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Thursday, July 26, 2001

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ďCreating What You WantĒ

ďYour Attention Is Not Concentrated Upon ThoughtsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Irene.

Elias arrives at 11:34 AM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

IRENE: Hi! This is Irene.

ELIAS: Welcome!

IRENE: Thank you, thank you. I have some questions, if youíd help me with them.

ELIAS: Very well, you may proceed.

IRENE: I am in a job in Arizona that I hate and have another short-term job in Massachusetts that I love. Iím hoping to stay in Massachusetts, and right now everything is stalled. I need some advice. Will I be able to stay in Massachusetts, or is that all over?

ELIAS: This is dependant upon your choice and the direction that you create. In actuality, in this present now you are turning your attention to other individuals and allowing other individualsí choices to be dictating to you what your choices shall or shall not be, and in this, you place yourself in the role of victim, not allowing yourself to create your own choices but expressing a dependence upon the choices of other individuals to be creating your choices.

Therefore in this situation, as you turn your attention to self [and] evaluate and recognize within self what YOU want, you may hold your attention upon self and offer yourself permission to generate your own choice, regardless of the choices or directions of other individuals. I may express to you, my friend, this is quite possible, and although it may appear to you to be impossible, you do hold the ability to generate this type of movement and to create what you want.

What you are challenging yourself with presently is grappling with the concept that you actually create your reality, and moving yourself into a position, so to speak, that shall allow you to view your own beliefs that express to you that you do not create all of your reality, which is quite incorrect.

It matters not what is created in choice by other individuals. What holds significance is that you allow yourself to be directing yourself and creating your own choices in relation to what you want. For in projecting that type of energy, you turn your perception and you actually DO create the physical manifestation of what you want. But this essentially is requiring that you turn your attention from outside of yourself and from other individuals to inside of yourself and your own choices, and trust your ability to generate the actualization of your choices, regardless of how it may objectively appear to you to be impossible Ė for it is not impossible. (Pause)

The reason that you present yourself with anxiety is that you are offering yourself a communication through emotion, which is identifying your doubt within yourself that you actually hold the ability to create what you desire, which translates objectively into a want.

Once you allow yourself to turn your attention away from other individuals and what they are creating, you also allow yourself to view what YOU are creating, what YOUR expression is, what YOUR behavior is, and the areas in which you are not trusting yourself and your abilities, the areas within yourself that you discount yourself and that you express a lack of confidence in your own abilities. This offers you the opportunity to become more familiar with yourself and therefore realize that in actuality you are limiting yourself, for you are allowing the choices of other individuals or the expressed mass beliefs in relation to your society that influence you to be dictating to you what you can and cannot do or accomplish. As you allow yourself to examine the influence of these beliefs that you align with, you also offer yourself the opportunity for great freedom in presenting to yourself choice.

In this present now, you do not recognize your own choices, for your attention is focused outside of yourself and the only choices that you present to yourself in recognition are those which are dependent upon the choices of other individuals. Therefore you create tremendous limitation, and your subjective awareness responds to you in offering you a communication, which is expressed in frustration and in anxiety.

This is your subjective awareness identifying to you [that] in this present now you are defining to yourself your expression of denying your own choice, and this creates an uncomfortableness within you, for the natural expression of essence is to be allowing its own free flow and to be creative, to create its own choices. This is an innate quality within you as essence: free will and choice. In the moments that you deny those innate expressions within yourself, you immediately create a communication to yourself identifying that denial of self, and this is expressed in the form of emotion.

In this, you express the question to myself, shall you allow yourself to continue within the physical location that you have chosen, or shall you not? And my response to you is, this is your choice Ė what do you choose? Recognize that you do hold the ability to choose, regardless of any other expression or choice of any other individual. Shall you direct yourself and allow yourself to choose, or shall you continue to allow the dependence upon the choices of other individuals and allow that to direct you?

In this present now, you are allowing other individuals to hold the wheel that steers your ship, for your attention is focused outside of yourself; and as you allow other individuals to steer your ship, you may also allow your ship to be steered into a glacier. Shall you allow yourself to grip the wheel of your ship and steer it yourself in the direction that YOU want?

