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Thursday, August 16, 2001

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ďConfusion in DirectionĒ

ďCreating in the NowĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), KC (Nanaiis), and Mary Jo (Eazon).

Elias arrives at 12:46 PM. (Arrival time is 33 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARY JO: Good morning!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Welcome!

MARY JO: Itís so nice to meet you!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And how shall we proceed this day?

MARY JO: Oh Elias, this is what I would like to do. My sister KC is here, and she has a question from Axel. I would like to put her on the phone just so she could ask that quick question first.

ELIAS: Very well.

KC: Hi Elias, itís KC.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Greetings!

KC: Greetings! Axel would like to ask you for a brief hint of the direction in which he can explore his apartment hunting adventure. Would you have anything to offer him?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Express to my friend to be listening to his intuition as he proceeds upon his adventure Ė pay attention to his own communications to self, for this shall offer him a clear direction in which to proceed.

KC: That will be great; thank you very much. I love you! Au revoir! Hereís my sister. (Elias laughs)

MARY JO: Hello. I have some questions.

ELIAS: Very well.

MARY JO: One of the first things that I would like to know is my intent.

ELIAS: And I shall challenge you, as I engage other individuals, in expressing you to explore and allow yourself to discover what is the theme that has been expressed throughout the entirety of your focus.

You may investigate and allow yourself to recognize this theme by viewing the entirety of your focus, not merely now but the whole of your focus throughout all of your years, so to speak, and allow yourself to view what motivates you in particular directions. For the theme of your individual focus, regardless of any subject matter that you engage throughout your focus and regardless of the differences in your experiences, shall consistently be the same, which creates a motivation which is born out of your desire, and your desire consistently follows your intent, which is the theme of your focus in any one manifestation.

MARY JO: Can I say that it seems to me that my entire life I have been trying to remember who I am?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARY JO: Itís been very important. I can remember, before I ever came across any of this material, walking down a road in the orange grove and saying, ďWho am I? Who is God? Why am I here? Why AM I here? What am I?Ē And it seems like everything has lead to right where I am right now.

ELIAS: Correct. Now; let me qualify in my response to you, for you are identifying a translation of the theme of your individual focus, which is your intent, although the translation is being expressed in a quite familiar manner. For I may express to you that many individuals express these same type of questions to themselves which is a questioning that you create in relation to your underlying recognition of the design of separation which has been created in this particular physical dimension.

Now; YOUR questioning in this manner is a translation of your intent, for your exploration within this physical focus is not merely to be offering yourself an answer to those particular questions, but rather this is a translation in offering yourself this continuous questioning in this manner which moves quite in alignment with your individual intent. For as you allow yourself to be exploring this theme throughout the entirety of your focus, you shall also allow yourself the discovery of your individual movement and your exploration, which has not been to necessarily answer those particular questions but to allow yourself avenues of exploration of how you express yourself in relation to how you create your reality in this particular physical dimension Ė the exploration of your individual expression of reality and how that moves in relation to consciousness in physical manifestation. This is the reason that you question, ďWhat is god? What is the expression of god? Who am I? What is my manifestation? Why am I manifest within this physical dimension?Ē These questions are actually the abstract objective translation of your actual movement.

Each intent is a specific direction of exploration which creates the individualís value fulfillment. Your exploration, which is your intent, is to be discovering and exploring how consciousness maneuvers and creates and manifests reality in this physical dimension. Therefore, of course you incorporate questions concerning god, for you recognize subjectively that this is also you.

MARY JO: So, everything I do, all the things I draw to myself, all of my creations are really there for me to answer those questions. Theyíre there for me to explore.

ELIAS: Correct. To offer yourself objectively a recognition and an understanding of how you translate consciousness into physical form and physical manifestation of all of your reality, and how you manipulate energy to be creating all that you create and view in objects and in experiences within the design of your physical dimension.

MARY JO: That should be a lot of fun. Uh-huh! (Laughs and Elias laughs)

I want to ask you a question about my blue window dream. I think it was May 1 that I had this dream. My grandson who I was about to start babysitting was kind of off to the side, and I saw all these blue twirls against a white background Ė I donít really remember it. I was happy. I was so happy; Iíve never been so happy before or since. I didnít know that kind of happiness existed. I saw a blue window against a black background, and later I thought about jumping through it. But during the dream, which was an afternoon nap, somebody said something to me and I was so excited and I said, ďI will, I will, I will!Ē And I woke up and I didnít know what they said! Then I thought, was that you? Was that you in that dream?


