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Friday, September 21, 2001

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ďLessening Trauma in the ShiftĒ

ďLook to Self in Mass EventsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Sherry (Seale).

Elias arrives at 12:06 PM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

SHERRY: Good morning. Boy, am I glad to talk to you! (Elias laughs) Thereís a lot going on, a lot of realizations with me! But itís still confusing me in places and at times, so I wanted to get clarity because in the shift I do not want to be lending energy to stuff I donít want. I want to be lending energy to what I do want, and sometimes Iím not sure I understand how I create.

ELIAS: Very well, proceed.

SHERRY: Okay, that sobbing? There was about two weeks of just sobbing. It would just start coming up in me and this overwhelming feeling of despair or something like a sinking hole, and I was terrified of it. I felt like if it got a hold of me I would just sink under all the sorrow or the pain or all those emotions.

But ever since the bombing I havenít had that happen, I mean itís gone, and since that happened what Iíve come to believe about that is that I was feeling other peopleís, or my own too, sadness about people being separated and not understanding about the connection. Things didnít have to be this way if we could just get it.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and you have been expressing your own grief in relation to this subject matter.

At the point of the actual materialization of the mass event, you have turned your attention for the event has been actualized. You recognize that collectively this is the choice of the masses and that you are all participating in this event, but that you now also, in your realization, may offer to yourself choice of whether you shall participate in certain manners or whether you shall allow yourselves to participate in other expressions. You continue to be participating in this creation in this mass event, but what you are offering to yourself now is the opportunity to view that you incorporate choice in HOW you shall participate in this mass event. You may choose how you shall direct your energy.

SHERRY: Absolutely, and itís not going to be as a victim, thatís a done deal! That part I do get, or I should say in this moment thatís a done deal because Iím clear about that. I may not realize all the ways, but Iím clear that I will if I get in that space again. Iíll recognize it pretty quickly.

ELIAS: Correct, and offering yourself the permission to engage this choice without doubt and without judgment of self.

SHERRY: Because Iíve been taking a lot of hits, you know what I mean? Itís like I donít want to be a victim, and yet people donít like that about me, donít like what Iím mirroring to them.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and in this you may be aware of your presentment of expression, behavior and energy in relation to other individuals. You may be reflecting to other individuals their expression of victim and you may also choose to be directing your energy in a different expression, but also, my friend, be aware within yourself of your expression of judgment concerning the choices of other individuals or the expressions of other individuals, for this very much is the point.

For as you recognize that YOU hold choice, as you recognize that you are choosing to not be expressing the role of victim and you are turning your attention to be projecting energy in a different expression as you continue to participate in this mass movement, also recognize that the choices of other individuals are not wrong or bad and it is not your responsibility to enlighten them that they do hold other choices. They are engaging their individual process, so to speak, in relation to this mass movement and shall offer themselves their own recognition in their own expression of time framework, and this in actuality in acceptance shall matter not to you.

If an individual is expressing this choice of experience of victim, this is merely a choice. It is not right or wrong. It is not better or worse than any choice that you may engage. The difference is that within this moment you are recognizing that you objectively do incorporate other choices, whereas some individuals do not yet recognize that they incorporate other choices. But it matters not, for they shall as they offer themselves information, and it is not your responsibility to be guiding them, so to speak. It is also not the point to be incorporating judgment in relation to other individualsí expressions, but rather concentrating your attention upon you and what choices you shall engage and how you shall implement them in relation to your participation in this mass movement. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: I hear you, and is that what I did when I didnít get upset and depressed when I couldnít talk to you the other day, when I realized that I was creating that objectively, that I chose not to be a victim, that I just accepted her choice?

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: Okay, so I did get that. Oh, this is exciting!

I still donít know if I understand ... well, I donít understand it and thatís what Iím working on. Let me get quiet for a minute because Iím starting to bounce. Thereís so many things that are coming up now.

What I want to clarify with you is I have this feeling that thereís going to be more crap Ė well, thatís a judgment Ė but anyways, I mean more acting out or more violence or more whatever. The reason Iím asking you this is so that I can discern whatís coming from inside of me and whatís coming from outside of me, so that I can ... you know what Iím saying? Iím trying to find out what Iím creating and how Iím creating, and this is one of those areas that ... because I donít want to lend any energy into the trauma stuff, so Iím trying to lend energy into going through this shift in a peaceful mode.