IRENE: So is this a matter of faith that I will have the resources I need to do the work here, and the space and students and things like that?

ELIAS: It is an opportunity for you to actually, in a manner of speaking, test your own trust and your own ability in how you may create and do create your reality and what you want. It is not a question of waiting or anticipating for resources to come to you, but trusting yourself and your ability that YOU shall generate those resources, for this is what you want and you hold the ability to create that. Therefore, your challenge is being expressed in trust Ė your allowance of yourself to trust your abilities and that you CAN generate the resources to create and objectify what you want.

IRENE: This is also true in relationships...


IRENE: ...with people?

ELIAS: Yes. This applies to every expression within your focus; every direction, every expression, this movement is applicable to. It is all expressions related to your own trust and acceptance of self and your own abilities.

This term ďabilityĒ is tremendous, for many of you within physical focus do not objectively recognize the significance of this term of your own abilities. It is the expression of what you are ABLE to create, and there is no limitation to what you are able to create within your physical reality. The key is your TRUST of your ability and where you hold your attention.

Your attention is the wheel that steers your ship. Your ship is your perception. It follows the steerage of your attention. Your perception is the mechanism that creates your actual physical reality and every manifestation within it, every movement within it. No other individual creates any aspect of your reality. You create all of it.

It matters not that you interact with other individuals. You are interactive with the energy of other individuals. What you are interactive with in actual physical form and matter is what you yourself have created through the mechanism of your perception, and in this, you may create that in any manner that you are choosing.

But if you are not familiar with self, if you do not recognize your own beliefs and associations that influence your perception, if you do not hold a clear awareness of where you direct your attention and what you concentrate upon, you also shall allow those beliefs and associations to automatically influence your perception, and thusly it appears to you that there are aspects of your reality that are beyond your control, so to speak.

IRENE: Very much so.

ELIAS: And in actuality, my friend, this is incorrect, for you generate all that is within your reality. It matters not that it may be expressed in what you perceive to be work or relationships or interactions with objects or your world or situations. You may engage any subject matter, and your perception is what shall create the actual manifestation within your reality, and this is tremendously influenced by your attention and where your attention is focused Ė and your attention is not concentrated upon thoughts.

This is a misunderstanding, a mis-definition within your physical dimension, that individuals associate their concentration with thought. Your concentration is not expressed in relation to thought. It is expressed in your attention and its direction, and your beliefs. For regardless of your thoughts, what you choose is directly expressed in relation to where your attention is focused, and your attention is focused in your beliefs and in your associations with your beliefs concerning your reality.

If you are expressing to yourself that your belief is you must wait for other individuals to create decisions in relation to yourself, you are not paying attention to your own choices and directing of yourself in paying attention to self. You are paying attention to other individuals, and you are allowing yourself to express automatic responses to beliefs.

IRENE: So if I believe that Iím supposed to be here, that will influence their decisions to allow it to happen?

ELIAS: It is not a question of attempting to express to yourself a belief or change a belief. This is a common snare that is expressed by individuals within your physical reality. You turn your attention to your thoughts and you express to yourself, ďAh, if I change my belief and I express to myself that I now believe that I hold the ability to remain in this physical location, I shall create that.Ē No, you are not changing a belief. You are merely masking the belief by expressing to yourself a thought. This does not change your belief.

What alters your perception, and thusly alters your reality, is recognizing that you hold a belief that expresses to you a denial of your choices; and once recognizing that you hold that belief, allowing yourself permission to not move into the automatic response of that belief, recognizing that regardless of your beliefs, you continue to incorporate choice. It matters not that you may hold a belief. You may choose outside of the alignment with that belief. You are not subject to it, you are not bound it, [but] merely that it exists.

This is the freedom in acceptance of beliefs, not to be attempting to change the beliefs Ė for you do not change them Ė [and] not to be attempting to eliminate them. They are an aspect of the design of this physical dimension, therefore they shall not be eliminated. But in ACCEPTING the beliefs that you hold, you neutralize the expression of them and you allow yourself the freedom of choice, which validates you and offers you the expression of trust that you in actuality do hold the ability to direct yourself and generate what you want in physical manifestation.