MARY JO: Was that you saying, ďLook at how happy youíre going to be when you start understanding this?Ē

ELIAS: Yes. This is an offering of introduction.

MARY JO: It was wonderful! I just didnít know you could be that happy. (Both laugh) It feels good!

ELIAS: And I may express to you, my friend, that in the incorporation of this shift in consciousness and the objectification of it, you may experience this type of elation and beyond.

MARY JO: Incredible! (Elias chuckles) Incredible. That is just amazing, because you go back and forth between being confused and frustrated and being really excited. You hit a point and do this and do that, and you say, ďWell, these are the belief systems that are behind it,Ē and of course with me, when I finally the other day took a situation and wrote down the belief systems that were making me uncomfortable, I got seven or eight belief systems, and then I said Iím going to stop and just write duplicity! Shoot, if you trusted yourself and if you believed in yourself and if you really knew you were just perfect and wonderful, these other belief systems wouldnít matter. Is that correct?


MARY JO: Thatís correct. Great! I have one other thing. Why did I say ďI will, I will, I willĒ during that dream, and then not remember what I said ďI willĒ to?

ELIAS: I may express to you that in actuality in many encounters with many individuals in dream interaction, the expressions offered by myself are frequently not objectively recalled. I may also express to you, it matters not, for the message, so to speak, has been received. In this, you have allowed yourself to manifest and incorporate action in relation to your response within that dream imagery, for you are interactive objectively with myself this day.

MARY JO: Wow. Thank you for the dream, because that dream was one of the most wonderful things I think that ever happened to me. (Elias chuckles)

I want to ask you another question. This question is so confusing to me that I really donít even know how to word it. It has to do with moving, and I know that moving is in a lot of respects a parlor trick. I realize that. But for a long time I wanted to move, and my husband and I found a really, really neat place in Oregon that I absolutely loved. I just loved it. I donít know whether I have another focus that lived there, but I painted Rosieís room rose before I knew it was Rosieís room. The whole situation there didnít work out, and as much as I loved it and still love it, I moved away and instead of being in the Cascade Mountains with Ponderosa pines and Douglas firs in a situation that I really liked, except for one particular part of it that was the impossible part, I am now in a townhouse with a cinderblock wall right outside my face, and I know Iím going to move. The intention was not to stay here; it was to find a place, a house to live in. I know Iím going to do that. I have two of my children and their families here very close, which of course makes it hard to really think about moving away from this area; but I think I want to move away from this area. But the confusing part, Elias, is that I just donít ... Iíve never in my life not known what Iíve wanted to do, where I want to go. My husband said, ďIíll move anyplace you want to move. That would be fine.Ē I donít know where I want to move! I canít figure out ... I wondered if you could give me some direction. (Elias chuckles) Iím so confused.

ELIAS: I may express to you, you present yourself with this situation to illustrate to yourself that there are no absolutes and also that there are no impossibilities. In this, I may suggest that you allow yourself to relax and discontinue attempting to force your energy.

In this, recognize that you are moving in quite similar manner to many other individuals presently within this time framework. You are shifting your perception in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and therefore you are also presenting to yourself many experiences that are unfamiliar.

You express to myself that you have always known what you want and what direction you want to be moving within, and presently you are experiencing confusion and are uncertain of what direction you wish to be moving within. This expression presently is being experienced by many, many individuals, for what is occurring is an actual shift in attention and perception in which you are moving from the familiar into the unfamiliar, which affects your behavior, your associations, your definitions and your movement, even in subject matters that are familiar to you. You now begin engaging these familiar subjects in unfamiliar manners, and this becomes confusing.

There are other individuals that are experiencing (loud static) this type of movement also.

(27-second pause in which Elias stops, slowly smiles and departs. As he leaves, the phone rings and Mary returns. There is a brief discussion between Mary and Mary Jo, and Elias returns.)

ELIAS: Continuing. As I was expressing, in this there are other individuals that you may choose to be interactive with that may offer similar identification of experiences as they also are engaging similar movement in turning their perception and attention to the unfamiliar. The evidence of this is to be offering yourselves familiar situations or subject matters in which you are not engaging familiar behavior in association with those subject matters.

Previously you may have chosen to be creating a physical move and have incorporated no doubt or confusion as to the physical location that you have chosen to be moving to. Now you present yourself with familiar subject matter in relation to an actual physical movement and incorporating a different physical location, but you also present yourself with confusion, for your approach to this subject matter is unfamiliar and you are not expressing to yourself now a definite knowing of what you want. Therefore, you challenge yourself to be exploring inwardly more comprehensively, rather than expressing automatic responses.