So, I was going out to see the wolves and I got this thought in my head about, or this stanza about, in the air, from the land and from the sea, and I thought, ďWhy on earth? Where is that coming from and how come I got that all of a sudden?Ē Then I thought the planes came from the air, so now people are going to be attacking from the land and the sea, because I donít feel like ... itís kind of like what theyíre doing now in our country is like shutting the barn door after the cows are already out. And thereís something about the number 22.

Iím just trying to get clear. Is this me picking up from other people what I know to be coming down, like the sobs or whatever, knowing something really huge was going to be objectively happening, or is this my own fear? I donít feel like it is my own fear.

ELIAS: I may express to you, what you are offering to yourself is a tapping into of energy. You are tapping into an expression of collective energy that is being expressed by many, many, many other individuals. This is not to say that there is an absolute which is being created presently; this is not to say that there is an incorporation in literal terms of a continuation of violence, as you view it physically. This is an expression of energy which is being projected in fear by many, many, many individuals in this present now.

Now; I may express to you also, you have identified the number 22, for in a collective expression this also is an aspect of the fear which is being projected in energy outwardly, a suspicion and a fear that more events of trauma and destruction and violence shall be occurring in association with particular dates.

Now; this has not actually been chosen and actualized in probabilities, but I may express to you that the energy projected is quite strong; therefore it may or may not be inserted into your physical reality.

In this, let me express to you in relation to your question, what you are connecting to is not an expression of the direction of movement that you are individually creating presently. You are merely allowing yourself to be tapping into a collective energy which is being expressed by other individuals.

In this, the manner in which you may allow yourself to direct YOUR energy differently is to continue to pay attention to you, your choice, and to continue to merely allow yourself to direct your energy in a different expression, which you are already creating.

But you are also slightly questioning and doubtful of whether you are actually accomplishing what you want to be accomplishing, and I may express to you, my friend, yes, you are. You may lend energy to a lessening of trauma in this shift. You may offer energy in expression of no drama. You may lend energy to a collective expression in like manner to many other individuals also, to be recognizing choice and not be perpetuating the trauma, as in actuality it is unnecessary.

But recognize also, for an extended time framework to this point there has been a collective expression and movement and direction of attention in anticipation and expectation of events that would demonstrate the trauma associated with this shift in consciousness, and although I have expressed repeatedly that this is unnecessary, this has been the focus of attention of tremendous masses throughout your globe for quite some time framework, and you have begun materializing this expression now.

Now you may allow yourselves Ė as you are choosing presently, individually Ė to genuinely pay attention to self, to genuinely express the movement and the direction of the straight little sapling, not concerning yourself with the choices of other individuals but allowing yourself acceptance of self and acceptance of other individualsí choices.

Be remembering, my friend, as you recall, this small story that I have offered to you. The convoluted sapling grows side-by-side with the straight little sapling, and the straight little sapling is not attempting to un-convolute the convoluted little sapling but merely accepts that it grows also, side-by-side with itself.

SHERRY: Thatís a good reminder. I know itís me, because you said that and I trust that, but I still ... part of that was I lived in this apartment that I couldnít have my dog back, and that was another awareness. But itís like okay, forget living up here; Iíll get a teepee, because I can live in a teepee with her. I want her to come back now. That was another layer of victimization, thinking that because this lady wonít allow me to have a pet up here that I couldnít have her until I moved out. Well, I donít have to wait for that, I can just change where I live. I get stuck in these little ruts or something.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

SHERRY: Anyway, is that correct, that thatís why she hasnít come is because I havenít felt like she could come because I lived up here?

ELIAS: Correct, and this also is another layer of your recognition and movement into objective realization that you actually do create every moment and every aspect of your reality, regardless of the expressions or choices of other individuals.

SHERRY: So for some reason I didnít want her to come back because otherwise ... thatís the part Iím confused about. Why did I move up here? At that point it looked like this was the only place to be, and that was probably my lack of thinking that there were other choices. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Partially, yes, and also partially to offer yourself the opportunity to concentrate your attention upon self without distraction.

SHERRY: Oh yeah, I do get that easily enough.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Let me express to you also, my friend, even the manifestation of the creature becomes a distraction, for you project your attention outward in concentration upon the creature rather than paying attention to self, and you have chosen in this time framework to turn your attention to self fully, without distraction.

SHERRY: So when I believe that I can have her and not be distracted, then sheíll be coming.

ELIAS: And in the time framework in which you genuinely express to yourself that you do hold the ability and the power to be objectively creating what you want and that you do in actuality create ALL of your reality, you shall thusly offer yourself permission to actualize all that you choose.