How this translates in relation to your physical reality in actuality IS what appears to you to be altering the expressions of other individuals. You are not creating other individualsí choices or their reality, but you are creating your reality and your choices and all that you view, as I have stated, in your reality. Even other individuals, in the physical manifestation of them, are being created by you.

Therefore, quite realistically, as you turn your attention to yourself and express trust in your ability to create what you want regardless of how impossible that appears and express the risk of allowing yourself to move into the first step of creating that, you do actually alter the physical expression of the other individual, for the other individual is your own projection.

But as you continue to view yourself interacting with the other individual as separated from yourself and not as your creation, you also automatically express to yourself the inability to create what you want, for you do not create the other individual. This is correct: you do not create the other individual as a focus of essence, but you do create what you interact with. In reality, as you interact with any other individual throughout the entirety of your physical dimension, you are interacting with their expression of energy. The physical manifestation is your creation.

IRENE: So, if you can change ... somebody else tries to change my energy as well, as my trying to change their energy?

ELIAS: No! It is unnecessary to CHANGE any other individualís energy expression or for any other individual to change yours. You express your projection of energy, that energy is received by other individuals, and they create their own translation of it in relation to what they are creating in their reality. And in like manner, other individuals project energy to you. You translate that energy through your perception and project it outwardly into a manifestation in relation to the direction that you are creating.

You are all intertwined and interactive, because in actuality there is no separation; but there is illusion of separation in the individuality of how you create your reality. You each individually create the physical manifestations of your reality. The energy is exchanged continuously. The physical manifestation is what YOU create it to be.

Therefore, in allowing yourself to turn your attention to self, in allowing yourself to familiarize yourself with your motivations, your beliefs, your actual expressions and creations and how you view yourself and your abilities, you also offer yourself the opportunity to offer your own permission to choose what you want.

IRENE: Let me get this straight. So at present I want to stay here, but I view myself as a victim of circumstance. I have to accept that belief and choose to ... I canít choose to change the belief...

ELIAS: Correct.

IRENE: ...I choose to change how I deal with the belief?

ELIAS: You choose to turn your perception, and in this you choose to trust yourself, turn your attention to yourself, not concern yourself with the choices of other individuals or circumstances.

But in turning your attention to self, you choose to offer yourself choice. It matters not what you express within your beliefs. What matters is that you recognize the beliefs and recognize that regardless of your beliefs, YOU HOLD CHOICE. You are not subject to the beliefs.

IRENE: Okay, so I guess Iím still confused that I canít change the belief but I can choose not to respond on the basis of that belief.

ELIAS: Yes! Precisely.

IRENE: Okay ... okay.

ELIAS: Example...

IRENE: Yes, that helps.

ELIAS: may hold the belief that if you engage the action of stepping into your street and creating a collision between your body and a vehicle which is moving upon your street, you shall automatically physically express damage to your physical form. This may be a strongly held belief, but within any particular moment, without thought Ė for thought is merely a translation of communications that you offer to yourself Ė without thought you may engage this action, and you may create a collision between yourself and a vehicle, and you may also not create any physical damage to your form, and surprise yourself objectively.

Choice does not require thought. Choice requires attention, but attention is not entirely or always associated with thought. This is the reason that there is importance in recognizing where your attention is directed, for this shall be what directs your choice, not necessarily thought.

IRENE: So, when I wake up at 3 AM and I have all of these crazy thoughts, Iím supposed to try to ignore them?

ELIAS: You may recognize the direction of your thoughts, and in these moments turn your attention to other expressions of yourself. First of all, turn your attention to the now, for thought is quite efficient at projecting in the direction of past and future, and distracting your attention from the now objectively.

Therefore, as you awake from your sleep state and you are noticing and recognizing that your thoughts are moving in many different directions and expressions, allow yourself to turn and pay attention to the direction of your attention within the now Ė what are you creating in the now, not what are you anticipating in thought in relation to future or past, [but] what are you creating in the present moment now?