MARY JO: So why did I decide, when I read one of your sessions ... I realized I was pouring energy into the past and that thatís not now; Iím now. So I said okay, and I stopped pouring energy into the past and wishing I had something that I donít have right now. And I am going to give myself time. This place is fine. Itís giving me time to read your sessions, to learn a little bit more. I am going to let it all calm down and let this appear effortlessly.

I thought I had a lot of time, because my husband said that we could stay here for five years and then move. All of a sudden he says, ďWell, Iím getting pressured to move.Ē Now I realize thatís me doing that. Is that me doing ... what did you say, I was forcing energy? Is that why I presented myself with my partner getting pressured to move?

ELIAS: Yes. You are not creating his reality. You are creating your reality, and in this, you are creating an expression of pressure and impatience with self in incorporating the confusion concerning the unfamiliar.

Now; in this also you are offering this imagery and expression to yourself in the recognition that in actuality you create the reality in the now. It is not a situation in which you need be waiting for an expression to materialize. As I have expressed previously, patience is not waiting. Patience is the action of allowance.

MARY JO: So sitting back and relaxing and kind of practicing your material actually is going to manifest what I intend or what I want to create, as it comes through the thickness of time. Is that correct? Just sit back and relax?

ELIAS: And ALLOW for your expression of creating now.

MARY JO: Okay, but that gets really confusing to me because now is this instant...

ELIAS: You are correct.

MARY JO: ...with the sunflowers in front of me and the butterflies on the butterfly bush. That is now. My sister sitting over there reading a book, thatís now.

ELIAS: Correct!

MARY JO: But also, if thereís simultaneous time and if I want a house that looks like thus-and-so with this situation, then I create that now?

ELIAS: Correct, although do not confuse yourself in distracting yourself with those expressions that you continue to actually associate with future. For it matters not that you may intellectually express to yourself that you are creating a particular manifestation now in relation to simultaneous time. This is an intellectual rationale that you express in thoughts to attempt to offer yourself an objective understanding of simultaneous time, and this becomes confused and in actuality also becomes a distraction.

Occupy your attention with the now. What has occurred previously is not relevant, and what may be anticipated within the future matters not. As you allow yourself to occupy your attention with the now and self, you shall offer your responses to yourself and you shall allow yourself clarity objectively.

You are expressing to myself in this present now a conversation which has moved in the direction of the anticipation of what may be in the future and what you are attempting to be creating in the future and the association with discovering what it is that you want in the future. This subject matter that we have been engaging is centered around the subject matter of movement anticipated to be occurring, not in the now but within the future.

Now; I may express to you, you have created an interruption of transmission of this conversation this day.

MARY JO: I did.

ELIAS: You have created that expression quite specifically to draw your attention to the now.


ELIAS: In this, you have interrupted your thought process which was moving into anticipations and expectations of the future, occupying your thought process not with the now, not even with our conversation, but hearing our conversation and creating a running thought process in association with future. Therefore, you have interrupted this conversation to jolt your attention into the now.

In this, as you continue to project your attention into the future in expectation and anticipation, you merely create the perpetuation of confusion, and you offer to yourself no identification of what you define as answers, for the answers do not lie in the future. The answers that you seek to offer yourself lie in the now. But if you are not paying attention to what you are creating in the now and what your movement is within the now, you also shall not be paying attention to the answers that you are offering to yourself. You are not listening to your own communication that you offer to yourself, for your attention is projected in an illusion of future.

MARY JO: So I do exactly what Iím doing right now, day by day, and I donít sit around and question what Iím going to do with this situation or that situation in the future. I just do what Iím doing now, and I do it the happiest and the best I can, have a good time as much as I can, and I take that opportunity to live now.

ELIAS: Correct, and pay attention to your own communications that you offer to yourself in this now.

MARY JO: And those communications will become clearer to myself as I become more proficient at staying in the now.

ELIAS: Correct!

MARY JO: And that takes practice.


MARY JO: And I can give myself the time to practice, right?


MARY JO: Wow, thatís great! (Elias chuckles) Itís great but itís going to be a lot of work, you know that. (Both laugh) My mind doesnít want to stay right here, it wants to go wandering all around the place!