In this, you are beginning to offer yourself a recognition of what I am expressing to you. Within this time framework of this mass event, you have been offering yourself experiences and evidence of how you do create your reality and how you may intentionally create your reality in association with your choices.

SHERRY: Before I forget ... this is kind of funny. I just called you up to see if I am on the right track, and itís like yes. Okay, I am getting this.

But now I have a couple questions, letís see ... oh, youíre familiar with everybody, right? Terry said that you can introduce yourself to him. Do you do that sort of thing? Or have you already been introducing yourself to him and heís just now becoming aware of it?

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: Can you tell me his essence name, family and alignment? I told him I would ask that and get that back to him today.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, offer to me your impression.

SHERRY: Oh no! (Elias laughs) I find this very hard. Okay, I think heís common.

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: And I think heís from the Milumet family.

ELIAS: Aligned.

SHERRY: Letís see, I donít know what other ... not my family. The Tumold family?


SHERRY: Good, because I didnít think that. Well then, maybe Borledim, because heís into relationships of all things. Wrong, huh?

ELIAS: You are correct.

SHERRY: Iím correct?


SHERRY: Oh my goodness! I knew there was something there. So heís Borledim family and aligned Milumet.

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: Oh wow, Iím getting this! This is pretty scary. (Elias laughs) And then his essence name?

ELIAS: Very well. Essence name, Hadad, H-A-D-A-D (huh DODD).

SHERRY: Hadad?

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: Can I get the same for Ed and Phil? Phil was in yesterday, and he is questioning stuff. I know thereís a reason weíre all together. (Pause) But theyíre both common, Iím saying.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

SHERRY: Maybe theyíre from ... I mean, is all this having to do with the Borledim ... weíre just understanding that, that weíre just all the same family or aligned or something?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. I may express to you, as you may be aware already, you have participated in other focuses together, and you draw yourselves to each other in this focus also.

SHERRY: The four of us have been together in other focuses, or Iíve been individually involved with them in other focuses?

ELIAS: Both.

SHERRY: That figures. Can I get the essence family or whatever of Ed and Phil?

ELIAS: Very well. First individual: essence family, Zuli; alignment, Vold; essence name, Michie, M-I-C-H-I-E (MIH she).


ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: Oh, I like that name.

ELIAS: Second individual: essence name, Norral, N-O-R-R-A-L (NOR all); essence family, Sumari; alignment, Ilda.

SHERRY: Gillian Ė I always call her Gilligan, I donít know why. Are Gillian and I the same focus?

ELIAS: Clarify.

SHERRY: I donít have a clue. (Laughs) Well, I mean, maybe this is the Ariel part. Is she Ariel? Do I know her as Ariel, or am I confusing her with Ariel? I know Ariel; Ariel is something special to me. I know Ariel the angel, and Ariel is special to her, too. Her essence name is Ari or something like that, so I donít know. That just came to me. (Pause)

ELIAS: You are offering yourself an expression of imagery which is your attempt to be translating an affinity with a particular expression of energy, a particular vibrational quality, so to speak, of energy.

SHERRY: So Ariel is a particular energy?

ELIAS: It is a quality of energy that you express and [that] this other individual also expresses an affinity or preference for this type of expression of this quality of energy.

SHERRY: Translated, what is the name for that quality of energy?

ELIAS: It is merely a vibrational quality, my friend. It does not necessarily incorporate a name. This is your interpretation or translation of it, and this is the reason that you affix this physical naming as imagery to yourselves in association with that particular name.

SHERRY: So we carry that energy, or we just recognize it?

ELIAS: Recognition of it.

SHERRY: Is there a connection with her? Iím just trying to understand why I do some of the things I do objectively. Iíve been calling her Gilligan and I donít know where thatís coming from. Does that make any sense to you, that you can help me get clarity about what that is, how Iím translating that?

ELIAS: And shall you offer myself an impression?

SHERRY: I saw this TV show that had to do with Gilliganís Island, and I donít know what that means exactly because I donít even watch that. That show wasnít something that was really interesting to me other than the animals.

ELIAS: I may express to you, you are merely creating an expression of association, a type of...

SHERRY: Oh no, you know what? Are you there?


SHERRY: Oh god, the card! They said I had two hours, but now theyíre saying that thatís almost up in one minute, so Iím going to have to call back on my cell phone. God, I hate this!

ELIAS: Very well.

SHERRY: You wonít forget what we were talking about, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: All right. Iíll call back now on the other phone.

ELIAS: Very well.

SHERRY: Thank you. Bye!

(Elias departs, and Sherry deals with her telephone situation. After a brief conversation between Sherry and Mary, Elias returns.)