Pay attention to your communications. Are you offering yourself an emotion within the moment? Emotions are not reactions; emotions are communications. They are expressed to you accompanied by a signal that you identify or define as a particular expression: joy, happiness, affection, sorrow, anger, frustration, anxiety, disappointment. These are the signals.

The emotion is the movement of energy that accompanies the signal. The signal is offered to gain your objective attention. Once gaining your objective attention, you move to be defining what the message of the emotion is. The message of the emotion is a clear identification to yourself of what you are in actuality precisely creating in that particular moment that you are not paying attention to objectively. The reason you create an emotion is to communicate to your objective awareness the identification of what your objective awareness is not paying attention to.

In this, in these moments that you are noticing the chaos of thought, allow yourself to turn and pay attention to what you are actually creating in the moment. If you are offering yourself an emotion within the moment, allow yourself to explore what you are communicating to yourself. This offers you tremendous information.

If you are experiencing anxiety, allow yourself to identify and define within your expression what is the expression of anxiety. Where within yourself are you generating that expression in relation to? Where is your attention moving? In what direction Ė anticipation and expectation of what you may or may not generate futurely? What are you generating within the now? For what you generate in the now is what shall create what manifests future.

IRENE: So when I wake up with the fear and anxiety, thatís expressing my concern and thoughts about the future.

ELIAS: Correct, and your lack of trust of yourself to be generating what you want and creating in the now.

IRENE: Right. So at that point, Iím supposed to focus on my breathing and the now, or what Iím writing in the now, or...?

ELIAS: Focus upon allowing yourself to pull your attention to the now to stop projecting to the future or to the past. Allow yourself to notice the physical tension that you are creating, allow yourself to relax, and allow yourself to pay attention to what you are actually creating in the moment.

If you are expressing fear, recognize what that expression of fear is being generated by. Are you in actuality creating an action within that particular moment that is threatening to you? I may express to you, my friend, many times you are not. In the moment the fear is being generated by expectations and anticipations of future and your lack of trust of self in the now.

IRENE: Right. But Iím still having problems thinking about what Iím supposed to do to generate the now into what I want the future to be.

ELIAS: Merely continue to hold your attention now. It is not a question of what you should do or what you need be doing. You ARE doing by allowing yourself to practice trusting yourself. For in trusting yourself in each moment and holding your attention in the now AND upon self, you shall allow yourself to choose expressions that shall generate what you want. You block that action by continuously projecting your attention into the future and outwardly upon other individuals.

This is the action of allowing a free-flow. In allowing the free-flow, you need not be creating control. You shall allow the doing merely in being.

What you are creating is the flow of your individual river and creating dams in many sections of your river, obstructing its natural flow, attempting to be controlling its flow and its direction; and in removing the dams, it shall flow freely. It is unnecessary for you to be controlling of that flow. You need not be projecting, in your terms, ahead of its destination, so to speak. It shall carve out its direction merely in its flow. (Pause)

IRENE: Iím still confused. In the present, as I sit here, Iím trying to think what Iím literally supposed to be doing. If I focus on the present, Iím focusing on Iím at my desk, Iím working on a paper or a grant proposal or a letter to someone, but these all have future results.

ELIAS: (Gently) And this is what I am expressing to you, my friend. The future results matter not, for they are accomplished now. You offer yourself an opportunity within this very present moment to be practicing what I am expressing to you.

In this present moment, what are you creating? What are you engaging?

IRENE: Iím trying, for example, to write a grant that will provide money to support my research, so I can stay where I want to be.

ELIAS: No! Within this present moment you are engaging conversation with myself.

IRENE: Okay. (Laughs)

ELIAS: You are not writing; you are not proposing; you are not attempting to acquire a grant. Within this moment you are attempting to offer yourself information by engaging conversation with myself. But you are distracting yourself by projecting your attention futurely in this moment and concerning yourself with other actions which are not occurring presently.

This is the creation of the confusion. How may you create the now efficiently and choose your direction if your attention is not present within the now?

IRENE: Thatís what I donít ... how can I choose my direction for the future when Iím in the now?

ELIAS: For this is where your future is created.