ELIAS: Temporarily you may be presenting yourself with quite a challenge. But I may also express to you, quite assuredly, that as you continue to practice you shall also create more of an ease and a familiarity with this action. You may also be choosing to be interactive with other individuals that are experiencing similar types of movement. In this, if you are so choosing, you may be interactive with Michael and he may be offering to you an identification of other individuals that are experiencing very similar types of movements presently in association with this shift in consciousness.

MARY JO: Elias, I always had ... itís like I dig my feet in somehow or my heels when it comes to ... I know I love interacting with my sister and my son, and of course I guess they are looking at different challenges, perhaps. I always dig my heels in. My sister went on the Elias list right away and started communicating with other people, and boy, I sure dig my heels in Ė I find that hard to do.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may offer to you a suggestion to allow yourself to practice discontinuing comparisons.

MARY JO: Good idea.

ELIAS: You are unique in your expression and movement, and the manner in which you create is unique to your expression. In this, it is in actuality a ludicrous action to compare yourself and your movement to any other individual, for each of you is uniquely creating in a perfect immaculate expression of yourself.

MARY JO: I have some other questions I would like to ask you. One of the questions is, I have a daughter-in-law named Martha and she wanted to know what her essence name was. I would like to know her family of consciousness, alignment, her essence name, her focus and orientation. Could you give me that?

ELIAS: Offer to myself your impressions.

MARY JO: Well, doggone. Sheís got to be Sumari somehow or another. I think sheís probably aligned Sumari. Is that right or wrong?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARY JO: She is probably common/thought. Is that right?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARY JO: Sheís common, thought, aligned with Sumari. I donít know what her essence family is then.

ELIAS: Essence family, Gramada.

MARY JO: Gramada, thatís one I donít really understand. (Elias chuckles) Every other one, I swear to you, I have a feeling for. My husbandís Gramada, too. Itís somehow or another ... I know thatís Einstein and Carl Jung. I just canít quite ... somehow it hasnít sunk in. I have to go back and read some things about that. What is her essence name? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Lorna.



MARY JO: Thank you very much. Now I want to ask you another question. When my sister talked to you, she told you that we got migraine headaches, and you said we aligned with our heritage and we got a payoff from each other. Boy, I can see that. So I said to heck with it, I donít have to align with my heritage. We said we donít need this payoff; we can be something else. So I started to notice that when Iíve got a headache. It seems itís always at two, three oíclock in the morning, and it always seems to be connected to my committing to do something that I donít want to do. Is that correct?

ELIAS: You are correct. I am acknowledging of your allowance of yourself to be paying attention and recognizing how you influence your physical expression in relation to the expression of your beliefs in automatic responses.

MARY JO: So when that happens, and I get up in the morning, I get the newspaper, Iím sitting there with a headache and I say, ďDoggone anyway, Iím supposed to do this thing today and I really donít want to do it. Iím feeling required to do it and Iím feeling required to spend the entire day running around with a terrible horrible headache, acting like I donít have it,Ē that is simply a belief system: Iím responsible to do something somebody else wants me to do.

ELIAS: Correct, and you are allowing other individuals to dictate to you what your choices shall be.

MARY JO: Itís just okay for me each and every instance to say, ďHey, thatís not my choice.Ē

ELIAS: Correct. Let me express to you my friend, what you are creating in this type of action is allowing another individual to be holding the wheel of your ship and steering it in the direction that they choose.

MARY JO: Thatís right. Iíve done that for a long, long time because of just simply the way mass belief systems have gone through my entire life. Itís only now that Iím recognizing that that just isnít so, that isnít the way it works. I donít have to turn over my life to anybody else in any manner, in any place.

ELIAS: Correct. You incorporate no obligation to any individual within your entirety of your physical dimension. This is an expression of your beliefs.

MARY JO: Yes, I can see that.

ELIAS: This is associated with your belief of commitment and that as you create commitments you view this to be a virtuous expression. Therefore, you may allow yourself to view the belief and the intertwinement of the duplicity in association with the belief.

MARY JO: I want to ask you one more question about those headaches. One day we had a commercial kitchen on, in the kitchen, and the chef is sitting there and sheís looking through some kind of health book and she decided that her problems, her physical problems, were related to an allergy to sulfites. Did I create my allergy to sulfites in that moment?


MARY JO: Thank the lord! Oh, thatís wonderful! (Both laugh) I canít believe it! You know, Iíd been thinking that. Iíve been thinking that! I created that in that moment! And when I talked to my Aunt Marcella and she said that my Grandma Mom was allergic to pineapple, did I create my allergic reaction to pineapple in that minute?


MARY JO: Oh, wow! Great! Thatís out of this world.

