, you present to yourself an example of your own ability or lack of ability to be creating what you want. You also present to yourself another aspect of imagery in the expression of objective creations and your attachment to them.

Now; in the first expression, you present to yourself the communication that you have created these objects, these expressions within your reality, that you appreciate and that you have allowed yourself the continuation of their creation.

Now; you also present to yourself an insertion in your reality to be examining your lack of trust of your ability to continue your own creations, and the insertion of identifying certain areas in which you continue to align with the belief that at times other individuals may dictate to you your choice.

Now; there is another aspect of this particular creation, in which you are also creating imagery to yourself to allow yourself to examine aspects of your reality that you create in physical form that you attach importance to, and your communication to yourself in the time frameworks in which you remove them from your physical reality. The trees are merely symbolic in a manner of speaking, symbolizing any physical expression that you create in the form of physical matter that you express appreciation and affection for, and allowing yourself the opportunity to examine objectively what you create within yourself and the emotional communication that is offered to you in relation to what you are creating in the time frameworks in which you remove those objective physical expressions. Are you understanding?

FRANK: Sort of, yes.

ELIAS: For in actuality, as I have expressed previously, what you view objectively is not always what it appears to be. In this, you may choose to physically remove an object in your physical reality in conjunction with the expressions of consciousness, but this is not to say that it is removed IN consciousness. Are you understanding?

FRANK: I understand the words youíre saying. Itís hard to really realize the concepts, if you know what I mean.

ELIAS: The expression of the tree is in itself an expression of consciousness, but the tree within YOUR reality is created through your perception. You receive energy which is expressed in consciousness, which you are participating with in agreement in forming and directing links of consciousness to be expressed together in creating this tree. This is one example.

You, in relation to the expression of consciousness, create a tree in actual physical matter, which is the projection of your perception. You also create this action and physical expressions in relation to every other aspect of your physical world. Other individuals, objects, your planet, your vegetation, your creatures, every element within your reality individually is created through a reception of energy and a projection of your perception.

Therefore in like manner to the tree as an expression of consciousness, another individual may be projecting an expression within consciousness, as an example creating the choice to disengage from this physical reality. You receive that projection of energy and direct that to your perception, which also creates the disengagement of your physical projection of the individual, in like manner to the tree.

The message that you are offering to yourself in this creation, in eliminating the trees from your objective reality, is an opportunity for you to examine your individual communication that you offer to yourself through emotion in relation to the physical removal of some expressions within your reality, be that an object, an individual, a tree; it matters not.

FRANK: Is this to prepare me for something?

ELIAS: It is merely another movement, my friend, in widening your awareness and allowing you a clearer understanding of how you create your reality, and familiarizing yourself with the movement and expression of your communications to yourself, which familiarizes you with yourself more clearly, and therefore also allows you a clearer understanding of yourself and much more mobility. This is a further movement in the action of this shift in widening your awareness.

FRANK: Weíre out of time now, but next time we talk I really want to talk more about a person disengaging and me disengaging my attention, because that seems pretty interesting and profound.

ELIAS: Very well.

FRANK: I just want to ask you one last very quick question and you give me a quick answer. My son is having some difficulty playing baseball these days. Do you have any comments or advice? Am I putting too much pressure on him? Is he pressuring himself? Whatís going on?

ELIAS: Expectations from you both...

FRANK: Ah, okay, same old thing.

ELIAS: ...of yourselves and of each other. And I may offer one other identification in relation to his desire to please, which is quite in interplay with his expectations of self.

FRANK: And what can I do on my end, other than ... just eliminate the expectations, or lower them or whatever?

ELIAS: Correct. Pay attention to you and not project the expectation in relation to him, which projects your attention outwardly to him. This shall be received and recognized, and lessen the energy in expectation that he creates within himself.

FRANK: Do I do this only subjectively, or do I do it objectively, or...?

ELIAS: You shall be creating both, my friend. Be remembering, your objective and subjective move in harmony.

FRANK: Okay. I kind of figured that was it. Itís a tough one for us to get over, isnít it?

ELIAS: Quite challenging. Ha ha ha!

FRANK: Well, thereís opportunity in challenge.

ELIAS: You are QUITE correct, my friend!

FRANK: I think weíre a little over time here, but as always itís been a pleasure.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend! I express to you great affection, and anticipate our next discussion. To you...

FRANK: Tonight, subjectively? (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: That also! (Laughing)

FRANK: Thank you, and goodbye.

ELIAS: To you this day, au revoir.

(No date/time stamp on the video; session running time is 1 hour, 14 minutes, 52 seconds.)

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