Let me express to you genuinely, my friend, if you are not trusting yourself NOW, you shall now create manifestations that reflect that in the future. If you are not holding your attention in the now and generating your trust of your ability NOW to create NOW what you want, you shall create precisely what your attention now is expressing.

Example: You express to myself, ďI am engaged within a job in another physical location that I dislike. I also engage activity in this present physical location which I prefer. I wish not to be returning to the other physical location and engaging the activity that I dislike.Ē But your attention is not directed to yourself in the now, it is directed in future expressions of fear. Therefore, what are you creating within the now? Fear, discounting of yourself, and an expression of anxiety and a lack of trust of your own ability. Therefore, what shall you create? The manifestation of those expressions.

IRENE: So, give me the positive spin on that. You gave me the negative spin; give me the positive spin.

ELIAS: In the now, as you turn your attention to self and you allow yourself to trust your ability, you create that.

Let me offer another example to you. Hypothetically, you may be engaged in interaction with another individual and in the interaction with the other individual, you may express an affection for this other individual, and in that affection, you may want to be engaging interaction in an allowance of the expression of affection with this other individual.

Now; you may present to yourself an expression of a different choice in relation to the other individual. Therefore, the other individual may express that their attention or their choice is not to be engaging in an affectionate expression with you. Underlyingly, what is being created and expressed in that moment is your own lack of trust that you may create what you want in this situation.

You are expressing to yourself that your choice to allow yourself to create a certain expression is dependent upon the choice of the other individual, and in actuality it is not. For as you begin to familiarize yourself with these beliefs that you hold, you may also recognize that what you are expressing is your own denial of yourself and what you want in the moment, for your attention is projected outside of yourself, upon the other individual.

As you turn your attention to yourself and offer yourself the permission to create YOUR expression of affection in the moment to the other individual, this automatically alters your reality, for you are paying attention in the now and that NOW creates the future. If you are expressing to yourself in the now, ďI cannot create my expression of affection to this individual for they are not choosing to be expressing affection to me,Ē you deny your choice.

Therefore, what do you create? You create disappointment, and you deny yourself your own expression, and you do not create the allowance of the expression of affection to the other individual. Correct?

IRENE: Yes. So if I just, in the moment, go with the feeling of affection for that person, that person will respond in kind?

ELIAS: YES! For it is your creation; it is your allowance. And the manner in which you accomplish this is paying attention to the now, trusting your ability, and not doubting yourself that you may generate physically what you want.

IRENE: And thatís true of everything around, is what youíre saying.


IRENE: Thatís a very good analogy, because itís not saying to the person, ďYou have a choice in loving me.Ē Iím just saying simply, ďIím not even thinking there, Iím just thinking of my love for you.Ē

ELIAS: Correct.

IRENE: And in my work itís not a matter of whether they choose to hire me, itís thinking of the love of the work that I have.

ELIAS: Correct, and allowing yourself to express this, for you shall draw to yourself like expression. The energy that you express is what you shall create.

IRENE: Oh, my goodness! It took me a while to understand this! (Elias chuckles) I see what youíre saying. (Emotionally) I love what I do, and so I just should do it and feel the love of what Iím doing as Iím doing it...

ELIAS: Correct.

IRENE: ...and not go beyond that in any part of my life.

ELIAS: Correct.

IRENE: Oh, my goodness.

ELIAS: Offer yourself, my friend, permission to create what you want, for this is your desire and this is YOUR preference. This is your expression.

IRENE: But itís not even thinking where itís going, itís just thinking of where it is...



ELIAS: Correct, and allowing yourself the genuine appreciation of that expression and of yourself in the now, and the future shall spring from this.

IRENE: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

IRENE: I think this is the end of our hour, too, although I would like to continue! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I extend to you an open invitation that I am always available to you.

IRENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I express my energy to you also in great encouragement and in an expression to be with you subjectively, that you may be reminded to continue to focus your attention upon the appreciation of yourself. You may objectively look to my energy expressions at times in blue hues, and you shall know objectively that I am present with you.

IRENE: Okay, blue. Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I express to you tremendous affection and anticipate our next meeting. To you this day, au revoir.

IRENE: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:39 PM.

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