ELIAS: Continuing.

SHERRY: Yes. Sorry, my friend.

ELIAS: In association with this individual and this physical naming, I may express to you that you incorporate this alteration of name in association with an expression of playfulness and affection.

SHERRY: Could we have been in other focuses together, and I recognize that and she does, too?


SHERRY: (Static) Oh no, not this phone again. She said she really likes dolphins too, so were we involved with them in another focus? (Slight pause) Hello?

ELIAS: This is an association that you incorporate in similarity to each other in this particular focus.

SHERRY: Say that again. You cut out; I couldnít hear you.

ELIAS: This is an association that you both express similarly in relation to THIS particular focus.

SHERRY: I donít even understand that. Because we like each other in this focus, even though we havenít met each other?

ELIAS: No. This is a similarity in your expressions in this particular focus in association with this species and their manifestation in your physical reality, in a recognition of the choice of this species of this expression of consciousness to be incorporating itself as essence.

SHERRY: Oh, both of us understand that.


SHERRY: Okay, got it; sorry. (Laughs) Oh, this is cool!

What am I doing with the court thing? I havenít heard from the judge, and I was sure that I was going to have a positive decision, that I was creating that.

ELIAS: And what is the nature of your concern?

SHERRY: Well, I havenít heard back from him, and Iím wondering what thatís about. Iím supposed to be in Central America or South America already, swimming with the dolphins, and here I am! Thatís why Iím doubting sometimes what Iím creating, because I havenít created that part and that was really strong.

ELIAS: And this is the point, my friend, as I have expressed to you. Thought is not the vehicle which creates your reality. Therefore, it matters not how much you incorporate thought concerning what you want to be creating. What holds significance is where you direct your attention and what you are choosing, and this offers you the opportunity to examine those aspects of yourself, what you are choosing and where your attention is directed.

SHERRY: If I was really going to Central America Iíd already have my car or truck, or I would have made my plane reservations even if I didnít have the money?

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: I would have trusted that everything would have come together.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, allow yourself to turn your attention and pay attention to this doing aspect of yourself, that aspect of yourself or that mechanism of yourself that CHOOSES. Pay attention to what you are choosing in the moment.

SHERRY: Youíd think I would get that, huh? (Elias laughs) I understood that part with Emmy. I was getting that, you know what I mean? I chose this apartment, but why did I choose that if I knew she couldnít be here? Itís like I was doing that on purpose. The same thing about the article about her too, because that didnít manifest and I was sure that was going to. I thought that that experience could have done something for the people reading about it, when they had to have people who transferred through all this bombing stuff.

ELIAS: Ah! And this is information that you are offering to yourself to be allowing yourself to examine what we are discussing, to be examining your motivation and your direction.

Allow yourself to view, my friend, the difference between your desire and what you THINK you objectively want, and how what you think you objectively want is influencing of some actions and behaviors but does not always create what you actually desire and what are expressions of your direction.

Now; what I am expressing to you presently is that you allow yourself to examine genuinely your direction, and in this, you identify that your direction of movement presently is to be paying attention to self and familiarizing yourself with what you create within your reality and how you create it. Correct?

SHERRY: Right.

ELIAS: Now; in this, you are in actuality creating choices that are in alignment with that movement, but you also create certain expressions in relation to what you THINK you want which are not necessarily in alignment with your direction.

Your identification of your article, so to speak, is motivated in an expression of attempting to be influencing other individuals outside of yourself. This is NOT the direction that you are engaging presently. Therefore, you do not necessarily materialize those expressions of what you THINK you want.

SHERRY: I do want to share the experience with the animals. That I do want, but that didnít work, either.

ELIAS: But in actuality, my friend, the point is that your desire and your direction is to be familiarizing yourself with what and how you create within your individual reality, and in that direction not concerning yourself with the movement of other individuals. You are, in that expression of what you THINK you want, continuing to express the want in being helpful to other individuals by creating an expression of product outside of yourself. For what reason? To be helpful to other individuals. This is not paying attention to you.

SHERRY: I get it.

ELIAS: Therefore, as I have expressed previously, you DO create choices that are in alignment with your direction, and your direction is to be paying attention to YOU and familiarizing yourself with how you create your reality and WHAT you create within your reality. This is your desire presently, therefore this is the direction of your attention presently. This is also what you are choosing. Therefore you shall create imagery and manifestations that shall continue to offer you a recognition that this IS the direction of your attention and allow you to recognize that your thoughts are not directing your attention and that your thoughts are not creating your reality.