ELIAS: And now you may recognize that in actuality, spontaneously within the moment, quite precisely and definitely, you may alter your reality in quite dramatic manners. It is not necessarily requiring of a process. It is merely requiring of a choice.

MARY JO: That is exceptional. Thatís terrific! (Elias chuckles) So if I did it one way, I can do it the other way.

ELIAS: Quite! It is merely a choice.

MARY JO: Right, itís my belief that I can do it or not do it.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARY JO: Thatís terrific.

Do my ears ring because Iím aligned with Ilda?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, although I may express to you that in your alignment you do allow for an openness of exchange in conjunction with the qualities expressed in this essence family.

MARY JO: So do my ears just ring because they just ring?

ELIAS: This expression is created by many individuals in this time framework in association with this shift in consciousness, for it is in actuality an evidence which is physically expressed in relation to a widening of awareness and opening that you allow within your expression of consciousness to other aspects of consciousness. This is, generally speaking and in your situation also, an openness to the reality of other physical dimensions and the knowing, so to speak, in simplicity of the existence of other physical dimensions and other aspects of yourself as essence which occupy other physical dimensions.

MARY JO: So that started a long time ago.

ELIAS: It matters not, for throughout the entirety of your focus you have been moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, for this shift in consciousness initiated at the onset of your previous century.

MARY JO: I have another question. I would love to know why I have a kink in my neck. I go to the chiropractor and heíll get the kink out of my neck, I come back home and two days later I have another kink in my neck. Why do I keep getting my neck all kinked up?

ELIAS: And your impression?

MARY JO: Well, I used to say, ďYouíd better stop going around saying Ďitís a pain in the neck.íĒ Thatís what I used to say. Sometimes I think Iíd kind of like to stop thinking. My neck holds up my head, and I read it in a couple of sessions, the head is what you associated with the thinking. But I donít know if that has anything to it. Maybe Iím just stiff-necked; maybe Iím stubborn. You know, I just donít know! (Elias chuckles) I know I know, but I donít know. (Laughs)

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you that you create this particular manifestation in this particular physical location in association with your expression of stubbornness Ė you are correct. You also create this in association with your expectation of yourself in relation to other individuals that you define as close to you, in your terms. You continue to create this particular physical manifestation as an outward reflection and expression in physical manifestation in association with your expectations of yourself in relation to individuals that you identify as family members.

MARY JO: Iím going to have read that one over.

ELIAS: You create many expectations in association with yourself. I am not speaking of expectations that you hold projected to other individuals but those expectations that you express in relation to yourself in association with other individuals. This is an aspect of personal responsibility that you incorporate with these individuals, but it is expressed much more strongly in association with yourself than with the other individuals.

You do at times project expectations concerning the choices and movement of these other individuals, but I may express to you, more often you are projecting the expectations in relation to yourself, which moves quite similarly to your expressions of obligations with other individuals.

MARY JO: I think I understand. (Elias chuckles) ďHa ha haĒ Ė you can say that again! (Laughing)

I would like to ask you one more thing; my timeís going to be up. When Iím seeing my energy field and itís blue, is that right? Is that what Iím seeing?


MARY JO: Oh, and thereís yellow coming out like from underneath it?


MARY JO: So are my colors yellow and blue, or is that just my energy field?

ELIAS: This is a viewing of your energy field which is being projected by your energy centers which creates the radiation, so to speak, of your energy field.

Now; as you view your energy field and you allow yourself to relax as you are viewing this energy field, you may allow yourself to view beyond, so to speak, the expression of your energy centers which are generating color effects, so to speak, in relation to your energy fields and allow yourself to view a consistent expression of a particular color which may be identified as the signature color of your focus. As you allow yourself to view that, you may view beyond that color the underlying color which is expressed more faintly in your terms, but that you may identify as the signature color vibration of your essence.

MARY JO: Okay, Iíll look for it. I will look. I think our time is up, Elias.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall offer you a clue that your focus signature color is a hue of blue and this influences what you are viewing in your energy field, and this is the reason that you view blue often as you view your energy field.

MARY JO: Okay, because thatís mainly what I see. The last time I kind of thought maybe I was seeing some other colors, kind of around my feet I guess. But I will, I will do it and Iíll look.

ELIAS: Very well!

MARY JO: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I anticipate our next meeting and your offering of your further adventure in conversation with myself objectively. (Chuckles)

MARY JO: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

ELIAS: To you, this day, in tremendous affection, au revoir.

MARY JO: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:49 PM.

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