Your reality and its manifestation does not follow your thoughts. They are an interpretation, they are a translation of what you are creating. Therefore, in recognition of this, allow yourself to pay attention to what you are CHOOSING, rather than what you THINK you want.

SHERRY: Oh yeah, that makes sense. And choosing in the moment, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: This is good. I thought about that last night, actually. Well, we donít have a lot of time left. What else did I want to say? Oh yes, about the emotions, Iím still working on understanding that, you know, the part about theyíre not a reaction?

ELIAS: Correct. They are a communication precisely identifying what you are creating within the moment, what you are experiencing and generating in your expression in the moment.

SHERRY: So if I feel like Iím really sad, that has to do with my belief, right? Not necessarily that somebody else ... well, I mean nobody else creates it, but I mean, you know what Iím saying? Like all that sobbing.

ELIAS: As an example, in generating the communication that you recognize through the signal of sadness, what you are offering to yourself is a communication of what you are generating within self in the moment.

You experience the signal of sadness, the feeling of sadness, to gain your attention. The message that is offered, the communication which is contained in this action, is that in the moment you are recognizing your own expression and generation of separation in relation to the energy that you are tapping into in mass expression. Are you understanding?

SHERRY: Let me rephrase this in my terms, translate it in my terms of what I just heard. So in the terms of all that sobbing, I was understanding that those people were leaving, and I was having the grief because I didnít think it had to be that traumatic or that they had to leave that way. Is that correct?

ELIAS: And YOUR expression of separation.

SHERRY: Okay, that I was feeling separated from them.


SHERRY: Oh my, so thatís what Iím feeling. Thatís what Iíve felt a lot of my life then, right?


SHERRY: Sadness, because people were separating all the time. They couldnít see the connection of ... it was like they were creating dramas instead of understanding the connection, right?

ELIAS: Yes, and also associating your OWN experience of separation, for in your perception you also are creating a distinction of separation of yourself from other individuals and not allowing yourself the recognition of your interconnectedness.

SHERRY: Iím doing that more now, right?


SHERRY: And thatís why I have more joy and less sadness, overall.

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: Weíve only got a couple minutes. Is there anything else you can say about ... I mean, you see things and are more fully aware than I am.

ELIAS: Merely allow yourself, my friend, to relax, to pay attention to the moments in which you are expressing an automatic response in judgment concerning other individualsí choices or their expressions, and allow yourself to be reminding yourself of the story of the two saplings.

SHERRY: I think thatís the problem I have. Itís like take for instance about George saying for me to come visit him because heís been missing me or whatever, and then I think, ďOh wow, Iím creating this,Ē right? I finally got an objective something back of what Iíve been trying to stay connected, and then last night heís back to the separation thing, and itís like okay, what does that mean? You know what I mean? Now I feel like Iíve backtracked, or can I still just keep creating what Iím creating and just ignore ... do you know what I mean, just ignore...


SHERRY: ...what that is mirroring back to me about him being separated? Do you understand what I am saying?

ELIAS: Create what you want, my friend. Pay attention to you. Remind yourself that your choices are not dictated to you by other individuals, and your choices are not dependant upon the choices of other individuals.

SHERRY: I still have that belief, or Iím still working on that belief that we talked about before, about not being intrusive or not trying to control somebody elseís reality. Because I know up in my head that I canít do that, but Iím not sure exactly how that plays out, especially if the other person is telling me that they feel like Iím doing my own thing.

ELIAS: This moves in the reverse also, my friend, which is another aspect of what you continue to be addressing to, in that other individuals do not control your choices either.

SHERRY: I think thatís what I was understanding. I still gotta just keep creating...

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: ...and not worry about that.

ELIAS: Correct.

SHERRY: This has been fun! And Iím hoping that I can talk to you again soon and have it even be more fun.

ELIAS: And I express the same to you.

SHERRY: Oh, good! Thank you! Terry said that he wanted to meet you, so I asked if I could ask you to show yourself to him in a way that heíll know for sure itís you. (Slight pause) Are you there?


SHERRY: Is that yes, youíll do that, or is that yes, youíre there?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that I shall offer my energy to this individual as I already have, and you may express to the individual to relax and receive.

SHERRY: Okay, cool! All right, thank you!

ELIAS: You are welcome.

SHERRY: This is really getting exciting Ė a whole family Ė Iím creating good!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Very well, my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and in the interim I express to you, be playful.

SHERRY: Okay, thank you! Love you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I offer you great affection and encouragement. Au revoir.


Elias departs at 1:07 PM.

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